March Royal Tours Part 3: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel in South Korea

March Royal Tours Part 3: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel in South Korea

March Royal Tour Part 3!! Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel took a three day trip to South Korea to continue political and economic links between Sweden and South Korea. South Korea is Sweden’s fourth largest export market in Asia, with around 80 Swedish companies established in the country. And Sweden participates in maintaining the cease-fire agreement between North Korea and South Korea.

I want to mention something before I proceed. I love when I can find quotes from the royals and print them; however, with the European royals, when they are not speaking English, there is that language barrier there. I use Google Translate to translate the quotes into English and sometimes it doesn’t always work out well (Google is much better at translating, say, Spanish than Swedish). It’s usually easy to pick out the basic meaning of what’s being said, but it reads like non-native English. I just want you guys to be aware that the quotes may sound off, but that’s because of the translation from Google not because of the royal who said the quote. I know we get on Kate for not always speaking articulately, and I don’t want my lack of ability to accurately translate these quotes to affect our views of the European royals. So with that said, onto the royal tour…

Victoria and Daniel landed at the Incheon International Airport in Incheon, South Korea on Monday, March 23. Surprising everyone, Victoria actually wore her hair down – it’s the first time she’s worn her hair down in public in something like four years. I think she looks really pretty with her hair down. Victoria wore an all black ensemble of a blazer, trousers, peter pan collared sweater, and booties. From the side, she looks great. And then you get to the straight on photo…

…and you realize that not all clothes stand up to intense camera flash. It’s so important for royals and celebs to test their clothes to see how they hold up to the flash of cameras. Victoria didn’t let this mishap faze her, though.

Here’s some Daniel; I know he’s a favorite.

Victoria and Daniel traveled to the town of Panmunjom on the border between North Korea and South Korea. Since 1953, this has been the home of the Neutral Nations Supervisory Commission (NNSC). There are currently five Swedish officers serving at the NNSC. Victoria and Daniel toured the demilitarized zone and met the five serving officers who told them about the important role Sweden plays in the Korean Peninsula.

Of her visit to the North/South Korea border, Victoria said: “It is huge to be in this place. There’s a line on the ground that divides a whole country and so many families…It’s a great trauma to both countries and to the Korean people.”

In the evening, Victoria and Daniel had dinner in Seoul. The dinner was organized by Business Sweden and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Korea, and the Crown Princess couple were joined by representatives from Swedish Companies in Korea. Dr. Choi Byung-il, a professor at Ewha Woman’s University, spoke about the economic challenges Korea faces – one being that many Korean companies create more jobs overseas than they do in South Korea, and how entrepreneurship is an important factor in driving the economy forward.

Victoria and Daniel visit Joint Security Area

Victoria and Daniel visit Joint Security Area 2

Day 2, Tuesday March 24, started with a visit to the Green Climate Fund in Incheon. The Fund was established by the UN Climate Conference with a mission to support developing countries through actions for climate change adaptation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. One of their meetings was on Tuesday, and Victoria and Daniel attended, where the topic was the Fund’s work and the ongoing negotiation process that they hope will result in a legally binding agreement on emissions limitations.

Victoria and Daniel visit Green Climate Fund
[The women in green is totally wearing the green version of Kate’s blue LK Bennett “Detroit” dress; Victoria also has the dress in white – this dress is so popular!]

In the afternoon, Victoria and Daniel met with the President of South Korea, Park Geun-Hye (the woman in yellow), at The Blue House (the presidential palace). By the way, Park is the first female president of South Korea.

Park started by welcoming the couple, saying in part: “The Korean people has fond memories of how Sweden over the last 60 years, every part of the Commission, which oversees the truce agreement for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula.”

Victoria thanked the president, saying: “Thank you for your warm words. Sweden and Korea have a long and close relationship and I see this trip as an opportunity to further deepen the relationship.”

Park later praised Victoria and Daniel’s equal parenting style, saying: “I hear you have both spent time at home with the little Princess Estelle after she was born and that sets an example… I know that you take a great interest in social welfare questions, women’s issues and childcare. And Sweden is ranked as the world’s leaders in family issues and equality.”

The Blue House
[The Blue House]

Victoria and Daniel then visited the Memorial Tower of the National Cemetary (where over 173,000 people are buried). The Crown Princess couple took part in a wreath-laying ceremony complete with incense burning and a moment of silence.

Quick moment for fashion: Victoria looked very pretty in shades of pink with a flower in her hair in a coat by Swedish designer Fadi El Khoury and a skirt by Danish designer By Malene Birger. Her earrings are from Swedish label Kreuger Jewellery, the Poppy Earrings with Diamonds. They sell for 44700 SEK, which coverts to about 5,265 USD. The earrings are 18k rose gold with diamonds totaling 0.80ct (2 x 0.40ct). My how expensive.

Anyway, Victoria made an outfit change for her next stop. Changing into a different pink dress, this one by Dolce & Gabbana that she previously wore to Princess Leonore’s Christening in June 2014, and earrings she previously wore to the Childhood gala dinner in September 2014 for a meeting with South Korean Prime Minister Lee Wan-Koo at his official residence in Seoul.

Victoria and Daniel arrive at PMs residence
[Arriving at the PM’s residence]

On the final day of the Crown Princess couple’s trip, Wednesday March 25, Victoria and Daniel visited Seoul’s University for Foreign Studies where they donated Swedish books, and opened an exhibition in the memory of Swedish children’s author Astrid Lindgren at the Seoul library.

Then Victoria and Daniel visited a Disability Centre. At the Disability Center, Victoria and Daniel toured the facility, met with people living with disabilities, and saw technology used in their care. Daniel got to test drive a car made for those with disabilities. When speaking to the parents and children at the center, Victoria said she missed Princess Estelle: “I have a daughter who is three. I miss her very much.”

Victoria and Daniel also visited a war museum and attended a dinner in the evening.

Victoria visits disability center 3 Victoria visits disability center 4

Victoria visits disability center 1 Daniel tests disability center car

Victoria and Daniel visit war museum

Victoria and Daniel South Korea day 3 dinner

Of her visit to South Korea, Victoria said: “Sweden has tremendously good relations with South Korea and our visit rate has been high and it just shows what a very interesting country it is. During this journey, Daniel and I have been able to support each other and there have been many impressions and memories.”

I must say, I actually learned quite a bit from Victoria and Daniel’s tour. Excuse my ignorance, but I had no idea South Korea had a female president, and that’s awesome to learn. I also didn’t know Sweden had such a connection to the NNSC and the cease-fire agreement between the Koreas. Yay knowledge! PS. I love that Victoria and Daniel’s gender equal parenting style is getting praise.

Will update later if/when more info on Day 3 becomes available.

Links: Swedish Armed Forces website about NNSC visit. The Local article about meeting the president. Expressen article about day 3. Svenskdam article about meeting the president. Svenskdam article about the disability center visit.

Photos: Getty/Kungahuset/Svenksdam/Expressen.

20 thoughts on “March Royal Tours Part 3: Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel in South Korea

  1. Very nice coverage of the Swedish Royals trip to S. Korea, KMR. I did not realize that South Korea’s president is femaile, either. I loved her kind comments about how nice it was that both Victoria and Daniel took time to be with Estelle when she was a baby. They still are wonderful parents, from all I have learned on this site.

    In one previous photo of Victoria with her hair down, I did not think she looked too amazing. This time, I thought she was dazzling. The fashion faux pas in the black sweater, though. Wow, you are right. Every Royal needs to realize how the camera will capture such problems!

    I loved hearing that Victoria misses Estelle so much and her remark seemed so believable. I don’t think you need to worry about translations, KMR You do a great deal of research in order to do justice to all your posts. I got the gist of what Victoria was saying in regard to the “line” between North and South Korea. What a shame that families and loved ones are separated in so cruel a way. The people of South Korea have benefitted from a nation that has developed so well. While the people in North Korea suffer the horrors of hunger, poverty and the cruelty of a terrible dictator.

    This trip, like PC and Camilla’s American trip was very well planned and I think the Swedish Royals were amazing. They seemed to enjoy themselves and got involved in important issues, too. They also seem very approachable and so kind.

    I loved the pink dress that you say Victoria also wore to her niece’s christening. It was so ladylike and a return to the Jackie Kennedy look that brought out the best in such an amazing American First Lady.

    BTW, on a different subject, we may all have to wait for a “tell-all” book about William and Kate and the Middletons, but I just heard about a new novel that is based “loosely” on William and Kate’s “love story.” It is called The Royal We and is written by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. Evidenty, they are the women behind a snarky celebrity and fashion blog called, (forgive me) “Go Fug Yourself.” In The Royal We, the authors supposedly put their own spin on the subject of a “commoner” (this time, an American) who snags the future King of England, Prince Nicholas (not too British a name for the future King, is it?) when she does a semester abroad at Oxford and ends up living down the hall from him . Sparks fly (wonder if Bex models a see-through number during a college fashion fundraiser) and you and I can guess the rest. I’m not sure if I want to buy this book. I may borrow it from my local library. Wonder if Ma Middleton is represented in any way. Wonder if the young woman, Rebecca “Bex” has siblings who are using her status the way Pippa and Michael use Kate’s. Also wonder if this has a happy ending.

    Just wanted to spread the word.

    And, say thank you for such lovely coverage of the Swedish Royals’ visit to S. Korea. Love seeing them and learning more about them.

  2. Wow. Awesome article and thank you so much for the coverage. CP Victoria really puts herself out there for her country. Seems she is forever meeting with important people and organizations to promote Sweden. You can see how dedicated she and Daniel really are. No wonder they are so popular at home.

  3. I admire Vic and Dan more and more. They are excellent representatives for their country. And I love learning new stuff. Never knew about the connection between the two countries.

    I loved that she had her hair down and I loved her pricey earrings. Thank you for the great post. You do a really wonderful job.

  4. Thanks so much for the post! I never knew about the connection between South Korea and Sweden. I lived in Korea for two years teaching English, so I always enjoying learning a bit more about the country. I didn’t realize that they had a female president, which is fantastic! When I lived there (about 5 years ago), women couldn’t even be school principals!

  5. I also liked hearing about the relationship between Sweden and Korea. About the gender relations, there’s a show on Hulu called “Welcome to Sweden” I watched and it’s about a male American who moves to Sweden to be with his girlfriend. It’s kind of funny if you’re interested in that kind of cultural humor, and there was one scene where the American’s father was walking around and saw a bunch of well-dressed men taking care of babies and asked, “What’s with all the gay nannies?” Just Scandanavian dads. 😉 America has NO guaranteed paid maternity or paternity leave at all.

    Another interesting thing from this trip is Vic deflecting from questions about Sofia. This is from RoyalDish:
    Summer wedding between Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist, what are the feelings before that?
    – You may return to that in June. Now we are just in March. What will you write about in June, then? You can not shoot all your bolts before.
    A brief comment then?
    – No, I will not answer that. I will return to that.
    How does it feel to get a new person in the family?
    – But you, we will talk again (laughs)

    1. Sounds like a case of if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. I would love to ask her how she really feels off the record 🙂

  6. Great post KMR!!! I appreciate all the hard work you do in putting this blog together and wanted you to know that I learn more about the royals, charities, service organizations and other countries here on this blog than I do by reading 3 different news sites. Thanks so much !

    It’s wonderful to see Vic and Dan working together and supporting each other. How great is it that they really share child rearing responsibilities. I read somewhere that Daniel studied about child development some time ago and also worked with elderly. This has raised his standing in my eyes 🙂 And I learned so much about S. Korea and Sweden today. Sometimes as an American I can tend to think that the world revolves around us and it’s great to see how much other countries contribute to helping each other.

    It was great to see her hair down today!! It looks so thick and full but I bet it can be difficult to deal with sometimes. I liked Victoria’s fashion for the most part, the black blouse/flash bulb incident was unfortunate and I didn’t really care for the outfit she wore to the memorial, I didn’t like the bow blouse with that collarless jacket. But for the most part I thought she looked very appropriate for the tone of this visit. Sweden will be very lucky to have her as their Queen.

  7. I loved seeing her with her hair down. She looked lovely. I will give her a pass on the flash and the peek of the bra. This outfit, sans the bra sighting, would be a nice look on Kate. You can tell that Vic enjoys her role as the heir. She does her job, looks engaged and can speak to the importance of the relationship between South Korea and Sweden. It’s also critical due to the hostility between South and the North. I know that everyone knows that I adore Daniel, but he is a good consort to Vic. I have yet to see him have a faux pas. I heard that the Swedish people love him.

    KMR, I cannot thank you enough. Your posts are so detailed and informative. I always enjoy the posts and forum chats. Keep up the excellent work.

  8. Hi KMR. Thanks for the time you have taken with these posts. If I didn’t read your blog I wouldn’t get to see and hear of half the things the non British royal families are doing. Loved the photo of Victoria with her hair done, umm oops re the bra?!

  9. Finally! Her hair is down and she looks good in it. But of course, she has to have it back up again later 🙁
    On another note, wonder if some blunt sideways bangs would suit her bun?
    Hats off to this couple – they represent Sweden very well!

  10. I think Victoria and Daniel represented Sweden well from your article. Victoria does look solemn and does these occasions well. I like how Victoria bends down to the child’s level and taking her role seriously. Victoria’s hair down is lovely. Just the right length for her face. I think its raised the bar to other young couples. Daniel looks a great support to his wife. No negative comments about their daughter either.

  11. I’d like to echo all the above comments about your outstanding job of covering these royals and in particular this trip. I, too, feel as if I learn more here than I ever did in school.

    Having said that, I guess I’m going to stand alone in that I didn’t like any of Victoria’s outfits, except the Dolce and Gabbana dress. The pinkish coat looked too much like fish scales. The black pants, blazer, sweater was too much black. The little white peter pan collar looked incongruous with all that black…as if it were too dainty and prissy to offer any kind of real contrast. The light colored thing at the end looks like a caftan with macramé fringe…and it doesn’t look as if it fits her. It looks too large, if it’s possible for a caftan to be too large. The navy (or black?) short-sleeved dress simply looks too juvenile. And her hair…someone above commented that a new cut might be in order and I think that’s a great idea. She could leave it long enough to put up, but still take off a big hunk.

    I love Victoria and Daniel, it’s just the clothes (this trip) I’m not crazy about.

    1. Lol fish scales. I too think the navy dress is far too juvenile for Victoria. It seems like the type of dress a little girl would wear, not a 37 year old woman. I don’t mind the black airport outfit because it was a travel outfit. She changed into a better black and white outfit with an ice blue coat for her first official visit. The white dress/skirt and shirt I don’t like at all.

      Thanks Dag, I’m glad you guys are enjoying these posts and that they can be so informative.

    2. I in general agree about the clothes. The first outfit just looks sloppy to me. The lines are off and the peter pan collar is horrid. It looks like she just picked out a lot of black pieces and threw them together in an effort to have a coordinated outfit. The first thing I noticed about the fish scales outfit was the sloppy ribbon part.

      On the other hand, her work outshines her outfits. Maybe since she really does work she just doesn’t have as much time for clothes? She should hire a stylist for trips abroad.

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