Kate Middleton gives quote to the Times about children’s mental health

Kate Middleton gives quote to the Times about children’s mental health

Kate Middleton gave a quote to the Times (London) about children’s mental health in support of their Time to Mind children’s mental health campaign. This comes six weeks after she released a video message in support of Place2Be’s Children’s Mental Health Week… and mere hours before the UK supreme court ruled to allow Prince Charles‘ letters to the government to be made public.

Kate hands out shamrocks

Kate’s quote reads:

    “I have been heartened to see that so much progress has been made in ending the taboo of adults openly treating mental wellbeing as the health issue it is.
    “I believe that our generation of parents, carers, teachers, and health workers now have the chance to give the mental health of our children the focus it requires.
    “I feel strongly that young people and parents need to know that they can ask for help. Just as with physical health, we need to act early to provide support when a child is faced with emotional difficulties.
    “This is a discussion that William and I hope to play a part in during the months and years to come. We welcome all work to highlight this important issue for the benefit of all our young people.”

[KP Press Release]

The Time to Mind campaign is a manifesto written by clinical psychologist, Tanya Byron, and calls for greater investment in child mental health services and early intervention in particular.

More from the Times about Kate’s quote:

    “The duchess has told colleagues that she has been struck that the need for early intervention comes up repeatedly when she visits projects and charities, including those for the homeless and drug addicts.
    “However, she believes that her energies will have most impact in the area of early intervention in child mental health.
    “It is believed that the duchess feels personally very strongly about children who are troubled or distressed in their school years. Although she has never spoken publicly about her own experiences, she left Downe House, a private school in Berkshire, after just two years to go to Marlborough College in Wiltshire, where friends say she arrived with very little confidence.”

[The Times]

Two thoughts: 1) My Jason really is getting things done, isn’t he? I don’t know how much influence he really has and what he’s actually been doing, but ever since he came on board things have been different with Kate. She’s actually making a good number of engagements instead of making only a few and then heading off on early maternity leave as everyone predicted, and she recorded a video message and gave a quote in support of one of her causes. Get it, Jason. 2) Why did Kate bring William into her message to the Times? She did this in her video message as well, making it seem like William is so involved and cares so much about children’s mental health. Um, no. William has never done anything in support of mental health and has never even accompanied Kate while she supported that cause.

Those were my first two thoughts, my third thought was “My what a coincidence that this quote gets released the same day as the UK supreme court decided to allow Prince Charles’ letters to be made public”.

I’m going to quote the Mirror:

    “Controversial letters from Prince Charles to Government ministers containing his ‘most deeply held personal views and beliefs’ can now be published following a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court.
    “The court ruled today that the Attorney General was wrong to ban publication of the letters following a 10 year legal battle by the Guardian newspaper to have them released under the Freedom of Information Act.
    “Dubbed the ‘black spider memos’ because of Charles’ spidery handwriting, the 27 letters written between 2004 and 2005 could cause him extreme embarrassment if they show he attempted to lobby ministers with his personal views.”


Clarence House released a statement in response to the decision:

    “This is a matter for the government. Clarence House is disappointed the principle of privacy has not been upheld.”

[Clarence House]

Hm… Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger PR diversion, but she ain’t messin’ with no broke her team knew exactly what day the ruling would come in, and the Time to Mind campaign is already in it’s third week, and this seems like way too much of a coincidence to not be intentional.

Of course, if releasing this quote were intended to be a diversion, it totally failed since no one is talking about Kate’s quote and everyone is talking about the court ruling (and Richard III‘s reinterment). But, you know, nice try.

At the risk of getting called a sugar, I’m going to say something nice: good for Kate/her team for releasing a quote on behalf of one of her causes. I mean, she probably didn’t write this and may not even know it was released, and it does seem like part of some failed PR ploy to draw attention from the court ruling, but we’ve been asking her to step it up and releasing any sort of quote is a step in the right direction. That’s not to say that Kate doesn’t still have a lot of progression she needs to do, because of course she does. She also needs to keep this momentum up, especially after the second baby gets here. But this is a step in the right direction.

PS. The Succession to the Crown Act which allows gender neutral primogeniture has finally been passed in all 15 countries where the Queen is head of state and is now fully in effect. This is also not getting hardly any attention.

    “Today the provisions of the Succession to the Crown Act 2013 come into force.
    “The Act removes the male bias in the line of succession, ending the system of male heirs automatically inheriting the throne over female heirs and removing this historic discrimination against women. The Act also ends another long-standing piece of discrimination, the bar on anyone who marries a Roman Catholic from becoming monarch, and replaces the outdated Royal Marriages Act 1772 such that only the first 6 in line to the throne need consent of the monarch to marry.
    “The Act reflects this Government’s emphasis on equality by removing centuries of discrimination on both religious and gender grounds. The Act puts in place succession laws that are fit for the 21st century and for a modern constitutional monarchy.”


Kate gives Domhnall his shamrock

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72 thoughts on “Kate Middleton gives quote to the Times about children’s mental health

  1. I have to say that I’m quite pleased by this statement – and that is seems to have been worked into a wider, organised campaign. Mental health issues is something that I myself feel very strongly about not only due to my own struggles with depression but also due to growing up with a parent who suffers from severe mentall illness – at a time where the impact of mental illness on children in a household with an ill parent wasn’t even on the radar of the medical establishment.

    I know that this campaign is very much focused on the mental health of children and I don’t know much about the campaign in its entirety. However, I can’t help but wish that there would be more focus on the subject of children of mentally ill parents because the effects and traumas are profound and can lead to serious mental problems in the children when adult – such as depression and personality disorders.

    The timing of Kate’s statement, the fact that it coincides with the ruling about Charles’ letters is IMO deeply suspicious. It does reek of a PR diversion and I’m sad if this message gets lost in the whole debacle about Charles’ political blunders. One of the reasons why high profile celebs and royals are so useful to causes such as this is because they attract a lot of attention and I hate to see a very worthy subject simply used for PR deflection because it might not get the attention that it deserves and that is much needed. Frankly, Charles’ political blunders are of his own making and he really needs to take responsibility for his actions and sort them out himself – spin is not making this go away.

    On a smaller note, I am annoyed that William is constantly brought into Kate’s statements about her causes. He hasn’t any history of engaging in this particular cause – it is Kate’s cause, period! I do wonder if it is an attempt by their PR to provide some positive spin for William since he is virtually absent from any official duties. I have said it before but I really think that Kate is listening to their new PR flack and that William is his usual obstinate self, which means that the PR flack has very little to work with in terms of William’s image, which isn’t that good anymore.
    You can only lead the horse to water, you can’t make it drink!

    1. I too feel very strongly about mental health issues and the conversation around them. As a person who has suffered from depression for most of my life, it upsets me when most people talk about depression and suicide because they are so ill-informed and have no idea what their words do to those who are suffering. The stigma attached to mental health issues does so much damage. And Place2Be and this cause and everyone else is right when they say that childhood depression is a huge problem, and that often times depression starts in childhood. It also can go unnoticed in children for years before they get help, and that’s if they actually get help. I was 12 when first diagnosed with depression, but I had been depressed for years before then – since about 7. It wasn’t until I was 12 that my mother even bothered to notice that my entire personality had changed. And even then, all they did was put me on anti-depressants, but that didn’t help at all, and it just got worse. You can’t just throw medication at an issue and hope it goes away. Yes, there are medical, hormonal causes of depression when the brain is not producing enough serotonin, but there are also very real, deep emotional causes that lead to depression that medication just can’t fix.

      I am with you that the children of people suffering with mental health issues and addiction should also be looked at. Because growing up with a parent or parents who suffer from those types of issues does so much damage to the children.

      I would love for Kate to really dig in to this cause, get active with it, and bring awareness to it. I do think this statement (to use your word because I like it) reeks of a PR diversion, but I really don’t want to throw shade when Kate brings up mental health because I think it’s a cause that is so deserving of attention. Every little bit helps, including this statement (also in terms of Kate stepping up her game, every little bit helps, including this statement). I want to see her take an even more active role in promoting children’s mental health and mental health in general.

      1. “You can’t just throw medication at an issue and hope it goes away.”

        You’re absolutely right! One of the reasons that I’ve had so much trouble the last few years is because I had a doctor who prescribed medicine and was very firmly set against other types of treatment, like cognitive therapy that has helped me a lot! To compound my troubles he prescribed a combination of meds that didn’t really work together and sleeping pills as well, which were highly addictive. I’m still struggling with a normal sleep-pattern. I had to go to a specialised hospital to get the right treatment after several years of mal-treatment.

        1. Wow. I hope you ditched that doctor and left a bad review or something; he sounds horrible. I once was took a few sleeping pills because my mom had them and I hadn’t been sleeping well… I was shocked at how addictive they were. After three days or so I was already starting to get addicted.

      2. You’re not a sugar KMR for saying something positive about Kate WHEN there’s actually something positive to be said about her. You obviously have interest in the Royal Family and like the ceremonial and historic aspects of it (as do I). When I visit the Royal Forums, even with the newfound critics there, there’s always someone snapping back about how horribly rude and mean it is to question our Almighty Royal Highnesses (except I’m American, so they aren’t “mine”), whereas here, sometimes it is too much of “There’s not a damn thing Willy and Katie can ever do right.” Between the Royal Forums and here, I think it balances out nicely. As an American, any suggestion I should bow down to Willy will always be met with derision by me. But saying something nice about Kate or wherever when they actually do something right is different. Personally there’s very, very little Willy has done in the last two years (at a minimum) that I find remotely right, so I’m much harder on him than Katie. As for her defining herself by him… what else does she have? She’s the Duchess of Cambridge, a courtesy title. When he becomes Prince of Wales, she’s his Princess. When (God help us all) he’s King, she’s his Queen, two steps behind him, “Sir” in public, curtseying (if he demands), doing the engagements he doesn’t want to do or have time to do. Very scary she will be the first college-educated Queen and yet has spent her entire adult life two steps behind him. As we’ve all said many times, she has no discernible independent personality.
        As for depression and mental health, she absolutely should be as involved in it as she can be. She would be a huge spokesperson for that issue. I became clinically depressed by the time I was 10, thanks to bullying. I didn’t really get out of it until I was 15. College was an absolute rollercoaster, but I would say I was more depressed than not. I have ups and downs now. Actually reading about the royals is a form of therapy for me, b/c it takes me away to an entirely different life, a different place, where things don’t necessarily have to be so serious. Also the Queen has suffered depression, which doesn’t surprise me given her keen sense of responsibility and the problems she’s had, not least of all three of her children.

        1. I don’t dislike Kate – in fact I rather pity her because from the outside her life seems rather empty. However, I positively dislike William as he often presents himself as an arrogant, entitled and boorish oaf. He reminds me of Andrew that way.

          Regarding issues of mental health. It is a very important subject and something I feel very strongly about as I’ve said before. I hope she follows through.

          What I very much would like her to do is go more into specifics – fx with depression it is incredibly important to diagnose it early and treat it since an untreated depression raises the risk of having several depressions in the future. And the more depression you have the more likely it is that it’ll become a permanent condition, which it, sadly, have become for me. It have to struggle with it every, for the rest of my life.

    2. Art and KMR, You are so right about the unanswered needs of children of mentally ill adults. In the U.S. the prevailing attitude is that every effort should be made to keep children in the home with the biological parent (usually mom), unless that is simply impossible, for example, because of active drug dealing or incarceration.

      We are just beginning to acknowledge the fact that many psychological disorders make a parent unfit as a guardian and caregiver, at the very least until that person gets medical help.

      I’m so sorry for your experiences and I urge you to find a really good counselor, if you haven’t already. You can’t change the past, but you can heal from it. Sometimes the act of healing, or I should say process of healing, can be very painful. ” The demons scream the loudest on the way out.” That is why I encourage the guidance of a good therapist. Good luck to you both!

      1. Last year I went through an intense 6 month therapy program four days a week. It was helpful but brutal – it is hard turning your soul inside out 4 days a week for 6 months.

        1. Yes, it’s hard and painful…literally. Letting out the pain can make a person’s throat begin to close up and make it hard to breathe. Do you feel any better? As if you’ve made some progress? And are you doing any therapy right now?

          1. I definitely feel better – and I’m working with my thought and behavioural patterns consciously. I’m attached to an outpatient psychiatric institution that is part of the general healthcare system in my city.

    3. Interesting dynamics at play here. Why would Kate help Charles with the timing of the statement? Maybe Jason is trying to mend fences? Did William approve? Did either W or K realize the statement would be released today?

      I cringe at the William and I reference. Like she is nothing without him and doesn’t mind advertising it. Or maybe W is such a control freak he has to have his fingers in all the pies all the time.

      1. I get the impression that the “William and I” was put in there by someone who knows that it will placate William, maybe Jason, maybe Kate herself. I have this image of William as an ogre and everyone is stepping lightly and cautiously around him, trying to curry his favor and avoid his wrath.

        1. William, an ogre? I don’t get that impression. I do see that he seems very unhappy, though. Maybe, that unhappiness is linked to depression. At any rate, I don’t like being too critical of William. I guess it’s the “mom” in me. He and Harry suffered much as children. The marital problems of their parents, the tragic loss of Diana. I guess I will always try to cut him slack. I think I may have been overly critical of Kate in the past, too. None of us really know what these two are going through. I do want to again say that Kate should be commended for taking a stand on this important issue . God knows more helpful light needs to be shed on depression — especially how it impacts children.

          1. “I don’t like being too critical of William. I guess it’s the “mom” in me. He and Harry suffered much as children. The marital problems of their parents, the tragic loss of Diana. I guess I will always try to cut him slack.”

            I think a lot of people felt this way for a very long time, which is why he was still the Golden Child until recently. A lot of people feel badly for him because of what happened with his mom and they aren’t willing to criticize him, which just leads to him being even worse because no one is willing to tell him what is really wrong with him.

          2. KMR, I stand by my statement that I have a maternal need to feel sorry for William and cut him some slack. I think he may be in a quandary over his situation in life and does not have anyone to counsel him. I believe that, as you said, people who feel sorry for him won’t criticize him which leads to his behavior worsening, but when someone is troubled, they need an honest “friend” or “relative”, who can offer him/her support and advice. I don’t think that is Jason’s job. I still think Harry would be the best person for William to turn to, but it does not look like that will happen.

            And, this “maternal woman” has criticized William in other threads. I just truly have a sad feeling about his apparent suffering.

          3. I didn’t mean to criticize you, mary elizabeth; I know you’ve been critical of William in the past. In my previous post, I was trying to be as diplomatic as possible while alluding to how I was thinking about the subject. If I may, I’d like to elaborate to try and explain where my opinion is coming from.

            It may be because I am not a mother and therefore have no maternal instinct, or it may be because I’ve dealt with an abusive alcoholic for years (my mother), but at some point I stop caring about what a person is suffering if their actions cause too much damage.

            I genuinely think there is something really wrong with William mentally, and he needs lots of therapy to fix it, and I wouldn’t think negatively at all if he came out and said he went to a therapist to get help (in fact I’d applaud him). I would only ever support someone who is actively trying to get help and better themselves. But some people just won’t. They refuse to even admit they have a problem let alone seek help, and they lash out at others who suggest they have a problem and need help. I spent far too long trying to help my mother, and all I ever got in return was abuse. At some point the best thing to do, not only for myself but for my mother, was to stop trying to help and let her hit rock bottom. I can’t force her to change; she has to make the decision for herself. It’s best for my own personal health and sanity to stop trying; and it’s best for her to be forced, through circumstance, to see what a problem she truly has (she hasn’t seen it yet, by the way). She has all sorts of mental/emotional problems that are the cause of her alcoholism, but there is nothing I can do to help her if she refuses to help herself; and trying to help her just causes more damage to me. To bring it back to William, he has all sorts of mental/emotional problems that are the cause of his actions, but giving him a pass because of them (rather than trying to help him because we don’t actually have that ability the way I do with my mother) only causes more damage (in this case it’s to the monarchy and his charities). William was given a pass for a long time – the way I tried to help my mother for a long time – and it didn’t help him and may have in fact hurt him because he has just gotten worse over the years. I’ve dealt with this with my mother: the more I tried to help her the worse she became because she assumed there was nothing wrong with her, and that I was okay with being abused since I stuck around and didn’t fight it. If William keeps being given passes by everyone (the public, the press, his own family who coddled him for years and still coddles him because of what happened), then he will assume what he is doing is right and that he has no problems that needs fixing, and he will only get worse. My opinion on William’s problems and whether he should be given a pass because of what he went through is based on my experiences with my mother. It may not be completely accurate with William and his situation, but based on what I’ve experienced, this is what I believe.

            I understand where you are coming from when you say you feel sorry for him due to what happened and want to cut him slack because of how it affected him emotionally and mentally (I’ve been there; and I still have pangs of emotion for what my mother must suffer in order to think her alcoholism is the better choice). And I totally agree with you that William needs someone in his life to confide in, and who will counsel him. I don’t think that should be a friend or relative, though. It’s not their job to be his therapist and he is so damaged that he would need an actual therapist to talk to (this isn’t just needing career/relationship/life advice, this is serious mental/emotional problems stemming from childhood that he needs a professional to help him work through).

            I hope I’ve explained my thought process and where I’m coming from. You and I have different life experiences and therefore come at this subject from two different points of view. It’s okay if we don’t necessarily agree on this particular subject.

          4. KMR, I did not mean to imply that you or anyone else is entitled to a different opinion about William than me.
            I do send you my support in all that you have had to endure with your mom. I am sure that somewhere deep inside she is proud of all you have achieved in life and that she loves you. She has an illness, though, and needs help to tap into those feelings and share them with you. Or, so I think. Forgive me for becoming too personal. And, thanks for replying to my post– though there was no need to do so.

            Yes, your comment that William needs someone to talk to, specifically a therapist, makes a good deal of sense. I also think support from a friend or family would be beneficial But, yes, professional help is most important for anyone.

            We all have our sad times. I cannot tell you how people who even seem to be having peaceful and loving relationships also suffer from pain that was caused at another time in life, or is still be caused by someone now.

            I just have a soft point in my heart for William and Harry — perhaps because one of my closest childhood friends lost her mother in an accident about the same time that Princess Diana died. Nothing prepared her or her brothers for such a loss. No support from family and friends could ever help their initial pain. Without major support later in life — from friends, family and therapists, these people would not have emotionally survived. Each day can still be a struggle, but with help, they can go on. I wish William could find such help. He seems to be acting out in ways that show he needs it. I was not on target in my initial post by suggesting that only friends and family could help. How much of a positive impact on his life would it make if he could reach out for professional help and support others who may need to so.
            Or, perhaps I am reading too much into his actions. Maybe, it’s time for me to mind my own business and not comment in such depth about such emotional issues.

      2. To take another tack, they knew the info about the letters would be released today – and they released this statement deliberately to make themselves (W&K) look good. And to make Charles look bad. Releasing this statement three weeks after the start of the campaign makes no sense.

        Remember, William learned press manipulation first-hand from both his parents. Jason wasn’t hired to make Charles look good, he was hired by W&K to make W&K look good – no matter what.

        There is mention in one of the articles that the letters might make people question the order of succession (ie. skip Charles). I do not think William wants the throne, AT ALL, he merely wants the perks. I think he’s holding the BRF hostage in his own way. He does things to be his way, what he wants, in every situation. And obviously, he isn’t above throwing his father (or brother) under the bus.

        OR Rebecca Deacon just realized the campaign had started, and sent out the statement she’d written and forgotten to send out before. The BRF is so unaware of what each of its arms is doing, this is a possibility.

        1. It does seem like Willy is throwing his father under the bus, what with his “assisting” the Queen the other day when new ambassadors presented their credentials to her and now this. Maybe Willy knows that he’ll probably never be King and that his father will? Oh has anyone else seen “The Royals” on E! It’s really cool. Not like it’s a signal or anything…

          1. Hey Seth, its funny you mentioned that because I just watched the first episode last night :). It makes me wonder what it is like really with the Royals. I have to say though, their comparisons with the current Royals are so obvious, even though the writers say they are not. Like the two annoying nieces are Beatrice and Eugenie. And Ophelia is totally supposed to be Kate. It is so obnoxious. They at least could have chosen a blond actress to try and make it a little less obvious. I still think it is fun so far, kind of like a cheap drug store book 🙂

    4. Art and KMR,

      I am very much interested in mental health. I actually have a licence to push legal drugs.:) I just finished my 1st part of physchopharmacology and will be attending a more advanced course next month.

      I will be focussing on this area and hope that I will really make an impact for my mental health patients. As a “drug pusher”, I do declare that we don’t just focus on medications. We focus on safe and effective use of medications and we look at all aspects that will contribute to the health well being of people we serve.

  2. I agree with you completely that things seem to have changed a lot with Kate since Jason came aboard, for example, an increased number of appearances, a video statement, a written statement (regardless of who wrote it), hair up and out of her face, and no more flashes of her privates.

    I think it would be absurd for anyone to call you a “sugar” for recognizing a positive step and then commending that. It is called progress. Everyone deserves the opportunity to improve. When I think back on the different jobs I’ve held, I remember how my performance improved as I spent more time on the job. As a clinical psychologist, my sensitivity and intuition have been finely honed as I practiced my profession. I can only hope that what we’re seeing may be the beginning of Kate’s transformation into a genuinely caring, active, and philanthropic royal. Nothing has ever been expected of her until she actually married Will. Maybe Jason is the one who is going to teach her what to do. Wow! I am not a Kate fan, but people on this Review have encouraged me to keep an open mind (mainly about Camilla), and I’m finding I really like it!

    Ah, Charles. He should know one never, ever writes anything one might be embarrassed by later.

    1. It makes you wonder if Kate actually did want to increase her work performance but was unable because of William’s opposition to work and not having his wife do more than he. Perhaps Jason is her ally now that he’s aboard and mollifying William by including his name in these statements. Who knows? I’m certainly able to keep an open mind without jumping into the sugar bowl. Kudos to her if this is the way she can do it, but I don’t really care for dragging lazy William’s name onto her territory without him lending his active support. But, for me, the jury is still out until Kate puts the pedal to the medal after she delivers this baby and increases her appearances. And that goes especially for William, too.

      1. Agree. She’s started talking the talk, now she needs to do the walk. Isn’t that the expression? I’m not fluent in all the English colloquialisms.

  3. When I saw this statement yesterday I was actually glad to see some follow up by her on this subject. Until I got to the “William and I” part. I want to see Kate stand on her own two feet about a cause SHE genuinely cares about without dragging William into it. I think she looks in the mirror and she sees William standing next to her and that’s how she identifies as a person/royal.

    I’ve have my own bouts with depression and medication is not always the best route, but unfortunately it’s the first thing a lot of doctors reach for. Sometimes people need to be heard and have someone to actually listen and help them work through some things in their heads. Meds don’t do that.

    Again, very glad that she’s following up. But, the proof that she is really involved is going to be future momentum. Not a couple of statements and videos but actually getting involved with these organizations. Learning about how they work, budgeting concerns, working on their behalf to raise those funds, etc. Not a glossy visit to pick up some flowers, show the sympathetic face and move on. Come on Jason, you’ve got her moving in the right direction, now let’s take her to the next step.

    And, Kate, I don’t remember ever hearing William say (and I could be wrong) “Catherine and I” when he talks about his conservation efforts.

    The PC letters will be interesting to see. I’d like to see what he was trying to accomplish before I tar and feather him. And although he is a royal and doesn’t hold a government position, doesn’t he as a citizen of GB, get to voice his opinion about things? They don’t have to listen to him, he doesn’t hold any power over them, they could quite literally tell him to respectfully keep it to himself.

    Keep it rolling Kate, the proof is in the follow through.

    1. I think that the British monarchy is somewhat murky when it comes to how much political influence they can wield. Other constitutional monarchies constrain the royals to a much greater extent as written into their constitutions.

      Fx the Swedish monarchy is purely ceremonial – and one of the reasons that the current Swedish king isn’t terribly popular is his tendency to speak before he thinks and butting into subjects that are sensitive and political in nature.

      In Denmark the Queen has some ceremonial functions that are intimately tied up with the formalities of government. She attends State Councils, she has to approve new governments (fx when new ministers as well as a new PM is appointed) and she has to sign all laws for them to come into effect. However, all of these are non-partisan functions and she can’t express a political opinion. The members of the royal house do, however, have immunity from the law.

      In the past members of the Danish RF have interfered in politics. Princess Marie of Denmark and Orléans was a big supporter of the party Venstre (“The Left” – though it is a liberalist right-wing party). The greatest crisis occurred in the Easter of 1920 when King Christian X fired the government. This almost led to a rebellion and is the closest that the DRF ever came to being deposed. He became intensely unpopular and only regained his popularity during the German Occupation during the years 1940-45 when he rode through the streets of Copenhagen every single day of the Occupation – and thus became a symbol of a silent yet pervasive opposition to the occyping forces.

    2. It seems we have come to expect a “William and…” comment. I am so tired of this, since it appears as though Kate can’t have a thought or opinion without her spouse. Or it looks like she is worried we may forget she married a royal, thus she is royal.

      1. I wonder if that is really the case, maybe she can’t process a thought with out referring to William, however, maybe she does not feel that her words are taken seriously without his “royal’ standing, the whole “doormat” thing. And, of course, as mentioned elsewhere, it may be a case of William wanting to horn in on everyone else’s stuff to make himself look better.
        I hope she is starting to realize that she can do things and be less criticized if only she listens to the consul of those paid to help her.
        Her wardrobe and hair is a complexly different ball of wax, no hope there, just none.

  4. I whole heartedly agree that mental health is important and needs more discussion, funding, and support.

    That being said… It’s hard to take waity katie seriously – She has no authority on this topic.

    That’s one problem with William and kate. They (and their pr team) want to be taken seriously, but they don’t want to put in the effort… Whatever they end up saying, sounds pretty hollow.

    Just releasing crafted statements is such a lame way to try and involve themselves, but w&k are all smoke and mirrors.

    What is William notorious for? Swooping in at the last minute and taking credit for things he has nothing to do with.

    Harry was given an award… Only Harry. He accepts it, including willy in his speech.
    They are just doing the same thing with kate and including william to try and make him look involved.

        1. Yikes. She really has to stop doing that. Kate needs to be Kate, and stop channeling her long deceased mother in law. It’s a little creepy, I will agree.

        2. OMG, I just saw the Eyeliner of Serious Sadness on Royaldish. BAHAHAHA!!!
          This works great with the Wedges of Doom, Dreaded Skinny Jeans and my all time favorite, the Snowglobe of Williamsville.

          I never realized how much Kate copies Diana, it’s more than a little eerie!

        3. Don’t forget her shopping at places that Diana shopped at, that she never stepped foot in before the engagement.

        4. Damn. I knew her SWF-ing of Diana was bad, but I had no idea it was this bad.

          1. Now that she is officially back on “maternity leave,” maybe this topic deserves it’s own post?

            Kate really needs to try and be genuine.
            Always be a first rate version of yourself, never a second rate version of anyone else.

  5. As for Kate becoming involved in the importance of helping children with depression and anxiety, I can only say, “Good for her.” It’s essential that someone with such “name recognition,” become more involved in such an important concern. Makes me think she must have first-hand experience seeing depression either in herself, or others, and she is sensitive enough to want to help.
    That can only be a good thing. If Jason is behind this, good for him. If not, then, good for Kate! Good for her, anyway. This could become her cause!

    Perhaps, William, too, has suffered such issues and that is why she said, “William and I,” although others seem to suggest she always does that. Whatever, I am just happy that she is tackling such an important subject.

    To all who have experienced depression and/or anxiety, you know that it is real. Too often even the most educated of people will not really understand the true suffering that others have. “Oh, pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” seems to be a common refrain. How sad that few people really appreciate, or wish to help, someone who is in the throes of depression.

    1. Undeniably, the Cambridges have been through some mentally tough situations. As a child, he watched his parents’ public messy divorce, then had to deal with his mother dying in an entirely preventable car wreck. She spent some dark times at a young age at a school, that is NEVER discussed, only slightly alluded to. Also was hounded by the press for years, really until she became the Duchess.
      They could lend more credence to their patronage by speaking up about their own experiences, rather than keeping the stiff upper lip and mum at all times. If the way of the royals is changing, possibly opening up to the masses who look up to you would be a positive and not diminish your position in any way. We are all human, first.

      1. “She spent some dark times at a young age at a school, that is NEVER discussed, only slightly alluded to.” You mean the bullying allegations that were patently proven FALSE? Most teachers and students at Downe couldn’t even remember her.

        If the school and the girls there were so awful, why did the Middletons send Pippa there as well? Nope, the “dark times” were her excuse to get to Marlborough – sister school to Eton.

        1. This never added up for me either. If the girls at the school were allegedly so terrible to poor little rich middle class (not aristo) Middleton, WHY subject your second daughter to the same thing? That’s where the bullying/mean narrative falls apart every time.

          1. I don’t know…no smoke without a fire…I don’t think it’s completely false. The people involved at the time aren’t about to say anything now. I mean, she married a future king and then gave birth to one.

          2. It takes guts to stand up and say, “Nope, the future queen consort is lying and no bullying took place.” And people DID stand up and say that. It isn’t the first time Middleton has been caught in a lie.

            Sending Pippa there after your beloved eldest daughter was traumatized by the experience? To me that means it didn’t happen. No excuse to send another daughter there to experience the same thing, ergo, bullying didn’t happen.

          3. Just to be the devil’s advocate here…perhaps part of the problem at Down House was with Kate herself. Many have spoken about how shy and reserved she was, so she might have been much more sensitive to other’s remarks and such. Perhaps even then Kate wasn’t able to fend for herself and needed more coddling. I don’t see Pippa having that same issue, she seems much more open, self confident and able to handle herself in difficult situations. All these are just random thoughts and conjectures.

          4. It still doesn’t make sense to me. If you know people are saying those things and treating your daughter that way, why send another child there? Why not send her to the new school where that behavior isn’t happening?

      2. I am with you here Ray about PW. The princes witnessed their parents not getting along from a very young age. It’s bad enough to watch your parents fight, having affairs but to watch it all along with all the your school buddies and the whole world, how can anyone recover from that? Not to mention 2 young boys.

        I read an article 2 weeks ago and really wondered what mental health problems they have suffered, are still suffering??? I don’t doubt the Middletons exploit the fact that PW never really had a loving family life; but if he finds comfort, love and their family life, so let it be..

        Who are we to judge? We don’t know know what’s going on in that head?

  6. I would love to hear her speak out about what she went through in school as well as William. I think they could both come off as more relatable to people if they did. I’m not asking for deep, emotional baring of the soul, but something to show they really understand.

    However, I’m having a hard time giving her a pass on being hounded by the press when her family would actually call a specific paparazzi to take her pictures. We’ve seen footage of her being surrounded by them and maybe not liking it, but I don’t see that as damaging her in any way. If it affected her that badly, I don’t think she would have married him because that was an example of the life she was going to lead.

    1. Again, the bullying was not true. Didn’t happen.

      And she was known to re-do her makeup and deliberately exit into the sea of photographers – when the clubs offered to sneak her out the back.

      1. I believe you about the bullying incident. Maybe in her mind because she wasn’t one of the “it” girls she cried to mom and mom used it as an excuse to get her into the school she really wanted her in.

        As for the paparazzi, I’ve never believed she was affected by the “hounding”. She’ll have to come up with something better than that. Like how her mother prettied her up and pimped her out to the prince and now sides with him in fights.

  7. Before I go into this topic, I need to comment on the last picture. That dog is sending out cries for help with is eyes and his tail between his legs.

    Good for Kate. I’m glad that she is taking a stand. However, it’s lip service. She recorded a video and visited a charity for under an hour. Mental health is a taboo topic and am glad that she is trying. I think that she needs to be up front and share her experience. But she won’t. She is headed in the right direction.

    Charles, oh Charles. I think that he’s been known for this type of thing for years. This is a case of an heir sitting around too long.

    1. I am a little surprised Kate went to this with Harry and William. William looks so annoyed. And Kate’s hair is super straight. That has to be so hard on her hair after all these years. I wish she would just wear it naturally once in awhile.

  8. Wow, If looks could kill there would be a few dead photographers there. It is time that Wills pulled that stick out of his butt and realised that this is his life. He has a life of privilege and he is going to be the next King ( although I am still holding out for Harry). Get over yourself Wills and at least TRY to act polite in public

    1. He likes the perks of his life, but he doesn’t want the attention. He likes hanging out with the celebrities, but they only hang out with him because of his position. If he were just Bill Middleton, they would not give a rats ass. Unless he were spectacularly wealthy and had done something to catch their eye. So it’s accept the whole package or remove yourself and live your private life.

      1. I’d go further Lisa and say if he were Mr. Bill Windsor of Norfolk, no one would care. It’s the fact that his family is dynastically the House of Windsor and his grandmother is by Grace of God, Queen, Defender of the Faith, etc. There is absolutely nothing extraordinary about royalty whatsoever, except for the cultural cache that people choose to give them. Otherwise the Queen is simply a nice grandmother and great-grandmother who enjoys horses, corgis and military history. It is b/c the British people (and the other Commonwealth realms) choose to have her as head of state and give the pomp and pageantry for her, that she is who she is. Goes triple for William b/c he’s rarely done anything noteworthy, except marry a perfectly ordinary, attractive, upper middle-class college-educated girl from a perfectly ordinary upper middle-class family. More so b/c he wants to ACT as if he is normal while having the status and privilege that goes with his position without the responsibility. As one of the Duke of York’s female friends said “One moment he’s pinching your bum and the next reminding you he’s Your Royal Highness,” to excuse his boorish (and potentially criminal) behavior.

  9. I truly do not think we are getting the full story. Just bits and pieces here and there. William does look like he is angry. However I recall when he was passing out at Sandhurst he looked miserable. Regarding the statement I think that it helps get out the message about mental health and Kate should open up more about her experiences. If she was bullied and leave William out of it. Time to stand out Kate and show us proud.

  10. I read the post carefully and I do hope that Kate is going to support and continue to support children’s mental health. It seems that she is not very good with following something through. It’s too important an issue to be used just to make Kate look good (which IMO Jason is doing well).
    To KMR and the other contributors who have battled with depression – I wish you all good luck and well done on all your efforts in getting through. To KMR – thanks for making this blog a place where people have been able to discuss issues like depression.

    1. Kate’s follow-through has been terrible up to this point. I hope her team actually push her on this issue because it is a great cause to support.

      Thank you, Cathy!

  11. IMO, Kate is a shallow and vacant person. This will never change. She is indifferent to the needs and suffering of others beneath her.

    As a mental health professional and as someone who knows clinical depression too intimately, I’m not buying her sudden concern for this issue. Yes, she’s a face and a mouthpiece, but I would want to see stats on the effect her involvement has before I begin to even budge on my opinion of her worth.

    I think the PR team is courting sentimentality, and from what I see, people are falling for it. The issue of mentally frail children or adults is a hot button/trigger of gigantic emotional proportions. I find the use of it appalling.

    Kate doesn’t care about anything or anyone except for her place in the scheme of things. People who need her to be a mouthpiece flock to her dais, begging this celebrity to patronise their charity. The opportunities for her PR team are endless. Yet it has been so clear, so obvious for many years that she doesn’t give a damn. But people are falling all over her for this cynical PR announcement.

    The bar is too low now, to give credence to this mountain of BS. She doesn’t get a pass from me. Even if awareness is raised. SHE doesn’t get a pass.

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