Royal Finances report released: William and Kate asked for two kitchens, spent £6 million so Will could go take a flying job near Anmer

Royal Finances report released: William and Kate asked for two kitchens, spent £6 million so Will could go take a flying job near Anmer

Two Kitchens Kate!  That’s Kate’s new nickname (thanks Daily Mail 😉 ; they come up with the best nicknames for Kate—they came up with “Waity Katie” after all).  The royal finances report was released.  Go here to view the report on the royal website.  For a great explanation of the finances, go here to read Victoria Murphy’s Mirror article.  In short, the monarchy spent £35.7 million last year (fiscal year being April 2013-April 2014)—that’s 56p per each citizen if you’re wondering.  But I don’t think that includes the cost of security (which, if added in, would be astronomical).  You can read about Prince Charles’ tax break here, and about his expensive chartered plane here.  Let’s move on to Will and Kate, since at least the Queen and Charles work for their expenses.  William and Kate’s Kensington Palace apartment cost a total of £3.4 million last year (adding in the £1.1 million from the previous year and the total cost of their apartment is £4.5 million).  I guess the big thing coming out of this is that Will and Kate added a second kitchen; a “private, family kitchen”, because Kate can’t cook in the official kitchen?  Of course, that’s just what the taxpayer paid.  Charles reportedly threw in £1.5 million to furnish the apartment—which includes carpets and drapes and that type of stuff.  And an oven that costs a whopping £18,000.  And £500 for a food processor.  The f-ck?

The Cambridge’s spokespeople are completely deluded:

    Asked whether Prince Charles might have helped his son pay for the new kitchen, a Clarence House spokesman said: ‘Many young couples when doing up houses seek help from their parents or grandparents. There may have been some assistance.’
    One aide said: ‘The Cambridges were actually extremely sensitive to the fact that public funds were being used to pay for a lot of this work. They understood that it would be a drain on public expenditure and they wanted to minimise that.  It is not done out to lavish standards. You would be surprised at what an ordinary level the apartment has been done to. Comfortable, but an ordinary level of furnishing.’

There may have been some assistance?  Do they think we’re morons?  Also, those other young couples who need familial assistance to pay for their houses actually have jobs and STILL can’t afford housing; and they don’t have millions of dollars in inheritance (like William got from Diana—why does he need his daddy to pay for him again?).  And how in the blue hell is £6 million keeping things on an ordinary level?  Either they really do think we are complete morons, or they are completely deluded; or both.

Also, William is 32; Harry will be 30 in September.  If any other 30 year old males (one with a wife and a baby) were still being supported by their daddy, they would be laughing stocks.  Seriously.

So anyway, after spending £6 million on their Kensington Palace apartment, and living in it for less than a year, Will and Kate are going to move out and spend most of their time at Anmer Hall so that Will can be a spoiled little brat and fly air ambulances instead of doing his public duty and learning how to be a full time working royal.  There has been no official announcement, but that’s what it’s looking like.  So you remember when the royal spokespeople said Kensington Palace was their “one and only official residence where they will live for many, many years to come”?  Yeah, that’s another instance where they either think we are morons, or they are deluded.  Because, if Will takes that air ambulance job, clearly he and Kate will not be living in KP much for the next few years. Especially if they feel “trapped like caged animals in the palace”. Yes, because a £6 million, four-story, double-digit roomed PALACE with a private garden just isn’t comfortable enough. I mean, how dare the peasants be interested in and want their PUBLICLY FUNDED royals to actually do public service.

And of course, that means Will will be doing fewer public engagements, and that means so will Kate.

I have to say something.  God forbid this happen, but what if Her Majesty and the Prince of Wales died tomorrow?  William would be completely unprepared.  He is 32, HM is 88 and POW is 65.  William needs to step it up, suck it up, and learn how to be a monarch or else he will be completely unprepared for when he has to step into that role.

There has been a lot of criticism of William lately.  Here is a great article that I never did post by Richard Kay—who knew Diana very well—that is great insight into William’s personality, and great shade because it calls him out for being stubborn, pig-headed, and indecisive.

35 thoughts on “Royal Finances report released: William and Kate asked for two kitchens, spent £6 million so Will could go take a flying job near Anmer

    1. lol. true. I don’t understand the two kitchens thing. Especially since they have someone to cook for them.

      1. I suspect one is a large kitchen suitable for staff and formal events, and the second is one that Kate can play domestic goddess in.

        What I want to know is what happened to George’s kitchen!!!

      1. I will agree with Dog. Will would never abdicate. He may hate every minute of being “forced” into royal duty, but he will cling to the tradition because he knows it will be the end of the monarchy if he abdicated. The BRF barely survived it in the 30s, now it would simple die forever. This family has been steeped in the need to Continue the Monarchy. The Queen has her good points, no doubt, but her first and foremost concern has always been The Monarchy. She has always spent the majority of her energy to its conservation…not necessarily to any responsibility to the people. I think she sees her conservation of the monarch AS her responsibility to the British people. Maybe she is right. I am an American, so it’s not really for me to say. Either way, Will will never abdicate.

        1. I don’t think William gives one shit about The Monarchy. The only thing he cares about is what the monarchy gives him–a luxurious lifestyle and tons of perks and power. If he could end up like the former Duke of Windsor and live a luxurious jet-set lifestyle without any of the responsibility, I think William would love that.

          1. No, you are absolutely right. I did not express myself well enough in my comment. I agree Willy-boy would love to have all the perks with none of the responsibilities, but in forcing the collapse of the monarchy that (likely) would not happen. He would lose many, if not all, of his perks such as the helicopter, never having to spend his own money, etc. I could be totally wrong, but that will keep him in the game. Now Charles is dedicated to the continuation of the monarchy and his own place in it as the likely future King, however short lived that position may be due to his present age. He has sceamed, dreamed and busted his hump to get back in the people’s good graces after Diana. All to assure his place. Dang, this family is COMPLEX. Kinda makes my head hurt.

          2. I think William cares about the monarchy. What I don’t know is how much he cares for his place in it.

            If he’s that skeeved out by scrutiny then the only thing he can do is remove himself from it because the nature of his position dictates that will happen. And the more he tries to avoid it, the worse it gets.

        2. I think one reason HM is so committed to maintaining the monarchy is that she witnessed the impact of her uncle’s abdication, her father’s reluctant ascension to the throne, and the effects of those things in her family. I think she and Charles both share a sense of responsibility that William lacks. He knows what’s expected of him, but doesn’t really care. He’ll do it, but without grace.

  1. Yes, they are deluded, and yes, I believe they think we are all morons. At the very least they think we are peasants and our opinions don’t matter. They believe they are entitled. They believe they can call their home “ordinary” and that pronouncement will never be challenged, because they are royal and entitled.

    And seriously. two kitchens? In what realm could that possibly be considered “ordinary”?

    I think the most important point you made is that William should be in training (I say 8 hours a day) to prepare for inheriting the throne. No one knows how long any of us have to live, but the older they (HM and Charles) get, the greater the chances that William will have to step up sooner rather than later.

    I have a question: What does it mean when people refer to Prince George as “PGTips”? Thanks.

    1. I don’t understand why a private home that won’t be used for public functions needs two kitchens. And yeah, no way in hell is having two kitchens “ordinary”.

      I agree with you, the spokesperson really seems to think that just because they say something it somehow makes it true and that we will never question it. Their BS really bugs me.

      All I know is that PGTips is a British brand of some sort. Sterling below says it’s a tea brand. I thought the term for George originated online by commentators, but Sterling says W&Ks friends created it. I don’t know if that’s true.

      1. Some cultures do have two kitchens if they can. British is not one of them, however. 🙂

        When George was born, William or Kate was overheard calling him PGTips after the tea. Prince George Tips? I don’t get it either. Maybe they thought he could walk and he fell over. 🙂

        1. When and where? Do you have a link? I must have missed it because I thought it came from online commentators.

      2. Actually there’s apparently now a THIRD kitchen according to the Daily Mail, specially made for Willyboy and Katiekins in Anmer Hall. They had the old one ripped out. At least that’s being paid for by Bonnie Prince Charlie, who is clearly being taken for a ride by his son and daughter-in-law. Or who knows, maybe he’s checked out to live quietly with Camilla and is letting them call the shots? If I were the Prince of Wales, Willyboy would be wailing alright; with agony as I beat him the color of the rainbow for being such an arrogant little snot.

        1. Seth, I think there are actually 3 kitchen in the 57 room Kensington “apartment.” In one of the articles from last year (which now I cannot find) mentioned formal and staff kitchen. Now this “family” one. And wasn’t there mention of a kitchenette attached to one of the nurseries as well?

          The Anmer Hall one was beautiful, judging from the photos. What an incredible waste to tear it out and throw it away. Next time he (or the POW) start talking about the environment and conserving resources, I hope someone throws the kitchen debacle in their faces.

          1. I agree about the Anmer Hall kitchen! I read about it today in one of the UK papers; I really don’t see why that one wasn’t good enough – given that the couple are supposed to be ‘sensitive’ about the costs of refurbs….I only hope that it (the kitchen) wasn’t wasted completely and someone somewhere derived some benefit. It is not so much about where the money comes from now and who is paying for which bit, but that unnecessary spending is the order of the day – despite what is said or suggested to the contrary. I am seeing a certain way this is developing….that this couple are planning to barricade themselves into happy ‘family’ life with as few as possible of the responsibilities their position demands of them, yet all the trappings of Royal privilege at their disposal… could all have been so different..

          2. “that this couple are planning to barricade themselves into happy ‘family’ life with as few as possible of the responsibilities their position demands of them, yet all the trappings of Royal privilege at their disposal”

            Yes. They’ve done this for three years and will continue to do this because they are spoiled brats and no one is telling them no. Kate has always only wanted the perks and title. and William is a spoiled brat who doesn’t want the responsibilities of his role and thinks he’s such the victim of his birthright.

          1. I think it was somehow related to both tea and the mocking PippaTips twitter account, but I’m having trouble finding the discussion threads on celebitchy where that evolved.

  2. I am not concerned with Kate’s 2 Kitchens, KP renovations or Anmer renovations for the matter. What I’m concerned about is who is responsible for approving PW’s and Kate’s expenses? PW/Kate seemed to be getting away with a lot and it seems unchecked by members of the RF or Advisors. PW/Kate have demonstrated that they don’t have the ability to make adult decisions so they should be treated like children when it come to expense management. Very disappointed by this very public extravagant lifestyle. I wonder if HM is still making decisions? It seems the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing!! None of these expenditures should have been approved in the first place….. I supported PW/Kate initially but this is spiraling out of control. Someone tell HM to fire her advisors and PR firm immediately!!!

    1. Thought the Queen was pissed about the spending. You’re right. I recall reading an article about when Princess Margaery was decorating the place, she was getting advice from some Minister who keeps reminding them about the cost and what not? What the hell happened with Willnot and Cannot?

  3. I hope they DON’T fire the advisors. They know what they’re doing. Otherwise we’re stuck with the ‘Bucklebury Four’ for a long time.

    I believe the palace is going to get the Middleton’s out the same way they got rid of Fergie – by emphasizing the many vulgar, lazy and tacky aspects of Kate and leaking it to the press to build public dissent and ultimately shaming her out the door.

  4. No I would like for Willy to take the throne sooner rather than later, b/c his fragile ego will come in for a hell of a bruising when he is told what to do by his courtiers. The Private Secretary, the Prime Minister, the Archbishop of Canterbury are all very influential advisers to the monarch. Though the Queen reigns, she does not rule. If they tell Willy he will live in Buckingham Palace and carry out this schedule or that schedule, he will have to. If he refuses to take his ministers advice, that would create a constitutional crisis; even worse now with the Fixed Parliaments Act, b/c the monarch can’t dissolve Parliament and call a snap election anymore. Over the Queen’s reign, the monarchy has been made weaker and weaker with successive Prime Ministers and advisors gaining more power and influence than ever. Even the Cabinet has been eclipsed by the Prime Minister’s staff on Downing Street. Having to go through a stack of intelligence and security briefings from MI5 and MI6 would sober him up pretty quickly. It would be hilarious if he tried to flee to Bucklebury, b/c I think the Palace courtiers would have him dragged back.

    1. Lol, if/when William is King, the advisers/administrators/courtiers would/will kick his ass. It would be a very sobering experience for him, and I’m not sure he could take it.

  5. Posting this multiple places.

    DM playing games again.

    This article has disappeared from the front page and does not appear when you search using the words kate middleton kitchen.

    Ripped out… the gleaming £38,000 kitchen that the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William didn’t want
    2700+ comments

    Now they’ve put this article on the front page instead.
    So why wasn’t this £50,000 designer dream good enough for Three Kitchens Kate?

    1. The second article now has 118 comments. And for what it’s worth, neither article comes up when I search for Kate Middleton or Kate Middleton Kitchen, so it’s not like the DM is pushing one over the other since neither come up. In fact, the first thing that comes up is a disgustingly fawny article about Kate (that never appeared on the front page) and a ton of crap about Pippa.

      Side note, I’ve often noticed that when you do a search for “Kate Middleton” on the DM search box, there are articles missing from the results. It’s really strange.

  6. K.M.R. could you please write a post concerning Prince Carl Philip’s fiance Sofia & Kate? Do you think sleazy sofia is like lazy waity? I know i am being unkind, but i am curious?

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