William takes a hunting trip the weekend before his anti-poaching conference

William takes a hunting trip the weekend before his anti-poaching conference

Prince William is a stag/boar/partridge-killing moron.  The weekend before his big conference on ending illegal poaching William has decided to jet off to Spain and kill innocent wild boar and deer on a 37,000 acre estate owned by the Duke of Westminster.

Now, let me say, yes there is the legal v. illegal debate, and no what William is doing is not the same as poaching rhinos for their horns, but it doesn’t really matter at this point.  The problem is that this now poses a huge PR problem for William.  The press and public can and will claim hypocrisy and the tide could turn on William, and taint his association with wildlife conservation.  But of course he wouldn’t have thought of that because he’s a moron.  He tries so hard to control the media and his image, but doesn’t think to control himself.  He wouldn’t have to control the media to protect his image if he had a suitable image to project, and wasn’t a total hypocrite.

The palace insists William (the Royal Patron of the Tusk Trust) is such a “passionate supporter of ending illegal poaching” because people who hunt rhinos and elephants are “extremely ignorant” and “selfish” and it would be a “tragic loss for everyone” if rhinos and elephants were poached into extinction, yet he shoots animals for fun (and don’t even tell me he eats everything he kills because we know that’s not true).  This makes him seem hypocritical to me, and makes me question the validity of his claims.  I wouldn’t put it past him to go on and on about how illegal poaching is horrendous while not caring at all about what he’s saying and is only doing it because the palace told him he had to have some sort of cause to care about or the public would turn on him.

Now we wait and see what happens with the wildlife conference, and whether the media and others will bring up his shooting trip(s*) and the hypocrisy of his actions.  I wouldn’t put it past the media to harp on it, I only hope they do.  William is the golden prince, and therefore he gets a whitewash in the press that someone like Harry wouldn’t get.  If Harry were to show this type of hypocrisy there would be a firestorm on him.  The media is a powerful thing, and if they were to really take William to task, they would influence a lot of people and what’s left of his goodwill would be gone.  It was the press that influenced the public against the Queen right after Diana died.  Now, I would say that William doesn’t seem to care about what the public thinks of him and that he should care given his position as a (possible) future monarch, but I actually do think he cares, at least a little.  If he didn’t care at all he wouldn’t try to control the media in the first place.  I think he does care, he’s just a moron.

Switching gears a slightly, something else this hunting trip brings up is the fact that William doesn’t seem to give a ton of sh-ts about spending time with his wife and child.  First, Kate takes George on a vacation without William, and now William takes a vacation without Kate and George.  I wonder how much time he actually spends with them.  One would think he would actually want to spend time with George even if he doesn’t want to spend time with Kate, but you never know.  If William were being smart, he would have taken this hunting vacation while Kate was in Mustique, because she and George wouldn’t have been in London anyway, and then he could have spent time with George once he got back—at least that’s what I would do if my man took a vacation, take a vacation myself (money permitting).  But William is either not smart enough to think of that, or he is taking any excuse to be away from Kate and George.

Now let’s see if we get a Kate sighting or something to distract from William’s bad press, because they like to drag Kate out for that purpose.

*This isn’t the first time William has visited that estate, he’s gone on hunting vacations there for years with Harry (who is with him now, but of course no one cares about that because Harry is not the one with the hypocrisy issue at present).  William is a known avid hunter—as are all the royals.

5 thoughts on “William takes a hunting trip the weekend before his anti-poaching conference

  1. who cares about this couple, they do as they please, they dont cae about their people who pay for their extremely lavish and lazy lifestyle, when queen bee leaves is when will see how they will control the press, they will never win the press!!

  2. In the US, there is a huge problem surrounding wild pigs/boars. The population of wild pigs/boars has exploded. These animals have no fear of humans or domesticated animals. They will attack you. Is this the reason he is going on the hunt? Does Spain have the same problem?

    1. I’m not sure if Spain has a wild boar problem, but even if they did I doubt that’s why William is there. He doesn’t care about the animals, he cares about having fun, and hunting is fun for him. He hunts all the time, and has since he was born (it’s a royal tradition). They hunt at Balmoral and Sandringham and other places. Also the place he’s hunting at right now is owned by the Duke of Westminster and is there specifically to be a place for the wealthy to hunt, so I highly doubt William’s hunting trip there has anything to do with a wild boar problem in Spain.

  3. It’s somewhat hard to make a stance on conservation with a hunting rifle in your hand.

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