Prince Charles and Prince William release wildlife plea video

Prince Charles and Prince William release wildlife plea video

Prince Charles and Prince William have released a video with a plea to end the illegal killing of endangered species—such as elephants, rhinos, and tigers—in Africa.  This is but the beginning of their wildlife campaign duties this week; later in the week they will attend a conference about it.

I am completely in agreement with them on their anti-wildlife-trade stance, and think what they are doing to call attention to this problem is great.  What I don’t like is the fact that both Charles and William hunt for fun.  William got some heat for going on a hunting trip the weekend before this big conference, but let’s not forget that Charles is an avid hunter as well.

I hate to pull focus from their work in trying to end the illegal poaching, because it is a serious problem that needs to end, but I would believe William and Charles more when they say how much they care if they stopped killing animals for fun.  Again, the animals they hunt are not illegal, but they are still part of the wildlife that they are killing for no apparent reason.


PS.  The comments are disabled for this video, I wonder why?

5 thoughts on “Prince Charles and Prince William release wildlife plea video

  1. IMO willy is not intelligent at all from his actions everytime and the marriage to his stalker!

    1. William seems like the type of person who thinks he’s more intelligent than he actually is. He’s not that smart, or doesn’t think things through enough, but is not willing to take advice on anything. He’s very prideful in my opinion. He thinks he’s right no matter what, and doesn’t think rules apply to him.

  2. Jack i agree with you 100% & keep up your great comments!
    I wonder if billy realizes he made a big mistake by marrying
    lazy & having a baby with her! What does everyone think?

    1. I think William is too bullheaded to ever admit being wrong. I feel like he’s the type of person who would plow ahead with a decision he’s made, even if it destroyed everything in it’s path, merely out of pride and not wanting to admit he made a mistake.

      Like, I don’t think he would ever divorce Kate. She’s here to stay because divorce would be admitting he made a mistake in marrying her. Even though it’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t really give that many shits about her–or his poor son.

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