Prince William’s ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig joined him on hunting trip in Spain

Prince William’s ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig joined him on hunting trip in Spain

Goodness, Prince William is becoming more interesting (gossip-wise) by the day with this Spanish-hunting-trip-on-the-eve-of-his-wildlife-conference thing. Someone snapped a photo of Prince William and Prince Harry at an airport (I can see the wheels of a plane in the background) either coming or going to their hunting trip in Spain.  They are with some male friends (including Guy Pelly?  Is that him standing next to Harry?), and none other than William’s old girlfriend, Jecca Craig.

Why the f— was Jecca Craig on this trip?  Is she dating one of the guys on the trip?  Is she married?  She was engaged at some point and called off the wedding in 2009 (which I’ve learned via a Google search).  But, if she were there because she’s dating one of the guys, then why wasn’t Cressida there, why not Kate, why not any of the other’s guy’s ladies?  If it were a straight up boy’s weekend, which would explain lack of other ladies, then Jecca shouldn’t have been there at all.  The only reason I can see for her being there is that she’s banging William on the DL and William thought this trip was a great opportunity for them to be together for a weekend without anyone finding out.  Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for us ;)) a pap took a photo and now the news is out.  I guess there could be other reasons she was there, but the “they’re totally banging” angle is more fun to speculate on.

Interestingly enough, I Googled “Jecca Craig” and the fifth link down is a Yahoo Answers question asking, “Is Jecca Craig the new Camilla and Kate the new Diana?”  LOL.

Now, to be fair, I have a male friend and we are really close (he’s the person I talk to most, and after his girlfriend, I’m probably the person he talks to most), and our relationship is purely platonic.  So I know it can happen.  However, I tend to think my friend and I are the exception and not the rule—going by what I’ve seen and what other people have told me.  Also, my friend and I never dated, and never were “mock engaged” like William and Jecca.  Maybe William and Jecca are just two old friends who get along really well and care for each other as friends and are not engaging in a physical relationship… or they could totally be banging.

I know from personal experience that a man and a woman can be just friends if they choose to be, and I would hope that I would trust my partner enough to leave him alone with an old flame without anything happening, BUT I would give a hard side-eye if my partner wanted to spend a weekend with an old flame and without me, and without any other women on the trip (which really calls into question why the old flame was there to begin with).  Especially if he didn’t tell me about it beforehand.  I wonder if Kate knew Jecca would be on the trip.  My guess is that William didn’t tell Kate about Jecca, but if Jecca is William’s Camilla, then Kate probably assumed Jecca would be there.

Honestly, for Jecca’s sake, I hope she’s not banging a married man, even if he is a prince, but my guess is they probably are.

So question time:  Is Jecca Craig William’s Camilla?  Is Camilla always and forever going to be the Royal Standard go-to for name-checking royal mistresses?  Is Jecca’s appearance on William’s “boy’s hunting trip” going to get major play in the press?  Or is the Kate appearance later today going to drive the bad press William has been getting away with her wonder powers?

What excellent timing for this Jecca story to come out… the day Kate makes a gala appearance.  I bet the palace’s PR is jumping for joy at that.

22 thoughts on “Prince William’s ex-girlfriend Jecca Craig joined him on hunting trip in Spain

  1. I have read before on other blogs that jecca could have been the one, i guess she didnt have a golddigger, calculating, stalker of a mother to help her catch the prince, poor prince william the middletrash played you, its not too late to get the REAL DEAL!

  2. I think it was Jecca who turned him down also, so kate is third best, ahead of her came Jecca and Isabella. If I was not first choice I would not want to be third on the list. Go for it william, Jecca looks a nice girl, make yourself happy again. He has looked miserable as sin since the wedding.

    1. I know, right. I would hate it. I bet Kate hates it that she wasn’t the first choice.

      For Jecca’s sake, though, I hope she doesn’t get involved with William. If it becomes a major thing the girl will be labelled a “homewrecker” and will be hated.

  3. I would love to be a fly on the wall at the Manor of doom II this morning. I wonder if Willy has turned up for his lectures this morning? Or is he busy placating ma? Oooo the intrigue 🙂

  4. How I would love to be a fly on the wall at the Manor of doom II this morning. I wonder if Willy is attending lectures this morning? Or is he busy trying to placate ma? Oooo the intrigue 🙂

  5. willy was repeatedly unfaithful to waity while they were dating so I wouldn’t be surprised if he and JC are having an affair – seems a bit odd she was the only female there on a boys-only weekend

  6. The Viper Carole is spinning around and is going to burst into a ball of fire. Mike is laying low along with The Cupcake and Orangina. The Potato Head is comatose.

  7. Its interesting that people are speculating what Carole & Co. is thinking/planning about this. William is obviously the one in the wrong here. Just “hanging out” with an old girlfriend while his wife is in another country with their infant child? He has time to go to Spain and hunt, but otherwise is just soooo busy with his schoolwork he can’t be bothered to pay attention to his wife and child? Billy-boy is a player and has never felt that rules apply to him. I feels sorry for Katie on this one. I don’t wish this on any woman. She is obviously being ignored now that she has produced an heir for the heir. Oh, yeah, we could argue that she’s getting what she paid for, but I still see it as unfair and humiliating.

    1. I’m on your side of things fairygodmom. Having JC on a hunting trip is just going to start tongues wagging about Camilla and Diana yet again. Does the RF want a replay of that again? Personally, although I’m not a member of the royal family, I’d prefer not. It’s been a long time, and some things need to be put to bed.

      It’s interesting that William chose rhino conservation . . . something Jecca Craig has been involved with for years. If he wants to be involved with her he should learn some discretion.

  8. It is really funny that the Palace has not denied it yet. They sure did when they were supposely were going together many years ago. I would hope William wouls have kept his “willy” in his pants and not cheat on Kate liek his father did to his beloved mother. And the fact during their engagement interview he said “he has learned from the mistakes of the past”. But time will only tell.

    1. I know. Seeing as he saw first hand how infidelity ruined his parent’s marriage, one would think he would be more mindful about being faithful and not hurting his family–especially now that he has a son.

      It is interesting that the palace hasn’t said anything. There was so much crap and bad press from that trip. William is a moron.

  9. And now it is really funny that William take’s Kate on a “second honeymoon”. She is also wearing a new enternity ring given to her by William. Let’s just hope that this was just a hunting trip as friends and that he kept his “willy in his pants”.

  10. Note the date of the hunting weekend!? Valentines Weekend. Oh dear. This is not good at all

  11. William and Jecca are friends right? maybe Willian and Kate knows that Jecca is lesbian. Thats why Kate dind bother.

  12. Quite suspect. I’d love to believe that these two are madly in love and that Kate’s genuine-looking smiles and laughter are real, that she’s blissed out all the time and that Willy is a doting and loving hubby who loves his ‘roast chicken by Kate.’ I’d love to believe that he enjoys having a cuddle whilst watching movies at home with her, but I just don’t buy it. The more I read about their history, the more I question the image they’re trying to sell. While I think Kate adores being a mother and is probably amazing with George, I think Willy finds the whole ordeal cumbersome. If he isn’t sleeping with Jecca, I would bet it’s at least an emotional affair. A deep emotional connection with another woman with the possibility of sex, no thank you. Not worth cutting a million ribbons and having my picture taken everywhere I go.

    1. I agree. They try so hard to convince everyone what a great romance they have, but the whitewashing can only go so far. They clearly have issues. Everything will come to light eventually, it did for Diana and Charles.

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