BREAKING: Intruder arrested in Buckingham Palace state room

BREAKING: Intruder arrested in Buckingham Palace state room

There has been a break in at Buckingham Palace.  The incident reportedly occurred last Monday at around 10 PM.  The intruder, a male, climbed a wall, kicked in a door and was caught in one of the 19 state rooms open to the public for tours.  He was arrested on suspicion of trespass, burglary and criminal damage.  His suspected accomplice, also male, was arrested on the street outside.  No members of the royal family were present at the time of the break in.  The incident is being investigated.

I am really curious as to what motivated these men to break in to Buckingham Palace.  The first guess is for the royals, naturally, but they are never there during this time of year since this is the time of year the Queen vacations in Scotland.  There could be other possibilities; maybe he broke in for the building or the things inside.  I guess the royals make the most sense, but then again any idiot who breaks into a Palace—especially when the royals aren’t even there—probably isn’t making much sense anyway.  This is shocking.

There was a break in in 1982 when Michael Fagan broke in and actually got into the Queen’s bedroom and had a chat with her.  Officials said there would not be another security breach after that; and they were right, until Monday.  The lax security is probably because there were no royals there, if there had been I doubt this guy would have succeeded, but this is still shocking and obviously a huge deal to Buckingham Palace and the royals and heads will probably roll because of it.  I hope we hear more about this, I am really interested to know why this guy broke in.

EDIT: Here’s an article from the Telegraph about previous royal security scares.

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