The Rose-Colored Glasses are off for Pippa

The Rose-Colored Glasses are off for Pippa

Wow, the NY Times pretty much ripped Pippa a new one with this article: For Pippa Middleton, the Media’s Love Sours.  I’m a bit surprised that reporters were willing to go on the record about their dislike of Pippa.  If only this realization would come about Kate. 

I want to say first and foremost, the problem is not that Pippa wants a career, nor that Pippa “cashed in” on her sister’s fame, the problem is that Pippa is not a good writer.  If she had come out with the best book of the year, then no one would have had a problem with it.  But she took the half mil and produced a subpar book that an eight-year old could have written.  The problem is Pippa only sees dollar signs; she’s not seeing the bigger picture of actually having talent and producing a good product.  She’s making the wrong decisions when it comes to projects.  She really needs a better manager.  Apparently Carole is only a good momager for Kate since she’s the one who bagged the prince (just kidding, kind of).  But seriously, Pippa needs a better manager and better stylist.  The Middleton girls really don’t know how to dress themselves.  If Pippa had a stylist she would look much better, and the media would not criticize her as much. 

I honestly believe that if Pippa actually put the work in and made a good product, the “cashing in” criticism would have faded.  But now Pippa has a ton of bad decisions and product under her belt, and a reputation as an up-trader (because you know she totally wanted a titled man for herself), and a really stupid lawsuit against the PippaTips guys.  She’s making all the wrong decisions, she really is. And I’m not sure she will ever be able to shake this reputation and actually make a good career for herself. At least not in the industry she wants to be in, if she went away quietly I’m sure she could make a good career for herself, but not a famous one.

I do like this article, though.  I like that they are not trying to make Pippa “happen” anymore, like they were after the wedding.  They wanted her to be an “it girl”, but the public didn’t respond so now they’re all ragging on her—and deservedly so, she really has given them a lot of ammunition.  I just wish the rose-colored glasses would come off for Kate, too.  But it certainly is a step in the right direction.

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