The Kate Sycophancy continues

The Kate Sycophancy continues

This is one of the most sycophantic articles I’ve ever read about Kate Middleton.  It’s old, from early July, but I just saw it and wanted to comment on it, so yeah.  It’s called “15 Reasons Kate Middleton is Loved by All.”  Something that really annoys me is that they keep referring to her as “princess”.  Kate is not a princess, she is a duchess!  I’m only going to touch on some of the major ones, even though all of these are total crap.  And of course not once does it mention anything of substance: no work ethic, not even her university degree (that she totally wasted).

She Loves Children: We must be talking about two different Duchesses, Kate doesn’t seem to connect to children much at all, and doesn’t even bend down to hug them. She’s the People’s Princess: Highly ironic considering how much she tries to run away from her commoner roots. She is a Fashionista: She may wear a ton of clothes and shop all the time, but that doesn’t make her a fashionista. Her style is horrible; she always looks cheap, even in designer clothing. She Has Great Hair: I would give you that one, except that her “great hair” is mostly extensions. She’s Not Afraid to Break the Rules: Like getting photographed naked in France. She Wears the Same Thing Twice: Big deal. Many royals re-wear clothing, it was only Diana that didn’t even Diana did (here’s some proof). She Wears Fascinators: A lot of women in England wear fascinators, it’s a big trend. How does that make Kate special? She’s Class Personified: Clearly these people have not seen her crotch shots, or her naked photos.

Here’s another really sycophantic article about Kate: Now trouper Kate’s real work will begin.  There are a bunch of silly sycophantic lines about Kate and how well she copes in the RF and how much of a class act she is, but what really annoyed me was this quote:

“If Kate’s only ‘achievement’ in life is raising children as well as she appears to have been brought up, then what is wrong with that? It is what countless other women have been doing for centuries.”

Yes, and shouldn’t we, as a gender, be more than that by now?  Haven’t we been trying for decades to achieve something more for ourselves than just being a good mother?  I’m all for being a good parent if one chooses to have children, and it is obviously a woman’s choice what to do with her life, but the feminist in me is really ticked off about that comment.  I guess I’m upset because I think it’s silly to praise a woman simply for getting married and giving birth.  These reporters laud Kate as some great thing when her only achievement is giving birth.  Women should be lauded for doing great things, there are women who do great things and they are not lauded the way Kate is.  People like Arianna Huffington, Marissa Mayer, Valentina Tereshkova, Marie Curie, Gwynne Shotwell, JK Rowling, Tavi Gevinson.  Kate does not hold a candle to any of these women (and many other powerful and inspiring women). If Kate is a great mom, that’s awesome, but don’t hold her up as some great, inspiring woman that young women and girls should look up to when she never did anything with her life other than get married and have children. Kate is neither great nor inspiring.

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  1. Loving this site and this article. ..but just wanted to point out that Diana did rewear clothes, but always was heavily criticised for being ‘boring’ when she did. She couldn’t win. Agree with everything else though. I get very fed up of seeing the Middletons lauded for doing nothing.

    1. If that’s the case (Diana re-wore clothing), then it only makes my point stronger: Kate is not the first, nor will she be the last, royal woman to re-wear her clothing.

      Thank you, marie, for pointing that out. I’ll have to change that. 🙂

  2. She isnt beautiful at all and skinny, no curves, no titts, i honestly think she looks like a transexual MAN TO WOMAN EGH!!

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