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Kate Middleton and royal baby mania continues

Kate Middleton is still pregnant, as of this posting. And because Kate is still pregnant, the royal baby mania continues. I’m posting a few royal baby mania things including the most loyal royal watchers and some articles (that some of you guys already discussed in the comments, but I want to comment, too, so I’m […]

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Carole is the 3rd person in Will & Kate’s marriage: The weird press war continues?

So the weird Daily Mail press war continues? There is a new article in the DM about how there are three people in Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s marriage: Will, Kate, and Carole Middleton. My first thought: At least it’s not Jecca Craig, amirite, Kate?

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What’s with the weird press war between Prince Charles and Carole Middleton?

It seems like the press (specifically the Daily Mail) has had an interesting relationship with the Cambridges lately. There has been a slew of press revolving around the unholy quadrangle of Prince Charles, Carole Middleton, Prince William, and Kate Middleton. This is following elephant-gate on the final day of William’s tour of China, and word […]

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Photos emerge of Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince George in Mustique

As many of us hoped, Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince George and the Middletons were photographed in Mustique by a paparazzi. The NY Daily News published them – go here to see all the photos. They include a photo of Pippa in a bikini (and a girl in a pink bikini in the foreground with […]

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Kate Middleton and Baby Cambridge 2 polls + details of their Mustique vacation

In the last Kate post, a few commenters suggested polls on different Kate Middleton related questions – like how many engagements Kate will make in 2015 and will she wear red when leaving the hospital – and I think it would be hilarious if we could accurately predict things like how many times she’ll wear […]

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Photographer Prince William accused of stalking George, Niraj Tanna, refutes claims

As we learned yesterday, Prince William and Kate Middleton issued a warning to two photographers who the Cambridges claimed where stalking Prince George. I took the unpopular stance that Will and Kate were well within their rights not to have George followed while with Nanny Maria. As it turns out, one of the photographers has […]

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Edward and Sophie took a private jet on holiday: scandal or no big deal?

Call Olivia Pope, y’all, it’s the Edward and Sophie private plane SCANDAL!  Lol, just kidding.  But this article is trying to make it a big deal.  It even compares Edward and Sophie to William and Kate and says how great Will and Kate are because they took a budget airline the last time they went […]

Kate Middleton Middletons Prince George Alexander Prince William

Kate took George on a 8,500-mile flight to Mustique with the Middletons

The annual Middleton family holiday to Mustique to celebrate Carole’s birthday has finally occurred.  Kate took George to Mustique sometime this past week to vacation with her family.  Prince William has stayed behind to continue attending classes in Cambridge.

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