Kate took George on a 8,500-mile flight to Mustique with the Middletons

Kate took George on a 8,500-mile flight to Mustique with the Middletons

The annual Middleton family holiday to Mustique to celebrate Carole’s birthday has finally occurred.  Kate took George to Mustique sometime this past week to vacation with her family.  Prince William has stayed behind to continue attending classes in Cambridge.

At least Kate took George with her and didn’t leave him behind with a nanny while she vacationed.  I’m sure she took a bunch of nannies with her, though.  George is said to have behaved well.  Is that surprising to anyone else?  We know he’s a fussy baby, so I would have thought he would have been fussy on the plane, but maybe not.  It sucks for other passengers when there is a baby on a plane and it cries the entire time, so if George was actually well-behaved (and not PR-fake well-behaved), then that’s a good thing.

Do you think William is enjoying not having to deal with Kate and George, or do you think he misses them—or just George?  Do you think he’s annoyed with having to miss the annual vacation?  There is a picture of William looking “glum” while arriving at Cambridge on January 28th… was Kate already in Mustique then and does William look glum because he misses his baby, or because he’s missing a vacation?  Or does he look glum because that’s his usual setting?  So many questions!

Anyway, I wonder if we will get any photos this time.  Last year the palace made a ruckus when a photographer took photos of a pregnant Kate on the beach.

You know what’s most interesting… the fact that the palace released two new Kate appearances for February just days/hours before this vacation news.  The first appearance news was released the day the Queen’s finances were under fire (now I’m wondering if that release was to offset the Queen’s finance drama or because they knew Kate was leaving for vacation), and the second one was today (Kate will open the Art Room on February 14th).  Interesting how PR works.  To offset this news of Kate’s vacation they release news of an appearance to distract us.  Like one appearance offsets a week of vacation time when she hasn’t done any duties since December 11th when she attended a screening at the Natural History Museum (If you want to go with a non-celeb appearance she visited a school on December 6th).

In related news, Kate and William reportedly visited Anmer Hall last weekend to check on their renovations (because one million dollar renovation isn’t enough, they need two), which were supposed to be finished by the end of last year but weren’t.

6 thoughts on “Kate took George on a 8,500-mile flight to Mustique with the Middletons

  1. I sincerely feel very sorry for the british taxpayers
    who are financial supporting this immature free-
    loader! Not for 1 second do i believe the midds are
    paying bodyguards or nannies! This situation is chuck
    & lizzie’s fault! They could have put a stop to the relationship,
    but they did not! I no longer respect the british royals! The republicans
    must be thrilled! waity’s parents spoiled her rotten!

  2. well said!! Waity being a duchess now thinks she is untouchable, abuse her powers, and use george for not doing anything, she is the worst royal of this generation, and as u said britain need to stop sucking up to this freeloader!!

  3. Please confirm for me – in one of the photos of Kate going on holiday there was a woman standing behind her who looked like Amanda Cook Tucker – did Kate REALLY take her hairdresser on holiday?

    1. I’m not 100% positive, but I don’t think it’s Cook Tucker. The women in the photos with Kate are brown haired and the photos I’ve seen of Cook Tucker have her as a platinum blonde. But I can’t be sure.

      1. This woman? (Whose disembodied head is floating over little George) http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2014/02/09/article-2555416-1B51481600000578-576_634x723.jpg

        Hm… That woman and Cook Tucker kind of have the same face shape, but she looks older than Cook Tucker to me (Cook Tucker also looks way more waxy). I’m also not sure if that woman is in the same party with Kate. When I first saw the photos I thought they were in the same party and I thought it might be a nanny, but then I saw this photo:


        It seems to me that that woman is with that old man. I don’t know for sure, though. It would seem ridiculous to me to bring a hairdresser along on a private vacation. But then again, this is Kate we’re talking about.

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