Cressida Bonas got new job to show how independent she is

Cressida Bonas got new job to show how independent she is

Cressida Bonas has reportedly acquired a new job in theatre marketing for £20,000.  I’m assuming that’s a yearly salary figure, but the article doesn’t say.  Cressida quit her dream of becoming a professional dancer some months ago.

They are still pushing the “independent” line with her, saying she got this job because she wants to “earn her own way” and she’s so “fiercely independent and doesn’t want anything through her connection with Harry”.  If she was so “fiercely independent” she would have kept her dream of being a professional dancer instead of quitting that because dancing around in slinky costumes would “embarrass” Harry.  But sure, fiercely independent; because ‘theatre marketer’ sounds better than ‘professional girlfriend’.

And of course they’re still pushing the Diana comparison:  “[Cressida’s] desire to find her own work also echoes that of Harry’s mum Princess Diana, who worked as a dance instructor and a nanny before marrying Prince Charles in 1981.”  Any chance they get they always push that comparison.  I’m not sure why.  Well, I know why, they want the public to think she’s the second coming of Diana so the public will love her without her putting the effort in.  But the comparison only serves to show how unlike Diana she is (and Kate is, because they pushed that comparison too).

I shouldn’t be knocking her.  If she’s really gotten a job that she’s actually going to focus on, then great.  I just hope it is an actual job that she will focus on and isn’t a part-time thing where she gets a ton of time off whenever Harry calls.

Speaking of Harry, he got a new job.  He is quitting being a working pilot and is taking a desk job in London where he’ll be planning commemorative events.  I was going to write a whole post about how stupid it was for the army to waste all that money training someone who only did the job they spent a year and a half training him for, for less than two years when there a people who would have loved that job and would have actually made a career out of it.  But then I didn’t.  The most interesting thing about this new job is that he will be closer to London and will have more time to do royal duties… and get married and have babies.  Seriously, a Prince Harry Engagement is coming.  Ugh.  I’ve kind of resigned to the fact that there is a really good chance that we will get a Duchess Cressida.

Cressida’s new job is an interesting turn in the Cressida PR Campaign.  They really want her to seem like a hard-working girl who isn’t a pushover—the opposite of Kate Middleton.  I’m really skeptical, but if the job is real and she’s really working hard and not being a clinger, then I have to respect that.  It’s a good PR move.  They see how Kate gets a lot of criticism for being a doormat who never held a real job, and so they’re giving Cressida a real job and claiming it’s because she’s so independent.  Like I said, I’m really skeptical because I know she’s after the tiara, but it is a good PR move.

PS.  Harry and Cressida went on a date to an upscale burger joint a few weeks ago.  Not going to lie, her outfit isn’t terrible.  It’s a perfect casual outfit, and she looks put-together and not like she hadn’t showered in a while.  She’s really upped her clothing game recently.

PPS.  Cressida’s stepfather died recently.  Christopher Shaw was married to Cressida’s mother, Lady Mary Gaye Curzon, from 1996 to 2000.

5 thoughts on “Cressida Bonas got new job to show how independent she is

  1. Fiercely independent? Yeah, because everyone can live her lifestyle in London on 20K a year. Give me a break.

    1. LOL, I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re totally correct. Cressida is probably still living off her parents. That gives even more credence to the fact that the “independent” storyline is all PR to make her look good.

  2. harry should reconsider getting back with chelsy, that is one hardworking and tough girl, honestly think she would have been good for the RF coz she is fierce not a doormat nor a child still growing up, she was a GROWN WOMAN

  3. Chelsy is one smart cookie; she probably saw the writing on the wall as far as what life in the Royal Family would be like and decided it wasn’t for her. I think being a royal within the core family with its many restrictions would have snuffed the life out of her. As much as I would have liked to see her marry Harry, I wouldn’t have wanted to see her become a Stepford Royal and I’m glad she escaped with her verve and joie de vivre intact.

  4. the truth is harry really loved chelsy and i believe he still does, he has never been the same since they split, he just looks lost, dead, !! If he marries cressida it will be a big mistake, he needs to get over chelsy before he can find love again//

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