Prince Gabriel’s Christening

Prince Gabriel’s Christening

Another year, another Swedish royal christening – and we get to do it all again next year with Madeleine’s third! Prince Gabriel‘s Christening took place at Royal Chapel at Drottningholm Palace in Stockholm yesterday, December 1. Lots of Swedish royals joined the party: King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle, Prince Oscar, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Prince Alexander, Princess Madeleine, and Chris O’Neill. Princess Leonore and Prince Nicolas sat this one out as they had jetlag from a US trip. If you have not had a chance to watch the christening yet, you can do so here.

Prince Family Prince Gabriel's Christening cs

Unlike his big brother Alexander, Gabriel was not having the whole baptism thing. He cried the entire time the priest held him – he cried so much he started coughing at the end.


Little Gabriel wore the traditional Swedish royal Christening gown. The gown dates from 1906 and is made of cotton batiste and Valenciennes lace (bobbin lace) with a petticoat of satin woven silk. The gown is trimmed with lace at the arms and also includes a jersey of Valenciennes lace. In 1935, a cream-colored silk satin cape was added. The cape features the names and dates of all the royal babies who were baptized in the gown. Gabriel wore the cape for the walk from the church to the lunch reception, because it was so cold outside.


There were three readings: from Carl Philip, from Sara Hellqvist (Sofia’s sister and a godparent), and from Madeleine (who was also a godparent). While Carl Philip gave his reading, he waved at Gabriel. It was really cute.

Prince Carl Philip gives reading at Prince Gabriel's Christening


Estelle poured the water into the baptismal font, and she and Madeleine blessed the water.



Like all Swedish royal babies at their christenings, Gabriel was given the Order of the Seraphim from King Carl Gustaf.



Gabriel has five godparents: Princess Madeleine (Carl Philip’s sister); Sara Hellqvist (Sofia’s sister); Oscar Kylberg (Carl Philip’s friend and business partner); Carolina Pihl (Sofia’s friend and business partner); Thomas de Toledo Sommerlath (Carl Philip’s maternal cousin).


While walking from the church to the reception, Sofia gave Alexander a kiss on the cheek. Adorable.

Princess Sofia kisses Prince Alexander Prince Gabriel's Christening

Moving onto fashion: Sofia surprised everyone, I think, by choosing the traditional folk dress of Älvdalen, rather than a modern dress. Älvdalen is where Sofia grew up, and is in Dalarna, which is Garbiel’s Duchy. Apparently Sofia’s dress was handmade by relatives. I was very confused about why she would choose traditional dress for Gabriel’s christening and not Alexander’s, but then I learned that it was the traditional dress of where she grew up which is also Gabriel’s Duchy, and then it made sense.

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Alexander wore an outfit first worn by Carl Philip in 1981.

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Crown Princess Victoria wore a really lovely red skirt suit and red heels. Estelle wore a lovely red sweater and a grey dress from Tartine et Chocolat.

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Princess Madeleine wore a busy Valentino dress and a textured coat, which is a no from me.

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  1. Another lovely service from the Swedish royals. I was surprised at seeing the traditional dress but then the significance was explained on the last post so I think it was a nice touch. I’m sure it is warm too, it can be very cold in Stockholm at this time of year, especially if the wind is blowing up from off the Baltic Sea. I like the touches of red being worn, and adore Victoria’s outfit. Alexander was cute running around, imagine if Leonore was there too!

  2. Love this family so much. The kids were, as always, adorable. Loved how Estelle was involved, and how proud/happy she looked after her part (and how proud her parents were). Also how sweet it was when Victoria was rubbing oscars face?

    Fashion wise today was all over the place for me. I liked the significance of Sofia’s outfit, but I can’t bring myself to like it. I wish she would have gone with something modern with just a touch or accents of the traditional dress. I thought Madeline’s outfit was wayyy to busy. Victoria’s look I thought was perfect, everything was just gorgeous. And her hair wasn’t just in a bun!!

  3. What a lovely day…baby sashes and little chairs and kids running around . Victoria looks amazing, best ever I think. Missed Leonore though !!
    Estelle is an amazing little girl, she always looks so happy doing her ‘job’ so well already.

  4. Oh Princess Sofia looked lovely! So unexpected, a great choice. Crown Princess Victoria looked fabulous as well and little Princess Estelle was cute too. But I can’t really understand what Princess Madeleine was thinking. She’s usually so well put together. Perhaps she felt really cold and the coat was a last minute add. I’ll give her a pass, because I’ve started to like her in recent years and because she’s expecting. And because it can be really cold up here with icy winds blowing from the sea, they really get in to you, chill your bones.

    Because if stupid changes in our official TV channels, the swedish speaking Finns lost their own channel and now have share broadcast time with another channel, so this christening wasn’t shown here as were the previous ones. I a m s o d i s a p o i n t e d. Thank you KMR for covering this! SRF is my favourite royal family and it’s always a joy reading about them.

    1. And I read someone Madeleine’s coat was hugely expensive. It didn’t look worth it although no doubt warm – it’s a Valentino piece and might be lamb. She probably gets a discount. Otherwise, a lovely day.

        1. Never heard that but it could be – apparently he has a tax issue going on – I don’t know the truth of that – and I can’t remember if the king still supports Madeleine or not – perhaps not.

          1. I’ve read articles about this and it seems to be more that the Swedes who write such articles don’t understand how taxation works in America. Chris also works for his own money and Madeleine I believe has several trusts that Chris or another adviser would know how to wisely invest. I do believe she is paid by Carl Gustaf for work she does for the SRF.

          1. I have absolutely no idea of how wealthy Chris and Madeleine are, but could the billionaire talk perhaps come from that they are billionaires in Swedish currency? One euro is almost 10 swedish krona. Or was atleast when I last checked.

          2. Summer,

            I don’t know any numbers in euros or Swedish krona. Last time I checked, Chris was between 1 and 2 million USD.

    2. As for the sartorial “what the f*ck” of Princess Madeleine, I chaulk it up to 2 children under 4, pregnancy, and jet lag LOL

  5. So – like all of us it is a family and friends occasion – some better dressed than others and some we are more happy to see than others. These days I have limited contact with those I don’t want to see. I’m sure the SRF are much the same

  6. Victoria, Daniel and their children looked adorable! Coordinated and festive for this time of year. Sofia’s outfit, while I like the sentiment and meaning behind it, is a no for me. A bit too much going on though I love her and CP’s interactions with their sons. They clearly adore their boys. As for Madeleine? Love her but this is a great big nope for me. She’s usually rocking her outfits but not this time though I do understand that she’s entering her last trimester and being jetlagged couldn’t have been easier.

    I wish Leonore had been there but bummer. I loved how Estelle was involved in the baptism!

    Edit: happy baptism day to Gabriel!

  7. Hi All,
    One of my favourite royal families!
    I didn’t watch the live stream but oh how lovely the photos are of the baptism. Cute baby sash on Prince Gabriel and I hope that he was ok afterwards. The sweet little guy must have really felt uncomfortable. I like seeing Sofia and Car Phillip with their kids. Alexander was all over the place. Leonore being there would have been squirming around with him. Estelle looked really grown up. I liked her outfit very much and her being included pouring the water was a lovely touch. Where did Estelle get the sweater from if I may ask? Victoria looks very elegant in that dress and I love the photo of Daniel and Victoria holding hands with Estelle. Thank you KMR. For what turned out to be a busy day for you yesterday.

      1. Thank you Liz B. It does look pretty on Estelle. I always like how well turned out the Swedish Royals are. The kids wear the clothes as it were.

        1. You’re welcome! I really love how they dress Estelle (or maybe she’s picking out her own clothes, now) and I would totally dress my daughter the same way, if I could afford it!

  8. Thank you, KMR, for providing the link. I was finally able to watch it.

    I really like the Swedish royals and their way of doing things. It is a real family, and this was no different: fashion highs and lows, a breakaway toddler, a wailing baby, and lots of awww moments.

    If Maddy’s coat was pink persian lamb it should go into the fashion horror museum.

  9. I was all over the place with this one!! Usually the swedes always look so put together by their color coordinated outfits so maybe that’s what’s throwing me off?
    Sofia, I think her outfit is lovely but don’t feel this is a venue to don it. Yes, I read the (maybe) reasoning behind it but it didn’t work for me. It almost felt like it was drawing attention away from the baby. Maybe if the only other times we’ve seen her in tradional dress wasn’t on National Day, it would have worked for me?
    When I first discovered the SRF, I saw some old pics of CP and thought he was hot. Now I think he’s a hot mess. We talk about how Kate has aged but CP seems to have aged so much in the last 2 yrs. I don’t know if it’s having 2 kids under the age of 2 but the dude needs to invest in some eye cream
    Madeline??? Eh I can almost always with her say, not my style but she looks smashing in it! Not so with this ensemble. I don’t know if pregnancy hormones got the better of her but my first thought was WTF!! I think I would have been okay sans the jacket. Her shoes and earrings look lovely tho.
    Now for the winner! Victoria slayed in this red dress!! ?She hit it out of the park! I was worried she was going to wear Erdem again but whew! Estelle looked lovely as well. She always comes off with such decorum at these events. Loved the pic of she and Madeline together.
    The godparent in white also looks lovely.
    I did see a pic of Silvia and thought she looked lovely as well.
    And of course little Gabriel was adorable. Missed miss Leonore maybe that’s why I’m feeling so curmudgeonly towards this event.
    But yay Soon we’ll have a tiara event and that should hopefully make up for this! because I’m sure it’s them and not me =)

    1. Nice photos.Always good to see Kate in a casual way.She just looks a bit pale, I hope she feels good enough.
      But why was she out there on this special Friday?

      1. Oh wow a Duke so young?… but it was so sweet the whole thing. I enjoy the Swedish family the most out of all the royal families, I must say. I would love to learn more about them. Will you be covering them more here?

  10. According to a well-informed Scandinavian royal family expert, the REAL reason why princess Madeline’s kids where not invited/present at the christening, is because her kids are “notoriously undisciplined and run riot”.

    No one wanted to risk having her kids running amok up and down the church aisle during the service.

    Now, that makes more sense than the “jetlagged”-theory set out by palace PR/spin-doctors!

    I assume they still live in London? How on earth do you get jetlagged on a 2-2,5 hr direct flight?!!

    1. To be honest, I thought this too.That it’s hard to let her children sit silently in church.
      Jet lag is a not an excuse, royals are prepared months before such engagements.

      1. It can be difficult for some children to sit quietly and focus for an extended period of time, at the best of times.
        Being overtired would have made it even more difficult for them.

    2. They were coming from the United States after holidaying for Thanksgiving. They are likely jet-lagged and so is Princess Madeleine.

      1. I read somewhere that the kids flew directly from the US to the UK, while Madeleine and Chris made a stop in Sweden. Perhaps the kids are so used to nannies that it’s ok to send them off by themselves but I find it a bit odd that Chris did not travel with them. He wasn’t a godparent, so.. I’m starting to believe the theory the kids being a handful. Perhaps they thought that Chris couldn’t manage them both alone, because Madeleine would not be sitting beside him.

        1. Chris did not travel with the kids because he attended the christening. He is Uncle to Prince Gabriel and can spend one night away from his kids to be there for a special event. I’m not sure why you would project that he can’t handle his own kids. The kids being jet-lagged is a reasonable excuse for small children to not be at a christening.

          1. It sure is. I still find it odd that the kids, so young as they are, traveled to UK, while both their parents flew to Sweden. But perhaps they are used to that kind of arrangements.
            And of course it’s nice to see Chris attending SRF events.

          2. People who have access to nannies trust them with their kids overnight. My friends haven’t been able to go on a vacation without their kids in over 5 years because they don’t have anyone to watch them while they’re away.

            It is common for people in their social class.

    3. They had just come back from a trip to the US and the children were left behind in London with their jet lag. Anyone with two young children would understand.

      1. Then imagine how people would freak out if William and Kate would do such a thing.
        It must be hard to travel from Europe to US all the time for children.
        I hope Harry and Meghan won’t have such stress.

    4. Apparently they had been in the US. It can take days to get over jet lag. Not surprisingly at his age Alexander did not do a good job of sitting still at this christening – does this mean he won’t be on the guest list for the christening of Mad’s third ?

      1. I have a kid about Estelle’s age. I wouldn’t bring a little one to church like that. They’re little, they aren’t generally good at sitting still and behaving in church…

    1. She’s TWO. That is stupid. Tennis lessons at an elite country tennis club for a two year old, rofl. A very long wait list but of course for these folks anything goes! Pretty funny anything these kids do proves their superiority.

    2. I don’t see the sense in all this.
      Don’t they have a private tennis lawn at home? They could let come a teacher.
      I find it great to teach such things at a young age, but calling a 2-year old who will have problems to hold up a racket, a tennis-natural, is a bit funny, in my opinion.

    3. Can a 2 -3 year old even hold a tennis racket well enough to hit a ball? Especially hit a ball hard enough to go some distance?

      Or is this “fake news” and someone has made this up to get the club’s name in the paper? (Have DM run out of thinks to say about MM?)

      I haven’t checked my calender yet, has the “silly season” started already?

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