Kate spotted at King’s Cross Station

Kate spotted at King’s Cross Station

On Friday, December 1, while I was busy covering Prince Gabriel’s Christening on here and Harry & Meghan’s Nottingham engagements on MMR, photos of Kate Middleton at King’s Cross St Pancras Station were published.

Kate was photographed at the station on Friday morning. It’s not known what Kate was actually doing there, but the Times Court Circular listed William arriving at Royal Air Force Marham from Finland on November 30, so it’s entirely possible that Kate was traveling to Norfolk for the weekend.

In the photos, which you can see at the Daily Mail, Kate is wearing that new Zara Checked Coat ($169.00) that she sported in the photos of her and Carole driving out of KP last Tuesday. Kate is also wearing her Iris and Ink Grace sweater she wore to the Cub Scouts 100 event in December 2016.

Kate’s next engagement is a joint engagement with William on December 6, this Wednesday. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will attend the Children’s Global Media Summit at the Manchester Central Convention Complex.

In addition to her morning gardening with children, On November 29, in the afternoon Kate convened a Roundtable at Kensington Palace with experts in positive parenting and early years support, per the Times Court Circular.

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  1. What an amazing coincidence that the paparazzi knew she was there and managed to be at the right spot to catch her getting out of the car and smiling!

    I do like her coat though and it’s reasonably priced.

        1. Sigh. I hate to be the one that thinks so, but I do.

          I am really not surprised that, when we rarely if ever get candids of her out and about anymore, she just happens to be visible on the day Harry introduces Meghan on a day of engagements.

          Fortunately, there seemed to be a hell of a lot more interest about the latter.

    1. The same way Meghan was often papped when harry did an engagement or when he released a statement and took away from Charles engagment

      1. They do that all the time with Charles and Camilla, as their work never gets attention. Camilla’s great Christmas party at Clarence House hardly gets press attention! :/

        1. That saddens me, because I would love to go to Camilla’s Xmas party. I think it is one of the best events on the royal calendar.

          1. Ooh, Camilla’s Christmas party is one of my favorite royal events of the the Year! It embodies what they should be doing yr round! I wonder if it’s next wk? I wish Madeleine would do something like this yell yrly too! Her princess tea party is one of my all time favorites

      2. Charles does so many engagements that Harry would never have had a chance to release the media statement about the press being racist that wouldn’t conflict with a time Charles is working.

        William announced his engagement on a day Charles was working and he had to comment that afternoon about it.

        The quality of the shots are what show the planning. The pap pics of her dropping off George at school just before an engagement a few weeks ago were fuzzy and there was no smiling. Those pics also didn’t make it into major UK papers.

    2. I’m not sure this was planned, because she doesn’t look very good. If you were planning an accidentally-on-purpose photo opp, wouldn’t you look good? Her hair and makeup are poor, and that jacket isn’t flattering. I wouldn’t knowingly be photographed looking this way.

      1. Exactly. I wouldn’t say she looked terrible because I think she looked fine. Not overdone. But if you’re calling the press you probably want to put your best done-up face forward. One of those shots definitely made it look like she was not expecting a camera aimed at her.

      2. JET Texas and Meghan
        I’m not sure these pics were planned either.

        In the very few candid pics I have seen of Kate and William taken by paps since their engagement they have been less than impressed. I recall pics of them at a wedding (I can’t recall whose but I think it was pre babies). When they realised they were being photographed they glared at the camera. On another occasion coming out of the station they ran the gauntlet of photographers. The pair bolted out, with Kate putting her hand up to cover the side of her face. More recently she was seen outside Pippa’s – pre wedding. I think she put her hand to her face then if I remember correctly. There are photos of her shopping (when she was criticised for looking “haggard’ by the press) and she seemed to realise she was being photographed. She couldn’t put her hands up because she was carrying bags. She just resolutely kept walking.
        I’m not sure these current photos were preplanned but her appearance and open, relaxed demeanour make me think not. To me her gaze is directed at someone else not directly at a photographer.

        1. Well, maybe if they were planned and I think they were, maybe William’s wife is changing her tactics in order to one up her competition. Her scowling at the paps would have ruined the point.

          1. Spectator we never know what’s going on so we can overthink this all we want. That’s kind of the point. We now have to talk about pattern of behavior and as a psychologist this is a pattern of behavior of Kate. I would imagine she wants to look fairly good, but just a little “I still have HG & my husband left me alone.”

  2. Exactly, Nic and on the same day as Meghan’s first engagement. My spidey senses are tingling.
    Other than that, she has always looked better in casual wear…

  3. She always looks nicer, and put together, when she’s dressed down. Here she seems more a human being than an automaton. I want her coat but I don’t live anywhere that needs a coat!!

    I find it curious she gets photographed when they’re famous for lawsuits and so on. I’m sure this was pre-arranged. Did Tanna take the pictures? I’d imagine they’d usually take the helicopter up to Anmer, not the train from King’s Cross to King’s Lynn, I think if they used the train that regularly we’d know about it?

    And the day it was done is quite suspect but not surprising. PR games.

  4. Tanna, from what I heard is no longer snug in the nest of vipers that is Middletonland. And the Palaceis pitching a fit because it was meant for these photos to be taken, for her to be seen, but really I don’t think it worked, cause everyone was too interested in Meghan. That and the fact the pics are unremarkable as well.

        1. It was Meghan’s first engagement,Kate’s visit was not announced.We wouldn’t even know that she was there.So, I also wonder how the photographers knew she would be there.It’s not easy to understand such ways if they really did it because of the other engagement.
          The whole thing is a bit strange.Kate doesn’t go out alone often.She could have waited at home with the children for William, it would have been a lot easier.Especially, for a pregnant woman with health problems.
          I really hope, it was just coincidence,otherway it would be not nice.

          1. You could be right,Leah.
            Because here we are, discussing Kate again, also the newspapers. It takes away attention of Harry’s and Meghan’s engagement.
            Again, if it’s true, how desperate would that be for Kate? She will be Queen someday! She shouldn’t be so.afraid, nobody will forget her if there is some limelight on another one for on day.

      1. I agree Emily. People still cared about Kate. Also, people could have read Meghan/Harry articles and Kate, they don’t have to choose. And just because Meghan and Harry had an engagement on Friday doesn’t mean everyone cared-I for one didn’t.

        Although, I do agree with others that it is odd that we never get candid photos of Kate and then we happened to get one the same day as Meg/Harry.

          1. As Maya Angelou said “when someone shows you who they are, believe them”. We have seen this pattern for over a decade.

            (Thx Herazeus for reminding me of this so very applicable quote)

  5. Maybe Kate was taking the train – perhaps she only has access to helicopter for an official engagement or when Will is with her. I think being papped poses a few questions – but I don’t put this down to “competition” – perhaps more in line with doing what the “average” person does – not expensive clothes and taking public transport

    1. But I don’t understand why she does it?
      Since she is William’s wife, she rarely was out there casual.
      She knew about Meghan’s engagement.
      I really start to believe those who insinuate Kate(and her mother) scheming.She often was out there
      when needed, remembering her famous roller-skating when they broke up.
      If it’s true, it’s really childish.

      1. As I remember correctly, they weren’t broken up when Kate did the roller skating – you might be thinking of the boat race – which she backed out of once they got back together. That clearly was to get attention – which made it hard for William to get involved with other women without looking the cad.

        One of the York girls were also at the roller skating as I recall – it was a charity party of some kind after William and Kate got back together.

        If Kate really wanted attention. I would have thought she’d put some make-up on but that’s just me. She looks like she’s speaking to someone – not the photographer – I’m guessing it was someone to escort her through the station.

        I’m just relieved she isn’t using a helicopter – I don’t think she generally does whilst travelling privately. It was probably a good guess that she would be travelling to Norfolk since William was returning there.

        Nothing will take away from Harry and Meghan – the saturation is as endless as I suppose it’s inevitable – and at a good time to distract from the real news – I’ve wondered if that’s a coincidence. They did distract from William in Finland though.

        1. Wasn’t the roller-skating episode the night Kate hurt Beatrice’s feelings so bad that the latter was found by a reporter crying in the ladies room?

          P.S. I just checked and this was definitely after they had gotten back together.

          1. It was a few years before that episode (when Bea was 17 or 18 and a bit overweight and the media ripped her to pieces), that I became a card-carrying member of #TeamBeatriceandEugenie

          1. Yup! In September of 2008 (when this took place), Beatrice was 20 and Kate was 26! Like, what the flip?! Kate was way too old to be acting like she’s a mean girl in HS.

          2. When did William say something mean to B and/or E? If he did, and he was doing it to be a jerk and not due to some family issue, that’s cold.

    2. Or, she really thought it would be a great plan for an unnoticed visit this day. Because, everyone’s attention was on Megahn and Harry.
      Also a funny possibility x)

  6. I think Kate looks nice here, relaxed and smiling, not much make up, casual clothes. She looks well. I didn’t realise she travelled by train from Kx. However, I’m surprised a pap would risk taking the pictures knowing how William is about privacy?

    1. I’d imagine it was planned. She’s smiling, looking at the camera, the quality is very good. Unlike unauthorized pictures.

      1. Yeah, she is looking directly at the camera. Just like week, a major royal reporter complained that at events, she rarely did that, they usually get shots of her hair. This goes back to the old days when she was dating William and there were pap shots and she was looking right at the cameras.

        1. I’m not a Kate fan – she does less than she should and when she does “work” IMO it seems a very low key effort – if she was going to the country place maybe she should have taken several cars for her, children, staff with lots of security . . . I doubt this was a random walk through a railway station – but who knows. Will Will want the first billing – yes – always – I wonder if it was planned that Will would be outside of UK for the first H&M walk around – so no divided press etc. As W&K want to hide away as much as possible I suspect having someone else do the meet and greet that they don’t want to do might suit them at this point in time

        2. Not forgeting the view of her ring.

          Truly unauthorised pictures don’t show the ring.

          If she knows she’s being photographed, she shows the ring of doom.

          She was caught out a few times during the early years of the marriage turning the ring round from inside to the outside of her hand when she suddenly realised that she was being photographed.

          1. Herazeus:”Not forgeting the view of her ring”.

            I was thinking the very same thing when I saw the pic of her hand on the coat. She never misses an opportunity to showcase Diana’s ring, even though she’s been wearing it for approx. 8 years. There are two (2) things I look at whenever there are pics of her (1) the wiglet at the crown of her head and (2) the ring. Somehow, I get the impression that Kate actually thinks the public is not smart enough to see through her pseudo-innocent endeavours to feature *the* ring. LOL. Yes Kate, we are all that dumb save for yourself and the other Midd women.

  7. This is the second informal ‘accidental’ photo at a train station. It certainly gives the impression of a person who is humble, thrifty and hardworking. The Queen always received praise for traveling by train.

  8. I don’t think Kate is calling the paparazzi. She looks relaxed and she usually freezes a bit in front of cameras with a big grin. My assumption is the press, especially the Daily Mail, knew it was a big royal day for Harry so publishing Kate photos would surely get clicks from the same royal fans looking for Harry/Meghan. It’s all part of the media’s needs, in my opinion, rather than Kate being insecure that Meghan gets attention. I think Kate goes out in public far more than we see in the press, especially to head home or to George’s school. We might see more published because the press wants a story of woman vs. woman, but I’m guessing Meghan and Kate would rather go about their own duties and lives and live rather drama free. I think in the girlfriend days, Kate did want press attention to have people take her side in the breakup, but now she is the Duchess, and wife and mother of the future kings. The only benefit of every day life photos being published I can find is KP can say the royals are “just like us” and therefore relate well to the people and their everyday concerns.

    1. I normally believe Kate to be an attention hound but I honestly don’t get that vibe this time. She really looked a bit surprised and was in that out-of-the-spotlight dressed down look that definitely doesn’t scream “Come take photos of me!”

  9. She doesn’t need to steal attention from Meghan… she has been the center of attention for 7 years plus, and will have it back once the newnest of Meghan and Harry wears off. She will be the future queen… that trumps it all, so I can’t see her being shook over the Meghan mania, so much so that she will call paps.

    1. I don’t feel being the future queen tops it all, especially when this future queen is so godawful at her job and understanding of her role. She can’t deliver a speech properly, speaks in a fake accent and is congenitally lazy. It is only going to get worse and the more attention she gets, the more it will show up how badly suited she is for her position.

  10. I don’t think this was a planned photo op. I think, if it was, she would have been wearing more make up and not done her hair in a pony tail. I think she was out maybe running errands and thought she would be unnoticed with Harry and Meaghan in Nottingham.
    Something I think is ridiculous and hasn’t been commented on is William personally taking George’s handwritten letter to Santa and giving it to Santa in Norway! What parent delivers a little kid’s letter without taking the kid along??? Why didn’t they have George deliver it to Santa himself or at least to a mailbox like every other kid does???? I thought that was really strange.

    1. More than likely, it was to get him “what a good daddy” points with the public. What he failed to realize is that he would’ve gotten bonus points if he’d brought George and/or Charlotte to meet Father Christmas!

      P. S. I’m genuinely curious as to whether or not the Cambridge children get to meet Father Christmas at the store or if he comes to them! I’d LOVE to find out of either of them were/are criers when meeting Santa/FC. (My sister was a crier and I still crack up laughing at the memory!)

      1. Security wise it might not be possible. I would love to see George and Charlotte with Father Christmas. You can’t sit on FC’s knee I don’t think anymore. I remember going to see Father Christmas. Once with a friend down in Devon and at a hotel. At the school fete I sat on Father Christmas’s lap. One of the older girls was a stand in.

    2. Kate probably wants to show off her natural
      Beauty and her humbleness, by being “caught” make up free at a train station and draw comparisons to Meghan who’s dressed to the nines and enjoying the public attention. Dm refers to Meghan as “media
      megs”, DM and racist commentators would be then frothing at the mouth because how dare that uppity American divorcee, act more like she’s the queen than the actual future queen herself?!? so Kate’s low-key look here wearing a thrifty Zara coat, would make Kate look better in comparison.

      1. I think if she knew about photos, she was smart enough to not dress up. Imagine if she would have worn a dress and heels with a lot of make up.It would have been obvious she knew.
        But I give her here the benefit of the doubt and think she really wanted to go out unnoticed, although the day she chose was suspicious.

        1. I think she probably figured it would be the one day she could travel unnoticed. Sure, she’s all about that spotlight but I’m sure she still just wants to go out sometimes without cameras in her face. I don’t get the preplanned vibe here. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carole tipped them off, tbh. I’ve always had the feeling that Kate just does what mummy says even if she’s not feeling it.

          1. Yeah, Carole is definitely running things and she always has. The time is long past when she should have been put in her place.

        2. There’s the story of Kate growing a backbone, breaking it off with William (I think when he was caught bringing girls to his rooms at Sandhurst?), and Carole invited William to a party. She gave them the master suite to kiss and make up. Gag. Kate does whatever her mother says, I think. (This story is from one of those infamous Middleton butt kissers Katie Nicholl so I believe it 150%.)

          1. I remember that! Wasn’t that in like 2006/2007 or so? I thought William didn’t come that night or something or am I thinking of another break-up?

          2. That’s another break up I think, they had rented some massive house in Scotland and William never showed.

            Kate and William were referring to different break ups in their engagement interview. AFAIK there were at least 4 or 5 break ups aside from the major one in 2007.

          3. Yup, and wasn’t that during the New Year or something? January, 2007?

            Yeah, I remember. They didn’t keep their stories straight at all.

          4. Hello Everyone!

            New commenter, but I’ve been reading KMR and MMR for bit now, so would like to take the chance to thank KMR (and MMR) for your work!
            Also, please forgive me if am not fully understandable (English is not my nativve language). Will try my best to be understandable.

            As I haven’t read all comments from all posts, maybe has already been discussed previously (or maybe is there a post about it). I was wondering if there was anything about Kate and William’s dating history (not sure it’s the coreect term) ? Some commenters mention several break-ups prior to their wedding.
            I’ve first heard about Kate around the time of her wedding. The radio I listen to mentionned her as the new era princess (I thought at the time she’d bring something new, a fresh breath of air, something unheard of, not sure anymore really). I was a bit disappointed not hearing about her work after the wedding until I found KMR.

            Excuse me for the long post!

            Great day to all!

          5. I know they broke up publicly in January 2007. William failed to show for the new years eve in Scotland. Gave Kate some jewellery and dumped Kate after her birthday. Before that they rowed a lot at university. Or so it was reported. Kate threatened to leave the shared house and then broke up during finals. William caved in. I think they rowed about William’s boat trip with friends and an all girl crew.

          1. It’s very normal to give Santa letters in any language you can imagine. My friend who’s from Lapland used to work as an elf during her holidays when she was a teenager and she has told letters poured in even in Japanese, Arabic and Korean. And it’s not that unusual to have a parent delivering letters from kids either :-).

          2. A friend from primary school had letters delivered to them from Father Christmas. Her parents also wrote a letter to her when we went on a school trip. Lets hope she didn’t compare the handwriting. Not that I would have said anything. It is good to know that Father Christmas is good reading different languages.

    3. I repeated this comment above, I didn’t scroll down to see you had made this point already. She doesn’t look good here. If this was planned, it was planned poorly because she looks tired and not made-up.

  11. How Petty and childish of Kate if this “candid” photo was actually planned- which it seems like it was given the quality of the photo and how she’s facing the camera. She’s such a vain and selfish woman if she seeks to gain some media attention like this- not through her public works or good deeds (which are very few), but through getting in some candid shots of her ring and her “enjoying her amazing future queen life”. You know, if you want positive headlines Kate, this might be a good time to go visit the survivors of the Grenfell fires- see how they are doing months after media coverage of them has gone away?

  12. Ah, there are not coincidences. Sorry, but that seems so true.
    Taking away a little of the magic from the Harry and Meghan walkabout seemed very calculated and very planned. And, without major make-up and dressing more casually allowed people to think, oh, how could this have been calculated in any way? Rather childish and a bit cruel, if you ask me. Welcome to the family, Meghan. My goodness, steer clear of certain people, if possible!

    Then, again, Bring it on Middletons! I think you may have met your match.

    1. I agree, this was planned and an obvious attempt to draw attention from Meghan and Harry. Lord knows what she will pull the day of the wedding. I don’t trust her. I also feel that Meghan needs to steer far from her future sister-in-law and I agree that William’s wife has met her match in Meghan.

  13. I think Kate looks very well put together here. Kate’ hair looks lovely up. Can you go to Kings Lynn from kxsp? It is a very complicated station to use even without photographers. Kate can’t go anywhere now without being recognised.

    1. I wish she hadn’t gotten that ring at all. It’s bad luck, IMHO. Mark my words: nothing good can come of her having that ring. Why she would even want that ring, which is a symbol of one of the most disastrous marriages in history, is beyond me. I would have wanted a new ring without the horrible karma and history attached.

      1. I wouldn’t even say Charles and Diana was one of the most disastrous marriages in the history of the BRF. Henry VIII had two of his wives killed.

        1. Don’t forget Eleanor of Aquitaine and the king she married-Henry II? But either way, Charles and Diana were an epic fail and I would not want the ring associated with that marriage.

      2. I agree totally Leah, but as long as she is wearing this harbinger of doom she can at least not have it sliding around on her boney claw! “I hope I’ll take care of it.” Indeed.

  14. I think people are overthinking things as usual. She looks very normal and probably thought she could sneak out of London unnoticed since it was Meghan’s big day and William is out of the country. Typically when something of big media interest is happening people try to take advantage of it. She probably went to visit family or friends.

      1. In one of the photos it looks like she recognized someone at the station and her face lit up. Maybe she was meeting someone there, thinking it would be a quiet press day with everyone in Nottingham.

  15. I really don’t get the feeling these were planned. She’s not looking at the camera and appears surprised in more than one photo. Kate enjoys attention, yes, but she never dresses down like this when it’s a pap stroll. While I don’t think Kate planned this I wouldn’t put it past Carole to have called the paparazzi. Kate’s daft and vacuous but not completely stupid. Trying to one-up Meghan during that event wouldn’t be calculating and smart, and it reeks of Carole’s desperation and tackiness.

  16. Le sigh

    I hate to say it but from previous form I’m thinking this was deliberate too. You can’t tell me Kate didn’t know there were photographers around? Afterall the police and her RPOs would have checked the station out before letting Kate walk into the place, they would have seen the photographers there. Remember that, in the dating years, Kate would play games with the paps to make sure they took her photo. Going out the door where the paps were standing instead of the private exit away from paps, going round the block in a cab if they missed her the first time etc. It seems to me that we are just seeing a replay?

  17. I said it on another photo. Kate looks good. If she dressed like this while at her informal engagements, she will automatically look like she has more substance. She looks comfortable, confident, relatable and like she’s wearing her clothes, not the other way around. I was really surprise at how good she looked in this photo, unfortunately now I won’t be able to stand her ‘professional wardrobe’, because it won’t look authentic next to this picture in my head.

  18. Pippa Middleton has just popped back into the news. Doing charity work, no less. Coincidence? Now I really don’t believe that Kate at Kx was just a random pap. This is Middletons playing in your face dirty.

    1. I saw those pictures of Wisteria Sister Two. And wearing a black turtleneck, ala Meghan. Are you kidding me? Meghan has those social climbers SHOOK. And there Wisteria Sister Two is, acting like Lady Bountiful, like she herself is royal. It is absolutely sickening. Did the Daily Fail put her up to this desperate grab for publicity?

      And she is more interested in the camera than the kids. And GOOD LORD, is she aging fast. Those Middleton genes are not the best.

      1. The black turtle neck was way too obvious. This is worse than Meghan’s former friend bad mouthing her because Kate is close with her family and sees them all the time. William and Kate need to be shutting the Middletons down. It makes Kate look bad and adds weight to the speculation that she is jealous of Meghan and the attention she is currently receiving.

      2. Pippa’s turtleneck is navy. Also, Kate has worn a black turtleneck many, many times – way before Meghan’s engagements last Friday.

    2. Yes the Pippa hospital visit is glaringly obvious. Has she ever done a hospital visit before? And when is the last time that she did any charity. It has been months since the wedding this summer and she had plenty of time to pretend to care.

      There is one photo where she is posing for the cameras that is so obvious, and also hilarious because the sick child is just standing there wondering what is going on. If the Kate candid could be excused somewhat, this appearance definitely confirms that the Middletons have issues with Meghan. And did we ever get a reason why Kate was driving off with her mum somewhere? Doesn’t Carole drive to and from KP normally? This is really pathetic and it reflects poorly on Kate as well. She should be controlling her family much better than this, especially as she is close to them and sees them quite often.

    3. I also noticed Pippa popped up in the news today at the Bristol/Royal Hospital as the ambassador for the British Heart Foundation. I believe it is important to highlight this charity and I admire people who volunteer for causes at any level. I am not sure why she was selected, or chose this high profile role.

      I couldn’t help but notice her wardrobe as it included a turtleneck similar to the one Meghan wore at her first official event with Prince Harry. I’m not a conspiracy theorist (joke) but isn’t it logical to speculate that the Middleton ladies are tracking Meghan’s media presence. I really want to resist comparisons between William and Harry’s partners. I know the media will fuel this narrative; and based upon Kate’s history with the media, I wonder how much she and “Team Kate” will fan the flames of this sister-in-law rivalry theme.

      KMR, thank you so much for your fine work in bringing this blog to my attention this year. I consider it a privilege to offer my humble observations/ opinions and am so impressed by the knowledge and commentary offered on this site.

    4. I actually see this visit as yet another example of Pippa competing with Kate more so than with Meghan, but no matter, it was in very bad taste, IMO. Who–other than Pip herself or Carole–could ever think that this hospital visit would come across even the slightest bit well?

      Surely the BHA had many other options to highlight their Christmas campaign. Shame on them for allowing those precious, seriously ill children to be used as props for Pippa’s wannabe royal photo shoot–for that’s how this “engagement” came across.

      Pippa should stick to walking the red carpet for the BHA’s fundraising galas or to the running/biking/hiking events. If she really cares about the BHA and the children and families it supports, let her have that terribly rich hubby she snagged donate just a tiny fraction of his supposed billions to establish a research center or hospital wing for pediatric cardiac patients. Pippa could then play royal as she cut the ribbon.

  19. i heard the jury is still out on how rich Pipp’s hubby is. But what angers me is that child standing by the bed, looking gravely ill while Pipps just smiles into the camera. She was using those chldren. She didn’t give a hoot about them. That child looked so sad, like she knew she was being used.

    Why couldn’t BHA have used Eugenie or Beatrice? They would have done brilliantly and showed compassion and put the focus where it needed to be. Beatrice and Eugenie would not have mocked Meghan or tried to steal her thunder out of jealousy. This actually made me see red.

    That whole family is a dumpster fire.

    1. The pics in the DM show Pippa mugging for the cameras, no eye contact with the children. And one awkward hug with one child. Were I the parent of one of these children, I would forbid any publicity-seeking wannabe, including royals, to use my child in such a fashion. They’d be told to f*** off.

      1. I am with you Jen. I hope those parents were rightfully teed off that their gravely ill children were used in such a manner and I see Pipps has the same lack of rapport with children as her sister has.

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