Kate joins royals for Grenfell memorial service

Kate joins royals for Grenfell memorial service

Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry joined bereaved families, survivors, and rescue workers of the Grenfell Tower fire for a memorial service at St. Paul’s Cathedral yesterday, December 14.

Royal Family at Grenfell Tower memorial service s

The commemoration, which marked six months since the tragedy, honored those who died and gave thanks to all those who assisted at the time of the fire and since – including the emergency services, recovery teams, the community, public support workers, and volunteers.

The fire, on June 14, claimed 71 lives (53 adults and 18 children). Below is a video listing the names of all the people whose lives were lost that day.

During the memorial, a Green For Grenfell banner adorned with a heart was carried into the cathedral, and families held photographs of victims of the fire while voice recordings from people at the scene of the fire were played to the congregation.

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More about the service from the BBC:

    “Opening the service ahead of a minute’s silence, Dean of St Paul’s Dr David Ison said: ‘We come together as different faiths as we remember those whose lives were lost. Be united in the face of suffering and sorrow.’ He said the UK grieved ‘at the unspeakable tragedy, loss and hurt of that June day’. […]
    “Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington and organiser of the memorial, told the congregation: ‘Today we ask why warnings were not heeded, why a community was left feeling neglected, uncared for, not listened to.’ But he said he looked ahead to the New Year with ‘hope’ of change from ‘a city that didn’t listen’. He said he hoped the word ‘Grenfell’ would change from a symbol of ‘sorrow, grief or injustice’ to ‘a symbol of the time we learnt a new and better way – to listen and to love’.”

After the service, the royals spoke with bereaved families.

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Kate wore a new navy coat from Carolina Herrera – the Double Breasted Double-Faced Wool Coat – and a new navy hat. She wore her Sapphire and Diamond Earrings and Jimmy Choo Georgia navy pumps, and carried her LK Bennett Frome clutch. Kate wore new navy bow gloves.

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On December 13, William and Kate were photographed leaving Beach Blanket Babylon in Notting Hill. Kensington Palace rented out the venue’s upstairs ballroom for their annual Christmas party and paid an estimated £110 per person for 60 guests. Harry and Meghan were also in attendance, but left earlier and were not photographed.

According to the DM, Kate wore a new Alexander McQueen “Pussy-bow printed silk crepe de chine mini dress” ($2,545). The dress is “patterned with petals inspired by the gardens of Great Dixter house in Sussex, England” and is “cut for a loose fit and has a slightly ruffled dropped waist”.

96 thoughts on “Kate joins royals for Grenfell memorial service

  1. I don’t think she should have worn another new outfit for the service. She had a navy coat she wore during the pregnancy with George that she could have worn. This entire tragedy had to do with municipal councils not having enough money to ensure that fixed income buildings are properly built and profligate spending by Kate is insensitive to this issue. Camilla recycled an outfit and it suited the occasion perfectly. It’s not like Kate doesn’t have plenty of other suitable outfits she could have worn for this occasion.

      1. New coat, New gloves, New hat, New dress for the staff party, New,New,New …..her spending is out of control. And for this occasion it is totally wrong to wear another new very expensive coat ..not a maternity coat yet a size or two bigger so she’ll never wear it again.

        And is she copying Meghan now? This military style seems oddly familiar.

        1. Kate has worn military style coats since 2011. She’s worn doubled breasted coats since 2011. This coat style is nothing new for her.

          1. Quite agree but it is new and just after Meghan’s first appearance. Hence my comment. If she doesn’t want comparisons don’t give the press the ammunition.

            Or she could have done like Meghan and worn an old coat that she had worn before.

          2. OMG please guys, let’s not start with “who is copying who”, it’s totally unnecessary. KMR is totally right, Kate has worn military style coats since 2011. Congratulations KMR, you are really FAIR. Let’s not start a war here comparing those two women. It’s enough the press doing it. There were already articles saying Meghan was imiting Kate. Comparisons are never good in the sense of making one looking great and the other looking like the most disgraceful thing in the world. And surely when Meghan is a duchess she will also wear new and expensive outfits. There will be no difference. If Meghan had worn a new coat and new outfit at her first engagement in Nottingham would it be bad?

          3. Jamel and KMR I agree! Plus, we all know how much Kate loves her buttons and military coats. Which we all have our preferences.

            Jet, I chocked on my coffee. Thanks for the laugh 😉

  2. Dear Duchess of Keen! I think Carmen Sandiego wants her hat back.

    She looks like she just got up. That coat is ill-fitting and hangs oddly.

    Just a miss the whole way round.

    And her wearing a new coat is insensitive and beyond bad taste. But I’m not surprised.

    1. Well i dont see anything wrong with her outfit today, i quite like it, But i think its more appropriate if kate bring back her old coat in this event
      Sorry for my bad english, english is not my main langunge

      1. I agree. Her style was appropriate and she looked serious but pretty.
        What bothers me is that, when I saw the photos I first thought she was wearing repeats. I could swear she already owns the exact same pieces in black. The coat I am thinking of is Alexander McQueen (which I adore)- quite the same look but it won’t fit anymore because of her pregnancy.
        I wish she would be smarter about her repeats. People love it and a “frugal princess” (which I know is not her title) would be great PR for her and for the BRF. She could still splurge at big events. Some of the ridiciously expensive but oh so regal Elie Saab gowns for the next diplomatic reception, maybe? Or going back to British brands? They fit her style way better anyway in my eyes.

        1. If my memory serves, Kate has at least a few black coats to wear for a somber occasion. Her wastefulness is bothersome. I promise, I am not trying to be crude, but having a bespoke coat with buttons the same placement as the middle of a woman’s breasts, just looks strange to me.

          I remember a beautiful coat Kate wore for a visit in Scotland. I do not recall ever seeing it a second time.

          1. Kate owns several black, dark blue and dark brown coats that looked fine in her previous pregnancies. Any dark coat would have been alright with black tights. Some of those coats are quite short – so black pants would have been great with those. Many women have a pair or two of maternity pants with elastic top.

            Yeah, she looked fine at the service. But could have avoided criticism with little to no effort.

          2. https://okmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/pregnant-kate-middleton-prince-william-st-paul-cathedral-005.jpg

            I know this coat was from around 7 months in her pregnancy, but since she popped much quicker this time, I think it still would have worked. It would have been a little looser, but no more so than that no silhouette coat she is wearing.

            The problem is she buys these non maternity clothes for pregnancy in larger sizes, but to her they are like maternity clothes and she will not wear them after pregnancy. So, they are only for pregnancy and therefore a large waste of money. Inexpensive maternity clothes would be better.

    2. Not quite sure how her looking tired (at several months pregnant, might I add) is relevant. It’s disappointing to see commenters focus so much on her appearance at an event like this.

  3. Lovely service. Camilla looked excellent, Charles perfectly sombre and smart. I am even liking the detail on the inside of Prince Harry’s suit jacket; he sharpens up so well when he needs to.

    Sad reflections, but hopefully seeing so much support from the community and from the country brought comfort to the survivors and families.

  4. I don’t agree with a new probably expensive outfit for a church service like this but it’s somber and appropriate, though I hate the hat.

    William always looks so angry when he is pretending to be solemn or even emotionally moved. It makes me go: resting bitch face or something else, just falsity? And royal men please keep your legs closed when you sit, it’s gross.

    As for the party, what an ugly dress! For almost $3k!

    1. That pap photo has me fuming. Nevermind that the blatant hypocrisy of constantly crying media foul is lost on absolutely no one, these new overpriced (and I may as well add ugly) dresses and coats from Kate are tone deaf at best, extravagant and grand at worst.

      Dolts, the pair of them. They stink of entitlement and being woefully out of touch.

      1. I’ve just looked on the Seraphine website. Some lovely party dresses at £150 and less. Good enough for CP Victoria, and perfect for Kate. Inexpensive, UK company, no one would worry too much if she only wore such a dress a couple of times .

    2. I honestly don’t get how Kate can be so apparently insensitive or thoughtless or just plain clueless to wear expensive new clothes in front of families who have lost so much more than can ever be replaced and who are struggling to afford the bare basic necessities.

      And that party dress! I about fell off of my chair when I saw how much that cost.

    3. Without a history of earning her own money, Kate proves over and over, she has little respect for the value of currency.

      A dress for 3K, for a couple of hours at a party, leaves me shaking my head. If Kate was smart, she would quickly repeat this dress a couple of times during this pregnancy. No matter what it looks like or the sartorial reviews.

      1. I think that’s an interesting thought, with Kate never working but spending much money.
        What I find bothersome is not just the huge amount of clothes she posses, but her habit to rarely repeat those.I hope that she will rewear this expensive dress.If not, it’s an obscene hobby which is not a sympathetic trait.

        1. Other than not remembering where specific clothes are stored (Anmer, KP, B-Bury) the thought has occurred to me that she may be disposing of her clothes by giving them away (family, friends, thrift shop, charity shop) or selling them in a resale shop, consignment shop or online.

          A work associate does this twice a year. It’s the reason she never has alterations made to a garment – hem shortened, button moved, seam taken in – so it’s the same original dimensions as other dresses in that size. She uses the sale proceeds for the next season’s updated clothes. She doesn’t have closets full of clothes she doesn’t wear anymore.

          1. Since Kate’s clothes are a tax write-off for Charles, is there a requirement to use them for a certain period of time eg the life of the garment, much like a uniform? In this instance, work clothes do comprise a uniform of sorts.

            We don’t know what arrangements Kate makes or is permitted to make. We do know that deals are done with RayBans and Land Rover with the BRF though details remain unknown. It seems feasible that clothes are loaned or given (despite rules), and end up worn just once because Kate has so much stuff. Who knows?

            Until there is greater transparency and accountability with public monies demanded of the BRF, nothing will change, nothing will be revealed: a perfect breeding ground for obfuscation at the very least, escalating to corruption at worst.

          2. Crown Princess Mary resells her clothes though a friend’s second hand shop. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kate did the same thing and nobody’s found out, though I think it’s more she has so much stuff and so many residences and no cataogue of it considering she has dozens of the same sort of item.

      2. I think never having had a job really does explain a lot of the wastefulness. If you have to work 40 hours and only get a few hundred after the end of it, you really do appreciate a dollar. Mind you none of the royals really work either, but they seem to make their spending less obvious. Kate just doesn’t care.

        1. IMO a big part of their spending being less obvious is because they are not monitored anywhere near to the same level as Kate.

          1. Not sure about that. My big gripe with Sophie is that as a minor royal she spends huge amounts on very expensive designer clothes, many of them not British designers.

          2. Focus will always be on the younger royal females rather than the men because media is youth-oriented and its audience for royalty is skewed female. All that is ahead of poor Charlotte. If she grows up to be an Amelia Windsor in looks she’ll be fine. If not, she’s in for a helluva time. George will be considered cute because of his position.

            The older royals spend money but since they do not attract interest from the desired demographic, it goes largely unnoticed. I’d say they have a better idea of buying quality to last, if only because they are of a different vintage and background than Kate. Yep, Sophie spends up but a woman in her 50’s is of little interest and so, luckily for her, escapes scrutiny.

          3. @Birdy,
            Sophie’s spending may be on your radar screen, but as Jen said, overall she’s of little interest and that works in her favor when it comes to being scrutinized.

        2. Sophie seems to be a pretty big spender clothing wise but I don’t think people/media pay as much attention to her and her clothes costs

        1. I remember the McQueen and the projected cost. However, I really like most of Sophie’s clothes.There is a variety and the pieces appear suitable for numerous occasions. Plus, Sophie speaks well and projects an interest and enthusiasm throughout her visits.

  5. So I see that Catherine Quinn was there as well, and am wondering if that whole row of people behind the royals is the communications staff person for each of them. It looks like maybe Kat McKeever (Harry’s secretary), and Clive Alderton and Julian Payne (Charles’s and Camilla’s private and press secretaries) are there, but I’m not sure. And there are several people mixed in that I don’t recognize at all.

    If that row is staff, does it really take that many support people for the royals to attend a memorial service and greet families afterwards? Do they each really need their own individual staff person to be present to guide and direct them?

  6. I think Kate looks nice – yes, she could have worn other coats and been more frugal, but I think navy was a nice choice and I’m glad it was a hat instead of a fascinator. What a moving service, and I’m glad the royals met with people too instead of just making an appearance.

    But, please, I hope she does not wear that ugly McQueen except in private functions. I have not liked her McQueen choices lately like the red/white Canada or the red poppies.

    The fact that Harry and Meghan managed to avoid the press is remarkable, but I’m glad they can still have some peace.

  7. I’m.also no fan of such expensive dresses for parties,her dress really costs too much for this occasion, in my opinion.
    But I like her outfit at the ceremony.It’s appropriate and nice to look at.I’m glad they all went there for this memorial service.

  8. I’m not a fan of Kate’s outfit, more of the same. I do like the gloves tho. I was most moved by the pictures of Adele there. She’s actually done several things for victims from the very beginning. Plus she was sitting next to Marcus mumformd whom I love.

  9. Randomly I just want to say thank you for not deleting comments that don’t fit a specific narrative that you may not agree with. I really get annoyed when that happens on other sites.

    1. I think it’s because she is really invested in her body – being super slim is her ideal look. She wants to delay the inevitable maternity clothes until she has to wear them.

      1. I am pregnant right now and not wearing maternity clothes either. I didn’t wear it for my first pregnancy either. My clothes still fit me and I use a bella band or wear tights to wear pants. I find maternity clothes do not fit my petite well and its too expensive to buy clothes that I’ll only wear for a few months.

        1. I can understand that Red Tulip. I have never been pregnant but I would find it difficult to spend a lot of money on clothes I could only wear for a few months.

          But Kate seems to have an unlimited clothing budget and people who can custom fit her clothes to her body. Sometimes she wears clothes that are obviously not meant for maternity wear because the front of the dress is noticeably higher than the back. And she is buying new clothes, she just doesn’t want to buy maternity clothes (or just wear the navy maternity coat from a previous pregnancy).

    2. Most maternity clothes are made with a lot of extra room for a pregnant belly. In early days, or if you just don’t carry that large, the front would just not fit right, dresses would hang longer in the front, there would e weird excess material. I generally was huge when pregnant, although I’m generally in the smaller side,and there were still maternity clothes that I couldn’t wear til I was quite far along.

  10. Since there is not much depth to Kate, I think we are always going to focus on her clothes, hair, and makeup, but at least she has been more visible these last months so that is a plus. While some of these pictures are not flattering and that hat is is a big miss, I think this pregnancy has given her more of a glow than what she had with the previous two.
    As long as no one in the BRF is going to tell Kate to stop spending on clothes (that unfortunately look all the same 95% of the time) it is going to continue, especially if it can be written off in taxes.

  11. Yes, Kate brought the body to a prayer meeting. Does anyone think she actually cared? Tick tock. This atrocity/tragedy happened in her backyard a while back. Where was she then?

    She did care about a brand new, very expensive outfit, though.

        1. I doubt Kate is insecure about Meghan – who has actually enhanced Kate’s popularity – Kate’s quieter, less forward manner is being more greatly admired.

          To my old eyes, the coat is a bit short but otherwise the outfit is fine. I’m thinking that other navy coat she had isn’t as heavy – it is extremely cold right now. One advantage of a non-maternity pieces is that it could be altered to be worn again in the future – Kate has done that with coats.

          I don’t like the dress for the private party and I don’t like the hiding. Royals aren’t celebrities and should never act like them.

          1. There is nothing wrong with Meghan’s manner. I think it is great that she is warm and friendly has something to say for herself, unlike The Duchess of Keen!. I think Meghan will be a great asset to the BRF.

            I find that those who admire the “quiet, less forward manner” of The Duchess of Keen! tend to subscribe to the “women should be seen and not heard”, school of thought, especially as it pertains to royal women. That is offensive and completely backward. Women should be heard and have something to say for themselves and not be spineless automatons.

            And the staff at the Windsor Castle Xmas party attended by the Queen and the Lord Chamberlain, admired Meghan’s less quiet, more forward manner. They all called her charming, so there’s that.

            And I don’t think Meghan is enhancing the Duchess of Keen’s! popularity. I never knew the former Ms. Middleton was popular.

            As far as the hiding, which is extremely immature on the part of The Duchess of Keen!, not that I expect better, but she clearly only wants to be seen by the great unwashed when it is on her terms, not theirs.

          2. I am literally seeing zero evidence of Kate being more popular because of Meghan except with Joe and Jane Little England who were NEVER going to like Meghan even if she was the second coming of the Blessed Mother herself.

            I honestly do not think there is any malice or animosity between the two women. Meghan was at pains to praise Kate as being extremely helpful and its not like they had to say that. I think, at least in the short term, Meghan being on the scene and allowing Kate to slide into the background is ideal for Kate. Between Meghan and maternity leave, no one will question her abysmal work numbers.

          3. That’s kind of what I thought later as well: the coat she wore for Afghanistan service looked a bit light, so she may have needed a warmer coat for this weather.

          4. As a British person, there is some truth in Julia’s comment. I am no Kate fan and have no problem with Meghan, but she is very American and that can come off as a bit over the top. We take much longer to warm up. Kate was very reserved during her girlfriend years and I think that was the right way to act. The problem is that she remained silent after her marriage when she should have stepped up and found her voice.

          5. Ah, yes. The rowdy, unruly, ugly Americans. Not everyone is the States is “out there and over the top.” Harry seems fine with his fiancée’s demeanor. And, often, many of us Yankds do take time to warm up a bit. However, we don’t live or die by the stiff upper lip. Ugh, can’t we all just appreciate the good things about one another and not lump everyone together, please?!!!!!!

          6. I never wrote nor even implied that Americans are “rowdy, unruly, ugly” nor did I write that all Americans are the same. I also didn’t write the phrase “out there” so not sure why it is put in quotes.

            What I did write is that Meghan is very American, or should I say what British people think of as typically American, i.e earnest and expressive, and that can come off as a bit over the top when we are used to cold fish such as Princess Anne.

    1. Wisdom, I can completely agree. With Meghan on the scene, The Duchess of Keen! can go back to being her natural lazy self. I bet sloths are jealous of her.

      1. Leah, that much vitriol can’t be good for you. Is something particularly wrong, or is it just a bad habit? Sometimes it’s helpful to step away from the computer and get some sunshine and fresh air, and not take it quite so personally.

          1. I am not lying. It is an established fact that The Duchess of Keen! is lazy. And re the sloth remark, that wasn’t vitriol, that was witticism.

          2. It is a bit awkward when people conflate saying something cruel with being witty. You might try for a little more subtlety, go for a scalpel rather than a bludgeon.

  12. Overall, I feel Kate looked fine. The coat hangs weird, but when one is pregnant fit changes day to day.

    I think she should have recycled the MARVELOUS outfit she wore to the Afghanistan Memorial service (I believe) with Charlotte. It was so well fitted and flattering. It could have been tailored to fit her now.

    IMO, the squabbling about clothes seems a little bit in bad taste. What matters is that when Kate (and Harry, William and the POW/DOC) were talking to the families, they were engaged and sincere. This was an absolutely avoidable tragedy.

    I do wonder, why wasn’t the Queen in attendance? It seems a little insensitive that she wasn’t…

    1. The Queen is old, it’s been very cold, we don’t want her being ill again over Christmas. This is the sort of thing she is now handing over to Charles there was a good royal turnout I don’t think it’s being insensitive.

        1. Yeah. I think that’s just why she didn’t go and why we won’t see her so much at events like this. She’s old and probably tired. And honestly to her maybe it just isn’t a big deal to show to things like that? Who knows… It’s amazing to me she does as much as she does even if it is a lot of meetings and going through all that government paperwork daily. My grandmother’s a bit older and wouldn’t dream of it and she’s in pretty good health!

          At least those who live at KP went. It’s in their backyard.

          1. If QEII can no longer do the job then she should step down and hand it over to her heir, who has waited long enough for it anyway and has proved himself capable. But of course monarchy is never a fair system based on meritocracy, instead it’s a bunch of greedy people who lord it over
            Others, steal public money and then call it “duty”.

          2. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Red Tulip. Other monarchies appear to manage retirement rather than wait for death. It is not seen as lack of dedication to the role. If Charles is actually performing significant aspects of the job, why not let him assume the role legitimately? That’s somewhat of a rhetorical question on my part. I speculate the Queen stays on because:
            (1) She wants to bullet-proof, as far as possible, her family’s future eg making the Head of Commonwealth an hereditary role;
            (1) She understands only too well that what affection there is for the monarchy lies in her alone – with her longevity in the role as well as her advanced years acting as a buffer to criticism. The Paradise Papers and BP £360m repairs are cases in point: both explained away as an elderly woman given poor advice.
            (2) She knows that Charles is not held in high regard because:(a) the Curse of Diana still hangs over his head, not helped by her ‘boys’ squeezing every last drop of public sympathy to absolve themselves from being exposed as slackers, and (b) He has been seen to be meddling/using his influence as a form of activism when the traditional role is one of silence (c) He has been trying to steal public assets – Duchies – for himself and family.

            Indeed, greed and self-interest reigns. Those of us from Commonwealth countries grow up with neither subservience to the UK nor time for its anachronistic class system, enjoying a more egalitarian and merit-based society.

          3. Because QEII being a religious woman vowed before God at her Coronation and even before that in a speech at 18 she would serve until the day she died. To abdicate–give it up–is anathema to her. Look what her uncle did and how it shaped her life, her choices, her opinions. To give it up and give it to her son is to thumb her nose at God, really. I am sure Charles would feel the same were it him considering he is also religious and sees this much in the same way as his mother, duty, service, promising God and the people you will do it all your life-long.

            I don’t think other monarchies have that sort of religious reverence for the position, excepting Queen Margrethe of Denmark.

          4. I agree with Ellie. The Queen truly is religious and at her coronation, she made a vow to serve for the rest of her life. I think only mental incapacity will force her to resign.
            We only need to go back to how she reacted to Diana’s death to see how inflexible she can be.

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