Kate at Cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday

Kate at Cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday

For the first year, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip watched the Remembrance Sunday service from the balcony while Prince Charles placed HM’s wreath at the Cenotaph.

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HM and Philip were joined on the balcony by Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall. At one point during the ceremony, HM could be seen wiping her eye.

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Charles laid the first wreath on behalf of The Queen, and an equerry laid a wreath on behalf of The Duke of Edinburgh, and then Charles laid a second wreath for himself.

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Prince William, Prince Harry, and Prince Andrew laid their wreaths in unison.

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Prince Edward, Princess Anne, and The Duke of Kent also laid wreaths.

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Kate Middleton was in a balcony with Sophie, The Countess of Wessex.

Kate, Sophie Remembrance Sunday 2017 s

Princess Alexandra was in the balcony with Kate and Sophie.

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To comment on fashion for a moment: Kate wore a new Dolce & Gabbana Crossover Button Coat and a Philip Treacy hat she’s had since 2006, her Oscar de la Renta Pearl Sun Star Button earrings, and Cornelia James gloves.

She wore her hair in a faux-bob, and I have to say, while I appreciate that Kate tried a new hairstyle, seeing Kate with her hair this short makes me hope she never cuts her hair this short.

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As a slight bit of levity: My favorite royal photos are always the ones where the royals do something unexpected because I find them more human and charming. So I love this photo of Kate with an expression we don’t normally see from her.

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Here are a video and some photos from the service.

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141 thoughts on “Kate at Cenotaph for Remembrance Sunday

  1. I love Kate’s hair like that and I love the hat. I hope she has a new hairdresser. On the other hand, Kate looks OLD. Like 10 years older. Why is she aging so badly and so quick? Bad genetics?

    1. I think her makeup ages her, particularily her Cruella eyebrows. I think less and a more natural look would be less aging. Plus she can no longer keep the illusion going that she is a young woman in her 20s.

      1. I cannot deal with her eyebrows. They are poorly shaped don’t resemble each other and add to the asymmetrical nature of her face. Someone needs to help her with this. She has access to stylists and they must see this. It’s not like she has to work 50 hours a week and doesn’t have time.

        1. We’re back to having one eyebrow noticeably thicker/larger than the other.
          As I stated before, my aesthetician said they should be sisters not twins but Kate’s are like 3rd cousins twice removed!!
          I have to agree tho, I actually love her hair this length. It looks refreshing

    2. She has two children under 5 and is pregnant with her third. No amount of nannies or cooks or housekeepers can keep at bay the physical and psychological wear on a woman when she is a mother. In my opinion, anyways. Kate is in her mid-30s. Of course she’s aging.

      1. And, she’s pregnant So, she is tired. Come on, guys. As LizB said, she already has two little ones and William could count as a third child.

        P.S. I loved her hair like this. Very glam in an old world way. Suits her better than the long, youthful look. She needs to look more in line with how she is maturing and this helps. I guess we all see things differently, but if Kate cut her hair like this, I’d be thrilled.

        1. Um, that would work if Kate was actually hands on as a mom, but she is not. Kate just has really shitty genetics. She and Meghan are not that far apart in age and Meghan looks 10 years younger than Kate. And Meghan actually WORKED her whole life.

          1. Just wait til Meagan has a kid or two. Pregnancy can be remarkably hard and wearing on your body and you really don’t have any control over how it affects your looks or what weird ways your body reacts to all those extra hormones coursing through your body… she may look like a more
            haggard version of herself too.

          2. Also, does it really matter if Kate ‘looks old’? Not everyone is gorgeous to begin with, and not everyone keeps their looks as they age. It’s not a crime. I can understand calling out the photographers for photoshopping photos or the press for lying, but it’s not a big deal if Kate ‘looks old’.

          3. I think it is less genetics and more the fact that she and her sister tanned like crazy throughout the 2000s. Pippa looks about 15 years older than she is. Seeing them always reminds me to wear sunscreen.

          4. +1 Leah. I think it’s the genetics, dieting, smoking, tanning, etc. Even before Kate had kids, she always looked older than her years.

        2. I like her hair this length too. She needs to change things up and this would be something to try. Her current hair length is still a security mop and rarely looks professional. And if she is so busy and tired with the kids (and William) this would simplify things for the time being.

        3. Agree 100% about the hair. Way more polished and sophisticated!! Just wish she would be brave and stop with the snipping a few inches here and there and then sticking extensions backin game… go for above the shoulders Kate!!

      2. Um, that would work if Kate was actuall hands on and she is not. Kate just has really shitty genetics. She and Meghan are that far apart in age and Meghan looks 10 years younger than Kate. And Meghan actually WORKED her whole life.

        1. Genetics only play a part; I don’t care if she’s hands on or not – having children ages a woman and Kate is on #3. It is completely unfair to compare her to Meghan Markle. Working jobs has nothing to do with it.

    3. I think we were used to her being photoshopped for a while and they are doing less of that. Also she uses fillers and botox when she isn’t pregnant.

  2. Another coat with lots of shiny gold buttons. Did she need another black coat with shiny buttons? And D & G? The girl’s clothes budget is out of hand. Her hair looks terrible. Her face expression is classic.

    1. Aree Carrie, and I have a question, I read that these clothes weared by Kate has discount to her, its not free but there is discount. Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks.

      1. That’s what I heard as well. How deep the discounts we will never know. This may just show that they can’t accept anything for free, but she can pay 1 pound for it…

    2. Yes, another new black coat. With shiny buttons, which I abhor. Oh, well. I’ve come to expect less. As already said, this is a day to honor those who served. I hate it to turn into a fashion forum.

      I will say, I love the Poppies the British wear. Here in the States, our Poppies pale in comparison. All made from wrinkly crepe paper and look as if someone sat on them! I continue to purchase them when I see a member of the VFW selling them because I want to support the causes for which the sales are raised, but really, they are so flat and boring. Cheers to the British for such a lovely look. Or, perhaps, it is a look seen elsewhere, too?

      1. I love the poppies, too! I don’t know why the US has not embraced them as the British have. The “poppy” poet was actually Canadian, wasn’t he?

          1. My poppy got soaking wet and luckily I found it. I did dry it out before putting it back on. I was prepared to buy another poppy so it was not really an issue.

  3. KMR, are you gonna cover Harry and Willian’s Rugby engagements and Harry at the Field of Remembrance and William’s various solo engagements?

    1. I have no plans to. Unless they say something interesting (like Harry did during a speech at the Mind Awards which I will be covering tomorrow), or I throw it into a royal round up, I usually don’t cover William and Harry’s solo engagements.

  4. Remembrance Sunday is not about fashion, but for me this is one of Kate’s worst looks ever. I have always disliked this hat (although it’s nice to see her re-wear an ols item) and I just can’t stand big golden buttons here. They’re fine in uniforms, but this coat looks like all the excess uniform buttons of the Royal Family were sewn to it. The hat looks particulalrly bad with this hairdo. I hope it will soon surpass the point of no return and won’t become her new go-to hairdo. What comes to her facial expressions, I believe it’s difficult with all those cameras on you, but broad smiles and wrinkling one’s nose are not what I expect from a senior royal on an occasion like this. What about hiding your face with a handkerchief if you can’t control yourself? Princess Alexandra’s smile next to her does not look like a smirk as she’s more controlled in her expressions. However, maybe you could share your funniest stories for the day somewhere else. I love how Kate looks moved in one of the photos, but then again her broad smile looks so out of place as it ever can and that’s what sticks to my memory.

      1. +2 this hairstyle is dowdy and aging on her and I don’t think a short bob would suit her at all. Maybe a sleeker lob. I’m not a fan of the 80s coat and ugly hat either.

  5. William looks angry he is supposed to be there. The slouch, the disinterest on his face, it’s infuriating me more than Kate’s wasteful spending.

    Philip leaning against the balcony made me sad. He looks so frail. HM cried, as she always does. Humans, not royal robots.

    I am always so surprised to see how old Kate looks for 35.

    1. Ellie, I agree with you. William looks angry and bitter, So put upon by the future that awaits him. Geez, if it’s so unbearable, why not have the courage to step aside? Oh, silly me, the perks would be gone, yes?

      I felt sadness when seeing the pain on some of the people’s faces. There is a great deal of interest in others that is needed in order to truly feel the sacrifices and the courage of those who served.

    2. I love how Harry always has his chin up at military services, as if he is standing at attention. It looks appropriate, like he is honoring the troops.

      1. It shows he did real military service unlike his petulant brother. Too bad Harry can’t be commander in chief when the time comes.

  6. I’m glad, William and Harry were there,.finally. They wear interesting uniforms and hats.
    Kate’s hair looks nice, it’s something different and I like all the velvet clothes.
    A true somber event.It’s obvious that the Queen and Philip are affected by it, probably the most, they both lived through these times.
    I remember my dear grandmother all the time I see the Queen.They are different nationalities,almost same age, but feel the same pain of this time.It’s heartbreaking.But I think through this pain,.younger generations can understand the best(without living through it) what war means.

  7. Oh dear – imagine if Ms Markle is on the balcony next year – I’ve never seen Suits but I presume she has some acting ability – so I am sure she can get in the vibe for the occasion. Sophie and the other females in the family seem to be able to maintain composure. At least Kate’s hair is up so no twirling the curls this time around

      1. Same here. I wonder if Meghan and Sophie end up with a friendship that we don’t really see with Sophie and Kate. It would be nice to see someone get married and have a close relationship with someone in the BRF. So far, it seems to be only HM and Sophie.

        1. In photos of official engagements, I think it does seem that Sophie and Kate enjoy being together, but who knows how close they actually are. As far as I know, we haven’t seen them out together casually, like we do with Sophie and Peter and Zara’s families.

          And just as an aside, as much as I like Sophie, I really, really do not like her dress here, nor her hat/fascinator.

    1. I can understand if they want to get to know each other better before marriage.But I wouldn’t like it if they really only wait because Kate is pregnant.I hope it’s not true.

      1. I agree. I hope that they do not delay an engagement or wedding due to Kate’s pregancy. Who cares? Why is Kate so important. i also hope that they do not delay the wedding so Kate can recover from birth. Again, who cares and why does everything revolve around Kate?

        1. Maybe they care because Kate is part of their family and they’re being considerate.

          In any case I don’t believe the timing of the engagement announcement or potential wedding has anything to do with Kate.

          1. If it was the other way round, I don’t feel William and Kate would be so considerate of Meghan and I wouldn’t be so sure Meghan considers Kate family. It takes a while to look at in-laws like that and I am not sure Kate would cotton to Meghan as looking at her as family, either.

          2. I am beginning to despair that a wedding is coming. He loses interest in things, and if they have been told to wait, he may dump Meghan as he has others. If I were Meghan, I would never quit my job and move without either another job in London or a ring on my finger.

            But I will be so disappointed if we don’t get a big splash royal wedding.

          3. Phillip is aging significantly and they should be focusing on his being able to attend over whether or not Kate is as skinny as she wants to be. I think they will avoid scheduling anything when she is due to give birth, but beyond that, they can’t work around when Kate feels like it.

        2. I think that it would not take away attention of the baby. It has to be another reason.
          Imagine, they would announce their engagement on December 10th.
          They could marry in June, for example.The baby would have been born in April/May.Everyone would get his/her attention they need.
          I don’t see a problem with it.

          1. And if Princess Madeleine can turn up heavily pregnant at her brother Carl-Philliip’s wedding, Kate can do the same at Meghan and Harry’s. What is the big deal? So she would be pregnant at the wedding, who cares. The world does not stop or revolve around Snowflake Waity, however much she wants it to. Meghan and Harry should do what the want and forget about Kate.

          2. Leah, the swedish royals are a whole other bunch of people.They don’t make a drama of everthing.
            Silvia did a good job with her children which is shown today, when they are adults.

          3. Well that and the Swedes seem to be much closer, genuinely care about one another and happy for their sibling whenever something good happens for that person. I don’t get that vibe from William and Harry at all. Harry might be happy for William for this or that reason but whenever something positive happens to Harry, William is snarky/rude, gives a backhanded compliment and/or straight up insults his brother!

            No! That’s not normal!

            Sure I joke with my sisters but whenever something great happens to one of them (example: Mel officially became an LPN earlier this year), I go out of my way to congratulate and sometimes give her a gift to show how happy I am!

        3. Maybe it’s not so much because they are doing it FOR Kate, but her pregnancy is more a cover fo them. If they do want to live in the same country together for awhile and see what the day to day is really like- not just romantic pop ins and getaways, I️ can see the convenience of using the pregnancy to buy time and hide behind. I️ would guess they’re hoping all eyes will be focused on the pregnancy/birth/christening and they can just live their lives together. Just a thought.

  8. I’m ex British Army and my husband is serving in the Royal Air Force, so this little thing annoys the living shit out of me but is probably just a trivial issue to everyone else, so apologies in advance.

    Why did Harry not shave before he put his uniform on?! How can he represent the military with a big golden bushy beard? Unless you have a medical chit allowing you not to shave, it is mandatory to shave when in uniform. If he was any other soldier there and sporting a beard, he would be in serious trouble, in fact he wouldn’t even be on parade!
    Harry’s beard just makes him look like he doesn’t take the uniform seriously, he’s just wearing clothes not a uniform.

    1. Firstly, I don’t mean to insult anyone’s feelings, but my question is, are there such rules for men not allowed to have a beard when in uniform in many countries? I’m asking because in Finland and Sweden there aren’t. My grandfather who fought two wars (the Finnish Winter War and WWII against Russians) used to say that neither beards nor hair were an issue for him because you seldom had a possibility to shave over there, let alone to have your hair cut. That was his answer when it became allowed for guys to have long hair in the army, and that’s what he repeatedly said when people commented on the issue.

      I also remember seeing pictures of many bearded British royals in uniform going back generations, so is this with no beard a new(ish) rule?

      1. I have no idea about the rules on beards in other countries, only the rules for the British military. With the exception of the Royal Navy (who follow their own rules on beards), every man must be clean shaven while on duty (whether they are in uniform or not). Only those with a medical or religious waiver are allowed not to shave.
        While I appreciate that Harry is no longer a serving member of the Armed Forces, if he wants to wear the uniform he should abide by the rules governing it. Personally, I think it makes a mockery of the uniform that prides itself on high standards.

        1. I have more of a problem with William wearing a uniform when he was lucklustre at best and ditched his RAF training, leaving unrepaid debt.

          I do take your point, Kathryn; I understand the rules when serving in the military, but what happens on days when ex-servicemen come together for a commemoration and are expected to wear uniform? Do the clean-shaven rules only apply when you are in current service?

          But of course, regardless, rules don’t apply to royals cos special, sent from God and by inference, God prefers them.

    2. Having read about this–The Mirror made a big fuss out of it–the MoD said that Harry, being ex-service and not active, does not have to abide by those rules nor does any ex-servicemember.

      I hate the beard, though, I wonder why he won’t just get rid of it.

        1. He had his beard for more than two years no. He obviously likes it. Why should he get rid of something he likes? It’s well maintained.

          Prince Michael of Kent had his beard for decades and nobody calls him out on it. He too occassionally wears a uniform with it (and no not just a Navy uniform)

          1. Abs my comment was in jest only. I think Harry looks great with a beard as did Prince Michael. Prince Michael looked particularly distinguished with a beard and dressed in uniform.

    3. Harry didn’t shave last year or the year before and he’s also not serving or active which the ministry of defense released a statement about

    4. I read that once Harry is not a serving soldier anymore he can wear a beard. This no beard rule is only to serving soldiers. That was the Army reply when asked if Harry could wear a beard.

    5. According to the MoD:
      “On background I can confirm that Prince Harry is no longer a serving officer and therefore does not have to comply with any of these regulations. He is, however, a member of the Royal Family and at times his duties require him to don the uniform of a tied or associated regiment and does so with a beard, as did his great-great-grandfather before him.”

      So no, he is not breaking any rules. I wonder why this is an issue all of a sudden? He had his beard for the past two years and has worn his uniform several times – twice at the Cenotaph before this year! Now all of a sudden it’s a big deal? Anyways I’ll go with the MoD on this and not some people who will criticize him for pretty much anything he does these days.
      A beard does not take away any of his good work for veterans.

      1. I have always thought that if there’s something Harry takes seriously, that’s his involvement with the army. I’m certain he has checked he won’t break any rules with his beard.

  9. It’s noticeable that Camilla, Alexandra and Sophie are all wearing badges associated with their regiments. Camilla, Sophie and Alexandra are wearing their badges related to their role with the various battalions of The Rifles. Kate still has no official regimental role. Next year maybe?

    1. The woman ditched the Irish guards last year. I don’t think she can be trusted with a regiment or trusted to maintaon a regimented duty unless BP is involved.

        1. I bet Kate could not care less. She has the prince, H.R.H., the big apartment at the palace, the country home and the children. Some day she may be Queen consort. To Kate she has ticked everything from her *Carole’s social climbing wish list*. What more does she want?

          1. She doesn’t seem particularly respectful, so perhaps being the recipient of respect isn’t very important to her. And she’s certainly shown no interest in a job well done. I think she assumes that if she gets enough positive attention from the press/fandom and does the minimum of family appearances and produces the future king… then she’s got all the job security she’s ever need.

            But I suspect that if William wanted her to do more, she would.

      1. Well, she couldn’t commit to the Scouts, either. And we never hear about her 2 year old patronage of the RAF Air Cadets, though there was the usual photo op at the announcement.

  10. I’m in the minority and like this coat…the military style gold buttons stand out and are very appropriate for the event and the neck is flattering. But, I do agree that she does not need yet another coat and especially from D&G, a brand that is overpriced, not British, and has had the designers in trouble for tax evasion, for controversial party themes, and for controversial public remarks. My least favorite hairstyle was the long ringlets (2013?) so I’m not a fan of this one but I don’t dislike it.

    I will defend Kate for looking ‘old’…her resting face has always been one that moves her face downward, thus she tends to overcompensate by smiling broadly at all times. Today she didn’t and I’m glad. Remember she also has used Botox when not pregnant, and relies on photoshop in official photos. It’s a sad commentary on our society how we place so much emphasis on a woman’s age and natural physical attributes.
    From the few photos I’ve seen of Kate from fans in the line shaking her hand, very candid shots, Kate is a pretty woman who does not look years older or younger than she is.

    1. “Remember she also has used Botox when not pregnant, and relies on photoshop in official photos. It’s a sad commentary on our society how we place so much emphasis on a woman’s age and natural physical attributes.
      From the few photos I’ve seen of Kate from fans in the line shaking her hand, very candid shots, Kate is a pretty woman who does not look years older or younger than she is.”
      Ann +1

      1. I have seen Kate in person, shortly after she was married. She doesn’t look like she does in the photos. Her skin was rough, wrinkled, and had some scarring. I would think that when you’re 30 you wouldn’t look 40 or 45 and that was closer to what she looked like. 🙁

          1. I think what it is is that we’re all used to photoshopped Kate so when we get real pics or in this instance see her in person it can be jarring.
            Also I think we look at skin as an external barometer of things like health, diet, pampering and good genes. I look at the Monaco royals and think Whoa those ladies should have invested in some sunscreen and laid off the cigarettes because they have terrible skin!
            Kate can spend countless on fake hair & whatever else she gets done 3x a wk at her salon, fake teeth and Botox yet can’t seem to find time for a facial? I mean, I’m not a 1% and I get facials and when my salon offers sales on microdermabrasion I get those too!
            Also when one only works 63 days out of the yr and has round the clock help I think there is an (in this case unrealistic) expectation that the things that would attribute to wear and tear for us mere working individuals, she doesn’t have. No worries about rent/mortgage, college fund for 3 kids and retirement funds should =s less frown lines and better skin ?
            Having said that, I love the old women with wrinkles and the silver hair!! If I get lucky to get the silver grey, I’d totes stop dying and let that shine! Things to look forward to.

          2. Kate seems to care because she does botox and fillers when she isn’t pregnant.
            I don’t think there is anything wrong with wrinkles and really they should be embraced. But Kate doesn’t do that. So of course when she can’t maintain the botox and fillers then it shows. And if she had any real substance it wouldn’t be commented upon the same way. But Kate has lived a pretty vain existence and lies even about her extensions. If she said “ of course I use extensions when I feel like it” then it would be a non issue.
            We don’t comment on the Queen’s looks or Camilla’s looks because they do actual work. (Maybe their outfits but that’s easy to change).
            What issues has Kate really worked on in the last six years? She will be the same age as Diana when she died and what has she done with her life? Not very much.

  11. I think if Kate got a real bob, it would look better than this. The reason this hairstyle looks dated is because her hair is curled under – a real bob wouldn’t have to be like that.

    1. This hairstyle reminds me of hairstyles during the Second World War era.
      I think it looks lovely with her hat. Overall a very professional and appropriate look for the occasion.
      As for photos and facial expressions, there are thousands of photos taken of the main royals at these events , so the press has a pick of a great variety of expressions. ( I find that the Daily Mail often picks the worst photos to elicit negative comments from their readers. It sells papers! )

      1. ‘As for photos and facial expressions, there are thousands of photos taken of the main royals at these events , so the press has a pick of a great variety of expressions. ( I find that the Daily Mail often picks the worst photos to elicit negative comments from their readers. It sells papers! )’
        Marion Cole +1

  12. I think she should cut her hair to this length.

    The hat is OK, nothing stellar and that’s fine. I don’t mind the buttons, but personally I think the coat would look better with either a collar or some sort of scarf tied at the neckline.

  13. a “programming” note- i have enjoyed your blog for a couple years now but the past 2-3 posts have had an extreme scrolling issue. i can’t even get thru the post because it keeps auto-scrolling up or down to the latest ad that seems to keep loading. i even closed out the ads and reported them (“i’m not interested in this ad” was the button i used) and it keeps occuring. i dont know if something changed on your end but i just wanted to let you know what i’m seeing. it seems to be worse on this post which is what made me speak up. if there is something you can affect on your end i’d appreciate it. thanks.

    1. Funny you should mention this because for about the past week I’ve had a similar problem, and only on this site. Sometimes they were ads that kept appearing and sometimes it was a virus warning. But like I said, only when on this site. Yesterday the screen completely froze with one of them. After restarting the computer, I ran a cleaner/anti-virus program and, so far, no more issues. Good luck with yours!

      1. Only problem I had is I wasn’t able to edit ( within the time) as I was told I didn’t have the right to edit my post!! Hence typos.

  14. I personally think that The Queen is upset that once she is gone the monarchy will probably be at its worst. She worked so hard for the monarchy and gave her life and service onto others and the monarchy. I bet she fears that the monarchy could potentially die when she is gone. It doesn’t look good anyways.

    1. I imagine Charles as king, it will be hard for him.
      Athough, he tries and help.good causes, he is not the much loved royal by the public, as we all know.
      It’s not the best thing that there are people who still hang on Diana’s words in.the case of William.He will not be a better king, not anymore anyway.
      It would be interesting to know what a man he would be today if his mother would be still around.

      1. I agree with you Lovely Blossom. Charles has been cast as the villain. And even twenty years on Diana’s death. Her shadow looms over him. In a way I feel bad for him. I’m not saying he was a great husband to her. He cheated as did Diana on him. She is by far not a saint. Yet she still has a huge presence in the history of in the House of Windsor. She will always be a mother of King.

        As for William I think he would have had a very different path if Diana had lived. I think his demeanor would be completely different. I also think she would have knocked some sense into him. I do not believe he would have married Kate. I believe Diana would have seen right through Carole. And her social climbing ways. I think Carole took advantage of a young man at the time. Who was motherless and twisted into her daughter being the Duchess of Cambridge.

        1. Diana said early on that William did not want to be king. He is showing this to be true.

          I cannot feel sorry for Charles or Camilla. Camilla to me, is every bit the manipulative marriage intruder, that Yoko Ono was in the John and Cynthia Lennon marriage. Also, I don’t think Charles and Camilla are exactly the happily married couple they try to portray.

          1. @G I remember Diana saying that about William. I don’t think he will be King. I think the Commonwealth will start disbanding when HM passes away. Charles will be King. He may be the last King though. Time will tell.

          1. Granted I’m not a British citizen or a citizen of any of that Commonwealth countries. As a history professor I see it as sad in a way. The sun may finally set on the once British Empire.

          2. I may be wrong but I completely disagree about the Commonwealth. Countries such as Australia, Canada and NZ may well stop having our HOS as their HOS but I still think and hope that the Commonwealth link is still important and will survive. It is a diverse and interesting group of nations with much to offer each other. The next head of the Commonwealth should perhaps be elected for say 10 years?

          3. I don’t mind about a historical link but I don’t want pouty face Bill on my money. He doesn’t deserve it. I have contributed far more to the Canadian economy than he ever will.

      2. Birdy, honestly my gut feeling is the monarchy is not good once The Queen passes and I bet TheQueen thinks the same which might be upsetting to her since she dedicated her life to the monarchy.

        1. That may or may not be true, my point was the Commonwealth is not dependent on the BRF it is now much bigger than that. And something that can survive on its own.

        2. The Queen and Prince Philip are part of lexicon of the Greatest Generation. Who have put Duty over Self for sixty five years. When they pass it will be sad. And I think an end to A by gone era.

          1. @Kitty I do believe that they are worried about monarchy. HM and Prince Philip are not getting any younger. They both look very frail. They have worked very hard to get the monarchy where it is. Bringing into the modern world. Yet still being traditionalist. The following generation have a lot to live up to once the both pass.

  15. I thought Kate looked really nice and polished. The jacket was military inspired and gave a nod to the event. I know she has many black coats, but she still looked very appropriate for the occasion.

  16. I’ll never understand the constant body shaming and constants negative comments about a woman’s looks. I find it unnecessary.

    With that being said Harry is the stand out here even though his beard is out of regulation. Kate’s coat is nice enough and I like the gold buttons; I’ll always prefer shorter hair on women over the age of 30. William looks decent here but that’s because he’s wearing his uniform and his head is covered.

      1. Well that’s interesting; I’m not in the UK military but in the US military if you are in uniform you have to abide the regulations regardless.

  17. I have to say I’m a sucker for a man in uniform and Harry looks super sexy in his!! ??
    I love the pic of the soldiers in the wheelchairs. I’m a sucker for that generation. I love to hear the stories they have to tell.
    I’ve never noticed what a lovely looking woman Princess Alexandra is. She gets the win for best overall look.
    Not a fan of Kate’s coat or 80s styled earrings

    1. Princess Alexandra is amazing. And she always looks stunning. She works hard, quietly with no fuss or recognition as support for HM. Wonderful woman.

  18. I think Kate looks okay. The quality of light seems to be very harsh on all, and everyone looks hard. Kate’s brown eyeshadow does not help either as it makes her eyes recede and look smaller.
    I do think genetics does play a part in aging and Kate is more like her Dad in that respect. I actually like her hair as it gives her more of a grown up look and because she is a grown up it suits her. Maybe she will cut it to that length but I doubt it. Why is her right eyebrow much thicker than the left though, not asking for perfect symmetry but it is glaringly different.
    Well, glad she took part in this event with her husband.

  19. I like Kate’s hat. It is one of the few she has that looks like a real hat and not something growing out of her head. The coat is ok but nothing to write home about. She didn’t need a new coat. However, it seems that she can’t be expected to leave the house without something new. I personally think her shopping is out of control and had become and addiction. I would be willing to bet that she blows through whatever budget she has and leaves Charles no choice but to pay the bill. He ought to make William pay anything over budget.

    As for her hair, I am not sure the problem is the length. I think it is the two large wads of hair sticking out on either side of her neck. All of her so called “up-dos” are just a ball of hair at the base of her neck. It ends up looking like a really bad wig from a “B” movie set during the reign of Queen Victoria. The one exception was the hairstyle she wore with the nearly naked nightgown dress to something – movie premiere maybe. (I can’t remember and am too tired to go looking for it.) I think if she had a regular bob just above her shoulders, she would look more current and more professional. It might even make some of her ugly clothes look better.

  20. Re Kate aging vs Meghan. Having kids does not necessarily age women. Meghan’s mom, Doria looks great, about 20 years younger than she is and looks younger than Carole Middleton for sure. Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren all looked great and had kids. So does Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer. Not all woman look as haggard as Kate does. The women doesn’t work, hasn’t worked a day in her life, pretty sure she couldn’t even spell the word and she looks 45 and has jowls. It makes no sense.

    Also, I am African American and Meghan is part African-American and we tend to age slower. Meghan could have 10 kids and she would still look younger than Kate. TRUST.

    1. So then why compare Kate and Meghan’s looks in terms of how old they look? Why compare Carole and Doria? If they aren’t comparable, then why compare?

      1. Why not? If and hopefully when Meghan marries Harry, they will be compared anyway. And I never said Meghan and Kate and Carole and Doria weren’t comparable.

        1. Because it’s misogynistic to compare two women based on an uncontrollable metric just to put one of them down. Yes, the press does that all the time, and will most certainly do so with Kate and Meghan, and I realize we don’t particularly like Kate, but this narrative is offensive and we don’t need to perpetuate it.

          Comparing two women about controllable metrics like work ethic/numbers and spending habits when they are both a part of the same royal family, absolutely. But we don’t need to perpetuate the narrative of comparing two women based on an uncontrollable metric just to put one of them down.

    2. But Leah, that was kind of my point. Kate may look great again a few years after she is done with childbearing. Being in the middle of a pregnancy with other little kids is rough. Some people have that beautiful glow, others don’t. That’s pretty uncontrollable. I️ guess I️ just didn’t think it was fair to compare Kate and Megan since even though they are almost the same age, their bodies have not gone through the same things. Time will tell what happens to Megan with pregnancy.

    3. Didn’t Doria only have one child, though?
      And, how do you know that Meghan could have ten kids and not age as badly as Kate?
      This conversation about aging is ridiculous and cruel.
      Kate has had two children very close together and now a third on the way, so it’s hard for her. It would take a toll on any woman, I think. ANY! Whether she is a totally hands-on mother or not, pregnancy is not a walk in the park. My doctor said most women should — but probably won’t – wait three complete years before having another pregnancy. It’s best for the female’s body, according to the doc. Granted, since many women today have their first babies well into their 30s, it isn’t practical, or even easy, to wait three years before conceiving again. And, many women who want more than one child just want pregnancy, delivery and the toddler stage out of the way as soon as possible.

      I wish we’d all lay off on the aging factor. I’m trying to be more appropriate in my criticisms of Kate. I can criticize her clothes and if she is wearing her hair in a too youthful manner, I guess I can say so, but all this talk about her skin and her looking haggard makes me sad. I think, as I have said before, this is a tough pregnancy for her.

  21. Also, Jessica Alba is on her third kid and she is a goddess! So, yes, having kids does not take a toll on everyone like it has Kate.

    1. Jessica Alba has a fairly large gap between her last baby and this one.
      Successive pregnancies close together can be a lot tougher on your body. I️ do agree that she looks beautiful though!

  22. I think Kate’s hair is a short as we’re ever going to see it- and I bet she can’t wait for it to grow out. She doesn’t have the kind of hair that will work with a bob- just look at every picture from her Southeast Asia tour. Thick wavy coarse (mine is similar) and puffy in the least bit of humidity which would require waaay too much work on a daily basis to look leave the house decent, if bobbed. Also, she’s had long hair most of her life. When it’s not being done, trust me, she’s rocking a messy bun or scraping it back in a pony. Someone talked her into this, same as those puppy ear bangs (Lordy those were awful) and now she’s popping biotin and Vit E to make things grow!

    1. I would love to see some candid family shots of behind-the-scenes. I can totally picture Kate with a messy bun, playing with the kids.

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