Royal Round Up: Sartorial selections from Victoria, Sophie & Maxima

Royal Round Up: Sartorial selections from Victoria, Sophie & Maxima

Here’s a royal round up featuring some recent fashion from Crown Princess Victoria, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and Queen Maxima.

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On October 3, Crown Princess Victoria attended the opening of the Swedish Church meetings at Uppsala Cathedral in Uppsala, Sweden. She wore a Rodebjer Alexe dress in Pine green (2499 kr/ ~$307), and a green headpiece. I quite like this outfit, although the sleeves look a bit baggy.

On October 7, Victoria was in Belgrade for a royal wedding. She was the matron of honor at the wedding of Prince Philip of Serbia and Danica Marinković. The Serbian royal family was deposed in 1945. Victoria’s gown is from H&M – it’s the same gown she wore to the Sweden Dinner last month.

On September 29, Sophie, Countess of Wessex attended the Headley Court Farewell Parade in Dorking, England. Sophie wore the Suzannah coat and Jane Taylor hat she wore to QEII’s 90th birthday Service of Thanksgiving in June 2016.

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Sophie and Prince Edward were in Brunei all week for the Sultan of Brunei’s Golden Jubilee and have done several engagements in the country. On October 5, Edward and Sophie attended an audience in the throne room of the Sultan’s official residence, Istana Nurul Iman. Sophie wore the Suzannah separates and Jane Taylor hat she’s worn previously. Both Edward and Sophie were given a new medal to mark the Golden Jubilee of the Sultan of Brunei.

On October 6, Edward and Sophie attended the State Banquet to celebrate the Golden Jubilee. Sophie’s outfit is a bespoke Suzannah blouse and skirt which I’m not into. I love seeing Sophie in a tiara, though. She wore the Single Aquamarine Tiara as well as a multi gemstone parure that she debuted in 2012. Sophie’s wearing the sash and star of the Royal Victorian Order, the Royal Family Order of QEII, and the Sultan of Brunei’s Golden Jubilee medal.

Here are some recent selections from Queen Maxima. On October 3, Max – as honorary chairwoman of the King Willem I foundation – attended the King Willem I lecture at Koppert Cress. She wore this flared sleeve teal dress she wore in Germany back in February. I prefer the February styling because of the jewelry.

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On October 4, Max opened the traveling exhibition Ten Top Pieces On Tour in the Mauritshuis museum. I adore the color of this outfit, but I’m so over the lace dress trend that I don’t actually like this dress aside from the color of it. Love the hat, though.

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On October 5, Max attended the WOMEN Inc Gender & Health conference. This dress I find incredibly boring, but it is the perfect backdrop to the yellow accessories, which I love.

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On October 6, Max attended the 5th Teacher’s Conference wearing a Natan outfit that I’m just meh on.

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28 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Sartorial selections from Victoria, Sophie & Maxima

  1. Gosh. I love me some Maxima. She wears her clothes and makes them look wonderful. All the ladies look great.

    Thanks for the satorial round-up, KMR!

    1. I agree. Love or hate what she’s wearing, Maxima wears the heck out of everything.

      And Sophie’s pale blue hat and coatdress reminds me so much of something Kate wore.

    2. Maxima can pull of her type of outfits! I’d normally not be a fan of the yellow wrap thing and her big yellow accessories but it’s so her I actually like it. On anyone else I’d probably be a no.
      Love the raspberry color that was all the rage last yr amongst the royal women.

  2. I like Victoria’s outfits. Especially the pink dress. Sophie, really pulls the blue colour off though I prefer the lighter blue outfit. Yes I prefer the Natan outfit on Maxima. Though the Fushia pink hat looks pretty.

  3. Something about those coat dresses that the women of the BRF prefer are so matronly! They look dowdy, fussy, and unattractive. None of the women from other royal families seem to wear them as much. I hope Meghan, if she joins the BRF, never wears them, until she turns 70. I like Sophie, but that dress and silly fascinator hat are just bad style.

    1. If the coat dress were shorter it would have had a different vibe. I just think its length and the overall look is getting so old. I’m done with coat dresses no matter what they look like. They are so mother of the bride. My mom was a knock out at my wedding and my sister’s. Thankfully, she would not ever dream of wearing a coat dress.

      Vic’s looks did not inspire me. The pink (?) gown was blah. The dark green dress, so heavy in texture, style and color.

      I loved those raspberry red shoes that Max wore, but the dress, not so much. Still, as others always say, Max rocks all her clothes. She is one confident woman.

      Nice to see your post, rhiannon. Have missed you and hope you are well.

  4. I’d like to think every bride is beautiful on their big day but we need to talk about this wedding dress?!! I haven’t been to Serbia but is this a typical wedding dress for them? I find it very unflattering and just bizarre! All I can say is I hope she liked it because I’m not a fan
    Sofia of Spain was there too. I didn’t see Dan so I wonder if Vic went alone?

    1. I do not like that wedding dress at all. Poorly tailored and very unflattering.

        1. Haha Burger King crowns is the perfect description!
          The dress looks too big and just too much material floating around. The belt looks odd-like they had extra material and didn’t know what do with the extra so decided to do odd belt

          1. Hi, Sarah. Have it your way, indeed. The belt looked like an after thought, as you commented. They had extra fabric, so why not a belt?

    2. Weighing in while wearing my own ultrachic ensemble of jammies and beloved frayed hoodie – I actually like the wedding dress. I’m intrigued by how the designer dealt with the heaviness of the fabric. I like the austerity of the style, offset a bit by the curve of the neckline and the softness of the bow. To me, there’s a heiratic feel, appropriate to the solemnity of the occasion. And the colorful, elaborate crown is the rich complement it needs.

  5. Victoria looks good but something about that green dress is off. Maybe the hemline? Poor Sophie Wessex gets the ugliest tiaras. It’s a shame considering how much work she does on behalf of HM.

    I don’t hate the new Serbian princess’ dress. I feel like of the bodice were more fitted it would actually be pretty fantastic.

    1. I think the green dress is too big in the shoulders, and too long; a couple of inches shorter would hit her legs in a more flattering spot.

    1. I agree. She gets the worst selection. She does so much work that I personally feel she deserves the nicer stuff. Kate certainly doesn’t do anything to deserve it.

    2. It always looks to me like two monsters about to swallow that gorgeous aquamarine. One of those tiaras that needs the big Edwardian hair behind it so it doesn’t stick up sad and lonely on a modern head.

  6. Just a few years ago, there was lots of backlash because Kate went to a wedding at a hotel owned by a family member (?) of the Sultan of Brunei. It seemed like her team tried to keep her attendance under wraps but she was seen going in. But Sophie attended his jubilee? I’m confused about whether the BRF is ok with him and his regime.

  7. Serious question: if the Serbian royal family was deposed in 1945, why do they still carry these titles and refer to themselves as royal? Is it just a refusal to let go of privilege attached to the word ‘royal’?

    1. I find the Greek royals the most ridiculous. I don’t know if it’s because they have the “and denmark” that makes them think they’re relevant, that they are connected to lots of royals through marriage or that one married the duty free heiress thus just lots of money and poor taste coming into play. They seem to do nothing but party and attend fashion shows. If you’re 2-3 generations out since they abolished it, I’d think you wouldn’t use the title. Bring the photo albums out to tell the kids and grandkids about the good times and go be a productive citizen.
      I guess it’s hard letting go and I’m sure in their mind once a Royal always a royal =)

    2. Exactly Jen! How pretentious of them. You are a prince or princess only in your own mind at that point, since your family got deposed at least 2-3 generations ago.

  8. Chiming in for the fashion: these 2 dresses rare missteps for Victoria. I love Maxima in whatever she wears, she has just a sunny personality, you can’t beat her confidence 🙂 and the wedding dress of the bride looked like it had the idea to be a more structured and conservative gown but was executed poorly and ended up looking oversize and boxy instead.

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