Nicolas turns 2, Estelle & Oscar National Day photos

Nicolas turns 2, Estelle & Oscar National Day photos

Today, June 15, is Prince Nicolas‘ 2nd birthday and the Swedish court released photos to mark the occasion. I’m also including photos of Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar which were released to mark National Day, and Princess Madeleine‘s wedding anniversary message.

Prince Nicolas 2nd Birthday
[Kate Gabor/]

The Swedish royal court released two photos of Nicolas which were taken at Madeleine and Chris’ home in Stockholm. Nicolas’ eyes are so blue.

Prince Nicolas 2nd Birthday
[Kate Gabor/]

Madeleine released two additional photos on her Facebook page with the caption: “Happy 2nd Birthday Sweet Nicolas! We couldn’t have wished for a kinder and bigger hearted boy ❤”

Prince Nicolas 2nd Birthday
[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

Prince Nicolas 2nd Birthday
[Princess Madeleine’s Facebook]

Sweden National Day took place on June 6 while I was on my break, so here are two photos of Estelle and Oscar that were released as part of the marking of National Day. I love that Estelle gets a new national dress every year, but it’s a bit of a bummer that Oscar doesn’t get a national outfit.

Princess Estelle Prince Oscar National Day 2017
[Erika Gerdemark/]

Princess Estelle National Day 2017
[Erika Gerdemark/]

Madeleine and Chris O’Neill celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary on June 10, and Madeleine posted a photo from the ceremony to her Facebook with the caption: “Four years ago I said YES to this wonderful man, my husband. Thank you for these first couple of years that have given me so much joy and our two wonderful children!”

*The below official wedding photo is not the photo Madeleine posted on FB.*

Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill Wedding Photo.
[Ewa-Marie Rundquist]

62 thoughts on “Nicolas turns 2, Estelle & Oscar National Day photos

  1. The Swedish children are growing up so well *-*
    Happy Birthday Nicolas !! He is growing up to look like Chris.

    Estelle and Oscar are so cute, especially Estelle. I love her national dress.

    I love this picture of Chris and Madeleine. Very regal.

  2. OH MY GOD Nicholas looks so much like Chris, especially in the first two photos!

    I think Oscar did not get a traditional Swedish outfit because the men of the Swedish Royal Family never wear them for their National day, only the women wear them. You can clearly see that if you look at photos from the past years. Neither Carl Gustav, Daniel or Carl Philip wore one.

    1. Yes, I know. I think it’s a bummer that even in childhood the sexism of those outfits shows.

      1. Yet nobody calls out Victoria & Daniel for it (and I am glad, because I don’t see it as such a bad thing – they just continue family traditions and I think nowadays everything is so quickly called sexist) – but William and Kate get criticized as “stereotyping” and sexist when they dress charlotte in a pink dress and say she is ladylike. We see what we want to see… (I do not intemd to start an argument with this comment, I just want to show the people who have made these remarks about W&K and remain silent over V&D their hypocricy. I really like reading your blog and the latest controverys over your great post should we stop commenting on Kates parenting has again shown me that we need to be fair and call out and praise the different royals equally.)

        1. I agree that it may not be sexist when it comes to the outfits. Just tradition. I don’t want to start any quarrels either, but sometimes, it seems to me that sexism is pounced on rather quickly when it’s not meant to be sexist at all.

        2. The national costume from what I have read was introduced by Queen Silvia and only for ladies so there’s a reason the boys don’t wear it. There was a page I found about it a week ago or so, it was quite interesting; she helped design it using old medieval designs and concepts and it was a new thing in…1991 I believe?

      2. I love the national dress and don’t think it’s sexist at all. Just because women choose to do something that the men don’t doesn’t make it sexist. Different people place a different amount of meaning/value on things. I think the women place great value on the national dress and the men don’t (or at least that’s how it would appear).

        I wish we had a type of national dress that was appropriate for all nice occasions. I think it’s much more sexist to expect a woman to have a brand new formal dress for every occasion in her life, lol. A man can wear the same suit to every nice event and no one bats an eye, but a woman dare show up in the same dress she’s worn before or, even worse, the same outfit as someone else! *Gasp!* lol

        1. I would think that women might favor traditions in clothing more than men. So, I am happy to see that not everyone sees this as sexist.

          As for Maddie dressing her son in blue. His eyes are so gorgeous and I think that she might favor him in similar colors as his eyes. Various shades of blue. If my eyes were that much of a knock-out — I think I’d wear a variety of blues, too.

      1. There’s a weird re-direct on your link, so here’s a direct link to the pic I think you’re talking about:

        And here is an adorable pic I found of Carl Philip even younger:

        And here’s another pic of Estelle because I just couldn’t resist:

  3. The 2nd photo of Nicholas is very similar in style to the photos Kate takes of the kids, especially of George. I have always liked this style and still do.
    I love the pretty blue colour of his eyes!

  4. I lived a summer in Scandinavia mostly Sweden so much love for the people and places of that land.Everything about Sweden was relaxed,true to self,outgoing,friendly,and I could go on!It is easy for me to see in the pics of these royals and their kids how much more relaxed they are than Will and Kate -Although the worldwide interest in the swedes isn’t the same as that of the British so I guess when we live with less pressure and more happiness I think it shows.These kids are beautiful and I enjoy seeing how the parents don’t seem to shield them from their public or their public from them-These are definitely my favorite royals

  5. Happy 2nd Birthday Nicholas! I hope that you have a good celebration.
    Estelle looks so grown up and I do like the dress. Oscar looks cute. Those two look like a mix of Victoria and Daniel. I agree that it can be seen as sexism. However they are just kids.
    Happy anniversary to Madeleine and Chris.

  6. Nicolas looks so much like Chris–wow!! Actually, both he and big sis Leonore look like their daddy.

    Estelle and Oscar look adorable and a lot like their mama, Victoria. It’ll be interesting to see who Alexander (and his future sister/brother) will resemble in the future. Will he (and their sibling) resemble CP? Sofia? One kid resemble one parent and the other resemble the other? Will they look different (i.e.., William & Harry or Beatrice & Eugenie) or look alike?

    Genetics in general are very interesting. Sometimes the child looks like an immediate family member (Zara so resembles her mother, Princess Anne), some resemble an ancestor from a few generations ago (Beatrice is the doppelgänger of her 3x great-grandmother, Queen Victoria) and others are a combination from both sides of the family (Prince Harry seems to have Diana’s family’s red hair, Prince Charles’s fingers, ears and a bit of his face plus Prince Phillip’s body structure!).

    I’m definitely more like my mom’s side of the family and I especially resemble my maternal grandmother. My first sister looks like our paternal great-grandmother on Dad’s father’s side and my youngest sister looks a lot like Dad though she also resembles a 1st cousin of ours from Mom’s side! I’m a bit of a Genealogy/family history nerd. 😉

    1. Hi Kimothy, when my first granddaughter was born (who is the spiting image of her daddy) I read that children tend to look like their fathers because from a survival standpoint, the father is more likely to support and protect children that he knows are his. Of course, some children don’t look anything like their fathers or even like either parent but I found this interesting from an anthropological standpoint.

      1. Hi, Lauri:

        I think the study you mentioned talked of newborns and very young infants resembling their dads and thus, the men might feel more protective of those who they know to be their offspring.

        As any mom, grandmom, any parent will tell you, each day a kid changes and may bear a resemblance to one family member of another. However, I agree that both of Maddie and Chris’ kids do resemble Chris quite strongly.

        Bet your granchild (all of them) are darling.

          1. It’s an interesting concept. Newborns looking more like dad. If indeed, it’s true. If I recall, I thought my daughter looiked like herself when I first saw her. In the ensuing days, she reminded me of different family members at different times. Who knows?

        1. You’re right it’s newborns and young toddlers. I also see it more in the 1st borne.
          Someone posted pics of Leonore and some of her relatives on Madeleine’s side and she looked like spitting images of them.

          1. My brother has my mums genes more strongly than me. I resemble my dad more. Genes don’t run out though do they?
            I was going to say that Nicholas resembles Madeleine in looks. Nicholas and Leonore look similar.

        1. Many years ago, The Discovery Channel had a documentary
          on the subject of nurturing and the length of time each mammal needs to raise. I remember the phrase “the cuteness factor.”

          To promote caring, babies and young, up to different ages, are given facial features and body proportions that install the caregiver the emotion to provide for their basic food and survival training.

          The over-proportioned head to body ratio, the oversized eyes to the face, high forehead, little hands, and feet -think puppies, kittens, and of course humans. The show went on to say that humans require the longest time of developmental care and retain these features the longest.

          The show did say that in general, newborns tended to resemble the male side of the family as commenters noted above.

          I was the first child, and my mother said my father and I looked like “ two peas in a pod” both as babies and for years after.

          Since I have just one sister, I am fascinated how larger families resemble each other/and immediate or distant

  7. Awww, Nicolas is a cutie and his eyes, Wow!!! I agree with everyone here, he sure does look like Chris. I have to say those photos are very…blue, I mean the lighting or the developing is really blue. I don’t hate it but I don’t know if I love it either.

    Estelle and Oscar just make my day! She is such a self assured, out going child and such a joy to watch in action. I wonder if Oscar will be the more serious of the two?

    Thanks for such a happy post KMR! With all the tragedy going on all over the world, especially in the UK and the US, it’s wonderful to have a place to “escape” and be reminded that there is indeed some light and joy in the world. Thanks again KMR!!

  8. All beautiful children. I love how the Swedish Royal family is willing to share a glimpse of their growing up with the public. Also, the children become relaxed and comfortable around cameras and being in public.

  9. Darling, darling children. So happy and apparently, so loved.

    Happy Belated Birthday to little Nicolas. Your eyes say it all!!!! You are a doll. And, Happy Anniversary wishes to your parents. Maddie’s Facebook post was very loving. Leonore, you are not being left out here. You are darling, too.

    As for Estelle and Oscar. So darn cute. I cannot believe how Estelle is growing.

  10. Had to post this link.

    Every birde is a Princess on her special day and everyone should be so kind as this bride was to a little girl who mistook her for her fave princess in her fave book. With so much anger and nastiness out there, I hope this brings smiles to many. It gave me a big one!

    1. Wow – what an amazing child – at that age to be reading a Wilkie Collins mystery and claiming it as her favourite book!

      1. I had not a clue as ato what the book was and just appreciated a bride who didn’t even know the little girl taking the time on hr special day to make the child believe she had met a princess. But, I guess it is too much to ask for a lack of snarkiness on this site. Forgive me, mango, but I found your remark smug and snarky. Have a good day. I know I could be reading you wrong, but that is how I am taking your repy here.

        1. For what it’s worth, I didn’t read Mango’s comment as snarky, which is why I approved it. Maybe it’s because I don’t know the book, but I thought it was a genuine complement. But maybe I was wrong. It’s impossible to tell tone in text.

          1. Well, pardon my sensitivity. I thought the comment was rude. If I am wrong, so sorry. I posted this because I thought the idea was so sweet and kind . ANd, with all that is going on in the world, I thought it would be nice. To be honest, I didn’t focus on the book, just the thoughtfulness of the bride and the sweet little girl and her happy mom.

          2. I wasn’t intending to be rude, Jenny. I liked the story you posted. My comment above was only to say that I didn’t intend to approve a snarky comment, that I thought I approved a genuinely nice comment about the child. I didn’t intend to start something by approving the comment or by stating that I didn’t think I was approving a snarky comment. I apologize for causing a problem.

          3. You were not being rude, KMR and I appreciate your comment. I agree that often we can take things in the opposite way of which they were given when reading text. I may be too sensitive. Sorry.

  11. The Swedish kids look great; updates from other royal families are always welcome. I wouldn’t mind a couple of posts about the Danish, Norwegian and Spanish families.

    But I really wanted to speak about the Grenfell Tower fire; I’m across the pond but I’m still quite sadden and angry at the negligence. This is in the same borough as Kensington Palace so I hope there will be visits from William, Catherine and Harry. Not sure if it’ll make the residents feel better but it would at least make it look like they care.

      1. That was good of them. It’s also good that they did something and said something right away. If any nude pumps show up in the line-up of dontated shoes, we’ll know Kate was just thinking of the practicalities.:)

          1. HM looked so moved. I am pleased that she went to offer her support and caring thoughts. At times, she appeared to be overwhelmed by sadnesws, but she projects strength and dignity, too.

            When HM and PW were leaving, apparently a man called out, “What about the children?” Supposedly, William called out, “We will be back.” What??? If he responded in that manner, I am shocked. He’s a dad, for goodness sake. I can’t read William’s facial expressions so well, because he often looks arroagant, or sour. He had to have been moved greatly during this appearance. My God, what a tragedy for so many.

    1. I agree about posts about the kids from other Royal families, Princess Sofia of Spain had her 1st holy communion a few weeks ago for example 🙂

  12. It seems like Madeleine always puts Nicholas in blue for his pics =( it would be nice to have him in a different color.
    His eyes are such a pretty blue color!
    I think it’s interesting that Madeleine’s kids gets the title prince/ss despite the fact that their father isn’t titled.
    Love the pics of Estelle and Oscar and it looks like Oscar has outgrown grumpy looking expression =)
    Enjoy the Swedish kids

    1. Well, I like that Madeleine always puts Nicolas in blue. It matches his beautiful blue eyes so well! I often wear blue as this colour really highlights the blue in my eyes.

    2. If I remember well, at that time only Estelle was born and Carl-Philip wasn’t married yet. So Maddie was apparently pressured into accepted titles for her children.

      1. Apparently some royal watchers said he gave Madeleine’s kids a title so that it would be fair and he could give Carl Phillip’s future children HRHs. Apparently he’s still holding on to the fact that CP won’t be King.

        1. Carl Gustav still goes on about how people would prefer a King (his son) over a Queen (his daughter). It’s ridiculous.

          1. Forget where, but it was within the last year or two he’d made a comment about it. Then he tried to correct himself saying how Victoria would make a great queen. Eyeroll.

            I do not like that misogynistic jerk…

    3. Madeleine also put Leonore is blue quite a bit for a while. She’s expanded Leonore’s color palette, but Nicolas is still in blue. It reminds me of how Kate always puts George in blue.

      1. Blue is my favorite color so I love it. Pale blue is such a beautiful color on boys and girls and it matches Nicolas and Leonore’s eyes.

    4. They changed the laws in Sweden so that Victoria could pass titles to her children, meaning women could pass on titles whereas before women couldn’t. If I remember correctly, that’s one of the reasons it took so long for Victoria and Daniel to marry, because they had to figure out the titles thing.

      1. I’ve read that and also her father did not want her to marry him, so made them wait a very, very long time til he would give permission. What I know of the king’s personality that seems a feasible thing too. :/ They really had to stick it out and fight to be together.

        1. The reason Victoria and Daniel married is because Madeleine pressured him. At that time, only she was engaged to Jonas Bergstom (if I spell it right) and couldn’t get married before Victoria. And since we all know he prefers CP and Madeleine to her, he agreed.

          1. That’s real a shame that he openly favors CP and Mad over the lovely Victoria. She’ll make a great Queen and he should be stupendously proud.

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