Royal Round Up: Royals at Cannes 2017

Royal Round Up: Royals at Cannes 2017

There were several royals out and about at the Cannes Film Festival this past weekend, including Princess Beatrice, Queen Rania, and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie.

On My 21, Sarah, Duchess of York and Princess Beatrice attended the Fashion for Relief event during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival. The event is a fashion show and auction for Diesel’s Child At Heart collection which was is collaboration with the Fashion For Relief charity with the proceeds going to Save the Children.

I think Beatrice looks very pretty here, but I am not a fan of Sarah’s dress or choker.

Queen Rania was also at the Fashion for Relief event, at which she received a humanitarian award.

Rania looks nice from the waist up, but from the waist down I don’t know what’s happening with the lace and buttons.

Charlotte Casiraghi was all over Cannes this past weekend. On May 22 she attended the Kering Women in motion lunch with Madame Figaro.

On May 21, Charlotte attended the Women in Motion Awards Dinner in this hideous floral number.

And on May 20, Charlotte attended the Vanity Fair and HBO Dinner celebrating the Cannes Film Festival.

Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie were also at Cannes. On May 17, they attended the the ‘Ismael’s Ghosts (Les Fantomes d’Ismael)’ screening and Opening Gala.

Stephanie wore a cream Ralph Lauren “Dora V-Back Gown” (which Crown Princess Victoria wore to the Polar Music Prize last year).

Stephanie looks very pretty here, and her earrings are to die for.

72 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Royals at Cannes 2017

  1. I think Steph Lux looks great – so often she misses re hair, clothes etc – but on this occasion she hit the mark indeed. Love the jewels.

    1. Agreed! I love the little twirls in Stephanie’s hair! It keeps the strands out of her face (and prevents the hair from looking straggly) yet still looks fun and youthful!

  2. I agree with the comments above – Stephanie looks elegant and I love the earrings!! Charlotte C is a bit hit and miss, she’s usually chic and elegant.

  3. I think that Beatrice would have looked nicer if she had worn the top which was actually made to go with the skirt. I have seen a pic of the top and skirt on a model,but can’t remember where.
    Steph Lux looks really lovely. Wow those earrings.

    1. I thought Bea looked fine, but she needs to lay off the black eyeliner. No one out of their 20s should wear black eyeliner on their lower lids. You just look like a raccoon.

          1. I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic. It reads like you are. I think she is wearing too much eye makeup, and that she is too old to pull off that look.

          2. Oh, no, I was not being sarcastic at all. But going back and re-reading my comment, I can understand why it may have come across that way. For the misunderstanding, I apologize. I did not intend for my comment to come across as sarcastic toward you.

            To clarify: I was confused when you said “No one out of their 20s” because Bea is still in her 20s. But then you said you meant “no one out of their early 20s”, so that ended my confusion since Bea is out of her early 20s. So when I wrote my comment, I meant it in a “it makes way more sense that you forgot the ‘early’ than you thought Bea was in her 30s” kind of way; not in an eyeroll-y, sarcastic way.

            I agree with you that Bea is wearing too much eye makeup.

  4. I actually like Fergie’s look. The dress fits, her hair is not all over the place and I like the colour on her. I don’t like Beatrice’s look. The skirt is beautiful but I’m not a fan of the shirt she paired it with and I prefer Fergie’s lighter makeup to hers.

    1. I think Sarah’s dress fits ok, and I love that color green. But the dress looks a little too much like a prom dress for my taste.

      1. Oh, God, I just did an article on 1950s American television shows, and Fergie’s dress reminds me of things Miss Kitty wore in the show, Gunsmoke. Kitty was a saloon dancer in the late 1800s and the love interest of the hero, Marshall Matt Dillon, A redhead, like Sarah, I may add.

        I keep asking myself, what was Fergie thinking choosing this dress? Same thing for Bea. Her skirt looks like something a can-can dancer would wear.

        1. Mary Elizabeth, I love your comment about Miss Kitty – I’m old enough to have watched “Gunsmoke” when it was first on, in the 1950s, and you are so right about the dress! I’d love to read your article but understand that out of privacy concerns you might not want to post the link. I bet it was fun to research and write.

      2. Also, her hair was lank and limp, at least from the front. She should have gone all down (with lots of body) or fully up.

      3. I’m so used to seeing Fergie in black, over tight monstrosities so for me, this is an A+.

        1. The article I am working on is for a client and will be used in a marketing package they are presenting at an upcoming trade show. They are in the television industry. It is fun working on this, but I don’t know if they would want it read. Thanks for your interest. I have had an opportunity to watch some old series and truly, when I saw Fergie in her green get-up, the first thing that came into my mind was, “Oh, no, Miss Kitty.”

          Thanks for your interest, all. Very kind, indeed!

  5. The good: I like Bea’s skirt but the top doesn’t match–too dark! Stephanie looks lovely! I especially like the hair-do and earrings. The color of Fergie’s definitely flatters her but is a smidge too tight in some areas.

    The bad: Raina. Wow. Missed the mark by a mile.

    The ugh: Charlotte. Every single level of nope in my book. Clothes aren’t flattering and she is just giving a “meh” vibe to me.

    Changing subjects: earlier this week, something that I never thought would happen did. After years of online research, I finally found out who saved my life, almost 21 years ago, when they donated their child’s organs and I received her heart and lungs. I finally found out whom I can thank. I finally found my donor family and Tuesday, I got in touch with my donor mom via Facebook. Not only that, I learned that I have 2 donor sisters and 3 donor brothers plus donor nieces and nephews! We’re in the planning stage of my (hopefully) going to Illinois on 4th of July weekend to finally meet.

    I know whose heart and lungs I have inside of me. I now know my donor’s name, what she looked like and how it all came to be. ❤️

    1. That’s awesome, Kimothy! I hope you have a great time meeting them.

      PS. Thoughts on DWTS this past season?

      1. OMG! It was a shocker for sure! I loved David & Lindsey’s and Rashad and Emma’s freestyles! They were fun, upbeat and showed each contestant’s personality. Freestyles have never really been Val’s strong point because he (usually) sticks to slower numbers rather than something fun, upbeat or a bit different (a la, Calvin and Lindsey’s freestyle last fall).

        The judges (and co-hosts) were entirely unprofessional when they realized that Normani would be in 3rd place. Wow! I know that everyone was surprised (I was too) but you don’t need to verbally slap David across the face like that!

        In the end, I’m so glad we have a brand new pro-Mirror Ball winner! I’ll bet what happened is that a lot of Sasha’s fan votes went to Emma when they got the shocking boot last week. Either way, yay Emma!

        1. I was surprised at how all the best celebs kept going home so early. But I knew Rashad was going to win after his freestyle. Basically, the winner is determined solely on who had the best, most fun freestyle. And Rashad’s was the best and most fun. I think it’s a huge misstep to do a slow freestyle. They added in the contemporary dance in so that the pros can so a slow, artistic dance. So leave the slow, artistic stuff for the contemporary dance and make the freestyle fun. Otherwise, you’ll lose.

          1. Freestyles have never been Maks’s or Val’s strong points. Each (but especially Maks) is just too try hard when it comes to the uptempo or “sexy” numbers and omg!! Gleb just gives me a major case of the creeps! During the pro guys number, he was gyrating his hips so much, I could almost see the outline of his manhood! WTF?! DWTS is supposed to be a “family friendly” show! He just tries sooooo damn hard to be sexy that it actually grosses me out!!

            As for Alan? Make him pro!! Love him!!

      1. Yes!! I’m nervous and excited with a bunch of other emotions that I can’t pinpoint right now. Both sides are still processing everything that has happened within the past 48 or so hours.

        My donor mother has been writing for years on various sites and some of her writings are connected with her daughter. Also, she’s a certified genealogist and I’ve been doing family history for decades so we have some things in common! I also found out that my donor sister and I like a lot of the same music.

        1. Hi Kimothy

          I saw my friend with the lung transplant yesterday, she looking great – in fact I think the years are dropping off her and she’s looking even better each time I see her. I did tell her about you and she’s loving hearing how well you are doing, and inspired too. I asked her if she has ever thought about contacting the family of her donor and she said she will do it this year. It seems it must be easier to find out about your donor here in New Zealand?

          Good luck with meeting your donor’s family, I’ll be thinking about you then and sending you good wishes 🙂

    2. That’s wonderful, Kimothy. I’m sure your donor family will be thrilled to meet and get to know the fine person whom they donated their child’s organs to.

    3. What exciting news! This just goes to show the kindness and generosity of people during a difficult time and the love, gratitude and strength that comes from the recipient. Keep us posted. I would love to hear more.

      1. Kimohty, this is such a wonderful piece of news during such gloomy days. I am so very happy for you and realize the donors’ families will be so happy to meet you, too.
        The gift of life is a great thing and the gifts you are now bringing to so many ensure that their loved ones are still going on, too. You are an amazing woman and the blessings you have received you surely return. Will be eager to hear how things go and good luck!!!!

    4. Such happy and exciting news for both of y’all! For a parent/family memeber to make something good out of something bad is always touching.
      Is it the whole recipient gang meeting in July or just you?

    5. That is simply awesome for you and your donor family. They will be so thrilled that their tragedy brought you life, such a long life and such a successful life. We’re all so proud of you here at KMR.

      1. Kimothy, what wonderful news and I wish you the best. The donor family will be so happy to meet you and you and your family, to meet them. I wish you the best. They helped give you life, you continue to give everyone hope and love and laughs!

      1. Large crowds at the hospital and she was warmly applauded as people showed how pleased they were she came. For just a few minutes it was smiles all round.

    1. I thought of you when that popped up on my facebook feed! So glad she could visit and she made everyone smile! She looked lovely!

      1. I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat. So happy that HM paid this visit. The patients, their loved ones and the staff were treated to her caring ways. I hope they know that people all over the world are praying for them.

        Thanks for posting this link.

    2. I thought she looked lovely and I’m sure everyone enjoyed it. Things like that do lift the morale of everyone there.

  6. I actually like the floral dress Charlotte wore (minus the terrible belt) but wish it were somewhat shorter so it doesn’t pool on the floor. But then I’m a fan of florals.

    The first picture of her is not a good look – scuffed shoes, unkempt hair, overly busy dress.

    1. Yes I like the floral dress too minus that fug belt. I used to love following Charlotte because I thought her fashion choices were great and interesting. The last few years though her fashion choices have been very blah and unimpressive. Out of the the princely family I find Beatrice borromeo to be the most interesting fashion wise now.

  7. Stephanie of Luxemburg looks the most glamorous. See Kate that is how you do hair and those earrings. I want them. 🙂 G. must spoil his wife and rightly so.
    I like Princess Beatrice’s dress. Sarah’s , DOY, looks ok in that Green dress.
    Charlotte looks lovely in the floral long dress. I wish she would lose the pout though.

  8. Queen Raina looks lovely to me.

    I would love to see Fred and Mary at Cannes one day but I’m assuming a Danish based film would have to be playing.

  9. I love Stephanie’s look. I definitely need to read up more on her and the royal family of Luxembourg.

  10. I liked the lady in the white T shirt and cropped wide leg pants the best out of all these pictures. Just so chic from to

  11. Charlottes dress in first picture looks like replica of valentino dress jackie kennedy wore to marry onassis! I’ve seen dress in exhibition and looks so similar

  12. Was Sarah supposed to be dressed this fancy? This dress just looks a bit “too much” to me…I like the color with her hair and coloring but too much beading and it seemed a bit too tight or restricting. That being said, it is good to see her out and about with her daughter.

    Charlotte is a dead ringer for Caroline but she needs a hairbrush and a book on her head to improve that posture. What in the world is she doing in the picture with her feet pointing together, knees bent, and slouching. Good grief. She has a model’s long lean figure and could easily throw back those shoulders and press then down, head up, chest out, stand up straight and STRUT it and work. that. runway. She is lovely, she just needs to work on her posture. Oh, and brush her hair.

    Stephanie looks fabulous here and so does Rania…from the waist up. I agree, KMR. She wore the entire kitchen and dining room below the waist….tablecloth, curtains, and napkins all thrown and sewn together into a skirt. Wowsers.

  13. I think Stephanie looks lovely especially with the hair up to showcase the earrings.
    Raina usually looks lovely but sometimes she just gets it wrong, this is one of those times.
    I’m not a fan of Beas’ outfit, it looks like another dreadful hi-lo creation which I’m just not a fan of. And her eyeliner looks bad.
    I love chokers but not with the dress fergie is wearing.
    As for Charlotte, No on all three
    Cannes was disappointing on the fashion front for me. Usually Blake lively is my go to winner and she wan’t there this yr. very modely/kardashion-esk this yr =(

  14. The Queen visited children in a hospital in Manchester.You can’t such grief that these children must endure.What shall you say to those? Or to all others? We get punished because we live not in the way these people think is right? There is no justification for such violence, especially on children.

  15. Stephanie, for once, looks great. She usually looks unkempt and unwashed, honestly, the few events she does do, so it’s nice to see her looking great but why were they at Cannes?!

    1. They were apparently there with the PM to promote the Lux film industry.

      Always happy to show up in designer clothes and be the center of attention. The problem is her constant failure to show up and do anything for the everyday people of her (new) country. Her other outfits from Cannes were disasters.

      Felix and Claire were also there, for a charity event

  16. I love Beatrice’s look and dress.

    However, I really don’t to understand Sarah Ferguson at all. I guess Andrew supports her. Is she a bona fide fundraiser and celebrity draw for certain charities?

    She is someone who I think should realize how fortunate she is to have had a chance at the brass ring? Even now she lives in a luxurious chalet in Switzerland. She also seems to get freebie vacations from an assortment of celebs like Kate Moss. Can someone enlighten me about what she does with her life?

    1. I find numerous things sketchy/odd about Sarah. there is no way she can afford her part of the chalet w/out help from some one.did she get part of the shady house sale deal? I think technically she’s on the speaker circuit but I don’t know she would talk about it that would be relevant/helpful to peeps. How to be a user 101?
      She was supposedly dating someone awhile back but I thought she lived at royal lodge? That would be awkward.

      1. For years, she was a spokesperson for Weight Watchers here in the U.S. She also penned a kids’ book, didn’t she? And a doll was marketed from that book, or series, I think. Now, she is rarely heard from.

        I think I recall reading that she was actually on her way to a meeting in The World Trade Center on 9/ll when the planes hit.

        I would hope she would do something of merit with her life now. She has been given more opportunities than many. I do recall hearing from many people who work in PR that she was very good to work with on the Weight Watcher campaigns. People seemed to like her and her work ethic.

        I’m curious also to know what she has been up to of late. Perhaps, not too much?

      2. I googled her and found a 2016 DM article describing her many stabs at starting businesses in London that have never gotten off the ground.Some investors are very upset with her. She had rented an office but didn’t renew the lease and now holds business meetings in a few posh bars. I don’t understand her at all. I read that at some point Andrew was willing to remarry her but she had the Weight Watchers gig going and thought she could do well on her own. Then she again fell on hard times. I wish she would be a little more dignified and learn to live within a budget.

    1. I’m stunned at the price! I’m surprised B (or anyone) showed up to a red carpet event in something costing less than 100 pounds. And I like B’s shoes. I’d love to see her in some of Granny’s jewels.

  17. Oooh what a mixed bag from Cannes this year! Steph-lux looked great but what was Sarah thinking? Heavy green satin looking like a bordello madame! B didn’t look too bad although leaning heavily toward the panda-eye!

  18. And Charlotte can be so ravishingly gorgeous but gives off strong vibes of ‘I don’t give a damn’ in the way that only an uber-rich-beautiful-Euro-royal can. Slightly grungy rather than groomed and sleek.

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