King Willem-Alexander’s 50th Birthday celebrations

King Willem-Alexander’s 50th Birthday celebrations

Last Thursday, April 27, was King Willem-Alexander‘s 50th birthday. He celebrated King’s Day (Koningsdag) with events held in Tilburg, and celebrated on April 28 with a special dinner. He also had a big private dinner complete with foreign royals on Saturday, April 29. All of that is set up for the fact that Queen Letizia looking amazing in a red gown on Saturday.

Yes, this post about Willem-Alexander’s birthday celebrations is kicking off with Queen Letizia because she looked amazing and I’m super excited about it. King Felipe was also there, of course, but who’s looking at him.

Leti looked flawless in this red caped gown from Stella McCartney with ruby and diamond earrings, the two “joyas de pasar” diamond bracelets on one arm, and a silver clutch. Her hair and makeup were fantastic, too.

This is the most excited I’ve been about a royal outfit since Victoria’s Nobel look last year. This is one of Leti’s best looks ever. I don’t know how she could top this for best of the year.

The dinner on April 28 was with 150 people who shared the King’s birthday and were celebrating a jubilee birthday as well.

Maxima wore a purple Jan Taminiau one-shoulder gown. The silk organza gown features embroidery of purple flowers, green leaves, and bamboo and was inspired by the Japanese room in the Huis ten Bosch Palace.

Maxima wore big dangle earrings and two diamond bracelets, as well as two diamond wheat ear claps in her hair.

I don’t like this one very much; it’s too fussy for me.

Below are photos from the April 27 events in Tilburg where the King and Queen were joined by their three daughters: Princess Amalia, Princess Alexia, and Princess Ariane.

Maxima’s blue and brownish dress and cape are by Jan Taminiau. I like this outfit more than Max’s purple gown, but it’s not as stunning as Leti’s red gown.

23 thoughts on “King Willem-Alexander’s 50th Birthday celebrations

  1. Letizia looks stunning.
    I love the orange-blue outfit of Maxima, the orange of the shoes.It’s interesting to look at.
    The children grew too fast!They are soon young women and I can still remember them not long ago being three little kids 🙂
    I wish King Willem-Alexander and his family all the best for his 50th birthday!

    1. Oh, I just didn’t like her arms in the sleeveless red gown. The gown was stunning, but she did not look healthy in it. Just me?

      Loved the pink/purple gown on Mas. She always nails her looks. Even that blue/orange dress was intriguing. I did not particularly care for it, but on her? Very nice.

      And all best wishes to the King. He seems so happy. Why not? A lovely wife and three lovely girls!!!

      1. No, not just you, Jenny. I agree. The red dress — those horrible folds around the bust area (if I were mean, I would say, “What bust?” Oops, I said it.

        I also think she is so frail. I always imagine one of her little arms just snapping off. I guess that is horrible to say, but she is so frail to me. I know she works out, but she does not look healthy.

        The red color was smashing on her and I loved her hair, but the dress, didn’t do it for me. It did look rather James Bond.

        Max’s purple number was another winner for her. She just looks fab in everything. Also, seems to enjoy life so very much. Happiness radiates from her.

        A Happy Birthday to the King He seems to have it all. Not just his title, but a stunning and loving wife and three very darling daughters.

  2. Oh my Queen Letizia has absolutely nailed this one, she looks incredible. The whole package is faultless, she looks so elegant and stylish, makeup, hair, jewellery, accessories, beautiful . Now that is how you do it! Cannot forget King Felipe he looks handsome and dashing, he looks more handsome as he is getting older.
    I love Queen Maxima’s cape and brown/blue dress, it is different and she can pull something like this off easy as! Her daughters are lovely. They are going to grow up to be amazing young women, with the example that there mother has set for them. Her work ethic for starters.
    Thank you KMR for this page, it is wonderful to see the European Royals.

  3. The blue-ochre outfit will be immediately on display at the Textile Museum in Tilburg along with her coronation gown.

    1. There were other foreign royals there (Fred and Mary, Victoria and Daniel, and others) but they stayed at the palace so there were no photos of them. Felipe and Leti stayed at a hotel so they were photographed leaving for the party.

  4. KMR , royal palace also shared 2 pictures form the banquet where Maxima is wearing beautiful red gown and princesses are also dressed in pretty dresses. Please, add this pictures to the post! 🙂

  5. Letizia looks absolutely stunning. So modern yet elegant and dignified. Beautiful. Maxima looks gorgeous too, what fabulous hair clips!

  6. I love that Maxima always looks like she’s having genuinely the best time. It’s as if every day is seen as a beautiful one to enjoy. I agree Letizia looks fabulous.

      1. No one alive now looks more the Queen than Maxima. When Victoria ascends she will be a very close second, just a hair’s breadth between them. Imo of course?

    1. Exactly. She seems so genuinely happy to be there, and she seems glad that whoever else came is there, too.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. I can’t be too critical of her clothes because she is smiling and projecting through them. Her clothes take a backseat to her personality.

      1. Isn’t it amazing that despite her extremely busy, loud clothing, her personality shines through and forces the clothing into the background?

        AKBM: perfect observation. Happy to be there and Happy that you are there. I hope this isn’t just public projection and 20yrs down the line we find out that she was miserable as sin.

  7. Wow! Leti looks like a Bond girl in that first photo!

    (And I have shoe envy, I want those shoes Maxima has on in the last photo)

  8. I just can’t warm up to this cape on one shoulder look. I just don’t like it on anyone. Leti looks great in the red but I liked her hair better when it was the shorter bob.

    Max looks great. She really does the big occasions so well.

  9. Leti looks amazing! Love her jewelery and hair.
    I like maxima’ purple dress but it’s a rare miss for me with her jewelry. Don’t they have a nice amethyst set?
    Anyhoodles her best accessory is always her smile and enthusiasm.
    Love the flowers for the tablescape!!
    Thanks for covering this

    1. I don’t think the Dutch royals have amethysts. A hole in an otherwise big, sparkly collection. They have pearls, rubies, sapphires, kunzite, but not a big amethyst parure.

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