Royal Round Up: Sophie in blue, Maxima in diamonds

Royal Round Up: Sophie in blue, Maxima in diamonds

Sophie, Countess of Wessex stepped out for a charity lunch for one of her patronages yesterday, while Queen Maxima donned a tiara and a necklace not seen since the 1970s for a State Visit from Argentina.

Yesterday, March 27, Sophie, Countess of Wessex attended the Mencap charity fashion lunch at Sheraton Park Lane Hotel. Sophie has been Patron of Mencap, which supports people with learning disabilities, since 2004. This year’s event showcased work by Suzannah, whose work was on display at the lunch.

Sophie wore Victoria Beckham dark blue knitted top ($520) and knitted skirt ($790). I’m surprised Sophie didn’t chose something by Suzannah – usually when celebs hit up events sponsored by or celebrating a certain designer, they choose something from that designer.

I’m including the photo below because this is the type of crotch clutching that Kate does that annoys me so much. Is this crotch clutching something Kate learned from Sophie or something Sophie picked up from Kate?

After hitting up Spain in February, the President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, and his wife, Juliana Awada, were in the Netherlands yesterday, March 27, for a State Visit.

There was the official welcome and inspection of the guard of honor before they visited the Anne Frank House. They also attended a “Business Forum” and hockey clinic at Beurs van Berlage.

Queen Maxima‘s jacket and skirt are Mattijs van Bergen, and her shoes are nude LK Bennett Sledges.

In the evening, they held a State Banquet where King Willem-Alexander gave a speech. The speech is long and I don’t want to quote all of it, but I love this part where he calls his wife “the most precious of gifts”:

    “Argentina is a country that has always welcomed people from Europe and other parts of the world with open arms. A country that believes in the importance of ambition and development. I love Argentina’s hospitality. I love the asado, where you will often find me behind the parrilla. I love the creativity and ingenuity of the Argentinian people, which have been a source of strength to them in difficult times. Argentina is a vibrant, passionate country. And the country, of course, that gave me the most precious of gifts: my wife, our Dutch Queen.”

[full transcript here, in English]

For the banquet, Maxima wore a repeated Jan Taminiau gown which she previously wore to her brother’s wedding in 2014. This gown is gorgeous.

Maxima wore the Dutch Diamond Bandeau Tiara, large diamond earrings, three diamond bracelets, and a diamond brooch on her belt. Her diamond necklace is part of a three-piece parure that includes the Stuart Tiara and a large diamond bow brooch. This necklace, which was created for Queen Wilhelmina (r. 1890 – 1948) in 1897, was last seen in public on Queen Juliana (r. 1948 – 1980).

Maxima wore the Order of the Netherlands Lion (Netherlands). W-A wore the collar of the Order of the Liberator General San Martin (Argentina) and the sash of the Military Order of William (Netherlands). Macri wore the Order of the Netherlands Lion (Netherlands). And Juliana wore the Order of the Crown (Netherlands).

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Princess Beatrix was also at the banquet, wearing the Antique Pearl Tiara.

Queen Maxima Argentine State Visit March 2017

Kate is attending the National Portrait Gallery’s Portrait Gala tonight (I’ll have coverage of that tomorrow). Hopefully we’ll see some nice jewels from her.

62 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Sophie in blue, Maxima in diamonds

  1. This is a treat. Thanks for the post KMR. Just loving the tiaras and all that bling!
    That was very special of the King to include the bit about Maxima in his speech. You can see the love there.

    I do like Sophie. I think she’s a great representative of the British royal Family, she’s a great supporter of her charities. I just wish she would stop with the cc?

    1. “And the country, of course, that gave me the most precious of gifts: my wife, our Dutch Queen.”

      He has come a long, long way from Prins Pils of the frequent temper tantrums – and yes, it came with finding the right match.

  2. I love Maxima’s green jacket by Mattijs van Bergen, this green is so pleasant to the eyes.Maxima has good taste, you can never really dislike something she wears.And, as I said before, I really like King Willem-Alexander, it’s so beautiful of him to compliment his wife in such a way.
    It’s much bling but Maxima can wear it.
    I don’t think Sophie does crotch-clutching all the time, I see it the first time. And you know by the way that Sophie doesn’t do it because she is too nervous to let her hands by her side.We shouldn’t compare it to Kate’s who shamefully often use this obvious trick.

    1. Its not that there’s nothing to dislike…it’s just that she has this confidence to pull off anything..she’d look great in a trash bag!

          1. She has improved through the years, but still brings out the terrible sometimes.

            2015 shiny pink satin culottes from Natan

            2015, same awful Valentino jumpsuit as Charlene

            2015 repeated the red lampshade gown from 2008

            2015 wearing a dress that looks like monkey fur

            Lux royal wedding we were subjected to

            Mustard Sleeves that walked like a dress (plus 2 foot long feathers)

            Sequin saloon girl gown

            She’d gotten better, but she still throws in some awful things.

      1. Yes, she sometimes wears things that viewed seperately don’t seem to be great items but she has this confidence that makes it stylish on her. She really seems to love styling in a sometimes unusual way.

  3. A wonderful post thank you KMR.
    Sophie looks lovely I like the color on her, such a wonderful charity she supports.
    Queen Maxima looks beautiful for her daywear, just love the pearls, adore them from way back!
    The banquet, well she simply nailed it. She looks stunning, dress is beautiful, jewellery, hair and makeup, she is so stylish.
    I love the fact that she always looks so engaged, animated, and enthusiastic, that is very infectious.
    What a great Ambassador, her husband must be so proud of her.

    1. I like Sophie’s outfit, too, but I love that black maxi dress by Susannah. Clearly a very talented designer. I would say the fit across the chest and shoulders of that blue VB top is awkward, but the whole outfit could be easily dressed up or down and split to get a fair amount of wear out of it. Sophie has a few things in this thick waffly fabric, doesn’t she?

        1. Sophie, like Eugenie, has the figure for the more retro-style dresses and sure can rock them!! I don’t know if I care for the jacket with the egg blue outfit, I’m not sure that the cut/length is all that flattering.

          1. Sophie is short and curvy like Beatrice (Sophie’s 5’3″ or 5’4″) and just curvy like Eugenie (who is 5’7″ or 5’8″). That can be tough to dress, especially when she loves long, fitted things. That light blue outfit just cuts her in the wrong places.

  4. I think those small clutch purses are so hard to hold, hence the crotch clutching position. Bring back handbags ladies!

    1. Can they set their bags down, or is that against protocol? Or are they trying to show off their expensive bag? I get that she’s crotch clutching in that one photo because she is shaking hands with someone, but can’t these ladies put their bags down?

        1. Or even handing to an assistant for safekeeping. Actually, what’s the need for a bag anyway when traveling with a dedicated staff?

          1. I read on DM that the queen uses hers to signal her lady in waiting if she wants to move on from talking to someone. I think she shifts her bag to the other hand? Perhaps the others do the same.

      1. I agree, a small shoulder bag or even a larger clutch type bag. I remember many times Diana had larger flat bags that she would tuck under her arm. Of course given it was the 80’s maybe that type of bag could be scaled down for today.

      2. Or just move their hand to the side of their body while using the other to shake hands instead of leaving the non-shaking hand by their crotch.

        1. Exactly KMR! And who in real life walks around with their hands at their crotch? I see standing for a photo (actually it really bugs me but I’m ready to let it go) like many world leaders do, as pro-Kate people point out, but I’ve yet to see one of these world leaders walk, stand, sit, basically never move their hands from that position for the length of their engagement quite like Kate does. I will give her kudos however, it appears that she has been working on that and at the last few engagements has been seen with her arms at her sides more often. Oh geez, has it gotten so bad that having Kate stand like a normal person is worthy of praise?? I just reread what I wrote and it just hit me that I can’t think of one other person, royal or not, who I feel the need to praise for merely standing up straight-ish.

          1. I’d praise William if he posed for a photo where it didn’t look like he was protecting his junk from being kicked.

          2. Lol, given how the public is turning against him it might be a good idea. I think it does give him and Kate a very “please may we have some pudding?” look. Like two little kids who aren’t sure they should be at the adult table.

    2. I have clutches and I don’t crotch clutch. It’s totally doable to have a clutch and not look like you’re grabbing your crotch.

      1. I remembered at my last job interview to keep my handbag away from the crotch area. I have not tried crotch clutching but I guess it is pretty uncomfortable. It screams get a way from me.

        1. I tried walking around my house with my hands clutched in front of me, ala Kate, and after about 3 minutes I was so hunch backed and uncomfortable I don’t know how she does it. It really plays havoc with your posture.

  5. Queen Maxima lives
    Up to her name once more. Bringing on the Maximum glamour, shine, regalness and looking like she’s spreading joy around! Loved these pics, Thanks KMR!

  6. I love Maxima’s fashion sense and she’s always so happy. WA’s speech was incredibly sweet. I wish the European royals got more coverage in mainstream media. Maxima, Letizia, Victoria, Mary and Rania would absolutely be in the best dressed lists.

  7. A woman born to wear statement jewellery and make it look fun, youthful and covetable.

    Folliwing Maxima makes me want to wear statement jewellwry to the supermarket because she makes it look so easy.

  8. Great post, KMR! Maybe it’s just me or the angle of the photos, but Connie Britton could totally play Maxima in a movie!

  9. In the portrait photo of Maxima, I noticed that her collarbones extend out over her shoulders. I’ve never seen that before. Mine don’t do that. It looks a little strange.

  10. Yiiiipppeeeee! I love maxima and her love of the bling! I’ll even forgive her the hat she wore in day becuase her pearls are lovely
    If I had access to all that I’d probably be like queen Mary, can’t step out in anything less than 5 diamond necklaces on =)!

  11. Love Maxima’s style, the evening dress especially. Boy, can she do bling. Her personality is big, warm, and generous, and I love how proud of her WA is. As soneone said above, he was made by his marriage.

    Sophie is one of my favorites, and she is in great shape. But I have never been a fan of short sleeves with turtlenecks; it always looks like workout gear. And I hate the pointy-toe shoes. Both these complaints are personal quirks; she still looks nice.

  12. I love Queen Maxima, but godness me, this time she got it wrong. Looks frumpy, unflattering standing beside sleek, elegant Juliana (daywear). But bring on the evening wear …ohlalala!…Maxima is a Knock-out πŸ™‚

    1. Oh say it isn’t so, Maxima, imho, didn’t look at all frumpy today πŸ™ You are right though, Juliana looked absolutely lovely today.

      I did see photos of Max during the day and wow, she did not look very happy. I realize that she wouldn’t be grinning and such at the Anne Frank house but I just felt that all in all she wasn’t enjoying her day.

    1. Everyday another royal πŸ™‚
      I’m so excited for Pippa’s wedding, although I don’t like that the Middletons promote themselves in such a excessive way, I’m curious about what Kate will do at her sister’s wedding, or George and Charlotte.It will be interesting to see if this wedding will be pompus or modest. I know that Pippa said she doesn’t want a big wedding but a “family”-wedding, we will see.

      1. It’ll be interesting to say the least πŸ™‚ I noticed that Kate doesn’t have any engagements posted yet for April, do you think she’s busy helping Pippa and Carole with the wedding?

        1. I can’t really imagine what she can do. Most of the preparations will be done until April. I read that she will probably give a speech. But I’m also curious how they will handle the public interest.Is press allowed or will it be totally private?

          1. And they can get decorations/favors from party pieces or giant marshmallows with the bride and grooms face on it??
            Yes, I’m feeling snarky
            Do we actually know the date or is it speculation that it’s in may

    2. Queen Maxima is just delightful, her charisma just shines through. Funny how the pearls look so luminous on her as compared to someone else who wore pearls in Paris.
      I think Sophie looks nice, except the fit of that top near her armpits is creating this odd pucker. I think a bold necklace would have added a bit more pizzazz as well. I do like her hair down as well. It just goes to show you that women over the age of 35 can wear their hair a bit longer but do not need overly long hair flopping all over the place.

    1. That dress looks exactly like a black one she owns. Why does she insist on buying clothes that are all identical? How very boring.

      1. And the burgundy Dolce & Gabanna she wore for the Chinese visit albeit that was a shorter length and not full evening dress. It’s a very pretty lace, and I love the shade of green with the gold accessories but as you say how many times have we had lace evening / cocktail wear?

    2. At first a I hated the title. Kate outshines the stars! Yeah right and why does there need to be a competition? Then I saw what some of the other ladies were wearing!! I don’t get why people love Alexa Chung?! Bleh even rosamund pike, whom I love looked dreadful! I don’t know much about Donna air, just that she’s dating James but she looked one of the better dressed.
      What I did learn from this article is that Kate is going to Luxembourg by herself in May

      1. Yeah, Kate did outshine them. Because they all wore hideous dresses. So Kate’s boring one is better by default.

    3. The one thing that annoys me is this.

      She has this in black.

      Tonight’s gown was bespoke, made for her, with a different lace color and different front matching another gown.

      It is SO WASTEFUL! Not to mention the twee Kiki earrings, which are heinously expensive for what they are.

      1. Hasn’t she got another similar item in aubergine/ deep plum? Which is similar to the black gown? Plus the twee bow at the waist was similar seen with a coat or something… And the Kiki earrings are an exercise in bourgeois blandness. Overall, such an ostentatious waste of public money for little more than a couple of hours’ of being entertained by others and then brazenly calling it royal ‘work’.

        1. If I had that kind of money I’d go shopping at Asprey, Garrard, Collins & Sons, Cartier… for jewelry… not Kiki’s stuff.

    1. Ah, yes, the King loves his wife. And, she is so stunning! Just love her.

      Sophie looked nice in the blue, but the dress needed some punch, jewelry-wise. It wasn’t the all together look one usually gets from her!

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