Kate in lace and Kikis for Portrait Gala

Kate in lace and Kikis for Portrait Gala

Kate Middleton attended her second Portrait Gala at the National Portrait Gallery, of which she is Patron, last night, March 28. After wearing the Queen’s Nizam of Hyderabad necklace in 2014, I was hoping she would bling it up this go around, but sadly that didn’t happen.

Kate arrives at Portrait Gala March 2017 cs
[Portrait Gallery @NPGLondon]

Instead, Kate debuted yet another pair of Kikis, adding to her growing list. At least she is transitioning to larger pieces, opting for rather large the Kiki McDonough “Candy Pink Tourmaline and Green Amethyst Drop Earrings” (which were originally £8,900 but are currently discounted to £5,340). These actually aren’t brand new, Kate wore them to the private Royal Foundation dinner last November. I wanted diamonds, but instead I got overpriced Kikis. Sad.

Kate paired the Kikis with a green lace Temperley London gown. The gown is very similar to Kate’s beloved Temperley Amoret gown, but with a different neckline and color. Back in April 2016, Kate was spotted driving to Windsor in what appeared to be a new green lace dress, and it seems this is the same gown. So while both the gown and the earrings are new-to-us, she’s had them both for a while.

Kate’s accessories are also repeats: Jimmy Choo Dart Sandals previously worn in Malaysia in 2012, and Wilbur and Gussie Charlie Gold Glitter Clutch she’s had since 2011.

Kiki McDonough Candy Pink Tourmaline and Green Amethyst Drop Earrings Wilbur and Gussie Charlie Gold Glitter Clutch s

Like I said, I was hoping for some really nice jewels and I didn’t get them, so that’s sad. The gown is fine. I actually do like the color and think it works well on Kate, and I think the silhouette works for her, but I’m so sick of the All Lace Dress Club. So many of the royals do it, and it’s just boring. I also dislike the high neckline. I’m not a fan of high necklines in general, but coupled with the hair down it just looks like she’s being strangled. But I do love the clutch.

Kate at Portrait Gala March 2017 4 cs
[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

On to the event. Kate attended the National Portrait Gallery‘s Portrait Gala, which is a fundraising dinner to help raise funds for the Gallery – the current project is ‘Coming Home’, a project that will return iconic portraits to relevant locations across the UK for a loan period of over three years.

Kate viewed two exhibitions: Howard Hodgkin: Absent Friends; and Gillian Wearing and Claude Cahun: Behind the mask, another mask. She was greeted by Ishbel Myerscough and Philip Treacy, and artist Gillian Wearing. Kate attended a reception before attending the gala dinner.

While meeting the guests, Kate spoke to two parents whose child is also attending Thomas’s Battersea like George.

    “She was introduced to Richard Found, who runs an architecture and design practice, and his wife Jane Suitor, an art consultant and collector, who revealed that their child was also at Thomas’s School in Battersea, where her son will be starting in September.
    “They told the Duchess it was a ‘great school’ and she said she hoped to see them at the school gates. ‘We were chatting about Thomas’, the school George will be going to,’ said Mr Found afterwards. ‘We’re parents there as well. She just said ‘I may see you at the school gates’.'”

[Daily Mail]

KP announced two new engagements for Kate:

On April 4, Kate will attend the opening night of 42nd Street at Theatre Royal Drury Lane in aid of EACH.

On May 11, Kate will visit Luxembourg and attend the commemoration of the 1867 Treaty of London.

Other celebrities and such attended the Portrait Gala also. I’ve got to say, having looked at the fashion from the other ladies in attendance, Kate’s gown doesn’t look half bad.

Alexa Chung.

Rosamund Pike.

Donna Air – James Middleton’s girlfriend.

The Earl and Countess Spencer.

Sophie Agnew stepped in to fill the void left by Rebecca Deacon who just got married last weekend.

176 thoughts on “Kate in lace and Kikis for Portrait Gala

  1. Ugh things I’m over: lace, high necklines, pussy bows, and Kiki earrings
    I actually forgot this was a gala event and like you when remembered thought yay jewels. Yes, they’re better than some but how many tourmalines and citrines can a girl have? Diamonds and pearls I get but all these baubles that look the same? Nope I’m starting to think the family has stock in the company! Add in her hair is down and mainly obscuring them.
    I would actually like them more but not with this outfit
    Same with the dress. Yes, it’s okay but why get a new one when you 100s of the exact same style in your closet.
    Disappointed all around. Especially the other ladies!
    Does Donna come to these events alone or does James accompany her and just not do the press? Or are they still together?
    At least the new assistant looks nice and unrumpled =)

    1. Sarah, I agree with you on all of this but the bit about the new assistant!

      I think the new assistant looks odd – a shapeless big gown with shoes that don’t seem to match, long and unstyled hair, no make up, and carrying a whole lot of shopping bags?

      Does Kate advertise for someone who will make her look more polished by comparison?!

      1. The photo was taken as they were leaving, so I think the bags were gifts that Kate got? I agree that I don’t like Sophie’s dress.

      2. I think the assistant is carrying gift bags for Kate since that is her job. Plus, with how little she makes since the royals don’t pay well, she probably bought a dress off the rack so it doesn’t look as good as Kate’s several thousand pound dress. Also, she may not have known far in advance she would be accompanying Kate tonight. And I don’t think Kate likes to be outdone by other women, so maybe her assistants can’t get too done up.

        I think it is fair to critique Kate since she is the royal and in the spotlight, but I have always found it unfair critiquing her assistants since they are doing a job and there to support Kate. The assistants job isn’t too look drop dead gorgeous, but rather make sure Kate is taken care of and supported. I doubt Kate is the easiest person to work for too boot.

        1. Their job is to do the work while looking presentable and blending into the background. They should not distract, either through their behavior or their clothes.

          Deacon never dressed properly for the role nor did the Beauty Team that just had to accompany them up the hill in Bhutan. We’ll see if this one dresses better for the role.

          1. They were all inappropriate. They are there, doing a job, not to be there as tourists. They could have dressed appropriately for the hike without looking nearly as bad as they did.

        2. I agree. It’s completely unfair to attack their staff members imo – especially since they would go completely unnoticed if not for the fact that we watch every move their employers make.

          1. IMO, If I had to be her assistant, I would just get a uniform and wear my hair in a ponytail. Since Kate is usually underwhelming or at the least unimpressive, if I showed up in the same old dull grey jumper, white blouse, and black skirt everyday it might help Kate “pop” a bit at engagements. Then I can save money (just buy seven of the same pieces at Macy’s or Target, and I am good to go). The poor girl looks tired and done with the whole evening. Poor girl; her job has just started. Good luck to her.

      3. +1

        Another boring similar lace tablecloth! Lazy can’t be bothered to use a stylist or MM ideas to give ‘something more’, representing HM BRF. But seem to have used Duchy taxpayers funds for large gift to herself, maybe as make up for whiny solo ski fun.

        The hair is bigger than tne rest.

      1. Shade thrown by HuffPo. Thought they were tame when it came to Kate? There’s way too much lace in that stuffy gown. Whoever is advising her or sycophantly agreeing with her, I wish they’d stop. Kate is in desperate need of a professional, no-sh*t taken stylist.

  2. So is the Lux trip a solo? Also, it feels like I’ve seen this dress millions of times. It’s okay, but it’s the lace personification of bland and basic.

  3. Kate looks plain so plain.She completely lacks the ability to add interest in her personality …Ohh wait I wonder if she has any !!

  4. Pros: I love the color of the dress, but I am a sucker for dark green. She finally accessorized well. The gold clutch and shoes were a great choice with the green. And I am happy to see an appropriate shoe with her evening dress for once instead of her basic pump. Though I don’t love the earrings at least they weren’t small and hidden behind her hair. Her hair looks great tonight.

    Cons: The dress itself looks like all her other lace dresses. This one looks identical to her black lace one she has worn several times including the belt. I am not a fan of the added belt with the small bow. It wasn’t needed. This look would have been a knock out if the style of the dress didn’t look like 15 of her other dresses.

    Donna Air looked great. I love her shoes

    1. I agree with everything you said. I love this color on Kate. I think tonight’s look would be a win for her if I didn’t know she already had approximately 100 similar dresses. I wish she had worn those emerald earrings she wore to that St. Andrew’s gala in New York. That would have been nice and added more bling.

      1. You think so? Her dress is a lovely color and she is a beautiful woman, but it’s wayyy too tight!! Her skin is pouring over the top of the dress!

        1. Yikes, the Countess Spencer’s gown. Could she have fallen out of the dress any more?! (Is she a Duchess or a Countess)? Did Kate have any contact with the Spencers at the event? I mean, after all…..

          1. Herazeus, thank you for the link. Dress is stunning in that image. Oh, not so much on the Countess. The tight bodice was a disaster waiting to happen!

          2. Probably was lent a sample for event that wasn’t her size. Makes me question McQueen’s judgment and the Countess’.

  5. The slouching must stop. It just must. Also the hair is a mop and you can barely see her shoes and I keep thinking she was going to trip on her skirt.
    She is never going to get it together.

    So how much has been spent on her clothing for appearances to date? Because it must be climbing up there and we are still in March.

      1. Wow Nota…that is awful that Kate is spending public money from Duchy of Cornwall like a drunken sailor when Britain is facing cuts to so many of its social services, like the NHS.

        1. This spending and glamourous events trips, are all waity carol wanted – royals VIPS aristo celebrities; not royal duties-global causes, GB UK needy/charities.

    1. When she is not jamming her clutch up against a certain part of her anatomy, why is she patting her tummy? Nerves? Does she not know what to do with her hands? Can she walk with her hands comfortably by her side?

  6. good grief, so overdressed, cf the hair-off with the woman in the grey jacket, ooof. And all that hair ruins every neckline, as usual.

    1. How is Kate overdressed? This was a gala event. She was supposed to wear a gown. Women not in a gown were underdressed.

        1. The fashion in these pics aren’t great. Kate’s dress is actually the best of the pic here. I dislike the high neckline and I’m not a fan of lace but the colour is beautiful, it suits her and as does the lines of the dress. I did like the semi-bare back of the dress, it balances the high front nicely.

          She could have knocked it out of the park if she had:

          1) had her hair up (as it is, it strangles the high neckline and interferes with the back of the dress).

          2) had worn better jewels – some proper high jewellery earrings from the royal collection and a sautoir, pearls would have been perfect for this (a sautoir is a long necklace that reaches below the chest – perfect for a slender, non-busty woman and a uniform expanse of cloth like this).

          3) if she had had a better posture. Her posture is one of the main reasons that distract from her looks even when she wears very nice clothes.

          Rosalind Pike is a beautiful woman and she often gets it right but at this event she looks like a Victorian governess – albeit one dressed in what looks like Chanel (though I could be wrong).

          1. The fashion was really bad. I still put Kate at the top. The Countess Spencer could have been a real contender if that dress had had a better fitted bodice. The colour and the fabric are gorgeous but the bodice is a fail – it is too tight and it doesn’t get the draping quite right so it looks busy instead of elegant.

          2. +1

            In a few photos, the color really matches the green of Kate’s eyes. I completely agree with all your points. Hair up, back straight, shoulders back, ….glide….don’t wear oversized boring jewelry. She has access to tons of jewels and she should exercise or choice better.

          3. The Nancy Dell’olio dress: No, just nooooooo. I’m sure this woman will be delighted to see photos of her underpants on full display under that atrocity of a dress. All these women have more money than sense, it would appear.

          4. I need brain bleach after seeing that white see-through dress. What makes a person decide wearing a dress that displays her knickers to a gala event at a museum!

    2. small favours…

      the dress wasn’t worn in daytime as with the Chinese Pres visit!

      In some frames from other photos she seem to be sulking and aiming dagger stares at the public/media.

  7. I love the color of the dress, and the accessories, but even this lace loving girl is ready to see Kate in something new.

  8. The dress is lovely and the color is beautiful, but we have seen this so many times before.
    I wonder how many lace dresses there are now?
    The Duchess has the height and figure to wear so many beautiful gowns. Why repeat in a different color.
    It is boring, and no WOW factor, just plain.
    Queen Maxima and Crown Princess Mary come to mind. You may not always like there choices but they always have the complete package happening, and there is plenty of WOW!
    Have to agree with Lauren about the assistant, nice color but dress very unflattering.
    Does the Duchess have a stylist? I wonder, surely the stylist if there is one, would not advocate repeats of how many lace dresses in different colors. I cannot get past the fact of wastage of money.
    Earrings are a miss for me. Bag is lovely. Hair and makeup are defined, not too much. Yes up do would have been nice though.
    Some help is needed to advice and guide. I do think the Duchess tries hard but intervention please!

    1. +1 Does anyone know if this lace is silk or just polyester? In such a highly priced designer dress, I would suggest silk. But there are also many expensive. polyester dresses out there. I think that’s one of the reasons I don’t like lace anymore. Because you can produce such dresses in mass production for people like us, there is sadly nothing special to it anymore.

    2. You said it. No wow factor. So many of her clothes are a single dark, flat color. And she doesn’t add flair with big statement jewelry, or a scarf, wrap, something! Instead she goes for mostly tiny earrings and pendants which can barely be seen. I dont like Kiki jewelry because it doesn’t photograph well. You can rarely discern what types of stones are being worn. I’m just so tired of this monotone, unaccesorrized dressing. It’s like going to a symphony and a few violinists play one note. One long, dry, boring note. And we are supposed to applaud.

      1. I am with you two ladies on your opinions of the dress Ugh!
        The color was nice, but oh, am I sick and tired of the same style lace gowns. It’s just so boring. “It’s like going to a symphony and a few violinists play one dry, boring note..” Perfect!!!

      2. The single, dark, flat color of her dress with the dark, heavy, rather flat color of her massive head of hair is just too much weighty darkness.

  9. A few minutes after the pictures went online on the DM a friend of mine texted me one of the arrival pictures of Kate with the caption “Lace tree trying to channel Meghan-hair”. That really sums it up IMHO. 🙂

    1. “Meghan-hair”? Kate’s been doing the big, bouncy curls look since she became a royal, long before Meghan was even a thing.

          1. Meghan pulls off that style better though. She doesn’t look like she has a wiglet or mop of hair like Kate does. They both have access to stylists so there is no excuse for Kate’s hair to look this amateur all the time. Number one she desperately needs to cut it shorter because her straggly hair always covers her earrings and any jewels she might wear. What was the point of today’s earrings since they were almost always hidden by her mop. It makes no sense.

          2. It doesn’t matter who does the side part better. The point is Kate has been doing her hair the same way for 6 years, so her hair part has nothing to do with Meghan.

          3. So, I agree Meghan has nothing to do with it. But I will say, Kate as of late has been parting her hair more to one side. Those photos above aren’t quite as severe of a part as she wore tonight. Those photos show a part just slightly off of a center part.

            I also don’t know how to describe this but the sweep on the larger part of the hair is different as well. It falls more forward than back (hard to describe). I think the more severe part looks amazing on her. She did it on one of her first engagements this year and it really made a difference on her. I do think she is parting her hair differently now, but it really has nothing to do with Meghan. It is very flattering to her face the way she has been styling it.

          4. Yes, recently Kate’s done a deeper, more sophisticated side part, as opposed to a part that is slightly off center, which has been her norm for many years (like in the example links). I do like the change. It gives her a much more polished look. Perhaps at some point she’ll take off more length for better proportions.

      1. Seriously? Kate has been doing her hair the same way since forever. It’s one of the things people criticize her for.

  10. I really think this is an improved look for Kate. Her hair seems to have more flair. The dress is appropriate & accessorized well. I noticed the evening shoes instead of pumps too! She also looked relaxed & engaged with a higher degree of confidence. Perhaps the new assistant is making a difference.

  11. I like the color. I like lace, I like lace a lot.

    My problem here is that she got yet another bespoke gown when it’s so similar to other things she has, not to mention the twee Kiki earrings that are exorbitantly overpriced for what they are instead of spending money on timeless jewelry one can wear again and again (holy run on sentence Batman I’m sorry). It’s mind boggling how wasteful Kate is! She has plenty of other lovely evening gowns she’s only worn once!

    She looks a lot better here than she did just the other week where she looked haggard and worn. Work done? More makeup? I don’t know. Or is it just that she’s only happy showing up at galas and parties?

    1. In my opinion, it’s a pity that lace isn’t produced anymore handcrafted. Of course, nobody does it anymore today but that is the reason why it was seen as luxury clothes in the last century. I prefer white lace but Kate’s dress is also pretty in green and much more suitable for the evening.

      1. Such a big deal was made over having hand-made lace all over her wedding dress. If she wanted to do something useful with no effort on her part? She could commission a handmade lace clutch from the Royal School of Needlework to help the industry. Similar to the no-effort-on-her-part pottery mug for EACH.

        1. Nota, I thought I read somewhere that there is a revival of English commercial lace-making as part of a general textile revival. This is additional to the wonderful work of the RSoN.

          I agree, there is so much Kate could do to showcase British textiles in both fashion and in home decor. I’m thinking of Eleanor Pritchard’s beautiful, subtle nod to the ’50’s with her upholstery, rugs, blankets and cushions. Designed in London, woven from the wool of UK sheep in Welsh/Scottish mills. I have one rug that is wonderfully warm.

    2. Kiki McDonough’s pieces are indeed vastly overpriced – and they are boring. For that kind of money Kate could get some really nice stuff – either from young, up-and-coming designers or from auctions.

  12. Could any posters answer my question? Is it the light from the photographers flashes bouncing off Kate’s blusher as she seems to have pronounced rounded cheeks? Or is it cheek inplants? Some pics she looks really haggard. (not just last nights pics)

      1. She surely has had work done. Her contours are much different than when she was in college. And, it’s not that she lost weight in the face area. Her face is so different. Actually, when you first look, it’s hard to say what has been done, but I agree that she had some work — implants, or some kind of facial sculpting . Also, of course, those veneers

          1. There is a comment by LAK on Celebitchy with links that show her dimples when she is not using Botox and fillers. The fact that her dimples aren’t there today really confirms the use of Botox and fillers.

            She is only 35 and that is a lot a maintenance for such a young age.

  13. Pros: the color is flattering.

    Cons: So. Much. Hair. Seriously, the hair reminds me of the ears of my family’s dog, Mugsy, who was a Cocker Spaniel. It just looks ridiculous.

  14. I think Kate looks fantastic here. I don’t follow Kate that closely, so perhaps that’s why I don’t mind the lace dress so much. I also think she looks really happy.

  15. At first glance, I thought this was another Dolce & Gabbana knee length, lace dress so I was pleasantly surprised to see a full length gown with scooped back. Although it is a typical Kate look, the color makes it special. That shade of green looks great on a brunette with green eyes. Also, I can’t really fault her for wearing what she likes in different colors. I tend to do the same myself. She does stand out in the crowd. Some of those other gowns leave me bewildered. Countess Spencer is a stunning woman but that dress is too tight at the top and makes for an embarrassing photo.

    Finally, although I prefer an updo for evening, Kate’s hair looks very healthy and shiny, so I actually like the entire look. Well, except for the earrings.

  16. After coming off a beautiful weekend here (18c), full sun I thought she would wear something more spring or summery. She looked ok I agree with everyone same old. The odd thing is that she said “George doesn’t know what is going to hit him.” Implying his new school. I find that odd, why would you say that about your son at a event?

    1. I don’t even know what that means. He’s already in a school setting so would think it would be an easy transition. I know the school system is different in the U.K. Than in the states but would think at 4 he’s in kindergarten? I don’t know if he’s going daily or not but would think 1) they found a school that would be easy transition for him 2) it’s kindergarten they’re not doing applied sciences 3) as a parent I would think you’d do everything to prepare him so that’s not the case
      Unless this is just another example of kate making poor small talk

      1. It’s probably wonky small talk but it’s true that the transition from a part time daycare setting to a proper preschool can be fraught. Preschoolers are all about the routine and familiar and major changes can be rough on them. Of course you do what you can to prepare them, but it can be a very emotional time. I know of one child who developed a pretty serious stutter when he made the switch.

        And I think George is at a Montessori school, so his new school will bring whole slew of changes–new space, massive student body, uniforms, new teachers with an entirely different pedagogical approach.

  17. Great colour but the lace and the hair and not much skin on display make Kate look all wrapped up and taken over by something out of a forest! I really feel for her assistants: how are they supposed to afford clothes for all the events? If it were me I would buy a smart black suit and silk shirt and wear that to EVERYTHING!

  18. Does Donna Air live in Great Britain? I wonder if Carole and her know each other well or if they don’t have much contact. James Middleton seems to do his own things a little bit.

    1. While I don’t love the dress, I thought she looked better than I’ve seen her look in years. There’s life in her smile and her face looked healthy. My only criticism is that I would have preferred different earrings – real jewels would have been nice.

      Earl Spencer isn’t looking all that good these days. I haven’t seen a picture of him in years.

      1. I thought the same about Earl Spencer. Like Diana, he may have rosacea which gets worse as you get older or I was thinking he is a heavy drinker or maybe both.

        1. I was actually wondering if Earl Spencer has Lupus – that facial redness almost looks like a butterfly rash (but I have absolutely no medical training).

          1. That type of facial redness is a marker of white British people.

            I’ve rarely met anyone outside of these isles who has that type of rosecea cheeks who wasn’t British.

            Not sure if Irish also have it, but i wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

          2. Yup, I have it. Not always, but some days it’s very pronounced. It’s moreso in my husband. We are super pale as to be translucent. lol

            I’m of predominantly Scottish and some Irish descent (that is IT, my gene pool is very boring hahaha), he is predominantly of Irish descent. (We’re American, obviously.)

          3. Ellie, do you ever look through Cote de Texas’s interior design blog?

            She interested in interior design, film production design AND history and the reason i bring her up is that she has a few articles on Scottish immigration to USA.

            It’s fascinating.

            Some of the articles from her blog that might interest you.

            On outlander the TV show:




            A post about Balmoral


            Scottish Immigration to America

          4. Interesting to hear that it’s common in people of Irish or Scottish heritage. I’m American, never heard that. I guess I’m lucky since I am 50% Scotch/Irish (my mother) – other half is Danish. One of my sons is a fair skinned red head with blue eyes (he’s 29 and looks a fair bit like Prince Harry) and my other son, whose name is actually Harry (or Harrison), is olive complected with very dark eyes and hair and lush, double eyelashes. Both have very curly hair. Polar opposites, same parents.

          5. Babbalou, I find it interesting too. My boyfriend is 100% Scottish and he doesn’t have it
            . Born in Canada, but his parents immigrated here from Scotland. Thick Scottish accents. It took me a few years to be able to understand them. LOL… Come to think about his, his parents or brother don’t have the rosecea either.

          6. Irish/Scottish here too. I don’t have this, but my Irish pink-and-white, dark haired, blue eyed aunts do. Sometimes pale as milk, but when flushed, they get rosy all over their cheeks like Diana and Harry.

          7. I’ve seen the blog but didn’t know she had posts about immigration! My paternal family immigrated in 1911. My grandfather and dad have Irish citizenship as well as US (I think my grandfather had multiple: UK, US and Irish); I could have been given Irish citizenship, had my dad registered me with the Foreign Births Register in Ireland but he didn’t.

            I do like the post about immigration, it ties into my family! My family moved to Greensboro, North Carolina; my grandfather was from Turriff, near Royal Deeside actually, and my grandmother was from Manorhamilton in Co Leitrim. My paternal family back in ‘ye olde country’ as Craig Ferguson calls it (lol) were all Presbyterian ministers! I have no idea how they met. He lived in Renfrew for a time, and she in Dublin as a nanny, and they married in 1913 but in New York despite my grandfather having been born a few months before in 1913 in North Carolina! Everyone is gone, mostly, so I don’t know many of these stories; the only one that is around now is my great-aunt, who is amazing. Her name is Elspeth. 🙂 She married an Irishman who had immigrated here in the 50s.

            My mom’s family has been here in the States a lot longer, but they are all Scots and bit Welsh, which makes sense considering the surname is Welsh. One of my mom’s cousins has traced the family back and amazingly, some came on the SAME ship my husband’s family came to America in the 1600s! Isn’t that insane? It’s funny they kept in the, er, not ethnicity, but it’s all Scots and Irish immigrants intermarrying with one another on both sides of the family.

          8. Ellie: That is amazing. Wow. I bet you can trace your ancestry right back to the street / village they came from in Scotland or Ireland as they kept the community of travellers so tight knit.

            I enjoy her blog, so i keep up with posts.

    2. Hi Lovely, I wonder too what kind of relationship Kate and Pippa have with Donna. And if Pippa is trying to exclude Meghan from her wedding with the “no ring, no bring” edict, then does that mean James can’t bring Donna? I can’t imagine that it would be easy being a girlfriend of those two’s brother. (sorry if that sentence sounded weird)

      1. Yes, that would cause dispute if she would invite Donna but not Meghan because of this rule. It would also be shameless to not invite both of them. Donna is a long-time girlfriend until now. I think she will invite both, that would be the best thing to do.

          1. I hope Pippa does not emulate Kate’s wedding gown. I really disliked that dress. There are so many gorgeous styles out there and Pippa is not in Kate’s position, where she has to look a “certain” way. Not that she can go way out of line. I’m sure the Royals would have a fit. Still, she has more opportunity to have more of a wow factor in her choice of bridal attire. When is the wedding? In late April, or in May?

          2. Jen, thanks for the link. I want to get married again. In one of those gowns. Just stunning! I hope Pippa’s dress is similar to one of them. Any one of them!!!

      2. But that would assume Harry is invited. Do they actually hang with Harry?i didn’t thibk they really socialized outside of Royal events?Unless they want to invite him because he’s Harry…

      3. Is Harry invited to Pippa’s wedding? Is it a thing to go to your brother’s wife’s sister’s wedding? Apart from being at W+K’s wedding, and maybe a couple of occasions which they were independently invited to, they have not socialised together, have they? And didn’t Carole opine at one point that she thought Harry rude, presumably because he didn’t fall for her machinations? I’m sure Harry would take Meghan, and given the Jamaica experience, would opt out so as not to repeat that intrusion. Plus, no beach.

      4. I don’t think it would be weird. Donna is her own brother’s partner of a few years so it is very conceivable that Pippa and Donna have formed a relationship at this point. Especially because James and Pippa used to live together in London. Are Pippa and Harry even close? I don’t recall there being any pap pictures of them hanging out, and there is no evidence that Pippa and Meghan have even met. I would feel no problem inviting my brother’s long term partner to my wedding and not inviting my brother in law’s brother’s girlfriend I hadn’t even met before. This of course is assuming Harry is even invited. I didn’t go to my brother’s wife’s sister’s wedding.

      5. Would Harry even be invited? Apart from a couple of occasions where they were at events independent of the other, I can’t imagine attending your brother’s wife’s sister’s wedding if you’d spent next to no time with them over almost seven years. And an invitation would be odd.

        1. I figured Harry would rate an invite since this is supposed to be “The” social event of the year, she writes with a fair amount of snark.

        2. I’m with Jen.

          Except for a few weddings, and i include Kate’s wedding, Harry and Pippa do not socialise together, have different friends. Having mutual relations in the form of G and C doesn’t appear to have brought the families together such that Harry’s invitation to Pippa’s wedding is guaranteed. And vice versa.

        3. In most families he would be invited. I think that Pippa will be invited to Harry’s wedding. He’s not such a snob which is sad because he’s the royal.
          You don’t have to be big friends for it. William.and Kate invited people of her village she knows from buying sth in their shop.

          1. Kate’s side of the family had to fill up their seats and did so by inviting most of their village which was PR-d as a nice gesture to include their village.

            Immediately after the wedding, many of those same gillagers said they didn’t know the Middletons and were surprised to receive invitations.

            It would have looked empty on the Middleton side of the aisle as they are such an insular family without many friends.

            The sad thing is that those villagers were not invited to the recption, so really they were used to fill up seats at the church for optics and to make the Middletons look generous.

          2. I loathe my sister’s in laws (except the stepdad) and would never invite them to anything I was doing. If it weren’t for my niece’s being hurt, I would skip most of the events I know they’ll be at.

          3. Herazeus, didn’t the Middleton’s throw a “reception” back at the Goring the night of the wedding for all of their guests not invited to the actual reception? I seem to recall reading that some time around the wedding.

          4. The Middletons threw a party at the Goring, but it wasn’t restricted to those unable to attend the wedding because they weren’t invited. It was simply a party amongst a series of parties to celebrate the wedding, but this one hosted by the Middletons as opposed to the one hosted by HM.

            FYI: Harry and Chelsy stayed so late at this Goring party that they both looked terrible at the wedding itself.

          5. The Goring’s facilities are small. Stayed there when we went to London. Delightful, wonderful, amazing place (worth every penny and then some!), but not the kind of place I’d be interested in throwing a party in. They do have a lovely back garden that could be used for a reception/dinner party sort of set-up, but the dining room is cozy. I don’t know if they could fit many people in there for a party like that, probably just their relatives. I can’t imagine them inviting these strangers– I mean, family friends… William didn’t even invite his RAF friends he was supposedly so close to to the evening reception.

  19. So over the lace, high neckline, hunch back, twee earrings and mop of hair. I do like the clutch… a lot. So much so that I’m considering buying it. LOL!

  20. “Duchess of Cambridge Visits National Portrait Gallery in Her Grandmother’s Lace Curtains”
    The Duchess of Cambridge paid tribute to her grandmother last night by wearing a bespoke gown made from her grandmother’s lace curtains that were dyed a deep forest green. Kate accessorized this look with a pair of KiKi McDonough earrings from her collection of an estimated 7000 pairs of McDonough earrings in her possession.The Duchess stuck to her formula of wearing evening clothes with high necks, belts with little bows and as always, carried a clutch bag.

    In other words: typical boring Kate look. I have come to the conclusion that she just has no personality and therefore whatever she wears just looks dull.

      1. BostonB, so funny. Kind of like when Scarlett O’Hara yanked the green velvet drapes off the curtains at Tara and had a gown made up to shake Rhett Butler down!
        The lace dress thing needs to stop. So tired of that look. The color was very nice, but just bored with the look.,

        As for The Spencer wife? That bodice was not a good look. The gown had potential, but wow, she was really pouring out of the top!

        I feel for the new assistant She did look out of sorts. I think it’s hard to have such a job. Those women who follow celebs on Red Carpets, — usually, they are women, dress better. They look polished, but never call attention to themselves. Usually, anyway.

        1. One wrong move, and Countess Spencer would have fallen out of that dress.

          I agree with your comments about Sophie, who was assisting that evening. Such a difficult line to walk: being well-enough dressed to not stand out and ‘compete’ for attention (a la Pippa’s bum) but not so poorly-dressed either to stand out as being an untidy representative of her employer. Plus hard to strike that balance on presumably a small salary. I think I’d opt for a ‘uniform’ of well-designed separates that could be mixed to look professional and stylish – though not too much – and keep these to black, at least for evenings. I wanted to know where those flowers and gifts in the bags ended up too.

          1. I agree 100% Jen. It would be nice if the Duchess’ staff selected separates that could function as a “uniform”, it would convey a much more professional vibe.

          2. I used to love reading Vows in the Sunday New York Times and often wondered what the reporter wore to the weddings she covered Cannot remember the name of the reporter, I will be referring to, but when she was interviewed for a magazine, she was asked what she wore to the weddings (even the more formal ones) and she said, “a navy blue suit.”

            Something like that could be accessorized simply, but elegantly. Couldn’t the employers pay for a nice suit or two for the women who help Kate?

            Really, when they are dressed poorly, they truly stand out in a negative way.

  21. Hair down with extentions and wiglet? Check.

    Long lace dress with high neck? Check.

    Overpriced earrings that can’t be seen anyways? Check.

    1. HHHAAHHAHAH exactly. That mop of hair is making Kate look like a lollipop and silly too. A high updo/bun or even a classic chignon would elevate this look. And also standing up straight would help. Even if she wears a nice dress, the lines of the dress are always ruined due to her poor posture. The color is lovely- I love that emerald green

  22. This is my favorite look since her blue suit to start her Canadian trip.

    The dress does have the same small ruffle seam mid hip as her black lace Temperley- they must have come from the same collection. Not new and sounds like probably worn once before. Accessorized nicely with clutch but I am also bored to tears with the Kiki collection. The hair I love, always have!

    How Donna Air and Rosamund Pike hold a clutch? That’s how I hold mine, or between my bicep and rib cage. Rarely do I crotch clutch, but I have caught myself, horror!! Thanks to this blog I quickly tucked that lil purse under my arm like the newspaper and hoped no one caught my faux pas (though I feel quite safe about it considering my neck of the woods?)

    1. +1. I have no idea who she is and her dress looks like a sexified version of a Little House on the Prairie/Beverly Hillbillies dress!!

      1. She looked like she was attacked by wolves on The Banks of Plum Creek and barely made it to the sod hut! What in the actual f?? Some of the clothes these celebrities wear look like a ridiculous costume that not one single person in their right mind covets. There is only one Helena Bonham Carter, please everyone else leave her to it.

    2. Yes! I think this every time I see her! I know she wrote a book about how to be an ‘It Girl’ but I have no idea what she did to deserve the title

    3. She started out as a teen model. Not super successful or even noteworthy as a model, but enough to land a spot as a presenter on a longrunning and very popular music show that was similar to TRL, but this one very British, very trendy and very cool.

      She was witty and funny and popular amongst the young adults especially when she started a long-term relationship with Alex Turner at the height of popularity of his band Arctic Monkeys. Her PR branded her as the ultimate cool, beautiful, tomboy girl with the rockstar boyfriend du jour.

      She parlayed that popularity into a talk show on MTV America (i think) and essentially worked her way to Anna Wintor’s favour. And assidously promoted herself as a fashionista and she was made a fashion ambassador for brands like Burberry and chanel (still can’t believe that’s a real job, but hey!)

      Then she started putting out fashion ranges, she wrote a book about being an it girl. And i think she’s still a brand ambassador.

      And i can’t believe all that was lurking in my brain or that i’ve absorbed this muchninformation about her over the years. Her PR is relentless. She is marketed everywhere. And always as the cool it girl. Yet no one can quite put a finger on what she does.

        1. Thank you.

          I don’t mean to put so much detail into my comments, but i have the memory of an elephant and a photographic ability to record and recall details to a scary degree.

          I blame it on school system that taught us to learn by recall rather than reasoning.

          It took later, university educational years to apply reasoning to the recall, but the ability stayed with me.

          Sadly, it’s a useless skill for really important things.

          1. Good gravy and I thought I have a good memory hahaha!!!!! I remember when William and Harry went to Vancouver with Charles in March of 1998 (19 years ago?!) and back then, William was “shy” but sweet and the girls were going batsh!t crazy over him. I remember this one girl who got briefly interviewed thinking, ‘dang she’s pretty…and I’m jealous’ and in one of the still photos of that moment, another girl had her mouth wide open and even then I was like, ‘oh good gawd….’ hahahaha! 😉


            The girl on the right who had the wide open mouth and the one on the left is the one who was interviewed.

            I have no idea why I remember little bits like this…..

            Oh wait, yes I do: I used to record stuff like this (news blips, specials on TV, interviews, etc.) of the royals on my VCR when I was a teenager. 😀

    4. I hate to say it, but the only reason I know who she is is because she’s dating Alexander Skarsgard.

        1. Alex Skarsgard has very poor taste in women and by that i mean his public acknowledged amours are not likeable women. Usually fashionistas.

          It’s puzzling because he comes across as down to earth who would be more at home with likeable salt of the earth types.

  23. Gawd, not another lace dress…sigh… I will say though that her accessories this evening are an improvement, no green clutch with green, suede shoes, so that’s something.

    I wonder what kind of relationship she has with Donna Air and Terribly Rich James? It would have been nice to see photos of her speaking with the Spencers or Donna, if they did speak at all. I hope they did, I mean how weird to be at an event with your husband’s uncle and your brother’s girlfriend without having a bit of a chat.

    1. Lauri, I was wondering whether there were any conversations with Earl Spencer and Donna Air too. Odd if not, and a tad humiliating for them too. Mind you, Kate was ‘working’ so she may have felt obliged to schmooze the guests likely to donate big money. I’m reminded of Springs Mom’s comments and how many people were ignored by Kate at a US fundraiser where she kept to herself and talked only to those she knew. Let’s hope Kate’s progressed from those days.

      The convo with the Thomas’s parents was rather wooden, no “That’s wonderful to hear; what does ‘x’ especially enjoy about the school” etc etc. It’s not so much about being good at small talk as about being interested in other people.

      The dress doesn’t do it for me; too much of it, and again, rather dated in design and material. And the hair… everyone has said it. I seriously think she does not know what she has in her many closets. I wonder if anyone has made a digital inventory where Kate can pull up images of her collection through designer, colour, material, occasion. etc. There are any number of apps that perform such a function, after someone has inputted the data. While this dress was worn previously and new to us this time, I’d guess Kate spends most of her time shopping to fill in the days.

  24. What is the point of her slimness if she has no fun with it at all? She can wear almost any dress. She chooses this. There is nothing modern or trendy about it — no off the shoulder, no bell sleeves, nothing. You CAN look modern and still look elegant. No diamonds. No It factor. She is a bore. And I won’t listen anymore to the “trying not to put a foot wrong” stuff — she is the mother of the heir and spare, she’s been married almost 7 years, if she decided things for herself (she certainly is with George’s school), no one could say boo to her. The color is gorgeous, but we just saw her in it for St. Patrick’s Day. The stupid ribbon bow belt is beyond twee and serves no purpose. The lace is dated and overdone. I can only imagine this is what William and she want. A bore.

    ETA: I truly would rather see her in two separate dresses than reusing this boring dresses that she wears in front of the queen again at an event like this. She can 5 less nude heels to afford it or something.

  25. I love the color on her. I do think her hair would have looked better up. The line of the dress is flattering, but I think it would have been a prettier look overall without the lace overlay. Overall, I love lace dresses, but this one didn’t quite do it for me.

  26. The lace seems a dated look to my eyes, or maybe so much of it is the problem. The green does not seem quite the emerald colour that does suit Kate; it’s more the bottle green of my old school uniform (Black Watch tartan). A real problem aging Kate more and more is her poor posture; this contributes markedly to an aura of frailty rather than a fit 35-year old. There’s a visual disconnect between the youthful hairstyle and a hunched body in matronly lace.

    1. Can I get an Amen!! Thanks for bringing up the poor posture again Jen, I was going to but I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record 🙂

      1. You’re welcome, Lauri! You are not a broken record at all; your remarks about posture really struck a chord.

      2. I would like to second Jen’s comments Queen Lauri.

        Since you started talking about Kate’s posture I have been making a determined effort to stand straight and not slouch.

        Even reading your comments reminds me to sit up straight while I use my computer.

        So please, your Majesty, continue to comment away.

    2. The last couple of events, she had seemed to make an improvement on the posture front but this event she’s back to hunching over.

      1. So true Sarah. I read somewhere that many of the younger aristocratic young women are slouchy, I’ve noticed that Charlotte from Monaco has horrible posture too, so maybe that’s who Kate is trying to emulate.

    1. Austerity, slow economy and never-ending war are hurting the monarchy. Cuts to services, more money for war and the Crown gets a raise = bad combo. Even Denmark is tightening their belt a bit with the royal family.

      1. So will it get worse as time goes on especially once The Queen passes? If only they had members of the royal family who has the gift of diplomacy and actually succeeding in it.

  27. 3 thoughts about this outfit:
    1. I actually like the dress. I think Kate looks good in the dress.*
    2. I saw those same earrings two weeks ago at Charming Charlie for $12.99
    3. If she is going to insist on wearing her hair down all the time, Get. A. Haircut. A real haircut. At least four inches. A nice, layered shoulder length style would up the sophistication factor and eliminate the need for those darned wiglets, with the added bonus that she could still pull off up-dos when needed.

    *My caveat about that lace dress: I am also a person who likes to grab a couple different colors or patterns of a dress when a style suits me. But she has how many lace gowns now? It comes off as a bit Marie Antoinette-esque, even if she has had that dress for a while.

  28. I see that Kate is not going to engage with suffering/random plebs in the near future. Her numbers may look like they’re going up but so is her fluff quotient and the BRF’s cynicism. I am not impressed. I must admit, she is ‘well taken care of’ if infantilising is your thing.

    1. Oh yes Queen Lauri! That’s a statement dress!

      I’m afraid to say that all I could think when I saw Kate was
      1) My elderly Aunt has a lace dress just that colour which she wears for weddings
      2) That dress is very very tight (how did Kate get it on?)
      3) Spray on dress? To go with the spray on jeggings I guess?

      1. Kate is very body conscious so it is no surprise that she chooses clothing that accentuates her slim figure. Trouble is, that’s pretty much all there is to the public Kate; after 15 years in the public eye, and almost 7 as a public figure, we have no idea of her interests, thoughts or how her mind works/ how she ticks as a person. She is only known for her physical attributes and clothes, which is incredibly sad with the extraordinary platform that she has been given, not earned.

        We do know that thinness is very important to Kate, to show that thinness is very important, to have lots of hair as a ‘trademark’ is important (even if not all is her own), and that she wants to preserve her facial features at a particular age. Those are personal choices, but not requirements for the job she has been given to do.

    2. +1 Oh WOW, CPM looks absolutely stunning. Something completely different, she continually surprises. Well done!
      Color is beautiful, clutch and earrings just spot on.
      Queen Mathilde looks very pretty, I like her dress as well, plenty of WOW love her accessories.
      Now that’s how you do it!

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