Royal Round Up: January 24

Royal Round Up: January 24

Duchess Kate wasn’t the only royal lady out and about on January 24, several other ladies were as well. Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary were at a State Banquet; Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was hosting a reception for Equestrian Olympians; and Queen Maxima opened an education exhibition.

Starting on January 24, the President of Iceland, Gudni Johannesson, was in Denmark for a State Visit. The first night ended with a State Banquet at Amalienborg Palace. Queen Margrethe showed up in a green lace gown rocking the Naasut Tiara (which was a gift from Greenland for her 40th jubilee in 2012, and is made out of gold, re-purposed from coins, and diamonds) and the sash and star of the Order of the Falcon (Iceland).

I kind of like the green lace, which is weird for me since I typically don’t like lace.

Crown Princess Mary wore a navy Oscar De La Renta tiered skirt with a lace top and her Diamond and Ruby Necklace Tiara. Both she and Crown Prince Frederik wore the sash and star of the Order of the Falcon (Iceland).

I’m not feeling this look, but it’s not terrible.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall hosted a reception for the British Equestrian teams who took part in the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Camilla welcomed Equestrians Spencer Wilton, Anne Dunham, Sophie Wells, Kitty King, Gemma Tattersall, Sophie Christensen, William Fox Pitt and Natasha Baker to Clarence House for the reception.

I don’t know why Camilla is in a black half-velvet dress. Is she in mourning?

Queen Maxima was at the Jaarbeurs Utrecht in The Hague on January 24 to open the national education exhibition. Maxima visited several stands, including the Music in the Class and Education in money business stand where she rang a gong.

While I love the combination of brown and green here, I dislike when skirts are too long and cover high boots like this (especially when the boots are slouchy). It’s just a pet peeve of mine.

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  1. I’m digging the green lace on QM – I think it suits her coloring and her age.

    CPM… the lace and satin combo is not working for me, for some reason.

    Camilla looks good and engaged and interested, as always.

    I would love love love Max’s outfit, but SLOUCHY BOOTS ACK! Not a fan. Great color combination, though.

    1. Isn’t it nice to see a Royal in a nice daytime suit with jazzy accessories and hair back away from the face and a slightly funky hat? I don’t really like the slouchy boots – but hey – this is Mrs Maxima and the green is great!

      1. Agree! I give Max such a pass on so many things because she always wears the clothes so well and her wonderful personality is always front and center.

    2. I like Maxima’s outfit. Separates! Colors! Big jewelry! Big hat! I’m starting to hate coat dresses. Letitia and Maxima thrill me with their day wear.

    1. I’ve seen that photo floating around, but it wasn’t officially released by the Swedish royal court which is why I didn’t post it.

  2. I think Camilla must be a great hostess. Everyone has big smiles that seem genuine, including Camilla.

    I like Max’s outfit even though different boots would have been better. She really wears her clothes instead of the clothes wearing her. Some people just have that knack.

    1. Camilla had been brought up to be able to host a party. I think Kate has only focused on the decorations (herself included) and doesn’t actually know what it takes to host a party or think of the guests and not yourself.

  3. I like CP Mary’s gown and I like how her nails are not painted because I detest painted nails esp dark colors.
    Maxima’s outfit pieces are on the slouchy side but she photographs well.I don’t find her particularly beautiful but she has a bright presence which shines in her photos.
    And that second pic of Camilla is lovely.She looks happy and regal with the black velvet and the pearl choker round her neck.

    1. Funny, I was thinking I like the skirt but the lace top ruins it for me. Maybe if she wore it with the brown-or-black velvet top/blazer she has? It is shown in this article from OoS. Previously worn with a pink flowy skirt.

      The skirt already has so much going on, it needs a dead-simple top. Maybe like Letizia did in Morocco, but in blue-or-black to match the skirt? Especially if the cuffs on the shirt were the exact satin of the skirt.

      I like how she (and Letizia) try doing separates as evening wear. Trick is getting it right.

      p.s. KMR, thank you for not posting Marie’s gown for the evening. It was awful, and I don’t need to see it again!

    2. I love Mary for mixing up her items. I read a lot of negative comments due to her expensive clothing items but she wears all of her items all the time (and she appears to have a busy schedule).
      I don’t really like the skirt but I still think she looks great (biased because I really like her).

  4. I suppose that maxima’s outfit was supposed to be fashionable or high fashion or whatever, but it just looks terrible! 🙁 Her ‘summer style’ with the colourful dresses is usually pretty, but this look is just ugh. The skirt over the boots?! I also hate the inndiana jones hat.

    Mary looked stunning and so regal, Oscar de la renta is a genius. I still hope that Kate will wear one of his gowns someday!

    Margarethe also looked great, but I love all lace dresses so yeah 😉 and how great is it that she was gifted a TIARA?

    Camilla really caught my eye in the black velvet thing. Not very pretty :/ thumbs down from me…

    1. Sadly even max couldn’t carry off her outfit! Usually I think her personality makes up for some of her combos but this was Wrong on all fronts for me!

    2. I love Maxima and her amazing personality but this look us a miss for me too and it’s all because of the Indiana Jones hat. I hate it! lol i do like the color combination though.

    1. I love it, Angel. You are right, Camilla’s face seems to have been made for smiling. She made everyone feel so comfortable and welcome. I really admire her.

      Love Max, but to me those green boots and blouse did not go with the rest of the outfit. Loved the hat, though. Even when she makes a mistake, she looks great, though. To me!
      P.S. Green boots would have been nice with something else

  5. I love Maxima’s Carmen Sandiago hat, but I love hats and want to see more, more, more of them. I also like her green blouse with that skirt. The color of the jacket, however, isn’t quite right, and the style of the boots would be better on a different cartoon character. I’m also a little disappointed that we didn’t see a giant gold beetle pinned to her chest. But I got the hat. I’m happy.

    While I’m not generally in favor of royals in LBDs, I love how Camilla’s velvet one photographs. Doesn’t she look sumptuous in that fabric? And it sets off her hair so well.

  6. I love the green slouchy boots, but they just don’t work with Maxima’s skirt. She should for sure try them with something else though, as they are gorgeous!

    1. I like them, too. I just think the skirt is the wrong length. So points for jazzy accessories, but miss on the skirt.

      I like both Danish lace dresses, so maybe lace fatigue is dress specific. I appreciate QM, too, because it doesn’t have any wonky asymmetry. I sometimes think the artist in her gets the best of her fashion.

      I think Camilla looks nice. Being elderly, I understand the a-line dress silhouette.

  7. I love Camilla’s look, especially the velvet, and Max’s- the colour combo and textures. Also their character and spirit. I see that the equestrian team also seems to be largely wearing black alongside Camilla, so maybe there’s a theme? In the photo, the medals really show up against all that black.

    Wowza. Margrethe’s tiara is a stunner! I’ve never seen a gold one before.

    1. I agree. During her engagement interview there was an off-the-record clip of her that was released in which she laughed and said, “I’m not very good at this.” I assume she was referring to her interview skills. I understand that not everyone has a knack for public speaking, but I wish she would try harder given that she has a huge platform and all the resources to help her improve. She would rather put more focus into her aesthetics (fashion, hair, smiling and posing for photos) than work on her inner self.

      I think a lot of it has to do with the incredibly easy life she’s lived. I also think that perhaps because of what Princess Diana went through there may be a pact between Prince William and her parents to protect her viciously from anything negative. It could also be a strategy on her part. I think she tried too hard to look the part but not do too much so as not to overshadow her husband and other royals. I don’t think we are seeing her true self. I think we only see a shadow of her. Her spark continues to fade along with the world’s interest in her. I hope this will change down the road. I see more genuineness with Princess Sofia and Princess Mary. Queen Rania is my favorite. She manages to be intelligent, well-spoken, fashionable, a devoted mom, loyal wife and empathetic queen.

      It’s too bad. But I guess if it’s working for her and Prince William then they don’t really care what other people say. As long as “she’s taken care of” by her husband she knows she’ll be okay. She’ll play it safe so as not to ruffle any feathers and preserve her safe space.

  8. I like the individual pieces of Max’s outfit but not together. Camilla’s smile is her best accessory. Mary has been just nearly missing so far this year. At least she still has her good posture. Kate needs to take some lessons from these professional royal ladies.

    1. I can’t tell from the photos. I wonder if the tweed of her skirt contains the camel of her jacket and the emerald green of the blouse and accessories? That is the only reason why I’d think she’d choose four items in that green + camel; she was matching the threads in the tweed.

  9. Hmm, I actually like Maxima’s outfit! And I don’t like seeing the top of boots (especially if they are not knee length but finish a bit down the leg – not calf length but in between calf and knee – Yuck) so Maxima’s skirt and boots work for me.
    I saw a clip of Maxima when she was in New Zealand and Maxima and Willem Alexander were visiting our Parliament. There was a group of Dutch people (plus some Kiwi fans) waiting outside. I noticed that it was raining but they still went over and said hello. It looked like the rain was hitting the back of Maxima’s legs and she still made sure she spoke to everyone there to see them. In my eyes that makes her a trouper and worthy of the title Queen. I probably wouldn’t care what she wore after seeing that, She’s a star in my eyes. And as for the person who said WA was a bit dull? Did you see the clip (I think it was last year) where Max and WA arrived at some event (sorry I can’t tell you when and where it was), they got out of the car then WA went over to someone waiting with flowers and then he went back to Maxima and presented her with the flowers. I thought it was really cute and he got a big smile from Maxima too!

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