Royal Round Up: Queen Elizabeth, Duchess Camilla, Prince Oscar, Princess Sofia

Royal Round Up: Queen Elizabeth, Duchess Camilla, Prince Oscar, Princess Sofia

Here are some photos of some royals doing stuff: Queen Elizabeth II; Prince Charles & Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall; Prince Oscar; and Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia.

First up: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip held a State Banquet for the President of Colombia Juan Manuel Santos and his wife Maria Clemencia Rodriguez on November 1.

QEII wore the Modern Sapphire Tiara with the George VI Sapphire necklace and earrings and the Collar and Star of the Order of Boyaca (Colombia). QEII did not wear her Royal Family Orders of Georges V and VI. Philip is also wearing the Order of Boyaca (Colombia), but Philip’s is a lower grade – QEII has the Grand Collar and Philip has the Grand Cross Extraordinary. The President of Colombia was given the Order of the Bath (United Kingdom).

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall was there sitting next to the President. Camilla wore the Boucheron Honeycomb Tiara with her pear drop diamond earrings and four strand pearl choker with large diamond clasp. She wore her Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II and the sash and star of the Royal Victorian Order (United Kingdom).

Speaking of Camilla, she and Prince Charles have started their royal tour to the middle east. They started in Oman.

Charles took part in a traditional Omani ‘Sword Dance’ during a cultural welcome ceremony outside the Sultan’s Palace on November 5.

Camilla attended a ‘Woman in Business’ event at the British Ambassador’s Residence on November 5.

In accordance with her involvement with children’s literacy, Camilla visited Oman’s first Children’s public library on November 6.

The royal couple moved on to the United Arab Emirates on November 6, and visited the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.

The Swedish royal court released a new photo of Prince Oscar. The photo was taken at Haga Palace in October.

Prince Oscar October 2016
[Kate Gabor/]

On November 1, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia held a meeting at the Royal Palace with Expert Council for dyslexia as part of their work with their Foundation.


40 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Queen Elizabeth, Duchess Camilla, Prince Oscar, Princess Sofia

  1. That grand mosque looks beautiful! I like that Camilla is coherent with her work both in the Uk and outside of it. Oscar is getting so big, I find that he resembles more Victoria, but he is still a baby and he will probably be changing still for quite sometime.

    1. Agree about Camilla, we can easily associate her with the causes she’s passionate about because she’s so consistent. Loved that photo of her and Charles in the mosque.

      1. +1 for Camilla. Whatever people have to say about her past, I think she’s really pulled through as a star and workhorse for the family. I love her work, especially her work on domestic violence and sexual assault. She’s not afraid of really getting deep in the tough issues.

      2. Can we reiterate what a dapper dresser Charles is!! That pic of him and Camilla at the mosque, she looks lovely in the blue but his suit is the one that needs to be talked about!!

        1. Always has had such great style. So funny, he used to get slagged in the press in the 80’s for his style but now we love it.

        2. I agree, Charles is a very dapper dresser. He could teach his sons a thing or five.

  2. Alexander looks just like Oscar – such sweet babies. Camilla wears the big jewels well. I love the modern sapphire tiara ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks a lot for covering these events, KMR!

    I really like blue on Camilla, suits her so well but like it even more to see her supporting literacy and women. Such important causes and like it when a royal stands for something.
    On other note, it’s good to see royal couples bringing out the best of each other when doing engagements together!

    Oscar is so cute! Really makes me look forward to the Christmas photos!

    1. You are absolutely right.infact in most mosques of most islamic countries,men are the ones going regilaey their not women…thats ridiculous no one told him to get that off.

    2. Charles removed his shoes inside the mosque where it was appropriate. Camilla left her shoes off in this photo because she said “It was wonderful to go barefoot for an hour and walk on all that marble!” Apparently her feet were hurting a bit ๐Ÿ™‚ There are other pictures taken in that same spot showing other men with shoes on

      As usual, the press tries to cause an incident unnecessarily.

      1. I picked the photo I liked best and didn’t even pay attention to their shoes. I didn’t try to cause an incident unnecessarily.

        1. Oh, I certainly didn’t mean you, KMR! I meant the Daily Fail who used that photo with the headline “Look, no shoes! Duchess of Cornwall goes barefoot for a visit to a mosque in Abu Dhabi, but Charles keeps his black loafers on”

          I would have chosen that photo as well – it’s a great one of the two of them.

          1. Oh. I chose that photo because it is a really nice photo of them, plus you get to see the mosque in the background.

    1. She is Lady Charlotte Wellesley, daughter of the Duke of Westminster. She married Alejandro Santo Domingo (who is a Colombian/American billionaire) in May. He is also the uncle of Tatiana Santo Domingo, who married Princess Caroline’s son, Andrea Casiraghi.

  4. HM looks divine. The sapphire tiara is one of my favorites. Iam always up for a sapphire and diamond combo. The Honeycomb is just as magnificent. I find myself zooming in on the pics so I can look at the details. One thing struck me in this picture. I realize how many of these events HM has attended. Each different in their own unique way.

    C&C’s tour looks amazing. The lovely thing about C&C is that they always look like they are having fun in their surroundings and the people they meet. Cam looked beautiful in the shades of blue. I especially liked the shot of the mosque’s ceiling.

    I always like to see what the Swedish RF are up to. And Oscar is an absolute doll. He looks just like his sister at this age. Not to thread jack, but it was announced that Estelle’s nanny left her post. I think the KMR community should offer our services.

    Thanks for a nice post to start the week, KMR.

    1. I agree that C+C always look like they are having so much fun together! I love that Charles dances and gets involved. Cam looks so warm. I think that’s part of the reason she looks so beautiful, because she actually enjoys what she’s doing.

      1. I used to be somewhat judgmental about Camilla. But at this point I am a huge admirer of hers. She obviously loves her husband, she works hard at an age when many of us are retired and she is comfortable in her position and happy. All wins in my book.

    2. Hi, Rhiannon, Hope you are doing well.
      I think most of us would enjoy spending time with Estelle and Oscar. Their cousins, too.
      How do we submit our credentials?

  5. Camilla looked like a great school teacher when sitting with the child who was doing the puzzle. She was just “nice.” That word is usually not viewed in such a positive nature by many, but to me, she seemed “nice.” Helpful. Kind. Caring. Real. She was not showing off. Not trying to be someone she is not. I think she enjoyed herself and the little girl was so intently working. Very sweet. I enjoyed the photo because there was not phoniness coming from Cam or the child.

    I also think that Baby Oscar is adorable. What a little cutie. Sitting in the leaves and looking oh, so pick-up-able. Just a very sweet baby.

    1. I so agree. You can tell she has spent a lot of time with kids. Letting the girl work, no manic grins, just kind and supportive.

  6. Queen Maxima arrived here in New Zealand yesterday. Wow, what a glamorous woman – not only in her presentation, but the way she carries herself – confident, yet without a hint of arrogance. She’s certainly making a huge impression.

    There are heaps of Dutch communities here so I hope they feel welcome and enjoy their time here.

    1. I saw the pics from the state banquet, Maxima looked SO stunning. I’ll never get over the fact that she came to my city and I didn’t get to see her ๐Ÿ™

      1. Maxima looked amazing at the gala. She just oozes confidence, fun and charisma and genuinely loves meeting people and doing her thing as a great consort for the Netherlands. W-A is so lucky to have her and he knows it!

    2. I know! It’s rather exciting to have Max and Willem here.

      And I’m glad it’s stopped raining! The royal couple did a stop and shake hands in the pouring rain yesterday in Wellington, I hope they will be able to see more now the sun is out.

      And I didn’t realise that they spent part of their honeymoon in Queenstown (in the South Island of New Zealand) in 2002

  7. I love the pic of little Oscar in the leaves! I know we’ve said it before but the Swedes seemed to have found a balance between public/private for their kids.
    And tiaras on a Monday! Yippee!!!

  8. Thanks KMR, for the post of positive, happy news, and a look at one of my favorites of the Queen’s necklaces, the blue sapphires.

  9. I’m a huge PC and Camilla sugar. I’ve always loved the way PC dresses. He could definitely teach W&H a thing or two. I remember when he and Harry did something together last year. Not shortly after that Harry’s blue suit looked like it had either been better tailored for him or maybe it was new, but it looked better. Not so slumpy and slouchy.

    Camilla, books and reading. That will be part of her legacy. I love that she has found a few things she believes in and works them whenever possible.

    I see HM and the DoE at these events and marvel at their stamina, while also worrying about how much longer they can keep doing this. Then my blood boils thinking about W&K sitting on their butts doing nothing.

    On to better things. Oscar is too cute for words. Dan and Vic make very pretty babies.

    A very nice post, thank you KMR!

    1. Why weren’t William & Kate invited to the banquet? They were invited last year during the Chinese President’s visit.

      1. W&K never attended a State Banquet before last year. I’m guessing the only reason they attended was because William gave the President of China the invitation in person earlier in the year, plus Charles and Camilla skipped it due to Charles’ relationship with the Dali Lama (if I remember correctly).

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