Kate Middleton visits women’s prison and women’s center

Kate Middleton visits women’s prison and women’s center

Well, this was unexpected. Just like that year, Kate Middleton did a surprise visit to a women’s prison yesterday, November 4.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Visits Eastwood Park Prison
[HMP Eastwood Park/Kensington Palace]

Kate visited Eastwood Park Prison in Gloucester, England to learn what support is available to women prisoners and their families. Kate met with the prison staff who explained their work with women with diverse needs including mental health concerns, family breakdowns, and addiction. Kate also met with a small number of female prisoners to hear their personal stories.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge Visits Eastwood Park Prison
[HMP Eastwood Park/Kensington Palace]

Following the visit to Eastwood Park Prison, Kate visited The Nelson Trust Women’s Centre which is a residential treatment facility which works with women in the criminal justice system and their families. The Centre supports vulnerable women deal with issues such as mental health, drugs and alcohol, and trauma and abuse.

Kate met with the staff of the Centre which, along with a second location, supports over 500 women annually.

Kate said during the meeting: “For a lot of these women, you are trying to deal with addiction, which is perhaps the underlying cause. I can imagine it being so complex with the mental health element in there and addiction to decide which one to address first.”

Um… I would really like to know the context of this quote and what set it up. Because addiction is not the underlying cause of mental health problems: mental health problems are the underlying cause of addiction. Or is Kate talking about why women are in prison – that addiction is the underlying cause for women being in prison? I really need more context for this quote.

BTW, You deal with both mental health and addiction at the same time. The addiction is physical and yes you need to deal with the physical symptoms of withdrawal, but you have to deal with the mental health reasons for the addiction to be able to overcome it. I’m actually quite shocked that Kate doesn’t know how treatment like this works considering she’s been dabbling in the addiction and mental health causes for years.

Kate then met with some women who have used the services to listen to their personal experiences. Kate then visited the children’s area.

The below photo is Kate making a face at 4-month-old Gabriel as she talks to his mother Hlengiwe Sithole.

Kate then, along with Chief Executive of the Nelson Trust John Trolan, unveiled a plaque to mark her visit. Kate also received flowers from a little girl.

Kate wore her Mulberry blue “Paddington” wool coat from the AW15 collection which we first spotted her wearing when she took a helicopter back to Norfolk after an engagement in London.

Underneath the coat, which she actually took off while inside, Kate wore a black turtleneck we’ve seen many times and her Dolce & Gabbana “Boucle Wool Blend Skirt” which debuted during her stint as guest editor of the Huffington Post UK.

Kate wore black tights and her Stuart Weitzman Power pumps, her Annoushka Pearl Drop Earrings, and carried her black Mulberry Bayswater Clutch.

Mulberry Paddington coat Dolce & Gabbana Boucle Wool Blend Skirt

One of the things I’ve learned while covering the British royals is that what I call a Band-Aid is called a “plaster” in the UK. Sometime between petting Bob and visiting the women’s center, Kate got a cut on her hand which needed to be covered by a plaster. Aides said: “We have no comment on the plaster.”

Oh, and Kate picked up her own water bottle, which fell out of the car as she arrived.

108 thoughts on “Kate Middleton visits women’s prison and women’s center

  1. Every thing she says just makes me go, “My God, woman, just shut your mouth.”

    Addiction is caused by mental illness? Where does she get this garbage? Honestly, I don’t think she knows much of anything at all, doesn’t read (people who know her says she’s never picked up a book in her life, really), etcetera, so having her be some spokesperson about these issues just… shows the lights aren’t on and nobody’s home either.

    I would love to see what these women say about meeting her, but we won’t hear it unless it’s sycophantic rubbish.

    It is so, so disappointing. Not only her remarks but how unkempt she looks, too. What is up with these embargoed engagements? What’s the point then? Just have their photog there to make Kate look good, voila, let’s go?

    Also, in this photo, my God what has happened to her? Yeesh.

    In other news – has anyone been watching The Crown on Netflix? It’s really quite good.

    1. I said addition is usually rooted in mental health problems. Kate said something about addiction being the underlying cause to something which I don’t have the context for. Addiction usually does have an underlying cause of mental health concerns. Not necessarily mental illness, but a mental health issue like depression or anxiety. Usually there is an underlying mental health reason for one’s addiction – it’s not always something as serious as schizophrenia, but it can be depression related to dealing with a loved one’s death or one’s own medical problems or anxiety. Usually with rehab the patients also do therapy where they talk about why they turned to whatever it was they were addicted to.

      1. Yes, sorry, that’s what I meant. Repeated the wrong thing. 🙂 I agree with you, and not Kate! I didn’t mean to sound like a jerk.

        I do wish they would, you know, elaborate on what they mean when they say mental illness but that’s been rehashed so often here I think we’re all just frustrated with this.

        1. How can you be so judgmental when you don’t know in wich context these comments were made. The people who she meets, public and patients and workers from these organizations all have good things to say about kate except for the people commenting who didn’t meet her.

          People magazine and telegraph have articles about it and on video on different websites.

          Strange and it is not only on this engagement but almost all of them that say she is warm, compas. and that she really listens to them and they valued that. This is from the people she meets like patients etc. (if only organizations would be saying this you could say they do that for publicity but it’s not. They also say what the patients are saying.

          So i trust the people who she meets more then people on the internet thousands of miles away.

          Maybe it’s just me but i find it very strange

          1. Yes, all the good things that people say are reported, but how many unflattering things people say are? None, that’s what. And it’s not like there are crowds of witnesses with kind words. Compliments for Kate are few and far between. This speaks volumes. Unlike Kate herself, who is nearly incomprehensible with her garbled accent.

          2. #redsnapper

            You could say that about all the royals then …………….. for every good thing somebody says somebody will say something bad etc………………

            And people say a lot of good things about kate how she behaves and talks and is on her engaments.

            So i think that it doesn’t fits with your perception of her. You don’t know her, i don’t know her so we can only go what is reported and what is reported is that she is warm, kind. listens good when they tell her stories etc.

            She gets compliments from people who meet her, workers patients organizations etc.

            Sure she has her faults we all do but i will go by what people say who met her. IMO

          3. I literally said in my article that I would like to know the context of the quote because it doesn’t make much sense to me.

            As I said a week or so ago in one of my articles, I don’t doubt that Kate can come across as nice to the people she meets. She doesn’t say anything offensive, she listens to the people’s stories and nods appropriately, she doesn’t give her opinion on the situation so people don’t feel like she’s judging them. I’m sure Kate comes across as nice.

            But I think not everyone values the same things in people, especially when we’re talking about people we only know of through the media. For me, as purely an observer “thousands of miles away”, Kate being nice to people and listening to their stories is not so interesting because she isn’t saying anything herself. I, as someone who is purely an observer, would like actual quotes from Kate. And I would like them to be intelligent and well worded and knowledgeable since Kate has chosen to focus her energy on a topic I personally relate to. And personally, I don’t think she does that. People have said she asks great, intelligent questions when at engagements, but she speaks so softly we can never hear her on video and the press don’t quote her, and when she gives speeches she doesn’t give any sort of detail that would lead me to believe she is actually knowledgeable about the subject.

            But that doesn’t mean she isn’t nice to people. I’m sure she is nice to people.

            BTW, I also prefer when other royals actually give speeches and quotes. Honestly, it’s much better to write about a person when they’ve given a speech or quotes to the media so I can quote them directly rather than saying “They talked to people.”

          4. @no
            I have experience in the recovery process & can assure you that KMR is right – addiction masks the underlying cause, most often mental illness. Only when the alcohol or drugs are removed from the system (ie; total abstinence) can mental health be addressed & healing begin.

            The mess that came out Kate’s mouth is a perfect example of why she should not speak about anything really, because it’s glaringly obvious she does no prep whatsoever. And that can harm not help people.

            Nob, why would you trust what people say to royal reporters? Why would you trust royal reporters? What do you think they’ll report other than good things in a vague way? The ‘fans’ have rose colored glasses on & will buy most of what’s printed plus the clothes Kate’s wearing; the charity wants the increased donations/exposure; the clients won’t say anything that might embarrass the organization that helped them & royal reporters want to keep their jobs. Everyone has incentive to keep that train rolling.

            I watch video (if available) to get a fuller picture before making a judgment. It’s amazing how much can be left out in an article – 90 pc is about clothing instead of the organization/charity.

            Video can & often does show Kate’s shortcomings, like when she attempts to give a speech, her stiff interactions w/people & the horrible posture (my God the horrible posture!) It also shows her when she’s more relaxed & in her element (aanything sporty).Nob you contradict yourself in your last para – the ppl Kate speaks to and we strangers on the Internet are one & the same – people you don’t know. So why would you trust what they say & not what ppl post here?

            Stick around KMR for a bit, start at the beginning & you’ll see that the majority are pulling for Kate to do well. You’ll learn a lot about history, protocols & customs, art, other royals, charities & issues, other cultures & traditions, fashion & so much more.

          5. Yes, to echo what KMR says: there are so many quotes that say Kate does this, says this, whatever, from people–yet /we/ have no evidence of it. They say she is educated and well prepared, and yet we know from evidence of the little she does say (remember that harmful speech about how if you have a happy upbringing you won’t have mental health problems? That makes me angry just thinking about it!) is proof she has no clue and quite frankly it’s /dangerous/. They just use that as PR as nobody scratches past the surface these days except blogs like this one where we see through the smoke and mirrors.

            I would love evidence Kate is knowledgeable and helping in some fashion, and perhaps she is just by showing up and giving these organizations some exposure, but come on–there is far, far more there to be done, and they give her credit for things she shouldn’t be credited for.

          6. nob,

            I think it’s great that, however lacklustre her performance may be for the larger audiences, she connects to people in the intimate settings. That’s what gives me hope that she might someday live up to her potential as Princess of the UK.

            So she makes a small (but real) difference in someone’s life by making them smile, by making them feel temporarily respected. That speaks well of her in a personal setting. If she would learn to speak publicly and would prepare for her engagements, she could magnify that effect exponentially. She largely ignores that professional platform. It’s frustrating for people who want her to do well. It’s frustrating for people who want these issues resolved to receive only a bit of fluff reporting.

            As evidence of her poor preparation for the previous engagement, she asked, “Are these videos now online and being seen by the public?” That’s pretty basic. Shouldn’t she know?

            It’s bad enough that she can’t be bothered to prepare for the easy visits, but it’s infuriating that she won’t step up her game for something as important as her chosen focus of mental health (or children’s hospice, back when that was her thing).

          7. I have met her, so unlike anyone else on the board perhaps you will take my opinion. I paid $1500 to meet her and Williams when they visited America. She looked down her nose at everyone, would barely speak and when she did it was rude.

            Now when she talks it’s superficial and incoherent. She doesn’t appear to take any pride in her job and spends little time preparing for it. When we hear positive things coming out of her appearances it is when nothing is recorded or few people in the press are allowed, such as this.

            As I said I very seldom like to get involved on the board, but seeing as the election is giving me nightmares I have found KMR to be a wonderful distraction and this issue to be highly important.

            To my guess when I heard her say that it “is the underlying issue”, I immediately went to co-occuring disorders and being in jail. In America, particularly, we jail people instead of taking care of the reasons they are often in there. It was actually my first “wow! Maybe she is at least paying attention to someone who is telling her what to say.” But unfortunately we do not know because it was secret as so much of what she does is.

            Co-occuring disorders are quite simply someone medicating their mental health issue. (I’m a psychologist and have worked in this area) Mental health has often been an underlier with offenders and it’s compounded by self-medicating.

            I understand that you want to be skeptical of those who haven’t met her, but the one’s who are commenting on her have accumulated so much data that their opinions, at least to me, are much more valued than someone she meets for a few minutes that feels that they have to say something nice.

            But again, I have met her, and do not have anything to say nice about her at all. Perhaps if she starts working more and actually reads the briefings, as well as researching the projects before arriving opinions about her will change.

          8. SpringsMom – could you elaborate on your encounter with Kate? What she said, did, specifically? I’m super curious to catch an unfiltered glimpse of her.

            Also, I’m guessing that was the 2011 tour? She was very smug then. At least in the photos.

          9. Springsmom,

            I didn’t ‘t know you met her. I know the event you are talking about and you got to interact with them more than people on a walkabout. Were others around you at the event disappointed as you were? I am surprised Kate didn’t try to put up more of a front since this was right after they were married and the public loved her. I’m sorry she was so rude. If you have anything else to share from this day please do as it is interesting hearing from people who have actually met them 🙂

          10. @Springsmom, your first hand observation of Kate doesn’t surprise me one bit. I’ve read posts elsewhere by people who have interacted with her and they’ve had similar experiences. Kate is rude and snobbish. I saw that in videos of her in Canada, and won’t forget that!

    2. The photo you linked to has not been Photoshopped. I guess we are so used to seeing only flattering images that reality disturbs.

      The ensemble, to my eyes at least, looks suitable for the occasion though it does give a vibe of Kate channeling her mid-twenties. But she’s not pushing super-duper expensive clothes in front of people and that’s a positive.

      I wish she could present as being much more informed, especially as her role is to advocate for this group. When will she take this role seriously? It’s up to Kate and only Kate to make her engagements more than just a photo op. Whatever she says is going to be picked up; why not have something prepared beforehand rather than just babble a few buzz words.

      1. With all her off days she/they could read some studies/books/articles about mental health/addiction and actually talk intelligently about the subject. Too much to hope for that when they obviously don’t read their briefs tho.
        That one picture is particularly harsh! Yikes. I sometimes think the press slip in some non photoshopped pics as a passive aggressive way to stick it to them

    3. I thought the embargo was for the privacy of the places she is visiting. But they make it public later, so it seems to defeat the purpose. Maybe they embargo them so Kate doesn’t have to deal with as much media-they do want to control the media, so it wouldn’t surprise me.

      That photo is partially bad timing since she blinking, but mainly it hasn’t been photoshopped. Most photos we see of Kate have been touched up.

      And I would love to know what these women honestly thought too.

      1. I asked the question elsewhere and a person who volunteers in a prison says she isn’t surprised because the prison staff wouldn’t want advance notice going out so the inmate population knows she’s coming. Not sure why, really, but she did make some sense. The other visit? That I don’t know.

  2. I can’t understand anything Kate says in that video. She noticeably whispers in it, like she doesn’t want to camera to hear what she is saying. No wonder we never have anything to talk about other than her clothes. No one can hear anything she says.

    I laughed when the media made a big deal about the ‘plaster’ today and the fact she picked up her own water. She is human-she gets cuts and should pick up her own water :). Although, I have noticed she has band-aides a lot and you can see her picking her hands and/or fidgeting at engagements. I think she picks at her hands when she is nervous/unsure of herself. So maybe the new plaster was from her picking during the film last night. Lol.

    1. Well, let’s not blame Bob for the cut!

      Kate is very difficult to understand. the accent is one thing, speaking so quickly is another… I wonder if those present understood her.

      There’s a very funny episode of Frasier, where Robbie Coltrane as Daphne’s brother speaks in tongues. He is completely unable to be understood by anyone but his family. I’m always reminded of this when Kate speaks and we can’t understand her.

      1. I always think of the Seinfeld episode with kramer’s friend, the soft talker and Jerry end up with the pirate shirt on tv since he didn’t understand what she said!=)

      1. I’ve noticed that too in the past. Picking at her fingers from stress? Need to hide the knives away when she’s in the kitchen? Not trying to be sarcastic, just curious.

        1. I pick at my fingers a lot because I have severe allergies that manifest as a rash, instead of the sneezing and itchy eyes that most people get. After years of allergy shots, the rash is mostly localized to three fingers. So I wear band-aids on those fingers sometimes when they look really bad. I’m not saying this is what Kate has, but there are lots of reasons why she wears them. Michael Jackson wore bandages on his fingers to draw people’s eyes to his hand movements while he was dancing. Many of his wardrobe choices, which seemed strange off stage, were for this purpose. The short pants with white socks, the fedora hat: these were to help you notice the subtle but specific movements that he did. Not saying this is why Kate wears bandages either.

        2. I have actually seen her picking/pulling her fingers at engagements, that is why I thought she might be a picker when nervous or out of her element. Hence the bandages. My siblings are pickers so I recognize the similarities.

    2. Oh that explains why KMR put that photo of her picking the bottle. Seemed pulled out of nowhere. They really have nothing else to praise her for.

    1. I have a nearly similar skirt and it’s one of my go-to pieces during the winter season, mostly paired with black or purple. So I really like this outfit and the coat as well.

    2. I really like the skirt as well. I think she should have styled the outfit with her Aquatalia boots, hair up in one of those cute half buns that are all of the minute and the earrings that match her engagement ring.

      Also I had to laugh at the press taking pictures and making a big deal of picking up her own water bottle. Of course she should pick it up or is Royalty exempt from littering fines? Normal people do it. Normal is the Cambridge buzzword. So therefore…

    3. Except for the coat, I like this outfit. Although after all the comments about scuffed shies, that’s all I see now =)

      1. The coat was very wrinkled in the back. When she sits in the car, or anywhere else when she is wearing a coat, does she smooth it down prior to sitting? It’s really annoying to me. Just like her posture is annoying to Lauri. When you are going somewhere and you represent the Royal Family, don’t you want to look your best? It makes one think she could care less.

        As for her comments, she should be better prepared and speak up and speak more slowly. Again, preparing herself for these appearances should be as much work as actually going.

  3. Sometimes I feel like her quotes are practiced that’s why we end up with these strange sounding statements. Or that she tries to sound better or more intelligent and end up using the weirdest wording for her sentences.

  4. I’m not sure where to start – I grew up in an environment that was unsuited to my shy and scared persona. So as a person in early adult years I tried to find any way to deal with that – it mostly involved opting out of social situations while trying to present a competent face at work. You can become addicted to many things – drugs and drink aren’t the only ones – opting out and not dealing with reality is along the same lines. I am in a better place today – and that is my wish for all

  5. I love Kate’s outfit! Kudos to her for adding in a pop of color. I think she looked good but she needs to pull back the wiglet. And not walk out the palace with scuffed shoes.

    That being said, I think it’s good that she’s adding to the dialogue at an engagement ….but…she needs to learn the topic in which she’s speaking. Kate has a huge microphone and people listen. When she speaks of things that are either untrue or unproven, it can be dangerous. So to that point, she needs to do her homework. I would not have a problem if she said “The Association of….states…”

    Thanks for this post, KMR. I always appreciate when you provide perspective on mental health.

    1. I really liked this outfit too. I love separates. They break up the body, and you can bring in more colors and textures then a single dress.

  6. I liked her outfit, too. Sensibly and appropriately dressed. But her hair, or whatever it is, looks terrible, too long, unkempt. It looked bad at the movie premiere, too.

    Sure, it’s one unflattering photo, but it speaks volumes. It shows an unhealthy woman who looks old before her time. Whatever is going on with her needs to be addressed.

    If I had any idea what she said, I could talk about that.

  7. “I’m actually quite shocked that Kate doesn’t know how treatment like this works considering she’s been [b]dabbling[/b] in the addiction and mental health causes for years.”

    That one word, dabbling, hit the nail on the head KMR. She reads up enough (I think) to know where she’ll be, but I seriously doubt it goes any deeper than that. The report about reading scientific papers becomes null and void when she makes her statements. If she does read them she doesn’t grasp or retain the information.

    I thought the scene with the baby was very cute and it was nice to see her playing with a child like that.

    The outfit was better than the one she wore on her visit last year, but she did look a bit rough around the edges.

    Will November become “Kate visits the women’s prison” month? We’ve all said we’d love to hear Kate speak. Put a little volume in her voice, give more speeches. Give the press something to write about other than her clothes. It’s almost as if she’s terrified of what she’s doing. Or her posh voice coach told her a proper Englishwoman doesn’t speak above a whisper. Either way we’re approaching the six-year mark and it’s time to speak up Kate. We’re trying to be on your side, help us out some. If this Harry story is true and anything comes of it, you’re about to get steamrolled by MM. Stand up woman!

    1. If you look at Diana’s interviews she was always so quiet and I honestly think that Kate is going for that same coy, manipulative approach. Be quiet and appear innocent. Only Diana didn’t have to fake her accent and Kate does, so I don’t think she’ll ever be confident enough in it to speak up. I liked her better before she started trying (harder) to be someone she’s not.

      1. Diana was easily able to be heard and made speeches from early in her marriage. I never had trouble understanding her, and Kate has the advantage of being ten plus years older along with a college education. Tying the two together as some sort of negative justification for Kate’s whisper is ridiculous.

  8. I like looking at the videos of her, as opposed to photos. This is a video that shows an anxious Duchess. She is ill-at-ease. The poor posture, the wild expressions, the garbled speaking….it sounds as if her mouth is filled with marbles. She is obviously not very confident. And the crazy hand movements, very distracting and (imo) quite unprofessional. So, I’m not impressed at all with her.

    The outfit is OK, but it could have been better – starting with dealing with all that hair. Tie it back, or cut it. So sick of seeing this mop. I like the skirt/sweater/tights combo, but it would look better with some cute booties with a block heel and a black leather moto jacket. The coat would look better with some wool trousers/sweater/and cute booties or shoes. And for the love of all things holy – ditch the clutch – carry a real handbag during the daytime! She really needs a stylist to help her pull things together………….either that, or a speaking coach – if she started to behave like a professional woman rather than a clothes hanger, then it wouldn’t matter what she looked like.

    1. I would love to see what’s in all her clutches…however I expect that, if she ever dropped one and it popped open, it would be….empty. She doesn’t wear a lot of lipstick, so what’s in there?!? They’re so small, you can’t fit much in there!

      1. I’m thinking:
        • a phone (in case of an emergency situation);
        • a handkerchief;
        • a mirror;
        • some money (she does visit charity shops on visits and it would be a nice gesture to buy something).

        If needed at all, I think a chic cross body bag or small bag would be more suitable for a daytime event such as the visits today, and an evening clutch for evening. What I really don’t understand is carrying a clutch in your own home! I’m guessing it acts as a safety blanket, but it must be awkward if holding a bag, some wine, and shaking hands.

  9. Does anyone have any photos of Kate without the wiglets? Pardon my ignorance, but is she using them just to give more volume and/or length? Is her real hair much shorter? I’m just wondering why Kate is so attached to hair that isn’t attached to her head for real. Personally, I think she would look fabulous with a pixie cut similar to Charlene’s.

    I agree with Rhiannon; it would be more authoritative (and perhaps give confidence) to quote the organisation rather than winging it with unorganised thoughts. But it means prep before the event, some practice with staff, and most of all, genuine interest in the organisation and a desire to help.

    A vocal coach would help with voice projection and enunciation. I recall Diana had assistance in this regard too.

    1. I think this is a photo of her sans wiglet. Her hair looks really flat on top, and her grey roots are showing. My link is only partially working. It’s the image on the far left with the red coat.


    2. Kate’s natural hair is bushy and curly. These are the few photos of it that we have where she hasn’t blown it straight.





      When you blowdry your hair straight, no matter how thick, bushy it is in it’s original state, the end result is smaller volume of straight hair. Like this






      Yet, come the wedding and marriage, and her hair doubles in size overnight when straightened to this





      Ps: when you lose as much weight as she has, your hair loses volume too. Doesn’t increase.

      And your naturally bushy hair doesn’t acquire MORE volume when it is straightened such yhat there appears to be more hair on your head than before you straightened it.

      1. She was so vibrant in those pictures before the extreme dieting and addition of wiglets and extensions. What happened to that girl?

        1. Right? The difference is amazing. She looked so natural and beautiful. And her hair is gorgeous, I don’t understand why she insists on those wiglets.

      2. I personally like curly hair. She does a heck of a lot to her appearance to appear as ‘perfect’ as possible. But I wouldn’t see anything wrong with her being a bit more natural. I thought her hair looked fine when she was younger. I also think her teeth were fine, too. And when you show these picture with Kate being a more athletic weight I can see maybe a bit of resemblance to Charlotte. Maybe Charlotte has her mom’s cheeks but at Kate’s current weight we just can’t see that?

    3. Thank you both, JET Texas and Herazeus, for those links and thorough explanations.

      There is indeed an incredible difference in volume when Kate’s natural hair is straightened to the post-wedding images. However, I still think she looked charming pre-wiglets. I guess she equates hair volume with princess power? It must be a pain to be so tied to such an artificial device, trying to conceal them and only being able to do certain hairstyles to accommodate the wiglets. It will be interesting to see if this security blanket disappears in time. But my goodness, Kate certainly looked the picture of good health then; the change has been significant.

      Thanks again.

  10. I’ve been reading this website now for about 6 months and I am still baffled by how unwilling most of the commenters are to admit that maybe the reason she lacks confidence at public engagements is because people like you pick apart every. single. thing. about her. It is absolutely fair to be critical, especially given that her lifestyle is taxpayer funded, but there’s a line and it’s constantly crossed in the comments here. I don’t think it’s possible for her to do or wear or say anything that would please everyone and it often seems like that’s the bar that’s been set for her, which is impossible to meet.

    As someone who works closely with those who struggle with addiction, mental health issues, and the criminal justice system, I didn’t clutch my pearls nearly as hard at her quote. The quot sis fine. It’s not the most articulate, but it’s a very short quote that’s completely out of context and bringing it into the article without knowing the context is basically just baiting a willing audience into tearing it apart.

    1. It was one of the only quotes from her I could find that wasn’t “How old’s your baby”. If I hadn’t quoted her you would be accusing me of not quoting her to make it seem like she didn’t say anything when she did.

      And I specifically said in my article that I would like the context of the quote because it doesn’t make sense otherwise.

    2. Well, I’ll have to be the one that full out makes you happy because I was really glad to see Kate visit another prison, she looked appropriate and attractive, seemed engaged, and stayed for awhile. Her last prison visit was my favorite Kate charity work that she’s ever done because it pushed her out of her comfort zone and is such a critical, yet side-lined issue.

      Further, I liked that her outfit was quietly upscale so that she looked professional, but the attention was where it should be–on the efforts to help these ladies change their life in a positive way.

      The Queen and Cam have dealt with fiercely negative media and the public by putting their working boots on everyday and hitting a note like this. If Kate continues on this type of track, she might help her abysmal public opinion to rise in time. It doesn’t happen overnight, but I’ve seen from various blogs and articles that this was a positive for Kate.

      The point being though that the visit isn’t about Kate (it is, but it isn’t). It’s about serving the people, recognizing their challenges and elevating their efforts. Either Kate doesn’t read preparation documents–meaning she isn’t treating “philanthropist princess” as her real position ala William style, or Rebecca (or Jason, or someone who does the prep) should be fired. The public has no more use or patience for lazy royals.

      Glad you commented.

    3. Halfofone,
      Kate doesn’t seem to come to these engagements being even half prepared to make any meaningful commentary, much less do anything constructive. She lacks enthusiasm and true interest, it’s plain to see. How you can defend her is what I question.

    4. Though I have been quite critical of Kate, I think you have a point. When other places (not KMR) analyze close-ups of her feet critically, I think it is crossing a line. Although Kate does not face packs of papparazzi running after her, thank goodness, as Diana did, she does face a public scrutiny of her every physical part, and analysis of her personality on scant evidence. Who could stand up to this? Look at the frenzy surrounding Meghan Markle after only a few days. Would any of us want this for ourselves, or our daughters?

      I have to add that KMR seems to have mostly fair-minded posts, that praise when warranted, as well as criticize.

    5. Can i ask a question an honest question–Why do you read a blog for so long that you think the author and commenters are constantly crossing a line? It is the same with Kate fanatics that come on here just to troll-which i am not saying you are (but there are few who keep popping up). I just don’t understand if the content makes you unhappy than why keep coming back? Even the sites that praise Kate emphatically still pick every part of her apart. Honestly, it is the easy way out to blame Kate’s shortcomings on people like us instead of actually on her. I highly doubt she reads any blogs and therefore we are to blame. Kate is praised for every little thing in the mainstream media, so in my opinion, i don’t think she has any lack of confidence. Rather, she thinks she can do no wrong. She just doesn’t care for work and becomes nervous in those situations since she doesn’t want to be there. I honestly think it is ridiculous to blame people like us for Kate’s issues. She is a grown woman after all.

    6. I don’t think it’s possible for her to do or wear or say anything that would please everyone and it often seems like that’s the bar that’s been set for her, which is impossible to meet.

      No one here thinks that.

      Moreover, that’s all the more reason she should pick one thing and one personality and stick with it.

      It is the fact that this college-educated modern princess has chosen to appeal solely to the most chaste conservative royalists in the world that drives me batty.

      1. I appreciate all of these thoughtful responses.

        To answer someone’s question: I keep coming back to this site because I do think that KMR is often quite fair (if slightly harsh about her clothing lol) in her commentary on their royal engagements. I appreciate the thoroughness of the coverage.

        There was quite evidently an implied tone with the inclusion of that out of context quote. I don’t see the value of including a quote like that with a clear commentary of “wtf is this quote?” even with the caveat of “but we don’t know the context”. It’s baiting an audience that’s clearly shown itself as willing to tear KM apart, regardless.

        I’m really not here to convince people to be more thoughtful in their criticism of a person who was clearly not “bred” for this lifestyle like basically every other royal has been, but there’s no benefit in an echo chamber either. I think there is a lot of fair criticism on this site, but it is often drowned out by body-shaming (her ankles, her weight, her wrinkles, her pants), misogynstic (calling her Waity is so. gross.) and mean-spirited commentary.

  11. Kudos for her doing this engagement and I also like her outfit. It’s not great but works well for the occasion.

    My problem with Kate here and also in other engagements is that I don’t have the feeling that she is well prepared and knows what she is talking about. She doesn’t have to be a doctor and expert on the field but by now she should have a huge knowledge on addiction and mental health problems. Her words seem often bit out of place, like she practiced them before the event but then they won’t really fit the question or talk.
    And that beside the fact that she doesn’t seem to feel comfortable here and rather gives the impression of a nervous and not confident person.

    1. “but by now she should have a huge knowledge on addiction and mental health problems”

      Exactly. All Kate does is go to places, listen to people talk, and “learn”. KP says that she wants to “learn” at every engagement she does – and she’s been doing that for years. So how is she still not knowledgeable about the subjects she’s focused on?

      1. And she even has every chance to learn, she has a lot of time to do research, to read, to meet experts!
        And it’s even worse as mental health is a topic “close to her heart”, it’s supposed to be a topic she had chosen, which is important to her. She could have picked a lot of other topics but she choses this one and so she should put a lot of effort into it but nothing seems to improve.

        1. We’re assuming though that Kate is given packets of information and she’s too lazy to read them. Could be true, but it could be that the staff–chosen by William, are all sycophants who don’t give her much if anything. I wonder sometimes how much he’s really like Charles? Everyone always assumes he’s like Diana because he looked so much like her (and still does somewhat) but he’s a Windsor, and they don’t like having their special little spotlight taken away, except Harry, who’s always favored the Spencers. That said, even he might have his particulars that aren’t the best. The Windsors are dedicated and hardworking, but they can be hard and cold too. No different than your average person, just with power and position that can affect many who rely on them for patronage, etc.

          Is Kate really her own person or a tool of William’s? A little of both? A woman waiting her time until she’s POW to show more force in her marriage? A brainless body who knows how to use woman’s most basic gifts to get what she wants? Kate is an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

          1. W+K are taking good money. Lots of it. In return, they are obliged to represent various organisations to the best of their abilities.

            William made it clear in Canada that he hadn’t read his briefing documents, which he said were copious. There are some very experienced people on staff and no reason to think they have not adequately prepped the principals for engagements. However, should that be the case, it is W+K’s responsibility to ask for appropriate materials to better prepare. Whichever way you spin it there really is no excuse.

            William has enough polish to mostly wing it. I’d say he’s told Kate it’s all a doddle, just smile, ask a few questions.

            Kate has done whatever she has needed to do to win the status she craved. Whether she steps up is entirely up to her. So far, she has not come across as dedicated to her role.

            Both have squandered so much goodwill due to their arrogance, greed and inherent laziness.

          2. Kate’s an enigma wrapped in a wet blanket.

            If she were the type of person to do her very best even if someone (her staff, her husband, her father-in-law) undermined her, she would have accomplished something between university graduation and marriage.

            I can well believe that Will chose Kate in part because she wouldn’t outshine him, though. That’s just his observation of her character, not him deliberately sabotaging his own wife.

    2. The best way to conquer nerves is preparation: don’t work till you get it right, work until you can’t get it wrong.

      I don’t think Kate is one of life’s workers, but nevertheless wonder if she has to/ prefers to follow William’s lead with engagements, which is a no prep approach, being courteous, asking basic questions along with generic chit-chat along the lines of “keep up the good work’, ‘you’re all so amazing”, “brilliant”, “how do you sorta find the time” etc etc.

      Given that engagements comprise an intense 30 minutes of meet-and-greets, and short conversations with a lot of people, the once over lightly approach probably works for W&K. People seem satisfied with a handshake, a smile and a basic comment or question. When asked, they blow that interaction up to Kate being knowledgeable and interested!

      Wasn’t there an event a couple of years ago maybe where the youth were deeply unimpressed with William and Kate, and said so? I think their comments were later deleted.

      1. This also goes with her public speaking. Not a nutural? Shy? There are people out there who can help.
        Less My Fair Lady and more The King’s Speech.

        1. I understand that a lot of people have problems speaking in public or even to meet people but as you said, preparing for engagements would help her a lot! Knowledge on the topic would make her more confident, same goes for covering more events.

          And if she feels uncomfortable with the mental health topic, she is free to support any other cause.

          1. I hate speaking in public but as the VP of the exotic cat sanctuary I had to overcome the fear. If you are passionate and knowledgeable about the cause you can fake it and gradually overcome it. Maybe not 100% but enough so that you don’t come across as a stumbling mumbling bubble brain

    3. You’re right–the reason her words seem out of place is because she’s practiced them beforehand. I think Jason and/or Rebecca provide her with comments and questions they’ve written, to be given in response to what Kate will be told (which they’re aware of beforehand). But the problem is that the people Kate meets aren’t following Jason’s script exactly and Kate can’t improvise.

  12. Oh my, what is it with the whispering? I can understand why she did it when meeting the moms of sleeping babies, but when being introduced to the people at the main discussion group?

    And can anyone make out what she says, after the woman mentions that the residents have “a set routine that they have to follow?” It sounded to me like, “I imagine it’s really sort of fun to fit in with some flight, the certificate within them, a person’s got to have that…” and then a grand hand gesture with a blank look that seems to be asking for the other person to fill in with the missing word. Yeah, she’s such a great ambassador and spokesperson…such an articulate display of interest and knowledge….pfft.

    Guess it would be fun to play that children’s game “Gossip” with Kate. No telling how mixed up the original message would become.

  13. Perhaps she appears anxious/nervous because she loathes/is repulsed by being around such ‘low class’ jailbirds and addicts. I see no nervousness when she hangs around Sir Ben or hits some fluffy glam event.

    She sounds like a blithering idiot. A dangerous one.

  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3908986/Harry-SECOND-hottie-Prince-secretly-dated-English-model-wooing-American-actress-Meghan-Markle-don-t-look-alike.html

    Off topic, but apparently Harry likes to bombard women with texts (allegedly, maybe the tabloids just aren’t creative enough to dream up a more imaginative story). Interesting to see how this story is developing. This one is from Katie Nicholl, who claims Harry was/is? also dating a model at the same time as Meghan. The article claims this model is a Meghan lookalike but I don’t see a resemblance apart from them both being brunette. Personally, I think Harry is ‘dating’ lots of women we don’t know about. I personally feel that the Meghan Markle story has just exploded maybe because Meghan herself has asked her publicist/manager/friends to help her plant stories in the press. I bet the real truth is that they casually dated or hooked up a few times, that’s it.
    Interesting that Koo Stark wrote a mini article herself in the link above.

    When it comes to Kate:

    Addiction can also run in families. I know of alcoholism being inherited by the men in a family I know. As KMR said, who knows exactly what Kate meant because the brief quotes we get from her are often taken out of context or are fragmented because reporters say that they can’t hear what Kate says because she is so soft spoken.

    I feel that it is time for Kate to do a brief, five minute solo interview like what Eugenie did for modern slavery in which Kate briefly discusses her work with mental health and why it is important to her. She hardly ever gives speeches, we didn’t see a video of the roundtable discussion in the Netherlands, and she barely speaks above a whisper. This means that all we are left to discuss is her wardrobe (which has been depressing lately, I must say). I really, really wish we could talk about something more of substance with her. But if she doesn’t talk, either in an interview or speech, what do we have to talk about? The more time goes by, the more I think Kate really doesn’t know very much about mental health at all. And it makes me skeptical as to how much she truly cares about the issue. This is an important cause that needs to be taken seriously. She has been a member of this family more than five years, it is time for her to step up and speak more. She can get help with her public speaking and interview skills from a professional if she needs to. But it is a major part of her job and she really needs to get on with it, IMO.

      1. Nope. But I don’t see a resemblance between Meghan and Pippa, either. I think the tabloids feel that if two women are both brunette, they must look alike. If Harry does wind up marrying a brunette, any brunette, the press will say he married a Kate lookalike.

    1. I’m so beyond tired of this Harry thing. Might convenient that the story about Harry and Meghan came out to deflect attention and criticism from W&K’s boring Canada tour and her bathrobe flop dress for the BBC radio. Is Harry being used as a distraction to change the tune? I wouldn’t be surprised.

      1. Yes he is. The dating story fell apart, complete lie like always. Change the person in all the stories. I’d say some people went on a little vacation.

  15. KMR- Check out the article from the Daily Mail given by Grant Harrold. I honestly don’t know who or what to believe anymore. This is all so crazy!

  16. Clothes first: this is at least a work outfit, great to see. So we can move on and focus on her work. Yes her quotes are clueless. I’d expect that from somebody who dabbles in many causes perhaps but this is Kate’s Big Thing. She should do some psychology or social work or mental health clinical training, or equivalent. I’m sure she doesn’t need to schlep down to her local institutes either. But it js encouraging she was there to listen and hear the struggles of many. Hopefully this will help inform her.

  17. I never thought I’d say this but after all the stories about Meghan Markle (I’m already tired of her) I’m happy to see Kate again. Same boring clothes, boring hair, boring shoes, boring smiles, but I’m happy to see Kate again. As for Harry and Meghan, I don’t believe Harry would let his girlfriend deal with this scrutiny alone if they were together. I will only believe in this story when I see a photo of them together and looking REALLY in love.

      1. Yes, Cookie. I know Meghan is an independent woman, has a career and is engaged in humanitarian issues, but her posts on Instagram showing “clues” of a possible relationship is the exact opposite of what Harry always says about discretion. I do not see him with someone who gives information about their relationship as he is so reserved. And when the stories are contradictory so I suspect much more. Even Camilla Tominey “corrected” some informations about the “relationship.” And the smugness on Meghan’s face when she left the house with the security let me sick. She is LOVING every second of it. And the EX butler, ridiculous, like someone who does not work with Prince Charles anymore may know of such a personal thing? And his interview “with the consent of Clarence House” is ridiculous. If Clarence House wants to make a statement Clarence House does it. Period.

    1. Jamel…you took the words right out of my mouth. As much as I love that MM is the anti-Kate I am already suffering burn out on her because of all of these articles. It doesn’t help any that she does come across as me, me, me in a lot of things.

      1. What’s the point of getting so invested and so angry when this could be a fling or never get to the altar or newspapers writing this story UP as they do with every single person who has dated a male rotal, from Diana to Cressida. Heck i remember a time when you couldn’t pick up a newspaper that didn’t gave a story about the grand romance between Susannah Constatine and Viscount Linley. The fact that Charles’s other girlfriends eg Sabrina Guinness or Lady Jane Wellesley are still getting media based on their long ago relationship. Koo Stark. Enough said. Even Edward’s GF get media as his ex-GFs when they surface for some project or another.

        Further, if the woman is enjoying it or trolling, why shouldn’t she? Is she supposed to hide in a cave for the duration of the relationship? Should she never smile in public lest she offends anyone? Yet if she scowls, it will also be interpreted badly too. What is she supposed to do?

        The woman had a public profile before this relationship, whatever itbis, became public. She gave interviews. Tjose are now being repackaged by the media to seem new.

        Further, the mefia has alot of previously available material to work due to her public profile. They are repackaging all of it, and you guys are taking it all way too seriously to extent that you’ve judged her and fojnd her wanting.

        As an example, the DM keep running a quote where she says she is tge luckiest girl in the world as a new quote given in relation to Harry yet it turns out that she gave that quote as part of an interview she gave a couple of months ago about her job, humanitarian efforts and world travel. It is part of a longer sentence that has been chopped into two and only the second half run as fact. Yet that out of context sentence is making people so angry.

        You guys would have exploded if you had followed the waity years. And the Diana/Fergie dating months (they both dated their princes for 6mths ahead of enfagement)

        The press goes into hyper-drive whenever there is a new rotal romance and for it’s course, they coupke are expected to be engaged at any moment. The media keeps running a variation on this story, make mountains out of molehills and so on and so forth.

        You are tired of this story?

        That’s too bad because the press is going to keep this up every weeknor day that this romance is going on.

        And if it shifts into engagement and marriage, it will go even higher in levels of hysteria.

        Until the press and yhe public decided they don’t like her anymore. See every person who has dated any of the royals.

        1. The press is working against themselves then because who the hell would ever want to get involved? Only someone who’s out for themself or an idiot in love would go ten feet near.

        2. The press is there to sell stories, real or not. Since the two people concerned have never been seen together, neither has publicly mentioned each other, there’s no link to each other, where’s the relationship? I understand if the girls associated with Charles, Andrew, William were observed in these men’s company, but when there is no such evidence…?

          As one who has been put through the frenzy, Koo Stark’s advice the other day was wise: do nothing, say nothing. Trolling etc gives the press more material to work with and can be perceived as milking the situation for personal gain or just attention-seeking. And if the relationship does exist and comes to something, it’s hard to recover the lost goodwill.

          I’m still puzzled as to how and why this story broke at all but the speculation has become irritating. Plus the work of journalists on the royal beat is not exactly of the highest calibre, which is probably the most tiresome thing of all.

    2. Don’t worry, supposedly, PH will meet up with Rihanna or at least be in close proximity with her during his next tour.It doesn’t take much for the press to speculate on a romance you either have to have a famous name or at least be seen together with the opposite sex on our to be dating. The press will probably speculate on their romance then and forget they even wrote about Meghan. I know the press will at least say PH and Rhianna are probably flirting after their encounter. Though I could be wrong and the press would miss an opportunity to start a rumored romance between the two.

      1. How much do you want to bet that Harry will be “dating” Rihanna after they meet? The press would be all over that even more so than Meghan Markle because Rihanna is a big name star.

  18. The good: she is revisiting a place! I hope this becomes an annual event for her.

    I don’t know why it is a secret visit, since I think for British events recently crowds haven’t been huge. There are press reporters and photographers but nothing out of hand from what I see that would affect security. Maybe it’s just me, but by singling the prison out as a surprise visit yearly makes it almost makes it seem like it isn’t as worthy as others, not worth putting on the calendar and having multiple days of media coverage. And, that is not a good idea when you are trying to highlight the importance of talking about mental health and remove stigmas.

    The outfit looks like something from her years as the royal girlfriend – turtleneck, skirt, leggings. It’s a fine look on her; I prefer it to her last few weeks of choices.

  19. KMR what’s the take away from these visits? Besides press for Kate – how is she leading?
    Does she want everyone to visit prisons and be nice to inmates?

    1. My takeaway (and what I think KP wants the takeaway to be, given what they wrote on Twitter) is that the women who are in prison need help transitioning to normal life once they leave prison. Also that the children of women in prison need counseling.

      1. Yes, and…..?? Are these services provided by government funding (so lobby your representative) or are provided by non-profits (so make a donation…)

        Honestly, without her providing follow up remarks – it seems like Kate just took a field trip.

          1. KMR/Ladyblueribbon: This is where KP/Kate fails.

            Kate can’t comment in a way that interferes or criticises the govt.

            The only recourse is to publicise the centre from a humanitarian angle or a community angle.

            To that end, they could highlight the programme and give information about the programme that is safe for everyone involved.

            Instead, all we have is that she visited this centre on another ‘listening’ engagement.

            And it is left to bloggers like KMR to puzzle out the message or aim of yhe visit with no help or follow up from KP. No comment from KP about how this type of work might fit into the larger picture of addiction.

        1. Perhaps KP could issue a follow-up after such visits outlining what action will be taken on the organisation’s behalf, if indeed there is one. Otherwise, it does look like a personal field trip. Newspaper articles mention the organisation but merely as a backdrop to whatever Kate is wearing that day.

          I often wonder what organisations get out of these visits and whether there is anything beyond the visit itself in terms of donations, follow ups from government representatives etc. They’d work hard to put a visit together on top of stretched resources for their everyday commitments.

          1. Their social media team is as inept as the rest of their teams. It would be so easy to tweet/post about what their charities are doing. It would make them seem more interested in them at least.
            I follow the met on Twitter and I think last wk as vermeer’s bday. They tweeted a pic of some of his work and where to see in their gallery. How easy would it have been to tweet a pic of Kate with girl with the pearl earring and mention again about the exhibit??!! World elephant day-pic of Harry with elephants…
            I truly don’t get it.

    2. Exactly LadyBlueRibbon…what is the point of all these visits? Does she go to her and William’s wealthy and connected friends to solicit funds for monetary and in-kind donations? Does she do literature review of available scholarly articles to increase her own knowledge? Does she sit on a Board, in order to direct the work of an organization? Does she talk to the media via speeches or interviews to promote the needs of this population? Does she undertake some training? Does she spend a significant amount of time on her visits to these places, so that she can at least spread some good cheer? Do her or William do any of this?

      How many of these listening engagements, wearing a brand new outfit or once-worn-before outfit, is she going to keep doing? Time for her to actually put in work after being married for 5 and a half years. Her work is all make-work. The answer is that she is only padding up her engagement numbers in order to tamp down on media and subsequent public criticism and to continue getting new clothes and Botox!

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