Kate Middleton pets a cat at ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ premiere

Kate Middleton pets a cat at ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ premiere

Yesterday, November 3, Kate Middleton attended two events as Patron of Action on Addiction. She attended an event at Working Title and then attended the film premiere of A Street Cat Named Bob.

Before the scheduled film premiere, Kate did a previously unannounced engagement at Working Title (the production company) to hear how The Recovery Street Film Festival was created and to meet the filmmakers and the charities involved.

The Recovery Street Film Festival focuses on filmmakers who have a lived experience of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, whether it is themselves or a loved one; demonstrating through the medium of film the diverse issues that are faced by people overcoming addiction and how those around them can be affected. The aim is to empower people affected by addiction by giving them a voice, providing a platform for them to tell their own stories of the ‘ups and downs’ and how they reached recovery.

Kate met the filmmakers before screening the short films. Kate also met some of the people who acted in the films, as well as people and donors from Action on Addiction.

Action on Addiction help those living with addiction, and those living with people who suffer problems of addiction, and offers specialist help and advice to family members.

Kate then attended the premiere of A Street Cat Named Bob at The Curzon Mayfair. The film opens in the UK today, November 4 (it’s out on November 18 in the US). The film is based on the much-loved, international best-selling book. Starring Luke Treadaway as James Bowen and with Bob as Bob, A Street Cat Named Bob tells the moving and life-affirming true story of the unlikely friendship between a young homeless busker, James Bowen, and the stray ginger cat who changed his life.

Kate met the film’s actors and representatives from Sony Pictures Releasing UK and Action on Addiction, as well as the real life James and Bob, before watching the film.

While also being the world premiere of the film, the event also helped raise funds to support Action on Addiction. I think the money raised by this film is specific to this one event.

[Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal]

Meeting Bob I don’t think went well. Kate pet the cat’s head and apparently it made a purring or growling noise, which prompted James to to say: “I’m really not sure if that’s purring or growling.” To which Kate replied: “Is that purring or growling?”.

Bob’s entire tail flicked while Kate was petting his head, which means the cat wasn’t happy at all.

Kate wore a new gown by a new-to-her brand for the day’s events – choosing a white Self Portrait Pleated Crochet gown from the Resort 2016 collection ($640). The dress features a bodice and sleeves of guipure-lace with a high neckline, a grosgrain band a the waist, and a crepe skirt with shutter pleats and a high side slit. There is a tan mesh lining the bodice.

This new dress has several features that are similar to the dress Kate wore to the children’s party in Canada – like the lace only on the top part of the dress and a ruffle at the neckline. I didn’t like that dress and I don’t like this dress either.

Kate chose accessories we’ve seen before: red Mulberry Bayswater Clutch; Gianvito Rossi pumps in Bordeaux; and Oscar De La Renta pearl and metal earrings.

The red accessories are an interesting choice. I assume it’s to match Kate’s poppy pin. You guys know how much I love red accessories, but even they are not enough to save this dress in my eyes. I actually probably dislike Self Portrait as a brand in general – I was looking through their designs on their website and disliked all of them.

Kate will attend the Festival of Remembrance again this year on Saturday November 12. Remembrance Sunday is November 13.

138 thoughts on “Kate Middleton pets a cat at ‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ premiere

  1. The good: Kate finally wore a pop of color with her white outfit. I am so happy she accessorized with burgundy

    As for the rest….. typical boring clothing choice. And I wish she would try something other than a boring pump for evening wear. I really don’t care for the dress and the top is supposed to be fitted, yet it hangs on her. The earring really don’t go. For me this outfit was such a mess. Kate is also lucky, with the wind and how high the slit was, she could have shown more than intended.

    Let’s be honest though, the real star tonight was Bob. Such a cute cat, especially in his scarf. Kate stood no chance with him in the room :).

    Did anyone else notice in the video of Kate petting Bob, that she looks directly at the cameras when she does her fake laugh-big smile? She did it intentionally for them. Kate really does pan for the cameras. It was just so obvious tonight like she was trying to be cute/charming for the photos.

    1. It was definitely a “dressed down” premiere even though she was in a gown. The gown was cheap-looking (to me) and wasn’t glamorous, and the earrings are day earrings not night earrings. She definitely could have gone way more glam but she didn’t.

      1. Aw, I disagree. I actually found this gown last summer and thrilled she chose a piece I put on my Instagram 🙂 I think it looks better o the model though. It is much looser up top than I expected.

      2. Oh, Bob, you saved the day. And, cats are a good barometer of who is one of the people they truly like! So, obviously, Kate is not a cat person. Wonder how Charlotte would have greeted Bob.

        Hated the dress and agree, I am so tired of her in pumps with gowns. The top did hang rather strangely on her and the waist, as always, appeared too high. When, I scrolled through and saw the slit in the dress, I just thought, “Here we go again.”

        Kate looked uncomfortable sitting in the chair at the showing. As if she was thinking, “Where’s William?”

        I am really trying to be kinder in my thoughts toward her, but she irks me to no end. The comment she echoed back to the man, as to whether Bob was growling or purring, was so lame.

        I cannot wait to see the film.

      3. I agree KMR! Cheap looking, inappropriate for a member of the RF and the weather; that is for the likes of Paris Hilton and celebs.

        It’s funny what a few articles on Prince Harry and his relationship (if to believe), Princesses York work,and a cat can drag out – the laziess member of the RF, in full flashing mode, to grab the headline.

    2. Cats are always the best part of anything. Love how Bob looks like he’s so over it and ready to pounce.

      I agree that the dress is boring and it looks like so many others she already has. And doesn’t she get cold? It’s probably chilly in London.

      1. Cats have great bullshit detectors. They sense fake people from a mile away.

        There is a picture of Paris Hilton wearing the exact same dress and she actually looks much better because she fills the dress out. Kate can never seem to wear a properly fitted dress.

        1. Nah, I think Paris Hilton also looks terrible in the dress. It’s just a bad dress.

        2. Actually she does make the dress look better. On her the top is properly fitted liked it is suppose to be. And the hair up makes a difference as well. I still don’t love the dress, but I don’t hate it seeing it on her. I just think it looks like a wedding dress.

          1. We’re going to have to agree to disagree. I think the dress looks terrible no matter who it’s on: Kate, Paris Hilton, the model.

          1. The dress down right hideous!
            A bad look for both Kate and Paris.
            But Paris is wearing the dress, she looks confident and comfortable in her skin, and even manages to pull off a youthful, somewhat whimsical look. Kate, on the other hand, looks so awkward and unsure of herself that it is painful to watch – sometimes I just feel like she needs a good and proper hug (although I’d be weary of hugging her in case I break her) a shoulder to cry on and some form of emotional support.

      2. I agree!! Cats ARE the best part of anything. And Bob – what a star. He looks so gorgeous in his scarf and standing on his carer’s shoulders. So fabulous.

        I agree with RT, further down. Kate has a real spending problem. She’s been at engagements about 56 days from 300 or so this year, with lots of new clothes on show, either butchered or not fitting well or just plain dowdy. Why, oh why is she permitted to waste so much money when she has plenty of choices in her closets already?

        As usual Kate had nothing to say. And Bob didn’t like her either which says it all.

        1. Cats are clever animals and show what they think. My tomcat peed on my ex the first time they met. Should have consulted with that smart fluffy thing first! But I learned the hard way.

          1. LOL. I love cats. I had a similar experience with my dog and an ex-boyfriend. Man, I should have listened to Luna when she didn’t warm to him. She sat on my lap staring at him like she was guarding me. She probably was. Smart puppy. Stupid mommy. Had to learn the hard, hard way that man was no good.

          2. So true! My old cat never liked any boyfriend I brought home and she made it clear in different ways. Then when I brought my future husband home, she loved him and curled up in his lap the first day. Cat’s are good at reading people. 🙂

          3. I think we’re giving cats too much credit here. Cats like a certain type of personality (people who give cats attention on the cats’ terms) and dislike other personalities (people who give cats attention on the peoples’ terms). For example: When I was a kid, my cat hated me since I always chased it and wanted to hold it, but now my cats like me since I leave them alone and let them come to me. Basically it’s the difference between cat people and dog people. Cats like cat people and dislike dog people. It doesn’t mean that either of those types of people are bad.

          4. I respectfully disagree KMR. My husband was a dog person until he met my cat who changed him to both. So, with what you are saying my cat shouldn’t have liked him since he was a dog person, yet she liked him the first day and was the only boyfriend she did like (other boyfriends were avid cat people and she didn’t like them). Animals, dogs and cats, are very good at sensing good vs. bad people. My brother has a dog who growled at the handyman from day one and he ended up being a very bad man. Should we put all faith in cats and dogs? Of course not! But to say its only about them liking cat people isn’t correct either. There are plenty of studies out there for proof of animal’s instincts and 6th sense. When an animal genuinely doesn’t like someone, it makes me think twice because the are obviously sensing something we don’t. I think you aren’t giving them enough credit.

            And actually I have seen plenty of cats who go directly to dog people and want their attention. There is a running joke that cats know dog people and therefore go to them since they know they don’t like them, lol. My dad is a vet so I have grown up around a lot of animals.

          5. I was a bad person as a kid because my cat didn’t like me?

            Also, my friend’s ex-girlfriend’s dog I met over the summer disliked me, does that mean I’m a bad person currently?

        2. As I’ve mentioned on DM, I firmly believe that in exchange for getting her to do her job she is being permitted to buy a new outfit each time. Otherwise I couldn’t understand why she all of a sudden has a new outfit whenever she is out and has actually been seen more than I have seen her doing in a long time.

        3. I didn’t say that it definitely means a person is bad. Shoot some animals like no one. I was saying that it can mean they sense something in a person. You were saying that cat’s like cat people and dislike dog people which isn’t true. I was saying give animals a little more credit because sometimes they sense something in people. I didn’t say they it means all people that animals dislike are bad. You are taking what I said to the extreme. Anyway, all I said was give animals a little more credit since you said we were giving them to much.

          1. Yes, I know I took it to the extreme. I did it on purpose to see what would happen in a “devil’s advocate” kind of way. I had a dog several years ago that would growl at construction workers when I was taking her for a walk. She was usually very good at reading people based on reading me.

      3. I just watched a nature show and learned that there are two types of cats: those that purr and those that roar, they can’t do both =)
        My little trivia for the day

        1. I learned that recently too! I was watching the Big Cat Rescue videos on YouTube to teach my daughter that tigers don’t purr, but I learned that several of the big cats don’t purr.

          1. Y’all should try and watch the nature video. I think pbs puts them on their website/YouTube.
            It’s two parts. The 1st one was on how they started in Asia and migrated out from there. I learned lots.
            Part 2 (next wk) is on how the came to the Americas and became domesticated. =)

          2. Cougars are the largest cat that purrs . Tigers chuff and cheetahs make a chirping sound. Sorry I’ve spent 10 years volunteering with an exotic cat sanctuary so I couldn’t help myself

    3. This dress really is a mess. The collar looks constringing, the bodice makes me think of quilts my granny used to crochet, and then there is a long skirt with a slit going so high up I’m happy it wasn’t windy. Not to mention the crotch clutching. If a white dress was the only piece she could think of wearing, why not pick some of her old ones? Why a new one again?

      By the way I read a column somewhere – I think it was the Royal Central – in which the author claimed it’s the problem of the press if they want to concentrate on Kate’s expensive dresses and ignore the hard work the royals do for their charities. I’d love to ask the author what kind of a message he thinks it delivers if a royal cannot attend an engagement without getting a new, usually expensive, dress practically every time and repeating very seldom? I’d also love to know if he thinks we just have to accept that unlimited luxury and reckless consumption just have to be a part of being a royal and the public has no right to question that although people in general are trying to be more environmentally conscious?

      1. What hard work is that exactly? I’d honestly like to know what that entails, in detail, because it appears to be rocking up to an event, glad-handing for a few minutes and playing to cameras. Where is the substance?

        I agree; the conspicuous consumption is quite breathtaking, not only with unnecessary amounts of clothing but also with a thoughtless carbon footprint. The public has every right to question it since they are paying for it.

      2. The concept of hard work definitely puzzled me. The author claimed he knew how hard the royals work for their charities, but he didn’t give a single example to support this argument. I must say that if a charity has a royal who visits or sends a message maybe once a year as a patron, it’s not enough to raise my awareness of the charity or make me donate money or volunteer. If the patron is really working hard, that should be communicated better in order to really add value. I’d think any charity would benefit from being kept in people’s minds.

    4. My mom has a tablecloth that looks just like the bodice of that dress. The tablecloth has been used at every Thanksgiving and Christmas that I can remember, so when I saw the splash of burgundy from the poppy pin my immediate thought was oh no, someone’s spilled the cranberries.

  2. I don’t the dress either – maybe in another colour ? She has closets of clothes worn once or twice – why add yet another one ? She should re wear her evening dresses – it is not as though she goes out to many night time functions. And those cheap copy earrings – why not real pearls and gold ?

    1. Wasn’t Kate hailed as the ‘queen’ of recycling some time ago. I remember reading article after article about how she was so wonderful because she recycled her clothes. I guess once you birth the heir and the spare you don’t have to re-wear your clothing. Too bad, it was one of the best things about her.

      PS. Cat rule, best part of this show was the cat.

  3. Also, Bob’s tail flicking doesn’t mean he is unhappy. I have a cat who when she is laying on me purring with her eyes closed, her tails is flicking around like crazy. If you only saw her tail you would think she was unhappy, but seeing the rest of her shows she is quiet happy. It is like her tail has it’s own mind sometimes. So, a flicking tail doesn’t always mean an unhappy cat.

    1. I have two cats currently (I had a third but it died several years ago), and whenever their tails flick like that it means they are unhappy. A flick of the tip of the tail usually doesn’t mean much with them since they’ll do that while purring, but a whole tail flick is not a good sign with them.

      1. My cat flicks her tail when you call her name, it’s pretty cute.

        Bob knows when someone’s not a cat person. Kate looks like she was touching something painful, not a cat.

      2. My two cats only flick their tails when they are going to attack each other/me. And that usually happens when they are in my lap purring, so I don’t see it as a sign they are not happy.

      3. Every cat is different, so flicking of a tail is all relative. But I will say looking at Bob’s face, he sure didn’t seem to like Kate. Cat’s are smart and can tell good people 🙂

        1. My tomcat grew up with a dog and flicks his tail just like a dog. Many people have actually commented on what kind of a weird mix between a dog and a cat he is! I actually never realized that until I got more cats that didn’t share those characteristics!

      4. Every cat I’ve had also flicks its tail as a warning signal, but I’m giving Kate the benefit of the doubt because of all the camera flashes.

        1. Bob must be a well trained cat because he didn’t have the happiest look. A cat person would know to let the cat sniff your hand before you just go and start petting behind its head. It would be like grabbing a kid from behind and expecting them not to scream or cry.

          1. Same with dogs, so Kate should have known better. Good thing Bob kept his gaze straight ahead while Kate petted him or he might have attacked that swinging mass of hair.

          2. Kate is definitely not Dr. Do Little. Bob did not seem happy at all. Either did Kate. In my opinion, she is not an animal person at all. She is tense and awkward. Completely uncomfortable.

            On another note, wouldn’t this have been a fun and entertaining thing to bring George to?

        2. Usually a cat person ends up cooing at the cat, greeting it before they even touch it.

          Bob was trained to deal with camera flashes I’m guessing. He looks quite relaxed, and I bet he has a very even temperament.

      5. My cat did the whole tail flick when she was agitated or about to pounce on something. You don’t want a tail flick when you are trying to be friendly with a cat.

        I bet the movie cat could tell Kate is as fake as her hair and wanted nothing to do with her. Hence the tail flicking. And him staring straight ahead without moving toward Kate in a pet me more gesture.

      6. I don’t think we can read too much into the cat’s behavior. The cat is in a stressful situation with flash bulbs going off all around it. It is probably resisting a lot of natural urges to stay there. Not necessarily anything to do with Kate.

        1. I don’t agree. When Bob was on the street he was used to a lot of people coming up to him and wanting his picture. That is how they survived on the streets for awhile was the public’s love of Bob. While I agree there were a lot of flashes, probably more than he is used to, I wouldn’t say it had nothing to do with Kate. When Bob ‘walked’ the red carpet, there were lots of flashes and he was fine. The difference between the flashes on the red carpet and flashes while being pet by Kate, is Kate. Cat’s are very intuitive, so I am sure some of his attitude was discomfort for the situation, but also discomfort due to Kate. Not all people are cat people, which is fine, but it was clear Bob didn’t like Kate.

  4. Ugh another boring choice. Looks like a longer version of her See by Chloe pointelle dress. She has so many beautiful dresses sitting in her closet, I just don’t get why she feels the need to keep buying new clothes especially when most of them are an iteration of something she already has! Please get a real stylist Kate and/or seek therapy for your excessive shopping habit!

  5. That dress is definitely not glamorous it’s plain . An can’t she have a stylish hairstyle instead of keeping it loose ..what is the hairstylist for then ?? I cannot help but say she is boring and lacks charm .

  6. I don’t understand the need to buy a new dress for the premiere. Furthermore, it was an ugly dress so those are HUGE minus points from me! And I know we been hoping that Kate makes more adventurous choices to her wardrobe … but with a slit that high on her skirt? I think it is quite vulgar and inappropriate for a “Royal”. I don’t wanna criticize Kate like this because I have seen Princess Diana wearing quite provocative dresses circa 1995-1997, but somehow Diana owned the look! And her personality shone over her clothes so I wouldn’t call her out on that.

    And I know some of you mentioned that Paris Hilton wore the same dress before? Well, she wasn’t the only one …. look what I found!


    1. This is a strange mess indeed. A high collar and a cheap-looking long skirt with a slit. Not a good look on anyone I’m afraid.

      1. And the lace of the collar isn’t even similar at all to the lace of the bodice! If someone forced me to wear that dress, I’d just snip that collar right off. Too many things going on in that dress and none of them are working together.

    2. Diana wore provocative dresses AFTER leaving the royal family in 1992.

      She separated officially from Charles in November 1992. After that she was considered non royal and was free to wear whatever she liked. From that date until her death she wore clothing that didn’t adhere to protocol, was short and or sexy. Even her heels went UP. She experimented more with her look.

      Prior to her separation, she always wore protocol compliant clothing and heels.

      1. I agree. I seem to remember an interview with one of the fashion designers who dressed her after the divorce. “Another inch higher,” she would say and giggle apparently. The heels, though, I think were kept low so that she wouldn’t tower over Charles. HM wore them quite high in her younger days. Although they were chunkier, not stilettos.

        1. I’m fairly certain that Diana’s lower heels when married were specifically because she was so much taller than Charles with higher heels on.

          1. Also, Diana wore some really lovely evening pantsuits to many of her engagements (while still in the royal family) and looked spectacular. Something like that would look great on Kate and be appropriate and youthful at the same time.

  7. I do not like the dress either and don’t think I would like it on anyone. But definitely this is not a Kate dress. I don’t understand wearing outfits that are not lookin good on you. Be honest and let the person know.

    I felt that Bob the cat didn’t care for Kate. It was just what I saw with the tail…cats do know. Obviously Kate is not a cat person and not everyone is which is okay.

  8. I liked the dress in the first picture(neck to waist), when I saw it in its entirety I wasn’t impressed. A tea length dress would have been more appropriate. So sick of Kate showing off her legs at every opportunity, it’s not fitting for a future queen consort. Any dress from KMR’s top 25 (except polka dot dress) would have been more beautiful and appropriate. She needs to sift through her wardrobe and document what she owns, I feel like she purchases too many outfits that are so similar to each other.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kate’s followers know more about her wardrobe than she does.

  9. I wonder if she picked the dress on purpose because of the slit, now that Megan Markle appeared on the scene. If so, the attempt to outshine M. failed big time.

  10. No to the dress. That type of silhouette doesn’t work from the side in particular. It’s too much fabric for her frame, as I felt the long blue Saloni was. The Preen and Robert Mouret were far better. Plus, this reminds me of the D&G white lace and the See by Chloe, and I wasn’t a fan of either of those. Good for a pop of color in accessories but the earrings look cheap and dated to me even though they are Oscar de la renta.

    Interesting to see that Kate is not a cat person. She looked uncomfortable near Bob. Being a woman who claims to love the country life, I find her obvious wariness of horses and cats rather humorous.

    I am happy some money was raised for the charity and Kate not only attended the big premiere but also the short films. It was nice to highlight some lesser known films and not just the worldwide release.

    1. She loves the country in the same way city people love the country ie peace and quiet, open spaces, but only because you can go back to the city after 2 days and have instant access to everything.

      IF she were a country person, even country-lite, she would be much more involved in country life. In fairs, farming, animals, animal welfare and husbandry, gardening etc. She lives on a working farm yet takes her kids to a petting zoo type farm for goodness’s sake!! She doesn’t engage in any country activity unless William does eg shooting. Even her dogs are bred by her mother!!! On a superficial level, she doesn’t dress like a country person. Jeans and sweaters aren’t enough to qualify you as a country person. There is a particular look that hasn’t really evolved since forever that marks out country people. Even when they are in jeans and sweaters. Eg the way Camilla dresses off duty or in the country or when she goes to the races. Zara has a similar look, albight more horse related.

      And Kate is often in London. To maintain her hair colour because she’s more or less grey underneath, and to shop.

      1. I think she endures the country because Willy dictates that they be there. She doesn’t give any inkling that she actually is rooted there or enjoys it. The fact that she takes her kids to petting zoos says it all. She has no familiarity with animals whatsoever. I bet she doesn’t care for the dog either, except as an image enhancer and because Willy insists.

        Her country life seems as cardboard as she does.

        1. Your last comment about a cardboard cut out reminded me of the term Potemkin Villages. Basically, when Catherine the Great went to the Black Sea her chief adviser erected these fake, idealized villages along the roadside for her. They became know as Potemkin Villages because they were named after him. Kate’s life in the country is exactly that. A Potemkin Village version of the country life. She doesn’t like horses or livestock, doesn’t like cats, doesn’t do her own gardening or anything related to manual labor outside. She doesn’t fish. I bet she only hunts so she can keep an eye on William. I doubt she even has that much to do with the running of her estate outside of choosing the decor for her rooms. The other idea that pops into mind is Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trainon. Another fake plaything for a pampered sheltered woman.

          Here are some interesting links to websites about Potemkin Villages. I learned about them in college during a class on Russian history.

  11. Kate has to keep buying and wearing new clothes for every appearance because she wants people talking about her looks. She can’t have people thinking about what she says or thinks because that’s a blank space.

    1. I’ve come to the same conclusion! This is why I enjoy following other royal women like Queen Letizia and Princess Mary. They give you more that just clothes and they are not afraid to repeat outfits time and again.

    2. I imagine this repetition ad nauseam for the rest of her life. This is it. This is all she will ever do, be like a hamster running on a wheel. How will she ever cope with growing old?

      1. Yet she chose this life. In my opinion,I don’t believe she knew the extent that this actually is a job. Kate could really do some good. If she tried. Bring attention and champion her patronages. She has the opportunity too. Yet shuns from it. What a waste of opportunity and position she has. I don’t know if it’s me but this woman child is so aloof, awkward, and completely unfit to be a Duchess. It’s not all th perks i.e.,a new wardrobe,accessories, and hair. Looking pretty. It an actual job which requires depth,intelligence, and compassion. Three things Kate does not possess. Just a news flash Kate: looks fade, they fade quickly. So you better figure out your role in the Firm.

  12. I like the top and the bottom of the dress separately. The neckline belies the slit in the skirt. And the skirt, despite its pleats, is wrinkled. And the wiglet is back. Imho, this was an attention grabbing look. Now the focus is on Kate vs the Meghan circus. I also find that she doesn’t know how to dress for the occasion. Her red cocktail dress she wore in Canada would have been perfect.

    I love cats but am desperately allergic. I find them to be unpredictable and eloquent and entertaining. I know well enough to not approach a cat. I let it approach me and let it touch me first. That being said, I found his side eye to be epic and adorable. That cat was going to go cat at a moments notice.

    Thanks for all of your hard work this week, KMR!

    1. I thought the same about the attention-grabbing look. Also she looks more relaxed judging by the pics (except for the crotch clutching, but I’m hopeless about it)

  13. Meh…its the same ol’ sexed-up Sister Wife look that she is going for. Dull dress, dull accessories on an even duller person. And the closed off crotch clutch is definitely rude- she’s giving off the message that shes doesn’t want to be here and doesn’t want to talk to anyone. At least her hair looks nice and tame.

    Bob the Cat is the real star here! He oozes elegance, charisma, star power and pure bad-assery

      1. So true! I loved his scarf!
        My sister used to have a cat that would let her dress him in clothes and push him in baby carriage.

        1. I love these stories. Thanks.

          Friends had a diva boy kitty, Preston, who knew how fabulous he was. Friends had a friend whom the cat didn’t take to. For some reason Preston was at the friend’s place with his companions, partying.

          To show his disdain, Preston lifted his leg and peed on the guy’s very, very expensive speakers.

  14. Bob definitely was the star of the event! So cool and charismatic.

    Kate does look very lonely and unable to cope. She really does have a problem doing events — especially if William is not around. She just looks so anxious and unsure of everything. Hasn’t enough time gone by and hasn’t she attended enough events to get the feel of the situations? I really think she needs more support from those who love her. I do.

    That said, as always, what’s there to comment on besides her clothing? The dress was a mess. Bodice did not fit her well and the high collar was so out of line with that huge slit in the skirt. Maybe, as others have said, choosing to wear this dress was her way of showing off to get some of the Meghan readers back in her court. Who knows?

    All I came away with from this was the fact that Bob is a star and I am eager to see the film and know my girls will want to see it too. It is suitable for kids, yes? Anytime a cat gets a starring role in a book, I’m immediately hooked. In a film? Well, that’s just heavenly.

  15. Hate the dress. I especially dislike it on HER. That brooch – doesn’t work on that bodice at all. Wiglets, high slit on the skirt, leggy exposure………………this woman is regressing it seems.

  16. I think Kate is just not an animal person. Anyway, she’s really got into this particular style lately – long sleeves w/ a high neck. She has that lace burgundy D&G dress, the blue polka dot one, the green one from India and that white one from Canada. I wonder why…?

  17. Damn, she’s boring. Hate the dress, love Bob who has very good taste and more intelligence than she; he realises she perceives him as a being from another planet, The Thing. He is, sweetie, a being from the Planet of Love. She might as well be touching a crocodile. You’d think she never encountered a cat before. She just keeps giving me more and more reasons to dislike her.

    (Full disclosure: I am a ginger cat fanatic, and all my kitties have been fabulously alien and loving.)

  18. When I saw the pictures of Kate in this dress last night, I just could not believe how horrible she looked. I could not wait to see what everyone here had to say about it and you all summed up my thoughts very well. I think even Bob was thinking that as well, given his expression when Kate was patting him. As the owner of 2 kitties, it is clear she is not a cat person. What is up with these frou frou lace dresses with those strangulating high collars? The material both top and bottom looked cheap and there is nothing worse than cheap looking lacy material! Her hair looked stringy and her makeup is awful. With each new appearance since the India tour my overall reaction of her clothing choices has been “Could she look any worse?” and with each new appearance she does look worse. My new name for her is The Duchess of Frumpbridge.

  19. I have mixed reviews about Kate’s outfit.I’m going to break it down.

    The dress it self: It’s rather boring and doesn’t seem to flatter anyone who has worn it.
    This dress on Kate: it’s no fitted properly to her. She is swimming in the top of it, BUT it’s a bit of a side step from the normal that we’ve been seeing and asking her to change. That thigh slit is rather high, but it’s a daring move!
    Her accessories: I don’t care that she’s matchy matchy, it’s nice to see her in something beside beige! I give her top marks for stepping out of that comfort zone. Lose the fake jewelry. It’s really not doing any favors.
    Her hair: yes, this is something we’ve seen about a billion times now, but she seems to want to take a risk and keep it off to one shoulder. Keep on it girl!

    Kate as a person at this event: nothing really to comment on because she didn’t say much. I’m an optimist and I want to see her do well. Every time I see her at an event like this I think it’s going to be the beginning of great things for her and for her charities. As per usual, I end up disappointed.

  20. The only thing I liked was the pop of color the shoes and clutch added. As much as I dislike side swept hair on a woman in her mid thirties, I ‘ll give her props for not wearing down on both sides to cover the poppy. I hope she didn’t pay her hairstylist for this “do”
    Why couldn’t she had worn some fun pair of earrings instead if those terrible blah ones.

    1. Well, the hair.. This is something I would also have a hard time styling it. When I think of all the money I spent on tools and products and still ended up looking always the same. I can’t even “style” my hair into a ponytail without help. Oh my! Some people (like me) are simply not talented in the hair department. But if I was in her position I had an assistant to do it for me.

  21. I think it’s a casual chic look. Understated as appropriate for the occasion. And She and her husband are multi millionaires in their own right (William inherited from both his mothers estate and his great grandmother) so let the lady spend her $ on new clothing if that’s what she wants. i certainly enjoy buying new frocks for special events or just because i can. But I also donate the old when I bring in the new. I’d like to give her the benefit of the doubt on that one

    1. I think the difference is they aren’t spending their private money on clothes. Charles reportedly pays for her clothing, thus it is a paid for by the people of GB.
      William is nortiously cheap, so if they were paying it’d probably be more repeats and less established fashion houses/bespoke pieces.

    2. Lol! Kate is definitely not a multi-millionaire in her own right. She has done nothing to become one. She always lived off her parents money and now she lives off Charles and the tax payers money. I don’t think Kate would know how to survive on an income she earned. That would require actually working. The point is she spends other’s money on incredibly expensive clothes that look like pieces she already owns. It is so wasteful. And this dress was definitely a ‘look at me’ dress, nothing understated about it.

  22. Another ugly dress with lace, unkempt hair, and scuffed suede shoes. The Duchess of Frumpbridge does not disappoint. When is the lace trend going to be finished. Such ugly lace at that. The suede shoes, a few in a wardrobe is fine but she likes so many of them. Someone correct me please but I thought suede was for winter but she wears suede in spring and summer. just so blah. The picture of her sitting almost isolated is telling. She looks depressed, I almost felt sorry for her.

  23. Every time the DofC does an engagement aka “goes to work”, I anxiously watch this page for updates and pictures. Every time I hope against hope that this time will be the time and she is going to knock our socks off – both for what she’s wearing and for what she does. Today my first thought on seeing the pictures “meh” and then “double meh” for what she’s doing. Every picture I see of Sophie, Countess of Wessex when she’s working (and there’s certainly a lot more of those than working pictures of DofC!) I see someome dressed very appropriately and stylishly and someone that is engaged 100% in what she is doing.

  24. I’m going to have to represent the minority opinion here and say that I liked the dress — though I like the top half better than the bottom, and the fit does leave something to be desired. I like Kate’s sense of style the majority of the time, though I find some glaring exceptions.

    My sense is that Kate was probably allowed very little self-expression growing up and the clothing is a way to make up for that. Kate wasn’t raised to be a strong woman, and in that sense, I can’t entirely blame her for being what she is. She will eventually have to come to terms with her situation, but that might come down the road when her beauty fades more and the novelty of the situation wears off. I actually suspect she’s more stifled than vapid. People who were cut down for their thoughts and opinions in their youth often have a hard time expressing them as adults, especially for a wide critical audience. I do sympathize with her to that extent.

    Unfortunately for Kate, perpetuating her lifestyle requires becoming more articulate and powerful, so she will have to learn or face criticism.

  25. Wow. This is a new low. A headline about Kate being “Kate Middleton Pets a Cat”. I’m seriously thinking of adding this to my resume! How disappointing that the bar has been set so low for Kate that going to the movies and petting a cat are considered an “engagement”!

    The dress is atrocious and it makes me wrinkle my nose as if in anticipation of old-lady fumes wafting from an ancient, dusty, mothy tablecloth…I wouldn’t use that dress to dust my furniture. Hideous.

    1. There really wasn’t much to write about with these two engagements, hence why “Kate pets a cat” got the headline.

      1. I hope I haven’t put my foot in mouth, KMR! In no way was I complaining about the headline…but how petting a cat’s head (which I am doing as I type!) is considered “work”! You do an amazing job, and have a way of being critical of Kate Middleton without being nasty!

  26. I know some of you mentioned that the D of F’s hair is “styled” to be swept over one shoulder and when I think about it, I have seen quite a few pictures of Meghan Markle wearing her hair that way as well. Things that make you go: Hmmmmmmmm

  27. I do not care for this dress at all. It’s constricting at the top and looks like cinderblocks to me. I also don’t think pleats on the skirt go well with the top. In other words, mismatched is the word that comes to mind.

  28. ” Kate wasn’t raised to be a strong woman, and in that sense, I can’t entirely blame her for being what she is.”

    Carole was a role model that Kate chose not to follow. Pippa is at least enterprising.

    The point is that Kate is lazy and shallow. She had options. Her choice. She’s not a victim.

    1. She might be a victim. Read up on what it’s like to have a narcissist for a mom — something Kate may have experienced. One does not just “choose” to be a normal person after that, because of a “role model.” I think something happened to Kate as a kid that prevented her from having a normal sense of self, and the result is not a personal choice. Her child-like behavior as an adult is consistent with a serious issue somewhere. Not everything is a simple matter of self-control.

      1. There is no behavioural evidence that Carole is a narcissist. I’ve not heard that one before. She is, however, a social climber.

        Kate’s child-like behaviour could be due to cunning and manipulation- it gets her what she wants and keeps her away from grown up expectations.

        Pippa did not turn out like Kate, so yeah, one has choices. Kate chose to play the baby/helpless girly girl. She’s got a shtick.

        We all have serious issues. Just depends on how we deal with them, IMO. She’s not particularly special.

        No doubt that the coddling of her encouraged her narcissism. She has an elevated sense of self, especially since she married up. Still, she had a choice. She is not a victim. She sure as heck is not suffering from ego dystonia.

        I’m not willing to infantilise her. Sometimes people are just plain entitled and lazy.

        1. If abuse is at play (which only one child may have experienced) then I don’t think it’s fair to compare two people and blame one for not choosing to be like the other. Not everyone in the same household experiences the same abuse from parents. I’m not saying Kate was abused, I’m just pointing out that it’s not as simple as “one has choices” when abuse is in play.

          1. Nobody is _blaming_ one for not being like the other. I agree that children experience abuse in the family differently and that the abuse might be different. But in the end, there is still choice. Not necessarily toward a life that we understand, but still, a choice. Character takes care of that in many ways.

            Also, we don’t know if Kate was abused. So let’s not talk about her as if she might have been to excuse her indolence, laziness and indifference to the suffering of humanity.

        2. I disagree somewhat. IMO, Pippa is a lot like Kate. Both Middleton girls seemed to wait around for a rich man to come along. Kate just found hers earlier. Pippa cashed in on her fame/Royal connections and essentially flitted around until she snared hers. Yes, she at least did some charity work but they both lived off their parents until a man was caught.
          Neither are poster women for the modern woman.=(

          1. I can’t disagree. But I believe the point was that somehow Kate was a hapless, fragile victim. Pippa doesn’t give off those vibes whatsoever.

            I also agree that they are both good at social climbing and snagging a rich man, thanks to Carole. As for being poster women for the modern woman? Bwaahahaha! Agreed. So ludicrous. Yet they’re considered role models.

      2. Yeah, just because your parent was successful in business/career doesn’t mean they will be a successful parent. There may have been emotional abuse from Carole to Kate which lowered Kate’s sense of self worth to zero. Which may also be why Kate keeps going back to Carole and can’t seem to function without her family.

        1. I think we have e no idea what Kate’s family is like. we are all making suppositions because the girl is a blank slate, and seems inauthentic. Her words are insipid; she speaks through her clothing which contradictory. In turn it’s high collar Mormon modest with a splash of flashing. She’s not a super attractive girl, im not sure why she’s playing that one card.

          1. That’s my point. We don’t know what kind of family life she had. We could all be being a-holes for saying she needs to snap out of it when there could be underlying problems. Or there are no underlying problems and she’s just lazy. We don’t know.

        2. This is exactly what I am saying. Kate’s current behavior tends to suggest that she is most comfortable in a dictatorial setting, with a perpetual “parent” figure to establish her personality and actions. She went from Carole to the BRF dictating her life. Most people with a healthy, independent upbringing would not be comfortable having things dictated to them to that degree.

          Kate’s alleged laziness may be due to a lack of ability to initiate things on her own, for fear that they will not be acceptable to the parental force(s) in her life. If one is raised this way, no amount of “good character” is going to change her ability to develop a personality. Mental health is not a matter of self-control, as much as some people wish it were.

          Having a narcissist parent doesn’t necessarily equate to abuse, at least not in the typical sense. Some children of narcissists become very obedient because that is what makes them feel like acceptable people. They grow up serving the ends of the narcissistic parent and receiving love in exchange. Kate got Carole an open door into the BRF, which might be her version of being a “good girl.” I would disagree that there is no evidence that Carole is a narcissist. Children who grow up in this setting may believe their parent was normal.

          I think we have to tread carefully when assuming that a person is of low character. When I look at Kate’s family behavior, I see a lot of reason to see that she is very much a product of her upbringing.

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