The press is going crazy over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The press is going crazy over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

I can’t even keep up with all of the stories the press has run in the last 48 hours about Prince Harry allegedly dating Meghan Markle. It’s ridiculous; every two minutes there is something new, and the facts keep changing with every other article. I’m burnt out already and it’s only been four days. This is not how to go about introducing a royal girlfriend to the press and public. This is tacky. Oh so tacky.

Here are some links to stories that came out since I last covered this. These aren’t all the stories out there because there are just so many. But it’s interesting that respected papers like the Telegraph and Guardian are running this story.

We learned on Tuesday that Harry skipped his flight to Toronto on Sunday, but that was just a palace diversion tactic because US Weekly says Harry flew to Toronto on October 28 and spent the weekend and Halloween with Meghan at her place. US Weekly also claims the couple met in June. US Weekly’s sources say the relationship is very serious, she’s met his closest friends and they all love her, and that the two of them went on a double date with Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. [US Weekly]

The Sun says Harry flew to Toronto on Thursday (October 27), and returned to London yesterday, Tuesday, November 1. The Sun claims Harry stayed with Meghan while in Canada and even went trick or treating while wearing a mask. The Sun says a friend (not sure of whom) says: “They haven’t been to bars or clubs because they were worried they’d be spotted. Instead it’s been cosy nights in with wine and good food. Harry loved every minute of it.” [The Sun]

People claims Meghan has met Prince Charles and that an engagement is “certainly a possibility” even though they’ve only been dating seriously for about two months. [People]

E News has a source that says: “It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s already thinking about engagement just because that’s where his head goes but that’s not where the relationship is at right now. This is totally Harry. The problem with Harry is when he falls, he falls hard. He goes in big time.” [E News]

Meghan has a a capsule collection for the Canadian clothes store Reitmans coming out soon (or it’s already out?) and she gave an interview to support it, though I’m not sure if the interview was given before or after the news broke she was seeing Harry. The press are leading with the “My cup runneth over and I’m the luckiest girl in the world!” quotes, thinking she’s cryptically talking about dating Harry. But depending on when the interview was given, the quotes may be being taken out of context. [Telegraph]

The Sun claims to have an interview with Meghan’s sister Samantha, although she claimed on Twitter than she never gave an interview. According to the Sun, Meghan’s sister claims Meghan is a “social climber” who “watched the royals on TV” and has “always preferred Harry”. Then the sister goes on to complain that Meghan doesn’t care about the sister since Meghan became an actress and hasn’t provided any “emotional and financial support” to the sister or her father. Apparently Meghan’s father recently filed for bankruptcy. [The Sun]

This Hello! article says Harry and Meghan got together in July after meeting through Misha Nonoo, Meghan’s friend who recently split from Alexander Gilkes – co-founder of Paddle8, the auction house Eugenie worked at. Gilkes is friends with William, Kate, and Harry, and his younger brother Charlie dated Pippa at one point. [Hello!]

Lainey Gossip has “sources” that say Harry told his team of advisers about Meghan back in August. Lainey speculates that “If he’s engaging his team this early, again, that’s a sign that his relationship with Meghan has some potential.” [Lainey Gossip]

I’ve read on another Kate blog that Kate and the kids flew to Scotland with William for his latest engagement, which was in Scotland on October 24. Several of you said the release of this dating news was a diversion put out by William and Kate to deflect from another vacation. I’m curious: if William and Kate are going to get crap about taking a secret vacation to Scotland, is Harry going to get the same crap for taking a secret vacation to Canada?

My only comment in all of this is I wonder if Suits will get better ratings whenever it comes back on air, because literally every single article about this romance has said Meghan stars on the show. So Suits is getting a lot of publicly it out this.

My other only comment about all of this is that Cressida didn’t get this kind of craziness when it was revealed that she was dating Harry. I wonder why there is so much craziness about Meghan.

OH! There is actual Harry news to report. Harry will attend the Field of Remembrance with Prince Philip on November 10. And Harry will lay a wreath and lead the national act of Remembrance at the Armistice Day service at the National Memorial Arboretum on November 11.

Oh, and Meghan has been trolling people in Instagram, posting this photo of two bananas spooning with the caption: “Sleep tight xx”. She posted the photo on October 31, when several outlets claim Harry was in Toronto with her.

If Harry agreed to this trolling, given his past comments about social media, I think way less of him – he’s supposed to be all about wanting privacy but agrees to his girlfriend trolling people about the relationship rumors?

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184 thoughts on “The press is going crazy over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

  1. I think all this crap is mostly garbage and made up by the press.

    I think where there is smoke, there is fire, insofar as they probably have met, maybe slept together, because Harry isn’t some innocent guy and why not, he’ll have some fun, whatever.

    W&K often go to Scotland or elsewhere THEN fly off on holiday so they’re undetected.

    I think all the crazy is basically made up by the press, and Meghan is loving the attention it gives, thus the trolling.

    If it’s serious I’ll eat my hat but if it is I hope Harry is happy. I just can’t see this going far if it is, because of the fact that this girl is ambitious and has her own career and aspirations that don’t seem to jive with the whole ‘must give up entire life to marry into the BRF’ thing.

  2. It has been in overdrive, hasn’t it? However, considering there hasn’t been any “big” news coming out of the BRF lately, it stands to reason that the press is going to jump all over something like a new girl of Harry’s, if the part about her being “serious” is to be believed. I am sure we will have lots and lots of sightings of Harry and this young woman over the next couple weeks, and KMR, I don’t envy you having to sort out the wildly speculative from the more solid facts.

    Just as an aside, I was reading my FB posts, and I read someone claim that the Middletons were offered titles and the “firmly turned it down.” Forgive me, but when I read that, I almost choked to death on the spot. Just to be sure, I Googled the claim and could find nothing to substantiate the “humble Middletons” ever being offered any sort of title, let alone refusing it. Has anyone heard that one?

    When I was reading all the furor over Harry’s latest squeeze, the picture formed in my mind of Kate, and how I could readily imagine her suddenly announcing Baby No. 3 just before the couple’s wedding, then we would have Kate laid up with severe morning sickness, (not that this is a joke, because I’ve experienced it and it is ghastly), or even getting pregnant right away this month or soon so that the baby’s birth is timed to coordinate with the new royal wedding, if indeed it is that way. I just have that impression of Kate, that she cannot stand to see anyone else in the limelight. I don’t see her going that far with Pippa’s engagement/wedding, but I can so see her doing it to Harry.

  3. I would trust Lainey’s sources. Meghan has been working in Toronto for a few years and she is friends with Jessica Mulroney, wife of Lainey’s co worker on etalk, Ben Mulroney (son of former PM Brian Mulroney). Jessica and Sophie Gregoire Trudeau are friends as well.

    Not all the press stories are coming from them. Lainey says the US Weekly story comes from them, but none of the UK stuff.

    1. Thanks for clarifying who Jessica Mulroney is. She–and her daughter–are all over Meghan’s Instagram account, and Jessica’s own Instagram posts make her seem as self-absorbed and vain as Meghan is now coming across.

      I thought that last paragraph in laineygossip was rather confusing: So Harry (and Jason Knauf) are releasing info to the American press, bypassing the British press, because they don’t like how the British press is treating her? Has the coverage in the two countries really been that different in respect to what they say about Meghan? And if, as the article suggests, that Harry thinks this media manipulation will help slow down the speculation and press pressure on Meghan, then he better have a word with Meghan herself to stop provoking the press and public with her “cutesy” Instagram posts. She’s not scared by the press attention….she’s loving it.

  4. Honestly, I think a lot of the attention centers around the fact that she’s half black. People are literally writing articles around the idea of a woman of color marrying into the royal family. The salacious screen grabs from Suits, her divorce and her being American just add fuel to the fire. If she were just another blonde British girl I don’t see it being handled this way. Which is quite sad in a way…

    1. I think there’s also the fact that she’s already famous, so they have lots of material available to write about and keep the news rolling.

    2. All this and she has been trolling people on her Instagram. Royal girlfriends are usually quiet so she has just given the press more to write on. Given how William and Harry have been anti-media when it comes to their personal lives, I wonder how Harry is taking this if they are really in a relationship and not just casual first dates.

  5. Totally OT. In Chicago visiting relatives.

    OMG! CUBS WIN! First World Series win 108 years!

    Fireworks going off. Can hear people Woo-Hooing in the street.

    Well done!

    We now return to the regular schedule of royalty discussion.

    1. It’s 1:30am and there are people dancing a conga line in the street! A quiet ‘Cubs win, yes they did, Cubs win, yes they did…’ and they’re going around the block! There will be some headaches in the morning I think. I’m guessing there will be a parade downtown on the weekend and the forecast is for good weather so that would be nice. Perhaps they’ll gather under ‘The Bean’ for a photo. Fly the W.

    2. As a Hoosier, I’m quite happy for the Cubbies. This means my brother in law will talk about this incessantly until the end of days, lol!

    3. Congrats to the Cubs! I totally understand the excitement, reminds me of the Red Sox finally breaking the curse and winning the world series after 86 years in 2004!

    4. I am so thrilled for the Cubs and their fans. What a great series and what a great way to take that final victory. I read the rain delay helped because they received a major pep talk in the locker room that set up their amazing turn-around., They were starting to fall apart prior to the rain.

  6. Thank you for summarizing each story, KMR, I don’t have the stamina to read all those articles. Honestly I love me some gossip, but this is so exhausting I gave up keeping up with all the news.

    And I’m with you on side-eyeing Harry for 1) taking those days off. I like him and he works harder than WK, but this just shows he’s no different from them when it comes to taking advantage of the public not knowing what they do with their days.
    2) The privacy thing. I’m all for her milking it, but if he’s so private as he claims, she can do it without bating the press. Or maybe she’ll teach him to be more relaxed?

    1. I thank you, too, KMR. I’m exhaused just reading through this stuff. If this is real, then I hope she is a really good person and that she’s into Harry and not the title. I also wonder, though, if someone as career-oriented as she is, would be ready to chuck it all in unless the Queen Consort is in the cards. Could there be anything going on behind the scenes to get William to step down? I doubt it, but I just wonder.

      The romantic in me wants this to be a fairy tale come true, but the realistic part of me — which is much smaller, I will add, can’t really stand the thought of Harry being hurt.

      Or, Meghan, if she is a truly lovely person.

      Oh, well, it’s nice to have someone besides Kate to be commenting about.

  7. I have also noticed that the press has gone absolutely crazy. They are bringing up everything they can find out… For example 2 years ago Meghan was with Rory McElroy whatever that means (might have been just friendly encounters). So much can be speculation as how does anyone know how certain people named feel. Otherwise too there are no trust worthy people in their circle. There are possibly some hidden truths. And no one seems to be denying anything thus far. Supposedly they have tried to interview her mother who has nothing to say. It just goes on and on.

    Harry is due for another romance. I had been wondering if he was dating secretly. In his situation obviously it is so hard to date. Pippa managed to date and there hopefully is a way for Harry. If they have already been dating then it can be done for a short while without publicity. Kate and kiddoes managed to go with William to Scotland and only after the fact has it been known. It has been hilarious reading material anyway for the most part and good discussions.

  8. It’s not like Kate came to public attention in a particularly classy way – modelling half naked wasn’t it? Being a party girl? Just…hanging around basically.

  9. I have a question-what would the BRF think of a royal dating an American? Especially if it ever led to marriage? When I was a teenager and had a crush on William, I always thought it would never work because I am not a UK citizen (cause that was the only problem ;)). But since Harry is not the next heir, will they not care as much? Or does the nationality not matter anymore in regards to the BRF (I know other royal households it doesn’t matter)

    1. Well Philip was Greek, Autumn was Canadian, and a couple others were non-British born as well. I don’t know if it’s just an anti-America thing or not, but royals marrying non-British born people hasn’t been a problem before. But yeah for some reason everyone thinks being American automatically eliminates someone from marrying Harry.

      1. I just feel like it is okay for them to marry someone from the common wealth or European countries, but for some reason an United States American is not okay. I can’t put my finger on why.

        1. I don’t know why either but it does seem specifically targeted at Americans, right?

          1. There is no barr to Americans.

            However, due to Wallis Simpson, people assume there is antipathy towards Americans.

            There is not.

            You gave to remember that when the Palace/Govt machinery swang into action to discredit the ex-King and his wife in order to make the new King look better in comparison, anything that was different was magnified and presented as a negative.

            Wallis being American was another mark against her, but if you read the propaganda, it doesn’t actually say Americans are bad, but her American-ness was used against her.

            Hair splitting, but it has left lasting impression that foreigners, particularly Americans are unwelcome, which isn’t true.

        2. I think a reason for this might be the relative youth of America and the fact that we do not have any Royalty or titled nobles in our country at all. Modern times have shown us this is no longer a barrier to marriage- see: Maxima, our intrepid Kate, and the artist formerly known as Mary Donaldson, to name just a few- but I think the general assumption remains.

      2. Philip is German-Danish. His original surname was Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderberg-Glucksburg. His father’s side of the family were invited to take the Greek throne because of a lack of heirs. Philip’s mother is on the Battenberg side, anglicised to Mountbatten. That’s why their marriage was controversial after the war, and why the King and Queen were reluctant. Philip’s sisters all married prominent Germans, active in Nazi Germany if not Nazi themselves. Greek thing is a myth.

    2. A good question. I can’t recall reading anything about the possibility or consequences (for the bridge/groom) if a royal chose an American as a spouse. I couldn’t give up my citizenship if I had to in order to marry into the BRF. It would seem strange to denounce citizenship because my country is founded on separation from England and accepting a ‘position’ in the BRF would be a rejection of all the tenets of the US Declaration and the Constitution. I understand that there are citizens who would choose to renounce citizenship. Just not me.

      1. I can’t see any issue at all in this day and age. Even her acting career which once put the dampeners on Koo Stark’s romance with Prince Andrew is unlikely to cause any real problems. I think the only people who are likely to have an issue about her heritage are the press and maybe some of the Old School who work at the Palace but they are very much in the minority these days. I think the press find her colour a talking point rather than an obstacle. Really Harry has so much latitude here in the UK I think the majority of the public would support whatever choices he made because essentially most Brits want him to be happy. And of course ultimately Harry will do what’s right for Harry and I have no doubt will have the backing of HM & DoE in whatever he does.

        1. IIRC, it wasn’t the fact that Koo Stark was an actress that was the problem, it was the fact that she appeared in a soft porn film.

          Everyone had been supportive of the relationship until that film emerged. She was dropped like hot potato.

          1. I think by comparison some of Meghan’s acting is not a million miles away from Koo’s ‘soft porn’. Both involve nudity, nipples and nookey. Let’s hope they don’t make the same mistake twice and see off what would have been the perfect wife because of some youthful indiscretion. HM adored Koo but as ever put her head in the sand when the suits at BP took aim.

  10. Btw, I can’t help but wonder if her people leaked the relationship. Meghan thinks she is bigger than she is. In one of the interviews above she talked about how she likes Toronto because there are no paparazzi around. How, when she goes out to run errands people stop her and want to talk to her, but luckily there is no one there to take her photo. She seems to think she is an A-list movie star. Come on!!! The girl needs a dose of reality. When she visits L.A., no paparazzi bother her here either because no one knows who she is. I watch suits, but I couldn’t tell you her name until now. It seems like she is using this to gain fame. She wants to be a household name. She is just acting bigger than her britches.

    1. Paps followed her in LA? Without her calling them? I just can’t believe that. I honestly didn’t know who she was until Sunday, and she’s on a not amazingly popular TV show on USA. She may have been popular in some circles but I just can’t imagine the paps were a huge problem for her. They will be now, though. They’re all looking for that money shot of her and Harry together.

      1. Two of my very social media connected nieces had trouble placing this woman. After a few strokes and clicks they finally figured out who she was. But neither had seen her in the TV program she works on. One niece, after a quick ‘review’ of the program said ‘eh, no wonder I haven’t watched.’ A very narrow niche of viewers for this woman’s acting endeavors.

        1. She has been in a couple of Hallmark movies, one of which I had seen, and I still had no idea who she was. Typical Hallmark actress, pretty, can speak lines, interchangeable and forgetable.

  11. KMR, you deserve a medal – or perhaps something stronger – for wading through all this bile around Harry’s latest squeeze.

    Much as I like Harry’s personal style of interacting with people, he is able to to take off to Canada for unspecified days because he has no solid job to be accountable to. The royal’s idea of work is intermittent engagements with charities. Problem is that this doesn’t match their PR narrative of being busy, busy, busy. But they’re not busy; we all know that.

    Whatever the ‘relationship’ between Harry and Meghan, it has been very clumsily handled. If it’s real, they both should have kept it discreet (which they had been doing) until they were prepared to go public with an announcement of some sort, at which point professional PR would move into action. At the moment it appears that Meghan is playing a bunch of games and Harry has a lot of time on his hands. On a serious note, had Diana been around, Harry might have had a good sounding board regarding relationships; William too.

    1. I liked Diana, but I would never have thought someone should go to her for relationship advice. Consider her track record in chosing the wrong men.

    2. You took the words right out of my mouth. Again.

      Ironic, huh- she has a job, and he doesn’t, out of choice. Who’s self-supporting and who’s living on public welfare? Who’s focussed and who’s feckless? Who’s the slacker? Why would you want to get involved with one? Not a marriage made in heaven, I think.

      I also really, really, really doubt that doing good works is one of his criteria for a potential mate. He’s not that saintly, not a humanitarian, more of a dabbler drawn to ‘work’ (to justify the $$$) with built in amusement and/or exotic travel. What sacrifices has he really made?

    3. I should qualify the Diana remark. Neither William nor Harry have had a mothering figure in their lives for 20 years, someone, as far as we know, who can provide a particular perspective simply because of age and experience. We remember Diana as psychologically troubled with some pretty bad behavioural issues with men, but I like to think she might have matured at some point. I definitely don’t think Kate Middleton and family would have lasted long.

      I’m already bored with the Harry-Meghan thing. it is such a big mess now; best to ditch it.

      1. Agreed. Diana would have been the most significant feminine influence, stress on the feminine. Mothers rule. The adolescent boys missed out on that. It makes all the difference in the world.

      2. They’ve had HM, the Spencer Aunts, Anne, and Harry appears close with his godmother Lady Sarah Chatto. They haven’t completely lacked for elder female wisdom, even though their mother is no longer here.

        1. I wouldn’t rule out Tiggy Legge-Bourke. She is still close to both men, particularly Harry. Her son was in William’s wedding.

          Diana was sufficiently jealous of her closeness to the boys that she set out to blacken her reputation. That episode didn’t end well for Diana.

    4. I agree. As much as I like Harry, he either needs to find a job or up his charity work. I give WK grief for being slackers but Harry isn’t necassarily hard at work either. He just appears more engaged, more informed and more likeable at his engagements that I generally give him a pass.
      I’m so over this relationship and it’s hardly begun

      1. To date, Harry has done nothing to indicate he is involved with Meghan. Meghan would have been best advised to do likewise.

        Instead, her PR company issued a coy statement to the Sun, keeping the flame alight. Posting IG pics invited particular readings and baited the beast further. Why do that?

        If the pair is in the early stages of a relationship, trying to figure out if there’s something there, and given Harry’s stated preference for keeping a serious relationship private for obvious reasons, the above is an odd tactic.

        As KMR stated at the top of the article, this has become very tacky very quickly, and certainly not an ideal way to introduce Harry’s potential partner to the world. Harry and Meghan are in the public eye and both have professional media advisors; this is the best they can do? Please.

        1. Some of the rumors put them as dating for 6 months. KP being told about her in August. If they are dating, they will have discussed strategy. Whatever her PR company is doing, if these two are together, will be being done with both her approval and his. Just as the idea that news is coming from his team to US publications instead of UK.

          1. I agree that if they are together, they will have arrived at a strategy, presumably with their respective PR advisors.

            So the strategy is for one party’s PR is to issue an inflammatory statement, coupled with a couple of IG posts to up the ante? Meanwhile, the other party stays silent? One party gets mauled by the mob, the other stays silent?

            It’s not too clever because people are pretty cynical these days, calling motives into question. If the pair is together, this looks like a cat-and-mouse game being played to bait global press and tease the public. That’s the same public that pays for Harry’s lifestyle.

            Such a strategy runs the risk of having the public turn their backs on both of them. No-one likes to be played. No-one likes their goodwill to be thrown in their face and treated as a fool. Make no mistake, both parties are dependent on public goodwill for their survival.

          2. If a couple are together in the public eye and one leaves the other to deal with the press while one stays quiet. That kind of makes the person staying quiet look like a jerk for leaving the other to fend for themselves.

  12. Everyone sure do interpret things differently. I’ve looked at her Instagram page and website, and honestly don’t see any trolling.

  13. I love your blog. Please keep up the good work. The only other anti Kate blog I was able to find before yours was “” I didn’t care for that one. It lacked substance and the world has enough hate in it. Anyways, about Meghan, I wonder if this is an elaborate publicity stunt for Suits. I had never heard of Meghan before this. I was scrolling my Facebook news feed, and I noticed one of my fave makeup companies, Birchbox, said “It looks like Prince Harry has found out what we’ve known all along… Meghan Merkle is a catch.” Very tacky indeed.

  14. I think the press should leave them alone, regardless of if the romance exists or not. So stupid to spread rumors and analyze every little move they make like it was big news. If there is a serious romance, we will find out when they want to let us find out. Obviously this is a golden opportunity to boost the sales of mags and papers, and it can’t be missed. These two have a right to keep private things private and I think it should be respected.

  15. I’m so confused. I don’t know what to believe. Just read an interview with here ex Boyfriend who claims he broke up with Megan in July. She posted photos of herself and another guy over the Summer traveling together. They see really close he Manages the Soho House in Toronto were Harry was Suppose to be on Halloween. The I came across this
    I all so find it strange that Meghan only Follows Harry’s Male Friends why not his female friends or Sentebale if she meet Eugenie would she not Follow her. Is Meghan not working bc all her cast mates have been posting photos on set. if she was filming were would she find the time for Harry. Maybe She and Harry are not even in Toronto. Maybe there in Alaska. Harry better be paying for his own Bloody Security. All so has anyone be keeping with the Colombian state visit no BC it’s all about Harry. This Visit seems really important major deals are happening but everyone is looking for Harry. This is so embarrassing. My Heart goes out to HM she’s 90 and the women still works with dignity and grace. She does not deserve this crap. it’s almost as if the British media a hell bent on destroying the RF. Will, Kate & Harry just don’t care. There needs to be a change.

    1. If she is trying to keep this quiet, why would she follow his work account (Sentebale)?

      You think Harry possibly being in a relationship with an educated, hard-working, well-spoken individual is him ‘not caring” about the monarchy?

      He is trying to live his life, but fans and the press will not allow that to happen. Neither Harry nor Meghan are at fault for how everyone is over-reacting to this, nor the fact that their secret (if they have one) is out.

  16. The whole thing makes me feel so upset. It’s like the press have learnt absolutely nothing. Even if this relationship is happening, which I have doubts about it yet being in the relationship stage, it’s handling by the press is exactly why no sane woman would want to be a part of this circus. Interestingly Dickie Arbiter said on Twitter it’s all a pile of press spun, old parp. This girl, on paper seems very suitable for Harry, but not sure whether she’s suitable for The Firm? I just hope for her sake she has a thick skin and that they learn to protect each other because this is one awful rollacoaster they’re on. Our press disgust me at times.

    1. Dickie is not to be trusted, the journalist at the Express, Camilla Tominey, is a respected journalist so it’s likely to be real.

      1. I would far more trust Dickie Arbiter who has worked for both HM and the Wales than a journalist who more recently has been more wrong than right in her scoops I’m afraid I do not share your faith in Camilla Tominey at all. I’m not saying it’s all untrue but if Dickie Arbiter says it’s been grossly exaggerated and sensationalised that’s good enough for me.

    2. She is well-educated, has a degree in theater and international relations from Northwestern She has interned in an embassy and is fluent in Spanish. She works, she supports herself. She does charity and humanitarian work.

      I don’t see how this would be a bad choice for The Firm.

  17. I believe it is real, if you look they have similar face structure and this is usually what you see in couples.

    The British press are going crazy because they don’t want this to happen, she is not what the pubic associate with the royal family whose existence relies on being a bastion of purity. She has proved herself to be impure so to speak so it can’t happen. And it’s not because she’s American or dark but because of her being already divorced, her being mid-30s as well as several years older than him as well as her behaviour as an actress and media personality, doing sex scenes and taking raunchy pictures. He will never marry her.

    She now has all this media crap to deal with but will have nothing to show for it. The extra PR will not be worth the press hounding her family. She is a fool.

    1. Suits doesn’t have any raunchy sex scenes so unless you can find evidence of another movie she did, this is the British press lying and trying to slut shame her.
      There is zero nudity in that television show and the majority of the scenes have Megan dressed for work in a law firm. Kate has flashed more of her bits in real life than Meghan has on television. This aspect of claiming she is inappropriate for showing too much skin in her acting has to stop.

      1. The first pic I saw of her was her very voluptuous topside in, what appeared, to be a negligee. Now I’m the last one who will cast shade on anyone, but most guys are in to that kind of thing. I would send you a link, but most of the pics were on pinterest.

        I’m exhausted over this already and I wonder if it isn’t just a fun game by someone who needed to boost her pr game since no one really knows her and Harry who can play cat and mouse with the press when he is feeling up to it.

        I highly doubt that this will go anywhere just like his other flings. The one’s that go somewhere seem to be the one’s who are quiet for quite some time, like Cressida. The others end once the press is involved.

        I wish he would find someone, and unfortunately that probably means he needs to stop with the games.

      2. There’s a still photo of a scene in a file room having a leg wrap embrace out there. No nudity, but I think raunchy would describe it, and if she does become part of the royal family, it will follow her around.

        1. Again how is this worse than the photos of Kate out there having flashed people during royal tours? At least for Meghan it relates to a role and not real life.

  18. The past few days have been really annoying. All that is trending on my Facebook newsfeed is about the “relationship” between Harry and Meghan Markle. KMR, the reason why I think this is made such a big issue is because she is divorced, American and a woman of colour, something that people can’t apparently seem to digest. It’s really irritating to see all these speculations and ridiculous articles being made when we don’t even know if the relationship is real or not. There has been no photographic evidence or actual evidence suggesting that he did visit Toronto. Some articles say he went on the 27th some on the 28th. If there is such inconsistency in the reporting, how can anyone conclude that this is true? I think, people should just stop reporting about this, and deliver us some real news.

    Before this incident, I didn’t even know who this girl was, but I’m sure now everyone knows. So basically she is the one who is benefiting out of all of this. If Harry is approving these Instagram trolls and these newspaper articles I’ll be really disappointed in him. He was the one complaining about how the line between private and public life is being crossed, and now look what is happening? If they are in a relationship, I don’t think he can really complain about privacy issues later on. And also, his last engagement was on the 27th October, next one being the 10th of November! So in those 2 weeks what’s he done, except go on a vacation spending tax payers money? I really was a Harry fan before, but now I have lost a lot of respect for him which is a shame. I’m really disappointed by the handling of these events.

    1. As long as I don’t know what is true and what is not, I don’t want to let this affect what I think of Harry. Honestly, we don’t know anything, but have been overloaded with rumors and gossip.

    2. How is she benefiting from this? She’s being trolled and attacked online. People are tearing apart her website, her clothing pieces. Horrible things are being written about her by the racist goons over at the DM. She’s potentially been threatened, as there is talk that security has been increased around her home.

      All because she might be dating someone?

      1. This brings visibility to her show and her business like she never had before. Of course she’s somehow benefiting from it. My question is, why shouldn’t she? She’s going to be dragged by the press and public anyway, better turn it into something good for herself.

        The thing is Harry HAS to be with someone who likes the attention and can make something out of it. Can you imagine an anonymous and really private person facing this circus? Seriously, girl would be running for the hills and never looking back. No man in the world is worth it, no matter what the fairy tales tell us.

        1. Apparently she didn’t show up for the event for her clothing pieces. She doesn’t seem to be too fond of the kind of attention she’s getting now.

    3. If she is an independent working woman who wants to make it out on her own, I don’t see why she should be fuelling media rumours about the relationship just to further her career. Instead she should be concentrating on making it on her own.

      Mind you, I’m certainly not approving of the bullying that she is receiving. No one deserves that period. My point was to highlight how tacky this whole situation has become. How and why did this story even break out?

      1. “I don’t see why she should be fuelling media rumours about the relationship just to further her career.”

        *So* many celebs do this, though. Like, even the supposedly successful ones, but especially the C- and D-list celebs. So it wouldn’t shock me if Meghan did this. I’m not saying that she is nor am I making any sort of judgement against her character; I’m just saying I wouldn’t be shocked since so many celebs do this.

  19. As with all royal girlfriends, best to take everything with a pinch of salt and not to form opinions until the engagement announcement.

    If it progresses to engagement, she will be whitewashed. At that point, we shall see her true character depending on whether she embraces the opportunity for a do-over or not.

    And any judgements will be based on her life as a royal, not before.

    If like Kate she doesn’t embrace her new opportunity, then i’ll re-evaluate her pre-royal life and judge her accordingly.

    If she embraces it like Sofia did, no judgements and good wishes.

    As for the press going wild about this alleged affair, i’m strongly reminded of the halcyon days of JFK jr and the frenzy around his social life.

    And no social media or privacy laws in those days, so the frenzy was much worse because the press followed, stalked and surrounded those ladies in a way you don’t see nowadays where lazy journalists can just cut and paste from social media accounts.

    His wife rarely left their apartment during the 3yrs of the marriage because the building was surrounded 24/7 and if she ventured out, she was followed by a horde of media. And every step dutifully photographed and written about.

    It’s amazing she didn’t lose her marbles from being trapped inside the apartment.

    1. slightly OT but I was always surprised by Carolyn Bessette’s reaction to her marriage. I thought she’d blossom. smh. She was so lovely.

      And she has my (future) wedding dress. The Armani she wore to the fire and ice ball? MINE

        1. Her wedding dress was perfect for her. I love sleek, clean lines especially in wedding dresses. But they have to be tailored to within an inch of their lives to fit properly and the woman wearing them has to wear the dress, not the other way around.

          1. @Lisa, @Herazeus, agree +1. clean lines can really suit Kate’s figure. That was one of my favorite looks on her. Modern, kicky, fun. She even made that zara necklace look couture. She and her stylist need to replicate that look. Again and again and again.

            As for the dress Herazeus. We’ll timeshare it. I’ll wear it on the yacht in Ibiza from Tuesday-Thurs. You can have it on the slopes of Meribel, Fri-Monday 😉

    2. She didn’t experience the maelstrom until after their relationship was outed. He might have told her what he experienced, but until the press found out about her, she was protected from it. Didn’t have a frame of reference for that kind of attention. Unlike Willy, JFK jr. couldn’t break all kinds of laws and bully the press.

  20. This just proves Harry’s point: he needs to find someone who loves him and the work and can stand up to the relentless press. Should Meghan marry Harry, I feel that we will see Fergie vs Di 2.0. She is the darling now, but she will be judged on all counts. I hope this is not a taste things to come. I’m already overwhelmed and they may/may not be dating.

    Thanks for the update, KMR!

    1. 100% agree about the competition like di and fergie. On the DM the Meghan article is first and headlined and Kate’s movie premiere article is further down. How pissed do you think W&K will be?!

  21. Yeah, the number of stories is just unreal. It makes me question motives on this relationship being unearthed. Is she being tested to see how she handles the media, did her people release it for the publicity it will bring knowing Harry and KP as a rule don’t usually comment?

    True or false, what it comes down to is two people who must decide for themselves what they want from a relationship they may or may not be in. Meghan needs to think long and hard about how moving forward would affect her life. She wouldn’t be the free spirit she is now running her web site and flying around the world seemingly on a whim to vacation. She wouldn’t be able to do her round table talks, etc.

    I honestly don’t know and I’m reaching a point where I don’t want to hear more until I see proof of them together and get a statement confirming or denying. This whole media circus is truly exhausting and the varying reports are enough to give someone whiplash.

    I will however state that I am beyond disgusted at the people who are making race the topic of this relationship. Unfortunately, although the world is moving forward, there are still people out there living in the dark ages. All we can do is try to be the better person.

    But hey, on the plus side, lots of people know who she is now. Also, I’m in agreement about the trolling. If Harry approved of this game playing then I’m side eyeing him going forward.

    1. As I wrote above, Maxima, Letizia, and Daniel are all independent people who successfully transitioned to royal life. You can be ambitious and be a good royal. Ditto Grace Kelly. And Harry isn’t the antithesis of a free spirit himself.

      Markle is well-spoken, educated, and works. She works. She knows how to write and writes well. She supports herself. She is involved in charity and humanitarian work. And she could chair dozens of roundtables about all kinds of subjects of interest, because she already knows how they work and how to run them.

      The royals live extremely privileged lives, and mostly ones of extreme privacy. This is changing somewhat, but they are still able to sneak off on vacation frequently. Whomever marries into a working royal family? Their lives change in extraordinary ways, and if they embrace it, they can use their new life for extraordinary things.

  22. One reason why all of the press with Meghan is different than with Cressida, is because Meghan is an actress — she’s a public figure. Cressida was a student at a university. Meghan, though not A-list, is on a television show; she is clumped into that “Hollywood glamour”. (It’s the Grace Kelly effect)

    Now, do I believe any of these stories to be true, no I don’t. I don’t think Prince Harry and Meghan are dating, every story out there contradicts each other. I also don’t think that Prince Harry would allow the press to treat Meghan, and their “relationship” this way (if true). He very much wants to protect what he holds near-and-dear. Remember how protective he was of Chelsy, and even Cressida (if they were dating)? Meghan wouldn’t be the exception.

    It is stories like this, the way the press is reacting, that make Prince Harry so paranoid and cautious when it comes to dating. He’s not blind, he knows the way the press gets when it comes to him and women. He’s said it himself (or something similar to), “every time I talk to a woman I’m automatically dating her.”

    This entire thing is a mess and I wouldn’t put it past Prince William to be the “mastermind” behind all of this. None of what is happening makes any sense, it’s very messy and reckless (very Prince William, and very press secretary, Jason Knauf). I mean Dickie Arbiter, who used to work for the palace and is still a royal commentator, doesn’t believe the stories. Also, Prince Harry is far more careful and thoughtful to what the press learns about him, his image. Prince William is reckless and doesn’t have a clue about maintaining a good image.

  23. Yea this was front page news in Toronto Star this Tuesday and in front section, 2nd page on Wednesday. So newspapers are reporting on it feverishly because Meghan lives and works in Toronto! Also, Toronto Star didn’t forget to point out that Meghan resembles Pippa- I personally don’t see it, until & unless, all brunette women with tanned skin should look like Pippa, according to the media.

    The funny part is that Harry’s rumoured romance is receiving more front page coverage and media coverage in Canada, than Will & Kate’s recent Canadian holiday tour did, lol!

    1. The Toronto Star and Lainey’s info(she lives in Toronto now) are what confirm that it is real that they are dating and it’s not just a fling. Lainey wouldn’t be putting herself out there if it was just a fling that has since passed. The engagement stuff is the press getting carried away.

    2. Every time I see a pic of her, I think it’s Pippa for a few seconds. I am surprised more people don’t see it! It’s not just that they are both brunette, I think they have very similar facial structures and features.

    3. I don’t see the Pippa comparison at all either. I think Meghan is very pretty, where as Pippa is quiet plain. I have tried to find similarities between the two and nothing stood out-smile maybe? It is definitely not obvious to me

  24. Oh “poor” Jason Knauf–as an admitted political junkie, he must look at the state of his career and shake his head. His nearest and dearest is working with the Foreign Office on real matters of state, and here’s Jason–dealing with the fallout from a celebrity-wannabe’s Instagram post of spooning bananas.

    1. He probably thought this was a step in the right direction but who’d want to hire him after this (williamamd Kate in general) all I see is poor management. He should try and get out before it’s too late!

    2. Lol. Wasn’t he supposed to be some kind of PR wunderkid? For someone with such a reputation, this is not being handled well.

    3. Why such vitriol directed at her? She is a working actress. Even if she never acts again, she has accomplished more than the millions who want that career.

      A couple of IG posts and a bunch of rumors, and Markle is branded the devil.

  25. I still do not know what to think of this…… it true, is it not true? I do agree that with Meghan being an American, divorced and an actress this is grabbing more attention. I know Cressida was an actress, and her mother has been married a few times, but her background with aristocratic roots somehow seems to be more accepted by the British press. It is just a weird cultural thing and the way Americans are perceived by the British.

    1. When you look at the difference between how Emma Watson shot down the rumors instantly and this says a lot.
      Either the aren’t and she’s using the notoriety to shoot her to stardom (she could have come out and said no)or they are and she still likes all the attention. Even if they were/are dating they could deny it to get the press to back off.

      1. That’s why I don’t know why, even if they are dating, we haven’t gotten the, “Harry and I are just good friends.” statement yet

      2. Didn’t her PR kind of confirmed it initially? I still believe it’s true. How I would love to know who leaked this.

      3. Emma is a class act: very intelligent, financially independent and who has earned her high-profile acting career with proven talent. She does not need to play second fiddle to anyone. Basically, Harry doesn’t have anything to offer. A stuffy existence, full of constraints, and with a man-made title? Nope.

  26. It’s the catch 22 of being royal today. If the girl isn’t a show-off who enjoys the spotlight, she’s probably going to run from a royal relationship, and the media hullabaloo.

    If she is an attention-seeking media queen, it makes it difficult to say she is interested in the man, not just the position.

    It seems that Harry is evolving into Sweden’s CP, at least in the press.

  27. I suspect that Harry is dating Meghan, and I can imagine that a week of cozy dinners and new-relationship sex coupled with walking around the neighborhood in masked annonymity for Halloween would be a very attractive proposition for Harry. I can also see that sort of a situation fostering an exaggerated sense of intimacy. Meghan is beautiful, intelligent, well-spoken, and traveled. I bet she’s good company, particularly in the early stages of a romance. There’s probably some truth to the rumors. But it’s way too soon to know if this relationship has any staying power and I do think the press are just running mad with the story because they don’t have anything to sink their teeth into. The Cambs are AWOL and Harry’s on vacation. I really hope they all get back from their respective down-times and get to WORK soon. We had a tiara event that went largely unreported on because the Kate didn’t show. William should have taken the opportunity to say something intelligent and gracious (to make up for accusing the Singaporean pres of peeking in his bedroom windows) and everyone could rest easy about the post-Brexit future.

      1. Yup and probably not even currently, they hooked up a few times and now she’s using him and this press attention for her benefit. I don’t buy a word of this press-invented romance.

    1. +1 graymatters. I think she’d be a good catch for Harry and the Firm. Whole lot of speculation about this relationship from outsiders, when the two people who *may* be involved are still figuring out if there is anything here with staying power.

  28. Hello all – I’m new to this site – and I can’t believe I didn’t find you sooner! Really fun reading. Let me say that I too have developed an appreciation for Victoria, Mary, Mette-Marit and the crew in recent years. But back to Harry. It looks like the press is really starting to jump on the Meghan/Pippa resemblance (which is the first thing I thought when I saw Meghan). It is pretty interesting, but it did annoy me that the DM used “but with better brows” in a big ol’ headline. Not sure what makes Meghan’s brows “better” than Pippa’s, but I thought it was a very unnecessary and subjective dig. The last thing I think “inferior” about Pippa are her brows. Seems some of us just can’t avoid comparing one woman to the next – in meaningless, superficial ways. To elevate a brow comparison to headline status (something which was lifted from a random tweet) was just lame. Anyway – happy to be on board!

    1. I haven’t seen the brow headline but that’s just unnecessary. Why pick people apart like that? There is no reason to drag Pippa into this mess just to tear her down.

  29. The DM have asked her half-brother and he apparently said ‘of course it’s true, it’s all over the internet’. Plus a load of other stuff, the idiot. Harry will run, fast.

    1. I don’t know about the rest of the conversation, but to say that something is true because it’s on the internet is a joke. It’s basically a smart-ass way of saying “no comment.”

    2. I can see someone in my family snapping out “of course, it’s all over the internet” when they are stressed out by the idiot press camped out on their front porch. Could have been a completely sarcastic comment and he knows nothing about his half-sisters love life.

      Look we have a new MM! We’ll have to distinguish “MM” (Meghan Markle) from “MM” or “M-M” (Mette-Marit)

  30. This is getting so over the top and tacky, IMO. It has to burn out soon. They live on different continents and she has an established career. There is no chance that this could get serious.

    Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think Meghan is discreet enough to be princess material. It has only been a few days and I already feel inundated with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stories. It’s even trending on social media!

    I believe Dickie Arbiter, this is a fling. And Meghan is enjoying every bit of the attention.

    Emma Watson was so classy in how she handled the Harry rumors. It’s a shame they aren’t dating for real, Emma would make a fantastic princess.

    1. Let’s hope it will burn out soon. This is bush league.

      Let’s face it, the media will run anything, embroider anything, just to have something to sell. But the royals know how not to be seen (multiple holidays spring to mind) and how not to disclose (their spending of public money springs to mind). If this ‘relationship’ is serious, why is it being revealed in this manner? And from ‘friends’ of Harry no less? On top of that, we have Ms Markle fueling flames through her PR reps, immature Instagram posts and cutesie-wootsie blog. Not the actions of a 35-year old, more like early twenties, if not younger.

      So, is this all a big joke? If it is, Harry’s reputation will not recover and Meghan Markle will have had her 15 minutes of fame.

      1. “On top of that, we have Ms Markle fueling flames through her PR reps, immature Instagram posts and cutesie-wootsie blog.”

        Oh my gosh, I completely agree, Jen! I don’t think those Instagram pics of the teapot with puzzle pieces or the one of two bananas cuddling are cute. I think it is attention seeking and indiscreet and tacky. At first I thought “well, if Harry likes her as long as he’s happy that’s fine.” But when she started doing things like that I thought it was really tacky. I’m only 26, so almost ten years younger than her, and if I were dating a public figure in Harry’s position I would at least make my social media private, if not delete it entirely. It does seem immature, you’re right. I’m a bit worried about Harry’s reputation, too. He was really recovering from the playboy prince label and doing good charity work. This whole chaotic ‘courtship’ has got to end soon.

    2. “They live on different continents and she has an established career.”

      – Grace Kelly lived in Hollywood, Ranier lived in Monaco.

      – Maxima lived in Argentina and New York, Willem-Alexander lived in the Netherlands.

      – Mary lived in Australia, Fred lived in Denmark.

      Not discreet-enough?

      – Marie gave an interview and did a photoshoot for the press when she first started dating Joachim

      – Kate Middleton and her family were all over the press for 10years, cozied up to paps, leaked exclusives to reporters, and traded on the royal connection for freebies. They still make money off the royal connection.

      I suspect Markle is not enjoying the trolling, the racist comments flying right-and-left, the possible threats against her (if talk of increased security in her neighborhood is true). All because she might be dating a famous man.

      Royals can work very hard at keeping things quiet, but they aren’t superhuman. Someone takes a cell phone photo on a plane, an employee at BA takes a payoff to reveal travel schedules. See how people have started tracking the Duke’s airplane so we all knew about the France beach vacation the second W&K arrived? They kept the skiing one quiet because nobody was watching the Duke’s plane. People wised up.

      There isn’t such a thing as a global news blackout for people in the public eye. They live their lives, they try to keep it quiet, and someone finds out anyway. That’s what’s happened here.

      “Chaotic courtship”? Two people in the public eye met, who have possibly been seeing each other for up to 6 months, and all of us are up in their business about it. Any chaos isn’t coming from the two people in the relationship, it is coming from the outsiders.

      1. Notasugarhere;

        I simply stated my opinion, as it is my right to do so on this blog. You can disagree with me, and that’s fine. But everyone who comments on this blog is only offering their opinion, just as I did.

        Grace Kelly was the unhappiest bride I have ever seen. She looked like she was going to cry throughout her entire wedding. Grace and Ranier were basically strangers when they married. Hopefully Harry wouldn’t repeat that same mistake.

        I didn’t say that it was impossible for a long distance relationship to work. So I don’t know why you feel the need to list off all of these other examples. It worked for Maxima and Mary. That’s fine. I’m happy that it worked for them. But with Meghan being an actress and having her fashion line and all of the other things she is doing plus Harry has a busy life across the pond, I don’t see how it would work between them. That’s my opinion.

        I stand by my statement that I don’t believe she is discreet enough. That is my impression of her. What Marie or Kate did is another matter. My comment is specifically aimed towards what is going on with Meghan.

        If Meghan really wanted to be discreet she wouldn’t have posted Instagram pictures of two bananas spooning and an elephant teapot with a jigsaw puzzle as if to say “yes, I am dating Harry, and I want to play games with the public while I am at it.”

        In my opinion, that was tacky. Say what you want about Kate, but she never had public social media accounts. Meghan could have made her Instagram private.

        I hope you have a nice day.

        1. I didn’t question your opinion, merely posted mine in response. Complete with facts related to other people who have married in to royal families.

          Grace Kelly made a choice, no one forced her to marry into royalty. And she had a very good life because of it. I see no sadness in her during the wedding, just as I saw no sadness in Charlene.

          He knows she’s has those accounts and a blog. If she is posting things now, IMO it isn’t against his wishes.

          I see nothing about Markle that raises concerns to me. I think she’d fit in fine being a working royal.

          1. “Grace Kelly made a choice, no one forced her to marry into royalty. And she had a very good life because of it. I see no sadness in her during the wedding”

            I have you ever watched Grace Kelly’s wedding video? Grace and Ranier both are the most miserable couple I have ever seen. Particularly after three minutes into this video. Here’s the link:


          2. Again, we’re talking opinions here. You see one thing, I see another.

            Yes, I have watched films of their wedding and I see a couple happy to be getting married, and doing their best to deal with the craziness of the situation being a public circus.

            The film cameras were there as a deal to let Kelly out of her contract. Rainier and Kelly admitted that they were extremely unhappy that the movie cameras were there. It was incredibly intrusive, they couldn’t be private, etc.

        2. Social media wasn’t nearly as prevalent for most of the 10 years W&K were dating. She didn’t need social media, she had the paps and reporters on speed dial. Plus the hired gun from one of the UK’s biggest tabloids hired on as their PR consultant. The Middletons have been spinning their PR big time from day one, no social media accounts required.

    1. Why would she have police? They aren’t engaged. They have been dating for a few months, if that.

      I hope she isn’t getting threats.

      1. Yeah I wondered that too. Seeing her walk out with her smile reminded me so much of the supposed nanny that ended Ben Affleck marriage. The way that nanny walked out of her home all smug and almost posing. Idk why but seeing Meghan face made me think of that nanny.

    2. Given the vitriol being directed towards her here and elsewhere, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was scared.

      FFS, bloggers get death threats from obsessed Kate Middleton fans if the blogger dares to say they don’t like what Middleton is wearing. I can only imagine what unhinged Harry fans have already threatened towards Markle.

          1. I have a difficult time believing that if it is something she wouldn’t have known better. I’m also not sure why she would be afraid or need police assistance?

            I lived on an unsecured military installation overseas during 9/11 and we all survived just fine. Then again we didn’t go about advertising every little bit that we did. Perhaps everyone that might be in a similar position should take the same advice and then a police presence wouldn’t be necessary?

          1. Hi Lisa

            I thought so, but what on earth is going on? If MM is posting this, why? If it’s a fake MM account, this has really become ugly in a week.

          2. That photo is on her Instagram account. I don’t know anything about the other site, so I don’t know if someone started it under her name and reposted that shot or if her Instagram account is linked to it and things are reposted. I know you can post your Instagram posts simultaneously on Facebook and Twitter by checking the required box and giving the application permission to post for you.

            I just checked out Imgrum and its some kind of online Instagram viewer so it’s probably picking up pictures or maybe she’s pushing them through. It’s not Harry so it really makes no sense.

      1. Now, now, notasugar,

        You call critical comments here vitriol? I’m rather surprised. I get the feeling that no one cares that much one way or another. It’s all just curiosity and mild gossip.

  31. KMR, I believe Cressida did get a lot of craziness when she was being hooked up with Harry. I remember seeing her face on the cover of People Magazine, I believe it was, saying she was going to be the new royal bride. Just sayin.

    1. Cress got these ridiculous “they’re practically engaged” stories, too. What I meant was that Cress wasn’t getting this level of press craziness during the first four days of the news breaking that she was seeing Harry. Those “they’re practically engaged” stories didn’t come until later.

      1. I certainly don’t remember her having a police escort two-three days after the press claimed they were dating. We haven’t even seen a picture of Meghan and Harry together. Kate didn’t even have police escort her when she was dating William, did she?

        1. She did have police escorts, but it was kept under the carpet and not publicly admitted. Stories were even put out that she didn’t have security. But there are photos of her through the years being guarded by uniformed police while out shopping, etc.

  32. I just hope that if this does turn out to be true, that Harry is not just stringing Meghan along. The royal family has only whites in their circle, despite the fact that England is becoming a diverse country. Hopefully Harry doesn’t think that having a black girlfriend will make people not assume he is racist. Think about it: he shows up at a 1930’s theme costume party dresses as a nazi. Hitler hated blacks. I could see if the costume party was “people who are currently burning in hell”-themed, then the costume might not have been as scandalous. Hopefully he is dating Meghan because he is truly in love with her. Not pretending to be.

    1. Gary Lewis, husband of Lady Davina (Windsor) Lewis, is Maori.

      For the millionth time. William picked out the costume and goaded Harry into wearing it. Idiot younger brother did what older brother said. Older brother who went to the same costume party dressed as an ‘African Native’. Shopkeeper admitted all of it on record.

      Are you under the impression that Harry has been working in Lesotho for a decade to what, prove to people he isn’t racist? Couldn’t be that he sees human beings in need and wants to help them, so he partnered with his friend Prince Seeiso to create Sentebale.

      1. 1. The future Earl Mountbatten aka Prince Philip’s cousin is engaged to a Black woman. They’ve lived together gor several years.

        2. The Queen’s cousin, Lady Davinia Windsor nee Gloucester is married to a Moari. Father and mixed race babies attend all royal functions including Trooping the Colour.

        3. The Queen’s cousin is married to a Black woman. (third marriage). married her in 1999.

        The Lascelles are directly descended from the Queen’s aunt, Princess Mary Princess Royal. James is her grandson.

        4. The Dowager Duchess of Marlborough, the senior branch of the Spencers is Iranian.

        5. Until a few years ago, Lady Gabrielle Windsor nee Kent was in a serious relationship with an Indian man. He was very welcome to family events and an engagement was expected.

        The point being that the royal family isn’t as lilywhite as everyone assumes they are. Charles’s first serious romance was with a lady from Chile and he is rumoured to gave had a fling with one of the ladies from popgroup 3 Degrees.

        The geandchildren generation of the royal damily is being allowed to date or marry people who don’t fit the old school rules of class, race, wealth or connections.

        We are already seeing the changes across the board. Race is the final barrier for the mainline. they already crossed class, wealth and connections. Why not race? Especially when they see their friends and cousins doing the same?

        And where people start hairsplitting

        1. I guess I missed the memo. I didn’t even know race was a factor. I didn’t know about Markle and I sure as heck don’t care about her race. Also given she looks white, unless someone brings it up it’s all in the blood according to racists isn’t it?

          So I’m gobsmacked that this is even being raised as a point for discussion. I think it says more about those who raised the issue than anything else.

  33. Okay, I’m probably late for the game but I had to laugh and say how much I appreciated the fact that is listed under “annoying articles”. One more reason you are a genius KMR!!

  34. After seening DM story with her leaving the house with that smug look on her face you just know she gone and Fuked up. She’s leaked the story and now it’s has back fired on her. I Don’t think Harry would have let this go that far if he was with her. There is no way Harry’s security would let him go to Toronto .. So she meet him but he was not into her and she took it the wrong and now she is hell bent on Fuking him up in the press. Her family did say she was obsessed with becoming a princess and having a crush on harry While growing up. Perhaps Harry has gone into hiding for his own protection. She maybe she is stalking him and his Friends. Really looking at Meghans inst she was in New York when Harry was at Balmoral. So again dates don’t match up.

    1. I am not sure what is going on behind the scenes, but there is something about the way this whole thing is being handled that is rubbing me the wrong way.

      1. Cookie I feel very much the same way and I’m a 49 year old mother of 4 who doesn’t have a stake in the game. I have met Harry and he seems like a very nice young man, but as I have said previously it has gone public quite quickly before and those seem to have been the relationships that ended quickly for him.

        Of course all this is my opinion, but I did think he was a very nice young man and I hope that he finds someone who brings out the best in him in every way possible as he seems to have so much to offer the world. 🙂

    2. Everyone will interpret things however they see them. I don’t see a smug look.

      He knows who she is, he knows she has a public life, blog, and IG. If she is posting things on there aimed at him, he knows they are intended for him. If he wasn’t okay with them being on there, they wouldn’t be there. If they’ve been together for months as rumored, they’ve already had this discussion and agreed to what is okay and what isn’t.

      He is opposed to the intrusion of press, bloggers, royal fanatics, and how that aspect of social media takes away his privacy. Cell phone photos taken on a plane, posted instantly, and his whereabouts are broadcast across the world. Taking his privacy away because strangers insist upon inserting themselves into his private life. Not just tracking when the Duke’s plane flies to France, but inserting themselves into the social fabric of his friend group.

      It appears he may have tried through the years to have private social media accounts, but obsessed fans track him down, follow his friends, sniff it out, and then force him to shut it down and move on to another account. Maybe what he wants is the ability to enjoy sharing things with his friends over social media, but intrusive fans won’t allow it. All it takes is one of his friends letting in a friend request from an unknown to shut it down again.

    3. Really? the man whose security let him go all the way to South Africa to see Chelsy can’t make the shorter trip to Canada?!?!

      The bitter sister whose own brother, Megan’s half brother, has discredited is the one you gelieve? Nevermind that she has since twittered that she has never given any interviews on the alleged Harry romance?

      You know them so well you surmise thst Meghan is now playing nedia games to ruin him? Btw, if she’s trying to ruin him, it’s going a different way because there is no smoking gun here. Unless there is something you are not telling us.

      1. I feel like a lot of this reaction is because Markle is “real”. She isn’t a 22-year-old friend of his cousin. She’s a grown-up, one who knows her own mind. That makes her too real and too much of a possible match for some people to like her.

        1. I thought Chelsey was a woman who knew her own mind and seemed to be very intelligent. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she popped back in to his life at some point, granted that if this relationship was real or didn’t last.

          1. Chelsy is still in his life. She is part of Eugenie’s posse which Harry is also a part.

            Harry seems to be picking girlfriends out of Eugenie’s friends. Chelsy and Cressida were friends long before their relationships with Harry and they remain friends.

            Megan seems to have been a part of Eugenie’s posse via her New York friends.

      1. I hope it works out for all the right reasons. On paper she seems like a great match. It would be nice to see someone who can keep up with him.

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