William, Kate & Harry join the Queen at Buckingham Palace reception for Team GB

William, Kate & Harry join the Queen at Buckingham Palace reception for Team GB

Last night, October 18, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace for Team GB and Paralympics GB Rio 2016 medalists. They were joined by Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, the Duke of Kent, and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester. Princess Eugenie was scheduled to attend, but she pulled out for an unknown reason. Also skipping the reception, some of the biggest names from the Olympics: Mo Farrah, Bradley Wiggins, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jason Kenny, and Laura Trott.

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Team GB had their best-ever Olympics in Rio, winning 27 gold medals among their 67 medal total (two more than they won in London 2012), while the Paralympics team won 64 golds out of their 147 total.

Among the gold medalists that Kate met was triple gold medalist Equestrian, Natasha Baker. Kate spoke to her about Prince George and Princess Charlotte. From the Express:

    Kate said: “George is fascinated by fencing but I think that’s because of the face shields. Charlotte would have loved to be here but she’d be running riot!”
    Afterward, Baker said: “I asked her how the children were and she said Charlotte is really enjoying her riding which is great to hear and I said we may see her here on a line-up in 20 years time. She emphasised that Charlotte has this passion about horses and although she doesn’t echo it, she’ll do her best to champion and encourage it.”

There is so much to unpack here!

First, George and fencing. I don’t necessarily think this is a lie; I can believe that George was “fascinated” by the fencing. Kate didn’t say that George “loves” fencing, just that he was “fascinated” by it. So Kate was watching fencing on TV and George stopped doing what he was doing to watch it with her. Sure. He was fascinated by the fencing. That doesn’t mean he cares about, just that it was fascinating for that moment. I watching speed walking during the 2012 Olympics because I was fascinated by it for that moment; I’ve never watched it again.

Ugh at the “Charlotte would have loved to be here” line. Kate did this many times during the NZ/Oz tour, where she claimed she would have loved to have brought George to whatever non-child friendly engagement they were at, but he “just fell asleep” or whatever line she kept using. We all know that you weren’t going to bring the kids to these engagements, Kate; just stop.

Charlotte having a “passion about horses”… I went back and reread my post about the children’s party in Canada because I didn’t remember seeing photos of Charlotte with the horses there. But one of the quotes from the girls in charge of the miniature horses was: “Charlotte bent down and was hugging Honey so much and hugging her neck, it was the sweetest most adorable thing ever. She also petted TC a lot. Charlotte seemed to really love the miniature horses.” So I believe Kate when she says that Charlotte loves horses, because there is evidence of that.

Charlotte “enjoying her riding”… I ride horses, I was in 4H, I know many people who were put on horses from a very young age (I’m talking months, not years) and who have loved horses and riding from a very young age. And I know people who now have kids and are doing the same with their kids. So I can believe that Charlotte is riding horses and enjoys it. Is she riding by herself? Of course not. If she is riding, it’s with the help of someone else: either 1) someone is holding her while she sits on the horse and another person is leading the horse around; or 2) someone is holding her in front of them while they ride. It’s totally possible that Charlotte is riding horses already – her age is not a problem.

UPDATE: Here’s a photo of Charlotte riding a horse at the children’s party in Canada that I’ve never seen before. So yeah, Charlotte rides horses.

The most fascinating thing from Baker’s quotes is actually the admittion that Kate doesn’t like horses. Why lie about being allergic to horses? Why agree to take riding lessons from an Olympic Equestrian and have Sophie lie about your allergies for you? Why not just say you don’t like horses?

Kate going to “champion and encourage” Charlotte’s passion for horses even though Kate doesn’t like horses… I mean, yeah, that’s called being a good parent. I just hope that encouraging their children’s choices thing applies to all of their life choices and not just the easy, gender-stereotypical ones. Like, if Charlotte wants to become a scientist or if George wants to dance, William and Kate should still encourage them. Or if either of them are gay, William and Kate should still encourage them. As for the exact wording of “although she doesn’t echo it, she’ll do her best to champion and encourage it”, that was Baker talking. Baker paraphrased what Kate said; that was Baker’s choice to state it that way.

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Swimmer Ellie Simmonds spoke to Kate and Harry. Of meeting them, she said:

    “It was the first time I’d met Harry and he gave me a hug. I must have mentioned to someone I was really looking forward to meeting him and he just hugged me! The duchess was telling me how George likes swimming and Charlotte loves horses.”

With the George likes swimming comment, yeah we’ve heard that a lot over the last three years. Kate takes George swimming at the Buckingham Palace pool, and she said back in 2014 that George loves the water.

Harry had some fun with the women’s hockey team.

Goalkeeper Maddie Hinch said: “Prince Harry described me as a crab and was impersonating me! He’s big on the banz and the banter. He’d definitely fit into our team and in the locker room!”

Here’s a video of that:

Alex Danson of the women’s hockey team said: “Kate and William both said they played hockey at university. She (Kate) said George has picked up a polo stick and she’s trying to show him to use it as a hockey stick.”

In the video below, at about 0:16, William says something about Kate “bounding in” when she saw the women’s hockey team. I can’t make out the rest of what he says. Sophie, Countess of Wessex is Patron of England Hockey. How much do you think that kills Kate? Kate loves hockey; if she were Patron of England Hockey that would probably be the patronage she’d visit most.

Here’s another video of William and Kate meeting the women’s hockey team, just after the “bounding in” comment. I want to draw attention to it because I find it very interesting. I’ve commented before that Kate speaks so freaking quietly that I can barely make out what she says in videos, and I find it fascinating that the energy of the entire group (William, Kate, and the hockey team) changes from when William is speaking to when Kate is speaking. They were all lively and upbeat when William was speaking, and then went very quiet when Kate was speaking. I’m wondering if that is because William is louder and Kate is so quiet, so when Kate starts speaking everyone has to shut up in order to make out what she’s saying. I don’t know, but she sure brought the energy down.

The Queen wore a really beautiful teal dress with the Jardine Star Brooch. She joked around with the women’s hockey team about Susannah Townsend‘s injured knee.

Princess Anne wore a suit. Here’s her and HM meeting Sebastian Coe.

Here’s the The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and The Duke of Kent.

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Kate wore a new dress for the occasion. She’s really into florals lately what with that Kate Spade last week and now this. This is a new dress from Alexander McQueen. It looks to be a bespoke version of the Poppy Print Open-Back Midi Dress ($3075.00) from the pre-Spring 2017 collection. This print also comes in a shirt.


Kate’s version has a v-neck, closed back, defined waistband, and full sleeves. It’s very 70s. I don’t like it, to be honest with you. I don’t actually mind the silhouette of the dress – both Kate and Mary have worn this same silhouette before and I’ve liked it on them – but I hate the print. It’s too wallpaper for me. If this dress had been all one color, I probably would have really liked it.

I did like Kate’s red accessories: Miu Miu Bow Embellished Suede Shoulder Bag, and Gianvito Rossi red suede pumps. The Soru Jewellery Baroque Pearl Double Sided Earrings are apparently Kate’s new go-to reception earrings, but I’ve never really liked them.

There weren’t a lot of photos, but here are a couple more.

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  1. When I first saw Kate in that bespoke dress, I thought it was a bathrobe. I don’t like this silhouette on her, it looks constringing, and the print looks like a 70’s plastic tablecloth. Then I read somewhere it’s “patriotic poppies”. I think she looks out of place at the reception in that dress – like she was dressed for a day at home, curlers in her hair and slippers on her feet. The original dress has a nice silhouette and the back detail looks fun, but I wish a different print would have been chosen! Btw it’d be really interesting to see an exhibition with all Kate’s bespoke dresses vs. the original ones some day!

    I really hope the Cambridges would give their children time to develop their own interests instead of always telling how keen and fascinated they are by everything in spite of being so small. Small kids love cuddly animals and action, but you just can’t say whether it will turn into a lifelong passion, and as the Cambridges are so hysterical over their privacy they should understand that whatever they say, the press is going to drum it, and later on it can burden their kids. I’m sure they encourage their kids to have the “right” hobbies from early on, but what if we hear the kids themselves say some day that football, horses or hockey just aren’t their thing? That would give the press something to write about! They could just simply tell their kids like to kick a ball or have tried out riding just like any kid could do and just like all the parents would casually talk about their kids. Every parent is proud of his/her kid, I’m proud of mine too, but somehow I find it odd that they have to promote their kids’ keenness on things so much. Their kids, particularly Charlotte, are so young that they cannot really choose their activities yet, it’s the parents’ initiative they’re taken to ride or given a tennis racket, what they really are interested in will come later and it can be something totally different.

    Harry was lovely again, I’m sure he made the the day of the athletes he met, and he seemed so engaged it was a joy to watch him. Anne looked very stylish in her suit, and just love the color of the Queen’s dress! Their outfit choices made Kate look really awkward in her robe.

    1. I hate the back detail on the original dress. I first just saw the front and was all ready to say I liked the original better than Kate’s version, but then I saw the back detail and changed my mind. If it were just an open back it would be fine, but I hate the ruffle.

      1. I’d never wear a ruffle myself, but I’d love to see how this thing works. I agree it’d be better without the ruffle based on the picture. I could see that some lively woman would rock the original gown.

      2. I actually liked Kate’s dress, but it’s my style. It looks like it would hide some of my “problem areas”. I dislike my arms so I like the baggy sleeves, plus I get over-heated easily so the baggy sleeves gives my arms to air to breathe.

        Everyone’s style is different, but I like this style—maybe not the pattern, but I love when she wears the dresses with the long baggy sleeves. Although, I couldn’t pull of a V-neck. I prefer a square neckline.

      3. It seems like Kate takes designer dresses and then removes all the details that make them interesting. All she did was buy the fabric and make a standard full-coverage dress out of it. This doesn’t look like the original dress at all except for the fabric. I guess not enough designers are making boring 70s style dresses for Kate.

        1. Of course Kate has to blah down her version! I actually liked the original version and the poppies seemed less overwhelming. I’m not a ruffle person but with them in the back doesn’t bother me as much

    2. The Queen looked beautiful. That color was stunning with her hair color. She’s always so welcoming to her guest.
      Oh goodness can you imagine how sicking Kate will be when her children become teens. She will be such a bragger on everything they do. Hopefully she will matured by then.
      That dress is horrible. I think it’s taken the number one spot for her worst. And it cost three thousand dollars. First why does she need a new dress that cost a crazy price for this recipition. The woman is completely out of control.

  2. I think I would be more likely to believe Kate when she talks about what George and Charlotte like if she didn’t have a history of claiming that George likes everything and anything under the sun. It is just so predictable now it is getting tiresome. It probably wouldn’t bother me so much if Kate spoke about other things (like her patronages for example) and gave speeches or interviews about her charities. But because Kate says so little and when she does talk it is basically the same words repeatedly it just gets old for me. I feel at this point Kate is capable of saying “That’s so interesting!” and “George/Charlotte love to……”

    Boys like playing with swords and stuff so I could maybe see that being true. But if Charlotte likes horses so much why didn’t William sit her on that pony in Canada? George looked terrified of it and wanted to get down right away like it was his first time on a pony.

    Here’s a thought: It used to be that Will and Kate talked about how rambunctious George was. But after the tour in Canada commenters on social media, blogs, and other places talked about how Charlotte seemed feisty or more outgoing than George and George can be shy/standoffish. No sooner did people start talking about Charlotte then all of a sudden William claims she is a soccer protégé and now Kate says she loves horses. Do you think that maybe they are saying these things about Charlotte now because they realized she was popular after the tour of Canada? Everything Will and Kate do and say seems so staged and contrived I am just suspicious of anything they do now.

    1. Kate claims George likes whatever it is the person she’s talking to does. But she wasn’t talking to a fencer when she said George was fascinated by fencing. She also didn’t say he liked it, but that he was fascinated by it. So I tend to believe this one more. Also there is prior evidence that George likes swimming and Charlotte likes horses. Whether she rides or not is up for debate, but I believe she does like them.

      I also can’t blame Kate for talking about her kids when the person she’s talking to is the one who brought it up, like with Natasha Baker.

      It’s totally possible that William and Kate are talking about Charlotte more now because they saw how people reacted to her in Canada, but Kate did say Charlotte was “feisty” before the Canada tour back in June. So that change in narrative was started before the tour.

      1. I don’t blame Kate for answering the questions about her kids either, it’s just the way she does it that I find weird. Everything is gender-stereotyped and “passion”, “fascination” and “keenness” is always emphasized just like the kids couldn’t just do things and feel about them in any lesser way.

        1. I guess I’m not bothered by it here because she used different language than she normally uses and I actually do think she’s telling the truth this time. “Passion” and “fascinating” are not words she’s used to describe George or Charlotte before, and she has said before that George likes swimming and the girl at the party in Canada said how much Charlotte liked the horses.

          1. Of course we can’t know what she exactly said as it was repeated by another person, as it nearly always is. So she may have used different wording more often than we know. I have been a mother for more than ten years, worked with children’s charities and talked to countless parents about their kids, and I just find her way to talk about her kids somehow awkward. I just can’t help it but I always have a feeling she is trying to prove something.

    2. Cookie, your comment made me realize I feel they very strongly work on creating just the right kind of image of their family life. A mother who cooks the family meals and listens to the father when he comes home after a day at work. A father who wants to spend time with his family but still works. Kids who are sporty and active and keen on everything. I don’t mean they wouldn’t genuinely love their family or that it’d be wrong to devote time to your family, but somehow they seem so gender-stereotyped that I feel they’re consciously working on the “right” kind of image.

      1. It’s the gender-stereotyping that bothers me. That’s why I commented in my article that I hope the “championing and encouraging” applies to all areas of the kids’ lives and not just the gender-stereotypical activities. It’s easy for Kate to “champion and encourage” a love of horses even though she herself doesn’t like horses, it’s another thing entirely if Charlotte were to be into stereotypically “male” activities or George were to be into stereotypically “female” activities or if either of them were gay. Of course Kate’s going to “champion and encourage” Charlotte’s love of horses, but what if she or George want to be something other than what fits in to Kate’s perfect gender-stereotyped family?

        1. The gender-stereotyping bothers me, too. The way they talked about Charlotte’s future and Canada being linked made me feel they are not very open for their daughter to choose her own path. They should really think about the difficult position the York girls are in – it’s a modern society and I don’t think the public wants a big royal family with no defined role in the future.

          1. For a couple (allegedly) so reluctant to take up the Crown, they seem keen to link their children to the continuation of the monarchy and to Commonwealth countries, with the expectation that all will stay the same.

            Several countries, notably Canada and Australia, will transition to republics/ installing their own Heads of State once the Queen passes. Surely W+K are not so naive or so poorly read to not know the inevitability of this? I’d guess transitions will occur well before George and Charlotte are adults.

            W+K would be better off introducing the concept of studying and working hard to their children so that G+C can make genuine choices for their futures. The York girls are in a difficult position and it could easily be replicated down the track with George and Charlotte: an expectation that a certain type of life will be provided, only to find that times and conditions have changed. I suspect W+K are too cocooned in their bubble of privilege to understand this.

        2. I have to give Kate and William all the room in the world when they bring up their children and their offsprings’ interests, talents, characters, likes and dislikes and more until the listener (or reader) feels like puking up his or her guts.

          Bear with me while I describe my daughter’s interests and classes as a baby, toddler, and young child:

          She: began riding horses at age two. Riding lessons three times a week. I love horses, but only to look at; I have a picture of me, age four, sitting on a pony, crying. My daughter, age four, however, jumped her horse over a two-foot fence, behind her instructor’s back. After she was reprimanded, and put on probation for the week, she meekly nodded her apology, and the following week jumped her poor horse over a three-foot stone wall fence.

          She insisted on wearing a pink tulle skirt along with her riding habit.

          She would strip down her Barbie Dolls, allowing only high heels, since they had to look nice while mucking out stables. She turned downed the offers of the coach of Olympian gymnastic gold-medal winner Dawes, with the coach begging me to let her train my daughter, but my kid said no,as she needed to practice her piano skills. More, you say? Artist, published writer, fencer (met her future husband at university, fencing against him); eight years at summer camp ( wrote President Bush that he should make sure not to hurt the baby bears and their Mommas when they visited Camp David, the Presidential retreat, which surrounded her camp; President Bush wrote back and said he had told everybody at Camp David to take make sure all of my daughter’s bears (she and he corresponded and named the bears together) would be safe.)

          She chose everything to do, outside of school, but insisted on wearing sparkly pink while at soccer. When she won three in a row tennis matches against the number one under ten year-old male, she was allowed to wear pink on the court.

          Want more nausea? My kids tried every sport, and activity, and my husband and I put Kate and William to shame.

      2. I agree, Grace. I first got this feeling looking at pics of Charlotte’s Christening. The way the family walked to the church, with Kate pulling that retro baby stroller… Everything looked so staged it was weird.

    3. Kate broke from the narrative that George is rambunctious and charlotte is the perfect little lady sometime during the queen’s 90 celebration. Said something to the affect that she’s the wild one and George reins her or something like that. Can’t remember the exact herbage

  3. The Queen looked lovely. What is it with Kate’s seeming need to be the center of attention? This screamed “Look at me” I think the dress has a lovely cut but the pattern is too hideous for even for a couch. Love the red accessories but the towering heels made her look like a looming giant towering over her subjects. Thankfully we had Harry there to ease our suffering

  4. I wish someone would do one of those “what’s in my clutch?” things with Kate. She needs to learn that there are other ways to accessorize… Her hair looks nice here, although a bit puffy, and that dress is awful.

    I found it interesting what you said about the energy of the group, because I do think she makes an effort to look more lively, but it comes across as fake. She should really work on her speaking tone since a significant part of her work is engaging with people. Her bad posture and those arms crossed in front of her body also don’t help.

    HM is so elegant, loved her dress and the silk gloves. I’d love to live in a city where the weather is cold enough to wear a pair. And Harry is just adorable. It should be a crime to be this charismatic.

    1. Kate is not a confident speaker. Is she intimidated by others? Is she still insecure in her fake accent? in her role, Kate is going to be speaking to lots of people. She should be better at it. I don’t expect her to change her personality, but at this point she’s changed everything else so why not give it a try?

      1. I’m not very confident in my French so I inteand to low my voice a bit. I don’t want other people except the waitress to hear what I have ordered. I now my grammar and pronounciation isn’t good.
        Sad that she chose to put all her energy to change her accent. Completely unnecessary.

      2. I have a stammer yet, whenever I take customer service calls at work (3 times a week) I’m always upbeat and friendly and because I’m a good faker, my supervisor has received numerous messages from callers, complimenting me on how I present myself and (because of my pleasant tone) I am a good representative for the division of unclaimed property. He and the “higher ups” have taken notice of all the positive praise I’ve received from those callers and, I have to admit, it helps and I *do* think taking those calls have helped in regards to my stammer.

        How is this related to Kate?

        1.) Fake it till you make it.
        2.) hiding away will make things worse, not better. She needs to go out there and continue to speak with the public, even if she feels self-conscious.

        P.S. That dress is just too “blah” for me. Looks like she’s channeling a country singer from the 70s or 80s (though not sure which one….. 😉 ). Any suggestions on who her inspiration could be this week? Last week it was Loretta Lynn so maybe this week it’s Crystal Gayle? 😉

        P.P.S. I think it’s very insulting that she wears those high heels where she has to “literally” look down at people.

        1. She knew she was going to meet paralympians, some of whom would be in a wheelchair. She is completely insensitive to be wearing shoes with heels that high knowing she would be greeting them. This woman has the worst judgment ever.

          1. It was probably part of the uniform, but it looked like most of the women had on flats. Kate could have echoed that, though perhaps not with that length dress.

            I think she is uncomfortable with most people she meets who have actually done something.

  5. I am not a fan of this silhouette at all. It is very 70’s. She has about 4 dresses in this same silhouette and could have just re-worn one of them instead of getting a new bespoke dress. She seems to be all about new dresses lately. I can’t help but think of better things that could be done with that money, like repairing Buckingham Palace (sorry for the side tangent). It just seems like such a waste of money buying a dress that is so similar to other dresses she owns.

    The print actually doesn’t look bad on the original dress. That is probably because the original dress is a more youthful silhouette. Where as the print on Kate’s dress somehow makes it look more like a bath robe. I really love the style of the original dress. Leave it to Kate to turn a fun dress into something frumpy and her usual silhouette. I realize Kate could not have worn the original dress as is, but she didn’t have to change it to her typical safe/boring dress. There are so many ways she could have made it appropriate for the Palace, but still youthful and fun. She really has no idea how to dress both appropriately, but still youthful.

    1. If she had re-worn that red Beulah dress, I would have been so happy. Actually I would have been sad since there are so few photos from this event and I want to see that dress proper in lots of good photos.

      1. Are you talking about the plain red Beulah dress or the red one with poppies? Heck either would have worked for tonight and they look very similar :). I liked the one with poppies from the India tour better than the plain red one. But the plain red one she wore about 4 years ago and we only had one photo of it, so it actually would have been the perfect time to re-wear it.

    2. I have began to wonder, and am actually posting on DM, that it appears she needs a new outfit every time they want her to work. It’s almost as if they are bribing her to do her job and from what we all know about her I totally would believe it.

    3. I’m with you about Kate not repeating dresses. When I saw pictures of her at this event on twitter, my first thought was “Seriously, another new dress?!” She has so many red, white and blue dresses that she could have worn again; it would have been easy for her to repeat. And honestly, I think the only event in the past couple weeks that has truly warranted a new outfit was the Netherlands trip, because it was her first solo trip abroad. Otherwise, she should start re-wearing dresses since she already got so many new outfits for the Canada tour. The fall is when they start cramming in engagements, so I really hope she stops getting a new outfit every time she has an appearance.

      1. +1

        Awful dress, length and pattern. She just dosentnhave that feminie delicate elegance to pull off flower pattern ‘soft’ dresses.

        Both w&w are so insincere and phony, photos had their heads at the same practiced angle, pretending interest in what the athletes were saying.

      2. She has over $300,000 worth of clothing purchased in the last 5 years. IMO there is no justification for another new outfit just to go look at a painting in The Netherlands.

        1. She had a nice dress with poppies she could have worn as well. It is so wasteful to see all these new outfits and for what? To chit chat for a half hour?

      3. I agree about this. I don’t know how often she recycles clothes, but I would guess that she wears a new outfit around 90% of the time she steps out in public. There is no talk about her extravagance anywhere, however. I am surprised that this kind of expenditure is not only sanctioned but seems to be expected. I just can’t wrap my head around it.

        1. Does the public/ press not comment on the cost of these clothes because they have been lulled into thinking that Charles pays for all the clothes from Duchy money? And they think the Duchy is Charles’s private property? It’s a convenient little myth that the BRF chooses not to correct. Do they know that Charles gets a tax write-off for the clothes? Do they know that the Duchies are public resources and do not belong to the Windsors? When all is said and done, the taxpayer is subsiding this spending. Sadly, neither the government of the day nor the Royal Family disclose true running costs, presumably because they fear negative reactions to out-of-control spending, if not outright hostility.

          Kate has an enormous and ample wardrobe by now. It is spendthrift, to say the least, to blow thousands of pounds/dollars for something that is seen for an hour at most. That the clothes are of such appalling design and quality is a head-shakingly silly choice on her part.

        2. I did a quick tally of new vs. repeats this year – out of 78 outfits that were photographed, 54 were new and 24 were repeated. So 70% new and 30% repeated (roughly). And I agree, most of the new ones were pretty bad.

          Just clothes BTW – I didn’t bother with shoes, hats, clutches…since September 1, she’s only repeated one outfit (the green coat she wore flying into Whitehorse). No wonder we’re all thinking “Jeez, ANOTHER new dress/coat?!”

          1. Royal Dish has kept track of the clothes for this year and it is up to around $192k. ( or perhaps that is in pounds). That is a disgusting amount for clothing.

          2. Out of the 70% new, how many were really close in style and color to something she already owned? I bet someone could figure this out.

  6. I just can’t get over the fact that the dressmakers don’t use enough fabric to match the side seams at the price, which I assume is more for a bespoke version.

    Is Anne wearing the Olympic uniform pantsuit?

    1. I’m with you there, it just sticks out like a sore thumb and makes an expensive piece of clothing look cheap and badly made. The poppy print McQueen is a huge no for me. She now needs to replace whatever “yes” person gave her the go ahead on this obvious miss.

    2. The mismatched pattern was the first thing I noticed about this dress and it is very distracting to the eye. For the price tag, I would have thought the dressmaker could have matched the print at the seams properly. That is a basic skill.

  7. Kate sounds like a really boring person to talk to. I think the energy goes down in the crowd because she isn’t really that interesting of a person. It’s not like she has done much with her life anyway.

    The dress looks like a bathrobe and why did she need a new one anyway? How much money has been spent on her appearances this year anyway ? And the country music star hair is back and looks like a security blanket for her. Bleh.

    I assume the hockey you are referring to is field hockey. Calling it just hockey to me refers to hockey on ice, and it is the Canadian women who rule that event at the Olympics.

      1. Hockey is hockey…played on Astro surfaces. What you Canadians /Americans play is ice hockey . ?
        Great that we all speak the “same” language.
        And we won the gold medal, completely against the odds. And the final was particularly exciting because it went to a penalty shoot out, and you have to know the rules in detail because we won on a penalty within a penalty. It was very exiting.

        1. We have to say field hockey or ice hockey here in the Northeast. I played both in high school. What’s funny is we used to tease other field hockey players by yelling “Hey, get your skates on!” when they weren’t getting into position fast enough. Now that was confusing LOL.

        2. What Birdy said.

          It’s just hockey to us. The one on ice is Ice hockey.

          KMR: England Hockry is the hockey association for England. There is Hockey Wales association and Scottish Hockey association to vover Wales and Scotland respectively.

          Northern Ireland is covered by Ulster Hockey Union though there is a move to absorb it into the All-Ireland Hockey association.

          They are all under the umbrella of Great Britain Hockey assoviation.

          Birdy: I hated the change from grass to astro turf.

          Made my ball skills redundant, and many rules had to be changed to accomodate the new surface eg not lifting the ball from the surface because it moves faster and can cause injuries unlike grass where the surface slowed down the ball therefore lifting the ball wasn’t so dangerous.

          The Rio final was super exciting.

          1. What I meant was the England Hockey organization just says “hockey”, it doesn’t specify ice or field.

  8. Hate this dress. Ugh, why couldn’t she have worn a repeat? She should wear more repeats especially after a tour where most of her clothes were brand new. And this one is definitely very new – it’s from a very recent collection.

    I’ve noticed a change in narrative in how they talk about George. I think it started around the time the postage stamp photos came out but I could be wrong. Before they were all about how he’s so naughty but now he loves or likes anything. Perhaps they changed that because the few times we’ve seen George in public with them he does seem shy. Also I think someone in their camp may have realized they need to stop talking about their kids like that.

    It would have been nice if we heard different talking points coming from them. It can’t really be helped that they talked about the kids because they were asked but I think it shows that to most people, especially the ones who don’t follow royals closely, the only thing that’s left in their minds about Will and Kate is their kids and that’s why most of their soundbites are about them. It’s turning out to be the only thing that’s worth noting about them. It’s, I dunno, could be problematic in the future because no one would care what they were talking about unless they say we care about this cause because of George and Charlotte,… etc.

  9. I’m going to talk about happy stuff first. HM looked beautiful as ever. Angela Kelly knows how to find the best colors, accessories and silhouettes for her. She lights up a room with her smile. Anne was a total boss with her suit. She is a no-nonsense woman who doesn’t get half the praise that ahe should. And Mr. Rhiannon could charm a petal off a rose. It’s amazing how people respond to him. He’s genuine and darn adorable.

    Why is it that WK seem choreographed? Like they practice facial expressions, talking points, etc. If they worked, there would be no need to come off as forced. And why does Kate follow Will around like that? Divide and conquer. We get that he married you. Be your own woman.

    The wiglet is back and you know how much I love it. But it’s as horrible as ever. It needs to be combed and maintained. The dress is the worst. I like the shape but it’s wrong. Picture this: a navy sheath or cap sleeves. A jaunty scarf at the neckline, preferably with Team GB colors. Or, a crisp white blouse with a patterned a line skirt a la what she wore at her “editor” gig at KP. Something simple that would deflect attention off her. And, please wear a lower heel. She’s going to have problems with her feet in the long run.

    Thanks for this round up, KMR. I always enjoy any event that is in BP. I love to look at the surroundings as much as the subjects in the pictures.

    1. I love that Anne wore a pant suit to an event with the Queen. I guess that throws the defense out the window on why Kate never wears pants. People always said the Queen doesn’t like them, so poor Kate can’t wear them. Anne proves that wrong.

    2. I love Anne’s no nonsense style! It’slime she’a saying ‘I’m here for to do the job’

      I was going to give Kate grief for hanging on to her clutch inside the palace and then I see pics with the Queen and hers=(

  10. Really do not like this dress…if it were shorter it would be a little better, but not a fan of the print or mismatched seams. I much prefer the Beulah dresses. In fact, I’ve never been a big fan of Kate’s McQueens (pink is ok but nothing special, blue coat is pretty but not a favorite, red India pattern skirt/top is only ok, didn’t like Canada red/white at all). Kate’s high heels really made her bend a lot to talk to people; or lean back as she listened, which in photos makes her posture seem incredibly bad all around. The clutch also prevented her from easily shaking hands.

    I thought William was doing pretty well in the charm department tonight, getting genuine laughs and smiles from people, so it was interesting to see when Kate was nearby how the atmosphere became more subdued and he is shown in pictures with a more serious expression.

    As for the kids comments, it is their go-to for conversation. I know people are interested in the children, but it truly seems to be the only thing Kate is happy to discuss. She brings them up even when people do not ask. If someone says something about a sport, Kate will inevitably say “oh, my kids like…” – which then the other person must respond to. Before the children, it was about William. She always brings the conversation around back to her nuclear family…when talking about mental health charities, when talking about sports, when talking about anything. It’s more than a way to personally relate – I think it’s that her world is very insular even though she is a very public figure. Her typical closed off posture (hands clasped tightly in front, hair often completely covering neck, collarbones, and shoulders, not standing straight) indicate this as well.

    1. Glad you brought up Beulah, she has a gorgeous gorgeous Beulah dress that she wore to a wedding. I believe it was in her first year of marriage, definitely pre children. Anyway, white and pink(red/coral?) design, floaty sleeves, knee length and I just loved it. I bet she doesn’t even remember she has it- too bad.

  11. In one of the last photos, will and Waity both have their heads tilted to the side in the same way. Funny!

    Why is the queen wearing gloves? And why do she and Waity need to carry a purse inside the palace?

    Hate, hate, hate Waity’s shower curtain, I mean dress. And her wiglet is just too much. Too full, too high.

    1. HM almost always wears gloves. Reasons range from that’s how she was raised, not wanting to catch germs and miss work because she gets sick, to she shakes hundreds of hands a day and the gloves cushion her 90 year old hands. Anne wears gloves a lot too. Old, darned, black gloves, but gloves nevertheless.

      HM’s handbag contains her lipstick, a compact Philip gave her, a hankie, and I’m not sure what else. There was an article about it somewhere during the Jubilee. She also uses it as a signal to her staff, to get them to come over and end a conversation.

    2. Gloves (and hats) were a constant in a woman’s life before the wild and crazy 60’s changed fashion forever. HM is true to herself here. The only thing that’s different now for her is that she keeps her gloves on to shake hands. That used to be considered somewhat rude.

      I wondered about the purse, too, and then I got a cell phone. It’s nice to have what you need nearby and when you live in a palace, the only way to keep a hanky or breathmint (or cellphone) nearby, is to carry a purse. And it gives Kate something to do with her hands. When she doesn’t have a clutch, she wrings her hands.

      And yeah, that’s a lot of hair. It really makes her look like a bobblehead. Especially with all the head tilting, turtle necking she does.

  12. The Cambridge’s do present as posed with their fully-formed narrative of traditional family life, where the little anecdotes of “George/Charlotte love…” are carefully doled out. They know full well that whatever they say will find its way into the press and these tidbits control the narrative. Why they need to construct it in the first place escapes me. They seem to take themselves very seriously yet do nothing to instill such respect.

    Unfortunately, neither William nor Kate are naturally generous, warm or much interested in people and it shows, particularly when they are in close proximity to Harry. Of course, they are polite but there is little energy. I’d say Kate’s barely audible speaking voice and strangled accent contribute to the hushed tones – people are trying to make out what she’s saying. I’m fed up with her comments confined to her children; does Kate not have any other topics of conversation? Does she read? Does she know about the backgrounds of the people she’s meeting?

    Re. the dress: it’s awful in every respect. The cost is obscene for something so all over ugly and inappropriate for the event. Why does she need a clutch indoors? I could say the same for the Queen and her handbag. I could understand if one is in transit but in one’s home?

    1. Jen, always good to read your comments. So spot on.

      “Does she read?” Know anything about the people she is going to meet? Good things to know.
      Gosh, if she did a little homewordk, she’d probably feel more relaxed and find it easier to talk to people.

      I think she is basically a very anxious person, but being prepared would help. SHe has the chance to meet people from all walks of life. Interesting people. It would be nice to really show a “keen” interest in others. The questions, the comments would rush forth, if she did so. Would take the nerves and bring them under control, too.

      1. Thanks, Mary Elizabeth; that’s kind of you.

        Doesn’t it boil down to genuine curiosity about life and other people? The royals get to meet people who have made an impact to their communities in ways that matter. What a privilege to meet them. I think Harry and the Queen ‘get’ that it is their job to make sure their guests know that they are truly special for their achievements, putting them at ease, and exhibiting a genuine interest in their work. But if it’s a chore, and you haven’t done sufficient prep, are not really ‘present’ through deep listening, and turn the conversation back to your own world I’d imagine it would be tough going. The Cambridge’s need to loosen up, but most of all, count their many blessings.

        1. Again, so true, Jen. How wonderful to meet and interact with people from all walks of life. It makes you feel good about the world! I so wish the Cambridge’s would open their minds and hearts to meeting others. And, yes, count their blessings! I

      2. Her cousin was on record saying Kate isn’t interested in anyone or anything but herself an finds it hard to be interested in other people. I find it’s very obvious with how she behaves.

    2. Re: the Queen’s handbag, i think Kate is not the only one with a security blanket. It may be the Queen’s generation, as my mother in her later years always wanted her handbag, even in the house. Also, the Queen may feel that BP is her place of business, her office and she is dressed for work.

      1. But the way the Queen carries her handbag does not cause the crotch clutch to happen and both her hands are free. She also doesn’t do that excessive hand pointing with her left hand that Kate does in every picture. I believe she is right handed so it makes that tic even odder to see at every recent outing.

        The Queen is a professional and doesn’t make weird grimaces at outings either. In short when the Queen is present, Kate looks like more of an amateur than usual.

        I should add that Anne wearing trousers was a reminder that Royal women can wear them for events. And she looked professional and relaxed.

        1. Nic919 just wanted to say I had a relative that was a medication for depression. She had no type of eye or hand unusual movements until she started the medication. This caused her to use her hands every time she talked. She would point her fingers scratch her head pull on her ear. She also had odd movements in her eyes when you were talking with her. She wouldn’t hold eye contact because of her eye movements. As we know there’s many medications that can cause side affects. Just something to think about.

          1. I was on depression medication and did not have those types of side effects. Different people respond differently to medication. Also, Kate’s done that “talking with her hands” thing since at least 2011. It’s just something she does – which many, many people do. I don’t think her “talking with her hands” is a sign of anything.

        2. Despite being right-handed, Kate very consciously brings her left hand into prominence because she wants to have the ring on show. She is excessively aware of the cameras at all times, plays to them, and wants the ring in frame. Perhaps it is some kind of validation for her as well as it being a symbol of having ‘won’ her prince/title/lifestyle.

  13. How many 90-year-old ladies can pull off a teal blue snakeskin dress?? I doff my chapeau, Your Majesty. I did wonder where Sophie and Ed were? Haven’t seen them lately.

    Everyone looks suitably professional, except you know who. Ghastly 1950’s tablecloth print, poorly made to boot (mismatched patterns at seams make me crazy), and The Big Hair. I thought it rather sad that everyone else looked relaxed, some with glass in hand, and there’s Kate clutching that purse like a life preserver on the Titanic.

    I actually forget the kids even exist…

  14. How long will it take for the “Harry is dating/having an affair with/marrying Ms. X from the GB Hockey Team”? Poor guy can’t even have a conversation with a female without the tabloids going nutso 🙁

  15. The queen looks nice. Harry always brings a lot of enthusiasm for any event.

    KM: ugh.

    That first photo of her says it all. Eyes strained beyond bulging into a scary maniacal glare. Mouth pursed. Jaw tense and jutting forward. At this point I can’t get beyond her crazy face to comment on her clothes.

    And why do all the guests’ quotes sound as canned as KM’s quotes? It seems like their PR makes up all this stuff.

    Too bad Eugenie cancelled or was pulled from attending the event.

  16. I am slightly annoyed that she made a Beulah dress out of McQueen fabric. Before that I think there was an Issa dress that looked quite similar. Her bespoke pieces are always less interesting versions of the designer’s original idea. This doesn’t look like McQueen at all and don’t understand the compromise on their part.

    1. LOL, YES. Preach!

      She shouldn’t even bother with McQueen. Truly. The dress is so much better as originally designed. The lack of long sleeves makes it work.

  17. Mmmm. I want to be interested. Want to dive right in and say some enthralling things about this event at Buckingham Palace, but for the life of me, I haven’t a clue as ato what to post.

    On a positive note, little Charlotte looked so happy, so darling on the pony. She was enjoying herself. Seems like she loves many animals. Ponies, bunnies, dogs. She’s quite darling and seems to me, she will be a wonderful force to be reckoned with — if not yet, then soon.

    I always seem to need to comment on Kate’s clothes Frankly, I do because there is little else to say. I didn’t like the dress. Too busy and too odd a shape for her.

    Yes, as others have said, little George is losing his position as a rowdy little boy and passing it on to his sister. She is now the spunky and fun-loving little girl. I think George’s shyness is being heightened by the angst of future King talk that bothers William about his own life. George is a cute little guy and he seems to be taking a back seat to Charlotte in some ways. Sad.

    George was probably interested in the fencing. Charlotte probably will like hockey. When people ask about the kids, I would just like more interesting comments. Those kids are keen about so many things. But, aren’t all kids that age?

    Harry? Thank goodness he was there. Not just for us to have a nice diversion from the other more mundane actions of W and K, but for the guests, too. He really is a breath of the freshest air.

    Yes, he’d be welcome in any female locker room. I’d re-think that comment, though, if I were the athlete who said it. It had quite a sexy little quality that if heard by HM could have caused the vapors. Sorry for a being a bit snarky. I guess Harry is so sexy, he brings out that vibe in all the women who are lucky enough to meet him! Rhiannon, your thoughts?

    1. He surely lit up the VIP room. He looks people in the eye and just has an easy personality. There are no airs or graces about him. would have a crush on him even if he weren’t a prince.

    2. M.E., stories of HM and Philip’s marriage show that HM wouldn’t be shocked by sexy things. To this day she and Philip share a bed, unless one of them has an early engagement the following day.

      1. Oh, notsosugar, I was trying to be funny. Guess, I bombed.
        Rhiannon, Harry is a gift! We all appreciate him so much. You were lucky to have the chance to meet him and he to meet you!

  18. I just watched the different videos posted and I can’t help myself but notice the differences in body language. While WK may look at the athletes you never get the feeling that the really pay attention or care, while the Queen does and also Harry is his natural self talking with them.
    Small talk is really a thing they should ge able to do, beside paying attention and caring..

    And yes, we all like different styles and clothes, but why a new dress and why this one!? Can’t she pick clothes we she can style and accessorise differently more easily?

    1. Kristin. agree. Just by comparing the demeanour of other people in the photos, you can see what a giant effort it is for W&K to interact at these events. The queen looks welcoming and warm. Harry is gentlemanly and charismatic. But W&K look like it’s terribly difficult for them to meet and greet.

    2. Kate is not interested in anyone. Small talk can be tricky, an easy way to solve would be to read briefings you are surely given and ask RELEVANT questions. Then you can converse and not stare awkwardly at each other. Isn’t HM famed for her ability to put people at their ease? Kate expects everybody to do that for her. She isn’t shy, just misanthropic.

  19. Anne has an official role in the Olympics. I think she was wearing an Olympic uniform.
    Jason Kenney and Laura Trott were still on their honeymoon so they could not attend

  20. I am glad that the athletes were acknowledged for their hard work by the BRF, but wonder why so many of the top athletes did not attend. Then there is Kate. I think she has absolutely no interests at all besides her husband, children and self and therefore has nothing to say. She is devoid of intellectual curiosity and just speaks in generalities. I do not see her evolving into a brilliant conversationalist any time in the future. It does not bother me at all that Kate keeps getting new clothes. I followed Diana very closely and Diana did very few dress repeats. I keep hoping that with each new dress Kate debuts, there will be some type of fashion transformation, but have not seen that happen yet. What bothers me is that what Kate selects is so darn unattractive, the poppies are more orange than red and she chooses that red clutch and red shoes. I do not like those earrings either, I think they are cheap looking. My last comment: how in the world does a bespoke dress not have the seams lined up properly? To me, this is shoddy workmanship.

    1. I’m starting to think for whatever the reason, they tweak the outfits after they get them. How many bespoke outfits does she have now that the workmanship seems poor?

        1. So does that mean she’s not going to fittings or not giving them her correct measurements?
          imo, if it’s bespoke, it should fit beautifully and not need to be tweaked. Look at Michello O, in her gown last night, beautiful and fit like a glove!

          1. It’s been known for several years that Kate no longer goes to fittings. She sends the designers her measurements. Clearly they are incorrect measurements.

          2. We know, as KMR says above, that she doesn’t go to fittings anymore, but I think she is having them taken in amateurishly after they’re made. It would explain the lack of the matchups in the fabric. Unless it’s truly impossible to match the fabric because of her alterations to the design. I agree with you — a bespoke piece should be absolutely perfect.

          3. I either blocked that from my memory or didn’t know.
            It’s a shame, I can only dream about a bespoke piece and it essentially defeats the purpose.

          4. Is it considered “bespoke” if it is only tailored after purchase? This dress looks like the designer just made a new dress, but others had modesty panels inserted, waist lines raised, sleeves altered, etc…and it looked like the alterations were made after purchase. Is there a difference? I would be upset if someone famous drastically altered my design, especially if they made it worse. But I guess Kate provides so much attention to the fashions she wears that the designers don’t mind. This just doesn’t look like a McQueen.

          5. I agree, JET, how is bespoke if the basic design is so badly tampered and the tailoring is so poor? How could any designer be happy with the butchering of their work? The short-waisted approach to Kate’s coats and dresses throws off the proportions badly and just looks odd, bit little girl. Kate really needs a professional stylist who can stand up to Kate (and probably Carole).

          6. Not going to her fittings seems to me to be another sign of laziness. I don’t think it is a thrilling experience to stand patiently and have clothing pinned on you. I don’t think it is the most scintillating experience. But, you learn so much about what works and what doesn’t when you watch a good seamstress adjust something to fit your body perfectly. Why wouldn’t she want to do that and have clothing that fits like a dream?

          7. She must have had a really traumatizing experience at a fitting (back when she was still going) to completely give that up. I just don’t understand when you are paying that much for clothes made to fit you and only you by a fantastically talented designer and team, that you wouldn’t make it a priority to attend fittings. We are all seeing the results, and it’s not good! Is it arrogance, laziness, fear of judgement, lack of fashion sense or complete unconcern(ie someone else will just look after that for me)? If it’s such a trial, she should just get a personal shopper and buy ready to wear

  21. What does the banz in the comment, “he’s big on the banz and banter” mean?
    From the context I’m assuming it’s something like joking?

    It seems from most of the pics that William and Kate circulated together. I know we don’t know how they spent most of the evening but it would’ve been nice to seem them mingle separately.

  22. I wish someone would teach Kate how to speak up a bit louder. My voice is like hers (soft, weak, and barely audible) and I don’t like it when people become low energy just to hear what she has to say. She needs to get a good voice coach ASAP.

  23. Usually I like floral prints, but I’m not crazy about this one. Nor about the fit and seaming; the dress seems to pull awkwardly in spots (shoulders, waistline), and once again, the dress looks short-waisted. On the model, the waist seam looks to me to be at the natural waist and on Kate a couple of inches above.

    I’m glad Charlotte is showing a love of animals, even large ones, at her tender years. I grew up afraid of animals and have never been able to overcome it. I think it’s great when people, child or adult, can relate to horses, dogs, you name it, as I can see the relationships add so much to their lives.

    It’s always a treat to watch Harry at his natural, charming best.

  24. Since we all know how much Kate loves HuffPost… saw this and thought of her. She does EVERYTHING in this article. It’s titled “15 Body Language Secrets Of Successful People”. It’s written more as a don’t do these things. The 15 things NOT to do are bolded and goes on to explain why. If you were to just glance through it, you’d only see the bad habits. I can picture Kate seeing the title and thinking “I should learn these 15 things”. Only she just skims to the bold points (what NOT to do) and she does it all.


    1. Very interesting! Though she can’t be accused of ever standing too close- she has perfected the illusion of being close when she is actually maintaining a very comfortable distance. The telescoping neck as the body slouches backwards. The bent in half lean in. The lean back laugh fest with exaggerated expression. What have I missed…?

  25. Kate’s dress was awful. I don’t know why she re-fashions designer dresses — and in such shoddy ways! She does need to study and practice making small talk that will make the people she meets feel comfortable and will allow them to remember meeting her with fondness.

    Looking at the photo of little Charlotte on the pony, I found myself reading body language. Kate is definitely smitten with her child! It’s nice to see a parent who truly is loving and enchanted by their little one. Frankly, I don’t remember seeing that from her with George when he was Charlotte’s age. And, I think that William is more at ease with George, but he shows affection for his daughter, too. I don’t mean this in a critical way. Just remembering what Kate looked like when with Charlotte in Canada, I can see that the little girl is the apple of her eye (to use one of my grandmother’s fave expressions).

    I do remember that there was that lovely photo of Kate smiling down at the little smiling George in her arms — was that the day of the christening? Somehow she lost that connection. I know she must love him dearly, but she often does appear a bit disinterested when around him. I hope this is not a cruel thing to say. Just what I am picking up.

    Have a good day, everyone.

    1. I suspect she’s as connected to her children as most mothers, but if she is feeling more distant from George, then it could be a natural extension of her not being interested in other people. When George was an infant at the christening, he was an extension of Kate. He was her purpose: socially, economically, and perhaps even emotionally. As a three-year-old, he’s becoming his own person. Kate would naturally find him more difficult to control, understand, and (if she’s as disinterested in other people as I suspect) connect to. On the other hand, a beloved child is the perfect vehicle for learning to love outside your own little self-bubble. He could be the making of her — emotionally, in a way that she didn’t expect.

  26. Ladies, I mean what the heck, that is one ugly dress. The fabric appears to have been decoupaged with cuts outs from paper napkins. This fabric looks like it will soon feature as shiny polyester in my local Walmart.I realize that McQueen was an amazing designer but the recent output has left me bored. Our duchess is acquiring a vast collection of fugly and peculiarly fitting clothes that I hope to see in a retrospective on a day when I need a great laugh. The sad truth is that there is nothing else to say about her; she is not suited to this job that she pursued for ten years.

    1. I have never been impressed with McQueen or Kate’s McQueen choices, beginning with her wedding gown, which to me was blah. There is just something inherently frumpy in McQueen, even in the original pieces before they are changed for Kate. Although, sometimes I think if a more dynamic person was wearing these outfits with some good strong accessories, the clothes would seem less stuffy.

  27. She’s leaning just enough and no more to shake hands with the paraolympian in the wheel chair. He looks as if he’s had to really reach out his hand and she’s condescended to accept absolutely zero emotional intelligence.

    1. Able bodies or not, Kate always stands at a distance from whomever she is interacting with. She holds out her hand for a handshake when there is such a distance that it looks like she’s straining to reach the person when the better thing to do would be to wait until she is closer to the person.

      Not only does she stand at a distance, she also leans away from them, but in order to be heard with that quiet voice of hers, she strains her neck forward which accentuates her hunched shoulders and front clasped hands.

      I bet she has upper body/neck aches at the end of each engagement.

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