Pippa ‘Don’t call me a socialite’ Middleton has given an interview to promote a new cookbook

Pippa ‘Don’t call me a socialite’ Middleton has given an interview to promote a new cookbook

The DM seems to be the go-to publication for royals and royal-adjacents when they want to write an article or give an interview. Last year, Camilla wrote a piece for the DM, Sophie recently wrote a piece for the DM (you can read my coverage of that here), and now Pippa Middleton has given an interview to and written a piece for the DM.

Before I get started, since people questioned why I covered Pippa’s engagement, I want to say I decided to cover this interview because she talks about her home life growing up, which also applies to Kate’s home life growing up. That’s the connection.

Pippa met with Andrew Pierce and Richard Kay (the one who previously called out William’s bad personality but has recently written cloying articles about the Middletons) in “a suite of a discreet hotel in the shadow of Kensington Palace” to give an interview about her life, but mostly she’s shilling a new cookbook, Heartfelt, she put together with the British Heart Foundation to raise money for the organization.

Some background: Pippa started writing the book a year ago, and some champion athletes contributed meal ideas, including Olympic triathlon medal-winning brothers Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, and tennis champion Roger Federer. All of the recipes in her book were vetted by the Heart Foundation’s dieticians and meet strict conditions, particularly when it comes to salt and sugar. Pippa was good friends with Miles Frost (son of Sir David Frost) who died of a heart attack at 31 in July 2015.

Some quotes from the interview:

    About the interest in her bum after the 2011 Royal Wedding + is that shade at Kate’s accent or Pippa’s: “‘I was surprised and still don’t understand it,’ she says in a voice surprisingly less plummy than that of her sister.”
    Dealing with “social media abuse and gossip”: “I have had a few years of being in the public eye and I have developed something of a thick skin. But managing it all on my own has been quite hard. I have quite a lot thrown at me, such as being followed by people hiding behind cars and jumping out with cameras. It can be unnerving. There’s always something cropping up and that has to be managed on my own. It’s been a real eye-opener for James. There have been quite a few hurdles to negotiate.”
    Dealing with the public scrutiny has affected her parents, Carole and Mike, as well: “I guess it’s become the new normal for us. It means there are factors we have to weigh up and think about, but we try not to let it affect us. I try not to be too sensitive about things because it’s just a bit of life I have to deal with. But I would be lying if I said it didn’t affect me.”
    Don’t call her a socialite: “People see me as someone privileged who has used my position to advantage; that I don’t really work, that I am a socialite – that word really irritates me – and that I’m a party girl without any substance.”
    On her failed party planning book, Celebrate: “I believed in it and I can’t blame anyone else, but maybe it might have been better if I had waited a bit longer before doing it.”
    On Miles Frost’s death: “The death of Miles was a shock. I always thought a heart condition was something which happens later in life, but Miles was very healthy, very active; he did lots of sports events, marathons, and tough muddies (endurance running over military-style obstacle courses). So it can happen to those in prime condition as well.”
    Encouraging a healthy lifestyle: “It’s not just a balanced diet that is important for a good heart health. Being physically active and maintaining a healthy weight will also reduce your risk of heart disease.”
    Pips tried out recipes on her family: “I also tried some of the dishes out on the family. They were very honest. So some of the recipes have been culled. They never made the book!”
    But Carole’s recipes didn’t make the cut: “What about her mother’s childhood recipes, have any of them made the book? Pippa pauses and says: ‘Er, none.’ Was she mortally offended? Pippa replies laughing: ‘No, not at all.'”
    The Middleton kids were forced to eat all the food on their plates or they couldn’t leave the table: “As children we didn’t have anything different, we always ate what our parents ate. My mother and father took the view, and I agree, that you don’t need to make different food for children. We had to eat everything on our plate and not be fussy about food. There were times when I would be sitting at the table after lunch or dinner, having not eaten something because I decided I didn’t like it and actually remaining there until I had eaten it. We had to stay at the table until we had eaten everything. There were no exceptions. And in the end I liked everything because I had to.”
    Carole did most of the cooking: “She wouldn’t spend hours in the kitchen because she was working, but it was always what I call proper stuff, home-cooked food and rarely any takeaways. Even from a very young age we had lots of traditional food like shepherd’s pie, liver and mash with an onion gravy, kidneys and even mussels. Good carbohydrate, protein and vegetables, really good for you and cheap as well. We had to eat the lot.”
    The challenge of cooking with low salt: “My regular use of ingredients like feta, anchovies and olives was ruled out because, though they add extra flavour, each introduces salt. Instead, I leaned more heavily on citrus and garlic, and spices that provide heat, such as chilli, and paprika.”
    Pippa wants to be “normal”, too! “I work very hard. I’m true to my values. I just try to live a normal life like many of my friends.”
    Her daily work: “She divides her time between writing a column for Waitrose Kitchens and occasional pieces for society glossy Vanity Fair. And working for a number of charities such as the British Heart Foundation, as well as the Mary Hare School for the deaf and Disability Snowsport UK. ‘People seem to think I must have lots of support helping me but I don’t, it’s just me.'”

[Daily Mail]

Say what you will about Pippa, but she is devoted to the British Heart Foundation. She’s given speeches in support of that organization, she’s done races in support of that organization, she’s done fashion collaborations in support of that organization, and she’s attended many functions in support of that organization. Pippa has done more for the British Heart Foundation than Kate has done for any of her charities.

I was going to let the “you don’t need to make different food for children” line go since I can see both sides to that argument. On the one hand, I totally get parents not wanting to cater to their kids and instead force them to eat whatever the parents cook. But on the other hand, I understand why parents would take their kids’ likes and dislikes into account when preparing their meals (to a certain extent). My mother’s mother forced her kids to eat whatever she cooked, but my cousin’s son hates tomatoes and always makes a separate, tomato-free plate whenever she cooks anything with tomatoes in it. Different people parent differently and that’s fine. No judgement.

But then I got to the “We had to eat everything on our plate” line and that I disagree with. I fully understand why my grandfather’s parents forced him and his sister to eat everything that was on their plates… because it was the Great Depression and food was expensive and scarce. For people in that type of situation, I get it, but when you have an abundance of food and your proportions are large, forcing people to eat everything on their plate isn’t necessarily healthy. My grandfather continued to eat everything that was on his plate for his entire life, but once times changed and the amount of food that was put on the plate increased, it became unhealthy and he became overweight.

I wonder if Kate is continuing that same sort of attitude toward food for her kids. Like, does she take into account George and Charlotte’s likes and dislikes when preparing their meals or do they have to eat whatever she decides to make them? And do they have to clean their plates or can they stop when they are full?

Pippa also wrote a piece for the DM, but it’s really just a preview for the book in that it’s recipes. You can read that piece here if you’d like.

The book is available on September 29. All proceeds go to the British Heart Foundation to fund future research.

The photos in this post, aside from the books cover, are of Pippa at various British Heart Foundation-related events over the past two years she’s been their Ambassador.


169 thoughts on “Pippa ‘Don’t call me a socialite’ Middleton has given an interview to promote a new cookbook

  1. Pippa’s written another book? Hmm, ok. I’ll make a judgement call when I read the book, but for now I’m pleased she has the meals checked by the British Heart Foundation.
    I think she does do more charity work than her sister, it wouldn’t be hard would it?
    I’m pleased she supports the Mary Hare School for the deaf and Disability Snowsport UK.
    I do cast a side eye at some of the “charity jollies” she gets up to, like climbing mountains in add of this and ski races in aid of that, aren’t these just vanity holidays?
    I do wish her well with this book especially if it raises funds for British Heart Foundation.

  2. The book is a great idea. I can’t really hate on Pipa, because I do think she means well and tries to give something back. But I’m side-eyeing her really hard for that comment about the media and her family trying to live a normal life. If they wanted to get away from the spotlight, nobody would care. Stop pretending you don’t like the attention.

    Regarding Kate, I imagine she relies heavily on her mother and nanny Maria when deciding what the kids will eat. As much as I try, I can’t really picture her organising G&C’s meals.

    1. I’m side eyeing Pips for the comment about the paps being everywhere and hiding behind whatever. It’s like, girl, you set up loads pap strolls over the years. Have a seat on that one.

        1. I will never forget the months after the wedding when Pippa was papped in a different coat every day. A different coat! Every day! And her comments of trying to live a normal life are to laugh. Normals don’t get thousands and thousands of dollars worth of free shit, and discounted cars and vacays. Thirsty as fuck.

          1. “….doth protest too much…”

            Side eye all the nonsense PR ho.. climbing middletons make. The public is very smart and on to the worst bolyn like of our time, to beleive carol waity pipsky boof has to say.

        1. And displaying the actual ring by changing handbag every day for a week after the engagement was announced. Fair do’s I don’t think she’s quite as hardfaced as her sister and I do think she’s got a bit more about her but the females in this family know exactly how to play the game.

        2. Exactly! Why make a big deal out of hiding that hand if you didn’t want the attention! That’s what peeved me.
          Nice try but we weren’t born yesterday.

    1. She refused all help with book one.

      This one appears to have been heavily vetted by the heart foundation which means less likely chance of inane content.

      1. Others have provided content, with the BHF doing the testing, so Pippa’s contribution is to have some role in the writing/editing? The BHF is clearly counting on Pippa’s name recognition to boost sales, with her picture even on the cover. I’d have thought contributors would have greater name recognition… It’s a good cause and I hope the book does well.

      2. On another note, how curious to refuse all help with something you’ve never done before. She certainly was poorly advised in that instance.

        1. I see it as the Middleton trait of refusing all help because they think they know better than the experts – see Kate for numerous examples.

          1. I worked for a celebrated U>S. chef who has two cookbooks out The recipes may have been her recipes, but the little blurbs surrounding them were ghost written. I think that is true with most acclaimed authors of any books. So, even if Pippa tested other people'[s recipes, I cannot believe she had “no help” putting this book together. Of course, I have not seen it, but I am skeptical.

            Also, there is a skill to writing recipes and people learn that skill and are often hired by publishers to help chefs put their ideas out there.

          2. When you say most acclaimed authors use ghost writers, do you mean a specific genre or what? Because if JK Rowling didn’t actually write Harry Potter, I think I’ll cry.

          3. KMR, I was referring to famous people penning non-fiction — especially memoirs, but often cookbooks, too. A ghost writer, with experience, comes in and finds the person’s voice and tells the story in a way that makes it seem as if the Celeb wrote the book him/.herself. Writing isn’t easy, after all, and a publisher is looking to sell books. Even if the person whom the book is about is famous, the story needs to be told effectively.

            Rest assured, I think JK Rowling is writing her own books.

          4. Ok, I just read the article that Pippa supposedly penned to promote her book. I truly think the article was written by someone else. Does anyone else agree?

          5. Jenny: i meant her much panned book ‘celebrate, not this one.

            It wasn’t a simple case of Pippa claiming to have written the book herself, but much pride in the fact that she had *refused* all help in writing it.

    2. SoOrry, Herazeus, I am still under the impression that she had help with book one. If she says she refused all help, I am not a believer. I agree that such a claim is surely a sign of arrogance. My first reply was not against anything you said.

  3. i feel bad for the middleton sisters, they buy expensive dresses but end up looking frumpy on them, pippa seriously looks like a 45 jobless mother of 4, despite all that money, they never ever look glamorous or elegant

    1. LOL! I find it remarkable what a giant clang they are in the sartorial department. Is it some Sloaney culture that forces her and her sis to dress in unsuitable outfits? Mind you, they seem to dress very much like their mother, so there’s that.

      1. There are many fashionable sloanes. These 2 are simply unique in their inability to be elegant and to look frumpy always. It’s remarkable given the time they devote to grooming and self presentation. All those shopping years and they haven’t picked up any tips or developed an eye for putting an outfit together even it means absorbing shop mannequins’ styles.

        1. What I find truly sad is that Kate was supposedly an accessories buyer for jigsaw. Girl has zero accessory game! Why would Jigsaw want that?!?!?

  4. Pippa sometimes annoys me, but her devotion to the BHF is great. She seems plucky, and like she means well, despite loving the attention and arranging it (she and her whole family’s good at that!). It’s interesting how devoted she is to the charity stuff she DOES do, whereas her sister does so little and doesn’t care.

    I dunno, I like Pippa despite knowing she’s a social climber. She seems a lot more likeable than Kate. Not one of those ‘Mean Girls’.

    1. She puts up a better, more sociable front. I can’t forget the gun debacle in France, and the Midd sisters’ meangirling of Roger Federer’s (?)wife at Wimbledon. She’s still a Wisteria sister, and an opportunist, without any observable skills or talents except self-promotion. I wonder if she’ll end up with a title when Willy hits the throne.

        1. Are you referring to Pippa and Kate laughing at Mirka’s post-baby weight, or something like that? I just remembering reading people referencing something like that, but don’t know exactly what happened. I did, watching this year’s Wimbledon, almost fall off my seat seeing Pippa go over and hug Mirka after one of Roger’s wins…never knew that they were that close. How on earth did the Middletons manage to weasel their way into a relationship with them?

  5. I believe in covering all aspects of Kate which includes family. I had read the daily mail news piece on sister Pippa. This book will do well due to the fact the proceeds are going for a good cause. Pippa needs to be proud of all her endeavors towards her causes. This is the path she has ultimately chosen since her sister married into royalty. I do wish Pippa well…she has matured a lot since that wedding day.

    It was interesting to learn an aspect of the family dynamics were growing up in the Middleton household. We in my family also had same upbringing in regards to food. I can’t agree totally since the foods I didn’t like growing up I still don’t like as an adult. And not eating entire portions should be an option. I would hope that William has a say since his food upbringing I don’t think was the same. It is an area we probably will never know until someone spills the scoop some day.

    1. I agree. Just because you’re forced to eat something growing up doesn’t mean you’re going to like it.

      1. That’s a very good point and made me picky when I had the choice. In fact, for many years I couldn’t face certain foods. This brought back memories of horrible meals where I was forced to finish everything. I vowed not to inflict that misery on my own children, and they seem ok. Pippa is a little disengenuous if she feels this book has been published on merit, whatever the intentions.

        1. Too bad the kids weren’t forced to get a job and work hard.

          Forcing children to eat everything? Sounds like a control/dominance thing and not very well thought out in terms of options for picky eaters. No one, including adults, likes everything.

          1. “Just try one spoonful,” is much different than forcing one’s kids to eat everything on the plate. Ugh, I feel ill just imagining forcing kids to shovel unappetizing food into their mouths.

            I’ve read that the more you force the child, the more trouble you will endure. Kids are pretty adept at winning such showdowns. They can usually find a way to outmaneuver a parent’s demand. When it comes to leaving the table prior to finishing everything on one’s plate, I am sure some kids have parents who let them go. Others? I think being so strict and “mean,” is not good parenting at all.

      2. Yeah, I am a picky eater as a grown woman because of this. My dad would literally force feed me. I associated eating with throwing up. So many textures and the like will still make me get queasy or worse.

        As a consequence I’m more laid back about food with my kid. He has to try whatever I put on his plate but I usually make sure there’s at least 1 or 2 things he loves.

    2. There is a royal chef on twitter and running a catering business who is forever spilling the beans as far as WH’s chilhood food eating habits and preferences. He cooked for the royal family for over 30yrs, firstly for HM then moved into Charles and Diana household and finally just Diana household.

      He has revealed that they all ate simple organic food, mostly traditional British recipes. By the sounds of it, primarily clean eating ie nothing truly exotic or spicey.


      1. He’s no sycophant either. He’s called William out many, many times on his Twitter feed. He’s very firmly in the Harry camp and he adored Diana. His cookbook is well work the money……all the Wales favourite recipes indispersed with really nice anecdotes like how he had to make Diana the low fat versions of family meals. A really nice book to have IMO. It’s no War & Peace but I would recommend it. Xx

    3. We had the two bite rule growing up. We had have at least two bites of everything (I guess to see if we would like it) and then we could have one item that was an absolute no. Brussels sprouts then and now! Your taste buds change with time so I can see not likening one thing when you’re younger but as an adult you do.
      KMR, my grandfather was the same as yours, growing up in the depression, I can see why you wouldn’t waste anything. He even ate the gristle! Bleh but I can still remember sitting at the table long after everyone had left trying to finish my meal, my mother would always take pity on me and say I could go.

  6. She says she been accused of not really working, but HAS she ever worked? Writing the occasional column is hardly a full time job, and she’s only done that in recent years. Has she ever had a real job, or does she take after her sister Waity in that regard?

    1. At the time of the wedding she worked as an event planner for a company called Table Talk. She was papped daily going to the office in the mornings (a different coat every day!!!) She quit to write her book.

    2. She also genuinely worked for PP. She wrote for the weekly newsletter and content on the site and was properly and publicly credited for her work.

      Pippa also worked at a local pub at some point, confirmed by the owner during an interview she gave to the times around 2010.

      At the time of the wedding, she was working part time at Table Talk, said to be 3 days a week, and at PP rest of the week.

      I’m more willing to believe Pippa’s work record because she is able to talk about her jobs properly, giving detailed descriptions.

      The biggest red flag about Kate’s supposed work record is actually from Pippa. During an interview for the Times in 2010(?), Pippa was asked about Kate’s work at PP. She fails to answer the question. Not because she refuses to answer the question, but because she tries several times to answer it and can’t come up with an answer.
      It wasn’t a trick question. The interview is very positive and chatty and leaves a good impression, except for that one point.

      1. I find the psychology of this family fascinating. Why do they insist on pursuing a public profile so voraciously? They’ve had their 15 minute of fame by association but want more without achieving anything except… existing.

        To effect the demure, genteel personas that Kate, Pippa and Carole are peddling I find utterly disingenuous. Let’s be clear, this is part of a long game strategy to leverage greater visibility and opportunities: for years they have paid a Daily Mail editor to manage their PR, have press on speed dial to ‘catch’ them unawares when they are about town or on holiday, and have courted as many people from influential sets as possible.

        Pippa doesn’t have a substantial work résumé, given she finished university some nine years ago. Socialite or not, the past decade has been pretty slim on paid work and heavy on connecting with the right people. Okay, she has done more than her vacuous sister, but that’s setting the bar ridiculously low.

        This, from 2010, and the story about the Middleton girls has not changed, nor the comments been tempered over six years:

        1. That’s because despite sending them to college and making their own way, they’ve seemed to live off their parents why they try and catch a rich man.
          I don’t know much about the brother and as ridiculous as it sounds to have your face on marshmallows at least he’s tried to have a legit business.

        1. I can only guess that thick-skinned as they are, the three women are not enjoying how they are perceived and are trying to shift the narrative.

  7. The thing with Pippa is if she doesn’t like being called a socialite then don’t act like one. Her whole life has been arranged for her to be a socialite and just find a wealthy husband. Even the bit about her daily ‘work’ isn’t really a job. I haven’t seen an article from her in Vanity Fair in forever. But she can do what she wants because only her parents pay for her life not tax payers. But she should be honest- she acts like a socialite.

    I also think the comment about the accent was throwing shade at Kate 🙂

    As for being forced to eat all the food on your plate, Americans tend to have larger portions than other countries. So i don’t think their proportions were as large as we are used to. Also, growing up we were told to only take as much as we could eat. Then if we took more than we could eat we were supposed to finish it. So it doesn’t really bother me her parents made them finish all their food. It teaches you to not be wasteful-at least that is what it is supposed to do.

          1. I know it’s not considered posh but I love Adele’s accent and that she’s not embarrassed about where she came from!
            Does kate talk with the fake accent at home? Do the kids understand her? Things I’d like to know!
            There’s nothing wrong with trying to better yourself but you still have to be you.

  8. Pippa loves attention but I actually like her. She at least held down a job and has done something after quitting work. And I applaud her for being confident enough to do a second book after being panned for the first ones.
    My parents had the same food philosophy but we made up our own plates so the sit-there-till-you-eat-it was good for teaching portion control. We weren’t forced to clean a plate when eating out.

    1. That is also very British boarding school behaviour…….you eat it all up unless you have a Dr’s note excusing specific foods. I’ve seen some real cruelty meted out by spiteful housemistress’s who’ve followed that to the letter. Enough to cause long term psychological issues around food. My parents also followed it…..you stay at the table until your plate is clear and every last piece is eaten. I learnt as a very early age how to swallow foods I couldn’t stand with copious glasses of water. Although it was well intended as a philosophy about fussy eaters and being grateful for what was on your plate. Knowing what I know now I would never ever force a child to deal with mealtimes like this. It’s side effects are far reaching and far from healthy.

  9. Having helped out at my cousin’s creche/nursery since i was a teen, i’ve realised that children are not particularly adventurous eaters and devolve easily into fussy eaters. You have to enforce meals, but not necessarily in a draconian way. Personally, i insist they try every new food at least once. And i do not overwhelm their plates with portion sizes or too many flavours. They have to be very clear why they do not like something before it’s removed from their menu. Not a tantrum inducing reason. children are surprisingly articulate which adults never really credit.

    It’s a slippery slope when you start to cook special meals for kids since at the end of the day they are tiny humans, not a different species. The only reason to prepare something different is where there are allergies otherwise you are simply making a rod for your back. The only thing you watch out for is the salt, spice content to make sure you don’t overload their food.

    Few children like tomatoes, but i always get around that by withdrawing tomato ketchup privileges. Ketchup they like. If they understand that it’s the same ingredient, they start to have positive associations. And we don’t trick the children into eating stuff they genuinely do not like because that will cause more trouble in the long run.

    1. I’m a vegetarian and my family still lives in OK which is a very meat oriented state and where iceburg lettuce is salad of choice. I got my niece to try edamame with me and that’s our thing now. We nosh on edamame and red peppers for a snack. she’s not into my “weeds” lettuce but there is still time. My sister’s not really into those but she buys them for her now, even when I’m not around. Sometimes it’s just about exposing them to different things.

      1. Exactly.

        I’m a natural vegan whose parents tried to enforce meat and meat products so i understand why it’s important not to force foods, however, trying different things is a good way to introduce them to a variety of foods.

        Not just the foods, but different ways of cooking and even involving the kids in food preparation will increase chances of them eating the end result.

        That said, as a natural vegan, food preparation of mest didn’t work for me. I couldn’t get round the fact that i was eating things that had been alive moments before and the blood made me naseous. The smell worse. It still affects me today.

        …but i will happily eat any vegetable placed infront of me, even sprouts. Always have done.

          1. Me too….You can’t beat them overcooked and all mushy with a hint of seasoning. I could eat them by the bowl full but with some turkey, roast potatoes and cranberry sauce I’m pretty close to my ‘Death Row’ final meal.

          2. Do you all cut a cross in the base of each sprout? I was taught this by my grandmother, don’t know what it is supposed to do.

        1. I recently discovered some locally-grown purple brussel sprouts; they are small, bite-sized numbers have a sweeter taste than other varieties. I steam them till just tender then toss in fresh herbs and a little butter (optional) and serve with protein of choice. For meat eaters, shred sprouts and sauté in butter along with garlic and bacon. Yum.

          1. I’m salivating. I love 27th December when you can make Bubble & Squeak using all your Christmas leftovers which is predominantly sprouts based.

          2. Bubble and squeak is a traditional English dish made with the shallow-fried leftover vegetables from a roast dinner. The main ingredients are potato and cabbage, but carrots, peas, Brussels sprouts, or any other leftover vegetables can be added.
            Yum Yum……it’s real nursery food and tastes amazing with lashings of ketchup and seasoning.

          3. Mrs BBV, I have made it before using a recipe from Nigella (love curling up and going through her cookbooks!) and loved it

  10. “The DM seems to be the go-to publication for royals and royal-adjacents when they want to write an article or give an interview.” Yes, and this explains why Kate did not complain to the DM about George’s photos on the motobike with the police officers. Pippa is an attention seeker like all Middletons, and the DM really is disgusting. The articles on DM about some royals (specially Kate) are so flattering that I’m sick and jump straight to the comments.

    1. Yes Jamel, I too read the comments on DM regarding any of their article, esp the Royal ones. Its wierd though. sometimes the moderators allow for negative comments towards WK/KM and other times I only see sugary and fawning comments about them. For example, the recent article comparing KM to Sophie Trudeau, a lot of the comments were negative towards Sophie (a far more professionally accomplished woman with a jubilant personality) and made some nasty comments about her weight, compared to Kate and calling her a “classic beauty”, ” thoroughbred racing horse”, etc. What gives? Did the Midds pay the DM something?

      1. I think they do. They have people to comment right when the article comes out and make sure the green arrows are ridiculously high so they stay the most popular. Most the comments regarding Kate and the Midds have very negative comments since most the public sees through them. But occasionally the comments are ultra sugary and praising of them-that is when you know the commenters aren’t real people. I don’t know if it’s the staff at DM or someone on the outside, but they are definitely being paid to help with their image.

        1. She’s amazing. I wish we could get her here and get to know her better. I’ve had a few chats with her within the confines of the comments section of the DM. She would be a fabulous addition to our team here.

  11. I struggle with Pippa. On one hand, I respect her work. She’s done way more fir her charities than her sister. She also has good follow through. I was impressed that all proceeds go to her charity.

    On the other, I think her family have been courting the press since Kate’s relationship was made known. Let’s be honest, if Kate never met William, would Pippa write for Vanity Fair? Would she be covered as she does her jaunts? Probably not. And that picture of her and Eugenie make me cringe because she totally shaded Eugenie years ago. There are so many things I could say about her soundbites in relation to her sister, but I won’t.

    I am on the fence with her and I have a hard time with it. But, given the same circumstances I would like to think that I wouldn’t be out there like she is. But I don’t know if that’s honest of me to say I wouldn’t.

    Thanks for this round up, KMR. I will give Pippa credit for this cause.

      1. Thanks, Candice! I can be a bit snarky too 🙂 I do want to give Pippa the benefit of the doubt. The one thing I can say is that she does work for her charity. I would never take that away from her.

    1. The family dynamic is one of social ambition but is strangely ambivalent to actual work as we understand it. It’s all about what the Middleton’s can cadge from others rather than what they earn from personal effort themselves, other than social climbing.

      I think Pippa is an opportunist for sure, but understand why she lapped up the offers for books, TV and so on. Her problem was that she lacked (a) the requisite work experience and ability to make it all work, and (b) an advisor offering sound guidance on how to manage opportunities.

      Wasn’t it William who was said to advise her to get stuck into charitable causes in order to clean up her profile? It seems to have worked. That said, she has put sustained effort into the BHF.

      1. Yes, I appreciate her dedication to the BHF. I don’t see that as fake or forced like I see Kate’s psuedo charity work. Pippa seems to really want to do good with that, so I can commend her for it despite disliking her social climbing ways. I think she does it for the attention, sure, she likes that, but she’s really been dedicated to the BHF for a few years and I think that shows some real interest/compassion on her part versus it just being motivated by maintaining her public profile.

    2. I think Kate’s behaviour has lowered the bar substantially regarding charity work and Pippa is the beneficiary. IMO, Pippa does it for the cachet and exposure and most of the time for fun and exotic travel. I also doubt that she cooks much.

      1. ” IMO, Pippa does it for the cachet and exposure and most of the time for fun and exotic travel.”

        Yes. I’m weary of the Middleton’s hunger to be constantly in the public eye. Now, it seems, they want to be liked, in this instance by changing Pippa’s narrative to devoted charity worker, and everyday writer on her bicycle.

    3. I’m with you on the fence Rhiannon. I can honestly say if the opportunities came my way as they have for Pippa, I’d jump on them in a New York minute. I mean, what is so noble about saying “no” to one’s dream job or paying full price for a vehicle when you’re offered a discount? I think however, the need for balance and integrity must come into play as well. And of course, by being mindful of the opportunities granted one must also find a way to give back, to be of service to others. In many ways I think Pippa has a good handle on the opportunities that have come her way and does try to balance them with charity work and raising awareness of various causes.

      1. I also am intrigued to learn about Kate’s background from Pippa. Goodness knows we know more about Kate through her sister versus herself.

      2. Instant fame due to proximity to royalty is one thing, but parlaying it into an ongoing career is another. You really have to be candid with yourself and your abilities, and have a fantastic advisor to steer you in the right direction. Pippa’s problem: wanting fame and money, but not being up to par because she lacked solid work experience and/or ability.

        Not sure if car dealers came to the Middleton’s or vice versa?

        The Middleton’s do not have a family history of service to others. The cynic in me says that charity work is a way to garner acceptance in upper class circles as well as keep in the public eye. However, I’m sure Pippa gets stuck in with her events (unlike her sister) and the charity gets something positive from her involvement.

  12. She comes across as much more together in every way than her sister – can you see Kate capable of that interview ? But then she was always the higher achiever – and all in all will have the better marriage I suspect

  13. The Middleton I’d really like to know about is Carole. It’s interesting to me that she raised three children who don’t really do anything. She obviously understood hard work herself, but her one ambition for her children was to climb the social ladder. Their idea seems to be a life of money and privilege and not much effort after that life is secured. Didn’t she want her children to be useful, fufilled people? Her whole life seems obsessed with her ideas about social class, which seem so limited and stuck in the mid-Twentieth Century.

    1. Yeah, she’s one crazy woman. You’re right about her being stuck in the mid-20th century, at least with regard to what her daughters should be.

      Could our British posters enlighten me? How do the children of aristocrats in the 21st century live? I’d prefer to move past stereotypes.

      1. Not at all like the Middleton girls.

        These two are a throwback to a time that last existed pre-feminism.

        Most aristocrats are raised with a sense of noblisse oblige and a willingness to work even if it is pretend work at some non mcjob before bagging their man and retiring to the country.

        And when they retire to the country, they become involved in their community, unlike Kate or Carole.

        Rarely do they openly sit at home and or husband hunt in such an indiscreet manner as the middleton girls.

        Look at Kitty Spencer!!

        1. Carole Midfleton might as well gave just hung ‘For Sale’ signs around both girls necks, so blatant has her pursuit of seeing them with the right husbands. I can’t really place her class wise with this particular behaviour……nouveau riche maybe but definitely not aristo or middle class. Normally she’s very middle class but British middle classes don’t much care for pushy parenting and the upperclass openly frown on it.

  14. I am in Rhiannon’s corner on what to think of Pippa. I do think she has cultivated the socialite role and so why is she offended by it? But, unlike her sister, she does work for several causes that she finds interesting. Or, so it seems. I give her credit for getting out there, but like Rhiannon, I wonder if Pippa has the talent or ability to land such high profile gigs without her relationship to Kate and Kate’s to William. It’s odd. But, she does more than her brother, doesn’t she?

    I am also wondering how much of this new book is actually penned by her. Surely, there are anecdotes related to the recipes, so someone with aplomb and experience doing so, wrote them It’s Pippa’s high profile name on the book and if it helps the Heart Association, so be it, but I truly wonder if she worked that hard on it.

    1. I’m unsure why ‘socialite’ is so offensive either since she has aspired to mixing in that set for at least the past 20 years of her life. Perhaps she is trying to change her ‘brand’ image?

      I think the answer to landing high profile gigs on merit is most definitely ‘no’; the offers came with her relationship to K+W. Sadly for Pippa, she didn’t have years of solid work experience behind her to run with those offers, nor took guidance from more experienced people. We see the problem with not working real jobs played out again in both sisters: spending their twenties schmoozing the wealthy and titled instead of building independence and a career. In their 30’s, neither can really cut it.

      The book seems to be stocked with celebrity recipes and any anecdotes would surely be theirs. I’d think there would be a strong, experienced editorial hand to guide and shape Pippa’s contribution. I’m surprised Pippa’s first book didn’t have a stronger editorial hand at work.

      1. It seems very odd that the publisher didn’t insist on a greater steer given her lack of literary experience. Maybe they were so desperate to sign her given the frenzy about her at the time that they accepted any terms?

        1. I wonder why more experienced editors were not involved to weed out the silly stuff and shape it into something decent. That’s standard in every book project. Pippa, as a first-time author, apparently refused all help – refer Herazeus’s comment elsewhere in this post – but still, she should have been directed to work with other professionals. I doubt the publisher of this new book will make the same mistake. And hopefully Pippa has learned some humility as well as understand her limitations.

          1. For anyone who has ever been published, please realize that no matter who you are, I truly don’t believe you can refuse help. It just is not done. The publisher of Pippa’s first book may have wanted her voice to shine through, but there are certain criteria for all books that need to be met and if Pippa didn’t meet them, then someone did. Perhaps, a great deal was not done to make the book better because the publishers felt her name on the cover was enough. Still, if she never wrote anything before, I find it very hard to believe that she did the book entirely on her own. What are editors for, anyway?

          2. Agreed. I recently completed writing a chapter (for a textbook) and there were any number of hoops to jump through, and to deadline, over the past year apart from the writing, such as peer reviewing, proofing, through to having editors work their magic etc etc.

            I can’t see Pippa, with no publications to her name, having the clout to refuse all help. That said, whoever was in charge of her book from the publisher’s side did a poor job.

          3. Congrats to you, Jen, on your work on a text book. What was the subject matter, if I may ask.

            Even Pippa’s work on the American program, TODAY, was monitored by her producer. She just didn’t waltz in there and say whatever she wanted to say. There were parameters for her assignments.

            Selling the public the idea that someone with absolutely little or no experience as a writer doing a book on their own is just insulting to those people who make their living as writers. Pippa may think she can write, but as I previously stated, there are reasons why editors exist. And, yes, Jen, the editors could have done a better job with her book.

          4. Have you read her vf articles?!? There terrible! I have a subscription but I haven’t seen one in while so didn’t realize she still did them. I just skipped them after reading the 1st two. My question is she just in th US version or I. All of them.
            I almost canceled. I thought better of them. I did cancel my vogue subscription after Anna wintour lost all credibility with me for putting the kardshians on the cover. Yuck

          5. Mary Elizabeth, the subject of the text book is transdisciplinary research in sustainability. It’s a mouthful. Frankly, I appreciated any critique given because it helps make the work stronger one way or another.

            The editors for Pippa’s first book were M.I.A. It could have been a fun book, typically English and eccentric with the right touch. Who knows what went on… I used to subscribe to Vanity Fair. Pippa was well out of her depth there. I don’t think she’s written anything for them for well over a year now.

          6. Jen, I am impressed! I’m afraid I would be in way over my head! What you are writting is so essential at this time All the best!

            I think Pippa was way over her head, too. In her writing, that is. I’m sure she is learning from her experiences, though. Kate, on the other hand, never seems to learn much from her experiences.

          7. Thanks, Mary Elizabeth. I hope Pippa values the opportunities she’s getting; the columns, book deals all come because of her royal connection and family PR efforts. It’s up to her to make them work and learn as much as she can, including humility.

      2. But…she is a socialite, at least according to the Oxford Dictionary.

        ”A person who is well known in fashionable society and is fond of social activities and entertainment.”

        So what part of that definition does not fit?

        1. It all fits. Pippa simply wants to re-brand herself. She has been nothing but a socialite and party girl over the past decade. I thought Pips might disappear after her marriage but that doesn’t appear to be the case. She clearly has something else in mind.

          1. Benevolent filthy rich philanthropist? She will be in high in demand in high society. Really just another tier on the socialite cake platter, but one more acceptable than the “good time partygal who’s sister married in big” level. Understandable. Her future husband’s money will secure her access to no longer having to rely on Kate’s position for the perks that come her way.

  15. As you say, a different coat every day makes her complaints about the press seem disingenuous at best. However, she does have an English degree from a good university. She did have experience writing the PP newsletter before she wrote Celebrations, and since then has been consistently writing. I’m inclined to believe that she’s written everything attached to her name for this new book. Writing as charity work is actually a really good move for her: people will feel more comfortable praising her writing if they know that she isn’t directly benefitting. Celebrations had it’s well-celebrated problems, but it had a lot that wasn’t so bad about it, too, and I think people just didn’t like that she got so much so quickly on the back of her brother-in-law’s family. I’m rooting for her. And if she enjoys her pap strolls so much that she treats us to another parade of outerwear, I’ll enjoy it — it’s good gossip.

    1. Yeah, I want more details about that, too. All I can think is that maybe he read a bunch of the comments where people were insulting him — his looks, his parents, his brother, and his choice of bride. I’m sure he knew about her press, but he hadn’t anticipated getting sucked into it — he has been largely untouched by his brother’s.

    2. That blip made me laugh too
      I think the DM had an article recently about him posing in his undies with a topless model for a store. I didn’t read the article, just saw the blip as a scrolled down and had a good laugh that this was going to be a close relative to the middle tons!! Hahaha

  16. “The reality, she says, is different. she won a sports scholarship to secondary school, Marlborough College and studied English Literature at Edinburgh University.”

    She is 33. So her last two major accomplishments came at the ages of 23 and 12.

    1. Sure, but most English degree holders toil in obscurity for decades, if not for the rest of their lives. She’s just saying that she’s not entirely incapable of providing for herself. I agree. I suspect that had she no element of fame in her life, she’d have a job of some sort and would be able to support herself. I think her sister, however, would still be getting funds from Mummy and Daddy.

      1. She has never provided for herself and especially her lifestyle. Every step of the way, Mummy and Daddy were supporting her. An element of fame is a sorry excuse, really, for not taking care of yourself. The Midd kids have been pampered all their lives and it shows glaringly in their lack of work ethic.

        1. She created a company, PMX or something, as a way to offset her spending with her earning for tax purposes. Those are public records. Last year she declared the smallest amount yet — and it was over 60,000 pounds. She does live off her parents, especially for housing, but she is capable of providing for herself (but she’d likely share a cheaper flat with friends). Perhaps she could do more, but she does do something

          1. I’m sorry, not trying to be harsh. Pippa’s not worthless, and she tries, and she likes to work hard at talking about working hard. This sums up my feelings:

            So by this stage in her storied adventures, you may have identified the central agony: namely, that Pippa could do practically any other job without media criticism that she was milking her connections – but the one vocation she seems to have absolutely set her heart on is a career in the media milking her connections. It really is the cruellest of ironies.


        2. I remember PM had interview on the Today Show on one of her visits to New York. When she said she had no idea the royal wedding was going to be a huge as it was. She was surprised the day of the wedding. That she was expecting a family wedding. Now folks that was one lie she didn’t need to tell. I was st my home in Tennessee and knew it wasn’t going to be a ” family wedding!”
          Does PM really think we are all that stupid. Carol has done everything she can to make sure Kate married a prince so she (CM) could rub her elbows with the royal family. I do believe the Queen knows all of Carols motives and how she worked her way into the R family. The Queen is a very smart lady. But she just goes along to pamper William. I just bet Carol has the photo of her riding with the Queen driving her around this past weekend framed and put where everyone that comes into her home can’t miss seeing it.

          1. That “family wedding” line is something the Middletons have peddled for years. Both Pippa and James have both said repeatedly how the wedding felt like such a “family wedding” even though it was a giant televised royal wedding in Westminster Abbey.

      2. “Toil in obscurity” ie, get a job that pays the bills?

        All 3 Middletons were gifted incredible educations. Neither one of the 3 has a career. I don’t think that’s your typical Edinburgh/St. Andrews graduate’s performance.

        1. Ha-Ha. Yes, Pippa could sell space to send people into space via a failed space program. And yes, a basic 8-5 type job making use of her degree was what I meant. She could have … except.

          I remember reading something about brother James, how he feels the need to become an entrepreneur like the other young men of his class (or of the class his parents aspire to). It’s simply not enough to get a job. Even though James, as a freshman dropout, wouldn’t qualify for much anyway.

          Pippa probably thought she was too good for the grunt-level of work available to most recent Lit grads (except for PP newsletter) so she focused on party planning. So when the fame thing struck, writing a party planning book probably seemed like a good idea. She didn’t have the humility to ask for or accept much needed help. Maybe she always wanted to write a book. I imagine it’s pretty common among Lit people. But the Today show thing was just using fame to chase fame and she was rightfully denied.

          Professionally speaking, I think she’s in a better place for this book. I hope it does well and raises a lot of money for the charity.

          1. I just don’t know what to think of the Middletons. I understand wanting better for your kids, but it seems the Middletons (probably Carole) focused all their efforts on teaching their kids to socialize and make connections rather than get a job and start a career. None of their kids have any kind of work ethic or even interests that can be parlayed into a pseudo career. I guess I’m happy that Pippa is doing work for a charity, even if I am suspicious of the reasons why she is doing it (clean up her image/stay in the public eye). Although overall this is a good thing she is doing, it has a whiff of Middleton media schmoozing lingering about it….

          2. “Pippa probably thought she was too good for the grunt-level of work available to most recent Lit grads (except for PP newsletter) ”

            Maybe she just enjoys parties in general and that’s why she got a job as a party planner and started the party pieces newsletter. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. A lot of people study 1 thing that they enjoy but do not want/cannot have a career in.

            But yes she has tried to chase fame and it backfired. I think the books and writing assignments would have gone better had she tried to get more experience first and therefore give a level of depth and credibility. And she should not have put herself out there so fast.

  17. Hello:)
    I see it like Fifi. What would be really interesting is how Carole Middleton thinks, in general. If I could afford such privileged life style and a great university I would try to make something greater out of it. So many intelligent people can’t afford it but would it use for scientific research. Become a medicin, something like this. That’s what I find a littlebit disappointing. They have such great oppurtunities and don’t use them.But she’s nevertheless surely a nice person:)
    I hope you can understand me, I’m not from an English-speaking country.

    1. Well, I understand you and you are yet another person for whom English is a second language. I totally admire bilingual, and you make more sense and are easier to understand than the ‘posh’ Kate. I can’t stomach any of the Middletons, especially the puppeteer so you’re far more generous than I 🙂 I don’t appreciate their thinking that we buy what they try to sell, and haven’t the intelligence to see right thru them. ‘Family wedding’? That’s just plain ridiculous.

      1. You’re right and although English is not my mother tongue, I can hear that Kate and I think Pippa too speak a, how could I say, a high educated English? They pronounce the words really clearly and I don’t have anything against it. But I can understand if others think it sounds all high and mighty. What I don’t really like is selling and making money without thinking about the meaning of it. I’m a really environment-conscious person and I’m always disappointed if someone just sells something to simply earn money without thinking about the use, if the people really need the things like paper plates with pink unicorns on it.

  18. I hope the book is successful and makes piles of money for the BHF. In spite of what I think personally about Pippa, I admire her work for the charity.

    Speaking of royal siblings, I did take issue with the article in the DM dissing Sophie Wessex’s brother for becoming a funeral director after getting into debt running a pub. Of course they had to mention that Sophie had to fold her PR company after she and Edward married and that her father was a tyre salesman. Why do they need to be so nasty toward the Wessexes? Ugh – I wouldn’t even use the DM as bird cage liner. I love my bird too much to subject her to that drivel.

    Stooping to a new low there, DM?

    1. I thought the “grave turn” pun was cute, because he’s now an undertaker who puts people in graves. It’s funny in a sad trombone way. I can see why the article may come off as a diss, but I didn’t think the article that was bad. And mentioning Sophie’s failed business and that her father was a tire salesman… those are facts. It’s not glowing press, but facts are facts.

    2. I agree, Szolo. Sophie’s family has not courted the public nor tried to benefit financially from association so why report her brother’s business? It’s an honest job, as was the job of Sophie’s father. What’s to sneer about? A lot of businesses fail for all sorts of reasons.

      The Middleton’s – the DM’s family of choice, or rather, their client? – have squeezed every inch out of their association with royalty and won’t let go. They are pushy, manipulative people who feel they deserve the spotlight based on… what exactly? When Pippa bleats on about ‘family weddings’, cookbooks, how hard it is to be in the public eye and how surprising it’s all been, I recall ‘The Little Boy who Cried Wolf’. My eyes roll, and my heart hardens.

    3. Only the DM would mock someone for making an honest living. I’m always shocked when I’m watching CNN or MSNBC and they have a DM reporter on! I don’t consider them legit news, with headlines like “suns out buns out” and trivializing women to just body part i.e. Pert derrières, fashionable pins. I’m sure I’m missing some others.

      1. The only reason I like the DM is because they have more photos in their articles than other outlets.

        1. I now just peruse their headlines. Like some of the other peeps have posted, I too used to just read the comments. They also usually cover other royals but they once stated maxima was wearing silver earrings when they were diamonds and pearls! Now, it’s just too much and as I said, find it weird when mainstream news media tries to make one of their reporters legit!
          Plus, you cover them for me so i don’t feel like I have to lower my reading standards now =)

      2. The mailonline is a different entity from the print edition and the sunday editions. All three teams have different editorial teams and focus.

        The other editions look like the ‘rightminds’, ‘news’, ‘sports’, ‘travel’ etc editions of the mailonline. Every thursday, there is also a pullout section called ‘femail’ which is primarily fashion, interiors and make up.

        The mailonline is a different animal from the other two editions. For a start it’s run by tabloid journalists curated from Murdoch’s papers. It’s targetted in the same way. It’s taken the gutter journalism maxim of murdoch’s papers to new heights.

        Murdoch’s papers are notorious for their salacious content. The page 3 girls ( topless female on page 3 of the sun, mirror, news of the world), scantily clad pictorials of celebrities and pandering to the (barely legal) base instincts of their readers. Keep it simple, keep it moving and keep updating.

        Piers Morgan is the editor of the US operations. He was the editor of the Mirror newspaper for over a decade, and it shows in the content of the website.

        The paper also uses a Huffpo tactic of curating stories from other papers, social media, tv etc except that they are celeb focused, so you find stories sourced from tmz, the enquirer, us weekly, and many other tabloids.

        Then there are the click baity, clearly trolling articles.

        They pay good money for good pictures and content and the website is very cleverly designed to have lots of different items on the front page that appeal to a broad spectrum of people of the middle class. They walk a very careful line never to appear unappealing to yhe middle classs ie not completely gutter journalism, not too intellectual or uppr class snobbery, but aspirational. All presented in an appealing, non threatening way and language even when the articles and pictures are offending.

        It’s a winning combinations.

  19. I usually go straight to the comments as well, but I read enough of this hogwash (I’m so ashamed) to sicken myself. My take on it, the whole article is summed up in my comment on it: what a load of crap!!

  20. Here’s the part I find interesting “A date has still not been set for next year’s nuptials, but the presence of William and Kate will surely make it the wedding of the year – unless the couple are upstaged by Prince Harry or Princess Eugenie beating them to the altar.”

    I know that Princess Eugenie invited her boyfriend to Balmoral and there are lots of marriage rumors, but what did the author mean by bring Harry into this sentence? Is Harry dating someone secretly? Or are they just trying to start rumors? I feel like they made a dig by saying that Pippa’s accent is less “plummy” than Kate’s, so maybe they are trying to tell us something about Harry with this sentence?

    Beyond that, it would be very difficult for the British Royal family to complain about anything that the Daily Mail say or do from now on since they seem to be buddies now. I thought that Harry made a complaint against the Daily Mail starting rumors about him dating Pippa? Didn’t someone sue the Daily Mail at some point? Or was that another newspaper?

    This is all very strange, IMO. But yeah, at least Pippa is doing something for charity. Considering how sporty Kate claims to be I would like to see her do something like biking the way Sophie is for charity or even a little marathon like Pippa. Beatrice did a run for charity, too. Pippa has done more for the BHF than Kate has done for her charities in 5 years of being royal.

    1. I don’t think there was much to the Harry name dropping. Other than to say that a Harry wedding would upstage Pippa’s wedding.

    2. I found that sentence about the date not being set interesting also, Cookie. Doesn’t the Royal Family plan their schedules very far in advance? I know with C+C, they schedule themselves a year in advance, etc. With the pathetic workload W+K manage, maybe it wouldn’t be so difficult to work the wedding in without so much advance notice; but that implies they will not pick up their workload at all in the next year. It also makes me doubt many if any other Royals will attend.

    3. The media constantly likes to bring up Harry being single. He’s 32, alone, no job, no wife, blah blah, poor Harry, he is so miserable and lazy unlike his amazing brother…

      I think that’s all it is.

    4. Do the Queen et al attend weddings other than those of family and close friends? Pippa and James Matthews don’t have personal relationships with the core royal family (other than with Kate and William) so it’s overreach to push that barrow, if they intend to do so. I’d hope they’d set the date that suits them and their two families, invite their friends and be happy with that.

  21. Pippa has more spunk to her than Kate.Pippa has been highlighting her charities so much I know her charities.If you ask me what are Kate charities*blank stare*.I think this book will do better.Pippa strikes me as her own woman,whereas Kate is whoever Carole&william says she is.

  22. Kate referenced working as a waitress. When was that?
    I think Pippa, is making more of an effort and her involvement with the British Heart Foundation is admirable. Pippa may still be a party girl but at least she is working and definitely has more confidence, and a work ethic.

    As for children being force fed food. That does sound controlling and also can lead to problems. I like eating food with copious amounts of water. I think Kate is a fussy eater as she refuses food and the time she nibbled a brownie. Must have been to please William. Carole worked so they had simple meals? Maybe they didn’t eat together if that was the case.

    1. I think Kate worked on a yacht as a waitress a long time ago. There were some stories. I would **never ever** insist that anyone clean their plate, that’s a weight problem waiting to happen in my opinion. I’m thinking that this is Pippa’s attempt to go all ‘just like everyone else’s but we’re really better’. The reason I’m so adamant on the eat only what you feel is right is because I have suffered from bulimia and anorexia, and have been obese. I no longer own a bathroom scale. I do, however, understand the depression mentality and these people are given a pass from me. (my fil was so afraid of poverty that he wouldn’t even turn his hearing aid on lest he waste battery power, and he saved everything).
      I don’t understand the social climbing or the reasons behind it, but Carole has apparently decided that she and her ‘fam’ have to be aristos. Why that is, I have no clue at all, but she certainly shouldn’t be ashamed of her background (if she is) and she did work as an airline stewardess which is a perfectly respectable and in my opinion difficult job. Any job is good as far as I’m concerned, so I don’t get why she insists on robbing her children of the satisfaction and fulfillment being on their own brings. Seems an empty and pointless life having everything handed to you, but maybe that’s just me. There is absolutely no way on earth that I’m believing that Pippa doesn’t relish every single solitary moment of being a ‘royal in law’. If she didn’t she could have disappeared after the ‘family’ (get real) wedding and out of the spotlight.

      1. Kate worked as a deckhand on a yacht one summer:

        I take your point about ‘robbing her children of the satisfaction and fulfillment being on their own brings.’ That approach seems to have left all three kids floundering in the adult world, and despite consistently being referred to as ‘young’ in their mid-30’s, they are outflanked by people a decade younger who are simply more capable. Having no solid work experience in their 20’s does show now they are in their 30’s. Still, it was not all Carole’s choice; all three kids bought into the dream too.

        1. Very true Jen, these kids could have cut loose from their suffocating avaricious and in my opinion very controlling mother. I blame Carole to a larger degree than the kids but for sure you’re correct in that they’re floundering about not really having accomplished anything on their own, stalking and trapping a man doesn’t count, Pippa’s bouncing about from this to that and not acknowledging her zeal in being a ‘royal’ in law is belied by her being all over the news whenever she gets a chance. Granted, she does charity work, but so do a whole lot of other people, (and they aren’t preenng all over the media) and she has never had a job. James and his marshmallow endeavors are ridiculous and he has financing for his game from somewhere. I wonder if ma will buy a huge billboard to display the picture of her and the queen riding about Balmoral. To me, Carole is a very twisted and vile woman, just seeing what she encouraged her kids to do, or not do, and that picture of Billy as a background on her cell makes me queasy.
          No matter the fake smile I really think that in a lot of ways Kate knows full well that she is not liked, let alone adored, and that she is very very uncomfortable around women of substance who actually think for themselves and don’t grovel at anyone’s feet. There simply can’t be a whole lot of satisfaction in wearing horribly over priced clothing, and just wandering about smiling and waving, not to mention knowing that she chased a dream duke who turned out to be a dud.
          Now Pippa has a huge ring, and a wedding planned to an extremely wealthy man, does she love him? Or is her motivation a step or two up the social ladder. I wonder how he feels and thinks of what’s been said about him, and does he question Pippa’s motives?

          1. I came across a clutch of archived press articles pre- and post-2007 WK breakup:

            It’s a reminder of what was being written at the time about the Middleton girls. Their lives were all about tapping the wealthy and connected to secure a future of money and power. Both came across as particularly driven, Pippa no less so than Kate (and actually more tenacious), and both ruthless. It puts the current re-writing of the narrative into context. It’s interesting looking at the two through 2016 eyes. These girls are their mother’s daughters through and through.

            The articles gave a bit of insight into Kate’s use of clothes to sexualise herself: she was always the party girl, with low-cut tops and high hemlines. There must be a sense of suffocation in having to tow the line and she gets around it via flashing, no underwear, inappropriate clothes and so on. She wanted in to the royal circle, and they are determined that she plays their game now that she has played hers.

  23. I saw this story about the same time I saw the story about Eugenie going to Balmoral with her sweetie. The only thing I could think of was ‘has Pipster picked a wedding date that Eugenie has in mind?’ For some reason, I think the M&M wedding will take place at the Matthews lodge in Scotland. It would maintain the desired privacy for her sister’s family, allow the Matthews to keep control of the expenses and allow a more intimate family-centered celebration.

    1. Well, two weddings – one royal, one not – presents some potential problems for the players who know each other. I’d say both parties would or should want to avoid comparisons eg who is on the guest list, which costs more and is grander…

      Your suggestions are very sensible but given the Middleton’s form ie love of attention I wouldn’t assume they want an intimate and private affair.

  24. Pippa would be a Brit Paris Hilton type by now, if her sister hadn’t married into the BRF. Me personally, I wouldn’t buy anything that this vapid, empty headed socialite is selling. I would rather buy a cookbook from someone who actually has a tough professional job of a cook and if their proceeds go to charity, all the better.

  25. Why all the ‘it’s just little old me with no help’ schtick? Most of us manage to do our jobs, have families and many other commitments, without lots of support. She could live very, very quietly if she wished to. She loves the attention and for some reason, has to pretend that it’s very hard to do so alone. Lucky she’s got a ring on her finger, phew!!!

  26. Okay, finally commenting.

    I remember watching the wedding and not being all “OMG, *that’s* Kate’s kid sister?!” like so many other yahoos on the planet but then she was suddenly plastered all over the media and, quite a few times, it seemed like she was doing it intentionally. Going to Wimbledon (or some other tennis match) with Earl George Percy and allowing people to *think* that they *might* be an item (I totally think she was using him and hoping he’d pursue her), being papped all the time, the book “Celebrate” (which yes, I bought, *but* it was 50% off at Barnes & Noble, so at least I didn’t pay full price) and the interviews circulating, trying to look all polished while doing the Celebrate press tour, the interview with Matt Lauer here in the USA (like I’ve said before, I despise Lauer so double grrrrrr), etc.

    It was clear she was trying to become the “next big thing” and a British socialite/Paris Hilton but, once Celebrate royally bombed (pun intended),and saw that quite a few of her aristo friends weren’t taking second or third glances at her, (plus, the hopes of being picked up as a correspondent for the Today show in the US also fell through *and* getting in trouble in Paris with that gun incident) she stepped back and started doing a lot of athletic races/events, charity work, etc. and I have to say, she’s been very good at that. She’s clearly the more social sister, natural at sports and whatnot and is keeping out of trouble (for the most part).

    This cookbook is a wonderful idea, merging the charity work she’s been doing with the British Heart Foundation and cooking/food venue she’s been attempting to work on for a while.

    As for the having to eat everything on their plate comment? Every culture is different. Example: my loud, little, Colombian mamacita grew up what we would consider to be poor. Because of what she experienced growing up, whenever my sisters and I couldn’t finish something (usually dinner) we’d save it and eat it the following day until all of the leftovers were gone. That pattern has stayed with me to this day: whenever I can’t finish a meal, I save it for the following day until it is all gone.

    A friend of my mother’s is also Colombian but from another part of the country (plus, her husband is from Uruguay) and in there, whenever there are leftovers, the food is tossed in the trash! To them, this is the norm but to my eyes, and because of how I was raised, it’s considered to be a waste. I usually try to finish my leftovers first before I have anything else.

    On top of that, my system has always been sensitive but my folks would at least try to encourage me to have one bite of said item. Growing up, I absolutely couldn’t eat platanos (plantains) and it drove my mother crazy. Now? I love them! (Same thing with tomatoes, go figure) Also, I’m a humongous fan of the Autumn season yet I can’t stand pumpkins, not even the smell yet I still help Mom make her pumpkin soup during Thanksgiving haha.

    Sorry for the rambles!

    1. Kimothy, I don’t like wasting food either and cook/freeze to minimise waste. Kids don’t have sophisticated taste buds so it’s easier to not force the issue and let them grow into foods as they grow. I wouldn’t go as far as cooking separate meals but there is a compromise in there somewhere.

      I don’t buy the new ‘Don’t call me a socialite’ Pippa. She and her new narratives just don’t pass the sniff test.

      This from two 2007 articles:
      “According to one university friend: “As soon as Pippa arrived at Edinburgh, she was assiduous about joining the right social circle. At Edinburgh, the aristo crowd are divided into two social sets – one crowd who go to London for the weekend and are really into partying and hard drinking and the other who are more staid and go off to each others’ country houses for weekends. Pippa joined the country set. She was very charming about it but quite ruthless in cultivating the “right” friends. If she found out that someone had impressive social credentials – the right title, standing, connections – she would immediately pay them a lot of attention where before she wouldn’t have shown the least interest. She would leave notes in the pigeonholes of people she coveted as friends, desperate to arrange a time or date.”

      “Someone else who has met Pippa on many occasions recalled her as: “A charming girl who hung out with absolute toffs, most of whom are named after counties. She is incredibly well mannered and well-brought up. At dinner she always makes sure to speak to the person seated to her left and right. She has a lovely figure, much better than Kate’s really. She’s a very keen and aggressive tennis player. A mother’s dream, in many respects. But she makes no secret at all of being very socially ambitious – almost aggressively so. She wants power and money.”

      1. Yup, and while I’m sure the Middletons are happy that Pippa’s engaged to James, I’m sure mama Carole is still fuming that her daughter didn’t nap George Percy hahaha! (Still hope for me, shhhh 😉 ).

        P.S. Regarding food: case in point, I went out to dinner last night and only ate half of my meal (spaghetti & meatballs, one of my faves). The other half? Currently in my fridge, waiting to be nuked for tonight’s dinner!! I absolutely cannot stand wasted food!

        P.P.S. Am I the only one weirded out by the fact that her brother and fiancée have the same first name?

        1. My cousin married a man with the same name as her father. I would think it would be weird but that’s just me. Clearly my cousin has no problem with it.

          1. Awkward in my book but I’m glad your cousin is cool with it.

            P.S. Were you surprised about Jake getting the boot Monday night? I was; I thought it was going to be Rick & Emma!

            James is turning out to be a real contender so YAY Sharna! Also, I still think Babyface is this season’s dark horse contender. 😀

          2. Yeah. I thought Jake was going to stick around a while longer. I thought it would be Rick or Ryan going home first.

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