Royal Round Up: Royals at the Rio Olympics

Royal Round Up: Royals at the Rio Olympics

With King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima arriving in Rio this week with their three daughters to cheer on the Netherlands team, I thought it would be nice to do a Royals at the Olympics post with a round up of some of the royals’ Olympic appearances.

On August 15, Willem-Alexander, Maxima, and their daughters, Princess Amalia, Princess Alexia, and Princess Ariane, were at the Olympic Arena to watch Netherlands’ Sanne Wevers win gold in the balance beam gymnastics final (Americans Laurie Hernandez and Simone Biles got silver and bronze, respectively).

After Wevers’ win, the royals congratulated her on her gold medal.

Also on August 15, the Dutch royals were at the women’s quarterfinal field hockey match between Netherlands and Argentina. Netherlands won.

August 14 saw the Dutch royals watch Netherlands’ Dorian Van Rijsselberghe win the RS:X Men’s sailing final.

And August 13 saw Max and W-A cheer on Ranomi Kromowidjojo during the women’s 50m freestyle swimming final. Kromowidjojo came in sixth.

Here are King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, along with Swedish Olympic Committee President Hans Vestberg (R), at the Men’s Preliminary Group B handball match between Sweden and Brazil (Sweden won) at the Future Arena on August 15. I love that Carl Gustaf is taking photos.

Princess Anne was all over the equestrian events, and got to present the medals for the Men’s Rugby Sevens on August 11. Fiji won gold, Great Britain won silver, and Australia won bronze.

On August 9, Anne and Sir Timothy Laurence were at the Olympic Aquatics Stadium to watch the swimming, where they ran into Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg. Anne and Henri greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek.

Crown Prince Frederik has been a staple at these Games. Here he is at the swimming finals on August 12.

Prince Albert of Monaco has also been a staple at these Games. Here he is watching swimming on August 12…

… And dancing with Nadia Comaneci during the Women’s Gymnastics Team Final on August 9…

… And presenting Ryan Murphy with his gold medal for the Men’s 100m backstroke on August 9.

52 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Royals at the Rio Olympics

  1. Royals always turn out for the Olympics – as per usual Princess Anne looks busy and engaged. As for the Dutch – I alaways feel sorry for them that they probably feel that they have to deck themselves out in Orange – the closest any of my clothes get to that coulour is perhaps small touches of it in a scarf – not a favourite of mine at all. Great experience for the younger Royals to attend – a shame that the city is so unsafe to be a tourist in.

    1. I think orange is a really hard color to wear, but I think Max pulls it off beautifully.

      1. I agree, KMR. Max looked excellent at the Olympics and always rocks her orange. I love that she had a great mixture of stylish, fun outfits and team pride.

        1. With a lot of Max’s outfits, I’m initially ‘what the?’ But her personality comes across through the pics and then I think ‘this is a great maxima outfit’
          Plus, she usually brings the bling which I love!

    2. The Dutch LOVE dressing up in orange. It’s a huge show of pride. When you go to a sporting event, it’s common to wear your team’s colors! You don’t do it to look nice; you do it to be supportive. I love that they represent the Netherlands so well. I think they make the other royals look lame in comparison. Thanks for posting pics, KMR!

      1. I think its fun to wear such a bright, happy color, even if it doesn’t “flatter” the wearer. When someone has a bright smile, especially here where it’s the home color and you are rooting for your countrymen and women, it looks great. I like their enthusiasm too. Once again, the William and Max really get the ambassador/public supporter that being a royal in 2016 is about.

      2. When I was at the Vancouver Olympics, the Dutch fans were always the most visible after the Canadians. Especially in the speed skating arena.

    3. I think Mathilde does the same thing with hot pink. I couldn’t figure out why she wore it so often, and puts the kids in it for family pictures. Then I realized it is one of the colors in their royal order.

  2. I want to be royal so I can get tickets. I think Rio has done a great job overall. . Never thought I would say ‘Simine Biles got bronze’ but it will add variety to her huge number of golds.

      1. I actually had to reread the article initially when it said someone from the Netherlands won gold! Not your typical gymnastics powerhouse country!

  3. Watching sports bores me to death, but I must say Anne looks really smart in pants, no matter it seems to be some kind of a team outfit she’s wearing! Aren’t Albert and Frederik both involved in the Olympics committee or something?

  4. Thank you KMR for the coverage; it’s great to see all these royal attendees, especially the dutch contingent resplendent in their ‘orangeness’ – Queen Maxima looks lovely as usual; just thought I’d say.

  5. I love how the Dutch are always so into it, dressing in orange, cheering loudly, being emotional. It’s great! And also the Swedish and Danish royals dressed in team colours and supporting their athletes. I remember Carl Gustav and Silvia in those striped shirts in London… wonderful.

    And Anne, she looks great and takes her role so serious. Wonderful role model

  6. Orange is a difficult colour to pull off but the Dutch royal family pulled it off! Those girls are growing so fast and they are so beautiful. I love the photo with Carl Gustaf and the camera. He always seems so disengaged and I guess this at least makes him seem interested. And oh Frederik is just so handsome!!!! I’m glad many royals are there. The Zika virus and the protests, kidnappings, low attendances put a damper on things. I’m glad for the athletes that the VIPs are out to support them.

    1. Plus, they have the strawberry blond hair which you’d think it more difficult to pull off but instead looks great with it!

      1. Strawberry blonde hair is a lovely shade I think. A cousin of mine has it. I think its lovely for the girls to wear orange as it is a bright cheery colour and It adds a little more colour in the world.

  7. Thanks for the update KMR. I about fell over laughing at Albert dancing. He’s not my favorite by far, but it’s nice to see him having a good time and encouraging athletes on. Anne is great. I love how she always has a steely look to her, even when she’s smiling. Pictures of her with Mia are too adorable.

    1. Albert getting his groove on was my favorite part. And with Nadia Comenici! I remember her being the powerhouse!

  8. Okay, so as an older, American woman I plan to take up competitive gymnastics, change my citizenship to the Netherlands and win an Olympic medal just so I can meet Queen Maxima!! That doesn’t sound crazy does it??

    Anyhow, thanks KMR for the great Olympic coverage!!! As I’ve mentioned in previous comments I’m quite the Olympic geek, binge watching them on the weekend and for a couple hours each night. I find the commitment, determination and dedication these people have for their sport so inspiring

    1. I’m geeking with you but have to stay up till silly o’clock !! Loving it all. Gymnastics, sailing, horse dancing ( wow our GB horse is a superstar) , rowing, cycling, boxing, trampoline….you name it I’m watching. The American swimmers are amazing. Loving the multi coloured diving pool with cross winds. Hockey is a bit of a concern with forest fires leaving ash on the pitch.
      What is required to be a good Dutch Queen? Must look good in Orange!!!

  9. King WA is carrying his own backpack! Never seen royal men, let alone a reigning king, carry a bag before. Love how the Dutch royals enjoying themselves as a family unit.

  10. Great coverage KMR, thank you. I love watching the olympics. My favorite moments are when someone unexpected wins a medal. Figi winning at rugby, Simone Manuel sharing the gold in swimming, Sanne Wevers winning the gold over the US on beam, all the male gymnasts who won on floor over Kohei…. I could go on, but this Olympics has been full of emotional moments.

    1. Hi Jet, those unexpected wins are my favorite part of the Olympics too. That and watching those who know they don’t have a shot at winning, still giving it their all. So inspiring!!!

    2. The British gymnast Max Whitlock winning our first ever gymnastics gold and then winning our second within an hour. Team GB second on the medal table…anyone looked at a map, how tiny are we and yet ahead of China???? How does that happen? Just watching cycling in the velodrome just loving it. Oooh just won another gold as I write, Jason Kenney will become Sir Jason I hope.

      1. I’ve been cheering Team GB as much as Team USA! (I’m still bitter my dad never applied for dual citizenship for me when I was born, lol.)

  11. How about Canada’s Penny Oleksiak! Barely 16 and became our most decorated swimmer in Olympic history. Our family has been glued to the tv throughout. Yes, we are winter sport people, but any Olympics…what an amazing show all around. You learn so much about other parts of the world and their athletes. Just riveting.

    1. At least you can sleep! My son and I are staying up till silly o’clock every night. So many amazing stories as there always are. And we’ve still got the Paralympics still to come. And will Usain do the triple triple?
      I think it’s a real shame that Will and Harry aren’t there.

  12. Excuse me for changing the topic. The dm has an article about the middletons asking people for free vacations! I do not know if this article true or false? If it true why would a very rich middleton family ask for freebies, it does not make sense?

      1. Just to play devil’s advocate, they might stay in private residences because it affords them more privacy than staying at a big resort or hotel. Presumably with a private estate they can control who comes in and out and therefore who sees them and take pictures. Although, obviously this method isn’t foolproof as evidenced by the topless pictures taken of Kate a few years ago. My only point is that getting things for free might not be their only, or even chief, motivation for staying in the homes of their connections.

        1. Also, private residences may be easier for security to secure than large public resorts/hotels.

        2. You’re right; those in the public eye would want privacy when on holiday and choose a private estate/ villa/ lodge/ island. In William and Kate’s case, I think that would be their top priority, along with isolation. Royalty tends to be courted and there is no shortage of people wanting access to privilege and power, hence the offers of holidays, vehicles, and all sorts of lovely things. And royalty brazenly cadges off its status too.

          Being ‘caught’ nude and giving William oral sex on the French estate’s balcony was careless; William knew the road afforded a view and they moved inside, though were still able to be observed and photographed. Nevertheless they should have been able to enjoy their privacy. I think the kerfuffle about the free chateau stems from resentment that this couple do so little. When you rack up the evidence – multiple exotic holidays, royal tours which have more personal pleasure that duty elements, and an emphasis on fun work on home soil when they actually do turn up – it appears that others exist merely to keep these two perpetually entertained, and propped up financially in an outlandishly lavish style.

          1. The France pap pics had Kate and William having oral sex????
            This I did not know. Forget being visible for the paps, what about security? Presumably they are always nearby especially when outdoors.

          2. I’ve read those rumors on the internet but as far as I know photos of that have never surfaced.

  13. This was a great post! I love seeing the royals cheering on the athletes and helping with the medals.

    I’d also like to say that I absolutely love the Max,Willem and the girls in their orange. I’m partial to orange because I’m a Denver Broncos fan, but I love that they go all out when they wear it.

    So happy that Anne is representing the BRF at the Olympics. Actually relieved that W&K weren’t there sucking up all the media and taking a certain amount of attention away from the athletes.

    Thanks for the post, it was a joy to read!

    1. I actually thought about the Broncos earlier when someone mentioned team colors.

  14. Just think how awesome it would be to be Dutch and see your king and queen cheering you on? There were pictures of Max and Willem that were adorable. She was leaning on his knee and he looked so besotted with her. It is sweet to see those unguarded moments.

    I have been watching 24/7. I was particularly intrigued by Chase Kalisz. He is an Olympic swimmer who had Guillain Barre. He won silver after getting and recovering from GBS. This hit home for obvious reasons, but it reminds me that there is triumph for a lot of these Olympians. It’s much more than a medal for them.

    Thank you so much for this, KMR!

    1. Great report on Chase Kalisz. So inspirational. Thanks, I did not know this and cannot watch as much as you seem to be doing. But, when I do watch, I enjoy.

      Hope your health is improving and that each day finds you feeling stronger and better. Take care of yourself, Rhiannon.

  15. Wow, do I love the Dutch Royals. What a fun and happy family. And, how they seem to be so drawn to everyone and everyone to them! They seem to be having a great time. I just loved all the photos.

    Glad to see Princess Anne there, too. Also, Prince Albert. If I missed anyone, forgive me. Swamped today and taking a quick break to check out KMR.

    Love watching the Olympics when I can.

    Note to Jamel, sorry to hear that your mom was not well and I so hope she is doing better. Take care and don’t let yourself get burned out. Care giving is not easy.

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