Crown Princess Mary at the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony

Crown Princess Mary at the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony

Here’s a quick post on Crown Princess Mary in Rio over the last several days. She accompanied Crown Prince Frederik, IOC member, to some pre-Games events throughout the week and to the Opening Ceremony on August 5.

Mary and Frederik attended the Opening Ceremony to cheer on the Danish delegation as they entered the stadium. Mary and I are total iPhone twins, BTW. Except I have a cover on mine since I drop my phone so much.

Did you watch the Opening Ceremony? What were your thoughts? I thought the Flame with the mirrored “chandelier” behind it was very beautiful and I want one in my home.

I also thought it was interesting that they chose to highlight climate change in the Opening Ceremony and I love that they’re doing an athletes’ forest as a way to have a lasting legacy from the Games.

On August 4, Mary and Frederik attended the President’s Dinner at the Windsor convention center in Rio. They posed with IOC President Thomas Bach and his wife.

Mary wore a dress from Hugo Boss which she’s had since 2009 and has worn 5 times now, and Gianvito Rossi pumps. It’s fine; not spectacular. I don’t like turtlenecks.

Previously in the day on August 4, Mary and Frederik visited the Danish and Australian team villages to met with the athletes. Mary met with the Danish riding team, which is fitting since she herself loves to ride.

On August 3, in the evening, Mary and Frederik attended a gala dinner on board the training ship Denmark.

Mary wore a maxi skirt by Etro with a white blouse and cardigan. I’m not usually a huge fan of the paisley maxi skirt thing, but I think Mary looks really nice here.

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23 thoughts on “Crown Princess Mary at the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony

  1. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you KMR!!! You are my favorite fashion fairy godmother!!!

    I loved Mary’s fashion choices for the Olympics, casual yet appropriate, regal yet perfect for the Brazilian vibe. I have to say my favorite choices were the ones you didn’t much care for, the turtleneck dress and the paisley skirt πŸ™‚ While I don’t much care for the turtleneck part of that dress, I am totally in love with the fabric, color and fit and the coral colored earrings are such a nice contrast. And the paisley skirt with the cream tank and cream sweater was imo, perfection! Casual yet perfect for an event on a yacht and I love how she styled this outfit, the sleek hair and jewelry worked great with this outfit.

    Lastly, I’m so glad that out of all my favorite royals Mary was the one to visit Rio, I just knew her fashion choices would be great!! And thank you again for this coverage!!

          1. It reminds me a bit of that 6000 pound D&G dress Kate wore to the Queen’s birthday event. I love the turtleneck dress though.

  2. Mary always makes an effort. Some times that effort falls flat, but she’s doing pretty good so far with the Olympics. I liked her very casual look with the Australian team (gray t-shirt, jeans?). She looked very relaxed and appropriate. Not towering in stiletto heels with a dress.

    So is your IPhone gold like Mary’s KMR? I went with the gray or silver or whatever they call it and it’s definitely in a case. Needs all the protection it can get.

    Hope you do some other royal/Olympic updates KMR!

    1. Yes, I went with the gold iPhone. I looked at the silver but I didn’t like it as much as the gold. I have a case with polka dot hearts. My last iPhone fell off my counter without a case and cracked the glass front so when I got my new phone I got a case to prevent that. Considering how many times I’ve dropped it since I got it I’m very happy I got the case.

      1. I got an Otter Box about a week after I got the phone. I always forget how slim it is until I take it out of the case. But I do love the protection that case gives it. My current case is a boring gray and white.

        I’d love to see Mary release the photos she took at the Olympics just to see things from her viewpoint.

    2. Okay, I just have to ask, what’s the big deal about having a silver or gold IPhone if it’s just going to be covered by a case? I don’t have an IPhone and am not at all techy, so what am I missing here?

      1. I believe those are the color choices for the phone, gold, silver or white. I think there are some other high end more expensive models but for every day plebes like myself that was the choice I had when I got it. They are not shiny or anything, just a matte color. And for the record I got it for free with my phone plan. Otherwise it would have been a much less expensive option. πŸ™‚

      2. Nothing really. I had the option of gold or silver when I got my phone and I went with the gold because I liked it better. My previous one was white and I didn’t have a case on it. I wouldn’t have a case on my current one except I learned my lesson from the previous one that I do in fact need a protective case. Each iPhone is released in different color options. It used to be white and black, then they had a bunch of neon colors for one iteration, then they went back to white I think, and then gold and silver.

        1. I have the gold one too, and my cover is clear because I love the look of my phone as it is. It’s my little precious, who I accidentally dropped on it’s first birthday and broke it’s face and I cried a little bit (true story). Thank goodness for platinum warranty! Fresh new precious in an even heavier duty clear case. I’m gonna be so careful with this one you guys…

  3. I liked most of Mary’s choices for the olympic games, but I didn’t really like the one with the turtlenecks, I just kind of hate turtlenecks.

    Regarding the opening ceremony I loved it! I had heard that they were trying to keep the expenses low for the opening ceremony so I wasn’t expecting much, but my oh my was I presently surprised. Between the colours, the lights, the music and the people there was never a dull moment. The brazier for the olympic flame is absolutely gorgeous, it’s easily my favourite between all the ones from the last few editions. Sure there was and there is plenty of controversies regarding this edition of the games, but I think that Brazil has done a fine job so far.

    1. The commentators said that because Rio didn’t have the budget that London or Beijing did they chose to invest in a projector for the floor, which I thought worked well.

    2. It’s nice to know people enjoyed it. I’m Brazilian from Rio and I think we did great, despite the budget cuts and all. Mostly I was proud they didn’t whitewash our history and openly adressed slavery, and also made a point to represent some of our “ghetto” cultures and minorities (don’t know if this info is out there, but the woman that led the Brazilian delegation is a transgender model).

      Sadly these Olympics will do little for the huge economic recession and political crisis we’re facing right now. I hope the rest of the event runs smoothly, our morale is in need of a boost.

  4. I love Mary. I especially love that she looks amazing and like a normal sized adult. She’s not in competition to be the stick thinnest human being being in the room, including 12 yr olds and the frail old. She just looks so…so normal and approachable…and I don’t think she has to work hard at it either. She just really is.

  5. I really like Mary. Sure she is not perfect either but she is always dressed so well and classy, she puts a lot of afford into her work, has a lovely family… it’s nice to see more of a Royal than the clothes they wear and it’s just wonderful to see how Royals use their position and name to help others, how they try to make a change and well, work!
    Ofc it must be fun to attend Olympics and watch the events but here we also see how the Danish use their time in Brazil to work for charity and do smt for business. One can easily combine that, some like WK could really learn something here.

  6. I adore the Olympics. This is the one event i’d find ‘reasons’ to attend as a royal whilst upping my CC numbers. πŸ˜‰

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