Kate, William, & Harry release video message in support of Team GB ahead of Rio Olympics

Kate, William, & Harry release video message in support of Team GB ahead of Rio Olympics

Kensington Palace released a video message yesterday which features Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry talking about the 2012 London Olympics over footage from those Games and giving their support for Team GB in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Kate Team GB video

The video (below) has captions, but in case you can’t watch the video, the royal trio say:

    William: “London 2012 saw this country come alive with a passion for sport. It saw people of all ages, and from all walks of life, join together to support Team GB.”
    Harry: “Each member of Team GB will have a unique journey, but they all share the same aim – to deliver the best performance they possibly can.”
    Kate: “London 2012 showcased the best of British sport, and we are so excited to see what can be achieved in Rio.”
    Harry: “Our athletes are an inspiration to us all and need the whole country to get behind them and cheer them on as they take to the world stage.”
    William: “We have some of the most passionate supporters in the world and we cannot wait to cheer on our athletes together this time around in Rio.”
    Kate: “We cannot wait to watch everyone compete. Good luck.”
    Harry: “Let’s top 2012. Bring on the Great.”

The video has been released ahead of the Olympics Opening Ceremony tonight. If you’re in the USA, you can watch the Opening Ceremony on NBC at 7:30 PM ET. Here is the schedule of events during the two week Games. And here is the US programming schedule.

The Flag Bearer in the Parade of Nations for Great Britain is Andy Murray (Tennis), for USA is Michael Phelps (Swimming), for Australia is Anna Meares (Cycling), and for New Zealand is Peter Burling (Sailing).

I’m actually a huge Summer Olympics fan, and end up watching sports that I never care about usually. Actually, I never care about sports usually at all, so the Summer Olympics is the one time I watch sports.

There is a quote from a Kensington Palace spokeswoman about William, Kate, and Harry’s decision not to go to Rio in the Express article on this video which I find quite amusing and telling.

Previously, a “source” claimed the royal trio decided not to go after taking “the best advice” because “it’s well known that [Kate] would like to have a third child and so she just couldn’t take the risk”. However, now the KP spokeswoman is saying Zika played no part in their decision to skip Rio:

    “They look at the possibility of doing all sorts of things and then don’t do them for various reasons. In this case, the Zika virus played no part in their decision.”

Did anyone else chuckle at “They look at the possibility of doing all sorts of things and then don’t do them for various reasons”? I’m sure William, Kate, and Harry get asked to do lots of random stuff and they have legit reasons not to do them, but that sentence makes them seem so lazy to me since they do so little. Like, they could fill up their diaries with all sorts of things, but choose not to because “reasons”.

Harry Team GB video

PS. It looks like William and Kate filmed their segments of the video while in Portsmouth on July 24 – they are wearing the same shirts they wore on that day. Harry’s part looks to have been filmed at KP.

Photos: video screengrab

93 thoughts on “Kate, William, & Harry release video message in support of Team GB ahead of Rio Olympics

  1. It will be interesting to see what appointments – if any – Kate and Wills have over the next few weeks – are they still in France ?

    1. I would be very surprised if we see William and Kate at all in August. I don’t think we will see them until mid-late September.

      1. Well they need a holiday they’ve been working so hard this year!! I assume Will will be taking a break from EAAA too? And then they’ve got Canada to prepare for. Kate will be trying to upstage Mrs Trudeau and vice verse me thinks.
        Loving all the other posts KMR is doing including the learned debates about lego?

      2. I read somewhere that a document about Canada trip which was leaked : it seems that they will go in Canada at the end of September, beginning of October.

  2. I’m soooo excited I love the Olympics and as you say KMR watch all sorts of sports I would never normally watch. The most exciting will be to see if the amazing Mr Bolt can do the triple triple. He was amazing in London. In fact London 2012 was amazing everyone in Britain seemed happy for that entire month. I’m also a huge fan of the Paralympics, amazing athletes. Go Rio.

    1. My favorite Olympic sports are the swimming, equestrian, women’s beach volleyball, and gymnastics.

      1. I love the ‘horse dancing’ and it’s something we do well in usually. And yes the swimming . And I’ll be watching the hockey because I know someone in the GB team . And the rowing. Oh really I’lljust have the tv on and watch whatever. Looking forward to the opening ceremony wonder how they will outdo HM parachuting in.

        1. Lol to “Oh really I’lljust have the tv on and watch whatever”. That was totally me in 2012! I sat there and watched cross country cycling of all things!

        2. I love to do that! There are some sports that make me go “Wait, what?” And I love to learn about the countries they represent.

          1. I have to say the BBC are brilliant at this sort of thing, and they find people to commentate who know so much about toasty obscure sports. I don’t like the weightlifting though.

          1. That is such a shame about Zara. I like think Zara focused on horse riding to such an extent that it helped in areas of her own life. Not that I want to speculate KMR.

    2. Gymnastics are my favourite – but living in Australia we will only get a good TV feed if an Aussie is in the hunt for a finals position . . .grrr . . . .decades ago as a country we took a US or UK broadcasts of the Olympics – much better for sports where Aussies are not likely to “medal”. The local broadcasts are terrible for the most part. I would never have had the thrill of seeing Nadia get the perfect 10’s otherwise.

  3. While it’s expected the royals to back and show support for Team GB, why not also other Commonwealth nations that have the Queen as Head of State, such as Australia (my country). The Queen holds the title as Queen of Australia, so shouldn’t they officially show support to ALL teams that have the Queen as Head of State?? This is just more proof that the royals are irrelevant in Australia and don’t represent us any more.

    1. Yes I absolutely agree. Now if they were asked who are you supporting and they answered GB would you also be upset as you were with Mary? I can’t imagine that the British Royals will remain as HOS for other countries for very much longer. You all have your own amazing people who could do the job so much better just by actually living in the country. Several Caribbean islands are calling for change. I hope the Commonwealth survives though I think that is a force for good in the world.

      1. I wasn’t upset by Mary’s response. Mary has every right to support the Danish, that is her duty as Crown Princess of Denmark 🙂 She in no way officially represents Australia, however, the British royals DO represent Australia (unfortunately). Their sole focus on GB shows their irrelevancy to Commonwealth nations. I agree with you, it’s only a matter of time until we all form our own republics.

        1. It is only a matter of time before we are republics, thank goodness, though persistent royal tours to Australia, New Zealand and Canada attempt to retard that inevitability.

          I have no problem that Kate, William and Harry support Team GB; they are British. The video just seems such a ho-hum gesture. But at least they didn’t want Commonwealth countries to come second to the Brits; who needs it.

          I enjoy the Olympics too. My favourite are the Winter games because snow is largely unfamiliar and I get to see many sports that are I rarely encounter. I saw snow for the first time four years ago in Europe; it was very exciting.

          It is great to see people excel through sport; I admire athletes’ tenacity and dedication. I hope every competitor achieves to the best of her/his ability. And I hope Rio is a safe and happy place for all who are there.

      2. Stupid question: what does the Commonwealth stand for? What does it do for its members?
        From information I’ve gathered (last I’ve heard about it was during a debate (CH TV) about the Brexit and its effects (in relation with CH)), the Commonwealth is something like an alliance (with the Queen at its head) to facilitate commercial interactions between countries (GB, Australia, NZ, Canada, India (sorry if I miss any country/wish not to offend anyone)).

        1. The commoneealth started as largely ex-colonial countries trying to form a union similar to EU without necessarily having legal, economic ties.

          It’s evolved to include other countries and of course economic advantages have been formed out of membership of the commonwealth though such relationships aren’t as formalised as the legal entity that is the EU.

          Despite the ongoing PR, the Queen is head because the member states voted, and continue to vote, to have her. It’s not a hereditary position though she has campaigned for Charles to take over after her, and is the single biggest reason why Charles woos the commonwealth.

          The truth is that the member states can vote a different head of the commonwealth.

          I suspect HM remains head for same reasons she’s head of the UK and it’s realms. She’s apolitical and that helps in any decisions of the Commonwealth. Or is seen to be a neutral, unassailable person that that’s better than having someone obviously biased in one way or another, who might easily devolve into a corrupt situation like the FIFA mess.

        2. The commonwealth is an organisation with 53 countries, which used to be part of the British empire before they became independent. Australia and Canada are the only ones that recognise the Queen as head of state though. The rest have their presidents/head of government as head of stare. Apart from facilitating trade, citizens of commonwealth countries are usually given preferential treatment when resident in another commonwealth country. E.g. commonwealth citizens in Britain can vote in local government elections while other foreigners cannot. Also if a commonwealth country does not have an embassy/consulate in a country, their citizens can seek help from the British embassy.
          A map of the commonwealth countries: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commonwealth_of_Nations#/media/File:Commonwealth_of_Nations.svg

          **As Herazeus said, members vote for the Head of commonwealth and part of the reason Charles is more involved now is to help pave the way for him to be voted in after his mother.

          1. Nearly right but HM is still head of state of quite a few islands and of course NZ too. Kate visited Tuvalu, for eg, and there are several Caribbean islands that still have her as HOS and which are Commonwealth members.

  4. I am not really bothered about the video or what the Trio had to say. Mainly because The Lazy Duo are just so so lackluster that nothing they do will excite me. I only look forward to seeing Harry when he is on his own because when he is on a tangent, he shines.

    I don’t want to be rude and pick on a person’s looks but are we seeing the real Kate here? She looks EXACTLY like the fugly portrait someone made of her years ago. And I remember the artist was slated for making her look aged. Looking at this photo here, I believe he just painted her as she is. The Lazy Duo are aging in dog years and somehow I have no pity for them.

    1. She doesn’t look her best in the video – she looks off colour…washed out perhaps due to editing?

      1. That was the day she was having a whale of time with Ben Ainslie. Kate’s happy as a clam when doing the fun things, and like a wilted lettuce for anything else. Apologies for the mixed metaphors.

        1. Kate’s facial contour seems to have been somewhat changed. I have not read anything about their vacation while in France, except that they will be staying with *friends*. I think that she may have had some work done to her eye area, and we’ll probably see more pics of her when they return to London. Somehow, I have the feeling that she sleeps with makeup on, has cut out fat from her diet, which accounts for her face looking much more different. I suppose the news will eventually leak out if she’s had “some work”.

          PS. Does anyone know whether they’ve returned home from France?

    2. The thing that struck me was how much ‘posher’ she spoke than either Will or Harry. Her accent really is quite affected and odd.

      1. I had to watch the video several times before I realized the word Kate was slurring was “showcased”.

      2. I will never understand why Kate affects her accent. I think anyone with a British accent sounds grand, except maybe really slangy accents where only the last half of every word is pronounced. That is not the case with Kate’s original accent. Who does she think she’s fooling? The rest of the world doesn’t know the finer points of what is posh or not, and any British person will know it’s a put-on. Kate should just go with her normal accent and own it.

      3. It almost sounds like a speech impediment. Her enunciation is wooden and her pronunciation is bewildering (palliative, anyone?). She’s always acting, this one, she needs to stop and take a listen to herself. It’s beyond.
        William and Harry sound natural/normal and of course Harry’s voice has that warmth to it that makes you gravitate right to him- what a guy!

      4. Her accent is definitely odd.

        Her interview for the Queen’s 90th doco really stood out to me of how strangely she enunciates her words. I had to watch several parts over and over because it sounded so bizarre!

        The parts/words that stood out the most was:
        1. When she said “little sister” about how it was exciting that George had one.
        2. When she said the Queen was one of the first “visitors”.

        Sister and visitors sounded very slurred and she said “sister” as “suster” and “visitors” as “vusatus”.


        1. My personal favorite from this clip is “shoecased” for “showcased” and the elongation of “spooort”.

          She almost needs closed captioning when she speaks.

  5. The comment by KP made me laugh out loud! Like KMR stated I’m pretty sure there are good reason not to attend some events (security reasons, overlapping dates…) but it’s not like Kate and Williams schedule is socfull of events that they struggle to fit some engagements in! They could do one each day and still wouldn’t be busy…

    I also have to say I prefer Harry alone. He seems to bloom when he is around people and can support causes instead of being the third wheel.

  6. Mr. Rhiannon looked awesome. I noticed he had more soundbites than William and Kate. Smart move. I just find myself irritated when I see Will. He always looks like he is doing js a favor by showing up. Kate looks like they have used various filters on her. She looked unrecognizable. Thanks to KMR, I was able to decipher what she said.

    I love the Olympics and Paralympics! I love Usain Bolt and his charisma. Gymnastics and swimming and track is a favorite. I love to hear the stories of these athletes. Their stories are so inspirational.

    Thanks for the extra pic of Mr. Rhiannon, KMR! He looks so handsome. You always know when to throw an extra Harry in a post when we need it.

    1. For crying out loud, lose these two wasters, Harry!

      It’s so on obvious Harry is included to prop up the limp duo. Harry practically jumps out of the video, he’s so charismatic and sincere. It’s painful to see the fantastic Harry next to the drab “phone it in” performance of waity and wills.

      As for the pronouncement given by KP spokesperson, I’m always confused by the vague, phoney explanations KP gives t- o clarify events.

    2. It’s obvious that this video started out as a Harry initiative. He has sent out PSAs for various sports teams, male and female, wishing them good luck when ever there is a major championship whether said championship is national or international.

      This probably started as another of his good luck messages. That’s why his talking head is properly lit and recorded whilst it’s very obvious that WK recorded their talking heads at the recent sailing event with Ben Ainslie. You can see they are wearing the shirts they gad on that day, and Kate changed her hair mid-event to this half up/half down do for no apparent reason except we can see it was for this video recording.

      The poor way they were recorded vs the professional way Harry was recorded indicates that they were a last minute insert and gave very litte time to the recording because they were in the midst of an engagement for something unrelated.

  7. It’s an odd video. To me it looks like it was a Harry video with a nice background and lighting and then someone said, “oh my god, we can’t have Harry alone supporting team GB!” So the crew rushed to the sailing event and got Will and Kate wet and windblown to say a few phrases and then stupidly thought “we’ll just use a filter and it will look super professional!” I had to watch twice to understand Kate said “showcased”…her accent befuddles me.

    1. It really does look odd. Harry’s part looks professional while William and Kate look like crap. Why not shoot them all on the same day in the same area if you want all three of them in the video? W&K do look tacked on.

      1. W and K look like crap!! Haha . This is the team who send out announcements from professionals with simple typos . They are crap. No proper thought has gone into how this will be perceived.

      2. Maybe having W+K in the video was an afterthought or getting them all together in one spot at one time was a problem? Harry’s part looks professional and well thought out; not so much for the other two. We could conjecture anything, of course. Maybe they wanted to be in the video once they heard Harry was doing it, hence this rather amateur addition?

  8. I like how direct Harry is to the camera rather than the voice over. I appreciate William and Kate were busy with Sir Ben, but at least the trio did a message to the athletes. I don’t mind watching the Olympics, especially the Horse riding, Swimming, Rowing, Gymnastics, Sailing and Tennis. I remember when one of the riders said that they bribed the horse they had to ride in having just met they used polo mints. I don’t understand the cycling but I know it is one of GB’S sports. It is a shame that William and Kate will miss it. Anne is there at the moment. I think sport is one of Anne’s passions.

    1. Some of the velodrome cycling is weird. The one where they go round and round very very slowly and then just speed up right at the end. Very strange. Not sure GB are as strong this year, the other countries have worked hard to catch up. We shall see. The head of cycling also stopped doing it and just does team Sky for the Tour de France etc.

  9. William, could not give a flying, well. Kate looks puffy and sounds ridiculously posh. She kills all expression and interest in what she’s actually saying with her fixation on sounding posh.

  10. I love Harry’s comment ‘ bring on the Great’ . It’s been a challenging year in Britain with some really divisive politics so I’m hoping is is a reuniting Olympics. Rio need this to be a success against terrible odds, and I wish them all the very best of luck.

  11. I *love* the Olympics, especially summer! In 1992 (Barcelona), I was 12 and in summer school (no, I didn’t flunk….my teachers just thought it would help give me a boost for when I would be entering the 7th grade that fall). Anyway, there were 3 separate groups of teachers I would see (be with this teacher for X weeks, that teacher for X weeks then the last one for the rest of the time). 2 out of the 3 taught us the origins of the Olympics and it was awesome learning the history! The last teacher had us learn Greek mythology which was also cool!

    Swimming (men’s & women’s), diving (mostly men 😉 ), and gymnastics are my faves but I do enjoy being introduced to other sports. Because NBC has had a contract for X number of years to be the ones to air the Olympics in the U.S., they’re the ones showing the games (both summer and winter) and it drives me bat crazy when the network, anchors (some of the anchors on the Today show drive me insane), etc. try to make so-and-so *the* popular person/standout from that Olympics and barely highlight other countries and some athletes backstories.

    I remember specifically during the winter games in Vancouver (2010) and there was this couple from Japan who did figure skating. I had the TV on NBC but it was during the evening so I wasn’t driven crazy by the morning anchors. Anyway, the MC (Bob Costa?) did a feature on them and oh my gosh. I immediately went to Google them and absolutely fell in love with them and my heart went out to them over what they’d experienced and I hoped that they’d win gold. I was so happy when they did!

    Anyway, Harry looks awesome, William is blah for me and Kate looks (I’m going to say it) horrible. Especially when you compare it to 2012 when she a glow within and her smile reached her eyes. What a sharp (and sad) contrast!

    P.S. I have a transplant friend who is also an amputee so he’s already been in touch to (eventually) join the Paralympics team! Hopefully, you’ll get to “meet” him in 2020!

    1. I cannot abide the NBC coverage of the Olympics. So maudlin and US-centric; it is unbearable. Throw in that awful Matt Lauer, and I’m out of here. We will watch some of it, but the remote will be right by our sides to mute the commentators.

      1. BamaLynn, thank you so much for saying that. I cannot stand Matt Lauer. After a while I want to tell him that he doesn’t have to talk all of the time. In my opinion, he drowns out the moment.

        The one commentator that I would love to cover opening ceremonies, naming countries/highlighting stories, is Christiane Amanpour. I loooove her voice.

        1. Can you all get BBC World? Honestly the Olympics is something they do brilliantly. We have ex athletes commenting , the amazing Clare Balding, the whole thing just shows off the BBC at its very best. And trust me as an institution it is far from perfect.

          1. Me too Rhiannon. Matt is just an arrogant, condescending twit. I loved Ann and thought she had such a good heart.

            I love the parade of nations and can’t wait to see the U.S. and Colombia (my mom’s homeland)

        2. If you live near the Canadian border you should try to watch CBC’s coverage. It is always live and since Canadian athletes don’t dominate all sports (especially not summer ones) the worldwide contenders are covered.
          (Have been lurking for a bit, but wanted to let everyone know about quality Olympic coverage)

          1. I used to love watching the Olympics, but I also can’t stand NBC coverage so haven’t watched for a few years. I do like Bob Costas, but Matt Lauer is just too irritating. Will look into BBC coverage.

          2. I’m so glad I’m not alone regarding Matt Lauer. I think he’s the biggest tool and thought what happened to Ann Curry almost four years ago (right before London) was absolutely disgusting. I was amazed he could continue showing his face on camera.

            Also, I can’t stand the constant commercials. Sigh.

          3. I was born and raised on the Today Show. I changed to GMA after the Ann Curry kerfuffle. I loved Ann. GMA is a bit too much for me, but I can’t stomach Lauer and his glib attitude.

        1. Very naughty comments such as the ‘battered sav’ and the ‘Dutch wink’ but still very funny. Glad you enjoyed them.

  12. I wish every competitor a wonderful experience. To train so hard and to have gotten this far is just amazing to me. The rest of the story? Well, I really do think the world needs more people who are so into their interests and strive so much! I’m in awe of each and every one of the sportsmen and sportswomen. Here’s to the people of Brazil, as well. Hope the Olympics is wonderful for you all, too.

    Harry? What can I say? I just am glad he’s around to distract us from the other two!

  13. I don’t know why, but Kate’s voice, to my ears, is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard. I just can’t bear to listen to her.

    Did you see the video of Princess Anne with Andy Murray trying to poke her eye out with the flag? She has some great facial expressions! Too funny.

    Good luck to all the competitors. Honestly, I stopped watching the Olympics years ago. I liked it much better when the athletes were truly amateurs (like the ragtag bunch of college kids beating the Soviet hockey team in the ’80 Winter Olympics – yes, that was a miracle! The Soviets were “professionals” in all but name.)

    I was reading a report that came out years after the Montreal Olympics where the East Germans had dumped suitcases of drugs, syringes and doping paraphernalia into the St. Lawrence River after the Games were over. And that still hasn’t stopped. Sigh, they’ve become too corrupt and greedy.

    1. Omg that is just so terrible. All that effort to protect the rhinos. I really hope but doubt that W and K are directly in touch with the national park to see what they can do to help. Thank you so much for sharing the link.

  14. Is it just me or did Kate pronounce it “Britis” sport instead of “British” sport? She made an s sound, not sh.
    At this point she sounds posher than the Queen. And I read an article that said the Queen has become increasingly less posh in her speech over her reign. Compare a Christmas speech from the 1950s and recent speeches and you will hear the difference. I have a hard time believing this is Kate’s real accent.

  15. As soon as I heard Kate speak I was reminded of Diana when she had speech lessons to give a talk on eating disorders in 1993. It’s like Kate has been listening to Diana on loop, trying to emulate her accent. Diana, however, was posh in her own right and didn’t try to sound more upper-crust than she actually was. My best advice to Kate– take some speech classes of your own, stop listening/ trying to emulate your dead mother-in-law, and for piss sake, learn to enunciate!

    For those who don’t know the speech to which I am referring, here is the link.


    And for those who wonder what Kate actually sounded like before she decided that she was posh, here it is. While it’s only Pippa, it’s understandable that their natural accent would be the same.


    1. I simply adore Diana. Whatever her faults, what a great lady. I miss her, I can only imagine how Mr Rhiannon feels.

      1. I think Mr. Rhiannon has come out of the other side of his mother’s death better than his brother. Harry seems to have picked up all of his mother and father’s positive attributes and the work ethic of his grandfather. William is the bearer of some of his parents negative attributes.

    2. Yes, I have long suspected that Kate mimics Diana’s speech rhythm patterns, if not the accent. Kate’s accent really mutilates the English language. She should take proper lessons, as you say, rather than channeling her dead mother-in-law, presumably to ride her coat tails with the public and manipulate William. Sad woman.

    3. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Pippa’s voice or speech patterns. I feel that if Kate had kept hers, it would make her even more endearing.

      Diana’s public speaking truly evolved. She was painful to watch in the early years, but had the smarts to go get top notch help. No one would begrudge Kate if she did the same.

    4. I have read in the Daily mail that Kate got elocution lessons via the palace before the marriage. This was alongside the other lessons like how to sit, walk, etc. Not sure if it’s true or not but if she did then that might explain the similarity to Diana. For whatever reason, Kate has been unable to learn how to do any royal task well. Walkabouts, talking, dressing (hair up so people can see you, weighted hems) are still a struggle for her.

      1. To coin a phrase, *Kate’s a Royal mess*! This woman is absolutely hopeless! The BRF is only wasting their money in an endeavor to fix that which is broken and cannot be fixed. At some point, someone has to say “enough” and leave her be. Kate’s problem is her ego.

        I was watching the business news last night, which touched upon Britain’s Brexit decision. There was mention that the UK will lose a huge amount of jobs from the fallout, and that the Bank of England has proffered a plan to restructure Britain’s economy. It was also felt that they are in some sort of recession.

        I can help the Bank of England to recoup $4.6 million pounds per year, and it’s very simple. My plan: Cut off W&K’s huge allowance and put them to work in a 9-5 job, and have them pay their own bills, from their earnings. LOL. I think Kate will have a nervous breakdown if that move comes to fruition. ha, ha.

      2. I think those, along with the “princess lessons”, were all made up by the press. There is video of her, long before the engagement, speaking in her mangled accent. The royals didn’t do this to her speech patterns, she did it to herself years ago.

        1. Past company of Kate has said, on several occasions, that she started her mangling at Marlborough. She was very conscious of the fact that she sounded middle class whilst the other girls sounded posh so she started trying to emulate them. Apparently by the time that she left she sounded posher than the actual upper crust.

          I have heard her speak, a video from 2007, that is clearly very self adjusted, but nothing compared to now. Now she’s barely intelligible where as then you could at least understand the words, and see that she’s a middle class girl trying to fit into a world she’s clearly on the fringes of. That link is here.


          The worst part is that despite her “princess makeover”, as it’s been called, she’s still on the fringes. She’s still the girl that clearly doesn’t think she’s good enough. For all of her faults, like the bone-idle laziness, it’s sad that a 34 year-old woman is stilling playing at life. What a pity.

    5. It’s so funny, I was not expecting Pippa to sound like that! Not that’s it’s bad, and she speaks very well, but I thought her voice would be higher pitched and a bit…breathier(don’t ask me why!).

    6. Thanks for posting those video links. I think that Pippa’s accent sounds quite natural, and it is much easier to understand what she is saying compared to Kate.

  16. Haven’t had a chance to read all of the comments, but it looks almost like someone used a camera phone for William and Kate’s part. Kate almost looks like an alien. Harry is the only one who seems genuinely thrilled. I’m sure Kate would’ve loved a trip to Rio for the Olympics. It would have combined two of her favorite things: vacations to places she hasn’t been and sports. And she would’ve gotten to buy a new wardrobe. Hmmm, I wonder if she did buy one on the assumption that they would be attending last year since she tends to hide things away before she wears them.

  17. That KP statement is exactly why Harry needs to distance himself from the lazy duo. Harry’s conservation work was not something that was decided suddenly which means that he never planned to be at the Olympics.
    Kate and William are lazying around in France and thus have no excuse as to why they are not there. So when KP releases a stupid statement such as this one, they are putting all three young royals together so that in case of a backlash Harry won’t be spared.
    It was the same thing, earlier this year, when both William and Kate were getting criticism for being workshy, suddenly you had articles about how Harry is also a workshy etc…

    Instead of stepping up to their roles, they keep lowering everyone else down at their level. These two make me sick.

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