Crown Princess Mary in diamond tiara for Mexican State Visit to Denmark

Crown Princess Mary in diamond tiara for Mexican State Visit to Denmark

Crown Princess Mary brought out her new tiara again for the Mexican State Visit to Denmark last week.

Mary, along with her husband Crown Prince Frederik, joined Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik in welcoming the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, and his wife, Angelica Rivera, to Denmark. A State Banquet at Fredensborg Palace was held the first night of the visit.

Mary wore her Diamond and Ruby Necklace Tiara as a tiara for a second time, paired with a red, ruffled gown from Jesper Høvring which was first worn to the Luxembourg royal wedding in 2012. Mary received the Order of the Aztec Eagle (Mexico). I’m not digging the ruffles.

In other Mary news, Mary took a course at Harvard University in the US from March 28 to April 8. She was there taking a short course called “Global Leadership and Public Policy for the 21st Century” which is offered by the Harvard Kennedy School and is targeted to members of the community known as Young Global Leaders. Mary was appointed as a Young Global Leader in 2012, based on her work with the Mary Foundation.

Daisy wore the Baden Palmette Tiara with a repeated blue gown with white overlay on the bodice, paired with sapphire necklace and earrings from Queen Alexandrine. Daisy wore the collar of Order of the Aztec Eagle (Mexico).

Princess Marie, accompanied by Prince Joachim, wore the Diamond Floral Tiara she always wears along with a red gown with lace overlay on the bodice from Rikke Gudnitz. Marie also received the Order of the Aztec Eagle (Mexico).

The entire Danish royal family came out to welcome the President and First Lady at the airport. Mary wore a Missoni coat she first wore in March, and Gianvito Rossi pumps. Marie wore a blue lace dress from Lou & Lowe.

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  1. Mary is just so refined! She has pose and regality and is just lovely. I agree with you about the ruffles, but she still manages to look lovely. Daisy does also and Marie is just beautiful and always looks so nicely put together. Thank you for the lovely post!

  2. I had to refresh my memory on Princess Mary and I knew nothing about Princess Marie. Wikipedia is my go to for the basics. These two women are so pretty and don’t look their ages. Both are accomplished in education and work force. I am impressed. I just know I could never have handled becoming a princess as these 2 did…all those manners just at a meal..Whewie. Thank you for another evoking interest post.

      1. Sorry ladies – its mine , all mine!! So much better than Kate’s many many similar plain coloured ones. and I am sure buttoned right up is more necessary in Denmark than it is in London.

        1. Nope, sorry Birdy I called dibs first! Besides grey is my color! I don’t mind that she buttoned the coat all the way up simply because she doesn’t do that with everything she wears.

          1. So I am late to the party, but I want that coat!!! CP Mary is exceptional. One of my favorites esp since she can pull off that dress, which I do not like much, and still look regal and beautiful. No manic faces, no looks of boredom. Professional and lovely

    1. That coat is gorgeous! I really like the ombre look that has graced the fashion scene in recent years. Elie Saab had some lovely ombre gowns (without all the encrusted bling) that looked really lovely. I also remember an amazing white and black ombre Stephane Rolland gown worn by Sheika Mozah – accessorixed with white and black pearls.

      I kind of like the big brooch on Marie’s coat – and I like her hat better than Mary’s. And let’s not forget Princess Benedikte who knows how to rock a big hat.

    2. Am I the only one who doesn’t like Mary’s coat? When I saw it, I said to myself, “Oh, no, a Kate coat!”

      Mary, however, has it rings around Kate.

      Love her Harvard affiliation. She cares, and wants to do the best she can for everyone in this world. I think she is a shining example of what Kate should be, but alas, may not be able to pull off.

      Special mention for Daisy. Every picture I ever see of her makes me smile. She seems truly delightful.

      Thank you, KMR, for treating us to news about other Royals.

      1. No, you are not alone. I did not like the coat, either. To me, it was dowdy. The color and style. Grey can be awesome, but this coat did not impress me.

        And, what is with Princess Marie? In the red gown, no smiles. Just so glum
        Nicer photo of her in the coat, though.

      2. Not alone. I don’t really care for that coat, either. She’s worn so many better ones.

    3. I love that coat! It reminds me (sorry), that Kate has worn some really nice coats in the past, which I have never seen for a second public outing. I think it may have been a couple of coats she wore in Scotland.

      Princess Marie looks lovely. One of her best. Anyone know anything new about Prince Joachim’s first wife? I heard she was getting or is divorced for the second time.

        1. Thanks, ArtHistorian. I didn’t know Martin had been unfaithful to Alexandra. It makes me wonder if she has regrets about getting her first divorce. At least in my country, the experts claim the success rate decreases with each subsequent marriage

          I hope she is happy in her new life. I didn’t know about her until recently and she seemed to be a hard working royal in her time.

          1. She was very popular – charismatic, charming, outgoing and she leant Danish in record time. She gave her first speech in Danish whilst still engaged. I do think that Mary works more than Alex did, mainly through her Foundation. However, she hasn’t been a member of the DRF for a decade so I am a bit fuzzy on the details.

            She has been in the tabloids lately as “50 and fabulous” with a new young man on her arm (or at least that’s what has been implied). She has sold her expensive villa in Cph, probably to sort out her finances, which appear to have been chaotic. I suspect that her second husband has had a hand in this because she was a successful business woman before her first marriage.

  3. All the royal ladies look beautiful, oozed class and elegance . Very well groomed, beautifully accessorized, sedate natural makeup, well groomed hair.
    One thing that strikes me is that on nearly all occasions they don’t have any trouble in always looking appropriately dressed for the occasion whether it is day or evening event. You don’t always have to like what they are wearing but it is generally spot on.
    I agree with Kat, the ladies do not look there ages, skin is creamy and unlined, care taken there I guess to protect against the sun.
    Thinking back to the Sapphire blue Jenny Packham evening dress the Duchess wore on the first evening as beautiful as it was and the Duchess did look lovely, it wasn’t age appropriate for her, it looked somewhat matronly, for a older woman yes, and too much matching accessories, earrings, clutch, shoes etc.. The Duchess really needs some guidance, she is young, the styles she chooses day or evening can often come across as frumpy and too old for someone her age.
    How fantastic that the Crown Princess Mary is still trying to better herself and has taken part in a course at Harvard University. Busy with royal duties, 4 children and a husband dynamic comes to mind in describing her. She shows initiative, drive and has a wonderful work ethic.
    The princesses are a real asset to Denmark.

    1. It shows someone who is a ‘commoner’ does not have to behave like a commoner (referring to our snowflake). Except, Will is royal and acts…

      I wonder if Kate is planning to go to Harvard? She likes reading all those scientific papers.

    2. ArtHistorian,
      How is Mary’s Danish? (pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, style, …)
      I’d be interested to know!

  4. A nice change from the holi-tour, it took place a week ago but boy did it drag!! As previous people have said, the Danish royal family are elegant and always look refined. I thought it was a nice touch that the two sisters inlaw wore red, they both looked lovely. Can you imagine Kate colour coordinating with Harry’s future wife? I can’t!! I don’t mind the ruffles on Mary’s dress but I have a problem with the bodice.

      1. Kate would claim she was wearing one color and show up in another. rhiannon, you won’t have that problem because the staff will love you, keep their eyes and ears open for you and inform you on all her shenanigans.

        1. I have a feeling that there will be no sisterly bonding between Kate or myself or any royal bride. That’s a shame because it could be a good team. But to be honest, I think she would bore me to tears.

        2. I could very much see that happening. I think Kate would/will be very passive aggressive toward Harry’s wife.

          1. And I have to wonder if Harry’s kids will be close with George & Charlotte. I see that in SRF and really makes me happy that cousins are close.

          2. Especially since Harry’s children will be several (at least) years younger than George and Charlotte, I can’t really see them being super close. Harry’s and William’s kids won’t be super close in age like the Swedish kids.

          3. @KMR
            Oh I can definitely see Kate being very passive/aggressive with anyone Harry marries (don’t forget we have your back here Rhiannon!). I also see Kate doing that already to William now.

      2. I have wondered in the past if Kate is part of what scares Harry’s potential suitors away. She doesn’t seem to be friendly with or bond with other women (outside her family). I could see Kate being a jealous and mean spirited sister-in-law. Not to mention, if Harry married anyone hardworking, they would probably have to check themselves regularly to make sure they aren’t overshadowing the future queen.

        I have hopes that if Harry doesn’t marry Rhiannon, he will marry someone with wealth of her own, who doesn’t have to worry about the royal family. Independent wealth would afford Harry’s wife a lot of independence. Plus, until Kate is queen, can she *really* dictate how many events another person in the family does? If Harry’s wife has enough of her own money to hire her own secretary and PR person w/o Kensington Palace, I don’t know what would be stopping her from doing events on her own.

  5. Not only do these 2 sisters-in-law marry their respective princes, they have to immerse themselves into new culture & tradition. To top it off, they have to learn the Danish language which I was told is not an easy language to learn. So kudos to them. They are really classy royal ladies.

  6. What a lovely post, KMR! I’ve always been impressed by Mary. Her style and poise is impeccable. While I’m not in love with her dress, she does carry it well. That coat…let’s just say in want it. Daisy looks lovely and Marie…She just strikes me as a quiet force. She leaves a mark in a good way.

    Kudos to Mary for going to Harvard. This is a prime example of being prepared to use her role effectively. It’s important not only to show up, but to know what you’re talking about, both literally and figuratively.

    Thank you, KMR! It’s always nice to see what the DRF are up to. Also looking forward to hearing from ArtHistorian today as well. 🙂

    1. Hi Rhiannon! I second your kudos to Mary for going to Harvard!! It’s wonderful that she is continuing her education, what a great example she’s setting for her children. So the class was 10 days long yet somehow she was able to carry out engagements before leaving her children for that period of time, weird right?

    2. Well said Rhiannon. Show up and know what one is talking about. Yes, that sums up Mary.
      I think she is lovely. Very well educated and informed. She is making a difference. Good for her.

  7. Okay, first things first everyone back off, the coat is Mine!! What ever “it” is, Mary has “it” in spades! I love how she styled this outfit with the pillbox hat, great shoes and gloves, and the best accessory of all…beautiful posture!

    I must say I really like this dress on Daisy! Sometimes I find her outfits a bit much, especially when she wears that grey, fur stole which I’m glad to see she left at home tonight. But this dress with the lace overlay looks really youthful and fresh on her.

    I’m glad to see that Mary’s tiara has better posture at this wearing and isn’t leaning back. Imo, it looks like she paired a strapless red dress with a red shirt underneath and I’m not sure I love it. Maybe if the dress had a contrasting color on top, or lose the under shirt and wear it as just the strapless dress? There just seems to be too many design elements here, maybe that the trend as we’ve been seeing several royal dress lately that seem to have 3 too many elements going on at the same time.

    Marie looked lovely tonight! I have to ask, is it just me but sometimes I see a look on Marie’s face that makes me think she can be snooty or snobby or maybe a bit bitchy. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

    1. Like everyone else I don’t really like Mary’s red dress, but do you know what, I don’t really care. She has beautiful posture, she is dressed appropriately, I like the tiara and she looks composed and professional. So if I disagree with her fashion choice it is sort of irrelevant.

      1. Absolutely Birdy- while CP Mary’s dress is ugly, IMO, but she looks so beautiful, interested, professional and poised, that the ugly dress does not overwhelm her at all. Her personality still shines through.

    2. I suggest that we all share the coat! It’s a total stunner.

      Marie doestrogen project an air of being standoffish. I don’t know if I would cross her, lol!

      1. Nooooo (feet stomping) mine, mine, mine! Whew, it’s so fun to have a toddler temper tantrum sometimes 🙂

        You know when I first started watching Mary, I got the impression that she wasn’t someone i would want to meet in a dark alley but overtime I’ve seen more of her warmth although I still wouldn’t want to cross her 🙂 I wonder how her and Marie get along? Are they friends or frenemies?

        1. Well I don’t need it first. Glorious spring evening here , the dog is asleep in the sun after a long run, and I’m just contemplating a gin and tonic! Feels like summer is nearly here – but we’ll probably have a frost in the morning.

          1. It looks like the coat is coming to my place first as I’ll be the first one to have a winter this year?
            That will give you lot in the Northern Hemisphere time to work out where to send it on to next?
            (Now I’ve got a cute pair of grey suede boots with heels I think will look great with that coat, let me know if you want me to include the boots in the parcel too?)

      2. I think it’s just a case of rbf. I watched a documentary of the Danish royal family a few years ago which documented a year in the life of the family. I thought they were genuinely warm towards one another and comfortable in each others company, unlike the BRF. Marie seemed very relaxed and was more photogenic on film rather than stills.

    3. No I thought Marie was Kate Middleton at the Chinese State Banquet, at first. The similar red dress, build, colouring and the same bored and standoffish facial expression. Of course, Marie looks less haggard though.

  8. Mary looks fabulous in the red gown. I’m not a ruffles person but it’s playful and flirty. Others would have looked like a birthday cake but Mary pulls it off with aplomb!

    The coat dress exemplifies a smart choice on how not to look dowdy and frumpy. Love the disappearing print. Her overall look is a big win from head to toe. She has a terrific stylist (are you listening Kate?)

    It must be tempting to rest on your laurels and do the routine royal work given her wealth and stature. The short course at Harvard speaks volume of a curious mind and dedication to making a meaningful contribution to her patronage and society in general.

  9. I like the dress. Not so much the ruffles. It’s nice to see women that look elegant, confident, composed with excellent posture. They really know how to carry themselves. Also these women are not silly girls. Like someone we all know who. They are educated women. Who continue to educate themselves. Who take they’re roles seriously. It is refreshing to see.

    1. I do believe you’ve right Eleanor, Mary, Leti, Max and the others are women, they act like women not like little girls who are still attached to mummy. They laugh and seduce, not giggle and act coy, they hold themselves with dignity and worth. Most importantly they know their worth.

    1. Studying? No. But they might invite her to do ribbon cutting. She’s good at that. That might be one of her only talents that contribute to royal duties.

  10. I wish there was a blog in English dedicated to Mary not only about what she wore but also her work and engagement. Does anybody know one? This lady truly deserves more attention and praise.

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