Princess Sofia has given birth (update: It’s a boy!)

Princess Sofia has given birth (update: It’s a boy!)

Princess Sofia has given birth to her and Prince Carl Philip‘s first child. UPDATE: It’s a boy!

Princess Sofia gave birth to a healthy child

Sofia gave birth today, April 19, at 6:25 PM Sweden time at Danderyd Hospital.

The report from the Marshal says the child is “healthy and prosperous” and that “both mother and child are doing well”. The sex of the baby has not been announced yet.

Carl Philip will speak to the press at 9:30 PM Sweden time (3:30 PM EDT), at which time he will hopefully reveal whether they had a boy or a girl.

UPDATE: Carl Philip revealed that the child is a boy, weighing 7.9 lbs and 19.3 inches long. Carl Philip was at the hospital when the baby was born and he cut the umbilical cord.

At the press conference, Carl Philip said (translated via Google Translate):

    “There was a little boy, a son, which we of course are incredibly happy. I think it will be a very good mix between the two of us. To be part of this and see Sofia go through this is breathtaking. Sofia was fantastic during childbirth and did everything right. She was really good. For me and my wife, this is the biggest thing that happened to us, the feelings can not be put into words, love is the only thing I think about, now we are a family. It was a choice we made quite early. We did not know the sex, but to have it as a big surprise. He has a good pair of lungs.”

Queen Silvia was in the middle of a conference in New York (speaking at the UN about drug prevention) when she learned the news. Afterward, she said: “I was sitting here in an important meeting. It was a bit difficult to communicate, but I knew something was going on. It’s incredible, I’m so glad indeed.”

The cabinet meeting at which the baby’s name a duchy will be revealed will take place Thursday, April 21, at 11:15 AM Sweden time (5:15 AM EDT). The Te Deum will take place Friday, April 22, at 12:00 PM Sweden time (6:00 AM EDT).

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are expecting a child.

Carl Philip and Sofia2

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia engineering sciences formal gathering

Photos: / SVT

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  1. This comes after I read comments on another website that said maybe the baby will “do a Charlotte”. I replied to them that it’s not Charlotte’s fault her parents got the date wrong.

    1. I felt like the wait for George was much longer then the wait for Charlotte.

      Plus, with the Cambridge tour taking up all my thought process last week, I just started “waiting” for Sofia yesterday. So it didn’t seem that long to me.

  2. Congratulations and thank you KMR once again for your amazing speed.

    How strange they don’t release the sex, I hope Mum and baby are well.

    1. Thanks Birdy. I’m glad I saw it. I banked a few posts while waiting for Kate photos last week so I could take a break from the blog after the tour. I can’t wait to find out the sex. I, too, thought it was odd they didn’t release that info with the birth announcement. They did for Victoria and Maddie.

    2. Congratulations to the wonderful hard working SRF Prince Couple – Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip – well done and so happy for you, the SRF and the people!

      May the royal sons/children,work as hard as your royal family, as dedicated to your people and country and continue to show others the real meaning of caring royals for the next generation.

  3. Jumpy claps, jumpy claps!! Congratulations to Carl Phillip and Sofia on the birth of their first child!! Queen Silvia must be over the moon with all her new grandchildren!

    1. The queen was in New York, hope she’s jumped on a plane home. What a happy granny she must be so many little babies.

      1. I’m so much glad, especially for Queen Silvia. I admit I have a soft spot for that lady. Something tells me that her life with CG was no bed of roses.

        She must be an amazing granny. The picture of her at the meeting with the pope, having wee Leonore on her lap, always makes me smile.

        1. Oh, I remember that photo, too. It was so special!

          Queen Siliva is such a beautiful woman and she seems to be most loving.
          I also agree, Elina, her life with the King must not have been easy.

          I hope the King doesn’t get any ideas about putting his son back into the next in line role. Especially, since his son fathered a boy. I would assume that is not possible, but the King always seemed so disappointed that Victoria was not the son he wanted.

          Cheers to the happy couple, their families, and all best wishes to their little Prince. He must be adorable.

    1. I thought she would have a boy. My guess about when she would deliver was dead wrong. I was off by over a week.

  4. Kimothy, you were so close!!!

    Congrats to the Royal Couple and all best wishes to their baby, who is adorable, I am sure and healthy, I hope. Odd that the baby’s sex has not been announced.

    Wow, more excitement from the Swedish Royals. Love them!

    Good news, KMR. Thanks for the update.

    1. That’s right! Kimothy had the dream about a baby boy for Sofia and CP. What an intuition! Now, will the king be happy with all his princes grandchildren born lately?

      I’m so glad for the royal couple. Finally the baby’s here and was fashionably late not to coincide with W&K tour.

      Many congratulations to the couple!
      I hope we’ll see pictures soon!
      And thank you KMR for the timely update. πŸ™‚

    2. I’m so happy that CP and Sofia have a healthy baby AND that I was right about the gender!!! Now I’m curious to find out his name!!

  5. Congratulations to the Royal couple. All the best wishes to the new parents and welcome to the world little one.

    Thank you KMR, for the update. I have been checking all week I have to admit again for the news. It was good of you to post. I think you really need a holiday after all this.

    1. While I was certain about Victoria having a boy, I was confused with this one. I kind of hoped for a girl so the thadition of SRF for first born girls would continue.

      Anyway, it’s so good that all the little cousins in this family are so close in age. Oh, definitely Nicolas, Oscar and this one will be having a blast playing together, soon!

      BTW, any guesses for a name? I was terrible in guessing the other ones!

    2. I did think Sofia was going to have a boy, but after Victoria had a boy instead of the girl I thought she was going to have, I wanted Sofia to have a girl.

  6. Does anyone remember the way they usually announce a birth in the SRF? I wondered if, “Prince Philip was present at the hospital throughout the birth” was standard language.

    It made me wonder if she possibly had a c-section and the prince waited just outside of the O.R. I’m probably just thinking things up.

        1. Just FYI, a man can be present for a C-section as well, typically we just have him step out while the spinal is placed, so as not to faint if he’s queasy.

  7. Thank you for the updates. That was sweet what the new Father Carl Phillip had to say about his son’s birth. Now to wait for the name and first photo.

  8. I think it is just good that the baby and mother are well afterwards. I hope the cousins get on. I think the best think to do is just teach them how to get on. The degree of friendship is up to them. I would never force a friendship of my nieces. Luckily I can teach them how to behave to each other.

    1. I think they probably will. CP, Victoria and Madeleine seem pretty close, that’s always a good start for cousins to get along.

  9. So happy for them:) Estelle must be thinking “another baby to take care of!”
    She loves to help with the baby’s ☺

  10. In a previous blog some people alluded to things Victoria’s brother said or did that were not terribly nice – what was that? Also I recall reading/hearing something about whether he should have been heir to the throne (rather than Victoria) – could someone fill me in?
    I’ve been wanting to find out, but only now the blog is on him/his family, so this is a time to ask….

    1. I don’t know what Carl Philip said or did that “were not terribly nice”, but the succession thing is that when Carl Philip was born, he was Crown Prince for several months due to Sweden still having male primogeniture in place. In January 1980, Sweden passed a law (the process of which was started before Carl Philip was born) which changed the primogeniture laws to absolute primogeniture, making Victoria Crown Princess since she’s the first born.

  11. Yay wonderful news. I am happy that everyone is healthy and well.

    I was thinking that she was going o have a girl too, as has been happening in the SRF. I can’t wait to find out what they name the little one.

  12. What fabulous news! I am over the moon in happiness for Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip. A baby boy. Congratulations! Such a lovely way to share the news with the world: “… love is the only thing I think about, now we are a family.”

      1. Yes, Runaway Sneaker, I hope you had a fun day and that this will be a wonderful new year in your life! Nice to be sharing the day from now on with a Royal.

      1. Thanks guys! It was fun πŸ˜€

        I hope so Jenny!
        I’m divorced and happier. Enjoying life in a way I haven’t in years and have someone new to do that with. New state, New job, New and fresh start πŸ˜€

  13. Congratulation to the royal couple! This must be the best birthday present for King Carl Gustav since he’s celebrating it at the end of the month.75 years old with 5 grandchildren, the last one a grandson from his favorite child, he must be jumping for joy & grinning from ear to ear.

      1. I don’t mean to sound snarky but I don’t like CG anymore. I used to like him a lot but after those scandalous womanizing stories, I hate him for embarrassing the SRF & humiliating Silvia.

  14. Congratulations to Carl Philip and Sophia!
    I was thinking it may have been a girl as his sisters had girls first. It’s going to be really cute seeing the 3 male cousins growing up together as they are so close in age!
    It must have been hard to Queen Silvia to sit on the news while she was at her meeting!
    Thanks for the quick post KMR!

  15. Congratulations and my very best wishes to Sophia, Carl Philip and the little prince. It is so good to hear that the SRF have another healthy baby. I am looking forward to seeing the first pictures of the new arrival.

  16. Finally!! Can’t wait to see him. It’s a nice touch that they didn’t find out the baby’s gender, I don’t know if I could do it though. πŸ™‚

  17. Congratulations to the new parents! Babies are always good news. Can’t wait to see a picture and find out his name. I’m sure they are over the moon and CG is ecstatic that it is a little boy!

  18. I saw a photo of the three of them leaving the hospital. They looked happy and Sophia looked beautifully natural. No bespoke expensive dress or expert hair stylist in tow.

  19. I’m so happy for them. I can’t wait to see a picture of Silvia with her grandchildren. And Estelle and squirmy monkey Leonore coralling them along.

    Thanks for the sweet announcement, KMR!

  20. The photo of the little family is adorable. I like the way the new baby is poking his head out. Just enough. They do look so happy.

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