Crown Princess Victoria releases new photos of Princess Estelle, visits Värmland

Crown Princess Victoria releases new photos of Princess Estelle, visits Värmland

Not a ton of you were interested in Princess Charlene’s twins, so I don’t know how many of you will be interested in new photos of Princess Estelle of Sweden, but I’m posting them anyway because four new photos of Princess Estelle were released yesterday. Also, Princess Madeleine and Princess Leonore were out and about in London and Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Värmland.

Princess Estelle fall 4

The photos were taken in the park outside Haga Palace.

Princess Estelle fall 1

Princess Estelle fall 3

Princess Estelle fall 2

Speaking of little princesses, Princess Madeleine took Princess Leonore to the opening of the Swedish Church Christmas Bazaar in London on November 19. Madeleine posted the below photo to her Facebook page with the caption: “Picture from the opening of the Swedish Church in London Christmas Market. It was lovely to meet Father Michael and people from the Swedish community!”

Princess Madeleine and Princess Leonore at Swedish Church

On Wednesday, November 18, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Värmland (of which Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are Duke and Duchess – they visited in August). This trip was part of an ongoing series of visits with the theme of migration and integration. Previous trips with the same theme include the Crown Princess couple’s trip to Östersund in March, and Victoria’s trip to Brussels and the Hague in April.

The couple’s first stop was Värmlands Museum where they were greeted and watched a performance by Wermlands Opera. They then viewed the exhibition “Where do we migrate to?” which is a collection of twenty international artist’s and artist collective’s interpretation of migration.

The couple then moved on to the University of Karlstad where they met with students from the psychology program and listened to a panel discussion about children’s mental health titled: “What can we do to improve children’s mental health.” (like OMG they totally stole Duchess Kate’s cause 😉 ).

In the afternoon, the couple visited Central Hospital and met with participants in Care SFI – a project in which the Värmland County Council works with the Region Värmland County Administrative Board and the Employment Service, to offer language training to asylum seekers/foreign-born nationals with health care backgrounds.

The final stop of the visit was to Kil Municipality where the couple visited the HVB accommodation for unaccompanied refugee children. Kil is working to achieve a program where young people can develop from asylum seekers to independent living.

Victoria wore her favorite pregnancy label, Seraphine Maternity. This time opting for the “Bubble Print Maternity Dress” (£59.00) and a blue coat.

Seraphine Maternity Bubble Print Maternity Dress

While in Värmland, Victoria denied the rumor that she is expecting twins saying, “It perhaps looks like that!” She also refused to answer whether she’s having a boy or a girl, and when asked what Estelle wanted, Victoria replied: “What she really wants is a hamster!” That’s adorable.

BTW, hand holding.

Daniel gave an interview recently where he opened up about his health issues (he had a kidney transplant in 2009 where his father donated a kidney) and defining a role for himself in the Swedish Royal Family.

On his health: “When the kidneys are not working properly, the blood becomes poisoned. Just a few hours after the transplant, I felt so clean and clear, it was amazing. To start with I did not think it was so fun to talk about and it felt private, but I have realized that I need to be able to contribute in the way I can. My message is that if you are willing to receive an organ for yourself or for a relative, then you must also be willing to give. Actually, it’s that simple.”

On his role in the SRF: “My main task is to be [Victoria’s] support, especially in her next assignment as head of state. But she is happy that I have found my own fields, so that we can do good on a broader front. She supports the environment, foreign aid and international peace work. I have an understanding of what it meant by ‘role model’, which is my wife.”



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Photos: Kate Gabor/ / Swedish church / Seraphine / Getty

61 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria releases new photos of Princess Estelle, visits Värmland

  1. Oh my god!!!! Stop growing up so quickly, Estelle! Such a cutie! Now, I really don’t see the issue with W&K doing something like this every so often; they’re not pap pics, Kate will get to use her oh-so-sublime photography skills and show off a little with that and it keeps the public happy. What is there to lose?

    1. Beautiful SRF, lovely future Swede Queens Princesses! Princess Estelle, whenever you see her, cant help but smile. Her personality sends warm, positive feelings for the future of Sweden/globally (as her mom who seem very dedicated to duties and position of heir).

      As children- Estelle is such a contrast to the few times we have seen gumpy looking PG; except when he’s with loving Nanny Maria (middletons snobbish, bore upbringing may be cause).

      It’s also lovely Princess Maddie and Leonore were out about with London Swedish community Christmas event – NO fuss about paps or the public interfering.

    2. Yes, please stop growing Estelle…

      (looking at this little cutie kinda reminds me how much the world will miss of… What are their names? Oh yeah some George and Charlottesville. Cool W & K)

  2. What a beautiful family and what a beautiful attitude they have. I thouroughly enjoy learning more about and seeing this beautiful family.

  3. Thank you KMR. Estelle is a sweetie and growing into such a pretty and confident girl. I like I like the third and fourth photo especially. I am not keen on the thumbs up one. I don’t know if people mean it or not or if I am over analysing. I think Leonore is adorable and good for Madeleine going out and about meeting people and taking her daughter with her. I wonder if Leonore was able to explore. Victoria looks radiant. I like the blue coat it highlights her bump and Victoria is not deliberately bumping it. The dress looks gorgeous too. I know its a bubble pattern but it could be a peacock pattern or am I misinterpreting. I like how they release photos of their kids. It is more natural. Thank you again for a lovely post. I am afraid I don’t know much about the Monaco family but I will take a look. It is my day off and I am on here.

  4. To be honest I was being a pessimist when I read that Victoria married Daniel, her gym trainer and I thought, wow, time sure has changed, and I made fun of him a bit. It turned out I was wrong. Look at how wonderful he turned out to be, he performs so well as a Crown Princess’ husband and closest ally, and their children grew up to be a delightful little princess with a lot of personality! Sweet Estelle, she grows up so fast and such a pleasure to see her bigger everytime.

    1. Agree on the point of Prince Daniel – who is has turned out to be such a wonderful, supportive, regal and doting husband/father.

      His parents/family carole and the meddlesomes should take special parenting (especially in law) notes.

    2. You are not the only one.

      I was completely against it, but I started to change my mind during the wedding. One could see how in love they actually were.

      Lately I have come to realize that no man with an education, a career would have wanted to marry Victoria, meaby a penniless aristocrat or a social climber.

      Someone has to be really confident and to understand that he always will play the second fiddle. Look how difficult it is for prince Henrik and he was even a French aristocrat.

      1. I am very impressed by Daniel. I was never against the marriage despite the difference in social standing. He helped her conquer her eating disorder and it is was so very obvious how much they loved each other and what a big support he is for Victoria. Furthermore, he was a businessman. It wasn’t like he had a scandalous career/past or unsavoury connections, which is something that dogged Mette-Marit, Sofia and Maxima (though she can’t really be blamed for her father’s unsavoury political choices). I do feel there there was a double standard at play when people judged Daniel unsuitable simply because he was a gym owner.

        Regarding, Prince Henrik. I think the deciding factor with his struggles with having a lower rank than his wife and his oldest son is due to his age and the fact that French culture is still a rather patriarchal one. Indeed, one of the things that has really rankled him is that his rank is lower than his son’s – it doesn’t fit with the paternalistic traditions that he is a product of. I am a bit less secure about how much it rankles him that his wife precedes him in rank. He was a diplomat before he married and he knew that Margrethe would be Head of State. Then again, what we know intellectually doesn’t always translate well emotionally. However, he ought to have kept his mouth shut because it didn’t endear him to the Danes.

        1. What teared me watching the wedding speech by Daniel was that Victoria had written a letter for each of the days she would be away on tour to China. I like how Daniel says his understanding of role model is Victoria and that he was there for Victoria to help her through her problems. Neither of them gave up. I think love is more about emotional attraction. You can see how together these three nearly four are.

  5. I think Princess Estelle had a smile on her face since the day she was born. What a darling, delightful and joyful child. Like all children, I am sure she has her moments, but the way she behaves in public is amazing. I wonder what Victoria and Daniel have done to prepare her.

    I didn’t really notice V&D until their wedding photos came out. I actually loved her veil and the cameo tiara combined with her simple gown. They looked so happy on the day, He looks like a great husband.

    W&K need to take a page from their book. I am tired of the poor ‘Kate the photographer’ shots. Have a pro take some good shots and be done with it. Have photos of the kids released every 3-4 months and this will satisfy most of the public. Why is this intrusive? W&K are too full of themselves. I think it is less about the children and their privacy and more about W&K’s bad attitudes.

    1. Spot on!

      Wonderful post KMR – and in the spirit of Christmas SRF and their children are all genuine positive, warm*fuzzy sharing – thank you.

    2. The swedish Cameo Tiara is a particular favorite of mine. it is such a gorgeous piece of Napoleonic jewellery. It was made by Nîtot (founder of Chaumet) for Napoleon’s wife Josephine and it came into the SRF through a marriage with one of her female descendants from her first marriage. So it has a unique historical value on a par with the Danish Ruby-Diamond Tiara that was made for Desirée Bernadotte for Napoleon’s imperial coronation. That tiara came intro the DRF through another royal marriage. It was given to Princess Lovisa by her mother (with an entire parure) when she married the Danish CP, later Frederik VIII. It was said the her mother though she ought to have some jewellery in the Danish colours

      1. Thanks! ArtHistorian, I really appreciate all the information you have about a subject and being generous about passing it on to us at KMR. I am a sucker for the cameo tiara and the Danish ruby tiara, but I think I liked it before it was altered after the wedding. Did I get that right? I must like ‘fussy’ jewelry with simple gowns. At least that would be my look, if I was royalty. Ha Ha!

        1. Mary had the Ruby Tiara altered some years after the wedding. It is actually in its third incarnation! It was originally a slender wreath, then Queen Ingrid had it altered to a more traditional triangle shape and then Mary has had it altered to a more compact, band-like shape. It was also put on a frame fitted to her head. Before that she couldn’t wear it upright because the frame didn’t fit well.

          I’m rather partial to the new shape but I do like the old triangular as well. I do like that the different wearers have made the piece their “own”.

          The Ruby Diamond Parure is traditionally worn by the Crown Princess and/or Queen Consort.

          A portrait of a young Ingrid wearing the tiara in its wreath incarnation:

          Alexandrine wearing the wreath as a headband 20s style:

          Mary wearing the tiara:


          Before and after:

          1. I still like it best in the second phase of the tiara, but if it didn’t fit C.P. Mary, what is a princess supposed to do?

          2. Ideally, the armature that supports the tiara ought to be fitted to the wearer’s head. However, since most tiaras are heirlooms, this rarely happens. That sometimes accounts for tiaras being worn in somewhat “weird” ways. Mary waited almost a decade to get the tiara fitted and altered. Probably because the set has been so closely associated with Queen Ingrid – she has said that she didn’t feel comfortable playing around with the entire parure, wearing it in many different ways, until several years into the marriage.

            The tiara is made up of all these leaf-like brooches. Mary had a couple removed from the old design – now she uses them as hair ornaments, which I love! She seems to have taken her cue from Silvia who is the queen of bewelled hair ornaments.

  6. Another Awwww post!! Princess Estelle is so full of life and happiness, it’s a joy to see. Plus I really like these more candid shots, not stiff and posed but showing a cute little girl feeding the birds and enjoying a crisp fall day. You can just tell that the love Victoria and Daniel have for each other has rubbed off on their daughter, lucky little girl.

    I was shocked to see Victoria take her coat off inside. I didn’t think royals did that…oh wait, no it’s just the British royals who don’t, that way they can make a mad dash for the door without waiting for their coat to be retrieved.

    So far I’m loving Victoria’s maternity wardrobe and can’t wait to see what she’ll wear to the Noble Prize awards!!

  7. I agree. Victoria may have her insecurities but her body language and taking her coat off says look I am comfortable where I am. And no wearing mournful colours to events.

    1. I love seeing coverage of Princess Charlene, the adorable babies and the rest of the Monaco family. Doesn’t Prince Albert look increasingly fit? I see so many nasty comments about him being bald and overweight, so I wanted to throw a compliment in his direction.

      KMR, we all tend to be focused on watching Kate in great detail, so it is really nice to read about what other royals are doing. I appreciate all the writing, editing and gathering of great photos you do to keep us entertained and informed. Thanks for all your hard work and Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. Great pictures, what a happy little girl. My question is……..why does George look like a grumpy old man all the time in his pictures? It is really quite unbelievable that we have not seen any official pictures of George and Charlotte, since the christening (I think). Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    1. I think it might be because William is a grumpy face and George must copy his expression. They say the human body is literally a pool of energy and young children copy the expressions of those around them and those around them copy the young children. Happy Thanksgiving to those across the pond.

    2. G/LJA: you should google pictures of him with his nanny. His smile and body language are as infectious as Estelle.

      contrast his smile and playfulness whilst hanging out with his nanny at Trooping the colour this summer vs his serious face when he was held by his parents at the same event.

      His face when at play with his nanny vs when he is at play with Kate or Carole.

      Finally, do you recall his playful, mischievous face in the 3 official portraits taken on some steps? Those photos were taken by Harry’s ELF.

      I think WK are quite serious people or they present serious faces to him which he mirrors on the occasions he is around them.

      That’s why his smiling face was quite startling in the christening photos. He seems very serious around them.

          1. Further to my comment, these are the pictures taken by ELF.


            Georgie with Nanny:









            The only picture of a Kate + smiling Georgie


            the only known pics of William + smiling Georgie


  9. I love the more casual shots that Princess Madeleine posts. I think KP would really benefit from doing releasing these sorts of photos every couple of months. It makes Madeleine much more likable.

    1. Has anyone noticed some of the very ugly comments about Princess Leonore on some blogs? Maybe, I am the one who is wrong, but reading some of the nasty comments are pretty shocking.

      I am in the camp where I think she is a stunningly beautiful little girl and don’t understand the negative comments, but more so, do not understand why anyone would write them about someone’s child. We call PG ‘grumpy face’ but, it is done in the tone of us thinking he is cute.

      1. She is adorable. Her puppy eyes and down turned pout is cute. If I don’t find a kid cute, I just don’t say anything. I’m a huge snark, but I won’t go after a kid.

  10. Kinda off topic, but: Maddie’s hair.
    It’s similar in length and style to DoC, but it doesn’t seem to define her. I have no problems with Princess M’s hair, hardly think about it that much when I see pics – but the DoC’s hair grates on me to the point where I downright dislike it and associate her with a curtain of hair and no personality.
    Trying to figure out why I react this way…

    1. For me, it is more the fact that she spent a fortune for that hair from tax payer’s money only for one hour appearance without any significant contribution to the event. The fact that she spent more time in the salon than the actual work already turned me off that I ended up hating the hair. Oh and the fact that the hair actually destroyed her speech that I was looking forward to see after KP declared that she is “ready to make speeches”.

    2. I am no expert about hair, but doesn’t Kate have hair extensions? I think Kate’s hair has an unnatural appearance, where Madeleine’s hair appears to be her own.

      I see some of the women walking the red carpet at events (on TV), who have piles of extra hair put in for the event and don’t care for that look. Too much of a good thing doesn’t look good on anyone. Just MO.

      1. I just think Madeleine is the perfect package. Looks and personality. She shines.
        She seems very happy and is not afraid to appear natural in many photos. Kate, on the other hand, is stiff and often very forced. I don’t like Kate’s mane as it defines her. Maddie defines herself by being a real person . Kate just does not seem very comfortable in her own skin. And, yes, often I think she relies on extensions and hair pieces.

        Wishing all who celebrate Thanksgiving a Happy one . Wishing everyone all the joys that a peaceful world can bring. Here’s go goodness everywhere.

  11. Here’s another example of a commoner marrying into the royal family. Only in the reverse. Daniel obviously stepped up and has proven he is capable of working as a royal. He also had a life before Victoria. It’s becoming more and more obvious that Kate seriously isn’t up to snuff at being a royal.

    I love how they are raising Estelle and how much access they are giving the public to her. She’s going to grow up knowing what is expected of her. It’s not too much. The public gets their glimpses of her. It’s a win-win. I honestly don’t understand what Will and Kate’s issues are.

  12. Princess Estelle is such a natural! Just a darling little girl, whose parents get it. They secure their daughter’s privacy in many ways, but also give the public very nice access to seeing the child in the most endearing ways.

    Daniel and Victoria have an amazing marriage. What medical issues he has been through and how caring a family man he is. He and his Royal wife make a great couple. Victoria seems to be expecting a boy, to me. She is carrying bigger than I would think if she were having a girl. Of course, this is her second pregnancy. I love how comfortable she is with her changing figure and how happy she looks.

    It’s nice to have an opportunity to see the little princesses and little prince in the photos which Victoria and Daniel and Albert and Charlene allow. I’m more than a bit curious as to what is happening in the lives of George and Charlotte.

  13. This post was the perfect thing for me to read to get the awful Kate irritation out of me. What a lovely, lovely family! Princess Estelle is unbelievably adorable and spunky. She seems so normal, assured and sweet and my goodness is she going to be a heartbreaker when she’s older. CP Victoria looks happy, glowing and confident and I loved her (affordable) maternity dress. Not as big a fan of the pale blue coat, but frankly, she could wrap herself in a burlap sheet and somehow just look adorable. Daniel’s comments melted my heart and they are such a sweet couple. Now, that is how a consort behaves. Kate, take notes.

  14. As if I already didn’t love this family. Loved the post! Love how they involve Estelle, love Victoria, and Daniel is such a gem!

  15. Great post, KMR. I have a HUGE soft spot for Vic and Maddie and their families, they totally give me the warm fuzzies – I’m loving it!!

  16. Princess Estelle is an adorable little girl. She is cheeky and so full of energy. She is a well loved and well adjusted child. It is obvious that her parents let her be the child she is supposed to be. They don’t speak ill of her at all. Victoria recently said ““We have a large magnet at home [at Haga], which has a strong attraction. The magnet is of course Estelle”. I thought that was so sweet. She is not referred to as a hellion (thanks Herazeus) or ladylike. Just a sweet child.

    Daniel is a favorite of mine. He is #2 for me, with Harry being #1. Despite his ailments, he is still working and reveling in his role. I just think that he and Vic are adorable together. Their small glimpses of PDA is natural and just sweet. I remember when Will grabbed Kate’s hand after leaving the hospital with Char. It didn’t seem like love to me. I felt bad because Kate’s face was one of delight and relief. You don’t get that with Dan and Vic.

    The Swedes have it right. Release pictures, no stalking, and the people love their princesses.

    Excellent post, KMR. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  17. This is why the SRF is my favorite.

    Estelle is such a cutie. The Swedes are as in love with her as I am, right? Victoria & Daniel are awesome parents 🙂 I should also add Daniel will now hold a very special place in my heart for supporting the cause of organ donation ( my father donated bone marrow for his brother in life and then helped 3 patients when he passed). I had never read any of Daniel’s statements, I like him even more now.

    Maddie is also pretty cool for bringing Leonore along 🙂

    1. I’m an organ recipient myself (heart and lungs, will be 20 years next June) so I’ve always had a soft spot for Daniel and am so glad he’s speaking out more regarding organ donation.

      Also, like others have said, I love how he and Victoria are bringing up Estelle. So sweet!

      Last, Madeleine: she’s the same age as Will and Kate but seems so much more mature yet, at the same time, knows when to show her silly side. I follow her on Facebook and love seeing her posts!!

      1. Kim, I smiled when I read about your heart and lungs:
        1) because someone decided to donate the organs 2) because you are here 20 years later.

        Regarding Maddie: Absolutely! I follow her on FB as well. I’m glad she posts in English too haha and I truly like her. My fb contacts might wonder why in the world I like a Swede Royal…

        1. Awww thank you Beatrix! While I may never know who saved my life, I’m forever in the debt of my donor and donor family!

          Oh I’ve been a British royal fanatic for years (used to crush on Wills, now loving Harry and have a soft spot for the York princesses) and recently got into the Sweds and oh my gosh!! I love them!!

  18. Love Estelle and watching the SRF – I also appreciate the Monaco updates! Twin royal babies are pretty darn cute.
    bluhare if you’re reading – I got your note – left you one – come see me! 🙂

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