Royal Round Up: Victoria, Mathilde, Sophie, The Queen, Camilla, William

Royal Round Up: Victoria, Mathilde, Sophie, The Queen, Camilla, William

Ahead of what looks to be a very Duchess Kate-heavy week and a half, let’s take a look at what some of the other royal ladies have been doing this week. We’ll start with Crown Princess Victoria at an IPC meeting, then move on to Queen Mathilde in tiaras, before doing a trifecta of horse visits with Countess Sophie, Queen Elizabeth, and Duchess Camilla. We’ll end with Prince William talking about Princess Diana.

Crown Princess Victoria

On Thursday, October 15, Crown Princess Victoria was in Luxembourg to attend the 5th honorary board of the International Paralympic Committee. Victoria joined Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg, Prince Albert of Monaco, and Princess Margriet of The Netherlands.

In keeping with her Seraphine love from Sunday, Victoria wore a “Black & White Polka Dot Silk Maternity Dress” (£139.00) from Seraphine Maternity. Seraphine has really come up as the go-to royal maternity designer. I wonder is Princess Sofia will wear any Seraphine.

Queen Mathilde

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde went on a State Visit to Poland this past week, and on Tuesday, October 13, Mathilde busted out two different tiaras for the State Dinner. Mathilde wore the Laurel Wreath Tiara, which is her go-to tiara, as a necklace, and wore the Wolfers Necklace Tiara on her head (the tiara is also a necklace, and was made by the Belgian brand Wolfers). It’s always cool when a royal wears a tiara she has never worn before. Mathilde also wore diamond and pearl earrings and a pink, one-shoulder Armani Privé gown (which she previously wore to Victoria’s wedding).

Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Kicking off our horse parade is Sophie, Countess of Wessex who, as Patron of Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary, visited the sanctuary on Wednesdday, October 14, and met some of the animals before attending a reception. The sanctuary provides care and rehabilitation for 200 horses, ponies, donkeys, cows, sheep, and cats who are victims of physical and mental abuse. The horse Sophie is with in the above photo is blind.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth also did the horse thing. Twice. On Thursday, October 15, the Queen visited the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Surrey (blue outfit), and on Saturday, October 17, HM attended Qipco Champions Day at Ascot Racecourse (peach outfit).

On Thursday, HM visited the Large Animals Clinical Skills Building where she got to meet some of the horses, before officially opening the School. HM wore a blue coat and hat and a diamond and pearl brooch. On Saturday, HM watched the races before presenting the winners with their trophy. HM wore a peach outfit with a diamond and gold sunflower brooch.

Here’s a funny anecdote: Some American wrote to the Queen begging her to take back the US as a colony of the UK. The letter was in response to one of the Republican Party Primary debates. Which is funny enough, but there was actually a reply which says: “Whilst your views have been noted, you will appreciate, I am sure, that there can be no question of The Queen intervening in the affairs of another Sovereign state.” Too funny. [Express]

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla meets horses1

Joining Sophie and The Queen in this week’s horse round up was Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall who – as Patron of The British Equestrian Federation – met horses from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment in Hyde Park Barracks on Thursday, October 15, prior to attending a reception for World Class horse owners.

BTW, this outfit is one of Camilla’s go-to outfits that she’s worn a ton. I find it funny that it’s a noteworthy ordeal when Kate rewears her clothing (like, OMG, she’s so frugal), but Camilla rewears her clothing all the time (as do all of the other royal women; and of course the men only have a few suits on constant rotation).

Camilla meets horses2

Prince William

OMG, Prince William is smiling. Take it in, you guys, this is a rarity. And are those suede shoes?

William attended the 21st Anniversary dinner for Child Bereavement UK, as Patron of the charity, on Thursday, October 15. He gave a speech, saying in part:

    “Twenty one years ago last month, my mother attended the launch of the Child Bereavement Charity. Fifteen years later, I was honoured to be invited to become Patron of Child Bereavement UK to continue my mother’s commitment to a charity which is very dear to me.
    “What my mother recognised back then – and what I understand now – is that grief is the most painful experience that any child or parent can endure. But my mother was determined to help those in need and she would have been immensely proud – as I am – of all that Child Bereavement UK has achieved these last 21 years.”


I mean… no, grief is not the most painful experience a child or parent could endure, but I understand why William would say that in this speech. It’s a child bereavement charity, for starters, and the most painful experience William has ever had to face in his life is probably the death of Princess Diana. So it makes sense that he would say that grief is the most painful experience (or that, you know, his speech writer would write that for him to say).

PS. Why is William’s jacket not buttoned?

Photos: Getty / Sergeant Rupert Frere RLC/Army in London Facebook

58 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Victoria, Mathilde, Sophie, The Queen, Camilla, William

  1. Thanks for the post KMR, nice to get a variety of news from what different royals have been up to.
    I just love that one of Sophie with the blind horse. That’s so cute to see the horse checking her out by sniffing her.
    Now as for that question about why William’s jacket was not done up? Could it be that William has been eating cake afterall?

  2. The BRF ladies strike again! I saw the photos of Sophie and the blind horse earlier and just got all gushy inside. HM just keeps banging out engagement after engagement and always with a smile on her face. Then theirs Camilla rounding things out. Now we get to wait to see what Kate will do the next week and a half. I’d really rather have more of HM, Sophie and Camilla.

    Love Mathilde’s dress. That shade of pink and the cut just works really well on her.

    Victoria continues to look radiant. She is actually glowing.

    William, well…it’s nice to hear him open up a bit, but if this charity is so close to his heart why doesn’t he work with it more? Maybe he does more with them behind the scenes. As for his unbuttoned tux..who knows why. Maybe he considers that to be normal.

    1. Spot on.

      As for William, all these charities are ‘so dear’ … but he is never working or supporting them, pretend he is a copilot with limited ‘regular’ work – so insincere and all about Willnot PR. At what age will he grow up and stop using the death of Diana…

      Meanwhile, Prince Harry who was younger, has matured, moved on and honour his mum memory with his tireless service to HM POW, duties to the people/charities.

      KMR a wonderful variety – thank you.

  3. Lovely article. Sophie and Camilla are true stars of the BRF the picture of Sophie with the blind horse is a heart melter. The more I read about Sophie and Camilla the more I like them. The drop in duchess could learn a lot from those two.

    1. Agree.

      Much respect for DoCornwall, Countess Wessex ladies. Great role models for the 14 year ‘drop in duch’ snowflake. Could also learn a lot from new pregnant working Princess Sofia.

  4. Dear KMR, could you please expand on you point that grief is not the most painful thing a child can experience? Personally I think the loss of a parent for a young child or the loss of child would be the most painful experience one would likely encounter, so I am curious about your thoughts on it.

    1. I was thinking about things like abuse or sexual assault.

      The loss of a parent would be an extremely difficult thing to endure for a child (even adults have trouble dealing with it), however being abused by a parent is worse. You put your trust in that parent as your caregiver and they abuse that position by harming you. The physical and mental effects are heightened by the knowledge that your abuser is the one person who should have been protecting you.

      Grief is difficult. But abuse (in any form) and sexual assault are so much worse.

      1. I agree KMR.

        At a young age, if positive family support, influences (POW the RF were great parent/family to both princes) and resources, as one matures, ‘grow’ the pain become less; unless like PW who seem to prefer not to move on/mature (to justify his entitled, petulant, selfish ways).

        1. Uhmm….I have a lot of respect for the Queen and Prince Charles but William did not have a good family life, ever. Like I think he handles his poor family life as a child poorly in terms of how he deals with it today, but I think it’s incredibly unfair to act like William has absolutely no reason for being a little scared of not focusing on his family. His parents went through one of the most acrimonious and public divorces ever. He had to hear about his dad cheating on his mom, and then his mom cheating on his dad, and a bunch of other stuff as both of his parents had a proxy war through the media. It seems like they were great parents in terms of their interactions with their children, but I don’t think that’s enough to be a good parent. Part of being a good parent is not getting involved in such a public battle because you recognize how tough it must be on your ten year old son.

      2. I honestly didn’t interpret William’s use of the word “grief” to mean specifically having a parent die. Arguably, when parents abuse their children, that is also a form of the children “losing” their parent, and I’m sure they grieve about that. I interpreted William’s statement to really just mean some form of not having a parent to love you around, which having an abusive parent is kind of like.

        Also I honestly find it odd that we are trying to pick what is the most painful thing a child could experience. Everyone is different. People handle things differently. Grief from a parent dying may be the worst thing ever for some people, but others may find an abusive parent worse. Now obviously William did the same thing (kind of) by saying grief is the worst emotion a child can feel, but as you mentioned, KMR, he was giving a speech at a child bereavement charity. He obviously is going to focus on that cause and play it up a bit.

        1. And quite frankly some of the stunts Diana pulled with William was abusive. My parents did the same thing through a drawn out, acrimonious divorce except I was much, much younger (I was 3-5). Using a child as your shoulder to cry on, bad-mouthing the other parent, all of that damages you forever. Trust me.

          I find no excuses for his behavior in general, as he has always been spoilt, petulant, and lazy, but I understand what he’s saying. (Or more what his speechwriter wrote.)

  5. CP Victoria looks simply radiant!! I really like this dress on her and am so glad that it didn’t have a Peter Pan collar. Why is it that designers feel the need to dress pregnant women like 3 year olds?

    Loved Sophie’s kimono style coat!!! I wish that style looked that good on me as I’ve always wanted one. Not loving those boots with the pants though. Maybe she changed into different shoes once she was out of the mud. I can see why she wore them, they are practical for what she was doing but I think black boots would have looked better.

    What can one say about the Queen other than perfect? I love her smile!!

    I want to be a Queen so that I can wear two tiaras at once!!! Mathilde looked so pretty in that dress, the cut and color are perfect for her.

    I don’t know what to say about William. I’m glad he attended this gala and made a speech, if it was anyone else I’d say good on them, so why don’t I feel that way here? When I see him and Kate doing things that others do, I just don’t feel that they have the same connection, the same empathy. I don’t know I think the past 4 years of broken promises, multimillion remodels on a house that they only use occasionally and the whining about privacy has really jaded me toward anything either of them do.

    1. I’ve looked at Seraphine’s website and they have some really nice pieces. None of which make the woman look childish. I agree that I don’t like how most of Kate’s maternity wear made her look so childish.

      As for William, I get what you mean. It’s interesting that the one speech he should have been the most connected to (talking about children losing their parents) he still just doesn’t bring the same passion as others. Or I just don’t connect as much with him as others. It may have been partially because I disagreed with him that grief is the worse experience for a child to endure. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, though, and say something nice – that that statement makes sense for him and for that charity.

      If I were a royal, I’d double up on tiaras as much as possible.

  6. As you mentioned KMR is really interesting that reporters rarely mention other royal women recycling clothes. One might even come to the belief they never wear the same thing twice.
    They say it makes Kate look approachable, down to earth and thrifty so why would the press not report and make the same for other members? Wouldn’t it be better if people knew they also re-wear a lot?
    Most likely bc they know it would make Kate look bad and very ordinary even among royals. After all those are the only things Kate has in her favour so its better for folks not have a realist picture.

    Just on top on my memory:
    – Sophie wore that coat in, at least, two more different occasions
    – Camilla wore that, at least, four times
    – HM wore the blue outfit,at least, two more times and the peach on one other occasion
    [- I’m not even mentioning The Princess Royal (even though I do not normally like her outfits I have to give it to her she/her staff knows how to preserve items!)]

  7. What a lovely round up. I love seeing HM. She wears such delightful colors. The cut and colors suit her so well. She also has a smile that lights up a room.

    They say animals are very in tune with people they interact with. This shows that Cam, HM, and Sophie truly love horses and they feel comfortable with them.

    Vic looks so adorable. I against making a pregnant woman looking infantile with Peter Pan collars, etc. I cannot wait to see how Sofia dresses.

    I like Mathilde’s look. I normally don’t like her style, but I am in diamond heaven.

    Good for Will. But I am not impressed. He looks like the oldest 33 year old that I have ever seen.

  8. I wish William would stop clasping his hands in front of his crotch. He looks like a boy protecting them from attack or he looks like my brother when he was a toddler and needed to pee.

    1. A lot of people who are in the spotlight a lot are taught to hold their hands like that for pictures. I think it looks a little odd but I get why they say to do that. William doesn’t bug me because it’s usually just for pictures, but Kate constantly has her hands in the crotch area and I absolutely hate that.

        1. Prince Philip always stands with his hands down his side, as it is a military stance and he also walks along with his hands clasped behind his back. Again, military stance, Prince Harry is usually doing what his Grandfather does, military training again. Have a great day or evening wherever you are.

  9. I agree KMR that grief is not the worst thing a child could suffer. While horrific, as you say, there are worse things. I think Will is saying that because it is the worst thing that happened to him as a child. Instead of empathizing with others, he is coming at this from his own perspective.
    Once again he misses the point. Diana, who he seems to be channelling here, didn’t have AIDS, or some disease, or live in extreme poverty, but she could empathize with people. She used her pain to understand others. Will uses his to feel sorry for himself.

    Brava to the royal ladies! I, too am teary eyed over that pic of Sophie with that blind horse. Doing what either comes naturally or what they have worked hard to cultivate, Sophie and Camilla are spreading that human touch. For some reason, Kate’s sycophants give her credit for having this based on nothing. For all her silly faces and furrowed brows, she has so far had nothing real to offer.

    1. Agreed Amy. Sophie and Camilla seem at home and very comfortable with whoever they’re with and the cameras just happen to be there. While the drop in duchess seems forced in every interaction and mugs for the camera. I’m always amazed at Kates sycophants swooning over her forced smiles and ridiculous faces.

    2. As far as I’m concerned, William’s mom died when he was a young boy and as such, he has every right to feel sorry for himself for as long as he needs/wants. Now it’s a problem when he responds to that grief by blaming all photographers/media for her death and shuts them all out of his life completely. But seriously, his mom died. While he was a teenager. Are we seriously going to say that it’s not okay for him to feel sad for himself about that? And how does he miss the point when this was a speech for a bereavement charity? What could have been more to the point?! Frankly I think it was brave of him to stand up there and talk about his mom. It can’t be easy to do, even after all these years, but it was a way for him to connect with the group of people in that room. I’m not a William fan and I don’t think he always responds to the grief of losing his mother at such a young age in productive ways, but I really do not get the criticism of him speaking about losing his mother at this event.

  10. Everyone
    Lovelolaheart latest post is about the future of the Swedish royal family. I think it is very interesting & insightful, just my honest opinion! Halia

    1. I just read that Halia. I didn’t realize that there were calls to end the reign of the SRF. The current king isn’t helping matters with his attitude towards women and his whining of the change to the laws of succession.

    2. Originally the government wasn’t going to change the succession in hopes that it would die out quicker (there was only three males in line at the time). But some people argued that if they were going to keep the monarchy they should make it as fair as possible. The king protested because he believed that it would be hard to get used to such a change showing that he is old fashioned. His motto “For Sweden – With the times” is irony.

      The only thing that doesn’t make sense to the public is that the king would complain 20 years after the change in 2003. The king knows that the monarchy could end by a law but instead of trying to understand the public opinion, he contradicts them.

  11. Vickiv, I did not know either! I hope that it does not end because C.P. decision to wed S.H.? Vic & Dan are in Peru then on to Columbia on a state visits! Princess Vic is pregnant & not lazy at all! I hope she has a healthy baby! It was K.M., she would pass out from exhaustion & be hospitalized! (sarcasm.) Sorry for changing this post!

  12. Did anyone see the conversation on Twitter with Niraj Tanna about the royal family order, which Kate Middleton probably just got, being painted on *ivory* of all materials — making Williams stance on conservation a little hypocritical (in addition to all the hunting he does).

    1. I’m very interested in your comment, but I can’t understand what you are saying. Would you mind rephrasing it? Thanks!

  13. Queen Mathilde as elegant as ever… Prince William his normal goofy self. When will he learn actions speak louder than words. William: no one is listening!

    As someone who has worked as a volunteer for years at animal rescue organizations, I applaude Sophie for bringing attention to an important cause. These places always need more volunteers and donations for the animals.

  14. So busy again, but wanted to post this for all.

    Jenny and her husband welcomed their baby girl on Friday eve. Baby Madeleine Juliet is small, but healthy and beatiful. Mother, Baby and Dad are so well. Jenny is beaming and wanted me to let you all know and thank you for all your kind wishes when she was expecting. I am so happy for her and her husband and step sons. They are so “over the moon.” It’s great to see people in such a happy state. My youngest, aged three, wants to be the godmother!

    Best to all. Sorry, can’t post more now. I also want to say thanks for all the good words that have been posted for my dear friend.

    1. Wonderful, happy news! Really pretty and elegant name (sounds rather royal… doesn’t it?) Best of all to everyone.

    2. How wonderful!!! Madeleine Juliet is such a romantic, fairy tale name. I love it. Congratulations to Jenny, her husband, and baby Madeleine. I’m glad they are safe and healthy.

    3. Congratulations! Please send my hear felt blessings and goodwill to her and her family. Her name is so beautiful.

      This is our first KMR baby!

    4. How wonderful for her! Welcome Madeleine Juliet. Such a beautiful name for I’m sure a beautiful baby. Hooray the first KMR baby! Hopefully not the last. 🙂

      1. Will be sure to read all these heartfelt and lovely messages to Jenny.
        Thanks to all. It is very good news, indeed. May the baby become as addicted to this site as we are! Of course, we will all be venting about Kate, I think, for many years!

  15. Aw, the picture with Sophie and the blind horse just melted my heart. She is obviously a very compassionate person and you can tell that the horses like her too. Loved the Queen’s response to the joke request as well, too funny!

  16. I would like to say one thing about William’s grief. I don’t want this to sound callous but his mother died when he was 15. That is obviously a terribly traumatic event. However it has been 18 years since her death. If he hasn’t gotten to a point where he can accept it without being a petulant, damaged, needy brat, he needs to meet regularly with a good psychiatrist and be put on medication. In his position, it can be done quietly and discreetly. But using his mother’s death as an excuse is ridiculous at this point. I don’t think she would want him to do so and there’s no excuse for it. He has an enormously privileged position and he needs to start acting like it. And for God’s sakes, he needs to learn how to speak his grandmother’s English instead of sounding like he’s part of the Thames Estuary. He is not an Essex urchin. It will be his English everyone speaks and it would be nice if it sounded proper.

    1. Thank you for saying that about William Seth because I know about grieving having gone/going through it when my husband passed unexpectedly 4 years ago. It’s hard, everyone grieves differently but you have to at some point pick yourself up and move on.

      I know my husband wouldn’t want me sitting around using my grief over him as an excuse. I seriously doubt Diana wanted that, it’s all an excuse for William and I agree that he needs to get some help. He is patron to a charity that helps grieving children! Why didn’t they work with them? All I can believe is that it’s his get out of jail free card and he really needs to let it go.

      1. I’m so sorry about your husband, Lisa. Thanks for understanding where I’m coming from. My grandfather passed away six weeks away, so I’m in mourning. I would imagine losing a spouse or a parent would be triply hard. But it has been nearly 20 years since Diana’s death. It’s time William moved on. 🙂 Who knows why he doesn’t work with his charities? All for show I guess. 🙂

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