Crown Princess Victoria attends Sweden Dinner after announcing second pregnancy

Crown Princess Victoria attends Sweden Dinner after announcing second pregnancy

I was just talking about waiting for official pregnancy announcements, and lo and behold the Swedish royal court announced yesterday, September 4th, that Crown Princess Victoria is expecting her second child with husband Prince Daniel. Yay!

Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Princess Estelle

Victoria is about three months pregnant and due in March of 2016. She will continue with her fall schedule of royal duties without interruption. Victoria has a full schedule of events in September and October, including attending the opening of Swedish parliament on September 15th, and a trip to Peru and Colombia from October 18-23.

The official pregnancy announcement:

    “Their Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel are happy to announce that The Crown Princess is expecting their second child.
    “The birth is expected to take place in March of 2016.
    “No changes in the schedule of The Crown Princess Couple’s public engagements are planned during the fall of 2015.”

[Kungahuset press release]

I’m so happy for Victoria and Daniel. Princess Estelle is such an adorable little girl and they seem like such loving parents. I can’t wait for the new little prince or princess.

Sweden Dinner King, Queen, Victoria, Daniel, Carl Philip, Sofia

Following the pregnancy announcement, Victoria and Daniel joined King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Prince Carl Philip, and Princess Sofia (formerly Sofia Hellqvist) at the Sweden Dinner held at the Royal Palace.

Sweden Dinner Victoria Daniel

Sweden Dinner is a form of official dinner at the royal palace that was introduced in 2013 on the occasion of Carl Gustaf’s 40th anniversary on the throne. The non-tiara-ed Sweden Dinner should not be confused with the tiara-clad Official Dinner held twice a year.

Speaking of the tiara-clad Official Dinner, I can’t wait to see Sofia in a tiara again. That’ll be fun!

Sweden Dinner Victoria, Daniel, Carl Philip, Sofia

The approximately 200 guests to the Sweden Dinner included representatives from cultural, business, education, sports, and club activities from Sweden’s 21 counties and all provincial governors. Dinner took place in the White Sea – which is the castle’s old ballroom with ceiling frescoes from the 1700s, and oak parquet floor inlaid with birch, mahogany, and lemon added in 1845.

Sweden Dinner table setting

The tables were decorated with gilt candelabras circa 1820 from the reign of Karl XIV Johan. The glassware was a wedding gift to the King and Queen in 1976 from parliament. The flower arrangements consisted of dahlias from Brunnsviken.

Because I know some of you love hearing about the food as much as I do, for dinner the royals and guests dined on: Smoked reindeer steak with confit onions, horseradish cream, and rye bread crisps; butter baked salmon fillet with mushroom duxelle, almond crisp, grapes, and beurre blanc sauce; and for desert they had white chocolate mousse with blueberry ice cream, lemon creme, and dried blueberries.

I’m not a fan of blueberries, but the rest of it sounds delicious.

Sweden Dinner flowers

In terms of the fashion, Victoria wore an ice blue diamond-patterned beaded gown from Adrianna Papell, the “Beaded Mesh Gown” ($358). Sofia wore a rust colored, knit lace cocktail dress with a draping detail at the waist from House of Dagmar, the “Eleonora” ($649). Victoria wore her hair in a nice updo, while Sofia opted for some Kate Middleton-esque sausage curls.

I really like Sofia’s dress a lot, but that hair, though. I will say, at least Sofia’s hair is better than the hair on the model in the dress photo.

Sweden Dinner Crown Princess Victoria Adrianna Papell Beaded Mesh Gown

Sweden Dinner Princess Sofia House of Dagmar Eleonora

Photos: Kate Gabor/ / / Expressen / Adrianna Papell / House of Dagmar

88 thoughts on “Crown Princess Victoria attends Sweden Dinner after announcing second pregnancy

  1. I literally clapped when I read the news. Victoria and Daniel are loving parents to Estelle, who is just a rainbow of a girl. It was said that they wanted to create a home for her before adding to their family. This new baby will be just as loved and cherished.

    I have some time for this, but I don’t know if I’m strong enough to see pics of Estelle as a big sister, lol! She is going to be so adorable. Is it sad to say that I need for this baby to be grumpy? It would be a cute contrast to Estelle. But since the world isn’t fair, it will probably just be as cute and sassy as Estelle. Either way, I hope that she has a safe and healthy pregnancy.

    Vic looked beautiful. Her pregnancy fashion will be awesome. Just think that she will be pregnant at the Nobel awards! I need to point out Silvia. She looks so good. She’s glowing as well. She always struck me as a proud grandmother. I love that dress and wrap. She looks stylish. She usually looks like a woman who wore Joan Collins’ fashion from the Dynasty era.

    CP looked hot as ever. Daniel looks like he’s lost weight. I hope he’s okay.

    Sofia’s look falls flat for me. It is nice, but not sure if it fits the occasion. A column gown or even a shift would be pretty. A knit dress ia jist too casual. As far as the hair, no. A nice chignon or a half updo would have been nice. It’s just put of place. If Harry and I don’t work, I will be Sofia’s stylist.

    The setting is breathtaking. Those centerpieces are beautiful. Thanks for adding the menu, KMR. I love when you add that. It sounded delicious.

    Take note, Kate. This is what it looks like to be pregnant and royal. You keep working. You include the public so they will cheer you on. Maddie was days from delivery and still made it to her brother’s wedding. Being esconced I’m a castle while pregnant is not the way a 21st century future consort behaves.

    1. I can’t wait to see the pregnancy fashion. Victoria will be about, what, 6 months at the Nobel ceremony? That’ll be fun to see what kind of dress she goes with.

      I’m not loving Sofia’s hair either. We get on Kate all the time – or at least we used to, she hasn’t been doing it as much lately – for the sausage curls, so I can’t let Sofia off the hook for it. A simple updo, or even a nice ponytail, would have been better.

      Glad you enjoyed reading the menu. I know several of you like hearing what they eat. I always think it’s fun to know what they ate.

    1. I agree, Sofia’s new hairdo is much nicer. Solid very dark hair dye jobs can make the wearer look hard and it is very aging.

    1. It’s possible we may get an announcement from Sofia soon. I don’t think Vic announced early. There were rumors about Vic from, like, a month ago.

  2. Indeed, this is such happy news. Vic and Daniel are loving parents and little Estelle is so darling. I am sure the new baby will be a darling, too. I thought Vic looked pregnant. Slightly tired, but also a bit glowy. She is an incredible woman. So stylish, so hard a worker, so loving and family oriented. I hope this will be a carefree pregnancy for her and that the new baby will bring even more bliss to this incredible family.

    I’m also thinking Sofia could have news soon, too.

    The entire Sweden Dinner must have been a lovely event. I loved how Vic and her mother looked. I thought Sofia’s dress was quite lovely, but not quite suited for the dinner. She did look beautiful, though.

    The flowers were so gorgeous. A burst of vibrant color that set a perfect tone. KMR, always continue to describe these Swedish galas so fully. You bring us right in to the moment. Thanks so much.

    1. I’m glad you appreciate the full description of the galas, Jenny. Re Sofia: I wouldn’t be surprised. I thought back when they got married that they would pull a Madeleine and have a honeymoon baby. But we’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. Congrats again to Victoria, Daniel and Estelle!! Estelle will be a wonderful big sister and I’m sure will be a big help with the new baby.

    Victoria looked stunning tonight, her little bump is adorable 🙂

    I wonder though why Sofia wore a cocktail dress when the other ladies wore floor length dresses? Also, I’m not a fan of the lace over a nude underdress so this isn’t my favorite dress but she still looked nice. Is it wrong of me to be so excited that Sofia knows how to stand straight with her arms at her sides for the pictures?

    1. I don’t know why Sofia opted for a cocktail length dress. I thought it looked out of place. But I read that Victoria has wore cocktail length to this dinner before, but I couldn’t find the photos so I’m not sure.

      And lol, no crotch clutching from Sofia. She knows better,

    2. Agree KMR – a gown would be much more …

      Princess Maddie bought out the ‘baby making’ feel -and of course, Estelle. Maddie makes pregnancy easy (compared to ‘regular, just like you’- marry in, who disappear/cant be driven to…/wave/meet the people).

      CP Vic may have been through m/sickness stage during P Carl P/Sofia wedding (?) thereabouts.

  4. Yes, this is such happy news! Congratulations to Victoria and Daniel and big sister, Estelle.
    Such a loving family. I know the new baby will be welcomed with open arms.

    Victoria works so hard and it does not seem that she will be cutting back on her responsibilities. Such a great example of what a Royal Woman is. I wish her a healthy pregnancy and an easy birth.

    I thought the Sweden Dinner was elegant. Vic looked gorgeous. So did her mom. I loved Sophia’s hair, too. Her dress was pretty, but I also wondered why she did not wear a gown. I’m with you, Lauri, she knows how to stand straight with her arms by her side for pictures. She is a pro already!
    Quite lovely!

    Whenever you write about the Swedish galas and dinners,KMR, it makes me wish I was part of the happenings. The flowers were lovely and the entire evening sounded just picture perfect.

    Let’s see how Kate is at the upcoming dinner at Buckingham Palace. I hope she can relax and enjoy herself while being a Duchess of Style. She better get used to these types of events. She surely has had the time to get into the swing of things, but apparently, she prefers to focus on other things. And, I am not referring to her kids.

    Bad me! Hope she proves me wrong at the upcoming State Dinner. In the meantime, I cannot say enough positive things about the Swedish Royals. Can’t wait for Prince Nicolas’ christning.

    1. I predict that Kate will wear a gown and tiara, maybe if we’re lucky she’ll wear yet another black lace dress (sarcasm :)) I just really wish she looked more comfortable in her role, it’s weird to me that she was more comfortable when they were first married than she is now 4 years later. Her body language speaks volumes as to how insecure and unsure she is at almost any event she attends.

      I agree, the Swedes certainly know how to put on an elegant dinner, the flowers are lovely and that room is to die for!!! I wonder how I could get myself invited to one of these affairs?

      1. I, too, find it so odd that Kate seemed so much more confident 4 years ago than she does now. I would say she’s been reading the criticism of her online and that has shaken her, except that if she had done that she would/should have changed by now. Who knows why it is, but the difference is a stark one..

        Re what Kate will wear: I’m really curious to see what kind of gown Kate will wear. Camilla follows the Queen’s lead and wears a white gown, just like the Queen. I’m wondering if Kate will follow the Queen’s lead, too, and wear a white gown, or if Kate will do her own thing and wear a different color. I’m also very intrigued at which tiara she will wear. She wore the Halo for the wedding and the Lotus for the 2013 diplomatic reception. I wonder if she’ll wear one of those or if she’ll be lent something new. Also, I am very curious if she has received the Royal Family Order. There was write up in the DM that said she was receiving it this month, and lots of people glommed onto that and are writing about Kate getting the Order. BUT that write up came from a woman selling a book or something about how Kate banished William’s demons, not from any actual “source” in anyone’s camp. So I don’t necessarily trust it. But who knows. We’ll find out in October.

        1. I think it’s a bit too early for Kate to be receiving the Royal Family Order, just like I thought it was too early for her to receive the Vogue Fashion Icon award. She has only been on the scene officially for 4 years and her lack of engagements or “service to the crown” leads me to believe that she hasn’t earned this honor as of yet. However, if HM might award this honor to Kate simply because Kate produced an Heir and a Spare and has been in the family for 4 years. But as you said KMR, we will find out in October.

        2. Does Kate have any tiaras of her own? I know Princess Diana had her own from the Spencers (although I heard that her brother asked for it back when he became Earl) and I was under the impression that in addition to being allowed to borrow from the Queen’s collection, she also had one or two of her own? I could be reading the situation incorrectly, but I’ve gotten the impression that the Queen and the Firm have given Kate the minimum they could get away with. Also, the change to the curtsey protocol was pretty much a slap in the face to her and I think that was the Queen’s way of reminding her that her title and position are due ONLY to her connection to Prince William, not because of any inherent value in her. Harsh, but that’s the impression I’ve been getting. The Queen is too classy and self-controlled to show any dislike or disapproval she has for Kate in public and Kate grinning inanely when around the Queen gives me the feeling that she is desperately trying to win her approval and make the public think that they have a special bond. I think it’s nonsense and I think Kate goes into public mode and just babbles idiotic comments, laughs at nothing and stares and grins at the senior Royals in a bid to show the world that she truly is a member of the family, not a freeloading interloper, which is pretty much what she actually is. Well, I got off point, haha, but if you know if she has any tiaras or major jewels of her own, I would be very interested to know about it. 🙂

          1. The thing about the Spencer tiara is that it was never Diana’s property. It was the property of her father, the Earl, who lent it to Diana to wear. So it made perfect sense that Diana’s brother would ask for the tiara back once he became Earl. The Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara was a lifetime loan from the Queen. So the tiara wasn’t “borrowed” like the Halo Scroll on Kate’s wedding day, but it was not Diana’s personal property; it went back to the Queen when Diana died. As far as I am aware, those two tiaras are the only ones Diana ever wore publicly (aside from the chokers she wore across her forehead). I wouldn’t be surprised if Diana received tiaras as wedding gifts, but if she did she never wore them publicly.

            Kate was lent the Halo Scroll tiara for her wedding day, but it was a one-off and not a lifetime loan. Then Kate was lent the Lotus Flower tiara for the 2013 diplomatic reception, which I’m assuming was also not a lifetime loan. Kate has not had many tiara-wearing appearances (only those two), so who knows. She may have been gifted a tiara as a wedding gift from someone (one of Middle East royals?), but if so she hasn’t worn it in public. She did receive those emerald and diamond earrings and bracelet from someone (one of Middle East royals probably) as a wedding gift. Those are the biggest pieces she’s worn that are actually hers. She probably got some other jewelry from the Middle East royals as wedding gifts, but if so she hasn’t worn any of it. Kate doesn’t seem to like big jewelry and certainly can’t pull off the big pieces she’s worn in the past.

            I’ll be very interested to see what jewelry she wears to the State Banquet in October.

          2. “She did receive emerald and diamond earrings and bracelet from someone (one of Middle East royals probably) as a wedding gift. Those the biggest pieces which are actually her’s.” Are they though? First, to clear up any confusion, Kate does not have a tiara because that is the province of royalty. Kate and her family are NOT royalty; they are middle-class. This is not a matter of wealth, it is a matter of class. Second of all, I thought that gifts given to the Royal Family by foreign leaders are accepted on behalf of the Crown, and are not the personal property of individual family members. There is great confusion between personal property that is actually their’s to do with as they please and official property in right of the Crown. It gets co-mingled and mixed together but it is absolutely not the same thing.

          3. I thought if it was a gift at an occasion such as a wedding it was considered a personal gift and therefore the royal’s personal property. I could be wrong, but I thought that’s what I read.

            Re tiaras: It is absolutely a matter of wealth. If I had a million dollars and I wanted to buy myself a tiara, I could. I’d probably look a bit silly if wore it out in public, but I could buy one. And speaking of middle class not being able to have a tiara, what about Princess Sofia of Sweden? She is from a middle class family and yet when she married the King and Queen bought her a tiara to wear. And technically Kate is now royalty. Not by blood, but by marriage.

          4. Technically she’s royal. Sophie had a problem when she was given two sets of jewelry from the royal family of Bahrain. According to the Daily Telegraph article:
            “Members of the Royal family regularly receive gifts from heads of state but the items DO NOT BELONG TO THE RECIPIENT.
            Instead, they are available FOR THEIR USE DURING THEIR LIFETIME, after which they traditionally pass into the ROYAL COLLECTION, a treasury of art, armour and antiques built up over 500 years and HELD IN TRUST by the Royal family for the nation” (capitalization mine for emphasis). So unless they were bought by one of her friends as a personal gift, any jewelry Kate received as a wedding present from foreign officials are essentially leased to her as a gift from the Royal Collection and return to it, just as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Palace of Holyroodhouse and Kensington Palace are owned by the state. Katie doesn’t have the means to buy jewelry herself and do you really think that cheap- skating freeloader would? Just as Willy has as a £10 million legacy from his mother that he could have used to purchase a country residence in Berkshire or Surrey but instead let his grandmother “give” him Anmer Hall (which as part of the Sandringham Estate is owned by the Queen).
            Oh yes also today the Queen becomes the longest-reigning monarch in British history. God Save the Queen!

    2. I know right. I so want to be there and eat that food. I’m looking forward to Nicolas’ baptism, too. Just over a month to go.

  5. I can’t believe how happy I was to hear they were expecting again. It’s definitely not rational…lol Vic looks great…radiant and very happy. She is glowing, this is what a woman who is loving her pregnancy looks like.

    I did like Sofia’s dress (I’m sorry I just can’t bring myself to call her Princess), but it was a tad casual to me for the event. And two suggestions/criticisms…find a hairstyle that doesn’t involve parting it down the middle and wearing sausage curls and burn those darned tan/beige shoes. We’ve seen them way too much now.

    Also, I’m thinking we’ll be getting an announcement about her pregnancy pretty soon. They definitely couldn’t have her announcing before Vic. The drapey part of the dress, the weigh gain, taking it easy and covering up on their little vacation while she was on the boat. Vic in March, Sofia in April/May.

    1. I know how you felt Lisa, I too had an irrational moment when I heard about Vic’s pregnancy. This is the fun bit of being a royal fan, getting excited when there’s happy news!

    2. It may not be rational, but when those in the public eye allow the public in to share in their joy– and their heartaches — well, that is why we feel the way we do.

      Vitoria, Daniel, Estelle and all the Swedish Royals give us the chance to think we know them. Of course, we are happy for them. Again, everyone behaves differently and has their own style, but I so wish that W&K understood why people want to know them/see them a bit more.

      1. I agree Mary Elizabeth. The Swedes, especially Victoria and Daniel, have been kind enough to share more of themselves and their lovely family with the public. I love how welcoming they are. I get the feeling they open their arms in a loving way towards their people / fans / followers 🙂

        Yes, I love this family from afar <3 and I am super happy for them¡

  6. Random thoughts: Victoria and Daniel look radiant. All I can say is: yaaaay! The babe will be loved. Everyone looks good.

    I want to see Sofia’s tiara again. I love it.

    I want to be royal so I can eat fabulous food, hang out with the dahlias (crazy about them) and check out the parquet floor. I’ve never heard of lemon wood being used before, never seen it. I wonder if there are any pix of the floor. Yes, I am a wood geek.

    This was such a felicitous occasion for a great and wonderfully detailed post. Thanks, KMR.

    1. I’m looking forward to seeing Sofia’s tiara again, too. Hopefully with a better hairstyle this time. I didn’t really care for the center part she had at her wedding.

  7. I do enjoy reading about the rooms, food and flowers that they have. The flowers look exquisite and I wouldn’t mind the Salmon and the mousse. Even with the blueberries which I tried last autumn. I was ill so I had to get my vitamin intake up. I don’t think I will be reaching for the blueberries again soon though.
    I like Victoria’s dress. Her body shape is different to her sisters. I think it fits very well and the tiny bump showing. Victoria does not seem to want to hide it and it will be interesting seeing her maternity wear if Victoria is out in public. Congratulations to Victoria, Daniel and Estelle again. This Christmas will be important focusing on Estelle whom I am sure is nervous as to what to expect. As I am sure my eldest niece thought she was getting a baby doll. I forgot is it before Estelle’s birthday? I am not a fan of Sofia’s dress. It takes the attention away from Victoria. Sofia’s hair is nicely done though.

    1. Estelle’s birthday is Feb 23. So Estelle will get one last Christmas and one last birthday all to herself, before she gets a sibling.

      1. Thank you KMR. Estelle and the new bubba are lucky to have such caring parents. It is so lovely seeing Victoria as a mum and Maddie. Even with the nanny there is clearly a bond with both parents.

  8. Tangentially related to the the subject of mom’s and babies, I enjoyed seeing Victoria’s and her mother’s profiles next to each other in the reception line photos.

  9. Yay ¡ Congratulations to this lovely family ¡
    I browsed pinterest super late last night and saw the great news and could barely stay awake but had to come to read the post (unable to comment but here I am now).

    I am extremely happy for them 🙂 and for us too; It will be awesome to follow Victoria during this pregnancy, her fashion and her work, seeing that cutie Estelle become a big sister (I can just imagine the pictures of the little royals¡¡¡ <3), hottie Daniel embracing another little one. Yes, I am smiling ¡

    Victoria looks amazing in that gorgeous dress. That dress is beautiful and not as expensive as Sofia's 😉 I guess there was no way of hiding that little bump.

    I'm also thinking Sofia will announce shortly – I hate speculating but I think it's coming – I don't like her cocktail dress. Not for this occasion, too casual. I also agree that she should have pulled her hair up in some type of hairdo for this event.

    Loving those centerpieces as well. The Swedes do ROYAL + WARM quite nicely.

  10. There is something so regal about Victoria. She gives off the same vibe as Queen Elizabeth. Like there is no one better to hold the position they do. They take it seriously, want to use their status to do good in the world, and are proud of their duties. Also have the most perfect poise. I think those women were born with that special “it” factor. They are so definitely a level above other European/ British royals. What awesome role models!

    1. I personally think that may partially be b/c from a very young age (the Crown Princess at the age of 2, Queen Elizabeth II formally at the age of 10), they have been brought up with the expectation that they have to reign. Therefore there is a certain way they must act and present themselves to people. I think also Queen Elizabeth II’s poise comes from the formality and dignified bearing of the upper class in the Victorian/Edwardian era which her grandmother (Queen Mary) and mother (Queen Elizabeth) were raised in, as well as her first Prime Minister (Winston Churchill) and Private Secretary (“Tommy” Lascelles)

      1. I’m also a huge fan of Anne. She’s had her foibles over the years, I know, so not quite in the same class as the above ladies, but there is something formidable and solid about her. I’d want her in my corner any day.

        I’d lay bets Carole keeps her distance (wisely). She may get her head turned while Camilla good manners her to death (wish I could be there to see them talk, it would be fascinating!!), but Anne has no truck with Midds, I’m quite sure.

        1. Anne’s work ethic and schedule is incomparable. She doesn’t seem like she suffers fools easily.

          It was said that she had doubts about Kate bexpress the wedding and was quite vocal about it.

  11. Many of us saw the vacation photos of Victoria in a swimsuit and had our fingers crossed. So glad they have happy news to share.

    1. I’m not so sure that Carl Philip or Madeleine can be said to work hard. Madeleine in particular had a workshy reputation but maybe she’s grown up now, which is good for her. Anyway, since she and her brother are not heirs to the throne I think that it’s ok for them to find something else to do and cut down the state gala things.

  12. This pregnancy is wonderful news! Victoria and Daniel appear to be wonderful parents and I think it is great that Estelle is getting a sibling. I’m so grateful that I have a sister, who is my best friend – it is nice to have someone to lean on and to know that I’ll have family after our parents are gone.

  13. According to Swedish etiquette expert Magdalena Ribbing ( the invitation to the Sweden Dinner had a dress code of black tie or dark suit. Therefore both long gowns and shorter cocktail dresses were acceptable. Notice no tiaras on the Royal ladies. The purpose of the dinner is for “governors” of each region to invite worthy constituents to the dinner, but to make the people attending feel comfortable the dress code is relaxed. Sofia’s role this time was to make other ladies in short dresses feel at ease.

  14. Ooh, I just love an Adrianna Papell dress. I wanted to wear one for Prom. Anyway, congrats to Victoria and Daniel! It would be awesome if they had a boy just like Madeleine.

  15. Ladies, I’m going to need my paper bag to breathe in. According to the Sun (and I’m taking it with a grain of salt), Harry and Chelsy are getting close again.

    I need to ratchet up this campaign to win Harry’s heart. But, if I have to lose him, I’d rather it be to her.

    1. Take it with a truckload of salt. Every time things get quiet with Harry, they pull the Chelsy card.

      They’ve been broken up for 4 years now. They had that kind of love that burned everyone to the bones, no one seems to have recovered from that. Even I still want them to get married.

      1. It’s not even about Chelsy really. The press just wants Harry to marry *someone* so they get another royal wedding and more royal soap opera stuff to sell papers with. That’s why they pushed the Cressida thing for so long. But she’s moved on now so they’ve gone back to Chelsy.

        1. I agree, KMR & J. They truly had something special. We all want Harry to be happy at the end of the day. He might pull an Albert and wait for a long time.

          1. Oh, I hope Harry does not pull an Albert. I would like to see him happily settled with a wonderful, secure, loving woman. Yes, Rhiannon, that’s you.

            Also, when are they closing down Buckingham Palace for repairs and for how long? Come on, a Royal Wedding needs those balcony appearances to the ecstatic crowds!

    2. One of the big things I remember about the Concert For Diana was how silly Kate looked/acted and how adorable Chelsey and Harry were that day.

  16. I just saw that Sofia made a speech in South Africa. It was for the Global Child Forum. She did a good job. She’s doing pretty good so far. Way to go, Sofia.

    Here’s a woman who waited to marry her prince and is working hard and doing more than just showing up.

    1. I think Sofia will prove her detractors wrong. She’s already doing really well – much better than Kate at 3 months post wedding. He’ll much better than Kate now four years in.

      1. I am so proud of her. She’s really getting in there. I’ve always been proven Sofia as I think that she had a bad rap. So far, so good.

  17. I would like an engagement announcement from Harry in the fall to Chelsy. I don’t think being broken up is a barrier. Sorry Rhiannon. I think Harry described Chelsy as the one. According to a former flatmate who was 2 years above her in school Chelsy is lovely.

    1. Four years apart is a big deal. It would be a mistake to jump right into an engagement after such a long break and only being back together for a few months. Also, Harry may have described Chelsy as “the one” when they were dating, but keep in mind they were dating at the time. I have a friend who thought the girl he was seeing was “the one”, but he doesn’t feel that way after being broken up for over a year. People say things when they are dating that are no longer true once they split.

      1. I’m giving this whole thing major side-eye. Even if they do get back together I don’t know how long it can last. They were a very fiery couple. Lots of break-ups and make-ups. That won’t work should she marry him. She puts that ring on and she can’t flounce off at will because they’ve had an argument. And she certainly can’t pull a Kate. Kate has ruined things for Harry’s future wife. She will not be cut any slack, at all.

        1. As the wife to the heir to the heir, hasn’t Kate set the bar super low for Harry’s future wife? Since Harry is the spare, she should, hypothetically, be expected to do far less than Kate. Which means that in order to do less than Kate, Harry’s future wife will need to prepare herself for a lifetime of being lifted by oiled slaves onto private jets for a years worth of vacations.

      2. True but I don’t see him with anyone else. They were very young when they started dating. It depends on their emotional attachment. Harry and his career in the army and Chelsey and her career as a lawyer helped build it up. I think it depends on the break up and starting again. With William and Kate they just took up where they left off. It seems Harry is going back to what he enjoys. I think anyone who marries Harry will have to work hard mind you that shouldn’t be difficult as Kate numbers are pretty low.

        1. Am I alone with my thoughts on Chelsey? I never thought she was that great. Not physically, nor emotionally. All I read was that she was so needy. Maybe, she has matured, but I agree with KMR. four years is a long time to go by. If they do rekindle the relationship, I would hold out for a bit before popping the question, PH!

          1. Nope, mary elizabeth, you are not alone. While I think it’s great that she got a degree in law and worked for a while, I don’t get what a lot of people see in her. She doesn’t strike me as physically stunning, she’s cute, but nothing that makes me stop and say wow. And the stories I’ve read about the break-ups could be attributed to youth, but I think there’s something else there. Like she doesn’t want to deal with being a member of the BRF.

            Also, according to the piece I read in DM (I know…it’s DM) her family was glad when she broke it off with Harry because they didn’t think it was the best relationship for her with his role as a royal.

          2. Agree with you, Lisa.

            Laura, it’s not that I don’t think Chelsea is cute, but all the talk on this site and elsewhere that she is beautiful is lost on me. Still, I agree, beauty is not the key here. If she is a hard-working, together woman, she’d be someone girls should look up to. Kate is a waste.
            Still, I am holding out for a better match for Harry.

          3. I was never a Chelsy fan either. I remember she got a lot of negativity. It always seemed to me like people only started really getting on the Chelsy bandwagon when Cressida came along and that was only because everyone hated Cressida so much. I’m sure there were loads of people who were Chelsy fans all along, but that was just my impression from reading certain forums and blogs.

            My impression of Chelsy was that she was very emotional and flip flopped a lot. She wanted Harry and was very needy, but then pushed him away, and then would want him back. She liked to party hard, and vacation a lot. But she did get her law degree. I would hope she would have matured since then as she was young during those years. But then again she quit her lawyer job after only a year or so to go on lots of vacations. So who knows.

        2. You don’t see him with anyone else because we haven’t met her yet. I, personally, don’t think we’ve met Harry’s wife yet. When she comes along, we’ll easily picture them together and Chelsy will be a thing of the past.

          Yes, they were very young when they started dating. And that’s the thing. The relationship went on too long because it was a “first love” type of situation that was passionate* and comfortable that they kept going back to and didn’t want to give up. But at the end of the day they weren’t the right fit for each other. I really don’t think they will end up getting married.

          *Overly passionate in my opinion. There was far too much drama in that relationship. If they did end up getting married, it would not work for very long.

  18. I think Chelsy has enough experience to carve a niche in the BRF. I mean Emotional intelligence. Somebody did say recently that Chelsy had the smarts. Is that the right expression? I think both of them have a lot of EA which is to do with maturity. William was not 21 years old when he met Kate. It does not matter Chelsy does not have superior looks. Far better to be average looking using her body language to exhibit SA and with warmth and kindness than cold and superior looking. I know that society likes to look at what they deem beautiful girls but really are they by the way they behave. I would rather my nieces looked up to Chelsy, Victoria Coren or Emma Watson than Kate. If Harry is sending out positive messages it can mean that he has found someone.

    1. Eh, I wouldn’t necessarily want my little cousins (or future daughters?) looking up to Chelsy. Yes, she has a law degree, but she also smokes like a chimney (or used to in her dating Harry days), partied and drank a lot (during her dating Harry days), and quit her lawyer job after only about a year. Of course, all those things are her prerogative and she’s free to do whatever she wants, but if I had to choose a role model for my cousins/future daughters, I would want someone who didn’t do all those things.

      For comparison, I would want my cousins/future daughters looking up to women like Marissa Mayer, J. K. Rowling, or Arianna Huffington. Or even Emma Watson. I like Emma.

      I think we’ll have to agree to disagree here, Laura. I’m not a fan of Chelsy on her own. I don’t think she’s a good match for Harry, and vice versa I don’t think Harry is a good match for Chelsy. But that’s just my opinion.

      1. If that is ok I agree, Is that right? No I wouldn’t want my future daughters or nieces to think they are free to do whatever she wants but I think Harry and her were drinking too much. However Chelsy did show courage when she was in the pub in South Africa and became involved in a hostage situation.

        As long as Harry finds happiness., That is the most important thing.

          1. Marissa Mayer is the current CEO of Yahoo. Before that she was an executive at Google and was their spokesperson for a long time.

            Arianna Huffington created the Huffington Post, and then sold it for several hundred million dollars.

    2. I recall someone in a documentary saying Harry will never find someone as straight as Kate. Meaning Kate dedicated her whole twenties chasing after William, Harry might never get that kinda girl.

  19. But, why would he want that type of girl? Let him do a little chasing. A woman who keeps her distance and makes it a little hard for him would be a challenge. As long as she isn’t too much into playing games. I hope Harry finds a bright, fun-loving, kind woman who has a heart full of love.
    He deserves that. I hope he will want to make her happy, too. It should never be a one-way street.

    A well-balanced, mature relationship is in order. Maybe, Harry needs a bit more time to mature.

  20. I see the statement reads child and it is her second baby, but for someone her height and level of fitness she had a bump pretty early on (vacation photos). Unless it was media speculation and photo shopped.

    I hoped it may be twins until I read the singular announcement.

  21. Prince Harry has a very hard road to follow as will his bride; look at all the problems Andrew and Sarah have had. Of course they’re all individuals with unique personalities and flaws, but Diana overshadowed everything everyone else was doing in the 1980s and early-1990s. I think it’s even more difficult being the spare than the heir. Albert of York had it (in spades), Princess Margaret had it, Andrew had it, Harry has it and I worry Princess Charlotte will have it, in time. Everything they do is compared to the sibling on the throne (except for Albert of course, who had to take the throne from his abdicating brother), their chance of becoming monarch themselves is slim to none but they have the press attention that the most senior royals accept. Who would want the challenge of having every word, gesture and move publicized, every outfit scrutinized and compared to the “Anointed One”? Rhiannon maybe? lol.

    1. As much as I love Harry, it would be a hard life. Marriage isn’t easy and to add duty on top of that is difficult. Then the comparisons to Kate would be endless. I can see msyelf being exalted and then torn down. I have a strong sense of self and good self esteem, but that could tear me apart.

      I believe in honor and duty and hard work. I think that Harry’s bride, which will hopefully be me, will have to do just that to turn the sentiment around.

      Heck, look at Sofia. She went to South Africa on her own and gave a speech in her non-native language. Kate can barely be bothered with making small talk.

    2. I trust Harry to find the right bride. Someone with compassion, style, intelligence and a willingness to work hard — besides being a cracker jack wife and eventual mum.

      I don’t see her suffering from comparison with Kate. All she has to do is more than 4 appearances per month, and she’s a winner in the hard work category! I think the public is getting pretty fed up with Kate and William, so if Harry and his future wife stay true to themselves, they will have far more to offer to the world. Maybe, Kate and William, whose privacy is paramount in their lives, will enjoy taking a step back into the shadows for good.

      1. I wonder how Kate will react when Harry marries. Will Kate freak out at having to share the attention and step up her game (do more appearances, better appearances) because of that, or will Kate enjoy being able to take more time off and letting Harry’s wife do lots of work instead? I could see it going either way.

        1. Well, Kate strikes me as the jealous type. She doesn’t seem to have an ability to share. However, she is also lazy. I can see her acquiescing to many attending many events if Harry’s wife chooses to go. Still, Kate does seem to enjoy publicity, so I guess I can see it going both ways, too.
          Should the public end up adoring Harry’s wife, Kate could get very snarky — in private and throw her slight weight around.

  22. Yay! I am so excited! Princess Estelle is my favorite little Royal and I am so happy for their family that they will be giving her a little sibling! What a lovely family. I also love that CP Victoria will not be altering her schedule. Like millions of other women, she is going to get on with her job regardless. No Kate pampering there! I think Princess Sofia looks stunning, even though I’m not a fan of that particular way of styling her hair. It looks too much like Kate’s disastrous middle part hair do that she debuted while pregnant with George. Kate couldn’t pull it off and Princess Sofia barely does, but at least she has natural elegance, great taste in dresses and shoes and knows how to behave appropriately when involved with official duties. Again, really not a fan of that hairstyle, but she’s still drop dead gorgeous and looks animated and happy. Do you think anyone would notice if we traded Kate for her?

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