Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate and Prince George tid bits

Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate and Prince George tid bits

This is a round up post for some British royal family tid bits that I didn’t get to during the week (I haven’t updated the blog since Tuesday, my bad), ahead of the America’s Cup event that Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge will be attending tomorrow.

Princess Charlotte Christening Photo Cambridge family

I know this has already been talked about in the comments, but I’m going to mention it here anyway. Because we can add another woman to the list of woman discussing Duchess Kate’s unambitious, depressing, shop-window mannequin-esque lack of personality. Oxford University Professor Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly commented on Kate being more of a 1500s consort than a modern day royal (though the palace and press keep pushing that narrative).

    Kate and her old-timey ways: “It fascinates me that the Duchess of Cambridge is doing exactly the same kinds of things that a queen consort would have done at any time from 1500 on. The role has not changed at all, even though the Duchess is middle-class and British.”
    Blood princesses have a world of opportunities while married-ins have a much more limited role: “Princess Charlotte may become an Olympic sportswoman, study medicine, or start a company… Prince George’s wife will probably go on doing the same kinds of things that consorts have been doing for centuries.”
    The role of the consort: “Presenting as the emotional touchstone of a nation – producing an heir to the throne, make public appearances in a manner befitting ‘her royal husband’s wealth and standing,’ doing charitable work, participating in religious activities.”
    Former foreign-born consorts were patrons of the arts: “The Queen’s House at Greenwich by Inigo Jones was begun for Anne [of Denmark] in 1616 and completed by Henrietta Maria [of France] in 1635. Anne and Henrietta Maria promoted the masque — a form of court theatre combining music, dance and drama. Catherine [of Braganza] brought Bombay and Tangiers to Britain in her dowry and patronised Italian painters and composers.”

[Glamour and Daily Mail]

Watanabe-O’Kelly isn’t exactly calling out Kate for anything here, she’s more commenting on how her research (on foreign-born consorts from 1500-1800) has shown her that the role of the royal consort has not changed since the 1500s. I just wish the palace and press would stop pushing their “Kate is a modern day royal” narrative when it is so clearly obvious that Kate wants to be from the 1950s – if Princess Charlotte’s christening is anything to go by.

Glamour was a bit more neutral in presenting the quotes, while the DM threw shade at Watanabe-O’Kelly for her “disparaging remarks”, but also threw shade at Kate by ending the article with the line, “By contrast, the only things Kate has introduced to society are her socially ambitious siblings James and Pippa.” That’s hilarious.

Prince George 2nd birthday pic

Switching gears, Tom Parker Bowles – son of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall – has given an interview to Daily Mail Australia to promote his new cooking show (where he’s a judge of some kind; I’m not entirely sure how the show works). He ended up talking about his mother, Camilla.

    Camilla’s relationship with Duchess Kate: “They get on fine. I don’t think there’s any truth to [the rumours of tension]. Well, I can’t guarantee for sure, but I think that’s all bulls**t.”
    Camilla’s role as grandmother: Tom says Camilla adores children and is the archetypal doting grandmother. “She’s great, great fun.”
    Camilla does not cook: “She doesn’t really cook, to be honest, but she taught us to eat what’s in season and my stepfather is a huge fan of suet gaming pudding with pheasant.”
    Tom doesn’t tell Charles what to eat: “He wouldn’t dream of doing the paleo diet, what a lot of nonsense. And I wouldn’t dare tell them what to eat.”
    Camilla loves Australia and hates flying: “They’re coming out in November to Australia. She doesn’t particularly like flying, it’s a long flight, but she’ll be all right, she’s excited about coming out. She loves Australia and fell in love with it when they toured the country in 2012 for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. She’s very excited about it, she’s fascinated by what goes on in the country.”

[Daily Mail]

Sure, I can believe Camilla and Kate get along well… when they actually see each other. My thing is, is that I don’t think they spend a lot of time together outside of family get togethers, engagements, or when the Cambridges are visiting Charles. And even then, I doubt Kate and Camilla hang around each other much. They are cordial, there’s no beef, but they’re not super close either, you know. At least that’s my feeling.

Prince George holding Princess Charlotte taken by Kate Middleton

In an update from Tuesday, Prince George celebrated his birthday on Wednesday, July 22, with a birthday party at Anmer Hall. The Queen, Prince Charles, and Camilla all missed the party, but Prince Philip did manage to attend for about 30 minutes. Philip was photographed driving himself to the party. Oh, and William got the day off so he could attend the party, too. [Express]

Also, on July 22, the Grenadier Guards played “Happy Birthday to You” during the Changing of the Guard to celebrate George’s birthday. I wonder if they paid the royalty fee to Warner.

Keeping on the Prince George train, royal photographer and boyfriend of Duchess Kate’s assistant Natasha Archer, Chris Jackson, did a thing with the Daily Mail where he talked about his favorite moments from George’s life so far. Jackson talks about a number of photos but I’m just going to quote his comments on how George is similar to William.

    George gets his #GrumpyFace from William: “You can certainly tell where Prince George inherits that look from. [A photo of William at a similar age] shows Prince William looking very unamused as he is carried by a smiling Diana onto a plane in 1983 in Aberdeen.”
    George gets his entertaining streak from William: “Looking at the photo of Prince Harry’s christening, it is not hard to see where Prince George gets that entertaining streak from. Much like Prince George at Princess Charlotte’s christening, we can see that Prince William has been stealing the show for years.”

[Daily Mail]

Which is interesting because Richard Kay recently did an article comparing Prince George to Prince William and explained how William was much more of a terror when he was younger than George is now. Seriously, William was a major royal a-hole.

Photos: Mario Testino via Kensington Palace / Duchess of Cambridge, Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

67 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate and Prince George tid bits

  1. Honestly I expected the professors article to be a little on the silly side but I can’t find a hole in the professors logic. It doesn’t seem mean spirited but an honest look. As has been discussed many times before she could and should do much, much more. I think her main focus the past 14 years has been to keep herself and William happy and I don’t see that changing. Finally I take anything Chris Jackson says with major side eye – dating Natasha he is basically on the payroll.

    1. What holes there were were all explored on celebitchy.
      OTT it went along with the Power and intellectual ambition. Traveling abilities. Education for areas. Cultural infusions. And that Kate related more to a 1950’s housewife than much else.
      To add… A side point women in history were much more powerful than they have been within the last 100 years.

      On topic.. Camilla seems fine.I think all parties get along and have seen nothing to suggest otherwise. And Camilla and Charles are busy. And their schedules don’t often sync up without scheduling in that time. Yea, Cam wasn’t awesome in the beginning, but she works. And appears very dedicated in her approach and follow through.

        1. Why would you do that, KMR? This is a worthy topic! And not everyone goes to CB. Even so, CB is not the be all and end all.

          Duchess Dolittle is bringing nothing to the table but her arriviste family. Diana shows her (and Willy) up bigtime and I’m glad for it- it emphasises how lazy the Dolittles are. Their feet should be held to the fire for it in this day and age.

        2. KMR
          Not at all! New view points are still possible and imo welcomed 😀
          While it was a very good thread discussing consort and foreign wives history, those who aren’t there and are here can likely offer more.
          I only meant to sort of give a summed answer referencing another discussion. Not to discount this one entirely.

          To Go back into it… Consorts all around the world from centuries ago and beyond had to bring something to the table. Bedroom tricks on top of conversational skills and diverse culture. To be seen as pretty is fine, but when you open your mouth you’re to be seen as intelligent. To reflect highly on your husband. If nothing else they should be seen as a person who wants to reflect all the best qualities of the nation. Even if they are only playing a role.

    2. The only reason I bothered reading the Chris Jackson article was because he’s banging Kate’s assistant. Most of his quotes were sugary and about how awesome the Cambs are (because of course he would say that). The only interesting thing he said was how William was a grumpy face, too.

      1. I’m glad you included his comments because it shows how unreliable and sycophantic comments about the BRF can be when one gets closer, sort of. The man has no integrity and has lost all credibility in his POV, forever.

          1. It would be obvious anyways, but yea. Over the top. And the link ruins any possibility the comments were sincere.

    3. I think you underestimate how high maintenance princes are. If Kate didn’t work so hard to make William happy, I don’t think they’d be together. I think William is a bit co-dependent like his mother. You have to remember how much Diana relied on him for comfort. William had to grow up quickly for the sake of his mother it seems. He always seemed beyond his years as a child, and in any footage of the two of them that I’ve seen, he is always minding her and making sure she is OK. I think that set him up for being kind of co-dependent and needing a woman to be at his disposal physically and emotionally. Plus when you’re raised in a world where everyone kisses your butt from birth, whoever you’re with is pretty much going to have to do that too otherwise they’ll go against the fundamental belief that ‘one is special.’ Just look at his father. He didn’t want to have to cater to Diana’s needs. He chose the mommy, Camilla, who pampered and babied him. Have you HEARD the infamous phone conversations between them? She acts like fussy mother dearest. It would seem both of them have mommy complexes. Kate’s not lazy, she works her tush off but it’s all behind the scenes, micromanaging and domestic-suzying Willy, all whilst staying ‘hot’ for him. That’s full time work man.

  2. I can’t take looking at the photos anymore…. the enormous heads are a little scary! I agree with the article on what the role of a consort should be and has been since the 1500s. However, Kate hasn’t embrace any of these duties outside of the heir. If she was at least on the path to just following the duties of consorts in the past, I don’t believe there would be so much objection to her work ethics (maybe I missed the point of the article). PW as a child was a terror!! What I have seen of PG thus far is a well mannered child. PW didn’t steal the show, he was a spoiled brat!!!

  3. I think it’s ok to question the work ethic of W&K and what kind of public role they should undertake.

    However, i think it’s odd that tabloids run stories on which grandparent sees more of George and where W&K spend Christmas day. Sure it’s entertainment and fun to read,but when people get too serious about this kind of private stuff, i tend to feel a bit sorry for the royals.

    1. Emilia
      I agree to a point. Only, they release this info. IMO because their is no other news for the sake of PR. And to continue the PR theme of normal they release this narrative.

      1. I agree with you Florc, if they were more visible: engaged with their charities, active with events, etc. no one would care where or with whom they are spending Christmas Day. But all there is to talk about them is Kate’s outfits, Kate’s shopping and what the heck they are up to when no one has seen them in weeks.

        1. Diana worked hard with her charities, still the public was overinterested in her clothes etc, and the media gave her no rest. Ok, maybe she was feeding them but still. She was hunted until death, people couldn’t get enough of her, no matter what she did.

          Everytime Kate shows up, no matter what the occasion, it’s a media event. I’m not sure whether that’ll change if she did more engagements. I mean just look at Diana. Maybe that’s why she prefers to have a low profile. And the BRF agrees, so far. The older generation is still quite active and handle the core stuff. Quite willingly it seems. But this is pure speculation of course.

  4. Tom PB’s interview just solidifies the fact that Camilla is a good, fun woman. I am glad that these articles humanize her. I do not think for one minute that Kate has much of a relationship with William’s family.

    My issue with her is the lack of work. If you look at any of the consort’s, or heir’s, spouses, they all work. They have a platform. I get that she needs to support William and bear his children, but she is keen on being a paper doll. If Kate worked and had substantial work, no one here would begrudge her. But she needs to do more. The writing was on the wall and it said that she was workshy.

    I really want to know if she can really manage the houses, the Garden Parties, and the many activities that she needs to do? She will be the Princess of Wales at some point and she is not prepared.

    1. “She will be the Princess of Wales at some point and she is not prepared.”

      Speaking to this, what bothers me is when Kate fans use the fact that Kate is not Princess of Wales yet as an excuse for her not working. They say “Oh, she’ll work more once she’s Princess of Wales”, and to that my response is: Why not work now and prepare herself fully for when she is Princess of Wales? Because at the rate she is going, she will not be prepared for when she is Princess of Wales. Diana was thrown into the Princess of Wales role and had to make do, but Kate has the ability to spend years developing and honing the royal working skills she will need once Princess of Wales, unlike Diana. So why not take this opportunity that is afforded to Kate – that was not afforded to Diana – and fully prepare herself for her future role? Also, to the people who use the fact that Kate is not Princess of Wales as an excuse, what makes them think that she will step up her game once she is Princess of Wales (and well into her 40s, probably) when she is not willing to work now (or throughout her entire 20s and presumably 30s if she keeps going at the rate she’s going)?

      1. Very true. There is also no guarantee that it will be years before she becomes POW. It could be next year. No one knows. It seems like Will and Kate are banking on the fact that he won’t take the throne until he is in his 50’s or 60’s, but there is no guarantee.

        I don’t know about England, but if other commonwealth countries who are on the fence about whether to remain part of the commonwealth see the future king (I’m talking as though he is the heir and not the heir to the heir) as an entitled person, a figurehead on the other side of the world who doesn’t care, why would they be inclined to keep them as their head of state?

        It’s not too far fetched for some countries to say after the Queen passes away, or after Charles even, it’s a natural break and it’s time to move on.

        1. I’ve lived in Australia and NZ and I think the republican campaigners are basically biding their time until the Queen dies.

          The royal family are desperately trying to catch up with their heyday in the 1980s when a senior royal would visit almost annually. I think it’s too little too late.

          As an aside, Prince Alfred was the first to ever visit Australia. Someone shot him while he was here ad you can view the tools they used on him in a hospital that was named in his honour.

          1. I’m in Canada and every once in a while I will see an article about whether we should continue to have the monarchy as our head of state. It doesn’t seem to be as strong as it is in other countries, but perhaps I just don’t hear it or see it.

            It does seem as though the Queen is very highly regarded here and it is often said that the Queen really enjoyed her visits when she was still travelling. Prince William and Kate’s trip to Canada was big and full of excitement since they were newlyweds and it was their first tour.

            But when Charles and Camilla or other members of the royal family visit, it barely makes the news. Often the only way that I have known that they were visiting were because of blogs such as this. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Charles and Camilla (and others) are disliked or hated, but I think there is a high level of indifference to their visits.

      2. There’s always tomorrow as an excuse is terrible.Not IMO. It just is.She will work once she is married. She will work once she is no longer a newly wed. She will work once George is no longer a baby. She will work when she gets a desire to and that is not something to come to a woman in her 30’s that has avoided it for her life.

        1. She’s given so many opportunities to work, but she hasn’t and she won’t. She’s given a unique experience of watching HM, Anne, etc. work. They are exceptional women to learn from.

          I wouldn’t be surprised to see the British monarchy dissolved within my lifetime. Many are tepid regarding Charles And William cannot ride Diana’s coattails regardless of how many throwbacks he and Kate try to recreate.

      3. Forgive my language, but I don’t think William or Kate will give a rat’s ass if countries choose to become a republic after HM or PC pass. They will look at it as less travel and appearances they’ll have to do and will be happy for it.

        1. I agree that Will and Kate probably don’t care whether other countries stay in the commonwealth, or if they do, they might only care after it’s too late.

          If the monarchy survives Charles (who I think will probably be a good king), by the time it’s Will’s turn, Diana and her legacy will be a distant memory. Some will remember, but it won’t be the same as those who followed her life and were impacted by her death.

      4. I love that excuse. Sophie will someday be Duchess of Edinburgh but you don’t see her sitting around waiting. Oh wait her kids are older so she has more free time. No matter what the cannot/willnot fan base will always make some excuse for the leeches of Cambridge

    2. My take on it (and I apologize if someone else has already said this as I haven’t read all the new posts yet) one reason why these rumors about Kate and William changing the future role of the monarch is that this way she won’t have to deal with a lot of the things Princess of Wales and Queen Consorts have done.

      She can’t deal with running her own home now, so there’s just no way she’ll be able to handle the big house when they move into it. Can you imagine the staff consulting with her for a state dinner? She’ll tell them to get everything from Party Pieces.

      Altering the monarchy takes a load off of William and Kate and also destroys a history that has been passed through the generations.

      But, hey, that’s cool – let’s just make sure that William and Kate are happy and don’t have to do a lot of work because that’s all that matters. (And yes I am being sarcastic)

  5. There’s the adage, “A leopard never changes its spots.” If Kate hasn’t worked as Duchess of Cambridge, there’s nothing to indicate that she’ll step up into her role as Princess of Wales. I firmly believe that how we see her now as far as lack of job performance goes is how we’ll see her in the future. She has no firm work ethic to go by. These are the learning years for her future role, and she’s just wasting them.

    1. I agree. Scarole raised Kate to be a malleable doll. She didn’t raise her to be an independent woman. She didn’t raise her to be the self made woman that Scarole is.

      Omg, I just paid Scarole a compliment.

      1. Credit where credit is due. Carole has drive and built a (seemingly) successful business for herself.

  6. It’s kinda sad that kate didn’t love herself enough to build a career of her own. It’s even sadder that a self made millionaire mother would let her daughter become this. I doubt it that William’s schedule was so hectic he couldn’t make time for her. Her excuse for not having a job was to make hersellf available for him? That’s just sad. Clinging on to a man for 10 years so he won’t stray. That shows how spoiled he is and how insecure she is.

    1. I don’t feel very sorry for her. Kate knew exactly what she was doing and her mother encouraged her. If her Mother really loved her, she would have told her to get off her butt and to get a job and not to chase after someone who treated her like dirt for 10 years.

    2. I kinda feel sad for Kate too. Especially because she didn’t even know he WOULD marry her. In that way, I’m glad he married her and didn’t just dump her after 10-12yrs and then married a new girl after just 2 yrs or something like that (I have seen that too many times with people in “stable, long-term relationships”).

      I do find it sad that she didn’t love herself more to pursue something just for herself (besides him). I find it sad that she was willing to be his doormat and just the “call-girl” waiting for him to call so she could run to him and “serve him”.

      I find it sad that he was such a selfish brat that didn’t love her enough to want more for her and just want/demand/expect her to just live for him. When their fan girls go at it with how in love they are, because this is the TRUE love story, the real LOVE-MARRIAGE, etc., it pisses me off how they forget she had to give up EVERYTHING otherwise he would not have loved her. He would not have married her.

      Yeah, and it amazes me how Carole, a self made millionaire, entrepreneur, woman of drive and ambition has mothered such dependent and unsuccessful “kids”… Oh wait, one did marry a prince (rolling eyes)

      1. You summed it up excellently. It would have been a shame if he dumped Kate after all those years. I feel for her as she lived/lives for him. I am sure that she got to travel to places that I will never see or even have the thrill of being carefree in her 20s. But, for what? For a man who is lacking empathy and for a role that she can’t or won’t do.

        The saddest thing is that she doesn’t have friends outside of William. We all need that one friend who we can vent to and call us to the carpet and also be a shoulder to cry on.

    3. Sadder that a self-made millionaire mother would let her daughter become this? What is “This,” but the wife of a future King and the mother of another future King! Don’t kid yourself, that’s been Carole’s plan since giving birth to Kate. And, she sized William up perfectly and turned Kate into exactly what he was looking for.

      1. Mary Elizabeth, that’s a good point. I am sure that Carole plotted once Kate was born. You have to give it to her: that’s a lot of plotting and scheming. And the sun, moon, earth, and stars were all aligned. I don’t have all that in me.

        1. Ah, yes, rhiannon, the sun, moon and earth and stars may have all been aligned in Carole/Kate’s favor, but the heavens are constantly in motion and
          as the saying goes, Be careful what you ask for………..
          Yours, rhiannon, is a far better life, I am sure.

    1. Looked at the pictures, I don’t see any camel toe. The jeans are very tight, yes, but no camel toe.

      1. I looked again and you are right. I thought there was one when she was talking to one of the guys but no. She must have spent a while getting into those jeans though. I have not been able to see what she is wearing on her feet, as the pics I have seen have her feet cut off. Have you been able to see J

        1. Hi Tanya, I hate to say it… But Kate has boat shoes on. How original, not! Did she think she was going to actually go sailing?

          1. Hi Maggie, I doubt Kate and William would have been taken out in a sailing yacht to watch so she could have worn normal shoes, or even the wedges of doom. I worked on supporters boats for 2 Louis Vuitton Cup series and 2 America’s Cup series so know the boats used are not racing yachts so there is no need to dress as if you are going sailing yourself. If she was wearing them to be practical then I (personally) don’t think she is being practical as she was wearing about USD $7000 worth of jewelry and that’s not including the value of Diana’s ring.

      2. She is wearing her nautical event uniform! Fortunately, it can also be worn to a casual event like a wine tasting. Striped shirt, tight jeans, boat shoes.

        I can’t figure out the hair. I like the ponytail, but there’s a strange tuck at the top. I can’t tell if it’s a twist to add volume, or a way to get around hair extensions. It looks awkward.

        1. It looks like she’s wearing a bump-it in her hair. Those jeans are G-d awful and hidjus. She needs that one good friend to tell her to burn those things.

          She looks a bit wore out. Her coloring is not good and she has circles.

        2. Did anyone notice – The blazer buttons have anchors on them! Too perfect haha. She should have worn her navy Smythe blazer, it’s her nicest. Maybe it’s a bit snug yet?? Other than that, I thought she looked quite good, though ( gah, I sound so picky!)I’m not a fan of the oddly placed pony wrapped in her own hair.
          Anyway, no wardrobe surprises today, although nice to see William in something that is NOT a navy suit and striped tie (that is becoming tedious, shake it up with something in charcoal and maybe a fun paisley tie)

          1. Have to add, the DM pictures of Kate talking to a curly haired toddler being held by mom are really sweet. She seems to have more of a genuine connection with children, since George was about a year old. Which is no shocker, but nice to see, none the less

        3. It looks like they’ve got her newly cropped bangs pinned back, that could be the twisty thing. Plus her obsession of late of with the bump-it as mentioned below.

          In the pictures I’ve seen she didn’t wear the wedges of doom.

          1. Sorry to tell you Lisa but the wedges of doom came along too. (After all they are an integral part of Kate’s “I’m going to a sporting event” look.) Kate changed clothes for the prize giving ceremony and it’s then the wedges came out.

        4. Strange bumpy bit on the back of Kate’s head, just above the ponytail! Looks like another Amanda Cook Tucker special?

  7. I loved her outfit and the pram. It was all perfectly put together and made for great photos. Her color is off though lately, she looks kind of sickly like she hasn’t been outside much or something, I kind of miss her spray tans. You should do a write-up about their latest appearance at the America’s Cup World Series.

  8. I would have do disagree. If you agree born into the role family you have to do a lot more work and have the opportunity to see how things appear from the other side so to speak. CP Victoria and Madeline have the advantage of being royal and a strong work ethic. If Kate has no work ethic how is she going to support William.

    1. Oh, no. What a terriblel photo of William. What happened to the Spencer genes? He is not aging well! As for Kate’s exaggerated face when she is interacting with the toddler, omg!

      Well, the striped top and jeggings are not doing it for me! Our family went away to the beach for a few days and enjoyed amazing weather. I have to tell you, the moms I saw, who have nowhere near Kate’s money, looked better than she does. I’m talking about myself, too. We’re a lot more creative and I bet a lot more fun!

      P.S. No toddler I know ever mistakes him/herself for being one year older than he/she is. Kids are learning numbers. They hold up two or three fingers and say, “I’m two. I’m three.” I am surprised the little boy of the lady Kate was taking to said her two year-old tells everyone he’s three. But, for Kate to reply that George does the same thing, made me once again question her small talk skills.

      1. Good point, Mary Ellizabeth, about the small talk! I think I recall a similar situation where Kate was all “George does that, too!” I read somewhere that Chas has learned to ask questions of people or to turn what they say into a question. Sounds like a good strategy and it turns the person into the topic not the royal. Would probably come easier with a bit of practice, but alas, Kate has little chance of getting any.

        1. “Chas has learned to ask questions of people or to turn what they say into a question”

          This is actually just a really good strategy for anyone, not just royals. The best way to make conversation with someone is to let them talk about themselves. Most people love talking about themselves.

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