KP releases new photo of Prince George for second birthday

KP releases new photo of Prince George for second birthday

I was wondering if we would get a new photo of Prince George for his birthday tomorrow, and we did. Kensington Palace released a new photo of the little monkey in honor of his birthday tomorrow, July 22. He turns two.

Prince George 2nd birthday pic
[Mario Testino via Kensington Palace]

The photo was taken on July 5, the day of Princess Charlotte’s Christening, and is part of the set of photos taken by Mario Testino to mark the occasion.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said: “This photograph captures a very happy moment on what was a special day for The Duke and Duchess and their family. They are very pleased to share this picture as they celebrate Prince George’s second birthday.”

If we’re being honest, this is probably my favorite photo of that entire set. George seems so happy and playful, there’s movement, and it’s not in black and white.

In terms of how Prince William and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating George’s 2nd birthday (technically it’s his 3rd birthday, and he’s turning 2, but whatevs), reportedly they are having a private celebration at Anmer Hall with some family and friends. Though unlike his first birthday party at Kensington Palace, the Queen is not attending. Neither are Prince Charles or Camilla, because they are doing engagements in Cornwall.

The birthday photo was released via social media, with @KensingtonRoyal tweeting this morning “We’ll be sharing a special photo of Prince George later ahead of his birthday tomorrow. Watch this space! #HappyBirthdayPrinceGeorge” and then later tweeting the photo. This is in stark contrast to the way KP released George’s first birthday photos, where they released the photos to the press before they put them on social media. More and more the KP team are taking to social media to release information. Don’t get me wrong, I like that they do this, but it does seem rather… odd that they are trying so hard to skirt around working with the press. I wonder how that will work long term.

Link: Mirror.

PS. I’m annoyed that KP tweeted at 6AM (EST) that they would release a photo, and then waited three hours to release the photo. By that time I had left the house to do something. If you’re going to release a photo, just release the photo. Don’t sit there and wait three hours.

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  1. I do like the picture of George. He looks like a very happy little boy. What I don’t care for is they just used a photo from a shoot we’ve already seen photos from. It’s not unique or that special because of it.

    I hope he keeps that joy in his smile and the light in his eyes.

    1. I agree – I’m not impressed with seeing another image (3rd time) from the same day. We have the video from the first day, the official portraits released on another day, and now this in honor of his birthday.

    2. I’m with you Lisa. How boring to release another picture from the one and only day other family pictures (particularly one of George with W) have already been released.

      It wasn’t George’s day.

      It would be awesome if TODAY (late at night) a single picture of George with a small cake had been released. But of course that will never happen.

  2. He is quite a happy and fun-loving little boy. And you can surely tell that he and his Dad love one another! I think this is the best photo of this spunky little boy I’ve seen. I wish him a long and happy life. He is surely bringing much love to his family! The world is ready to embrace him, as well. Happy Birthday, Prince George. Make a wish and blow out those candles! May your happiest wishes come true.

    1. I think it’s lovely to see how much William adores George, and that William isn’t afraid to show it. It will be interesting watching him and Charlotte grow up.

      Sorry if I caused any offence in the last post, but I think KMR summed up what I meant, don’t get me wrong i have a lot of respect for what he is doing with the Air Ambulance, and the people he helps there will have something to remember. But in two centuries from now, what has he done so far that will be remembered, maybe he’ll prove me wrong and do something with his royal role one day, I hope he does, I grew up watching William and Harry and I want them both to succeed.

      1. As I added on another thread, questioning William being in this role isn’t questioning the value of EAAA. I saw no increase in his compassion levels when he was at SAR, a similar role. He skived off, was caught hanging out in pubs instead of helping during the Welsh floods, almost lost his wings.

        It was during the SAR time that he mouthed off and called a charity funder a bore – caught on video. SAR employees admitted they were told for PR reasons to tell people William had been their pilot, even when he wasn’t. If it is giving people something to remember, it was a false memory or a lie. Working as an emergency pilot didn’t improve his compassion or his ability to function in his royal role before. I doubt it is going to help this time around either.

        Charles has done work that will be remembered. With Harry, I hope that Sentebale and Invictus Games will survive and thrive. William? Nothing memorable for his role in the world. He has a role that only one person is allowed to fulfill, while other people can be helicopter pilots. In that role he could be making his mark on history AND changing the world for the better. He’d rather fly a helicopter. Fine, then hand back all the houses and allowance and remove yourself and your kids from the succession.

        1. My2Pence
          So, this is where you decamped to? I approve!
          Anyways, Was William’s calling a funder a bore caught on microphone or video? I thought only microphone.

          Since this is what William focuses on I wish he would be passionate about it. I wish he would do more ffor a service like this than use it for a job to excuse his absence from his real job.

          And true. If he really wanted to help. He would fundraise for them. They need millions a year and he can’t even add them as a patronage.

        2. Maybe William is depressed. Men don’t admit they are. You never know what is going on under the surface.

  3. They could have earned some major goodwill the Press by releasing the pic to the papers first. But no. They’ve decided to plunge into a downward spiral where the press irritate them, so the punish the press, and the press irritates them more, etc.

    I love the picture though.

  4. Okay, so I just have to be snarky for a moment. It really bugs me that every time they have some sort of family event they have to say it’s a “private”… I mean really do they need to reiterate that constantly??? We get it W&K, you want everything to be private, private, private but geez enough is enough.

    Apparently the gloves are off… I love the last sentence hehe 🙂

    1. The last sentence is brilliant!!! I love it!!

      There really has been an increase in negative stories about PM & KM (and also the Middleton’s) lately. We’ll just have to wait and see of they notice that the tide is turning and whether it makes them change their ways.

    2. Thanks for the link Lauri! thought it was funny that Kate is credited with modernizing the Monarchy due to her middle-class background and thigh-skimming skirts! Ya, because showing off your body really brings the monarchy into the present, lol. She isn’t credited with doing anything worthwhile. Although, I do disagree with her stance on marrying foreign brides. That to me is a little outdated. At least William married who he wanted to and not told to.

      And that last line was a great zinger!

      1. I think the DM’s tongue was firmly planted in its cheek with that remark about the thigh-skimming skirts. It appeared very snarky and a swipe at Kate while seeming to compliment her. The gloves are coming off now, it appears.

    3. I am tired of the “private” BS. These two are the most unmodern modern royals out there. I can’t wait for the press to start calling them on their behavior.

    4. Hi, Lauri:

      The article was quite a zinger. And, yes, the last sentence really was a strike!

      The comments after the article were also interesting. Kate better change her demeanor in public and her unwillingness to get out there and do some work. People are resenting her more and more.

    5. Not entirely sure what cultural innovation these people expect from Kate considering she came from that country and her social circle was just one notch below William? There is literally nothing new about her.

      Also, the last line was truly a good dig.

    6. Totally agree Laurie. Of course it’s private. I’ve never known a child’s birthday to be a public event ever, except for maybe Jesus and Christmas. 🙂

  5. Thank you KMR.
    I am having difficulties understanding how is it technically George’s third birthday? I am just curious that is all. Sorry if it sounds impolite.
    That is a lovely photo of William and Prince George. George seems a happy, lively and inquisitive little boy and William is very warm and tender towards him. I hope your wishes come true. Enjoy blowing out the candles. Are Mike, Zara and Mia going to be there? I doubt it and what a shame Charles and Camilla are not going. Anyways happy birthday Prince George.

    1. Lol What I mean when I say it’s George’s 3rd birthday is that the day of his birth, July 22, 2013, is technically his first birthday. Because it’s his birth day. I hope that makes sense. Sorry about the confusion.

      1. That’s always confused me. He’ll be two years old but in his third year. And the picture is adorable. (Maybe not his father’s Cheshire grin in the b.g.)

      2. I don’t get it. Is this a royal custom thing? For the Chinese, the day you are born, you are 1 year old. 9 months in the womb is considered 1 year.

        1. No it’s not a royal custom thing. It’s not even the norm to phrase it like that. Most people go with “first birthday equals one year old” thing where the first birthday is the month and day one was born one calendar year after the actual birth. First birthday means you have completed one year outside the womb.

          I’ve only known a few people to do the whole “the day of birth is the first birthday, the next year is the second birthday on which you turn one year old” thing.

          I didn’t know the Chinese count the gestation period when determining age. It does not make sense to me mathematically how 40 weeks in utero equals 1 year of life. If one wants to count the gestation period in determining age, that’s fine, but it should only count for 9 months, not one full year. Oh well, different cultures have different rules.

          1. True. I’ll start saying “birth anniversary” instead of “birthday”.

  6. It’s startling to see him smiling. He’s either scowling or snarky looking. I love both. But I also like this cheeky smile. I bet he doesnt like to be held. He seems like a spirited boy who loves his daddy.

    I guess that they weren’t playing when they said that we would see more of Georgie.

    1. It really is so weird to see George smile. This photo and the one previously released are the only two photos I’ve ever seen of him smiling.

      1. Oh, don’t forget the photo of him with Nanny Maria looking out the window at Buckingham Palace. He looked so happy and full of fun in that one. It is strange that he doesn’t smile so much when he’s with his Mum. Kate seems nervous around him, but that could be because she knows the world is watching.

        Some kids are more serious than others, I guess. He just seems like quite a handful!
        In a fun way, of course!

        1. I recall going through the 38 pictures taken of them (Kate and George) at the park and he was not smiling in a single picture. He also was not looking at his mother in a single picture.

          1. I noticed that too. Kate seemed like an anxious babysitter, trying way too hard to show the world that she has a “normal” bond with her son. I really wish we knew the breakdown of how much time they spend with their children, sans nanny. I’m guessing it’s not very much. I am an Auntie, not a mum, but I still think it’s very important to have one-on-one time with your kids/nieces/nephews. I cherish every second I get to spend with my nieces and nephews and have been lucky enough to be a main caretaker in their lives and have had lots of solo bonding time. I know I’m doing it right, because I’m the favorite Auntie in the family, hands down. 😀

  7. IDK, KMR, I know that everybody has prior engagements, but I’m kinda mad that Charles & Camilla are not included, after all, Charles paid for that party, if you know what I mean. It doesn’t surprise since Bill is a Middleton, I’m just kind of mad :S lol

    1. It’s not like W&K couldn’t have pushed the party in order to include Charles and Camilla. One does not *have* to have the party on the actual birthday. W&K could have waited until the weekend to do the party and then been able to include George’s non-Middleton grandparents.

    2. If they truly wanted C&C to be there, they either would’ve set the party at a later time or did it early, unless C&C were booked were the whole week. I also think if Charles wanted to be there, he would’ve made the time. I’m just guessing neither party cares well enough for the other to make time for each other.

      It’s a lot easier for the Middletons to be there since the only work they have is to be seen and parade themselves.

    3. HI MYR, I read that while C&C are away on the actual day, they will be at Sandringham this weekend so I’m almost positive that there will be family party then. And not to defend W&K but C&C knew when George’s birthday was so they could have not schedule to be away at that time if it was that important to them

      1. Thanks, Lauri! I didn’t know that bit of info. I completely agree with you. On the other hand, I come from a family that children are expected to accommodate to the elders, not the other way around. Perhaps, C&C think the children need to accommodate the date to them, not the other way around? Just a thought. Tx! Have a nice day! 😉

        1. Hi, Lauri- many royal engagements are planned at least a year in advance, so C&C most likely had their trip in their calendar ahead of these festivities. W&K could have rescheduled the party if they wanted them to attend, so I think the most likely solution is to have another family party with everyone in attendance.

          1. Yeah, I thought of that, the fact that the royal calendars are set in advance, but again it’s not like C&C didn’t know that July 22nd was G’s birthday. I do think however, that there will more than likely be a family party this weekend, today George is probably celebrating with some kids his own age so C&C probably aren’t too heartbroken to miss that mess. 🙂

          2. My thought exactly Lauri. It’s not like C&C don’t know when their grandson’s birthday is. I thought I read somewhere that Camilla’s not fond of very young children (she and Charles are almost 70) and the racket they make. Maybe that has something to do with it? And she does have her own grandchildren as well. In the past the Royal connection would have negated anything else out, but she and Charles have an understanding about being with her children as well. For example, they spend Christmas Day with the Queen and the day after Camilla celebrates with her children and grandchildren.

          3. Actually, it’s more than likely that William won’t be at this party either since he’s started working at EAAA and will be free the upcoming weekend along with Charles and Camilla who, according to the Daily Mail, intend to come up to Norfolk at the end of the week with gifts for George. So if the insistence is to have a party on George’s actual birthday without father or paternal grandparents attending, then the natural assumption is that another party will be held on that weekend so family members can attend. If not, then that would be strange indeed.

          4. Sure they know when the birthday is, the middle of the week. A week in which they had other engagements. The royal travel budget is always being scrutinized. I can imagine the “scandal” if C&C had taken a helicopter or the Royal train to get all the way to George’s party and back. And hey, someone has to do those Royal engagements! Will and Kate are too busy being “normal.” Chas did over 500 last year, which is at least two a day for many days.
            Here’s a tip from real normal people, Bill. The world doesn’t stop for a child’s birthday. My family have done Saturday birthday kids family parties for ten years now, regardless of when the actual birthday falls. Because “normal” people have real jobs. That they do everyday. It is not always possible to attend a mid-week party for your special snowflake. Your father has a real job. Your mother-in-law has made catering to your every whim her job.

            AGH! They are making me crazy. Maybe I need coffee. 🙂

          5. Saying that C&C know when his birthday is and should schedule around it to be there is a bit unfair. His parents know the same thing and they also know that George’s grandfather has a very heavy schedule that is booked months in advance and they could be accommodating as well. Like someone else said, normal people move the kids parties to the weekend so more people, who work, can attend.

          6. More than likely this party is an excuse for a Middleton get-together, in my mind. It seems they’re the only family members who can easily clear their schedules in the middle of a work week, as opposed to the royal family members who are diligent in meeting their work obligations.

          7. To add to Feeshalori
            These schedules are made many months if nota year or more in advance. The schedules can be altered I think every 6 months…? The royals have a handful of days to reschedule or outright cancel events for reasons like deaths. Like your sick or personal days.
            Outside of that you try explaining you’ve cancelled a tour to visit a country with their diplomats to discuss what could be binding issues between nations because your daughter in law wanted a 2 year olds birthday on a wednesday.

            And Not even William will make it to that party. His shifts are 4 days on 3 days off. Like many who work in emergency care. We work in shifts.

            To sum, This party sounds like it’s for Kate to do something.She’s holding a birthday party for her 2 year old son on a day when his father’s family can’t be there. Including his father who might not even have access to his phone to call his son for a hbday wish.

            I do think George will have a 2nd party to include those outside his mother and her family.

  8. I am not one to swoon over children, especially Prince George. But I love this photo! It shows so much of his personality and isn’t a staged photo. Him and William seem quiet relaxed in it. I had a feeling they would release a photo from the Christening and I’m glad they did. I wish they would have released a relaxed family photo of 4 also from the day for his birthday since that is Mario’s thing. Oh well, at least the one we got was cute.

    I will say though for some reason it really bothers me all things being released via Twitter now. And the teasing beforehand is really annoying, lol. I kind of wish they would still keep the official things, like photos, out of Twitter.

    1. I don’t understand the need for teasing. I realize the aim is to build hype, but it is incredibly amateurish. They really are lowering the tone all across the board.

      Not to mention this is just another angle of a picture that people have already seen. Boring.

      William tossed the people a breadcrumb, Now don’t complain about how lazy his wifebot is or any future luxury holidays.

      1. I agree, Kip. This is cute, but I’d have liked to see a special photo for George’s birthday, not one taken at the christening similar to the black and white shot. It’s in color, it’s different! Meh, no effort at all. I want to see one of George smashing his birthday cake, lol.

  9. Am I the only one who thinks this photo was likely one of three taken of George and William and that the photo of the foursome was photoshopped to add Kate and Charlotte?
    The pics of George and William are definitely my favorites.

  10. omg. Prince George, you are a star!

    What an adorable photo of PW and PG. They look like a most happy duo. Prince George has so much going for him. He’s one spirited and adorable little boy. He’s going to be a real heart breaker. Mario finally got a good shot on Princess Charlotte’s Christening Day.

    I hope you have a Happy Birthday, PG. May your life be one of good health, much happiness and all the good things that give meaning to us all.

    So, so cute!!!!!!

    1. You are right Jenny, Will and George look so happy together. It does seem odd though that in all the casual photos of George and Kate together, except the polo ones, they are never smiling or looking like they are having a good time together.

      1. Lauri, you are right on the money. It’s like she’s his nanny. He has shown more warmth toward his nanny in pics, by the media continues to make out that Kate is the mother of the year.

      2. Part of it could just be that Kate is around the kids more and takes on more of the disciplining duties, leading to William seeming like more of the “fun” parent to George. Kate may also be more nervous/tense in public, and that may be something George picks up on sometimes. Like most of the casual photos of George and his nanny also involve George looking pretty serious.

        1. Possible. Even pics of Kate at the park with George often she’s guarding or picking him up, not really interacting. But you might be right. Time will tell

  11. I don’t like the photo – don’t like the photographer’s style and they way George’s head looks so huge. Wish we had an original photo taken on his birthday rather than a 3rd review of one day in his life which was about his sister. Lazy and cutting corners.

    1. You know, I’ve been looking at this picture on and off all day, trying to decide if I like it or not. I don’t think I do. It’s meant to look candid and relaxed, but George’s head does look too big, and you can’t see his neck; it looks like a balloon floating away from his body.
      I am in no way criticizing the subject, he is an adorable lil nugget. I’m just totally unimpressed by the photographer. The style seems so disjointed; every picture we see looks like it was taken by a different person. Oh well, maybe next time they should give Annie L. a try ( although her pics of Miley and Billy were nasty).

    2. I too wish we had gotten a different set that was taken specifically to mark George’s birthday, rather than simply another christening photo.

      Having said that, I do think this photo is my favorite from the christening set. I’m not a fan of the set in general, but I think this is the better photo simply because there is more life in it than any of the others.

    3. I also was a little disappointed that the picture was from an earlier set, but it’s so cute, it’s hard to stay that way. Also George has been photographed a ton this summer – I don’t really see a need to make a 2 year-old sit through yet another photo shoot just so random people can see him in a different setting than before. Seems a little mean/unnecessary to do to a toddler, and also his parents who have to coax him to sit down and pose haha.
      My big wish is that if they were going to release christening pics for George’s birthday, then why not save the black and white picture of William and George for his birthday too, and then after the christening release another picture involving Charlotte? One of William holding Charlotte would have been nice. I just think it’s odd that the picture of George was released to commemorate a day that was supposed to be about Charlotte – and that’s after he was already the center of attention for the christening itself (not that I blame anyone for that – he’s just at a super cute age whereas Charlotte is a tiny baby who doesn’t do much yet).

      I also think Testino is perhaps getting a little too much crap for his pictures. Like…he had to take pictures of a toddler and a baby after they were already forced to do that walk in public twice, along with having to sit through a church ceremony. I imagine the kids were a little antsy, if not the adults too. He also had to take pictures of a lot of super imposing people, like the Queen! When there’s so many people involved and you may not feel comfortable giving some of them too many adjustments (“Your Majesty, could you please remove your purse from the picture area?”), it becomes hard to get these shots done. I mean for goodness sake’s – just last week Prince Philip dropped the f-bomb because a photographer was taking too long. I’m sure he had to rush too because the Queen and Prince Philip wanted to get the rest of the day/post-christening tea on with. My point is – it’s a very less than ideal christening situation.

      1. I agree with you about the release of this set of photos. If they were going to use a photo from this set as George’s birthday photo, then it would have been better had they saved the photos of him and William for the birthday release, and released a photo of William and Charlotte in place of the B&W photo earlier.

      2. George has only been out 3 times officially – the hospital, Trooping, and Christening. Kate took pictures and sent them out, Testino did official portraits for the Christening – and the rest are pap shots. So, no, KP hasn’t been sharing lots of images from the life of George. We are being filled in by the paparazzi. (Polo match, park with Kate, out with nanny, out with Carole…)

        1. I wouldn’t say the polo match was paparazzi. The polo match was unofficially official – they knew they were going to be photographed. They were not caught by paps, there were official royal photographers there.

          1. If history has taught us anything about photo releases and news releases It’s strategic here.
            Kate has likely taken photos and they will be released as needed to deflect bad press. Or to punish/praise the press depending on how they are released.

            Same with news. Look at the KP twitter. Recycling old stories like they’re current. Reminding us they have worked in the past. Rolling in Harry’s accomplishments by association. We are likely getting those Birthday shots in a matter of days because of 1 of the above reasons i’ve stated.

      3. I too thought it was a little odd that there are better pictures of George from the christening set then there are of Charlotte, after all it was her big day. The one of her and Kate together kind of looks like it was taken inside a nightclub and is by far my least favorite.

      4. I agree, Maggie. Why would anyone want to make a toddler sit through another set of photos — just to celebrate his birthday? Especially, since the Christening shoot was so recent. I love the photo of William and George. It is so full of life. PG is a little scamp. So spirited and fun and William looks like a very proud and loving dad.

        Maybe, Kate will take photos today, or during the party and release them, too?
        I’m a tad surprised that C&C won’t be there. Sad. But, oh those Meddling Middletons will. I know they are George’s family, too, but wow, how much of a slap in the face is it to have one set of g’parents there and not the other?!

        I guess if Charles really wanted to be there, he could have re-arranged his schedule. It’s sad that there’s so much tension in that family. Obviously, C&C don’t care for the Middletons and vice versa. On such a special day in a little boy’s life, it would be nice if everyone could just get along.

        I have to be honest, I have a sister-in-law I just cannot stand. At family gatherings, it is such a chore to keep my mouth shut and try to be pleasant. I already told my husband I don’t want her anywhere around once our baby comes home from the hospital and down the road when she/he is baptized. He thinks I am kidding. I hope I am just over-reacting to her obnoxious ways, but sometimes, I think, “just because you’re related to someone, or they marry into your family, you don’t have to like them or socialize with them.”

        Of course, my family is not Royal.

        At any rate, I’m trying to be more charitable!

    4. This is similar to what I said upthread. I also thought it would be cool to see a picture of George smashing his birthday cake! And this remark landed in the wrong place.

  12. If Charlotte looks anything like her grandmother Carole, which she briefly did in her christening photos, then the Middletons – Mike and Carole – have truly succeeded, not only in joining the royals by marriage, but in being born royal this time around. Yes, I’m being snarky. This family has definitely taken over.

  13. now that Kate and family are throwing george a birthday party, who are the guests really, because they have no friends, even george has no kids to play with, and they way they have isolated themselves from other royals is just worrying!!

      1. They have plenty of friends. Dig around and the names are quite easy to find. Two of Kate’s closest friends are from Marlborough days. She is also close to her two paternal cousins.

      2. yep can someone please post a photo of kate with her so called friends, because I havent seen any, her friends, who I believe are williams only appear suddenly at the christening only and george is playing with strangers at different parks!!

        1. Three of her close friends: Emilia Jardine Paterson, Sophie Carter and Trini Foyle along with her cousins Lucy and Adam (and relevant spouses) went to the concert on her birthday when she was pregnant wih George. Do a google image search. The four of them have been close since childhood – there are pictures of them together over the years. Emilia and Kate played hockey together as kids.
          Emilia and Sophie are godmothers to Kate’s children. Adam is godfather to Charlotte. Kate is godmother to Trini’s son. They are close. Her friends are certainly not William’s. Some basic fact-checking and searching will tell you this.

          1. I think you will find that Kate met Emilia, Sophie and Trini at Marlborough. By that stage (according to some) Kate was already on the path to trying to meet up with William so it would have helped to make friends with girls who were in William’s circle.

      3. Bluhare
        I think they mean Katte and George have no frieds of their own. Only William’s friends and Family friends.

        Godparents aren’t really chosen from being friends. And unfortunetly she hasn’t really been seen with any of them in years. Leaving her pr to reer to her decorated or security members are friends at lunch or out for a walk than what it really is. Employees consulting or on dutiy with her.
        I wish she had friends of her own. It seems so sad.

        1. I’m sorry I don’t think I understand what you are saying. Godparents are not chosen from friends? I think they are. I think you choose those you are close with in terms of outlook and values to be your child’s parents – is that not correct?
          As for only having security members or employees accompanying her, I do not believe that is entirely correct. There are quite a few pictures of her hanging out with Trini, Sophie Carter in KP gardens. Then there are those aforementioned ones at the concert.
          I guess I am trouble understanding why there is this insistence that she does not have friends when there is photographic evidence spanning years that she has had three very close friends for decades, all of whom she has either godmothered for, or has had as a godmother.
          Are you saying this is some sort of illusion or that they are not really friends and it is all for PR? Your post did not come out right.

          1. Newbie
            Traditionally yes. Godparents in however many sets are chosen for values, but also just because. They wouldn’t actually be where your kids would go to live or be raised by. Not in these days.

            And the photos are few and far between. And more happenstance than friends meeting up. Show me a photo of Kate being social more than twice a year with any other these people. Going to lunch. Or shopping. Or doing what friends do.

            TMK She’s had friends, but many lost contact while she pursued William. And That is sad. Not her friends appear to be within William’s circle rather than her own. And i’m not defining circles with social class or money. Just connections of friends.
            She just never is seen with friends like hangingout. Inviting over. Having dinner with. Play dates? Walks.
            You mention quite a few photos of trini? Quite a few of several times or ? I’d happily eat my hat over this.

          2. Florc, you seem to be determined to believe that she does not have friends. So be it. I do not believe that anything you say will convince you otherwise, so I will not try to do so, but I have to point out that just because *we* do not see her with her friends does not mean that she does not see them on a regular basis or talk on the phone or go to their houses for playdates. The fact that they were invited to play important roles in Kate’s children’s lives, shows some emotional closeness. But I am sure you will discount this by saying that godparents are chosen “just because”. What a convenient thing to say huh 🙂 As if the rest of us reading this blog here do not have children and have not chosen godparents for them. Very amusing line that you used there.
            I am sorry but I do not think that anything you said here has a leg to stand on. If you wish to denigrate Kate, and believe me I am game for that, then it would be far more convincing and fun if you would actually have real meat to denigrate her with. And your argument so far does not have that.

  14. I think if Prince George is pulling faces he is not happy or interested in the person taking the photograph or who he is with. You can tell if a child is happy and content with who they are with. Look at Estelle happy smiley little girl because her parents are happy with each other and that vibe transmits to Estelle. If the parents are unhappy then you have an unhappy sulky child. Unless hormones are kicking in. Carole I presume organised the guest list as well as the party. Charles obviously paid. I hope Charles and Camilla’s present trumps the Middleton’s present and Harry gets to spend time with his nephew and niece.

  15. I think that it is slightly unfair to think that they did not plan the party properly. There was an article in the DM at the time of Charlotte’s birth which mentioned specifically that Charles wishes to visit the child when the Middletons are not around. And I think that there was some truth to that. Charles is probably not the type to rub shoulders with hoi polloi. What would he even say to Carole or Mike? I suspect that they want to have a ‘normal’ informal party with the Middletons, godparents and friends, and then have a few days after when the others are gone, to host Charles, his valet, butler, secretary and god knows what other parts of his entourage. Charles is known to be formal and is probably the type who expects his suitcases unpacked and his dinner suits laid out and such like. That can’t happen unless they have the valet come in as well with them.
    So I don’t find the arrangements to be surprising in the least.

    1. You forgot that between his suitcases unpacked and his dinner suit laid out, the IRONING! It must IRONED! How could anyone wear something that has not been IRONED? 🙂 Then when he’s done, he takes the bespoke shirts, ties, trousers, etc. off and literally leaves them where they drop, like he’s a six-year-old.

    2. Maybe he wants the opportunity to have time with his grandchildren when the other grandparents aren’t around. Those grandparents who get to see them so much because they can turn their work over to an employee – which Charles cannot do. I’d bet Carole doesn’t want Charles and Camilla around every time she’s with the grandbabies.

      1. EXACTLY, My2Pence, well said. Two sets of grandparents means that they are always competing. And I bet Carole is vomit-inducing during those times. Poor Charles probably can’t get near the kids if dragon woman is around. I would wait for some private time, too. Notice how Carole had to rush back to KP after Charlotte was born as soon as C&C showed up?

        And I don’t think we have any evidence that Camilla doesn’t like small children. She has children and grandchildren. And seems very warm.

        1. It was touching to see her with her granddaughter at the wedding. The picture of Charles holding her up was priceless. I also think that Charles and Camilla are savvy and probably spend time with the kids at the estates and without the lenses around. Scarole likes the pics of her outings and coming and goings. Charles, even when William and Harry were little, never made a show of his time with his kids. I think that they would be cool grandparents.

          1. I remember watching Charles pick Eliza Lopes up so Eliza could see the crowd. I read in the Daily mail that Charles could not bear little people as he called them. Well it certainly showed that the mail was mistaken. Charlotte will probably be dressed in pinafores or sailor dresses or Kate will be asking what kind of clothes Diana was dressed in. Which would be strange if she did not know.

  16. I don’t understand the big deal about the photo. It’s a cute picture of a little boy, dressed as if he is in the 1800!! His mother has no fashion sense on how to dress her son and the photographer is terrible. Beside that PG is cute and it’s his Bday….nothing else matters.

      1. LOL!!! The photographer is awful! How can you get it wrong when you are on the grounds of Sandringham and your subjects are photogenic! All we get is a big headed picture of George and a blurry background! I hope he did this for free.

        1. He is actually a very good photographer. His engagement photos of Will and Kate were very nice. I loved the hugging one. And the photo shoots he does for magazines of celebrities are quiet good as well. I don’t think it is fair to blame these photos solely on him. You just have to look at his other works to know that he is talented. The large group for the Christening probably didn’t make it easy, each probably acting like they were the most important people that day.

          1. What’s so weird to me, Overit, is that I’ve seen his other work and he takes nice photos, but for some reason this set of photos looks nothing like his usual work. Especially that Kate and Charlotte photo.

  17. I wonder how long it will be till kate run out of excuses to stay out of work, charlotte wont remain a baby forever!!!

    1. I don’t think they’re done having kids, I bet at least one more within the next couple of years. So if you take into consideration Kate might not increase her workload until the kids are in school full time, I’d say she probably has at least 8 more years before we might, just maybe, possibly see some sort of increase. And don’t forget young children and school age kids catch every cold that comes along so I’m sure she will need to stay home to nurse them back to health.

    2. I agree with Lauri… I think there will be a third, at least. And after Kate’s excuses of having to look after her children, by the time they’re grown-up, she’ll have the excuse of looking after her elderly parents. See, it all works out for her. She knows what she’s doing.

      1. I always wonder if Kate (and Carole?) hadn’t been so keen on Kate marrying into the Royal Family then would Kate be happily married with kids and enjoying a private life raising her children and not needing to go to events and functions?

        1. That’s a good point, Cathy, and would validate the point that she fell in love with William the (wealthy, aristocratic) man, and William ( world famous, beholden to family duty) 2nd in line to the throne was just baggage that came along with the relationship. That man is a non negotiable package, and maybe wasn’t spelled out in strong enough terms, or Catherine was too blinded by love to fully grasp what her
          life would really be like. She’ll need to jump in with both feet at this point, if she ever wants her credibility back. She has to start living the life she signed up for (not enough to show up looking gorgeous and making adoring eyes at your husband-yes we KNOW you love each other).
          Shall we give her till Charlotte’s a year? i think that gives her ample time to plan her “reboot”!

          1. Ray,

            I think that now that she’s had the heir and spare she feels invincible. She was always lazy and now she feels justified. Since hubby is lazy as well, all is right in her smug, insular, privileged little world.

            Unless she is mentally slow, there is no way after all those courting years that she didn’t know what she was getting into, what was expected of her. Like she never followed the tales of Diana. Besides, we have her words writ in stone, that she would “hit the ground running”. Yeah, that came true. Running away.

            Willy is all for the lazing and running away too, IMO. They are a perfect pair of losers.

          2. I disagree with you there Maven. I don’t think Willy is lazy so much as not wanting to do what’s expected of him as a royal. He wants to have an “impact” on people and symbolically “rescue” his mother by being an air ambulance pilot (or at least thinking that he is one). He doesn’t want to do the traditional royal duties. He wants to do things “his way.” He’s not necessarily lazy, just not focused on his duties. And b/c of his mother’s death and being one of the Queen’s favorite grandchildren, he has been severely overindulged.

        2. Thanks for your comments Ray. The point I was trying to make is that I don’t think Kate and William make a good match, IMO William would be happier and better in his Royal role with a different wife. By not supporting her charities by attending events and helping to promote those charities I feel that Kate wants to avoid that side of Royal life and be a stay at home Mum. There’s no problem with that but as she is married to William then the other part is expected. IMO Kate is clearly unprepared (or unable) to complete the royal side, which leads me to believe she would have been way happier marrying someone without a title so she could live her life away from the cameras and duty. I think it was Ma Middleton who fell in love with the title and Carole pushed Kate into meeting William. Kate was star struck and could it be that she (too) couldn’t back out of Carole’s grand plan?
          And as for Kate “making adoring eyes”? I haven’t seen any photos of Kate doing that for some time.

          1. I think that Kate was in love with William the Prince as well as William the lad. I don’t think that it was just Carole pushing her, she was just as motivated on her own.

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