Royal Round Up: Royal Wedding Tiaras

Royal Round Up: Royal Wedding Tiaras

I thought about doing a “Which Tiara Will Sofia Wear” post going through all of the Swedish tiaras to contemplate which one Sofia Hellqvist will wear on her wedding day on Saturday, but, while looking at photos of the Swedish tiaras would be fun, realistically there are only a handful of tiaras she could wear that aren’t in used solely by Queen Silvia or owned by other people. Of those, there really is only one that would work well as a wedding tiara (The Connaught Tiara), plus Silvia will have to tiara all of the King’s sisters (I’m guessing Princess Christina will wear the Six Button Tiara). My guess for Sofia is that she will get a brand new tiara to wear.

So instead of listing all of the Swedish tiaras and telling you why Sofia won’t be wearing them, let’s keep on the theme of royal wedding rewinds and take a look at past royal wedding tiaras for the ladies we’ve been looking at this week. As with the engagement rings and wedding dresses, this is not an exhaustive list of royal wedding tiaras, and we’ll be starting with the Swedes.

Swedish Royal Family

Crown Princess Victoria

Crown Princess Victoria wore the Cameo Tiara for her wedding, keeping in a semi-tradition of using this tiara as a wedding tiara. This tiara used to belong to Empress Joséphine, wife of Napoleon. The tiara came to Sweden via Joséphine’s granddaughter, also named Joséphine, when she married King Oscar I of Sweden and Norway. The tiara itself is made of gold and pearls and features seven cameos. Contrary to the theory that this tiara is specifically a wedding tiara for a queen/future queen, this tiara has been worn by two of the King’s sisters for their weddings.

I really like the uniqueness of the Cameo Tiara and thought it looked absolutely perfect in contrast to Victoria’s wedding gown.

Princess Madeleine

Princess Madeleine bucked the Cameo wedding tiara tradition and wore the Modern Fringe Tiara. In the press releases for the Nobel Prize ceremonies last December, the Swedish Court referred to this tiara as a “private tiara”. It is thought this tiara was a gift from King Carl XVI Gustaf to Queen Silvia in the 1980s. Silvia used to wear the tiara, and Victoria wore it as a necklace, but it’s been seen exclusively on Maddie in the last few years. It’s been speculated that Silvia gave this tiara to Maddie as a wedding gift.

I really like this tiara in general because I think it looks light and feminine, though I think it got lost with the veil and the orange blossoms behind and around it.

British Royal Family

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

The Queen lent Kate Middleton the Halo Scroll Tiara to wear on her wedding day. The tiara was made by Cartier in 1936 and purchased by King George VI (then Duke of York) for the Queen Mother (then Duchess of York).

As with Maddie’s Fringe, Kate’s Halo got lost a bit with the veil behind it. It just blends in too much. Also, it may just be the way Kate’s hair falls on her forehead, but the tiara looks crooked to me. Oddly enough, though, as with her wedding dress Kate’s wedding tiara landed near the top in my list because I dislike many of the other ones.

Sophie, Countess of Wessex

Sophie, Countess of Wessex wore a tiara cobbled together from four diamond pieces from the Queen‘s private collection (the pieces may have once belonged to Queen Victoria, though that is just a rumor).

I’m not a fan of this tiara. I don’t like it’s cobbled together look, or the fact that it makes her look like she has cat ears to the sides and a random horn in the middle of her head.

Danish Royal Family

Crown Princess Mary

Crown Princess Mary received a brand new tiara for her wedding, as a wedding gift from Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. The diamond tiara features five peaks with smaller peaks in between. The tiara is so small and delicate that it gets lost with the veil and flowers.

Princess Marie

Princess Marie wore the Danish Diamond Floral Tiara for her wedding. This tiara has been in the Danish Royal Family since the early 1900s.

**This is a picture of Marie from the March 17 State Dinner during the State Visit from the Netherlands. I’m using it because it gives a better view of the tiara than any wedding photos I could find.

Spanish Royal Family

Queen Letizia

Queen Letizia‘s wedding tiara seems more Greek than Spanish, with it’s laurel leaves on top and Greek key design on bottom, but that’s to be expected (kind of). This tiara came to Spain from Prussia by way of Greece. It first belonged to a daughter of Kaiser Wilhelm II, then made it’s way to Greece, and finally landing in Spain when it came over with Queen Sofia when she married King Juan Carlos.

Dutch Royal Family

Queen Maxima

Queen Maxima wore a tiara cobbled together from pieces in the Dutch Royal Family collection – to much better results than poor Sophie – resulting in the Diamond Star Button Tiara. The base was the base of the Dutch Pearl Button Tiara and the five stars were brooches that once belonged to Queen Emma.

The tiara didn’t get lost in Max’s veil, but I’m not a huge fan of the peak-y tiaras.

Royal Family of Norway

Crown Princess Mette-Marit

Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore a small tiara that was a wedding gift from King Harald and Queen Sonja. The Diamond Daisy Tiara is a diamond tiara in the shape of daisies with a scalloped edge.

**Mette-Marit is pictured at the wedding of Frederik and Mary in 2004 to get a better close-up of the tiara.

Belgian Royal Family

Queen Mathilde

Queen Mathilde wore a tiara that once belonged to Queen Elisabeth, wife of King Albert I of Belgium. The diamond tiara is in the Art Deco style. I’m going to call it Queen Elisabeth’s Art Deco Tiara.

Luxembourg Royal Family

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie wore her family tiara, the Lannoy Tiara, for her wedding. The tiara was made by Altenloh in Brussels and features a large pear-shaped center diamond with smaller brilliant diamonds in a floral-ish scrolling motif all set in platinum. Not my favorite, but family tiaras are cool.

Monaco Royal Family

Princess Charlene

Princess Charlene chose to forgo a tiara (as I mentioned in the engagement ring post, Charlene is not much of a jewelry wearer) and instead opted for a diamond floral headpiece that once belonged to Prince Albert‘s grandmother, Princess Charlotte.

Photos: Getty

115 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Royal Wedding Tiaras

  1. Tiara I would actually wear: the Diamond Daisy.

    Best wearing of a tiara: Victoria!! It’s unusual, but it works so well with her dress and doesn’t get lost in the veil, and it looks like a crown – worthy of a crown princess!

    I really really like what Charlene did, though. It seemed more fitting, since she was not born or raised a royal, to participate in her wedding on her terms, without a princessy tiara. Plenty of time for tiaras after the wedding.

    Also, that pic of the DoC? The only thing I can see is EYELINER!!

    1. “The only thing I can see is EYELINER”… I know, it confused me how the press and fashion mags made such a big deal about Kate’s natural look and how she did her own makeup for the wedding. Since when is thick, black eyeliner, a ton of eyeshadow and too much blush a natural look??

      1. Agree and she looked scared in that photo. Not the elegant, polished, poised bride everyone said she was. But, in fairness, who doesn’t have one or two moments of sheer nerves on one’s wedding day. Especially, when marrying in front of the world!

    2. Oh my, Kate looks so hard in that photo (and a tough nut)! I wish she would have the confidence to go the low makeup way that Mette-Marit does.
      I agree with you KMR, Kate’s tiara was crooked! Well spotted!
      Thanks for the wedding posts, I’ve enjoyed seeing the photos of other European royal bribes.

      1. That picture of Kate….eeeekkk!! it really isn’t because i don’t like her, but clearly her womenfolk don’t like her because she should have been overruled before leaving the hotel looking like that. she looks like a badly made up drag queen. so much make up. I can see the look she was going for, but my goodness did she over do it. Considering her mother and sister and A MAKE UP ARTIST was present as she made up her face, why did she do this?

      2. Phew, I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed Kate’s crooked tiara. I thought I was seeing things.

    3. I don’t think that’s why Charlene opted or no tiara. I truly think it was because she doesn’t like wearing much jewelry. There have been several times post-wedding where she could (and probably should) have worn a tiara but she chose not to.

      lol Kate’s eyeliner is so heavy on her bottom lid.

      1. I agree with your point about Charlene’s aversion to jewellery. She has a few tiara, infact she wore one for the evening reception though it looked like another bejeweled headpiece.

        She does have a regular tiara which was a wedding present i think. She often wears it as a necklace, but i wish we’d see it as a tiara on her head.

        1. I know people call that headpiece a tiara but I don’t think of it as one. It’s more of a headpiece because to me a tiara stands up from the head.

          Yes, the ocean tiara is what I referred to when I said she had one bought for her. She’s worn it as a necklace before, and she’s worn the matching earrings. I’d love to see her wear it (and that magazine cover doesn’t count since to me it seems like the tiara was photoshopped on to her head after the fact).

      2. Charlene did wear a tiara on her wedding day. it was for the evening reception. it’s a modern looking thing that looks more like a bejewelled headpiece than a standard issue tiara.

        Plus she occasionally wears a tiara which i think is a wedding present, the ocean tiara. she’s worn it as a necklace rather than on her head.

    1. I would like to add my voice to Liz’s thanks!! These posts have been so much fun and a great run up to the royal wedding. I’m kind of sad now that Carl Phillip is getting married we probably won’t have another royal wedding until Harry gets married and who knows when that might be.

      1. I’m jumping on the bandwagon. Thank you KMR. These posts have been so much fun and makes me want a royal wedding 😉

  2. I’m so glad you started with my favorite, the Cameo Tiara!! It’s such a unique piece and the theme of the cameos make it perfect for a wedding. Of course Victoria really wears it well!!

    I think my second favorite would be Mette-Marit’s, it suits her so well, simple yet very elegant. And I really like the piece that Charlene wore. The Grimaldi family doesn’t have a lot of tiaras (if they have any) but this hair piece is very elegant and Charlene wore it well.

    My only complaint about Sophie’s wedding tiara was how it sat so far off her hair. Other than that it’s a nice tiara. I thought Kate picked the perfect tiara for her wedding, understated yet classic and it went well with her dress.

        1. I swear, and said at the time, Chelsy’s bridesmaid dress was like the one time she looked really good and well dressed.

    1. Princess Caroline, I believe, inherited all of Grace Kelly’s tiaras. Monaco does not have a family jewelry foundation the way most all other royal families of Europe do. So when Grace died, all of her jewels went to her daughters. So there wasn’t anything left for Charlene. She had her own tiara bought for her but she’s never worn it as a tiara (she wore it as a necklace once).

  3. Tiaras! What fun. My fave of all times is missing though. The Spencer tiara that Diana wore on her wedding day. Let me go back after posting and make sure I did not miss it, though.

    KMR, your take on how the tiaras looked on the brides was spot on. I think I liked Mette-Marit tiara very, very much. Will have to go and see how it looked on her when she was a bride.

    Am I the only one who did not recognize Leti in her wedding picture? Not flattering and made me think, “Oh, she has had work done!”

    I remember loving the Charlene look when I saw the photo for the first time. I was always surprised that her entire wedding look was just glossed over by the press when everyone was so ga-ga over Kate’s totally uninteresting look.

    Vic’s tiara did not send me. I’m not a fan of cameos. I liked Maddie’s, but agree that it got lost in the orange blossoms and her hair. Did not like the way she wore her hair that day.

    Kate’s tiara did not send me, either. Boring, if a tiara can be so. Just like her overall look, though.

    1. There is a lot of gossip about Leti’s love for plastic surgery. Some claim she’s trying to look like my future mother in law, Queen Rania of Jordan. If you’d look at her now, they do look a bit similar.

      1. I’ve seen photos of Rania and thought it was Letizia before. They look so similar.

    2. I forgot to include the Spencer tiara. It is a pretty tiara. I love how it sparkled so much during the ceremony.

      Leti does look really different. She’s wearing a lot less make up in that picture than she normally wears now.

      Re Charlene. I think it kind of hurt her that she got married a little over 2 months after Kate, and while Kate and Will were on their Canada tour. So the press were busy with Kate and didn’t bother with Charlene. I honestly didn’t even know at the time that Charlene got married because there was so little mainstream coverage of it here.

  4. Wow, I am now in Tiara Heaven. Thanks, KMR.

    I love Marie’s tiara. Just dazzling.

    Don’t be mad Cameo lovers, but to me, Vic’s tiara is shaped like a Burger King crown. I loved the rest of her wedding attire, but am not a fan of the tiara.

    Charlene’s looked amazing. She was not of Royal blood, so how she chose to wear her “glitter” was perfect. Topped off her overall look magnificently.

    And, where, oh, where is the Spencer Tiara? Did I miss it, too? Words could never do it justice.
    I was a little girl when Diana and Charles wed and to me, that tiara was what weddings were all about!

    1. i adore the Spencer tiara. it’s flora and feminine and not overwhelming to ALL the brides who wore it.

      I wasn’t keen [pun intended] on Zara’s tiara though i loved Autumn’s tiara. Autumn’s tiara looks like a hand me down from Margaret to Anne to Autumn. Srene Stanhope also wore it at her wedding to DAvid Linley, MArgaret’s son.

      I’m pissed at David Linley for selling the other family tiara, the poltimore which was Margaret’s wedding tiara. She was heartbroken that he did that and i hope the royal family stepped up and purchased it. it’s not a pretty tiara, having too many stones.

      There is a famous picture of MArgaret wearing it in the bath, because why wouldn’t you??!!

      1. I LOVE that pic of her. It was taken in an evening, she just had her hair done and was taken a bath before getting dressed for an engagement. Her husband took it – you can see him left in the pic, according to him she looked to beautiful, for him to miss that shot.
        He was a professional photographer and used to take photos of the royals, I like them bc it was the perfect combination between professional pics and family normalcy/bonding.

    2. HAHAHHAHAHAH Burger King crown!!

      I forgot the Spencer tiara, I’m so sorry!

  5. Ok, I have no business still commenting here. I need to get to work.
    However, I just googled Sarah Ferguson’s wedding gown and saw that she had a rather hideous clump of flowers on her head when she walked down the aisle. After, the vows were exchanged, she must have been given a tiara to wear, which actually was quite lovely.

    Now, does this mean that Harry’s bride won’t wear a tiara into the Church and won’t receive one until after the vows. Unless, she is royal, herself, that is.

    We want Rhiannon in all that glitters throughout the entire wedding.

    With this post, I now get back to work.

    KMR, this blog is addictive!

      1. Wear it the WHOLE time, Rhiannon. Don’t mess with flowers. If you are Harry’s choice then you ARE Royal. 🙂

      2. Of course you will rock it Rhiannon, and may I ask what your gorgeous bridesmaids (Lauri C and Myself) will be wearing? Trust me, I don’t want the Pippa look LOL

        1. I actually liked Kate’s hair, but not the sausage curls. I think that a chignon or a soft blowout would suffice. The makeup will be very subdued and neutral – soft eye makeup, a hint of blush, and a muted berry lip. I like the idea of my veil being positioned similar to Vic’s. This way, that tiara is the centerpiece.

          I honestly haven’t given much thought to my bridesmaid dresses. No offense, but I just need ot to be me and Harry, lol. I think it will depend where we marry. St.Paul’s Cathedral will be too much like Charles and Diana and Westminster woth will and Kate. Bit, I like the idea of clean lines, a 3/4 length sleeve and an a line skirt. I’ll get some more ideas later. Just know that there will be no Pippa looks or making you look like infants.

      3. That tiara will look awesome as a wedding tiara. And please wear your hair up, the half down thing Kate did looks too informal or a wedding when wearing a tiara.

      4. And Rhianon, please PLEASE travel to the church in a glass coach.

        My haterade for Kate (i’m kidding!) started when she ditched the glass coach.

        If you are marrying a prince, and there is a glass coach that was build specifically to transport brides to the church, it behoves you to travel in said coach……

        Non of this inverted normal snobbery please!!

        Ps: I was 5 when Diana married. Our entire school watched it live in assembly. Our reading material in class was the fairytale, specifically cinderella.

        You can imagine how floored we were to see a real life re-enactment, glass coach, big poofy dress, sparkling tiaras and a real life prince.

        I’m not sure that I’d been aware that real life royalty existed until that moment.

        1. I plan on going in a glass carriage. I think that everyone wants to see.the pageantry for Harry’s wedding. If they want the glamour, they will get it.

          Here’s the $1 million question: which uniform shall Harry wear? I’m a sucker for the white uniform, but we don’t need to clash.

    1. Hi Jenny, my understanding is the flowers were Sarah’s personal preference as she wanted the whole before “a commoner” and after ” a Duchess” effect. Also, she wore the tiara under the flowers during the ceremony as it would have too difficult to make the switch during the short time the bride and groom are signing the registers.

    2. Actually that was Sarah choice all along.
      She want to enter the church as a commoner, her tiara was underneath the whole time, after the vows they entered that thing where you sign the papers* and she had the flowers removed, revealing the tiara and “making” her a duchess. – I think this is a lovely idea.
      *(I have no idea how it’s called in english)
      *was also in this part of the ceremony Lady Diana had her veil cut, the part that covered her face bc she didn’t want to covered her family tiara with the veil, like for example Kate did.

      1. Thanks Lauri and Snowsie. I didn’t know that the tiara was worn under the flowers. The flowers did sit rather strangely on her head. Now, I see why. Thanks for the explanation.

      2. Thanks for this info you guys! I had no idea, I had to go look up the pictures. I actually think that is a really nice idea to show the transition, since she was not Royalty until after the vows. Very clever on Sarah’s part. I also liked her tiara.

    3. In aristocratic circles you get married using your family tiara. The Fergusons didn’t have one so Sarah chose the flower head dress to go into the church (as a commoner) and the tiara was to show she was royal. I hadn’t realised the tiara was underneath, I thought it was a separate headpiece. I was living in London at the time of the marriage and the papers were full of the change.

    4. Fergie wore the flowers to symbolise her entering the church as a commoner. She switched to the tiara after the wedding vows to symbolise her upgrade to Duchess and the royal family.

      Did you know that rather than lend her the tiara, HM bought it for her? Fergie had borrowed it from a jeweller, can’t remember which one, as her something borrowed, and HM purchased it for her after the fact.

      She’s the only royal bride who HM truly loved from the get go, and to a certain extent still loves. Diana did a bait and switch on the Queen. I truly felt sorry that HM was forced to eulogised Diana when she couldn’t stand her at that point. Sophoe has been a slow burn, but they adore each other now.

    5. Sophie was not royal when she married Edward and she wore a tiara into the church. Sarah choosing to wear flowers into the church was her personal decision, not one made for her. If Rhiannon (or whoever Harry marries) wants to wear a tiara into the church she can.

      Thanks for liking the post, Jenny!

  6. KMR thank you for another great post. I have enjoyed all of your post and as we get closer to the wedding I am excited to see how Sofia measures up to the other royal brides. She has the benefit of looking back and not making the same mistakes. Also, I know the Swedes love their jewels, so the wedding may just send me over the top!!! I enjoyed the write up and historical prospective of Victoria’s tiara, however, its not my favorite. I really don’t like Cameo’s and prefer diamonds. Its a little old fashion for my taste. My two favorites would be Kate and Maddie. Simply because they are diamonds, classic and very beautiful, IMO. My least favorite would be…. I really don’t have one…. I just love tiaras.

    1. I like diamonds, too. But I’ve grown fond of some of the other gemstoned tiaras across Europe. When I first saw the Cameo Tiara, I didn’t like it. But it’s grown on me. Especially since it provided such a nice contrast to Vic’s gown.

      I love tiaras, too. I don’t really have a least favorite either except Sophie’s because seriously WTF with that thing.

      Re Kate in a tiara. I prefer her in the Lotus tiara we got a peek of her wearing in December 2013. I really hope she wears that to an event where we get a really good look at it.

  7. I believe my favourite tiara is the one worn by the Grand Duchess Stephanie. It have an elven appearance and complements the earrings. I also like Madeleine’s tiara which doesn’t outshine her older sister and the orange blossoms do complement the look. Victoria wearing the Cameo tiera highlights Victoria’s position and does look exquisite. Kate looks a mixture of smug, pensive and I do not know something I can’t quite put my finger on. I do like the tiera though I wish Kate had even sausage curls whatever they are or her hair up. It looked messy, dull and the tiera as you say KMR looked like it was crooked and I don’t know doesn’t match the wearer. One tiera I like which isn’t there is the tiera worn by Victoria round her bun. I love the colours round it. Thank you KMR.

    1. I wish Kate had worn her hair up in a proper updo. I think the tiara would have worked better probably.

        1. It also needs more hair behind it so it pops. It would have looked great against her brown hair. If she had worn her hair differently, the veil could have been placed differently so the tiara could have been seen better.

  8. I died and went to tiara heaven. I’ve spent over 15 min looklooking at them. I telly love them all. I think that Vic can wear a tiara like no other. I just hate that some of the tiaras are obscured by the veil and hair. I think that the veil needs to be pinned to the back and nothing in front or on top of it. The bride should showcase her dress and tiara. The only tiara I don’t like is Sophie’s. The ugliest tiara of them all was Fergie’s. It just screamed tacky.

    1. I agree about veil placement.

      I wonder, do you ever think we’ll see a royal bride forgo a veil and just do the tiara and dress?

  9. Is Kate’s skin really bad? Is that why she chooses to wear so much make-up?
    So many people always post how they hated the way she did her make-up on her wedding day.
    Looking at photos now, I see what everyone means. She should go for a less is more look.
    She looked very hard in the picture above. I remember seeing photos of her when she was dating William and I thought she was very hard looking. When she smiles, the hardness goes away, but there’s a bit of Carole’s nastiness in her.

    1. I agree, the black eyeliner all the way around the eye is such a hard look. I think both Pippa and Kate would look much younger if they used a softer brown or grey color and not draw the line completely around the eye but just in the outer corners.

    2. It was also maybe an overcompensation with the makeup since she was going to be on TV and in photos. But it was way too much! I would have liked to have seen what the makeup artist did. Didn’t Kate take off the makeup artist’s work and redo her makeup herself? Or was it that she only got tips before the wedding?

      Personally on a side note, I love doing makeup, but my wedding was a chance to pamper myself and get my makeup professionally done.

      1. Yes I heard that they hired a makeup artist and when Kate saw what the professional did, she washed her face and did her own makeup.

    3. She does have a “hard” look when she’s not smiling. I think that may be one reason for her manic grins, so she doesn’t look so “hard”.

      1. Ah, good. I thought it was just me who noticed that hard edge she sometimes has. I agree with you. That’s why she smiles so hard!

        There’s something about the way her eyes are set in her face that makes me think she is not happy with that and chooses to wear a lot of under eye liner to overcompensate for what she thinks is a flaw. I don’t see it as a flaw, though. But, we women can often be so hard on ourselves.

        I am trying to explain what I mean and looked for a few photos of Kate in her early dating days when the liner was not so pronounced. The shape of her eyes and the way they are set is different. That’s the best way I can explain it. I would think she goes heavy on the liner to move away from that look. Carole’s eyes are set in a similar way. Oh, and Carole’s face always looks nasty. Kate’s does not. Kate is much softer looking.

        Gosh, I don’t think I have explained in the best possible way what it is I am trying to point out.

  10. Wow Crown Princess Victoria’s look was perfect from a distance and up close. That’s hard to accomplish when being photographed. She looked simply amazing for her wedding day.

  11. Princess Madeleine looks like she had too much botox before her wedding. Her eyes look unnaturally open while smiling. That’s classic botox.

    1. My mother inlaw and many friends have tattooed eyeliner. I’ve always maintained that Kate and Pippa both have it. It’s too hard and sits weirdo the waterline. Even when she is shopping sans fards, she has it. If you get it done right, it won’t look as bad.

    2. That’s been debated a lot as to whether Kate has tattooed eyeliner, but I think others have determined that its not because it changes colour, intensity and sometimes (very, very rarely) isn’t there.)

      1. Yes it has been suggested many times. I can understand why people think that but there are times that it doesn’t appear to be there so I kind of agree with the people who think she doesn’t have tattooed eyeliner.

      2. It’s only been changing the last two years. Her first two of her marriage would be possible. Nowadays I don’t believe it’s tattooed.

  12. I hope I didn’t make too many comments in a row on this post. For some reason I couldn’t wait and read the whole thing before commenting. One last comment though – I love Sophie’s natural look on her wedding day! It let’s her own radiance and beauty shine through. Perfect.

  13. KMR, I add my thanks for these delicious wedding-week posts. And I agree with you, too, about the Cameo tiara – what a stunner! And Victoria has the stately presence to carry it off perfectly. Yesterday it was mentioned that Kate’s dress could be seen as having a Victorian feel; for me, together with the simple veil, there is a bit of a medieval châtelaine look, which I like. If I may add a personal note, I’ve especially enjoyed your wedding retrospective as my husband and I celebrated our 48th anniversary on Tuesday and your posts have brought back fond memories.

    1. Happy Anniversary, Constance.

      How wonderful to be married for 48 years. May each day bring you more happiness.

  14. Constance, how joyful. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. Forty-eight years! That is wonderful. What’s your secret to a long and happy marriage?
    Wishing you many, many, many more years of married life!

    1. Thank you, mary elizabeth! I’m not sure even I know the secret, but I think that through thick and thin we’ve both always had a deep sense that we belong together – and the tenacity (stubborness?) to hang on to that. We were also both blessed with parents who had long, loving marriages, models of commitment and mutual responsibility.

  15. I love that, Constance. A deep sense that you belong together. That is lovely.

    And, stubbornness helps.

    Having come from families with long loving marriages as role models is also a gift.

    My husband and I will celebrate 8 years of marriage in July. I hope we keep going and growing.

    Best to you.

  16. I love a good fringe tiara so Princess Madeleine is the best look for me also Princess Marie; I could call hers a “floral fringe,” lol. My fav from the BRF will always be Princess Anne and thus QEII, since they wore the same tiara.

    1. I love Madeleine’s tiara. I think fringes sometimes seem a bit heavy to me, but Maddie’s is so light looking.

    1. I agree with you KMR, about the really pointy tiaras – just not my cup of tea. When I first saw the cameo tiara years ago, I wasn’t sure what to think of it, but it’s really grown on me and it’s very distinctive. I really like Madeleine’s wedding tiara. To me that this the perfect princess tiara. Kate’s was nice and delicate and I think it suited her.

      1. I agree that Maddie’s tiara is so light and princess-y. I love it, too. I think The Halo suited Kate’s personality, I just wish she had worn and updo and placed the veil differently so the tiara popped against her dark hair.

  17. Can I make a comment about what Zara Phillips is doing today?

    She is in Auckland, New Zealand supporting spinal cord injury research. This morning Zara attended a talk at the University of Auckland’s Centre for Brain Research, where Dr Simon O’Carroll and Professor Louise Nicholson spoke about exciting new research into a protein which could reverse paralysis.

    She attended today’s talk as a patron of the CatWalk Trust, a fundraising organisation founded by former champion rider Catriona Williams, who became a tetraplegic after a horse riding accident in 2005, dashing her dreams of competing in the Athens Olympics.

    The Trust is the sole funder of the University of Auckland’s Spinal Cord Injury Research Facility.

    The Catwalk Trust is throwing its tenth anniversary dinner at SkyCity tonight, which Zara will be attending before flying home tomorrow morning.

    Zara can fly half way around the world to support this trust but some can’t give up a couple of hours for their charities? Including driving time?

    1. I love Zara. She seems to be very down to earth and very no fuss. She has a bit of Anne in her and I like it. It’s sad that Pippala, Zara and Harry do more for charity versus Petulant and Silent.

      1. It’s funny you say that, because there are times (a good many times) that I get a very famewhore vibe from Zara. To the point that I was truly shocked she never released Mia’s Christening photos (I fully expected her to sell them to Hello).

    2. Cathy, thank you for pointing this out. What an amazing cause to get behind.
      Good for Zara. I agree, if she can fly half way around the world to support this work, while others in the Royal Family (who could they be)? can hardly give an hour to an important cause.

      Different strokes, right?

  18. Greetings KMR! This is my first comment, and I’ve enjoyed reading your blog for a long time now!

    Great idea for the last few “wedding” posts! As many others stated, I was underwhelmed by Kate Middleton’s choice for dress, although I understand it’s much more detailed up close. I also thought that the tiara she wore was really small and understated, but that seems to be her style in terms of jewelry. Perhaps to let her engagement ring be “the statement”? I actually got to see the Cartier Halo tiara – and many other more stunning tiaras – in an exhibition in Paris! There was one with aquamarines that was just jaw-droppingly gorgeous! The Halo tiara is lovely, but I think it does get lost in Kate’s veil and the matchy-matchy earrings. On its own, against her dark hair (pulled up in an elegant chignon), I think it would show its magnificence!

    My favorite tiara of these listed has to be Princess Marie’s! It is just so feminine and a lovely shape! My second favorite is The Connaught tiara!


    1. Hi and welcome Elizabeth in Paris!!

      Did you see the Halo tiara in late 2013? Because I remember that Kate wore a different tiara to a function she went to because the Halo was on loan to a Paris exhibition. I bet seeing the tiara up close was awesome.


    I am sorry, but I was just hit with a severe case of Diabetes reading this load of sugar. It is not as if Waity has to deal with kids by herself while Hubby is away working. I would be happier to read an article that stated that she was seen someone where her greasy hair in a bun, as she had not been able to have a shower or days, with baby spew on her shoulder bags under her eyes and forgetting what she walked into the store for.

  20. Yep thats what all parents do, look after their children, take them out, so what if she did take george out isnt she the mother, who else is supposed to do the parenting duties for her ugh!

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