Royal Round Up: CP Victoria and Sofia Hellqvist in Sweden’s State Visit from India

Royal Round Up: CP Victoria and Sofia Hellqvist in Sweden’s State Visit from India

From May 31 to June 2, the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee , paid a State Visit to Sweden at the request of King Carl XVI Gustaf. Along with the King, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, and Sofia Hellqvist (making her State Visit debut) all participated in the State Visit.

Day 1 – Sunday, May 31

Sweden State Visit from India Victoria and Daniel greet President

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel met the President at the airport and escorted him to the Royal Mews where King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia greeted him. The King, Queen, and President then traveled in full carriage procession of the Royal Life Guards from the Mews, through the Royal Garden and the North Bridge, to the Royal Palace where they held the official welcome ceremony.

Sweden State Visit from India King and Queen greet President

Sweden State Visit from India carriage procession

Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist joined the King, Queen, President, and Crown Princess couple for a meeting where gifts were exchanged.

Victoria wore a light pink dress and coat with a matching wide brimmed hat, and Dior shoes.

Sofia wore Paule Ka “Crepe Satin Dress” (€690.00), and a small bow hat thing at the back of her head (you can just see it peeking out from the back of her head in the photo below).

Silvia wore head-to-knee blue. She is no longer doing the scarf-sling thing but she is still not putting her right arm through her jacket. She hurt her shoulder in a ski accident earlier this year and is still not fully recovered.

Sweden State Visit from India royal family day 1

Day 2 – Monday, June 1

Sweden State Visit from India royal family day 2

The day started in Parliament where the President of India met with the Swedish Prime Minister and other government officials to discuss cooperation between Sweden and India and the prospects for increased exchange of trade and science. Then Carl Gustaf, Silvia, and Victoria joined the President of India at Stockholm City Hall for a seminar on sustainable urban development. They then had lunch at City Hall. In the afternoon, the King and President traveled to Hammarby Sjöstad for another round table discussion on sustainable urban development.

Victoria wore Oscar De La Renta “English Garden Print Mikado” Dress ($2,168) and her Dior shoes, with a structured white cropped jacket over top.

Silvia wore a teal lace dress, a matching hat, and two bee brooches.

Sweden State Visit from India lunch day 2 1

Sweden State Visit from India gala dinner royal family

That night they held a Gala Dinner in Karl XI’s Gallery of the Royal Palace.

Silvia wore a green and white patterned dress which confuses me. I’ll look at it and like it, and then I’ll look again and dislike it. Odd. She wore Queen Sophia’s Nine Prong Tiara, the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden), and the royal family order.

Victoria repeated a green, sparkly Elie Sabb that she previously wore to the Nobel Prize ceremony in 2012. She paired it with the Steel Cut Tiara, the Order of the Seraphim (Sweden), and the royal family order.

Sofia made her State Dinner debut in a black sequin-y on top, ruffle-y on the bottom concoction. I stand by my assessment that Sofia’s day outfits are fine, if a little boring. But her gown game is bad. Hopefully she’s getting all the bad out of her system now and her wedding dress will be amazing.

Sofia wore emerald and diamond earrings from Ebba Brahe Jewellery. The earrings are part of the AW15 collection. I could not find a price but based on the price of some of their other jewelry, I’m guessing these bad boys cost somewhere in the ballpark of 3-4,000 dollars. EDIT: The earrings are the “Full Moon” earrings and cost 38,900 SEK or about $4,500.

Sweden State Visit from India gala dinner King, Queen, President

Sweden State Visit from India gala dinner glassware
[The glassware used was a wedding gift to the King and Queen in 1976 from the government and parliament]

The menu consisted of: avocado tureen with semi dried bay tomatoes, kavring (a type of brown bread) crisps and wild garlic vinaigrette; fried egg with potato crisps, asparagus crudité and mashed turnips puree with browned butter (yum); Butter Baked walleye (a type of fish) from Lake Hjälmaren with baked fennel, ragout of beans and peas, dill potatoes and butter sauce; and for desert, rhubarb with lemon verbena and Bavarian cream ice cream made ​​from cream from Lots farm.

Sweden State Visit from India gala dinner centerpiece
[The table centerpiece consisted of lilacs from Ulriksdal Palace]

Day 3 – Tuesday, June 2

Sweden State Visit from India King, Queen, President visit Karolinska Institute

Day 3 of the Swedish State Visit from India started with the King, Queen, and President at the Karolinska Institute where they attended workshops and meetings first at the Nobel Forum, where they discussed current research projects, and then at the Grand Hôtel with the Swedish and Indian business community. In the afternoon, there was a farewell ceremony at the Royal Palace, and then the President visited Uppsala with Victoria and Daniel. The President gave a speech at Uppsala University about Gandhi and the Indian Nobel laureate in literature Tagore. Victoria escorted the President to the airport and saw him off.

Victoria wore H&M, their “Lace Coat” (was $199, currently on sale for $100).

On their way to Uppsala, four cars in the convoy carrying the President of India, Victoria, and Daniel crashed. Nine people were taken to the hospital, but the President, Victoria, and Daniel were unharmed. [The Local].

Sweden State Visit from India King, Queen, Victoria, Daniel, President at Business forum

Photos: Kungahuset

52 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: CP Victoria and Sofia Hellqvist in Sweden’s State Visit from India

  1. Love that Oscar de la Renta cropped jacket. Shades of Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy!
    Also, Victoria knows how to wear a huge hat. Just as Maxi does. Stunning!

    Sophia looked ok. Still needs help with her wardrobe, I believe. But, better!

    queen Silvia is elegant — even with the shoulder injury. Hope she heals well.

  2. Woops. How did I miss the State Dinner photo? The green dress on Victoria did not do it for me.
    Queen Silvia looked stunning.
    Liked the bodice of Sophie’s dress, but not the skirt.

    1. I normally really like Elie Saab, but the green dress doesn’t really do it for me.

  3. I really liked almost all of Victoria’s looks for this state visit, the blush dress and hat were sublime. The only dress I wasn’t a fan of was the green evening gown, all the sparkles just didn’t do it for me. I admire Victoria for all the hard work she does preparing for her future role as Queen, she attends cabinet meetings, state visits, etc… I think the Swedish people are very lucky to have her as their future Queen.

    I love how this family knows how to stand correctly for pictures, no hands clasped in front. As you might have guessed from prior posts, this a huge pet peeve of mine 🙂 and we all know who does it ad naseum.

    I thought Sofia looked very nice in both dresses. Professional and business like for day and the gown looked great on her. I like how she is trying different styles and taking a few risks instead of becoming a stodgy, boring dresser. I’m glad that she is attending these events before the wedding, it seems that she is really trying to prepare for her role. I do wonder though if her and Carl Phillip will undertake many royal engagements after the wedding? I don’t know if CP does now or has much in the past, he’s third in line behind Estelle, so maybe other than these types of events he just does his own thing. It will be interesting to watch how the SRF works with members farther down the succession line.

    The Queen looked wonderful! While her evening gown wasn’t my favorite, I get the impression that it might look better in person than in photos. And I love the Moose Antler Tiara, it always makes me chuckle.

    Is it just me or does the King never smile?? I just don’t get him, he always looks like he’s suffering from stomach complaints.

      1. Hi Rhiannon, the Steel Cut Tiara isn’t my favorite simply because there are no diamonds or jewels in it. I do however, admire the craftsmanship it took to make it sparkle like it does, but a tiara with out jewels just is like a day without sunshine.

        1. Right! The tiara is ornate and quite unique. I would be let down if someone offered it to me. IMHO, tiaras mean diamond and a lot of other gems!

        2. I don’t mind that the Steel Cut doesn’t have gems, but I don’t like the silhouette it has.

    1. Kate would be clutching her crotch like no one’s business if she were in that photo.

      Carl Philip currently only does about 75-ish appearances a year.

      I like the Prong tiara. I don’t understand why some people really dislike it.

    2. I agree with your post.

      Yes, CP Victoria (her siblings), Fred/Mary are so hardworking on their future roles. The Danish and Swedish people really are blessed with their heirs… respective Monarchy will be in good hands as it is in Jordan,-Spain with active global participation for their people and country.

  4. I loved Vic’s floral dress. She has great style. Is it me or does King Creepy give a weird vibe with Vic? He had his back to her in a few pictures. Silvia’s first gown looks like remnants of salad that I will find at the bottom of my salad spinner. I usually like the way she dresses. She has an elegance and grace about her.

    Sofia. I agree with Mary Elizabeth when she said the bodice was nice. She will find her groove. I think that she may he over compensating.

    The pictures of the flowers, procession, and glassware was divine. There is so much pageantry involved in a State visit. I always like when you share the menu. It sounded like a lot of greens and a lot of yummy.

    I gave the lady who was standing too close to Daniel in the 5th pic the side eye.

    1. Oh no now I can’t unsee the salad dress!

      I was craving fried eggs after reading the menu so I went and had fried eggs.

  5. Rhiannon, lol!
    Yes, hopefully, Sofia will hit her stride. I never noticed the King Creepy vibe with Vic. Will have to look more carefully and report back.

  6. The King is just a bitter man, I think. How did he help create such beautiful daughters?
    I am not sure if there is a creepy vibe between him and Vic, or just between him and everyone!

    1. I saw a little video snippet where Silva is leaning into the King kind of affectionately and he just walks away without acknowledging her, he’s certainly an odd duck.

      1. The King was involved in some sex scandal a few years ago, and he’s not been faithful to Silvia.

        He became quite unpopular, and many people think he should step down for Victoria, thanks to whom the monarchy is still preferred over a republic.

        So maybe this would explain some of the bitterness, who knows…

    2. Carl Gustaf is definitely bitter about Victoria being Crown Princess. He was very much against the change in primogeniture law that now states the first born child, regardless of gender, is heir. Carl Gustaf wanted Carl Philip to he heir, not Victoria. He’s still grumpy about it.

    3. Funny – my vote is ‘creepy vibe with everyone’!
      But, he do have hardworking, beautiful daughters and granddaughters ‘in training’ – (is P’ess Maddie having a boy?)

  7. I’m in shocked that they allowed her to take part in a ceremony!!!!
    I remember when shortly after William and Kate’s wedding arrived US President, Barak Obama and they had one meeting and no banquet, while C&S have both. It is surprising that William is second in line to the throne, and Carl is third, and he was still there, and Sofia too far even though she is not his wife yet, and Kate was married to William. I do not know …maybe the point is that in England there are already three adult generations in Sweden for the time being two? It is possible that they would not let be there if they did not want to be there or is it just a cultural difference?

    1. I think it’s has to do with three things: 1) Sweden is much more open about letting people in, they don’t have the same anti-married in stance that the Brits seem to have; 2) Carl Philip and Sofia probably wanted to be there, whereas Kate and William don’t really like doing engagements especially the ones where they have to meet dignitaries; 3) There are *way* more adult royals in the BRF than there are in the SRF, Sophie, Anne, the other royals, there are so many adults that have been attending State Dinners for decades that Will and Kate just aren’t really needed yet.

    2. I remember reading that W&K didn’t want to attend that state dinner as to not set a precedent. Plus I think that the SRF does many things differently from the BRF, not saying one is right and the other wrong. However, I do think that had the BRF included Kate in some events before she and William got married she wouldn’t look so uncomfortable at them now. I am hoping that by introducing Sofia to some events like they have, she will be more comfortable in the future.

      1. Sofia seems much more confident then Kate in general, so I don’t think lack of confidence in the role is going to be an issue with her.

        1. You know when Kate first came on the scene I thought she a quite a bit of confidence but seems that in the last couple of years her confidence has taken quite a nose dive. Kind of sad to see really. Hopefully this won’t happen to Sofia.

          1. I agree that Kate’s confidence definitely took a nose dive in recent years. She was much more confident in the first year or so. Maybe it had something to do with the France photos being released?

            I think Sofia has a stronger will in general, though. She’s already dealt with her nude pics and reality TV past being thrown in her face, so she has to have a strong will. I hope she stays strong and doesn’t cave like Kate.

          2. I’m a firm believer that Kate did not really know what she was getting herself into. She certainly knew William long enough, but as previously posted, it seems he promised her that she would not have to endure what his mother did with the press and then, she found out she was in for a different dynamic.

            Not only the release of those nude photos, KMR, but those flashing incidents may have done a bad number on her. Totally her own fault (Heard of hem weights, Kate? A slip? Underwear that covers you up?), but the blow back (ugh, poor choice of wording) was something that threw her for a loop. That’s my take, anyway.

            Sofia seems to have gone through her bad days. I think she is better prepared for a better time.

          3. The flashings… the blow back. Man that made me laugh!

            Also a possibility for why she lacks so much confidence now is that she received so much criticism from people online and whatnot. I don’t think she was expecting that. I think she thought she would be golden and not have to do anything and people would just love her automatically like they did Diana, without realizing Diana worked to achieve the level of devoted love she got.

          4. Oh, KMR, you are so right. Kate never expected all the negative reviews online. I think, as you said, she really thought she was going to be adored — just like Diana – because of whom she married. But, Diana, worked for that love. Diana was an empathetic and loving woman. Not only toward her family, but toward others.

          5. I agree with all of thee above – particularly after the ‘pricky princess’ article. It was probably initially fun – overseas travel, bespoke outfits and fans. She may have thought the palace wouldn’t want another Diana so they’d let her mostly be a housewife then stay at home mom for years to come and if they demanded more now William would protect her.

            I think Kate thought William and the palace would continue to protect her from the press. While they were dating the press eventually had to start asking the Palace permission before they could ran a picture of Kate. Will and Kate had an informal meeting behind closed doors with the media, a chance for them to get to know Kate after the engagement. I think she may have an a false sense of security. She wasn’t prepared for much criticism, let alone constant negative and personal criticism – of her and her family.

            I doubt she paid close attention to public opinion or she just didn’t care before (if the interview is anything to go by). It did’t really affect her everyday life then but now as a public figure she can’t really ignore it or not notice she’s not being fawned over like before. If it’s really bad there’s no way the Men in Grey aren’t bringing it up.

  8. Are the succession laws in Sweden different to the UK? I remember my mum told about Victoria years the ago. You would have thought her father would be proud of his daughters. Crown Princess Victoria is definitely putting in the workload and time. If Carl and Sofia have a boy would that change the order? I like the outfit with the flowery blue skirt and the outfit with the wide brimmed hat a la Maxima.

    1. From my understanding, the Swedish Parliament changed the law and made the heir the firstborn child of the monarch – regardless of gender. Victoria will be queen, and Estelle will be queen after her. To use the BRF to explain: CP and Sofia’s children are on the same level of Prince Harry’s (possible future) children.

    2. The succession laws used to have male primogeniture. When Carl Philip was born in 1979, this was the case and for a few months he was the heir over his older sister, Victoria. Then in 1980, Swedish Parliament changed the laws to be gender neutral primogeniture, so the first born child, no matter of gender, would inherit. This made Victoria heir over her younger brother, Carl Philip. Carl Gustaf, at the time, was against the change in law, and is still bitter that Carl Philip is not the heir.

      To answer your question: No, it does not matter if Carl Philip has a boy or not. Victoria will be Queen, then Estelle will be Queen, and then her firstborn child will be King/Queen. Barring any horrific accident, Carl Philip will never be King and neither will his firstborn.

    1. I agree, bluhare. Just magnificent. My only problem would be the scent. I have
      always loved lilacs, but their scent sets off my allergies more than most other flowers.
      Magnificent, though.

    1. I saw that in People; was going to cover it in the round up on Sunday.

        1. I want to talk about it but didn’t want to bump the other royals (again) – I had Max planned for today, and Leti planned for tomorrow. There were three state/official visits this week so I thought I’d give them each a post during the week and do a normal round up over the weekend with the Kate stuff, day 2 of Harry and Will’s polo, plus Sophie and Mathilde.

          1. No pressure. I just wondered if you saw it.

            Love your round-ups on all the Royals. Will look forward to the next batch.

    2. It’s a bit odd that Kate was in Holland Park with George. It’s not close to KP, Kensington Palace Gardens and Hyde Park are right next door.

  9. There is an article about William’s favourite food being Lasagne and Welsh lamb burgers on the Daily mail website today.

    1. Prepared by Carole or by Kate? Kate loves to cook, right?
      Of course, Carole owns that kitchen.
      Was there no mention of the cheese and toast?

  10. An RAF base apparently. The article said William didn’t like spicy food. No that was the strange thing. Nothing about Cheese on Toast.

  11. Is it just me, or does Victoria remind anyone of Catherine Zeta Jones — especially, in the photo where she is walking with the President of India and she’s wearing that huge hat and a huge smile?
    Really, I never noticed the resemblance before. Or, if I did, I thought, “who does she remind me of?”, but I never thought of CZJ.

    Also, is it true that Vic, Daniel and the Indian President were involved in an auto accident that saem day. Nobody was badly hurt, but was there some sort of incident?

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