Royal Round Up: Queen Maxima, Sofia Hellqvist, Countess Sophie, Princess Beatrice, CP Mary

Royal Round Up: Queen Maxima, Sofia Hellqvist, Countess Sophie, Princess Beatrice, CP Mary

Royal round up time with Queen Maxima, Sofia Hellqvist and Prince Carl Philip, Sophie Countess of Wessex, Princess Beatrice, and Crown Princess Mary.

In a follow up to the round up with Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander‘s first day in Canada, here the remainder of their State Visit.

On May 28, the royal couple were in Waterloo at the University of Waterloo where they presented six Liberation Scholarships to Canadian students, the first of 70 such awards that will allow the recipients to study at a Dutch university or college. Max wore a green dress that reminds me a lot of Mathilde’s green lace dress I covered in the last post.

That night the couple were in Ottawa where they held a concert for the Canadian Governor-General at the Museum of History. Max wore a fuchsia gown that I adore. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but the more I look at it the more I like it.

On May 29, the royal couple were in Toronto where they visited Queen’s park, as well as Monarch Park Stadium to meet with the FIFA Dutch Women’s National team. They also gifted seven orange tulip chairs to the city of Toronto. Maxima wore a white dress and some awesome silver shoes.

On May 30, the royal couple closed out their visit with a Dutch community reception. Max wore an orange top and print skirt.

Maxima at university of waterloo 2 Maxima at museum of history

Maxima and Willem-Alexander unveil tulip chairs Maxima and Willem-Alexander at Dutch community reception

Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist

In a Swedish royal wedding update: Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist have given interviews to two different Swedish outlets that will air in the weeks before their June 13th wedding.

The first interview is to Swedish channel TV4 and is with Tilde de Paula Eby. The interview is part of a two hour-long documentaries called Carl Philip and Sofia that will air on June 1 and June 8 at 8PM. TV4 has released a few quotes ahead of time (these quotes have been translated via Google Translate; sorry for the wonky English in places):

    Sofia on Carl Philip: “Carl Philip is also my best friend. He is the one I’m talking the most with, he’s very wise and I feel very safe with him.”
    Carl Philip on Sofia: “I feel very safe and stable and harmonious, now that Sofia is at my side. I felt [it] early.”
    Tilde de Paula Eby on Carl Philip and Sofia: “To meet them was to see genuine love up close.”


The second interview was done by Ebba Kleberg von Sydow for SVT. That interview will air on June 12 (the night before the wedding) at 8PM on SVT and SVT Play. I cannot find any quotes from that interview.

Do you think Carl Philip is smart? He may be smarter than Sofia (which is why she thinks he’s smart), but he seems more like a directionless trust fund frat boy who likes fast cars.

Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are confirmed as guests at the wedding. People mag says Sophie and Prince Edward will also be in attendance, missing Trooping the Color.

Sophie presenting cirtificate at doea

Sophie, Countess of Wessex was in Prague, Czech Republic May 19 and 20. She was there in her capacity as Global Ambassador for The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation. On May 19, Sophie attended a reception, visited a school (Giambattista Valli B&W paisley dress), attended a Garden Party, and attended a gala (red lace gown). On May 20, Sophie attended a meeting as Chairman of Women in Business Group, attended a fashion event, and attended another reception (pink Gucci dress).

Sophie gave a speech after presenting the Duke of Edinburgh Awards to the recipients (white Emilio Pucci knot dress). Her speech was about seven minutes long and she didn’t use any notes. I could barely hear her over the Czech translator in the video, but she told a story about Nelson Mandela.

Sophie received a new brooch made from stones from Brazil as a gift from the owner of Stefany Jewelry.

Her speech runs from about 50:10 to about 56:45.

Sophie at doea school visit Sophie at doea meeting

Sophie at doea gala

Princess Beatrice attended a Buckingham Palace Garden Party on Thursday, May 28, along with the Queen and several other royals. Beatrice wore a Juliette Botterill “Silk Feather Flower Teardop” hat. Beatrice went to Rome for a wedding where she rewore this hat. The Rome trip makes this, what, her 16th holiday? Is she ever going to get a real job?

Juliette Botterill Silk Feather Flower Teardop hat

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary made a visit to Germany May 19-21. They lead a 75 participant-strong Danish business delegation, with the focus of the trip being Danish living. They attended several seminars, visited several businesses, and attended a couple dinners.

On May 19, in Hamburg, Mary wore a Tory Burch “Isabella” jacket over a white blouse, with black trousers and black pumps. She carried a Carlend Copenhagen “Aicha Crocodile” clutch. Mary visited the town hall (above left) and the Silent Fusion Kitschen at the Scandic Emporio Hamburg where she made pasta (second below left).

On May 20, in Munich, Mary wore an Elise Gug white blouse, Signe Bøgelund-Jensen black skirt, and Christain Louboutin python pumps. She carried a Carlend Copenhagen black clutch. She and Fred visited the the ECCO store opening (above right).

That night, Mary wore an Ole Yde black and white printed jumpsuit, Gianvito Rossi black pumps, and Ole Lynggaard “Gipsy” earrings to the Grand Dinner at the Residency (below left).

On May 21, in Munich, Mary wore a Joseph cream “Lynne Belted Dress”, Christain Louboutin patent leather nude pumps, and carried a Hugo Boss beige suede clutch to visit a furniture shop (below right).

Aren’t they adorable! Kisses!

34 thoughts on “Royal Round Up: Queen Maxima, Sofia Hellqvist, Countess Sophie, Princess Beatrice, CP Mary

  1. Mary and Fred might be adorable, but that horrible Jumpsuit needs to go, preferably set on fire. Mary is usually pretty good but she missed big time with this one

      1. Generally, I don’t like jumpsuits but I actually like this one. I guess it is due to the neutral colours and the stark graphic of the print.

        1. I do too – ‘different’ hard to tell it’s a j/suit – love the simple elegant dress below.

          Wonderful photos of hardworking, ‘role model’ royals KMR – thanks.

  2. Max is perfection as ways. That cream ensemble looked beautiful. She is always so put together.

    I used to have a lot of feels for Carl-P. Now the thrill is gone. He’s handsome, but what has he really accomplished? While he isn’t likely to ascend the throne I have a hard time finding out what he does besides car racing and “design” (fireplace gate anyone?) Regardless of how you feel about Sofia and her intentions behind her volunteer work, at least she tried.

    Sophie is an excellent rep for the BRF. There’s a lot of substance behind her style. I hope that Charles will utilize her when he becomes king. He cannot repy on King Harry and Petulant and silent to bring up the rear. Because thats all thats left. On the other hand, Beatrice…I’ve stated before that I always root for the York girls. But, they need to do something. Anything. Beatrice has seen how her parents were vilified yet she’s going down the same path.

    Mary and Fred. I’m still learning about Mary, but she’s also embraced her role. I like that she takes joy in her work and you can tell that she’s excited. That jumpsuit would have looked better on Max. I don’t hate it but it overpowers her.

    Awesome blog as always, KMR!

    1. Thanks, Rhiannon!

      Carl Philip barely does any engagements a year. He’s about on par with Kate or William with how many engagements he does each year. He really just drives cars and goes on vacation. I’m wondering if he’ll step up his duties once he’s married. I am willing to give Sofia the benefit of the doubt, but I am going to need her to really work for the monarchy. No Lazy Kate business for Sofia. And I know that people love to tear down Sofia, and claim that she only did her charity work as a means to become a princess, but she seems to have done more work for Project Playground than Carl Philip seems to do for his charities. He really doesn’t so much.

      I don’t know if I would have liked the jumpsuit on Max, seeing as I just don’t like the jumpsuit that much, but it would have looked better on her. She has the personality to fill it out (no offense to Mary).

      1. I think that Sofia will have to step it up. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt too. In order to shut down her naysayers, she will need to get to work quickly and have a good schedule in place. She shouldn’t have to prove herself, but that’s the only way to stop the criticism. I do feel like they will start a family fast.

        Jumpsuits are hard to pull off. You have to deal with proportion, fit, fabric. You can either look like a tent or something out of Saturday Night Fever. Mary’s was too voluminous.

        1. I actually disagree slightly. I do think Sofia should have to prove herself. She needs to prove that she is going to be a hardworking royal and not a drain, as does every new royal. Kate needed to prove the same thing. Unfortunately Kate did not, and proved the opposite. I really hope that Sofia steps it up and proves she’s a good, hardworking royal.

          I agree that Mary’s jumpsuit was too voluminous. I don’t like that it was so flowy.

    1. CP Fred and Mary always beautiful together hard working as is the other royals mentioned.

      Prince Edward C/Sophie should be more senior royals – C/Sophie is of similar royal standing and work ethics as HM Q Rania, Max, Leticia and CP Mary, Victoria (P Maddie, who is low in the Swedes Line…); to know Petulant and co are more senior than C/Sophie is a disgrace to HM the BRs – with PW*km lack of work ethics, duties to HM POW the British Monarchy and GB.

    2. I don’t actually know, and was not able to find out quickly on their website.

  3. Love that cream outfit on Max. I think she absolutely dresses perfectly for herself. Everything doesn’t work, but it’s always fun watching her. Also love the red dress.

    Huge fan of Sophie. I really hope Charles keeps her and Edward on the rolls working as Harry can’t do it all and who knows when or how they’ll get the Petulant and Silent in gear.

    I’m on the fence about Mary. She does seem to work a great deal, but there’s something about her that comes off a little calculating to me. She’s also a clothes horse. Doesn’t necessarily dress for what’s good for her, but what’s hot with the designers and as with that jumpsuit, it doesn’t always work.

    Actually I’m very tired of CP and Sofia so I don’t have anything to say about them.

    1. The cream outfit is perfection, though I like the pink gown as well.

      I think when Charles is king reality is going to hit him like a ton of bricks. He’s going to need to keep his siblings on because his son and his wife aren’t going to be picking up the slack, and Harry and his wife can’t do everything.

      Mary seems… plastic. Does that make sense? There are some people on here who feel like Letizia is too put together, too prepared; they don’t get any warmth from her. I guess that’s kind of how I feel about Mary. She’s too put together, too prepared; there is not a ton of warmth there, no spontaneity. But she does a lot of work with women’s issues and loneliness and so I want to support her because those are issues I’m interested in as well.

      1. Plastic is correct. She doesn’t project a lot of warmth. I leave her alone because she works and she looks good doing it. It’s like there is no “there” there.

        1. Yes. Which is weird because she gives speeches and whatnot. But the way she carries herself and in photos she just doesn’t seem to have anything going on. No “there” there as you said. So odd.

      2. Oh I am so glad that someone else agrees with me about Mary. To me she always seems to be fake when she is in front of the cameras. Her smile is tight and I think that she puts a lot of pressure on herself to be perfect. If you find old photos of her before she married CPF she looks a lot more relaxed and calm. Nowdays she just looks like a Stepford wife.

  4. Sophia is totally channeling DCamb in this new portrait. The shiny red lipstick is all Sophia though, I’m thinking it’s a bit flashy for BRF (thankfully).

    Other than that, I’m with you on that couple, Lisa. I’m way more interested in CP’s older sisters; stylish, classy, intelligent….yeah, give me Vic and Maddie ANY day!

    1. Lisa/Ray
      Spot on!

      Prince Harry should also inherit the Duchy when the time comes- (long live HM!) – Harry is much safer as caretaker, or POW brother Prince Ed and C/Sophie.

      1. Doolttle, Edward gets to be DOE when time comes. I think that he will do well in the role, not as well as Harry would though LOL.

  5. Actually, Carl Philip (and Victoria) has inherited dyslexia from his father and dabbled in several fields of education but never received a degree. Madeleine is the only one of the three siblings with a bachelor’s degree. What has the gossips in Sweden all riled up now is that Chris O’Neill has changed his residency from Stockholm to London, with Madeleine and the children following in the fall. Even though this was the intention from the beginning, it still has the tongues wagging about possible divorce.

    1. Yes, Carl Philip has had some higher education, but he doesn’t seem to have done anything with it. And there was a plagiarism scandal with his dabbling in design.

      I think Maddie would probably prefer to be in Sweden and closer to her family. But Chris has better career prospects in London. I always thought they would end up in London and was surprised when Maddie and Leonore registered residency in Sweden.

  6. Here’s the Beatrice Tally compliments of the Daily Mail some of the trips are exaggerated but this is a tiny bit extreme.
    1. NYE on Carribean Yacht
    2. Jan 21 – St Bart’s
    (1 & 2 Same place with a trip to London in between)
    3. Jan 30 – New York (Stayed/Visited Eugenies Flat)
    4. Feb 11 – Verbier (skiing with Eug & Harry)
    5. Feb 17 – (Skiing in Colorado with Dave)
    6. Mar 6 – Greece Weekend
    7. Mar 20 – NY For Eugs Birthday
    8. April 5 – Verbier again
    9. April 11 – Florida
    10. April 19 – Bahrain
    11. April 23 – Florence
    12. May 20 – Bahamas
    13. May 30 Rome (Friends wedding).

    1. Aren’t most of these weekend trips?

      I think the dm is unfairly picking on her in this case. Sure she isn’t doing anything, but that’s on her.
      Bea isn’t directly funded by the taxpayers anymore. (Security)
      She does have her own trust fund. The situation gets murky when daddy specifically pays for her.

      Kate is 110% funded by the duchy and taxpayer money. She goes on several nice holidays a year (with her family and I seriously doubt they pay), while doing the bare minimum with a lackluster attitude.
      Where is the outrage?

        1. True. I should have been more specific.

          I was referring to the rubbish papers and the way they call out Beatrice, but praise Kate’s lazy sledges to the high heavens.

  7. Mark my words, Sophia is pregnant. I swear her boobs look huge in that photo. First, I thought it was the print of the dress, but now I’m thinking, “No, she is with child.” At any rate, the dress was ugly and I am also bored with her and her prince.

    As usual, Maxima is gorgeous. The cream colored outfit is amazing and makes her look even more royal.

    Sophie is always working! Always impeccable and always amazing to see and read about on this blog.

    1. It’s totally possible that she’s pregnant. She’s always had big boobs, but they do seem a bit bigger in that particular photo. I guess we’ll have to wait and see when they announce a pregnancy to tell if she was pregnant during the wedding.

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