Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Prince Harry, Prince William

Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, Prince Harry, Prince William

I’ve split the royal round up into two parts today – go here for Maxima, Sophie and others. This round up features a Kate Middleton sighting, Prince Harry on horseback, and Prince William looking grumpy at the FA final.

Kate Middleton was spotted out shopping on Saturday, May 23. The Duchess of Cambridge was spotted at a Spar shop in Norfolk a few minutes away from Anmer Hall. Apparently she looked stressed and bought fruits and vegetables.

Kate spotted shopping near Anmer

In related Kate news, or rather wonderings, I wonder when the first family pics of Princess Charlotte will be released. The first portraits (if you can call Michael Middleton‘s family snaps “portraits”) were released 29 days after Prince George was born. I thought the Cambridges might release the photos today for the Sunday press, but they have not. The photos of George were released on a Tuesday. So maybe this coming Tuesday?

Prince Harry played polo yesterday in the Audi Polo Challenge at Coworth Park. The charity polo match – attended by lots of celebrities, including Samuel L. Jackson – was for Harry’s charity, Sentebale. Harry hurt his back and was seen stretching it out on the sideline. Prince Ginger has got some ginger scruff going on. Hot.

In related Harry news, Chelsy Davy quit her job as a lawyer. Apparently she’s been spotted DJ-ing in Ibiza, and is supposedly designing a line of jewelry with the proceeds going to an African charity.

So much for that “Chelsy has a law career” card.

Chely Davy quit being a lawyer

Prince William the Petulant attended the FA Cup Final between Aston Villa and Arsenal at Wembley Stadium yesterday. The Petulant is a huge Aston Villa fan, but his beloved team lost 4-0 to Harry’s favorite Arsenal so The Petulant had to hand over the FA Cup Trophy to his team’s arch nemesis. The Petulant Prince was petulant about his team losing, as is evident by a #GrumpyFace to rival George’s.

The Petulant gave a speech ahead of the game, calling for reform after the recent FIFA scandal. He said in part:

    “There seems to be a huge disconnect between the sense of fair play that guides those playing and supporting the game, and the allegations of corruption that have long lingered around the management of the sport internationally.
    “The events in Zurich this week represent Fifa’s Salt Lake City moment, when the International Olympic Committee went through a similar period of serious allegations. Fifa, like the IOC, must now show that it can represent the interests of fair play and put the sport first.”


Is it just me or does it seem like William is more interested in FIFA reform than he is in conservation?

Speaking of William, he gave an interview to BBC ahead of the FA final. When he was asked about taking George to a football match, William said: “I don’t know, I’ll have to pass that by the missus, see how I can get away with it!”

Claire Cohen at the Telegraph took William to task for being sexist. She says the term “the missus” is casual misogyny and William’s attempt to connect to the British people (the lads down at the pub) is something to be avoided.

While the Daily Mail’s Rachel Johnson cared more about William bringing down the monarchy to commoner level by using phrases that are beneath royalty.

I think it’s funny that both these people thought the term “the missus” was William trying to connect to normal people, because to me it screams old fashioned. Old fashioned middle class, but still old fashioned. I have not heard someone use the term “the missus” in for-freaking-ever. Like over a decade. To me it screams 90s (and before, obviously, but the 90s is my connotation). Maybe dudes still use that term, but it’s probably mostly men in their 40s and over. No one younger that I know uses that term. So when William used that term, I thought it made him seem old.

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  1. I’ve seen the interview, and I didn’t heared ”missus” I heared ”misses”. Which seems normal… English is not my first language did I hear wrong? or are those the same word? thanks

      1. Yes it can mean that. However I looked it up online and from the OED. The term missus doesn’t necessarily mean the wife.
        The context is important. It is also a term to denote a mistress with the words the in front of it instead of the possessive ‘my’.
        Kate could have at least brought some sweets for Prince George.

        1. “Mistress” as a form of address is the feminine form of “Mister/Master”. So “the mistress of the house” and “the woman of the house” and “the lady of the house” all mean the same thing. If you’ve ever watched movies or tv shows set in the Victorian era or something like that, you will hear the maid say to the woman of the house, “yes, mistress”, before curtseying and leaving. It’s the same as saying, “yes, madam/ma’am/lady of the house/boss”. “Mrs”, “Miss”, “Ms”, “missus” are all derived from the word “mistress”.

        2. It was good to see William working. Though he looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Perhaps that is why he goes to Jecca for advice, if all Kate is concerned about is her appearance and babies. Harry looks Hot and is presumably unwinding. Though both matches were to raise awareness for charity.

    1. “Misses” is the plural of “miss”, which means an unmarried woman. “I bought the misses some flowers” means “I bought more than one unmarried woman some flowers”.

      “Missus” is a person’s wife. “I bought the missus some flowers” means “I bought the wife some flowers”.

      1. Thank you. Sorry if I trod on any toes. I find the English Language fascinating. I prefer the French form mademoiselle. Mind you then I have to remind myself I am not French.

        1. English is a terrible language, really. It is vague, can be very confusing because of it’s vagueness, and it takes much longer to say a thought with English than other languages (like French).

  2. Did I just read a post that basically said Prince William’s wife goes grocery shopping, Harry plays polo, and William attends a football game? They truly are the most boring royals.

    1. Agree – and useless to HM PC and BRF; except Prince (King) Harry, who is always working for his charities and HM>

      PW is fast becoming the royal face (seen with…) – photo ops with celebrities, questionable arrested FIFA execs, Wall Street other NY millionaires – for quick millions fundraising (for the likes of Andrews University, who need to refund the people his tuition and studies cost- as they didn’t provide the royal heir to… from carol and km middletons). Petulant need to stick to royal duties and traditions than showing up with these kinds of people – un-royal (if) future heir to …

  3. Harry playing polo *swoon*

    William has a fantastic speech writer, who makes him sound much more intelligent than he is.
    Also, it’s a bit rich for William to be calling out FIFA corruption. He really bombs when he tries to connect or speak out.

    I hope/think they will wait a few more weeks. They should make Kate stay home without press attention on a regular basis. The respite from sausage curls and mediocrity is very pleasant.
    Besides excited sugars, there doesn’t seem to be any excitement or hype over new baby pictures.

    1. For someone with no interest for royal duties traditions – or seem to make an effort to be educated of world events (except his pampered life which he emerge from hiding at AH) – sure weaken his royal Title/position. PW is no Prince Charles…

    2. I thought it was weird that William called for FIFA reform. It’s like, “Sit down, kid, and leave business to the adults”. I understand William probably knows and care more about football than anything else, but it seems a bit silly for him to be calling out an organization like that.

      In spite of the fear of being called a sugar, I want to see the baby photos.

      1. I think William and the FA are trying to distance themselves from the FIFA scandal.

        Remember they sent the PM, David Beckham, and his BFF prince Willy in 2010 to try and win hosting duties for the World Cup.
        Apparently one of th FIFA guys wanted a knighthood as well. It’s a mess.

        They always look so awkward in their family pictures, it’s painful.
        I think it’ll be sometime before trooping. That way they’ll include the Cambridges in every royal June article, even if they can’t be bothered to show up.

  4. That’s interesting about Kate shopping. Considering she’s got Ma and a staff to take care of things for her while she recovers and bonds with the new baby, you’d think she’d be thrilled just to lay back. Maybe she looked stressed because she had to get out of the house and away from every one. Probably figured she’s pick up some fruit and veggies for her smoothies and keep her fingers in the shopping side.

    As president of the FA, you’d think the Petulant would understand how to keep a neutral, yet happy face for the winners. Seeing him all grumpy faced because his team didn’t win makes me think he’s even more of a child than I realized. Someone definitely wrote that speech for him.

    As for Harry, great shot of him limbering up. I’d go to football games early to watch the teams stretching out just for his reason. 😉

    1. Yeah, I don’t know why Kate is the one grocery shopping. She has a cook that should be doing that stuff, and multiple servants, and her mommy to do it if the cook can’t. So I don’t know why she is the one grocery shopping. I mean, if I had a cook or servant to do my grocery shopping, I’d be so happy. I hate grocery shopping.

      I actually think it’s bad for of William to even say how much of a fan he is of Aston Villa. It shows a huge bias that as president of the organization he should not show. It also seems very rude, and if I were the Aresenal dudes, I would be a bit upset to know the president is rooting against me. Of course everyone has favorites, but the president shouldn’t be so open about them.

      1. It’s also very English to have a football club – even politicians during the Elections start bringing it up :). The Queen and Harry support Arsenal.

        William’s position doesn’t really affect the EPL teams. He doesn’t make appearances at/support causes that deal with practical issues that would affect the teams playing week to week or that have social issues within the sport, like racism. I think the players viewed him more as a royal than the president of the FA because he’s not very involved in the game. Even on the international front, he doesn’t usually meet up with the national teams much or rally support around big games/tournaments like he did with the women recently.

        His FIFA comments might be because of his involvement with the World Cup bid that England lost, now possibly due to corruption. So maybe we’re seeing him care a bit more because it’s personal. Whatever the case it’s nice to see him fulfilling his role; getting behind and supporting the stand the FA is taking.

        1. William’s comments about FIFA corruption showed him to be a hypocrite AND someone who can’t read the political temperature.

          Hypocrite because the FA also attempted to bribe FIFA. As Dominic Lawson pointed out in his excellent column on the matter, when William + Becks + Cameron went to bid for the worldcup, the FA offered FIFA free accommodation in £1000 a night suites at the dorchester for the duration of the Olympics which offer was withdrawn the minute England lost it’s bid. The FIFA wives kept their top of the line Mulberry handbags. The fact that the FIFA guy wanted a knighthood was just plain stupid since those are irrelevant outside the UK.

          Inability to read the political temperature because these comments should have come from Greg Dyke the head of the FA. William was used and like an idjit he went along with it. By an organisation which can take care of it’s own without his intervention, on a matter that they were happy to indulge when they thought it would give England an advantage. Greg Dyke is a willy fellow. And William’s comments were stupid for William to make.

          It’s also come to light that William’s speech was reviewed, adjusted and re-written by the Prime Minister’s office. So now politicians are getting William to say what they can’t or aren’t allowed to say lest they are accused of playing politics or the govt doesn’t wish to appear that it is making a comment on the FA and FIFA’s business……

          Seriously William, GET A CLUE you numpty!!!

      2. I don’t see anything wrong with Kate doing her groceries.

        I remember the Queen calling out one of the newspaper editors for their suggestion that Diana should have a servant go get her candy from the store instead of her going herself.

        “With respect Ma’am, don’t you think it would be a good idea if she sent a servant out for the wine gums instead of going herself?” Askew rather unwisely observed. “That is a most pompous remark, Mr Askew,” responded the Queen before quickly moving on.

        1. I remember that! It was during the initial surge after the wedding. HM had an impromptu press conference. I think it would benefit Will and Kate if they did these.

          I don’t mind her shopping as everyone’s entitled to a change of scenery.

          1. I love grocery shopping, especially when I have time for a good browse, not throwing 5 things in a cart and “why is there no fresh bread, ughhhh”.

            She seemed to do most of their grocery shopping before they had kids, and she loves to cook, so it’s probably enjoyable for her.

          2. She was papped twice grocery shopping in Wales, and the cart was filled with readymade food (frozen pizza, etc). Both were times when it was questioned whether or not she was in Wales, why she wasn’t working, and boom, we get photos of Suzy Homemaker at the grocer.

            If she’s out doing the grocery shopping now, and there is photo proof, it was a PR move. “They’re just like everyone else, she’s a stay at home mom, etc.”

      3. Shopping is an excuse to get out of the house for a while. Shopping and excursions with George are her only excuses. It’s not like she has friends she can visit or have lunch with or anything. I’m sure she just gets sick of looking at the four walls and grabs the black AmEx for some retail therapy. Sad. But not really.

    2. Why is it interesting that she went grocery shopping? She seemed to do it often in Wales, and probably couldn’t in London because the risk of photographs being taken went way up. Now that she’s in another countryside-esque area, she probably feels comfortable doing it again. I personally love grocery shopping and cooking, even though they are both technically “chores.” Kate may be the same way. This seems perfectly normal to me.

      1. I guess because I hate grocery shopping I don’t understand why one would go grocery shopping if one has a cook whose job description, in part, includes doing the grocery shopping.

  5. Kate needs to stay into seclusion for a while longer. Once she comes back it will be back to Kate World. I would like to see a pic of Charlotte but I’m in a neutral place now.

    Harry. I just stared at the pics for a bit. My husband looks good, no? As far as Chelsy os concerned, I would like to see them back together. She’s my best replacement. Her DJ-ing is laughable. These days anyone can be a DJ with a ITunes Playlist and a Mac.

    Will is just Grumpy Cat realized into a human form. If he spoke as passionately about anything I would be happy. And yes, that was a surly face that he had. On a previous post someone said that he looks like he was sucking on wasps. I cannot agree more. It makes sense that Kate looks the way she does in engagements. She’s often said that Will guides her and inspires her. If Jason is reading this I will offer him feedback : Kate needs a new spirit animal as a cantankerous camel isn’t one to aspire to.

    1. I included that pic of Harry’s bum just for you, Rhiannon.

      Paris Hilton makes millions DJ-ing. So that tells you how much intelligence, skill, and talent one needs to have to be a good DJ.

      Grumpy Cat is so cute! William is not.

      “Kate needs a new spirit animal as a cantankerous camel isn’t one to aspire to” – LOL!!

      1. And I am sure that Rhiannon is very grateful KMR, she is probably still fixated on Harry’s Bum, either that or she is flying to the UK as we speak to stake her claim!

        I also appreciated the pic. It made my dreary day with my sick three year old a lot better

        1. I went into a trance gazing at his bum. KMR is very supportive that way. Pics like that always encourage a healthy dialogue from me, lol!

          I am taking stock of what I need to do to bag a prince a la Kate Middleton. And then I will do the opposite.

          1. You might also take stock of what Cressida did, and steer clear of that, too.

      2. Right?! I have a nicka me that one if my friends call me. He calls me Peaches. He said that I am sweet and just really happy and positive. And he calls me Lemons when I am in a mood. He said I get sour, bitter, and look deceptively sweet. I think that’s a new nickname for Will. Baron of Lemons.

        1. William the Petulant, Duke of Lemons.

          *I know Baron and barren are different, but they sound the same and my mind went to a desert with a lemonade stand out of lemons when I read “Baron of Lemons”, so I changed it to Duke.

  6. I’d cut Chelsy some slack for taking a break from being a lawyer. Unless she’s in a cushy field of law (can’t think of one), it’s an incredibly stressful occupation. When I saw that she was partying it up, my first reaction was “she’s unwinding”. I don’t think this is part of plant to get Harry back. She just needs some space to relax and return rejuvenated.

    As far as Kate and William…*sigh* At least William is getting out there and doing *something*. Maybe that will push Kate to do something since her role model and reason for living (gawd, she’s such a throwback to the last century) is getting out there. Then again, we could be seeing the result of contract negotiations where he agreed to work more so that Kate can keep up with her busy schedule of shopping and working out.

    1. Click on the twiiter post above and read the comments below the tweet. An employee said she looked stressed.

    2. The Twitter user who saw Kate at the place she worked said Kate was stressed in a reply to someone who asked about it. The Twitter use also said Kate bought veggies, the place she stopped into was a Spar, and that Spar is 2 mins from Sandringham (I extrapolated and said Anmer).

  7. So Kate goes shopping but is unable to go to work for an hour? I am really starting to dislike the royals. Before it was entertaining and fun, now it just feels like their behaviour is a slap in the face.

    1. She went GROCERY shopping. It’s sort of a necessity in order to feed your family. I feel like it would be a lot worse if she had the help do everything, because then, yes, she would have time to make an appearance or two (if we choose to ignore the fact that she gave birth a month ago). But it seems like Kate can’t win here. Either she’s lazy and can’t be stressed because she has help for everything, or it’s “how dare she run errands herself!”
      Let’s also remember that she gave birth a month ago, and every woman is entitled to a large amount of time to bond with her new baby, adjust to having a new human being to take care of, etc. In Kate’s case, she also has to worry about making sure George is also adjusting well. Is Kate lucky that she actually gets the right of maternity leave? Yes. But can we please direct our indignation towards the millions of companies that don’t allow women that same RIGHT (not luxury!!), instead of at a woman who is lucky enough to be in a position to exercise her right?

      1. Those companies are the subject of another blog.

        Also you have to actually work to earn maternity leave. In Kate’s case maternity leave is just another excuse to delay actually putting in an honest week’s work.

        1. While Kate isn’t on “maternity leave” as it is defined by most people, I don’t think a woman’s work status has anything to do with whether or not she has the right to spend time with her baby/recuperate after giving birth.

          1. Like sure, if you want, we can call this just Kate choosing not to work, as she has before in the past. I don’t think Kate does nearly enough work to justify the millions in taxpayer money spent on her every year. That being said, I’m not ever going to complain about her not doing work so soon after giving birth. Sure, maybe this isn’t maternity leave. But whatever it is, she has every right to choose not to do work soon after giving birth, as does every other woman on this planet. People like you are the reason women don’t have access to fair maternity leave in the workplace – because others say things like “in _____’s case, maternity leave is just another excuse to delay actually putting in an honest week’s work.” Because no matter what a woman does, it can be (and is!) spun as not enough when it comes to her wanting to take time off to adjust to having a new baby. And that’s not okay.

          2. I don’t think anyone would argue that a month after having a child she should be out and about working. It’s sad that mothers in America don’t have paid maternity leave and have to use up their annual leave and sick leave to be able to recuperate and bond with their baby… which means for the rest of the year they’re screwed and often have to come back to work sooner than they should/are ready after a major surgery/event – not only emotionally but physically. No even factoring complications.

            It’s not so much about Kate not working 5 weeks after giving birth but that she is always MIA bar a handful of appearance before and after a vacation. She vacations four times year, that’s been their pattern since marriage. Which would be fine if when she was home she did something for her charities and took BF royal engagements seriously, like actually prepared for them; stopped walking in front of the Queen and giggling at processions.

            When she is in the UK she does little for her charities – seriously when was the last time Kate did something for the charity combating addiction? She’s only done something consistently for Child Hospice. When’s she’s pregnant she’s MIA for most of the time – yet we see pap photos or twitter posts about her shopping for clothes/home decor while cancelling charity appearances. Not cool.

            She also gives women who’ve suffered actual HG a bad rap. There’s sever morning sickness than there’s HG. There’s no need to inflate things to silence those moaning your work shy ways. If she’s got even severe morning sickness, sure please stay at home and get better but don’t pull the sick card and then be caught shopping. She’s so sick she can’t do any of her royal duties in the UK but is game for a trip to the Big Apple. Or couldn’t visit her charity but was game to go to a Sports Awards night with David Beckham. That’s not fair on women who have to battle it out as it is in the workplace, and possibly now face false comparisons with Kate who’s probably just being her usual work shy self and not sick.

            I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt, but her track record (when she is healthy and even before she had a toddler – with nanny in tow) is not good. And for all the lies the Cambridges spin, it’s hard to believe her and bat for her. And if you’re recovered enough to be shopping than surely you can spend and hour and a half at one of your charities.

            I’m all for her having a solid 3month* time off, after that though I don’t see the harm in her making her usual 1 hour appearances, because MAJORITY of the time she’ll be off anyway. Which is still pretty light compared to the 9-5s mom work.

            *It would be nice if she came for Trooping the Colour, then resume her leave // honour the Queen and all

          3. I haven’t looked it up, but I’d KP actually call DCamb’s post birth respite “maternity leave”, or was that the press?

            If it was KP, they made a mistake, and should have announced that Catherine would not be undertaking routine royal engagement for x period of time. If the press called it maternity leave, initially, then they were just using the term most commonly applied to “normal” working mothers who take a specified period of time off to care for their newborn.

            Bare bones…they are semi reclusive high profile royals who aren’t overly ambitious/interested re their obligations. Not “normal”, not “maternity leave”. Yes, human beings faced with the problems and insecurities that plague us all, regardless of our station in life.

          4. Plagued with what worries, Ray? They do not pay for either of their mansions themselves. The food on their table is paid for by taxpayers (via The Duchy which ultimately belongs to taxpayers). Their daily concerns are figuring out which staff person to ask to take care of which child.

            Maggie, every other woman on the planet doesn’t have that choice. Many women on this planet are working to support their families and do not get time off for having a baby. It is Middleton’s job to advocate for those women, not sit home and take advantage of a generous maternity leave policy in the UK that she hasn’t worked to earn.

            I’m with Gie and their great comments. This behavior merely fits with KM’s behavior for 14 years now. Doing the bare minimum and making others pay for it.

          5. @Maggie:

            “the right of maternity leave”; “right to choose not to do work soon after giving birth, as does every other woman on this planet.”

            The ‘right’ to choose not to work for months after giving birth and the ‘right’ to maternity leave from work are two different things.

            You are arguing that every woman has the natural right to take as long a maternity leave as she wants following a birth, which is not true.

            Every woman has the natural right to choose not to work for however long she wants after giving birth, BUT (in the US) every woman only has the legal right to 12 weeks unpaid leave.

            One could argue that the legal right to maternity leave in the US should be expanded to include a longer time and/or pay (which I’m guessing is what you want since you clearly are very angry about the amount of maternity leave offered in the US), but that has no baring on Kate.

            Legal maternity leave in the UK is different. Women in the UK get up to 52 weeks maternity leave – with the first 6 weeks paying 90% of the average weekly earnings, the next 33 weeks paying £139.58 or 90% of your average weekly earnings (whichever is lower), unpaid for the rest of the time.

            Maybe you think that is what the US should offer, which is fine if you want to argue for that, but challenging the US legal system is not the point of this blog.

            *I hope this doesn’t come off as snarky because it is not meant to be* If you want to challenge the US government on their policy re maternity leave, go start a petition. I would bet that you would get the 100,000 signatures you need for a response very quickly. Or go talk to your congressman and really push the issue if it means that much to you. I’d bet you would have a lot of support for that cause from other mothers. Seriously, do that. If you start a petition and post the link, I’ll sign it.

            Back to the blog, the reason people are critical of Kate’s “maternity leave” is because people think 1) Kate does not actually have a real job, so her claiming 52 weeks maternity leave is a slap in the face of real working mothers; 2) Kate has spent more cumulative hours “on leave” than she has “working” this year, and rarely works even when she’s not pregnant or on leave, so her taking a ton of leave time seems more like a continuation of her lazy ways than needing time to recuperate; 3) Kate does not have a hard or demanding job, she only works on average for 3-5 hours per month, and if she is able to spend hours shopping the question becomes why can’t she spend one hour a week at an engagement.

            You may disagree with that way of thinking, and you are perfectly entitled not only to disagree with it but to express your disagreements, but just understand that when people criticize Kate for her extended maternity leave, they are specifically criticizing Kate for her extended maternity leave.

            From your responses, I think you think people are criticizing maternity leave in general when that is not the case. Most people on here would agree that women should get a good amount of time off from work, preferably with pay, to spend time recuperating and bonding with their baby.

            Yes, there may be the one random person who thinks Kate should go back to work four weeks after having a baby, but most people on here agree that Kate should get some time before resuming engagements. They just don’t think she should take a year because her duties aren’t that difficult, and they are few and far between anyway. They think doing an engagement for 1-2 hours a week is not going to kill her or take too much time from bonding with the baby (whereas a woman working 40 hours a week would end up taking a lot of time away from her newborn child).

            This is not an apples to apples comparison here. The way people think about Kate and her maternity leave is not the way they think about normal working women and their maternity leave.

          6. They may not have our worries — paying the mortgage, keeping our jobs, childcare, yada yada yada but to say they aren’t subject to stress is not right either. Remember the terror alert a while ago? The fact they had to reset all their emails and social media accounts because they might be being hacked because of security concerns? They have to have state of the art security due to their positions and now they have two small children. I dare any parent here to say that they would not be afraid for their children in their situation.

            That’s what I’m trying to get at. Who are we to dismiss perfectly serious concerns that they have? Do we have panic rooms in our houses and 24 hour security? No. But they do. We don’t get daily threats against our families. They do.

            I do think they need to step up to the plate and do more and serve the people who help pay their way. But to say they’ve got nothing to worry about isn’t right either.

          7. I’m not trying to argue for expanded maternity leave here! My original comment was a response to someone who said “So Kate goes shopping but is unable to go to work for an hour?” I was responding to them, and then to anyone who responded to that response. I understand not everyone thinks Kate should be working 4 weeks after giving birth. But Alina did, and that’s who I was responding to (which is pretty clear given that I commented under her post). My argument was that if people (i.e. Alina) find something wrong with Kate not working 4 weeks after giving birth, it would be a better use of energy to direct their complaints towards the companies that stop all women from being able to do that, instead of directing their complaints at a woman who is lucky enough to be able to exercise her natural right.
            I am aware that legal rights don’t match up with natural rights. That was the entire point.
            Again, my post was in response to Alina, and then India Andrews, who both seemed to imply Kate should be doing more work right at this moment. I NEVER said everyone thinks that way.

          8. And no, Kate getting 52-weeks of “maternity leave” or whatever we want to call it is not a slap to working mothers. Sure, I think it should be called something different, because she certainly does not have a real full-time or even part-time job in general. But regardless of what we call it, she has every right to stay at home for a while and adjust to her babies. I think the better argument to make is that women who DO take all 52 weeks of maternity leave don’t get their full salary the whole time – their salary gets cut after a certain period. So arguably, Kate’s security detail should decrease (or the Cambridges should have to cover part of the cost), or she shouldn’t have gotten to pay so much in taxpayer money for renovations during her first pregnancy. Those all seem like fair arguments. But for Alina to be like “she can go shopping so why can’t she do an appearance” – that just seems like an incredibly poor argument, given that Kate just gave birth and she was shopping for FOOD, a necessity, not just for fun (which is also something you’re allowed to do one month after giving birth!).

          9. My2Pence – you said “Maggie, every other woman on the planet doesn’t have that choice. Many women on this planet are working to support their families and do not get time off for having a baby. It is Middleton’s job to advocate for those women, not sit home and take advantage of a generous maternity leave policy in the UK that she hasn’t worked to earn.”

            First of all – no, there are plenty of other women who do not have to worry about providing for their families ever. It’s actually not Kate’s job to advocate for working women who don’t have the legal or economic right to maternity leave. Would I love it if she made that part of her agenda? Yes, yes, yes!! God, that would be amazing. It would make me rethink all of my negative thoughts about Kate. But it’s incredibly sexist to say it is a woman’s job to fight for all other women in the battle against sexism. No, actually. Women, including Kate, have the right to respond to sexism however they please. It’s hard enough being a woman in this world without having to also feel like you have to fight all the battles. It’s exhausting. Sometimes it’s easier to just go along with it, because as a woman, if she tried to fight every instance of sexism, her life would be emotionally exhausting. The only people who have an obligation to do something about sexism are men, because they are the ones who benefit and/or perpetrate it.

          10. “The only people who have an obligation to do something about sexism are men, because they are the ones who benefit and/or perpetrate it.”

            I could not disagree with this more. I flat out hate the notion that women should be passive and not ask for what they want. I see (and hear about) it all the time where women think they shouldn’t have to ask for what they want and instead everyone else should just read their minds or something. To give an example: my mother would rather groan while doing a task than directly ask for help with that task. It seems like women also think that they should not have to change, and that they entire world should cater to them. Ellen Pao, the interim CEO of Reddit, banned salary negations because “men tend to negotiate more aggressively than women”. Instead of, you know, telling women to negotiate more aggressively. If you want something, it’s on you. You cannot sit there passively hoping for something to happen and then get angry when it doesn’t. BTW, I have a friend who works at a tech start up and the girl (who just got hired) there gets a higher salary than several of the guys (who have been working there for over a year) because she negotiated a high starting salary and the guys are too timid to ask for more money.

            Before you think I’m being an ass. I will admit that I am guilty of doing all of what I just said not to do. I have been depressed for 20 years and have very low confidence and self esteem, and have been all sorts of passive in my life and have never gotten what I want because I’ve never asked for it. Because I no longer agree with how I act in certain situations, with how low my self esteem and confidence are, and because I have thought about this and dislike when women do this (including myself), I am trying to better myself and be a more confident person who asks for what she wants, who isn’t passive aggressive about that sort of thing. My mom does that passive aggressive crap all the time and I can’t stand her for it. It’s still a work in progress for me – it takes a long time to get over 20 years of negative thinking – and I am still guilty of this stuff on occasion, but I am getting better.

            If women want gender equality, then they are the ones that need to be pushing for it. Women need to take an active role in fighting for what they want instead of sitting around waiting for men to do it for them. Expecting a men to come save women by ending sexism is sexist.

          11. Maggie, it is her role as the spouse of the future monarch, not as a woman but as the person occupying that role. It is her job to make things better for as many people as possible in the UK which includes working mothers. That is why she receives all those perks and privileges – to play her role and do her part.

  8. I wonder if that peeved look on William’s face is now the way his face looks naturally after over a decade of Middletons?

  9. Bleak, super rainy and depressing kind of Monday! Until, I clicked on the Harry photos! Wow!
    Is he hot, or what?
    William’s speech was well written and gave him the opportunity to say more than the usual simple comments he and Kate make about the subjects du jour. He does look very uncomfortable, though. His grumpy face does rival George’s as you wrote, KMR!

    So, Kate looked stressed? I assume she does need a change of scenery, but stress for her and the rest of us is surely something to ponder. With a maternity nurse, a nanny, and Carole around to do the hard stuff, how hard is her life right now? Even if she has post-partum depression she doesn’t have to deal with the non-stop work most new moms must handle — often while holding down other jobs. Her exercise classes and the fact that she needs to get back into shape are probably are biggest concerns.

    I’m cranky this morning, aren’t I?

    1. Rain will make anyone cranky. But I don’t think you’re cranky for calling out Kate for seemingly having nothing to be stressed about – save for the weight loss. Actually, if Kate is going to show up at Trooping on June 13, it would make a bit of sense that she would be stressed and running for the fruits and veggies. In her mind, she needs to lose weight in order to be seen in public. So if she were planning to be seen in public on June 13, then she would be stressed about dropping the weight. Also, it may be harder for her to drop the weight this time. She dropped a good portion of the weight very quickly last time, but with the second baby it may be harder. Which may be why she is so stressed.

      1. Another rainy and cold day here in NY and I’m cranky again! Thanks for understanding, KMR.
        You know, I’m thinking maybe Kate should stay in seclusion a bit longer. I’m enjoying other entries to the blog so much! She’s really started to grate on me and so is PW.

    2. Now that Charlotte is a month old, Carole should go home. Give the Cambridge’s their home back, lady, geez. Let them try to do things their way. Kate is capable of making day to day decisions, she has a university degree for pity’s sake. I don’t believe she’s that tied to the apron strings. I think it’s more a case of Carole insisting on being there. Cambs have full regiment of domestic help, she is unnecessary.
      “Cheese toast” is now a euphemism for “redundant insulated bubble”. Pop that sucker, girl, you can do it, send her home and take control in becoming the person you’re meant to be (benevolent duchess)… Call Sophie already!!! (my little pep talk for the day…now to make school lunches)

      1. If Kate did not want Carole there, and Kate had a backbone, Carole would not be there. So either Kate wants Carole there, or Kate has no backbone.

        1. Well then, she needs to take a break from working out those abs and inner thighs, and apply her time to developing her backbone. Obviously, Carole’s a force to contend with. Kate’s will (and Will) just needs to be stronger.

          I also dislike how Carole uses her daughter for her own agenda…that never ends well. Look at all the celebrities estranged from their parents for similar reasons. The royal family will prevail, sorry Carole, enjoy while you can.

  10. What in the world would Kate have to be stressed about, money, loss of income while on maternity leave, lack of family support, up all night with the kids and a husband that has a high paying job?
    Which of the above is the culprit?

    1. Honest question: how is having a husband with a high paying job something for a woman to be stressed about?

      1. I can answer that, I think. In order to earn a lot, you have to work a lot. My husband is rarely home and when he is, he’s exhausted. It makes childcare and running a home fairly stressful.

        ETA: normal people have to work a lot to earn a lot. I suppose this doesn’t apply to the likes of Will Not and Cannot.

        1. +1

          I’m a stay at home mom and I just had my second child. My husband works a lot. I wish carole middleton was here sometimes :)!

        2. Honest question: if the husband works a lot and makes a lot of money, can’t the woman hire a part time nanny or maid or something? Or even just a cleaner to come in once a week and clean the house?

          I understand having the husband gone a lot and seemingly being a single mom for a good portion of the week would be stressful, but I’m wondering if the funds are there shouldn’t it be a possibility to hire some help?

          1. it may depend on cost of living where you live, especially the cost of homes vs. salaries.

            Even if one spouse “makes a lot” is it enough to make up for only one income when one spouse becomes a stay-at-home parent?

            Let’s say you buy a house based on both your incomes because you want to be in a good school district. One of those incomes goes away 5 years into the marriage when you have kids. You still have to make the same mortgage payment but you only have one salary. That one salary has to pay all the health coverage and pay all the household bills for the 5 years the SAH spouse is staying at home.

            SAHM mothers I know are strict economizers, because they have to be. Staying at home is a luxury, a very expensive one, and in exchange they have to run a tight ship, pinch pennies, and cut every corner they can. They will go back to the workplace when the kids are in school full-time, but until then they have to be incredibly thrifty.

    2. I do find it a bit unfair that Kate is not allowed stress. Could be a lot of things that have absolutely nothing to do with how much help she has or how much money she lives on.

      1. I agree so much bluhare. Yes, she lives a very, very privileged life. But no one’s life is perfect. No amount of money can solve things like – postpartum depression, marital problems, worry about looking good, etc. And she could be worried about something that I didn’t include. Maybe George isn’t bonding with Charlotte as much as they had hoped. Who knows. She’s a human being like the rest of us.

      2. I think every person can be stressed, but I also tend to not be as sympathetic for those who have, let’s say, a family relationship stress but every other whim catered to as I do for those who have that same relationship stress *and* a household to run and job to fill.

        1. I get what you’re saying, ABKM, but I don’t agree. Stress is stress. What causes her stress might be a lot different than what causes me stress, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel the same.

          I might think she doesn’t pull her weight (I do think that!), but she could be subject to a lot of stress because of it. She just had a baby a month ago. If that isn’t stressful sometimes, I don’t know what is. I might roll my eyes if she’s stressed out because she can’t find her favorite brand of eyeliner any more but, on the other hand, that could be the thing that allows the feelings to poke through, not necessarily the entire reason. The straw that broke the camel’s back sort of thing. Everything’s relative, and one thing I hope I never do is look at anyone in such a one dimensional way that I remove their human-ness — both good and bad.

          1. Well said, bluhare! Obviously we should probably feel worse for those living in extreme poverty, and their stress, over Kate and her life, but that’s not to say she doesn’t/can’t have serious stress of her own. For one thing, who are we to judge if a stress is “valid”, or deserves sympathy? If it causes the person in question problems, then I am sorry for them. The only thing different about Kate’s life is that she is in a position to be able to deal with many stresses better than most people, because of her social and economic status. That being said, there are a lot of things money can’t solve. As bluhare said – she just had a baby! She brought a human being into the world. I don’t care how much money and help she has – it is very hard to escape the stress of that new responsibility.

          2. Maggie, she has a full-time live-in nanny, a night nurse, and multiple other staff. Her level of stress at bringing another human into the world is dramatically less than 99.9% of the women on the planet.

          3. We didn’t say it isn’t less than most. But she has stress that most of us can only dream of. Getting married in front of 2 billion people? Having everything you do (or more to the point, don’t do) dissected by the world including people like us?

          4. True. Just because there is someone out there worse of than you (and there always is), doesn’t make what you are going through less painful for you.

          5. OK 2Pence. 35 million, although they were anticipating 2 billion; I was watching the wedding and it was said a few times. I don’t know about you but I would find that daunting.

          6. My2Pence – why are you comparing Kate’s stresses to everyone else’s? Yeah, Kate has it easier than many other moms. She may also have it harder than many other mothers. You know what a nanny or night nurse can’t do anything about? Post-partum depression. That’s just one example. KMR (and bluhare) said it well – just because there’s someone worse off than you doesn’t make your own stresses horrible for you to go through. Not to mention that Kate has obviously never asked anyone on here for sympathy, so why are we acting like anyone ever said she deserves sympathy or more than anyone else? The idea that she cannot ever look stressed just because she has a lot of money is so silly.
            I hope Kate is well aware (and grateful) that she doesn’t have to face many of the struggles that many mothers face. I also hope she is aware that she faces many struggles that most mothers don’t have to face, such as – death threats to her children, making sure her son, a future King, grows up with some humility despite all of the attention he will get, protecting the privacy of her children, giving her very famous children the normal childhoods they deserve, teaching her children the necessary skills for becoming a King or senior royals in general, etc. She may never have to worry about her children having enough food to eat, but most of us will never have to worry about much of the above. My point is, let’s stop comparing. I personally THINK I would much rather have Kate’s worries than the worries of a mother of two living in poverty. But that doesn’t mean Kate doesn’t have worries. And if I actually lived Kate’s life and the life of a mother of two living in poverty, I may change my mind about which life I prefer. I can’t know unless I live those lives. Neither can the rest of you all.

          7. I’m not saying it isn’t possible she has worries but IMO, at the end of the day, she has access to all the help in the world. IMO whatever her stresses are, she has far more help than almost anyone else to try to deal with them. Comparing her to the average SAHM isn’t accurate, but it is what their PR spin is.

            She wasn’t born to the life. She chose it during a hard-fought 10 year campaign. She could have chosen otherwise at any point, William even hinted at trying to make her chose to leave. She chose to stay, with all that entails.

            Whether or not we can “know” what her life is like unless we live it, we are free to express our opinions. She has it easier than 99.9% of the women on the planet, whatever stresses she may have.

        2. There’s a whole lot of projecting going on from one random comment online that she looked stressed. We don’t even know for sure that this was her or that she went shopping.

          IF it was her and she was out shopping? Maybe she was stressed because she was recognized. Maybe she was stressed because her skinny jeans were too tight. Maybe she was stressed because the Norfolk shops don’t carry her favorite eyeliner. Maybe she was just doing her usual b*tch resting face as opposed to her OTT manic expressions on duty.

          1. Maybe all that’s true, 2Pence. But, as I said, I refuse to see anyone as one dimensional and I also refuse to believe that they aren’t entitled to feel stressed with THEIR lives just as we sometimes are stressed with ours.

            This entire blog is about projecting isn’t it? We all project our own values into the comments we post.

    1. You know I can find fault with Kate for a lot of things, but one thing I won’t do is remove her from the human race and assume she isn’t vulnerable to the same emotions and feelings we all have, no matter how different the reason for them. Maybe she’d just heard that there was someone stalking George. Maybe she just had a fight with her husband — or her mother. Maybe the Queen called to tell her to get her dead ass off the couch . . . could be a lot of things.

      1. If someone were stalking George, wouldn’t Kate stay home and keep him in her sight?
        Truly, come on, everyone! Yes, Kate is entitled to stress like anyone else, but this blog, as others have said, is chock full of people who resent the positive, pretty press she and Will get for basically doing nothing and leading a poor example of what to expect when they do ascend the throne.

        If Kate shops for groceries, good for her. If she cooks, even better! Somehow, I doubt she’s a whiz in the kitchen, though. Somehow I wonder if her life is really as good as the press portrays it. And, yes, I am sure she has problems, but everyone else does, too!

        1. Oddly enough, having a cook cook for her and do her grocery shopping is the thing I would most give her a pass for having. Because if I were rich or married royalty, I’d have a personal chef as well. I hate cooking and grocery shopping. Plus a personal chef would mean I would eat healthier.

          I just don’t understand why one would hire a chef and then do the grocery shopping oneself.

          1. Do we even know for sure that they have a chef? Daily Mail has said so, but they’ve said plenty of ridiculous things in the past. Also, the chef may just be an “as-needed” position. Maybe Kate likes to cook, but with a toddler and a newborn, there may be times she is too tired or busy to cook. Or maybe the chef is just for when they have company/her family is visiting. Just because you hire someone doesn’t mean you HAVE to use their services at all times. It was on this blog just a month or two ago that people were angry because it seemed like Kate and William put too much on their housekeeper.

          2. It’s easy enough to do the grocery shopping online in the UK. Kate is married to the 2 in line to the throne, it’s not necessary for her to be doing a grocery shop, even that grocery shop in Wales was stupid. Was it a faked up “look at everyday me” photo op? Or does Kate really think she can still just be ordinary? SHE is ordinary but her husband and children are royal. I have a vision in my head that I just can’t shake of Kate wanting to go to the supermarket herself when catering for a State Visit Dinner! Yikes!
            Which goes back to what I have said all along, Kate does know HOW to be royal!

          3. @Maggie:

            I have no idea how much their chef works or if their chef followed them to Anmer or if they even have one really. But all I know is that if I were rich I would totally have a full time chef so I never have to cook or do the grocery shopping.

        2. Resenting their pretty story trotted out for everyone’s consumption is one thing, mary Elizabeth, but denying that they have stressful situations in their lives — albeit much different than our stress for the most part — is taking away their humanity. They’re people — pampered and possibly selfish and shallow people — but people nonetheless.

          1. Hi, bluehare. Please read my post again. I said Kate is entitled to stress like anyone else. I think may of us get angry, though, when we do come to realize that besides all the help and ease the Royals have in many areas of life that regular people don’t have, they are always presented as picture perfect. And, you cannot deny that Kate and William shirk many duties. And, yes, Kate is on maternity rest now, so I don’t expect her going out and about to public appearances.

            I still don’t believe she cooks much, or takes care of her kids as much as the Nanny and maternity nurse and Carole do. If that’s just me, so be it.

            I know that being a new Mom is not easy and yes, I think Kate must be adjusting. I also think she and William should kick Carole out and become more grown up in their parenting, spousal and Royal roles.

          2. I read your post, mary Elizabeth. I also agree with most of it. The stress denial was not really yours, but I muddled it up in my response to you, it’s true. You did appear to be making an excuse for it, though. If I misread that, then my bad.

          3. Thanks, Bluhare.
            Truly, I think I come down too hard on Kate sometimes, so I appreciate the comments. As I said, I know that she is no doubt experiencing stress, but I also know that she and William do have it easier than most.
            Of course, what the public demands from them is something regular people will never have to endure, so it’s easy to pick on them, right?

            It certainly is not easy being a new mother, no matter how many children one has. Kate deserves privacy now and a time to be with her family. Still think that means, her husband and kids, not Carole! Just wanted to clarify.

      2. True. We don’t know what’s going on in her day to day life. It could have been any number of things that stressed her out that day. So I understand where you are coming from, bluhare, and I thank you for bringing a different perspective. But I also understand why people question what Kate has to be stressed about because Kate would not have to be stressed about the usual things most people are stressed about (like working and paying bills). But Kate has things to be stressed about that normal people don’t – like having the world’s press and public anaylize her appearance and actions. Everyone is subject to others criticizing clothes and baby weight loss, but not to the extreme that Kate is.

    1. As bluhare said, I read that Lupo got a pink collar. The last I saw of Lupo, James was taking care of him. I would assume Lupo is at Anmer Hall now.

      1. Ugh, too cute for words. A pink collar for Lupo to honor Charlotte.
        Oh, yes, the Cambridges are just like us. Even a sibling takes over and babysits a dog.
        Gosh, I am cranky, KMR.
        I guess there is a reason beyond the rain. Tme to share news.
        I am three and a half months pregnant and I feel it’s safe to share this now.
        Maybe, Kate will send me some of her maternity clothes. Or, do you think she is going to need them again?
        If she does get pregnant and is still appearing sans tummy and wearing high heels, I will feel more apt to comment on if that is typical for a pregnant woman.
        Gosh, hormones are weird! No morning sickness here, just moody, moody, MOODY!

        1. Jenny!!!! Congratulations!!!!

          If I may ask, do you know if it’s a boy or a girl? Have you thought of names yet? Am I being too intrusive?

        2. Congrats, jenny! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. And here’s my advice based on personal experience…it’s ok to occasionally (key word here) say “I’m eating for two!”, and to go ahead and indulge :). I ate like that pretty much every day my first time around, and ended up the size of a barge.

        3. Jenny I just saw your post and wanted to say congratulations!!! Babies are the best! I hope you have an uneventful (health-wise) and incredible pregnancy! I’m sure the new baby will be adorable. Maybe W&K will be done with their night nurse by then and pass her on to you. 😉

          1. Hello, Lisa and thanks for your sweet message.

            How funny to think that W&K might pass their night nurse on to me! That would be pretty amazing!

            In reality, I just imagine weeks of sleepless nights, learning the ropes, and hoping that I don’t do anything to mess up my baby’s life!

            I think babies are the best, too. Have always enjoyed them. Now, though, like other pregnant women, whenever I see one, I am riveted.

            All the best on Tuesday and in the days, months and years ahead. We are all in your corner!

            God bless.

        1. Thank you, thank you.

          I’m amazed by the kind wishes from everyone. You are pretty special each and every one of you.

  11. Oh my goodness. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your warm wishes. And, your advice, Ray!

    KMR, you are not being intrusive. We don’t want to know if it’s a boy or girl. My husband has two sons from his first marriage, so he would like a daughter. I am fine either way. Although, when I’m in stores looking at baby clothes, the girls fashions are to die for!

    If we have a girl, so far we are thinking of the name Juliet. If a boy, he will be Jamison.
    I’m still in shock. And, I doubt I will stay as small as Kate did. Lucky me will probably carry large. I’m watching my weight in a healthy way, though.

    My mother is no Carole Middleton, so after she spends a few days with us, she’ll be off for home and I’ll be muddling through with my husband’s expertise as a bonus.

    I’m still a bit shocked by what’s ahead. Excited beyond belief, too.
    Thanks again, everyone for such thoughtful words.

    1. I have a very good friend named Juliet. She’s gorgeous. Swiveling head gorgeous. And really nice too. She was a ballerina until she messed up her knee–so good she went to an internationally known ballet school. So Juliet has some really good vibes going for it as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

      1. Oh, I just happen to have always loved the name Juliet. My husband is more interested in Julianna, but agrees that Juliet will be an okay choice if we have a girl.
        He told me that he had the chance to name both of his sons, so I am getting the honor this time. Just want to make sure that he has some input, as well.

        I hope, if people shorten her name, they will say Jules and not Julie. Still, I also hope that she will just be Juliet. I just love that name and hopefully, if I have a girl, she will love it, too.

        1. Oh, and sorry about your friend, bluhare. Messing up her knee like that after such training. I hope she has found a new love for a career.

    2. Girl baby clothes are adorable. I can understand not wanting to know the sex prior to birth. I think I would be that way, too.

      When I think of the name Juliet, I think of the character from Psych. She was a cool character, if a little dumb not to have picked up on Shawn’s fake psychic-ing sooner. You can call the baby Jules!!

      Feel free to give updates on how the pregnancy is going (if you want to)!!

  12. Princess Charlene of Monaco had twins in december 10, 2014 & has been back to work before her son & daughter less than 3 months! Charlene a c section operation! I do not buy the excuse that lazy waity married to the 2nd heir!

    1. Charlene did an appearance at one month post birth (displaying twins to public), then she did another one a month later. Then almost a month later did another one. She’s done more since then. Other than the one-off appearance now and again I would say she was on leave until about the beginning of April. That’s when she really started getting back into the swing of things.

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