Hot Guy of the Month – June: Prince Carl Philip

Hot Guy of the Month – June: Prince Carl Philip

I know people may be tiring of him, but in honor of Prince Carl Philip‘s June 13th royal wedding to Sofia Hellqvist, Carl Philip is June’s Hot Guy of the Month.

In wedding guest news: Queen Maxima will not be attending the wedding as she has other plans (two engagements on June 12, and an engagement on June 13); Queen Mathilde will be attending solo; Queen Sonja, Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Martha Louise, and Ari Behn from Norway will all be attending.

H.K.H. Prins Carl Philip; H.R.H. Prince Carl Philip.

Prince Carl Philip and Estelle SVT Aret med Kungafamiljen

Prince Carl Philip

Why is it that a hot dude reading is so sexy? I know it’s just the program for the Nobel Prize ceremony, but still. Sexy.

Some bonus Prince Daniel.

I thought this was a touching little moment between Carl Philip and Sofia at last year’s Nobel Prize Awards gala dinner.

Photos: Erika Gerdemark/Kungahuset / Rickard Collsiö/SVT / Erika Gerdemark/Kungahuset / Getty

43 thoughts on “Hot Guy of the Month – June: Prince Carl Philip

    1. I do like the pic with him and Estelle, though! I get the impression his nieces have a good relationship with him – it’s good to see.

      1. I like that pic, too. I can’t wait to see him with his own kids.

  1. Yes. He is a bit oily and he is hot. But as the saying goes “It’s interesting until it speaks.” I’ve fallen a bit out of love with him. And the pic of Daniel was perfection.

    I do like the beard and hope he keeps it. I love the pic with him and Estelle. Harry needs to have one with the Cambridge kiddos.

    1. “It’s interesting until it speaks.” – LOL

      100% yes to Harry/Camb kids photo.

  2. I don’t know why I feel this way about him, but I don’t think he is very smart! He is handsome, I guess….. just not my type.

    1. Give me Daniel any day! But Carl Philip is certainly easier on the eye than some of the other royals out there.

    2. Yeah, I’ve never thought of him as an intellectual person either.

    1. lol You don’t really like these “hot guy of the month” posts do you, Seth.

      1. I understand it but find shades of reverse misogyny in it, as there is a double standard when it comes to guys objectifying women and women objectifying men. Also respectfully, they’re irrelevant to me b/c I’m not attracted to my own sex. But you do have a significant number of female readers, so for them it makes sense.

        1. I understand your point of view, and I also understand why you wouldn’t care about a post that’s purely about the attractiveness of a guy. I started this series because some of the readers asked for it. I did try and make the last one have information about the work the prince did, so it wasn’t purely superficial. If you want, going forward I can include more of the work the guys do.

          1. It’s entirely up to you KMR. You could always do a “Royal Women Swimsuit” edition or something about royal women in swimwear (I’m half-joking about that). It’d be great to see some of what the guys do for work. There’s an article in the Daily Telegraph today called “Why Prince William is the perfect role model for all men.” Gag, gag, sputter. It makes me want to throw up.

  3. hmmn…OK, he’s handsome enough, in a kind of conventionally handsome way – but Daniel is the one for me (sigh)…up until now that is…great series though KMR thank you!

  4. Thank you KMR. I like the photo with Prince Carl in the blue suit and the photo with Estelle. I think the body language with Prince Carl and Sofia is interesting. The way he hugs Sofia from behind.

  5. He should trim his hair to properly wear a Navy uniform… otherwise it looks as if he is wearing a fancy costume. And yes, he does not look or sound very smart….

  6. Thanks KMR for making Carl Phillip June’s Hot Guy of the Month!!! He is a nice piece of eye candy. I agree that he probably doesn’t have a massive intellect but he really doesn’t need it in his role as third in line to the throne. I am so looking forward to the wedding 🙂 I can’t wait to see Sofia’s dress and what tiara she will wear. I hope Carl Phillip takes it easy on the hair oil for his big day lol.

    1. I’m looking forward to the dress and tiara, too. I’m not a huge girly girl, nor am I super emotional about weddings, but I do like looking at the dress. And I always like looking at tiaras.

  7. Yes, he is handsome, but somehow very boring to me.
    Daniel and Harry have it for me!
    I think the relationship between Carl Phillip and Sophia is purely physical,. But, so
    what? Good for them I think she is deeply in love with him, though. And, I am afraid she
    will eventually be hurt.

    And, yes, the photo of him with Estelle is really, really nice.

    1. Carl Philip has always had an Orlando Bloom vibe – and not just because they look similar. I always had a crush on Orlando Bloom because I thought he was pretty (though that crush is gone now), but I never really liked him as an actor or anything. I used to think Carl Philip was really pretty, but never really cared more than that. He was always just nice to look at. I prefer other royal dudes, like Harry.

  8. Another hot guy of the month! Thanks, KMR.
    Carl Phillip does not send me, I’m afraid. There’s something creepy about him.
    Can’t quite say why, but I feel that way.
    Oh, well!
    I agree that Harry is a hot, hot guy!

  9. I almost never hear about anything he does actually. What does he do?

    Anyways, CP Hussein is still the one for me <3

    1. He drives race cars. He does stuff with dyslexia because he is dyslexic. That’s all I can remember off the top of my head.

      1. Random suggestion: if you ever run out f ideas who to feature, check out the Crown Prince of Dubai, Hamdan al Maktoum aka Fazza (@faz3 in instagram)

  10. Sweden is abuzz about an interview broadcast this week with Carl Philip and Sofia. Very rehearsed and stiff. But the answer that got CP into trouble was how he explained that with Sofia he is for the first time experiencing the “magic of love.” He had a 10-year relationship with Emma Pernald that ended in 2009 (about the same time Sofia came on the scene) and many people are upset on her behalf that he thusly claims not to have loved her. She was tracked down by a reporter and answered it was strange, since she certainly was in love during their 10 years together. She is now married with two children and a successful career.

    1. If that’s what he actually said, nothing lost in translation, he sounds like a twit. Who talks like that anyway? The “magic of love”? All I’m hearing in the background is bompchikawow wow, and a shower running. What I love is how his ex replied, she sounds normal. Boy, Sweden’s lucky Victoria was born first.

      1. Um, don’t people talk about how “love is so magical” all the time? I swear that’s a cliche that is used all the time when talking about the love one person has for another.

        1. I think it is if you are not looking for it. Not actively stalking I mean following them. A person who is doing things is more attractive apparently. I don’t include shopping. I am looking forward to the dress please let it be more chic than Kate’s and the tiara. Is Princess Madeleine going to be there if she is due?

      2. Carl Philip was briefly first in line until 1980 when Sweden switched to absolute primogeniture. It only took the British royals 35 years to follow.

    2. Maybe this is just me, but I think it’s perfectly understandable, normal even, for a person to say “I never really knew what love was until I met my current partner”.

      Ignoring the actual relationship Carl Philip had with Emma and has with Sofia and going purely on hypotheticals…

      Person A is in a relationship with Person B that lasts several years, even a close to a decade, and during that time Person A thinks they are in love with Person B, but then they break up. Person A meets a new partner, Person C, and falls deeply in love. Person A thinks about their current relationship versus their past relationship and realizes that what they felt for Person B was not really love. What Person A feels for Person C is true love and whatever emotions they felt for Person B pales in comparison, and so Person A comes to the conclusion that they never really knew what love meant until they met Person C. It does not mean Person A did not have feelings for Person B at the time; it just means that Person A now realizes that the feelings they had for Person B were not “love”.

      I think it’s perfectly reasonable for someone who is getting married to say they never really knew what love meant until they met their fiance. In fact, that’s probably a good thing. If someone still thinks what they had with their previous partner was true love, then they shouldn’t be marrying their current partner.

      In terms of the ex being offended. I can understand why a person, if they truly loved their ex, would be upset to hear their ex say they never knew what love was until they met their current partner. Because you loved them and are still emotional about it and you feel like it’s a slap in the face for them to say what you had was not real love. But I don’t think it is necessary for someone to be “sensitive” to their ex if they are on the verge of marriage and the previous relationship ended years ago. In fact, I would say the ex needs to get over it and find someone they can say the same thing about.

      Considering Emma is now married with kids, she would probably say the same thing – or at least hopefully she would say the same thing. That she never really knew what love meant until she met her husband.

  11. Your comment made perfect sense to me, KMR. The only thing is that I get a skeevy vibe from the Prince. I hope he meant it and that he loves his intended and now knows what love is, but I
    think he’s a bit of a phony. That’s just what I pick up from him.

    And, I hope that Emma has a warm and true loving relationship with her husband. I hope she now knows what love is. May we all know that!

  12. Is there such a thing as “Hot Babe of the Month”? Because I’m thinking that that would be Maxima (thanks to this site!), in my books. It’s not just about the looks, she’s the whole package.

    I find Carl Philip to be pleasant eye candy but nothing special.

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