Princess Charlene attends Monaco Grand Prix

Princess Charlene attends Monaco Grand Prix

I was going to do a post about Queen Maxima and Queen Mathilde today, until I saw these photos of Princess Charlene looking like she was wearing a giant diaper. Charlene and Prince Albert attended the 73rd Formula One Grand Prix of Monaco in Monte-Carlo on Sunday, May 24. The couple watched the race and presented the trophy to winner, Nico Rosberg.

Charlene wore Akris – a white dress and jacket from the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. At first I thought the dress was a jumpsuit, and thought she looked like she was wearing a giant diaper, but it turned out to be a dress. Who at Akris thought this would look flattering? The dress is terrible, but I like the jacket.

PS. It seems like Charlene really regretted that bangs decision, because she has done everything to avoid showing her bangs after that first time.

Akris dress and jacket SS15 collection

The night before the Grand Prix, Albert and Charlene hosted a cocktail party in honor of the Grand Prix. Charlene wore a navy Akris dress from the Fall/Winter 2014 collection. I don’t like this Akris dress either. Charlene looked fantastic in custom Akris to present her babies back in January, but Akris’ normal collections just don’t do it for me.

Albert and Charlene Grand Prix cocktail party

During the day on May 23, during qualifying for the Grand Prix, Albert and Charlene visited people from an association for people affected by motor disabilities. Charlene brought their dog.

Albert and Charlene Grand Prix qualifying

Photos: Getty / Gaetan Luci, Eric Mathon/Palais Princier via Palais Princier Facebook

30 thoughts on “Princess Charlene attends Monaco Grand Prix

    1. I agree. She always looked unhappy/uncomfortable before her children were born. She looks full of joy and confidence now, I’m happy for her.

    2. She is so much happier since having her babies. It’s nice that motherhood has brought her so much joy.

      1. So strange the way she wept at her wedding…and the way Albert react was puzzling…gave me an icky feeling. She does seem so much happier now. Im thrilled for them both

  1. Maybe she’s got diapers on the mind because of the babies…lol Yeah, this was definitely a miss for her. But she looks so happy and they are actually touching each other and looking so happy to be together that I can let it go. This time…lol

    1. lol “they are actually touching each other”. It’s so weird to see them touch and interact because for a long time when they touched or interacted they looked so awkward and off. But they do seem happy together now. The babies really brought them together.

  2. I rather admire Charlene’s fashion choices. Yes it might not always work because it’s risky, different, and edgy, but when it does work, it really wows. In comparison, Kate’s style is beautiful and appropriate (well, most of the time), but it’s too safe and conservative and it gets really boring lately. I really hope she can step out of her comfort zone and try new things and be a bit more risky.

    Please cover more Queen Mathilde, who has a very elegant style and works hard.

  3. This isn’t my favorite outfit that Charlene has ever worn, but with the jacket it’s not too bad. However, I did love the midnight blue dress on her, that color is great on her!! I agree with you KMR, she does seem to regret the bang decision. Bangs can be difficult to deal with if you aren’t used to them, they tend to just hang there and training them to sweep to one side can be a giant pain. I say this as long time bang wearer but most of my friends that try bangs end up hating them. I wear bangs because I have a longish face and the bangs break that up and soften my look.

    It’s wonderful to see how close her and Albert are. The birth of their twins has appeared to given them both a renewed affection for each other and Charlene looks so much more confident and content now that she is a mother. Before her pregnancy I was a bit worried about their marriage and her ability to grown into her role as Serene Princess, but now those worries have been dispelled. She looks like she could take on the world.

    1. I would totally wear the jacket.

      I always like the idea of a bang (to break up my forehead) until I actually get bangs and then hate having them on my forehead and falling in my eyes and whatnot. I’ve always gone with a side-sweep-y bang, though, rather than a blunt bang like she did.

  4. The white dress/diaper did not seem so bad to me. Not her best look, but when I first started reading your blog for the day, KMR, I thought, “A diaper?” To me, the nude sheer fabric helped the overall look. This dress was edgy and shows that Charlene is definitely a confident woman. Her worst choices are better than Kate’s best ones. The Kate dress that really annoyed me was the black one that looked as if it had cut-outs and her flesh was showing through. I’m sorry, I can’t remember where she wore it. Not edgy at all, just horrible on Kate.

    I agree that the birth of those two darling babies has brought much joy to Charlene and Albert. They glow now.

    To me, Charlene is fashionable, fun and just amazing. She is coming out of her shell and living life in a happy way. Good for her.

    1. That’s because Charlene has the fashion sense/confidence to pull off an edgy look. She doesn’t slouch about with a “look at me, I’m wearing something trendy” look about her. Sometimes Kate’s clothes wear her, just like any big jewels she tries to wear.

    2. To explain the diaper comment a bit: In the first photo of this event I saw on Twitter, Charlene’s legs were apart and the hanging-down bits of the dress were covering each leg making it look like a jumpsuit rather than a dress. And in that photo, thinking it was a jumpsuit, the top part of the skirt before it breaks into the hanging-down bits looked like a giant diaper in the same vein as Hammer pants or something. The fact that the dress is white didn’t help the diaper comparison I made in my mind when I thought the dress was a jumpsuit. Then I realized it was a dress and thought, “Oh that’s not as bad as I thought it was”. Still bad, in my opinion, but not as bad as a Hammer pant giant white diaper. So that’s where the “giant diaper” comment came from.

      Is it bad that I can remember Kate wore that cut-out Temperley dress to the Action on Addiction Autumn Gala in October without even having to look it up?

      1. No, it’s not bad that you remember the event to which Kate wore that dress. You just know your stuff. That is why this blog works!!!

        I get the diaper comparison. I was just expecting something else when I scrolled down through your post. The dress was not Char’s best look, but to me, she did carry it off.

        I think she is sorry she cut her hair into the bang look, too. Her face is so lovely that she can carry off the slicked back look. Few women can.

        1. She does have a really strong face and doesn’t need bangs. Some people look good (better) with some bangs or shorter front hair pieces to accentuate the face, but Charlene does not need that. She looks great with her hair slicked back.

  5. The dress just looks weird with the V-shape cut like it is. It looks pasted on. I don’t follow women’s fashion at all, so I can’t really comment more articulately than that. It just looks weird to me.

  6. I will give her beaucoup credit as she isn’t afraid to try something. The first look falls flat for me. I love the last look. She does look so much happier after having the twins.

    On another note, there was a picture on Instagram of Pauline, Stephanie’s daughter and Jazmin, Albertsons daughter. It really made me smile.

  7. The dress looks great on the model walking, didn’t look too great on Charlene stationary.

    Is it me, the dress or does Charlene really have BIG BROAD shoulders??? Makes her head look so tiny, not a very balanced frame. But Charlene is an extremely beautiful lady.

    1. It’s not just you. Charlene has very broad shoulders. She was an Olympic swimmer, so the broad shoulders make sense. That’s possibly why this dress doesn’t work, because it accentuates her broad shoulders.

      1. Definitely not just you Beatrice. She has very harsh facial features as well. She is very beautiful but her facial features lack softness IMO

  8. Does anyone think a jean jacket would have worked with this outfit? Maybe a jean jacket and strappy sandals would have made it work? The material is says summer to me, not fancy dress.

    1. With the white dress? Yeah, maybe. The dress with a jean jacket and sandals on a beach somewhere would work. You’re right the dress is very casual.

      1. Yes the white dress. I think it could actually be quite a stylish dress with the right add-on’s. She needs to be wearing a darker jacket to give her top half some shape and create some texture within her outfit as a whole…that is why i think a jean jacket with strappy sandals would look great.

    1. lol, Tanya S.
      I read the article and the comments afterward are priceless. One person posted, “I can’t wait for him to start making Mother-in-law jokes.

      Actually, I thought William came across fine in this interview. Mentioning PG and the new little princess made him seem more approachable and loving.

      Thanks for the link.

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