Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in diamonds and rubies for film premiere

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in diamonds and rubies for film premiere

I would normally wait and include the goings on of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in the Royal Round Up post on Sunday, but Camilla’s rubies and diamonds just can’t wait. Camilla brought out the big jewels for the film premiere of The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with Prince Charles tonight. Camilla wore a four-strand diamond and ruby necklace, with matching earrings and bracelet. She paired her jewels with a long-sleeved, deep burgundy velvet gown by Anna Valentine, a lilac organza wrap, and lilac and gold clutch.

The film premiere was at the Odeon Leicester Square, which was transformed into an India theme complete with an orange carpet and pink, yellow, and orange curtains.

Camilla isn’t a one-trick pony, though. In addition to showing off the diamonds and rubies, Camilla became president of The Women Of The World Festival, having supported it for the five years since it’s launch. She attended a reception in support of the Festival on Monday, February 16, where she gave a speech.

Transcript of her full speech is here; she said in part:

    “I was very touched and flattered to be asked to be the President of this ground-breaking Festival by Jude Kelly, its indomitable founder, and I need hardly say how delighted I am to be able to celebrate the Southbank Centre’s 5th Women of the World Festival with you all here this evening… It takes a frank look at the obstacles that prevent women and girls from reaching their potential and provides a platform for discussions of issues that really matter. Many of you here today have told me about the great diversity of the work you are involved in – supporting victims of domestic violence, campaigning against the horrific practice of FGM [Female Genital Mutilation], encouraging young women in business, promoting women in sport – to name but a few and my hope is that you will continue this all-important work and make WoW an even bigger and better occasion every year!”

Camilla also talks about her prior involvement with WoW. This is a good speech; I wish I could find video of it.

Jude Kelly, founder and director of WOW, said of Camilla:

    “In the five years since WOW – Women of the World Festival was launched, the Duchess of Cornwall has supported us in our desire to create a global platform to express ambition for gender equality. Her decision to become the royal president of WOW is a thrilling endorsement of the WOW’s achievements and aspirations, and as a champion of women’s issues this commitment from the Duchess of Cornwall will accelerate the strength and reach of WOW across the world.”

Before the film premiere, Camilla visited a community center run by Emmaus UK, a homelessness charity. Camilla has been patron since 2006. As she unveiled a plaque to mark the opening of the center, Camilla said: “This just shows what can be done when charities work together to produce something as good as this. I’ve visited a lot of Emmaus communities and I’m very, very proud to be part of it because I think it’s an incredible homeless charity which gives people hope and positivity and gives them back their dignity to get into the system again and go back to work. Emmaus communities are springing up all over the country and each one I visit has this wonderful, positive feel. I hope we can get more people looked after and housed in the future.”

Camilla also visited the Fan Museum before the film premiere, where she viewed the “Waterloo Life and Times” exhibition. She ended up going home with three bags. For these two visits, Camilla wore a nice grey, pin-striped skirt suit, her trusty black flat boots, leaf-pattern scarf, and a cute turtle brooch. Add this to my list of favorite Camilla brooches.

More film premiere photos, including Dame Judi Dench (in a very colorful number that I actually love) and Dame Maggie Smith (in black pants and an off-white jacket) – because they are awesome – and Lillete Dubey (in a gorgeous white sari with gold embellishments).

Links: Emmaus UK; Telegraph; Daily Mail.

42 thoughts on “Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in diamonds and rubies for film premiere

  1. I don’t know who’s dressing Camilla but they are getting better and better. I love it when she pulls out the big jewels and the deep tones in her gowns. And the other ladies look wonderful as well. They all look comfortable in their own skin.

    1. Yes – she’s the reason for watching the show – no one can formulate a snide putdown quite like the Dowager Countess.

      I love Camilla in the burgundy velvet. The necklace certainly has a lot of carat power. However, I personally don’t care for rubies and the design itself is sadly rather uninspired.

  2. I know what I want for Christmas!!! I wonder how my husband will be able to get it away from the Duchess?? LOL I do like it when the Duchess dresses in jewel tones and I love velvet but for me….I just don’t know about this dress. It seems very similar to one she wore just about a week ago. I thought that one looked like a bathrobe, so I don’t know what to say about this one. However, Camilla has had a bit of a glow about her lately and that always makes a woman look beautiful.

    I can’t wait to see this movie, the first one was so good. No fights, no gratutious sex scenes, no explosions, no monsters just a nice little movie. Dame Judy and Dame Maggie were excellant in it. I highly recommend seeing the first movie if you haven’t already.

    I think the speech she made at the Women of World festival is great!! This sounds like a wonderful organization and truly worthy of the Duchess’ support. I think this is the great ability of the RF, not to be experts on certain issues but to highlight causes and organizations and bring attention to these causes and organizations that one might not even know exist.

    1. I had not heard about the Women of the World festival before, and now I’m going to check it out and see what it’s all about. So Camilla had done her job in highlighting the organization. It’s great that she’s been so involved with them and supportive of them over the years.

  3. Camilla for the win! A woman with style and substance. You can tell that she is very self assured and confident. This woman can teach Kate a thing or two.

    1. I’m sitting here thinking, “I can’t believe I like Camilla, and I can’t believe I like her more than I like Kate.” And then I read your post! Go Camilla!

    2. Cosigning along. I’m floored at how much I’ve grown to like Camilla.

      And THAT NECKLACE. She pulls off Big Jewels marvelously. I’m going to be oohing and aahing over that gorgeous piece of rubies for this evening.

    3. I know! I never thought I’d see that day either, but Camilla has really turned it around. I really like her actually.

  4. Wow, Camilla! Absolutely lovely. So radiant, so confident, so happy! Loved the speech. Enjoy the fact that she is so into issues that affect women of all ages. She has really come into her own and is doing a wonderful job in reaching out to people and positively touching lives. Yes, Lauri from CA and Sugar, it is interesting to note that people are feeling more positive about Camilla than about Kate.

    1. I have a theory that Kate (and William) turned out to be so disappointing that people re-evaluated Charles and Camilla. They were never going to compete on youth (obviously), but until the wedding and possibly for 6mths afterwards, William and Kate were so highly regarded and regularly touted as the saviour of the BRF.

      As people became disillusioned, no doubt helped along by the insulting PR that everybody sees through, they started looking at the other couples and especially the ladies of the BRF.

      All the ladies are so much better than Kate in every way. If Kate (and William) had lived upto their billing, I don’t think these other ladies would have been re-evaluated and appreciated. Exception Anne who had already won the public over with her work ethic and attitude.

      1. I agree with you on this. My feelings for W&K did a turn around due to the Maldives trip and then the renovation of 2 palaces. At first I didn’t begrudge them the cost of updating KP but when it was found out that they were going to live in Anmer Hall and just use the KP apartment for when they were in London, given the few engagements that they do, well it just didn’t sit right with me. As to the Maldives trip, I certainly could understand a couple needing a few days to themselves but traveling 8 hours away by plane, and staying gone 10 days, was in my opinion excessive. At the same time, their PR machine is saying how much Kate can’t stand to be away from George and that’s why she isn’t doing many engagements. Yes, to me Camilla and Sophie are looking better and better.

      2. I think you’re right, Acquitaine. I was sitting here writing up a response about why I have grown to like Camilla, and really it does comes down to Kate being so lacking. Camilla gives me what I want in terms of being involved and giving speeches and saying a few words at each engagement to highlight the causes she’s supporting. If Kate had done that, then I would have been satisfied and would not have been searching for it from someplace else.

  5. Camilla looks wonderful – the gown is sumptuous and the jewels…….aaaahh. Camilla gets better for sure and I can visualize her saying her speech go Camilla! I want that sari so badly; is there anything on this planet more feminine than a sari….(don’t answer that anyone!)

  6. Score another one for Camilla. She has to be the biggest comeback in history. When you think that just a few years ago most people (and by “people” I mean Diana’s millions of fans) wanted her dead…

    1. I know right?! She’s been a member of the Firm for 10 years now and has seemed to really come into her own in the last year or two. Her personality and wit has certainly been shining through and it’s great to see. Of course, the general discontent with the younger royals hasn’t hurt her either. 🙂

    2. I certainly would never have ‘wanted her dead’, but don’t understand her appeal. My husband REALLY doesn’t understand her appeal.

      But, to each his own and glad so many at KMR are respectful of each of us having different opinions about people and situations.

      1. Hi G.,

        that is the great thing about this site, being able to express an opinion and know that wither or not everyone agrees with it it will be disagreed with respectfully. I am amazed at how nasty people can get around the subject of Kate and Wills.

      2. Hi G!

        I think only the super crazy “Saint Diana” fans would have wanted Camilla dead. It’s like how there are some super crazy fans of the it-hot-young-guy(s)-of-the-moment who freak out whenever their “idol” gets a girlfriend and they send her death threats and hatred over social media. I’ve heard of One Direction fans and Justin Bieber fans (years ago) doing that. It’s scary, actually.

    3. I know. So many people hated her, and made fun of her. But she just kept chugging along.

  7. Please keep in mind that cam & char cannot be trusted! My opinion is that if those 2 were not conniving billy would not be attracted to intact family like the middletons & i am not try to be judgement or negative.

  8. This is just my opinion. chuck is going to be the head of the england someday, how can an adulterer be head of the church of england? If chuck was not busy promoting his mistress & pay more attention to his sons billy would not end up adopting the middleton as his new family. This is what i think!

    1. I understand your questioning Charles, but (and correct me if I’m wrong) wasn’t the Church of England founded by Henry VIII who was an adulterer and started the Church to step away from the Catholic church and the Pope because he wasn’t getting what he wanted so he could end his first marriage?

      I completely understand about what you’re saying though.

      1. Yes. Henry VIII broke with the Catholic Church and started the Church of England in order to annul his (20 year) marriage to Catherine of Aragon, because he wanted to marry Anne Boleyn and try for that male heir he was so desperate for. And yes, Henry was a massive adulterer.

  9. Lisa i respect your opinion! I just think if chuck just concentrated on his sons, the midds would be in the picture? but chose to push cammie on the media. This is just my opinion.

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