Kate Middleton releases video message in support of Children’s Mental Health Week

Kate Middleton releases video message in support of Children’s Mental Health Week

February 16-22 is Children’s Mental Health Week in the UK (according to Place2Be, which is launching the UK’s first Children’s Mental Health Week this week), and Kate Middleton put on her best “I’m so sad” face to speak in a video message on behalf of her patronage. Kate recorded the message at Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School last week – so now we know why she was there.

Kate in Place2Be video message still

In the video, Kate talks about the importance of preventing children’s mental health problems from becoming worse as they get older, saying she has seen many children struggle to cope with bullying, bereavement, family breakdown, and other issues, which can lead to depression, anxiety, addiction, and self-harm. Adding, the stigma around mental health means many children do not get the help they need. Her message is very buzz-wordy, but at least it’s something.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said: “As royal patron of Place2Be the Duchess of Cambridge is a committed champion of issues related to children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. Her Royal Highness has seen that issues such as addiction, poverty, abuse, neglect, loss and illness of family members, can have a long-lasting and traumatic impact if left unsupported. The Duchess of Cambridge is especially concerned with early intervention mental health support for young people, to tackle these issues at the earliest possible stage, so that children have the brightest possible futures, as they deserve.”

Mental health is a subject that is very personal for me. It’s a subject that people still sweep under the rug because talking about it makes them uncomfortable. There IS a huge stigma around it, especially depression and suicide. Not many people are understanding of those suffering from depression. Unless one has been through it, one cannot truly understand how depression and the negative feedback loop warp one’s perception of reality. The conversation about depression, and especially suicide, surrounding Robin Williams’ death last year disturbed me, because it highlighted the fact that most people have no idea how to treat people suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts.

I truly hope Kate is as “committed” a “champion” as KP says she is, because mental health is a serious issue and not something to be taken lightly and used for PR. I would love to see the conversation about mental health change. But whether Kate should be the champion of that, I’m not so sure. She’s never going to really do anything other than bring attention to the problem by showing up, getting her photo taken, and occasionally making a (buzz-wordy) video message or speech – and how much attention she will actually bring is up for debate. I would love for someone who could actually speak intelligently about mental health and those affected to be changing the conversation about it. But I guess some attention is better than none. I hope more parents get their children help. Good for Kate for actually speaking about the issue and bringing any attention to it she can (or should I be saying good for Jason for making Kate participate?).

Kate in Place2Be video message still 2

My feelings toward mental health are not going to stop me from ragging on Kate’s posture, because she has terrible posture. She is so hunched over! She’s not even leaning back against the chair, she’s leaning forward and hunched. Why? Sit up straight!!

Let’s talk fashion, because why not. Kate wore a new Jaeger Silk Tile Print Shirt Dress in Aquifer (Β£250.00), and her Kiki McDonough Green Amethyst Oval Drop Earrings (Did I ever mention how expensive these earrings are? They are Β£2,600.00). The dress seems really tight on her tummy. Like, uncomfortably tight. The dress is not maternity wear.

Jaeger Silk Tile Print Shirt Dress in Aquifer Kiki McDonough Green Amethyst Oval Drop Earrings

BTW, Kate still refuses to get public speaking training, as Rebecca English confirmed on Twitter, saying “I asked KP y/day whether Kate has received public speaking training and was told no, but I’m not sure I believe that!” Of course Rebecca English also sycophants over Kate’s speaking skills having improved or something, but I’m not sure I believe that! Check out Kate’s video message in support of Children’s Hospice Week 2013 for comparison. There really isn’t a difference except in her appearance.

Links: Place2Be. Daily Mail.

Photos: Screengrabs of video/Jaeger/Kiki McDonough

90 thoughts on “Kate Middleton releases video message in support of Children’s Mental Health Week

  1. If she doesn’t want to buy proper maternity wear to save some money, that’s fine. i get that. But considering that she pays for all her clothes ( they’re not allowed to receive things for free)
    and considering the fact that all of her clothes seem pretty pricey…. I don’t get it.

    She could have worn her hair up. Her hair weighs down her face, makes it look uneven

    1. If she were rewearing old clothes, both maternity and non-maternity, then I could understand not wearing maternity clothes – to save money, as you said. But she’s buying all new clothes. She knows she’s pregnant, so if you’re going to buy new clothes anyway, why not buy maternity wear that actually fits and looks nice? Maybe she bought these clothes months and months ago and is only debuting them now, but still, why not buy maternity wear now?

    2. She doesn’t buy her own clothes or jewelry. Charles pays for everything out of the Duchy and gets reimbursed for all of it on taxes as business expenses. My take: She loves to shop with someone else’s money and she doesn’t want to appear pregnant (serious body issues).

      1. Absolutely.
        She has serious body issues and loves that she can fit herself into regular clothes (who cares if she looks like a bad burrito, bc honestly the regular clothes do not flatter her).

        1. There are a lot of women who would rather squeeze into too-small clothes than admit they need to go up a size. I wouldn’t put it past Kate to be one of those women.

  2. The video message was the reason the press weren’t invited, and also the reason she stayed ninety minutes. Figures.

    Katie Nicholl has an unflattering blurb up at Vanity Fair re the Cambridges absence from the BAFTA celebrations. I wonder if Jason has cut Katie off? It would make sense for Jason to want to be the sole spin master, but Katie is accustomed to a certain level of contact.

    1. The extra time Kate spent was probably doing a bunch of takes of the video. Hell, they probably spent most of her time there doing the video.

      Do you have a link to the VF article?

        1. Thank you. Seems like someone was grumpy that they didn’t get to meet royalty. I wonder if BAFTA chose KP for the party location thinking Will and Kate would have to show up, because it seems like some were pissy that they didn’t.

  3. The video was not too bad. I’m sure she is reading from a teleprompter, but it’s not as stilted as it could have been.

    I agree with what you said about mental health being a an important topic. It’s very personal to me as well. I appreciate the organizations that work towards increasing awareness and doing away with the stigma.

    There were two main things that I noticed. First, is William a patron as well, or is it just Kate? I only really remember Kate going to Place2Be events. If she is the only patron, it kind of bugged me that she kept saying ‘William and I’ as though her own words don’t carry enough weight without bringing up Will.

    Second, from the picture that you posted and watching the video, at first glance her dress looks like a bathrobe. It doesn’t look good when she is sitting, and I agree about the posture.

    1. She is reading from either a teleprompter or cards. You can tell because her eyes move from side to side as she’s speaking.

      William is not patron of Place2be. I wondered, too, why Kate kept referring to William in the video. He is not associated with the charity at all.

      1. I guess it comes down to her constant need to remind people she is married to the future King. Kind of like they way she brings us PG so much, so everyone will remember she gave birth to a future heir to the throne.

        Great cause, too bad for them she is involved, since mental health never seems to get the publicity, education and funding it deserves in many countries. HRH Sophie Wessex would have been a better choice for the cause.

  4. I am really glad to see Kate speaking out on the need for parents and others to support and help children with mental health issues. I am constantly surprised by how many people I know who have been affected in one way or another by mental health issues, as I thought I was the only one. We feel so free to talk about what ails us physically but never mention what ails us mentally or emotionally, I for one would like to see the stigma surrounding mental and emotional issues disappear.

    Just for today, I am not going to find fault in Kate, her appearance or anything else in regards to this PSA. I’m just so thrilled that Kate is using the tremendous platform she has to highlight such an important issue. I hope to see her make many more of these types of PSAs in the future, as it’s a great way for her to highlight important causes without the stress of public speaking.

    1. I agree, when it comes to mental health issues, or any issues, something is better than nothing, but she is hardly “passionately committed” She does the bare minimum. She goes where she’s told shakes hands and makes exaggerated sad/interested faces. She could accomplish so much with practically no effort, but she can’t or won’t . The reason why she referenced William, even though he has nothing to do with Place 2 Be, is because he is her only path to gravitas. Without him she’s literally nothing.

      1. I agree. One of the staffers who researched charities for her picked this one, it isn’t because she has a calling to it. And William doesn’t bring her gravitas, he has none himself.

      1. Hi LadyBlueRibbon, as I said in my comment “just for today I am not going to find fault…..” so I can’t really comment on your comment but I do understand how you feel πŸ™‚

    2. I agree with you totally, Lauri. Who cares why she did it; she did and she put some effort into it. At least I think so. IMO, she’s improved a bit; her voice doesn’t sound as though she’s talking through a mouthful of marbles. (Maybe just a few marbles. πŸ™‚ )

    3. I am the mother of an autistic child and it really infuriates me that Kate and co are trying to use children as PR safe haven so she can look involved. Maybe she’s trying to make up for the nurse that committed suicide, maybe she does care, but this is not a generic issue, passionate talented long-suffering people work with and for these children every day. I think Camilla should be the representative. Kate could PR growing-jobs-for-women or something that runs itself and she can mug for.

    4. The reason I think many people don’t talk about mental health problems is because a lot of people who have not suffered from mental health problems don’t understand and are rude to those that are suffering. People who don’t understand and don’t have an open mind are far too judgmental of those who suffer, so those who suffer don’t want to talk about it and therefore don’t seek help. I have first hand experience with people who don’t even believe depression is real. They just think people need to “be happy”, without understanding how depression and the negative feedback loop it causes warps the mind and the sufferer’s perception of reality.

      The conversation about suicide is almost always about “how could the suicidal person hurt their friends and family members like that” without realizing that the sufferers perception may have warped to the point where they thought their friends and family members would be better off without them, where they thought it wasn’t “being selfish” but rather being selfless and helping their friends and family members because they would no longer be a burden to them.

      It’s because of this that those suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts need to be approached with understanding, so they can get the help they need, because approaching them with negativity and accusatory words only hurts them more.

      1. It’s very much like that. Mental health issues put the person in a bubble-like state, everything is going on around them but, like my son, they can’t get in step or with depression, they can’t break the bubble and soon there’s just not enough air. Living this life can be crushing. I have to stay optimistic every minute because my son’s mental well-being is in my hands. Kate has no idea and I’m deeply offended that she’ll be used as a money draw but offers nothing in herself, because she’s a shell, Carole saw to that. This issue is too real and too painful to have someone fake roll back the incredibly hard work put in to just get mental health seriously addressed and not ignored and criticized. The palace may regret this step.

        1. I concur. She’s likely to do more harm than good at this point. These children and their families deserve far better than being used as part of a PR campaign.

      2. Things like this happen all over the world but it is better in Western countries.

        Although, minority groups are affected the most. I watched a documentary about the native population in Sweden and they were very depressed almost suicidal about the fact that thing things they used to love no longer exist but they travelled to Norway for better care. Not that care isn’t good in Sweden, but it’s less specialized for the needs of individual people.

      3. KMR, you are so right. You need to speak on this subject. Your understanding, your compassion is what others need to hear.

  5. The video will get attention for the cause which is the point. However, she makes it sound like she and William are living day to day with children in this situation in their neighborhood/community – when what she is referring to is their infrequent visits to charities. Or did they run across some depressed children in Mustique?

    Also – notice how Jason got her looking like she did two things when she only did one – announced she had a private visit – and then released a video message. All the stories about playing the ukulele and then this was released. All in an hour and a half.

    1. Honestly, she probably spent more time doing the video than playing the ukulele with the kids. And that’s not a dig at Kate not wanting to interact with people, that is coming from knowing how long filming a video can take.

      And you’re right, Kate says she’s seen how many young people are dealing with this stuff, but she’s only visited Place2Be a few times since becoming patron. And how many young people does she really interact with in her normal life?

  6. Omg. I cringe when she speaks. It’s as of she is trying to watch her diction and emote at the same time and can’t. It looks like she is wearing a housecoat a la Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company. Her makeup looks good though. I also want to tell her how to say palliative. Sorry if I’m a little surly today.

  7. I’ve struggled with mild depression for a long time. I first contemplated suicide when I was seven.

    If Kate is actually releasing this video as part of a truly dedicated campaign to reach out to children with depression and other mental illnesses, then I would applaud her. Like most of you, though, I fear this is far more likely to be a one-off PR move that goes along with her history of “passionate charity work.” Sigh.

    1. Hi ABKM, I have personal knowledge of what you speak. I hope you’re doing well now.

      But I can’t find any fault with her doing this. If it’s a one off thing, so what. She did it, and maybe, just maybe, it will help someone.

      We all sit here and say we want her to do more, and when she does something we still complain about it. She has to start somewhere, and if this is her start it’s not bad. I hope she keeps the momentum going. I can’t help but think it’s the new PR strategy to get Kate out there because William isn’t.

      1. I get what you’re saying, but I think that if any celebrity made this video, it would have an impact (and probably would have been more heartfelt too).

        I am beyond wanting Kate to do something at this point. All those years chasing William, she could have researched her position a lot more. She could have lifted a finger to prove why she would be a good fit, and…nothing. Nope. Couldn’t be arsed. Take all those years and add the last 4 of being a Duchess, and NOW she figures it’s time to start doing something?
        Too little, too late, Kate. Now take your lovely parting gifts and run straight back home to mummy where you belong.

      2. A buzz-wordy video message is better than no video message at all. And it has sparked debate about mental health as we have talked about it on here, so it accomplished something.

        Hopefully Kate will continue to get better, and say more with her video messages and speeches. She needs a better speech writer and a public speaking coach. I still can’t believe her people laugh at reporters who suggest one.

        It does feel like they are throwing Kate out there to cover for the fact that William hasn’t done anything, and isn’t even doing his BS air ambulance stuff.

        1. I am thinking that’s it, KMR. She’ll be off the scene in a month to have the baby, and we won’t see her for a few months after that, so she’s getting the work in now. I think their new guy is doing a good job with it too. I think it’s unfortunate that it all has to come down to PR though, and that they can’t get any good will by just being themselves, but no matter how it’s done, at least it’s happening.

          I don’t know why, but I think this flying thing is a bit more than William imagined. It seems like it’s taking longer and he’s been pretty much off the radar. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

          1. The monarchy lives and dies by PR at this point.

            I agree re William. I think he thought he’d just do the air ambulance gig in order to get out of doing public engagements, but didn’t realize how much it would require of him. And now he’s rethinking things and putting off his exams and training because it’s harder than he thought it would be.

          2. William probably thought he’d roll in with his previous flying experience and his title and be golden. poor baby had to knuckle down and study. makes me wonder how the heck he got through university.

      3. Yes, what’s with William, anyway? Studying? Always studying. So, why take a break from the books and head for a vacation, Wills? Is he being kept out of the public eye for any other reason? What’s wrong?
        As for Kate being involved in this cause, yes, good for her, but I don’t take her too seriously. Sorry, I just don’t.

    2. I, too, have suffered from depression for most of my life. I hope you’re doing well, ABKM. Hugs!

      1. Thank you both, bluhare and KMR. There are times that are good and times that are decidedly less so, but things are getting better. I hope you two are also doing well and that you have supportive people in your lives, whatever your circumstances may be.

        1. Glad you’re doing well, ABKM. I can’t speak for you or KMR but knowing others have struggled with the same things I have brings a level of comfort sometimes. I’m doing fine right now too; it’s nice to care about things!

          1. I have also had depression throughout my life. I go up and down depending on life circumstances. Apparently the Queen also has suffered from depression, in the 1970s and the 1990s. Going forward each day is the only way to get through it. KMR, you should mention Jacintha Saldanbha’s name into every post if you can. It still outrages me that this poor woman killed herself b/c of a hoax by two DJs. Of course Willy and Waity can’t REALLY be blamed for it but they barely seem to acknowledge that this woman died indirectly b/c Katie was hospitalized. It’s like when Dick Cheney accidentally shot a fellow hunter he was with, the hunter APOLOGIZED for causing “problems” for Cheney. I would STILL be causing problems for Cheney and it’s almost 9 years later.

          2. Hi Seth, I’m glad you’re feeling well right now too.

            But I don’t think William and Kate can be blamed at all for Jacintha Saldana’s suicide. That was so awful; I remember being just gutted when I read about it. But it definitely wasn’t their fault at all.

  8. Red Snappper! I stand corrected. Mrs. Roper did wear some glorious caftans, lol! I’ve worn maybe one good one. I will retract that comparison and add a new one. It looks like a house coat that Mama would wear in Mama’s Family, lol!

    1. What do you mean? Like, she should have given a speech in front of reporters or something? Is that what you mean by “live”?

      To play devil’s advocate, I can understand why she/Place2Be went with a prerecorded message. The video message allows Place2Be to have full control over the video, with it being on their Youtube channel and directing to their website. This way, every single article points to their website, rather than the articles having their own pics and video and not pointing to Place2Be’s website. Also, Place2Be’s name is front and center in all the articles, rather than taking a back seat to Kate “braving a speech” and “flaunting her bump while engaging with kids” or whatever nonsense the articles would come up with to make Kate look like she actual cared when interacting with people. I’m sure Place2Be got more traffic from this video than they would have had Kate just made a visit and given a speech there. Also, the prerecorded message allows for multiple takes, so Kate had multiple chances to get the speech right, instead of flubbing or looking down at notes the entire time. Just some thoughts.

  9. I had actually never watched a video of Kate before, this wasn’t bad. I’m glad she’s supporting this cause, even if she doesn’t do much this will bring a lot of attention to mental health which is a good thing. What is up with lazy Will though? Aren’t people in the UK furious he’s done nothing this year?

  10. I wish I wasn’t so irritated seeing and listening to her do this; but I am, and I’m not sure why. The cause is totally worthy, no doubt there, and mine is yet another family where such health problems are a major issue, so it’s not that. I guess someone earlier probably got close with the ‘PR’ thing; as now I will expect her to to get in there and learn more and be seen to commit to this cause…and I’m going to be disappointed aren’t I? and now I’m feeling picky, as she has made a start on what she obviously is very uncomfortable doing..the ‘William and I’ bit we could do without…sorry but the dress is awful…who on earth makes these things to sell for good money…..pah

    1. Not at all…Her bump, or lack thereof, is a mystery to me. Especially given the fact that there is communication going around that she is further along than previously reported.

      1. If that’s the case then she’s even smaller than she should be. She’s still tiny at seven months. If she were eight-ish months or whatever the timeline would be if that poppy artist were correct, then my god she’s even more tiny. I don’t really believe that guy, though. Kate was perfectly fine at the end of August when she went to dinner in Norfolk with William, where she even drank wine.

        1. She’s never been the brightest bulb in the light socket. I’m wouldn’t be surprised if she was drinking while pregnant. If you were married to Willy, I think you’d drink too. I know I would.

    2. Halia, that is what I just ask–where is the bump? An authentic bump would not collapse when she sets down, however as we have seen in previous videos, a foam bump does collapse when a person is seated. Just like when wearing the pink coat and being in the carriage with Camilla–where was the bump then? It looked big enough when she was standing that day, but when she is seated it collapses. My pregnancy was never that way–it was an effort to sit, but my baby was 9 lbs 12 ozs. Also, why has this been recorded instead of live–what is the scam behind that????

      1. Yes,! The bump diminishes when she leans over or sits down during this and the last pregnancy. There is nothing collapsible about pregnancy. I had a small baby on a thin frame. No collapsing. The stomached is in the way. You have to modify how you bend and sit. I am surprised more people aren’t talking about the collapsing bump.

  11. Massive Massive fail Jason! Come on Jason, you would have seen the work that John Kirwan has done in New Zealand regarding depression and how his involvement has made it ok to talk to about depression. Then we get Kate, supposedly on a private visit but in reality she is filming this video. It’s a serious subject which needs to be carefully handled but it makes me want to mock this effort. This seems, to me, to be more about promoting Kate. Was this video made to offset Kate’s visit to Ben’s “charity” and his toys for rich boys?

  12. A Kate clothing blog I read (don’t remember which) said that coincidentally her mother had bought that same dress but returned it because it was too matronly.

  13. Yep it also seems to me that they are promoting kate more than the cause, someone else like harry or sophie would have been taken more seriusly, well lets hope this is the year, kate proves us wrong, but l am not holding my breath!

  14. For all my griping, I’m glad she did this video. It’s important that she step out on an issue and say something, especially with this issue of mental health. The gesture may not be as we like it, but she made one, and there is the hope that she will progressively grow from here into making more televised messages and speeches at her engagements. (Her voice seemed pleasant to listen to as well, so I definitely think she has the potential to make a good speech. A speech coach is a must for her- heck, even Sophie Wessex could give her pointers.)

    The cons: over-lit, seemed too rehearsed, and stiff. She needed to feel what she was saying, not just give a line reading. I noticed her eyes darting side-to-side, so she needs better TelePrompTer reading skills.

    Liked the dress. I generally like her when she forays into prints.

    1. The video message is a start. She needs to keep the momentum going, get a speech coach, and not slump back into her old ways. Take this video, learn from it, and do even better next time.

  15. Anyone who has suffered from extreme depression and/or anxiety would welcome such attention to such illness. However, it just seemed too scripted and not very sincere to me. Just the cause du jour, so to speak. I think people who don’t understand mental illness need an education, but I doubt Kate can give it to them. My sincere support to all who have wrestled with such issues. It is not easy to suffer in silence. Not easy to hear others say, “Just pull yourself together.” Mental illness is not given the understanding it deserves. I, too, have suffered from great anxiety and often depression since I was a teen. I feel blessed that my parents understood and got me good help, but often people struggle just finding the right mental health professional or meds.

    1. You’re quite right. I was not treated correctly for years and it is just for the last two years that I’ve gotten the right treatment and it is a daily struggle to get back to some kind of normalcy.

      I’m glad that she finally said something about an important subject. I hope she keeps at it and not just with buzzwords but with genuine information – like how important it is to get treatment for depression right away, how to spot the symptoms and the formal criteria, etc.
      I really don’t care about her degree of sincerity just that she did it because it will get attention simply because the press is interested in her. That’s the whole reason for having a high-profile celeb as a patron for an organization like this. I care if it has an effect, not whether she is genuinely sincere or if she’s just doing it because she has to. It gets attention either way. However, I do feel that she needs to follow through because this shouldn’t be a one time thing, the message needs to be reinforced several times.

    2. For me, having trust issues and social anxiety makes finding a therapist that I can actually trust and open up to is the most difficult part.

  16. I feel blessed that I’ve never had to live with mental illness, as I can see what a dark and traumatic place it is. My husband and I lost a very dear friend, 7 years ago, to suicide brought on by severe depression. He and his wife tried to deal with it as best they could, but when they finally did start medical therapy, it was too late. He disappeared down that rabbit hole, and to this day there is a TH sized hole in our lives that will ever be empty. The scary part is that he was so full of fun, larger than life, that you can’t imagine someone like that ever being felled by that awful axe. It is still so hard to believe he is gone.
    I think it’s great that Kate is involved with Place2Be, but she needs to really dig in. There needs to be so much light shone on this cause. I liked her “broken leg” reference. It was exactly right.
    She could help so much, if she sincerely cares. I hope she sees that, and really jumps in with both feet.

    1. I remember my sister telling me she’d never been depressed a few years ago. I was shocked. I had no idea that some people didn’t get depressed like I do.

      1. I was the opposite. For a long time, I didn’t know anyone else who had suffered from depression, and I thought I was completely alone in my suffering, so I was surprised when I found other people who had also suffered.

  17. As a psychologist, I am pleased that people are beginning to pay attention to mental health issues, especially depression and anxiety in children and teenagers. I must say I am impressed and heartened by the compassionate posts you’ve all shared about your own and your friends’ and families’ experiences. Even a decade ago I doubt we would be so candid, even on an anonymous board.

    One poster above said she wasn’t sure why she felt irritated by Kate’s video message. I feel the same way, and I think it’s because it is such an important and immediate issue and she doesn’t seem genuine. If she really cared about this issue, why not volunteer once a week for a few hours at a suicide hotline? Why not take some courses and contribute time to creating anti-bullying curricula to be used in schools? I could go on and on, but I think most of us seem to feel the same way…it’s okay but it’s not enough.

    And why is she wearing that bathrobe?

    1. I am really concerned, like I said up-thread for two reasons. 1, because this is a critical issue that has been difficult to have conversation without judgment and focus on health and help. Kate’s is doing what she’s always done-what she’s told. She doesn’t seem able to have any personal connection, choice, interest. That doesn’t mean she won’t feel bad for people involved or do promo’s, but she makes the mental health effort cheap, and we can’t afford fake to turn the public off. 2, because she’s like a paid celebrity with handlers, the messaging may miss what could really help or needs attention. There could be great programs, but because KP hasn’t vetted or doesn’t want that image, Kate won’t be helping efforts that need attention.

    2. The public certainly wouldn’t fault her volunteerism. I would like her easily if she did. And if she were to do what you’ve suggested- work a hotline, consult school counsellors on bullying (especially cyber bullying) initiatives, she would be credible and her name/title would generate better interest and donations. Diana did her background research and people homework, and as a result, she never came across falsely or insincerely. One has to *make* time and *choose* to parcel out her schedule for these simpler things that don’t pay reward or positive press. She seems uninterested in building her credibility.

  18. I had depression too but i found heal,confort and salvation in JESUS CHRIST seriosly only HIM can take it away its just trust HIM and give all you life and soul to HIM and He will take care of you like did and do with me!!!

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