Duchess Kate three-peats Jenny Packam for St. Andrews Gala

Duchess Kate three-peats Jenny Packam for St. Andrews Gala

Three thoughts on last night:
1) I had the exact same reaction to the third appearance of the ink blue Jenny Packham dress that I did to the end of the video game Fear: “Oh, f–k you!”
2) Finally someone shelled out the big bucks to get Duchess Kate some nice jewelry.
3) The new bling doesn’t make up for the repeated dress.

For the final event in fashion-conscious New York, at the super expensive, 450-person strong charity Gala for St. Andrews 600th anniversary (that they’ve been celebrating for at least 4 years now) that was supposed to be the highlight of the entire trip, Kate Middleton decided not to go all out with a new dress, and instead wore an ink blue Jenny Packham gown for the third effing time.


Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fine to rewear clothing – especially super expensive clothing – but why repeat a dress at the fanciest event of the entire trip? Why not bust out a super fancy new dress and repeat a coat or two?

Also, to be clear, I do really like this dress. I liked it the first time she wore it and I liked it the second time she wore it. It’s a pretty dress; I just wish Kate had worn something new and interesting this time. Something nice: at least she wore her hair up.

Kate ink blue Jenny Packham
[Runway look/100 Women in Hedge Funds, Oct. 2013/NPG gala, Feb. 2014]

So let’s talk about that bling. Kate busted out some big emerald and diamond earrings and a matching bracelet. The earrings are chandelier style with three strands of diamonds falling to a large emerald surrounded by two strands of diamonds. There seems to be yellow stones thrown in there for good measure. The bracelet obviously matches the earring motif. The jewels are said to be a private gift.

I wonder who this set was from. I’m curious what kind of jewelry Kate got as wedding gifts. I know they said to donate to charity instead of give gifts, but you know some super wealthy people bought her stuff. So far she hasn’t worn anything noteworthy except that Cartier necklace. Maybe this set was a wedding gift she hasn’t worn yet?  Or is it newer?  It couldn’t have been from Prince William, right? It’s way too expensive to be from William.


There were many celebrity guests at the gala, but one of the most interesting guests has to be Princess Eugenie. She greeted Kate with a smile and a kiss. I love her shorter hair, but I’m not a fan of the dress.


Tom Hanks was supposed to make the after-dinner toast at the gala, but he pulled out the other day, so Seth Meyers stepped in to make the toast.

Seth Meyers makes toast at St. Andrews Gala

Dinner was held in the Temple of Dendur room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Temple of Dendur at Met Museum

I want to mention something about the Cambridges body language while traversing the stairs. William gave no sh-ts about helping Kate up the stairs when they arrived. He didn’t even walk with her; he hurried up the stairs alone and waited for her at the top. Then someone must have told them to get their act together, because William held Kate’s hand as they walked down the stairs when they left.


About The Curious Case of the Vanishing Baby Bump: No effing way Kate’s tummy is this big. Just a few hours earlier Kate didn’t even look pregnant, and now she has this big of a tummy? The hell?


Kate at St. Andrews Gala

William and Kate at St. Andrews Gala

Photos: Getty/UK in New York Instagram and Twitter

122 thoughts on “Duchess Kate three-peats Jenny Packam for St. Andrews Gala

  1. I actually think she looked lovely tonight. I did not like this dress the first two times, but I think this time she nailed it. Mostly because her hair was up and showed off the dress. I actually think it is a good dress for someone who is pregnant. I wonder if she didn’t get a new gown because this trip was thrown together and it would be hard to find a dress for her growing bump?

    Her bump also confuses me. She was tiny this afternoon and tonight she is actually showing. I really don’t understand.

    1. I think she looked beautiful, but I was disappointed in her repeating the dress. I wanted her to come out and kill it, especially after the lackluster wardrobe the rest of the time, and a repeat just doesn’t do that. But I give her props for changing up the styling for the repeat. She’s been guilty of styling an outfit the exact same way every time she wears it, which is even more boring. So I liked that her hair was back this time and that she wore the bigger jewelry.

      When I was looking at the Seraphine website earlier for her black reception dress, I saw a number of maternity gowns that were beautiful. I was hoping she’d wear one of those.

      That bump is confusing the hell out of me.

    2. I care less about what she wears, as long as our future queen isn’t flashing. However I do care that British tax payers have just paid for a weekend away in the Big Apple for Prince William to talk about issues close to his heart, as the BBC reported last night. We don’t catch them giving out certificates to college graduates in England (reason for them going to Alice Springs) or, wrapping presents with a children’s charity here (as Kate did while in New York). My point is that it would be great if they could do a little more/something at home before we are expected to pay for their glamorous junkets to far off lands. The Royals have apparently recruited a spin doc to improve the image of the younger generations. I’m not sure it is a difficult challenge to put right in certain quarters – junket abroad less work at home more.

    3. Overit, I can’t understand the size of the shifting bump either. Who can solve the mystery of that? If the media prints anything negative about the ‘bump’, William will sue them. So maybe that is a clue about the authenticity of the bump??

      1. Ohh, another curious thing I noticed regarding ‘the bump” is that she looks like she is standing in such a way as to force the bump forward by curving her back–did anyone else notice her posture with the larger bump?? Usually she has good posture, but this particular evening she was definitely trusting that bump forward like it was on display.

        1. Actually, usually her posture is pretty terrible. And yes, she always juts her pelvis out, especially while pregnant. She’s definitely trying to make her stomach look bigger when there isn’t much there.

    4. I completely agree with your entire post. That bump is pretty small, even compared to her bump at the same stage with George. That HG must have really set her back this time around.

      1. I think she’s so insecure that she’ll gain weight and Will goes straying. I think she psycho-logically cannot stop using the class A go-to for supposedly keeping a man.she doesn’t get that using honey may get the guy but doesn’t always keep him. Sometimes I wonder if Will likes her neediness or is getting sick of the manipulation a la Carole.

  2. It’s a beautiful dress, but seriously… Is this and the black lace Temperley dress the only ones that she likes?

    On a side note, I think my two favourites were turquoise dress with the lace back and the nude pink with sequins Jenny Packham dress.

    I noticed that Will didn’t help Kate up the stairs. I know she’s not helpless, but seriously, your wife is 5 months pregnant and walking up the stairs in a long dress that she might trip on. At least make sure she’s alright. Do you think Will ever checks in with Kate during an event to see how she’s doing?

    It’s nice to see her with statement jewellery. I’m not overly fond of it, but it’s a nice change. Also, it’s not getting lost in her hair. Stray observation, not sure if it’s important, I also noticed that she didn’t have a clutch tonight.

    So, points for statement jewellery and points for having her hair out of her face.

    1. She also wore a silver one-shoulder gown in 2011, I want to say. I liked that one as well. I think this dress is beautiful; I just wish she’d worn something new to this event that was so high-priced and built up to be this big thing. I was disappointed in the repeat more than anything else.

      1. The Grecian style one? That one was really beautiful. There was another one in a very light shade of purple that she wore to the BAFTAs.

        So I’ve never been pregnant, but your bump doesn’t change size that much from day to day does it? Is she just wearing super shape wear?

        I thought she looked really good tonight. My first thought was I wonder if it was because it’s an event for St. Andrews and former classmates might be there.

    2. I actually like this gown very much and am glad to see it repeated. She has a lot of clothes that she only seem to wear once – and, frankly, I think that four expensive new coats for a 3 day trip is overkill and wasteful.
      Her hair is up – yay – and it is nice to see her bring out the more serious bling. I understand that it is a gift but that is just a boring, bog-standard design. If you’re shelling out serious money for serious jewellery then get something that is out of the ordinary design-wise. With pieces like these I would have them broken down and use the stones for a redesign. There are a lot of talented English jewellers (as well as French).
      Does anyone know which firm designed these pieces – to me, the look like Tiffany or Harry Winston.

    3. I find it curious that Kate always chooses black or dark colors for formal functions–the polar opposite of the Queen. HM Queen Elizabeth always wears white and bright colors at formal functions–just go back and look at past events. The Royal Variety Performance where HM wore a fabulous white fur–so Kate is not into fur–for good reasons, but why now wear a white lace dress? The dress she wore to Hollywood on her first visit was perfect. Haven’t seen beautiful dresses like that since.

  3. I wanted to mention one other thing. There’s another photo of Eugenie and Kate greeting each other (not the kiss on the cheek one). And the expression on Eugenie’s face made me laugh! I know I’m assuming things about the photo based on what I’ve read about the history of the York princesses and Kate.

    The Daily Mail has it about a quarter of the way down.

    1. I almost used that photo you’re talking about, but then decided to use the kiss photo. I too am assuming things based on what I know of their past, but her face looks so strained, like she’s using all her might to smile and be courteous for the cameras.

      1. So I don’t know anything about the past concerning Kate and York sisters. I know you guys think they don’t like each other, but why??

        1. Other posters might have more details, but I remember reading that Kate is a bit of a mean girl to the York princesses. The one story that comes up is the roller skating event, which had an 80’s theme. Princess Beatrice was invited by Kate, but Kate left out the fact that it was theme party. So Princess Beatrice was the only one who showed up without a costume. She ended up crying in the washroom after getting teased by everyone else, and being found by a reporter. Katie Nichol, I think?

          There are other videos around of Kate and the York sisters interacting that other interpret as cold. It’s possible it’s true, or maybe it’s something that is just projected on to them and feeds the rumors.

        2. I think it has to do with the fact that the Queen laid down the law that everyone must curtsey to blood Princesses and Kate did not like to do that. That is one reason why she hangs so closely to William so that she will not have to curtsey to them while she is with him.

          1. The Queen said Kate had to curtsy to the Princesses shortly after several incidents that were reported as Kate being mean to the girls. Because of that timing, I’ve always assumed that it was a way for the Queen to chastise Kate.

        3. Supposedly Kate and Pippa have been very rude to the York girls over the years. Most notably the skating party bookworm mentioned, where Kate made Beatrice cry.

          1. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the York girls.Bith if their oarents, especially their mom, have been ridiculed and reviled by the British public and press. I know that their parents made some stupid choices, but the girls have had to suffer. And it doesnt help that Charles is pushing tyem away from bei g the “official” royal family. I find them beautifuland just charming girls.

          2. I read that while Kate was Wills girlfriend she developed a kind of killer stare that she would give to people to keep them away from William, that’s why many of his friends do not like her. Friends he has known since he was young, and she would stare them away–can you imagine??

          3. @rhiannon: It’s upsetting that the poor York girls have had to suffer for the sins of their parents. The girls didn’t do anything.

        4. Eugenie is very close to the Calthorpe sisters. Cressida was Harrys girlfriend and her sister Isabella dated William when he split from Kate.

          No love lost AT ALL between Kate and the Yorkies.

      2. Princess York looks almost intimidated. Kate is tall to begin with and add, what 5 inches with the high heels, she is towering over the little Princess. And the little Princess knows how mean Kate can be so I would say that is intimidation with a little fear–such a shame.

  4. She looked great!! Too much eyeliner, but that’s a given for her. The hair, the bling, the dress (even though a repeat) – she looks like a beautiful young pregnant woman 🙂

    What the bump?!

    Those heels are super high! And with that long dress! Shame on her husband for leaving her to navigate those stairs on her own. I’m surprised no one came to her aid.

      1. Cathy, my friends won’t believe me when I say things like that–but William sues the media for printing things like that, so there must be something to it.

        1. Kate just doesn’t look 5 months pregnant, even if you ignore he disappearing bump, something isn’t kosher? If she IS pregnant then she mustn’t be eating enough. I thought that with her pregnancy with George but then he was such a big baby, something doesn’t add up?

          1. Cathy, if you spend time reading blogs written by people across the pond, you will learn there is much suspicion surrounding the pregnancy and little George. Some people are saying at the time of his christening he was way older than 3 months. Is a 3 month old child really able to hold his arms up in the air or was Kate squeezing him into position. And such a LARGE baby for such a tiny woman??

  5. I can only speak from my own experience and chatting with friends, but bumps most certainly do change from day to day – and can look much bigger later in the day. I always looked neat in the morning, but by evening I felt hefty.

    It’s normal – probably something to do with the baby being tucked nicely in after you’ve lain asleep, then gravity takes it’s toll/muscles stretch during the day and baby takes more room as the day goes on.

    It’s one of the more bizarre aspects of pregnancy, and not so noticeable when you’re heavier, but if you’re slim like I was in my first (sigh) then it’s a weirdly changing thing.

    My guess is the earrings/matching bracelet are part of a wedding trousseau from her father-in-law. We know her parents bought her the wedding day earrings, the Queen got them Anmer Hall. Other than foreign Royal families, I can’t see who else could splash £100k (guestimate) on a wedding gift other than farther of the groom.

      1. I personally think the earrings and bracelet were from the Sultan and Queen of Brunei, they are known for their lavish gifts of jewels. In 2013, the Queen of Brunei gifted Michelle Obama with diamond and yellow sapphire earrings, a necklace and a ring worth an estimated $71,000.

    1. I don’t know about this set, but I agree with whoever said that the gold Cartier has Uncle G written all over it. LOL

    2. Charles bought her a diamond bracelet, so I do not think the set was from Charles. I think it came after they got back together after the “babymoon”.

      1. Charles has better taste in jewellery that to buy such a bog-standard and unimaginative design. As mentioned upthread I actually find it very plausible that it could be a gift from Brunei. They are known for ostentations jewellery – just find wedding pics (a wedding bouqet of gold and diamonds!) but the things they wear are often not much to talk about when it comes to design.

  6. She looked lovely. She finally pulled her hair back to show off the dress and jewels. I do think that it did accentuate her bad posture. I am not feeling the love in the handholding pictures. It seems forced and awkward.

    1. They are holding hands the same way they did when they left the church after the wedding. It didn’t seem natural to me then and it’s not a natural hand hold now. It comes off as very formal to me.

      1. After seeing the footage of W&K outside the hotel it seems to me that William is only putting his hand on her back to guide her from point a to point b. And stop at the right place. It’s not PDA, it’s William trying to get her to keep up. She was left to walk up the stairs by herself and got behind. I know she is pregnant but were the steps that hard to manage? If she couldn’t manage then she should be wearing lower heels.

        1. She had on what had to be almost 4″ heels. They had a slight platform as well, so combined with the dress she probably was having a slightly harder time getting up the stairs. And you’re right, wearing a lower heel would not hurt her in any way.

      2. I’ve seen this stuff posture before in my own life! It’s the body language of a husband tired of helping you walk in your too-high heels! 🙂

        1. Lol. It always amuses me when girls teeter in super high heels and can barely walk. Why not wear a lower heel and actually be able to move?

  7. Really amazed at the fast transformation Will has made on the press, smiling-waving-posing, wow. Their new American PR has turned that ship around. We’ll see how long it lasts. He must monitor every comment site and press outfit. He probably has a bug in PW ear “turn around!” when PW ditched Kate on the stairs “hold her hand!” when walking, like Cyrano de Bergerac. Kate looked great. I agree that the three-peat was probably due to this trip being thrown together and not enough time to have something tailored especially up top to show off her toned arms and back. The pic of big baby bump shows Kate slouching. That’s probably why bump materalized. I’d love to have seen Kate making Will drive to Taco Bell at 12:45 pm because she’s got to have a Burrito Supreme. Doesn’t this girl ever get the munchies?

    1. Someone has definitely been in his hear for this trip. I wonder if he will keep it up or if it will be back to Grumpy Face.

      1. I agree. If it is Jason, we’ll know pretty soon because we’ll see his PR touch all over Will’s trip to China. If Jason can make that interesting without Kate, I’ll be impressed.

  8. Has Jason Knauf started his new job? I thought he was meant to start in the new year. It will be interesting to see how he will polish up William and Kate’s PR. Jason was educated in New Zealand and worked as an advisor to the Labour Party of the New Zealand Government. During that time he was advisor to the Prime Minister, Helen Clark. Helen Clark went on to became the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme. If Jason can polish up Helen Clark during some of her time as PM so she then gets the job at the UN then he’s got to do some good at KP/ Anmer Hall. First job? Send Tash back to the typing pool and send Amanda…

    1. My understanding was that originally he was slated to start in 2015 but that changed and he’s already at work, which if correct, could explain the differences. Apologies if I’m wrong.

    2. I definitely agree on the Tash part. He’s got a lot of hard work cut out for him. I wouldn’t be surprised if William didn’t consult him before this trip and that’s why he did such an about face.

      1. Agreed. I think if he’s not “officially” their PR guy on the books that he has to be pulling some of these strings because this is her last big event before she disappears for 7 months. I don’t think W&K would survive without a win right now.

    3. Well, that depends upon the Cambridges actually taking his advice seriously and act upon it. Considering William’s reputation as being “difficult” (awlays doing the opposite of what he is advise to, I’ll hold my opinion until I see definite change. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

      1. Exactly. The PR guy can only do so much, the change has to come from Will and Kate. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, you know.

  9. Wow, what a difference an updo and some great jewels made for this dress. I really didn’t care for it the first two times she wore it but I think looking back that her hair was the issue not the dress. Also, the first time she wore, soon after George was born, she looked so tired and drawn walking up the staircase that it ruined the effect of this dress.

    I imagine this jewel set came from one Middle Eastern prince or another. Diana received a stunning sapphire and diamond set for her wedding and the Queen has received some beautiful jewels from various leaders of that region over the years. I would also bet that the ruby set she wore after the wedding (with that great velvet McQueen) was also a gift from a prince of that region. Although regarding the jewels that were given to Diana and the Queen it was noted who they were from not just a “private gift”. Maybe one of the financiers they met the other night decided to gift this to her.

    How gallant of William to help her down the stairs, but why couldn’t he have taken her elbow and helped her up the stairs? Some times I have to shake my head at that boy. Sigh

    1. William was the party prince on this trip. I haven’t seen this man so happy in quite a while. I think he just momentarily forgot that he was supposed to look solicitous to Kate and dashed up the stairs. He was thinking about his friends from St. Andrews. Someone got to him in the gala and passed on a message. (Like hold her hand dummy!)

      1. Perhaps he momentarily forgot to play for the cameras and was treating Kate the way he usually treats her. Remember when she got her heel caught in the grate when she wore the green coat? William did not grab her back or help her but just put his hand out so she could steady herself. Maybe she really does not need help at all because the bump could not be viable.

    2. That’s what I was thinking, that the jewels were from one of the rich middle eastern royals.

  10. As far as etiquette goes, a gentleman walks behind a lady when going up stairs, so he can help her if she tumbles. He should precede her when going down stairs for the same reason. I think to “modernize” those rules a gentleman could walk alongside a lady and hold her elbow going both directions. The key word here is “gentleman”. Will may be the future king, but he’s no gentleman.

    Kate looked great (except for the eyes). I agree that she should have worn something new.

    Right now I’m fascinated by this bump thing. There is so clearly a huge difference in the size of that bump…or “bump not!”. I read the above post about the size of the bump changing during a 24 hour period, but even that doesn’t explain this huge difference. I really kind of dismissed the surrogacy idea because it would simply be too big of a secret to keep. But something is definitely going on. It’s as if she has the bump when she wants it and doesn’t have it when that suits her.

    Is it really possible that she isn’t pregnant? Do people truly believe she may be using a surrogate?

    Is it true that a woman marrying Will would have had to go through a medical exam to prove she was capable of having children? I read that Diana had to go through that, but of course that doesn’t mean it’s true.

    1. Considering how emphatic he has been about “protecting” Kate from the things his mother had to go through, maybe she didn’t go through it as they may have considered it too invasive. And if they found out after the fact that she was having issues conceiving, who knows if a “gestational carrier” is or isn’t being used. Rumors were that the Queen Mother wasn’t carried by her mother, so you never know. I can see Ma Midds keeping any issues regarding reproduction swept under the carpet because I think that would have most certainly given William the freedom he was looking for.

      Had that been the case, I think he too would still be single and trying to find a wife.

    2. I can say as a slim woman myself that if I slouch, my post baby-fat makes me look as pregnant as Kate. So I do think she’s pregnant (I was small with both my girls). I didn’t show until about 5 months, in part because I watch my posture so I don’t have chronic backaches.

    3. Royal protocol is that the Royal goes first. Watch the Queen and Prince Philip, he is always a step or two behind the Queen and never in front. So William was right to be first up the stairs to meet the hosts and Kate should have kept up and been right behind. Tash should have picked out the right height shoes as they must have been aware the function location had stairs?

      1. Well, other European royal couples doesn’t do that. They usually walk together, sometimes even holding hand. I just think that William was his usual “charming” self.

      2. Yes, William always walks ahead of his wife, however, regarding the right height of the shoes, I think Kate decides that herself. She LIKES to wear the higher heels, even when ‘pregnant’ with George, she played rugby in high heeled boots. So, no one will tell her what to wear. If she is indeed carrying a child, she should be mindful of falling, but still she wears high heels.

        1. Slight correction: Kate never played rugby. A few days before they announced her pregnancy with George she played a little bit of field hockey in heeled boots.

    4. I don’t know about you guys, but my stomach is flatter in the morning and then as I eat throughout the day it gets a bit rounder. That’s one reason. Then theres the pressure of the belt on top that will emphasize the outline of it. Then there’s her hip thrusting and terrible posture. Then there is black versus blue, with black being more slimming.

      I dunno, I don’t think theres anything weird about it.

    5. Consider this. Many women athletes do not have periods because they do not have enough body fat. Kate is in the same situation. No period means no ovulation means no bump. Many Londoners are convinced that the lack of attention to George by the Royal family is proof that something is off with the poor little boy. Time will tell. Where has he been lately? Are they hiding him because of his brown eyes? Lots of questions that need answers.

      1. Theres no point in hidin him we all lnow what he looks like. Of they were hidin him there would be zero photos released and he wouldnt have been seen in Oz. I think its a power thing over the press and them using the Diana card.

        1. I have read comments where people are speculating that perhaps if they hide him long enough for his looks to change, they can switch him out for a baby that looks more like William and Kate. Yes, people are thinking things like that.

    6. Yes, many, many people believe she is using a surrogate. There is much speculation on that topic when you read various blogs. If I give specific names here, the post may be deleted.

  11. That picture is a bit misleading. If you watch the video carefully, he tries several times to get her to take his hand but she’s too busy chatting to someone and holding up her gown with both hands. So he gives up and walks beside her up the stairs. Also, my pregnant friend told me over the weekend that her pregnancy Spanx are kind of like a push-up bra for the bump. Maybe that’s something? Also, I’ve heard that it can look different depending on time of day and position the baby is in. The changing bump size is really interesting.

    1. OH you are right! William does try to help her up a few times before giving up. See he is not such a bad guy after all. This trip made me crush on him a little bit (like when I was 15:) ).

      1. Yeah it’s a little awkward because she’s just totally not paying attention. It’s like when you put your hand up for a high five and get left hanging. Maybe new PR guy will explain about taking her elbow or small of the back. Then he won’t risk awkwardness!

      2. So then , maybe she dd not require help at all?? If there was really no bump under there, why would she need help? She is quite athletic and totally accustomed to wearing high heels.

  12. I don’t have the best posture in the world, but if I were photographed all the time and saw myself. The first time I saw my posture I would correct it! Her rounded shoulders are so obvious in this dress, it makes me keep pulling mine back to counterbalance for hers. It takes away from the lovely neck line and back of the dress. I keep yelling at my computer screen to ‘stand up straight’. LOL

    1. lol I’ve done the same thing myself, my husband thinks I’m crazy for yelling at my computer. :):) At least seeing her poor posture has made me much more award of my own.

    2. I used to have very bad posture and I still struggle with it. However, doing tai-chi really made me much more conscious of my body and it has really help me with my posture. It is not just about straigtening the back and pushing the shoulders back, it is also positioning the pelvis correctly – otherwise you get a back-ache.

  13. Her chest hasn’t changed from when she originally wore it, She is still as flat as ever. There is nothing super maternal or warm about kate – What expectant mother continues to wear sky high heels? For what its worth, the bump pictures could have been photoshopped.

    Why isn’t William more protective of her at this point?

    There are too many irregularities with her pregnancies.

    1. The fact that her bust has not changed is really odd to me. the first thing to get big during her last pregnancy was her bust, and it happened really quickly. Like, way before the five month mark she’s at now.

      1. Exactly.
        She was completely covered up with her dress coats last time. I don’t think she wore a dress like this.
        I find William’s nyc comments about a chaotic birth quite puzzling; considering Kate had no problem walking in and out of the hospital in wedges. She didn’t seem like a woman in pain.

        1. My child was over 9.5 lbs, so he would have been slightly over 1 pound larger than George. To accommodate a newborn passing through the birth canal an episiotomy wouild have been necessary. I know the pain I suffered and no one can tell me that she had an episiotomy and then bounced up and down the steps of the Lido Wing in wedgies. No Way.

  14. Kip, you are not the only one who has made that excellent observation. There are way too many irregularities with her pregnancies. I would love to say more, but this post may be taken down if I did.

      1. Theres a buncha people that think she fakes her pregnancies and hires a surrogate and is hiding it all from HM. and that nurse Jacintha found out that Kate wasnt in the hospital for HG, so they had her killed.

        1. I wouldn’t go that far. But there are some weird choices and actions demonstrated by ‘pregnant’ kate.

          It just doesn’t add up.

        2. I wouldn’t go that far re Jacintha. She wasn’t even taking care of Kate. It was the other nurse in the phone call prank that was taking care of Kate. If anyone would know what Kate’s condition was it would be that one.

    1. If they thought the three kitchen and gap yearS media was bad… Just wait.

      It will be intriguing to see if the new press guy is willing to clean up their messes and excuse everything they do or how quickly they will run him out of the job.

  15. You know, I have been following your blog for some time and I generally agree with you on most aspects of the Duchess of Cambridge. I am totally fine with the fact that she three-peated her dress. She should! It’s expensive and her she probably did not pay for it. She should repeat her clothes! She’s doesn’t earn any money to pay for these clothes and certainly hasn’t worked a day in her life to pay for this dress. Should she have bought a new dress or repeated another dress that you all would have criticized anyway. I am not one to defend her but it seems like the Duchess can’t win no matter what she does!

    1. For the most part I kind of agree with you. I think there are a lot of times where, for a lot of people, Kate can’t win. No matter what she does, she gets criticized.

  16. Did anyone notice that km wiped her hand on her dress after shaking hands with an african american woman? If this is true, she has no manners! Lazy Waity is very sheltered, i do not unerstand the way she was raised?

        1. Thank you very much for the video satsuki!

          @All: Kate didn’t wipe her hand after shaking hands with McCray. It is very obvious in the CNN Youtube video that Kate shook hands with her right hand, then switched her purse from her left to right hand, then touched the back of her coat with her left hand. Hand shake with right; touch coat with left. She didn’t wipe the hand with which she shook McCray’s hand.

          The tumblr gif is incredibly misleading.

          1. I think we should all be a bit more wary when it comes to GIFs. That can be VERY misleading, just like when a quote is taken out of context, like Hilary Mantel’s quote about Kate that caused such a brouhaha some time ago.

          2. I think she was double checking 1) to see if she had remembered to wear panties 2) make sure there was not another wardrobe malfunction. LOL

  17. Love the dress and her hair. I don’t have a problem with the repeat, especially since money is thrown around quite often by the Royals at the expense of the taxpayers. Her buying a new dress at this stage of the pregnancy doesn’t make sense if she can fit into the one she did wear.
    The “bump” issue is strange, but her face is certainly fuller than it was prior to the pregnancy and pregnant women do “gain” in their faces, too. Odd, but true.

    I also don’t like the way William appeared to be treating Kate. I guess her walking solo up the staircase was to allow the photographers to just zoom in on her, but the gentlemanl thing to do would have been to assist Kate.

    1. Good point about buying clothes while pregnant, but she bought expensive new coats, so I don’t see how a dress would be different. She could have reworn a coat from her last pregnancy.

      Even if he did try and help her and she refused his help, the gentlemanly thing to do would be to walk beside her while going up the stairs, even if she didn’t want to take his hand. He didn’t have to hurry up the stairs and leave her.

      1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=638OPpx5u1I#t=26

        Kate didn’t wipe her hand after shaking hands with McCray. It is very obvious in the CNN Youtube video that Kate shook hands with her right hand, then switched her purse from her left to right hand, then touched the back of her coat with her left hand. Hand shake with right; touch coat with left. She didn’t wipe the hand with which she shook McCray’s hand.

        The tumblr gif is incredibly misleading.

  18. KMR
    I do not want to mislead anyone or start rumors! I found the link & everyone please let me know what you all think? htt://31media.tumblr.com/91302aff87b80e78df9d3f4ba3fc7/tumblr_ng9uakqu5p/r3innio2_250.gif I am not trying to ruin kate reputation. Please clear up my mind everyone? I hope i typed the link properly?

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