Princess Charlene gave birth to twins: Gabriella and Jacques

Princess Charlene gave birth to twins: Gabriella and Jacques

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert Monaco National Day close-up

A big congratulations is in order for Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco. Princess Charlene gave birth to twins today, December 10: a girl and a boy. Princess Gabriella Thérèse Marie was born first at 5:04 PM Monaco time, with her brother Prince Jacques Honoré Rainier following two minutes later at 5:06 PM Monaco time.

Though Princess Gabriella is two minutes older than her brother, Prince Jacques is the Hereditary Prince due to male primogeniture.

Prince Jacques received the title Marquis of Baux, while Princess Gabriella received the title Countess of Carladès.

The two little heirs were born in Monaco at the maternity ward of Princess Grace Hospital.

Again, huge congratulations to Albert and Charlene. I’m so happy they got a boy and a girl all in one pregnancy. Can’t wait to see photos of the new Prince and Princess.

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19 thoughts on “Princess Charlene gave birth to twins: Gabriella and Jacques

  1. Let me be the first to congratulate the princely couple, and may I say how fortunate it is that they have a boy and girl to avoid complications with the succession. But given the dramas in the Grimaldi family, one never knows! I do love the name Gabriella for a little princess.

    1. So glad they got one of each. Charlene doesn’t’ have to be pregnant again unless she really wants to. No pressure to “get the son”, you know.

  2. Congratulations to the new parents! I love the names they selected, how nice they honored the Prince’s father, but I wonder if the other middle names have any special or honorary meaning. Do we know yet about weight or length yet? Can’t wait to see pictures!!

  3. How nice for Albert and Charlene. I think the names are both lovely choices.

    I have to admit, though–my first thought was about Caroline. She’s been given and then lost the title of Hereditary Princess of Monaco twice now. That has to be a record.

    1. While I understand your comment, I will not shed any tears for Caroline – she’s led a most interesting life and who has been given so many opportunities. Plus, since I am older than she is, I will say that she was THE beauty of her day! And Charlotte is following in her footsteps.

    2. It was my understanding that Caroline would not have succeeded Albert should he have no produced and heir. The line would jump Caroline and go straight to her son. But maybe I am mistaken.

      1. I think it’s sad, looking at the beautiful pictures of Crown Princess Victorie and seeing how poised, strong and intelligent she is, that Caroline didn’t get to share her fate. She would make an excellent head of the family and leader in the limited way royalty does. She has the most from her parents, where her brother has been a toss-up, and seems to have only gotten it together because of his wife. I’m very happy for them both! Having twins was the Olympics of pregnancy, and she wins the gold!

  4. Congratulations to them. I love the Grimaldi family. This family experienced so much heartbreak over the years. I wish them every happiness.

  5. Congrats! I hope mother and babies are doing well. I must say having boy/girl twins is very efficient for a royal -it lets Charlene off the hook :).

    I hope its ok to bring up another topic in this thread, but did anybody see Pippa’s column criticizing Kim Kardashian’s recent butt pics? Specifically, she took the “American booty” “obsession” to task. Oh boy, the irony just *burns.* Now I loathe Kim K and her ilk, but she’s a vulgar entertainer. Not the wife of the future leader of our country (no matter what Kanye thinks when he’s huffing glue). I’d love to write a rebuttal column asking what’s up with the British women’s obsession with baring not only one’s derriere, but also the cooch, boobs, and everything else. Well, the obsession at least ONE British woman Pippa knows seems to have with exhibitionism!

    1. I’m glad they got a boy and a girl in one pregnancy, too. No pressure to get the son, but you also get the princess, too. And now Charlene doesn’t have to be pregnant again unless she really wants to.

      No, I haven’t read Pippa’s thing. Funny that she’d call out Kim K when Duchess Kate is Kim’s soul sister.

        1. You may find Kate a mimsy bore, but she IS tasteful and and keeps it classy (natural phenomena notwithstanding – that pesky wind). She is not, thank God taking mirror pics of her butt and cleavage and posting them as fast as she can hit send. She does not have to put any effort into “breaking” the internet, (ahem Kiiiim).It appears she doesn’t seem to care if she’s even on the internet. Maybe they could be bizarro soul sisters, that’s the only way the comparison works!

          1. Ray, I understand your point but Kate could wear underwear. She could also hone down the sex-kitten short skirts by going longer and weighting. She doesn’t go to many events so for her to have as many mistakes as she’s had, that’s on Kate and people rightly will call her out for demeaning the royal family.

          2. I don’t find Kate Middleton tasteful and classy. One skirt blow up you can blame on the wind. 15 various forms of flashing on-duty in 3 years? Hair hanging in everyone’s face; hands in her hair; grinning/gurning behavior; miniskirts during pregnancy; basic failure to wear undergarments (underwear, slips); extremely low-cut tops (flashing side boob and lingerie to kids on AU/NZ tour); insistence on flashing her high inner-thighs in high slits (Roland Mouret gown, blue miniskirt with long skirt attached, etc.). Tasteful and classy she is not.

  6. Cute names for the babies. Congrats to the Royals of Monaco.
    Too bad the birth of the little girl first doesn’t lead to her ruling in the future. Oh, well, la de da.

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