Back to Black: The Duchess Kate Story

Back to Black: The Duchess Kate Story

William and Kate at GREAT Reception at NeueHouse

Duchess Kate was back in black for the GREAT Reception at NeueHouse with Prince William. She wore another Seraphine Maternity dress, the Vanessa. I mean, she looks nice, and it’s much better than her black lace dresses, but damn I am just so sick of Kate wearing black. Oh, and let’s not forget the $80,000 elephant in the room. Kate brought back her Cartier Trinity necklace she previously wore in 2012.

Kate wearing the necklace today, and in 2012.


The GREAT reception was to support Brits in the creative industries living in New York and OMG PATRICK STEWART! So utterly envious right now. Love me some Patrick Stewart.

Kate meets Patrick Stewart at GREAT Reception

Harvey Weinstein was there. Gross.

William meets Harvey Weinstein at GREAT reception

BTW, Duchess Kate does not look five months pregnant. Kate has been wearing loose maternity coats most of the time in New York, making her look bigger than she really is, but she finally wore a dress that showed off her still tiny figure. If I didn’t know, and you asked me if Kate were pregnant, I would say she wasn’t, that’s how not pregnant she looks.

More of my beloved Patrick Stewart to show you how not five months pregnant Kate looks:

William and Kate at GREAT Reception

William and Kate listening to speech at GREAT reception

Here’s the menu from the reception. Do you think Kate ate anything?


Link: Mirror.

Photos: UK in New York Twitter/Getty/Rebecca English Twitter

53 thoughts on “Back to Black: The Duchess Kate Story

  1. Really like this dress! But. Black. Emphasizes the raccoon eyes.

    I’m shocked at how small she is! Don’t second pregnancies usually show more? She doesn’t look pregnant at all! Just, maybe had a few beers lol

    Again, ponytail, yay!

    1. You all would be horrified if you saw a picture of ME at 5 months! In my defense I am much shorter than Kate and also I had babies that were nearly 10 pounds. Still, I looked unmistakably pregnant by then!

      1. I’m a little taller than Kate and I definitely had a noticeable bump at 5 months (and my peanut was only 7 pounds). All women carry differently, I know. I stuck straight out in front – from the back, you couldn’t tell I was pregnant!

        Maybe we’re just fooled by her loose clothing and coats. I went more for form-fitting/flaunting the bump maternity style myself, so it was easier to see.

      2. All women carry differently, but I’m comparing Kate to herself. Last time, she looked pregnant by five months, this time she doesn’t, which is odd since I’ve always been told second pregnancies show earlier.

    2. That’s what confuses me. Usually second pregnancies show more and earlier. But this time last pregnancy Kate was showing more than she is now.

      Yes, +1 for the ponytail!

  2. I agree, Kate doesn’t look pregnant at all in this dress. Maybe she has on some super duper control top panty hose. If so I want a pair!! 🙂 I did notice that this dress has an empire waist which might be making the fabric fall in such a way as to hide her bump.

    I’m glad to see her getting some wear out of this grossly overpriced necklace. While I love and I mean love jewelry I couldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams being comfortable wearing a piece that costs more than most people make in a year. When she first wore it the palace stated that it was piece that part of her private collection and that she owned it for some time. I do wonder who purchased this for her?

    1. Good question. It isn’t like Kate has been working and can afford an 80k necklace on her own.

      I heard Charles bought it for her but I don’t remember where, so it could I’m imagining things.

        1. Charles has bought Camilla loads of jewelry and hers looks great. I think he has good taste in jewelry.

    2. I can see spending that much money on a piece of jewelry if the jewelry were big and beautiful. This isn’t. There aren’t even stones in it. Waste of money, IMO.

        1. Huh, it doesn’t look like there are stones in it until you see the close up. I guess that explains some of the cost. Still not worth the price IMO though since it doesn’t look too great.

      1. I agree with you there, if the piece(s) are big and full of jewels then I can see spending that much but I don’t know for some reason this piece costing $80,000 just rubs me wrong.

  3. I don’t like the necklace. Seems “old” for her, no matter what the price. I also think she seems shockingly slim for being 5 (?)months along. She was not this small with George, nor does she have the same happy glow. It is harder, second time around, as you have a little one to look after besides yourself. Been there, done that, and at least I didn’t have a stich of sickness. Maybe that’s why I was twice the size she is by this time!

    1. 1. You nailed the necklace. It looks like something my grandmother would wear.
      2. Right again, she doesn’t look preggers at all. Birth-Truthers are watching this, I am sure.
      3. Our Kate does not have to look after Georgie Porgie all by herself. In fact in recent weeks it seems clear she has been a bit of an semi-. absent mommy with shopping and traveling. It’s not like she has to cook, clean, take care of a toddler and work outside the home. If she looks “shockingly slim” I assure you that is not the reason.

    2. What’s so weird to me is that she showed more at five months with her first pregnancy than with this one; and they usually say that second pregnancies show sooner.

  4. The hair is good, the dress is good, but why more black?

    And I don’t think the necklace is all that attractive. I’ve seen prettier costume jewelry at Bloomingdales.

    Her posture! Her eye makeup! Does anyone advise her?

    1. Such a waste of money this necklace is. It’s not pretty and there aren’t even stones in it. No way it should cost that much.

      1. Kate has the tendency to buy jewelry that’s excessive in cost but doesn’t look like it’s worth the expense at all. She goes for the designer jewelry for which you pay a lot of money for the name but doesn’t look like much. I’ve got pieces in my jewelry box that look better than what she wears.

        1. That’s why I hate big name designer pieces. They cost outrageous sums for not great pieces. You’re just paying for the name and I could not care less about the name.

  5. How interesting it would be to meet Patrick Stewart, truly one of the great actors of our time. I can’t imagine the two of them chatted about Shakespeare or any such thing.

  6. Whoa, did you see the bags under her eyes in the third pic from the top? My goodness, its not like Prince G is keeping her up.

    If Kate can’t wear a coat she wears a black dress. If she is faking this pregnancy then I can understand why she is wearing black, a brighter color dress would emphasize the “bump” and some people have noted that it keeps changing size. If her pregnancy is not fake then I guess she wants to appear slim because the color black does slim you.

    1. Kate always has bags under her eyes. Even before George. They have to be airbrushed out in photos.

      If you have a high def TV and catch a clip of Kate close up, you cam see she has a lot of pits on her face and large pores too.

      1. I wish I could see a unairbrushed photo of her. She always looks so perfect, I am envious, so I would like to know if she really looks that good:)

  7. I just compared photos…Kate’s profile in the hot pink coat and her in the black wrap maternity (?) dress. It’s amazing. I was laughing at the jabs about the fake pregnancy and the portable “jelly belly”, but something is definitely off here.

    In profile in the pink coat she looks like she’s at least 6 months pregnant and in the wrap dress she has absolutely no tummy at all.

    Is it really likely that she uses a pregnancy pillow?

      1. A pregnancy pillow is a “pillow”, usually made of silicone, worn under clothing that makes a woman appear to be pregnant. They are frequently used in up-scale maternity clothing shops so a woman trying on maternity wear can see how she’ll look in a given outfit if she purchases that outfit. And some women use them just to make themselves appear pregnant, though I can’t imagine any emotionally healthy woman creating such a ruse.

        It’s pretty much the same thing as sticking a throw pillow under one’s blouse, but they are designed to look “normal”, not like one has stuck a pillow under her shirt.

  8. I love how she’s wearing her hair up quite often. Also, she is out and about a lot more than I expected. I don’t think black is her color in general, thus the eye bags being particularly prominent. If she wants to wear one color all of the time she should choose a different one.

    Also, I don’t mean to sound all conspiracy theorist here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she is using a surrogate. She might not physically be able to carry children. Plus I think it’s not all that uncommon to use a surrogate in the wealthier crowd. Naturally their PR people would have to cover that up very well because I can only imagine the uproar that would ensue if people found out. I actually wouldn’t care if she was using a surrogate the woman was a willing friend or family member and/or willing and very well compensated. Then again I’m not British and I don’t know about the legal implications regarding the royal line of succession of using a surrogate.

    1. I would care if she were using a surrogate, because it would call into question the legitimacy of the child. How do we know they used Kate’s egg and Will’s sperm and Will didn’t impregnate the surrogate or something? Or what if it’s Kate’s egg and not Will’s sperm for some reason, if the doctors messed something up or something. Too many questions would arise if they used a surrogate.

    2. Surrogates may be common among the nouveau riche, but they are not common among the aristocracy. Those people are proud of their genes and want them passed on.

      1. Sometimes these terms get confused. See Nicole Kidman and the bashing she took for referring to the woman who carried Kidman’s second biological child as “gestational carrier” instead of “surrogate”.

        The embryo implanted was Kidman&Urban, but carried by a third party because Kidman’s body wouldn’t carry to term. Many people use “surrogate” to mean the woman who carries pregnancy — even if the embryo inserted comes from two other people. Long way of saying surrogate does not equal egg donor.

        And I agree, if W&K used a surrogate/gestational carrier (or egg donor) it would raise all kinds of legal issues.

  9. Kate’s clothing choices are strange this trip. A bright pink coat to a memorial but a black coat to play with children. The coats should’ve been swapped. Diana doesn’t seem as aware of events as Diana. I remember Diana even wearing a dress with red-orange dots on it to resemble the Japanese flag on a trip to Japan and after her first outing with Charles where she wore the black dress, you never saw black again except at a funeral or memorial. Kate seems to be learning much more slowly than Diana. We didn’t have any flying skirt action and the hair was tied back, so progress, but Kate still has a way to go before she has this duchess thing nailed down fashion-wise.

    Something not clothing related, why is Kate on mute most of the time? No interview since the engagement, no speeches from her except rare, short ones of the “so happy to be here, you do great work” variety. Only William seems to really say anything. Is that Kate’s choice, is she unable to learn how to speak in public or are the Windsors so terrified of another Diana they’ve disconnected her voice box in her throat?

    1. Re black only being at funeral or memorial after first outing with Charles, that’s not true. Diana wore black on many occasions, most famously to the White House where she danced with John Travolta.

      I think the lack of speeches is probably Kate’s decision. She doesn’t like doing it and isn’t good at it, so she buries her head in the sand and refuses to give speeches instead of just hiring a speech coach and learning to get better.

      1. Diana wore the black low-cut dress before marriage. After that, Diana didn’t wear all-black black on duty until after the separation. The dress with Travolta is midnight blue velvet.

        1. Is there any particular reason why she didn’t wear black while on duty? (Except for funerals and memorials.) Is it considered wrong, or did she just choose to do it that way?

          1. BRF dress protocol is that all-black is reserved for funerals or mourning. They’re required to travel with an all-black outfit on stand-by (and black-edged stationery), just in case someone passes (at home) while other royals are on tour. Wearing black with a color is allowed, just not head-to-toe black.

          1. It does look black! It is only in the descriptions and in rare photos (like of the dress auction) that the light catches it and shows it is blue.

  10. The black clothing does she think it is slimming and is trying not to look pregnant? An odd decision for a pregnant woman. Most of them are so happy to be showing they want everyone to know. Yet, Kate seems happy to fuel surrogate rumors by wearing clothing in color and cut that are designed to act like a tent around her belly hiding it from view.

    What a great lost opportunity for Kate to have connected with women by giving an interview about her bouts of morning sickness and becoming a mother. She could’ve connected with women around the world if she did a good job in such an interview.

    Kate seems happy to just fuel surrogacy rumors and be a royal mannequin.

  11. Where to start? Love, love, love Patrick Stewart! Would’ve talked to him all night if I could have. But instead she goes over the top for the J. Crew lady instead. But then again, that’s her field of expertise, clothes. Although you wouldn’t really know it considering her choices for this trip. And she’s doing that weird chin jutting out, forced grin thing with (I assume to be) Patrick Stewart’s wife. Really, fake being happy to meet someone much?

    The necklace – well she had to wear something.

    The mysterious morphing bump? I just don’t know. Wear coats as dresses and it’s there big as day, wear a dress and I got nothing. But she does stand with that horrible posture to try and look more bumpy. She can get away with a fake bump under a coat (buttoned up to the chin) more than she can a more form fitting dress. Maybe she kept playing with her collar at various times because the straps were chafing her.

    Hair and clothing “stylists” need to seek other employment or just hang around as her ladies-in-waiting to amuse her because they are not doing their respective jobs very well at all.

    I imagine most New Yorkers will be very happy to see them move on. I know I will just from the massive amounts of goo that has been dropped on us by DM.

    Kate didn’t say anything because she has nothing of importance to say and she can’t read her lines very well when she does have them. Also, just what would she have said at the White House – nothing – just sat there looking vacant, smiling occasionally and being shuffled into position by William. I will say it must be really tiring for William to have to keep track of her. I imagine it’s not what he thought he was getting when he married her.

    1. Will had ten years to learn what he was getting. It’s his own damn fault he married someone who sucks at this job. And it’s not like he’s doing anything to help her get better, to train her. He hasn’t hired her a speech coach, hasn’t bothered to tell her not to flash the public.

      I agree, Tash needs to go back to strictly PA status and leave the styling to a professional.

  12. “I imagine most New Yorkers will be very happy to see them move on.”

    So true, Lisa, so true. And I’m sure Kate couldn’t imagine what she was getting with William, so I guess they both deserve each other.

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